How to dance corridos

【How to】 Dance Corridos With A Partner

video which is on the spin some spinning

and then are maybe a little lift in

there you know

so get your partner get your mom your

sister your aunt whatever you guys have

get your partner and then you want to

grab them the same way so remember guys

under than here under the here put your

arm like right here not too far out not

to him and we actually said the same

instruction in the bundle so only link

that one below so you guys could watch

that one too in case you guys did it so

it's kind of the same thing as the bond

that video which is really to learn a

little bit better is dance by yourself

in here so it's just gonna be a

different puzzle which is they come it's

one two so it's kind of like going

sideways right yeah it's exactly the

same for the girls too all you got to do

is just follow the guy step and just two

steps exactly and this is how it looked

ugh you're going sideways this way it's

like one two one two one

so you're going left and right but with

the arm like this

you just keep on doing this over and

over again guys pause this video if you

have to and just keep on doing with your

partner once you get that down okay and

then once you guys think you guys got

the the basic step one two down then you

do it again and then you watch this

video again and then until you get it

and then we're gonna show you guys how

to do the spins so when we're doing

spins guys like I said it's three steps

once you get the basic step down like

she said we're gonna be teaching you

guys how to do spins and this is how we

do it so you like this so like I said

the same thing the basic one two step

right um and then you slide this way

it's kind of like of a skip motion so

what you kind of get on like this and

you kind of hop into the spin

everybody's different tongue song

whoa what are you doing like I said guys

practice by yourself practicing by

yourself makes a big difference I'm

telling you right now so just do the

two-step do the two-step and then you

want to start it looks I know

it does but it's gonna help you I

promise okay and some advice for the

girls all you gotta do is just really

follow them it's kind of like a hopping

motion or like yeah you're just kind of

just hop in and then just turning at the

same time but you have to also hold on

the guys cuz they're the ones that do

all the dance me so once you guys get

that down um like she said pause the

video practice by yourself we played if

you have to just keep practicing in the

mirror too so you can see what you're

doing exactly and once you get those two

steps down um we're gonna be teaching us

how to do a lift

not everybody does it but I'm telling

you I mean I think it looks pretty cool

right and this is how it looks so I'm

gonna show you guys first so you do the

two-step doing the two-step and then you

do a lift so you lift up the girl in

this boom and a big mistake on this that

everybody makes is that the guys tend to

lift up the girls with just their knee

like they use the power with just their

knee and that's gonna hurt them trust me

don't don't use just your knee it's all

in the hands both hands and your knees

so what you do is you grab them by the

waist right here you kind of push up you

kind of like lift it up like this I'm

sorry you lift up like that and you push

up at your hand and you do those three

at the same time and then as a girl what

you need to do is you kind of have to

like once you cuz they grab you and then

they start putting their hand in the rib

so then once you start doing this you

know it's gonna be the lift the lift and

then you just kind of hop up because

then if he just does all the work is

kind of gonna hurt your ribs so you're


and also this back leg needs to come up

so it doesn't look weird cuz then if you

leave it like this looks like a stiff

snake yeah yeah so what you do is you

bend this mean

you bend this knee and then this leg

stays straight now what you just help

jump yeah you kind of jump into toe more

like this ready like that so see how she

bend this knee and then this one stays

straight one from the time I remember

how okay and then watch how she jumps

into the lift watch see that felt so

light like I'm not the strongest person

ever but when you guys do it right when

you guys both connect at the same time

there's just two it goes out by itself

so yeah and it shouldn't hurt by the way

yeah if it's hurting the girl maybe you

guys need you know more practice no big

deal so once you guys get all those

three steps down guys try to connect all

them together I'm telling you they look

really cool so much so it's the basic

two steps right once you get that down

you already comfortable starting to spin



just to remind you guys we are not the

best dancers but we are just trying to

show you guys the basic steps so when

you guys go out you have enough

confidence to ask or throw out like to

ask her to dance cuz you somewhat know

so then this is just to help you guys

it's exactly guys it's all about having


you're just having fun having a good

time with your family with your friends

don't take this dancing things too

seriously in competitive nowadays people

will be taking this like a sport and got

it before this video ends I'm gonna be

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guys coming down below like this video

and I will see you guys on my next video

and third




The "Corrido de Rosita Alvirez"(text H) tells the story of a young girl who disobeys her mother by going to a dance where she is murdered by a man with whom she refuses to dance. This corrido emerges from the category of ejemplo corridos, and as the word ejemplo implies, they set an example with their "thematic content and their function in Mexican society" (Herrerra-Sobek). Because the dance and dangers of the dance are popular topics of the folkloric ejemplo corridos, such as "Jes&uacutes Cadena", "El guero Candelario", "Los Pavos Reales", and "micaela", it is evident that the dance played an important part in the socialization of the people of Mexico.

The above version of "Rosita Alvirez", dated 1935, depicts a disobedient, flittacious young woman who willfully insults and disrespects a man in public, older versions, such as "Rosita Alvirez", from approximately 1885 portray Rosita as an innocent victim of a man's machismo brought forth from a hurt ego. This machismo is larger than life, similar to the Greek mythological giant, Hippolytos. Hipolito, or the shortened form P&oacutelito, is used as the killer's name in all the Rosita corridos. This name recalls the tragic life of a Hippolytos, whose troubles with a vengeful stepmother lead his father to curse him (Herrerra-Sobek p.31) -- it seems this curse is embodied in the name.

In this version of the corrido, Rosita is portrayed as a disobedient daughter in the second stanza when she does not respect her mother's wishes for her not to go to the dance:

Su mam&aacute se lo dec&iacutea:
Rosa, esta noche, no sales;
Mamá no tengo la culpa,
que a m&iacute me gusten los bailes.

Although this is an oral tradition, there is some question regarding the semantics of the third stanza of this corrido. In this particular written version, the meaning is clear because of the semi-colon after dirigio. The meaning, thus being interpreted as: Hip&oacutelito arrived at the dance and went straight to ask Rosita for a dance. Then she turned him down, because she was the prettiest woman there. Thus making her beauty her reason for rejecting him, which seems to reflect an arrogant attitude on the behalf of Rosita, making her less likable. But in other versions of the corrido, the lack of punctuation suggests a different meaning.

Hip&oacutelito lleg&oacute al baile
y a ella se dirigi&oacute
como era la mas bonita
Rosita lo desari&oacute,
Rosita lo desari&oacute.

This could be interpreted as: He arrived at the dance and went straight to her because she was the prettiest. Then, she turned him down. Thus, her beauty is the reason that he asked her to dance. This makes her excuse for not dancing with him (she does not know how to dance) more believable, and adds credibility to Rosita as the victim.

The older corridos do not include stanzas such as 4, when Rosita injures Hipp&oacutelito's ego by saying "No me inporta nada, contigo no he de bailar," or stanza 6, when Rosita's mother calls her a pizpireta (flirt), and saying for this she will die. Rather, the older corridos have elements suggesting innocence such as the speech event, "No lo hago por desaigrarte, Si es que yo no se bailar," which establishes the identity of Rosita's genuine inability to dance. These corridos also portray Hip&oacutelito as having a bad attitude and displaying his machismo, such as in stanzas 7 and 8 of this text from Vicente Mendoza:

P&oacutelito le dice así

-Rosita, no es la verdad,
Si es que no sabes bailar,
Si es la poca voluntad.

P&oacutelito les dice así
-Se&ntildeores, pongan cuidado,
&eacutesta de mi no se burla,
no soy ning&uacuten desgraciado.

This correlates with the depiction of madness of Hip&oacutelito in the corrido on which we are focusing with the parodic line, "no mas tres tiros le dio".

Stanza 7 qualifies this corrido as an ejemplo corrido, because here Rosita tells her story to Irene, telling her not to forget the story of Rosita and the trouble she got into for disrespecting a man.

This "lesson" is assuredly one in the realm of men, and not of gods, because in stanza 9, Rosita goes to heaven and Hip&oacutelito goes to court to tell his side of the story. This stanza exhibits formulaic qualities, as it is found in other folkloric corridos, such as "Delgadina".

The representation of the woman in "Rosita Alvirez" reflects the cultural and patriarchal restraints which place the female in a position inferior to that of the male. Many of the scholarly analyses and investigations regarding the corrido denote the gender conflicts and oppressions placed upon the female. Maria Herrerra-Sobek, a prominent corrido researcher, posits that the corrido has a "function of socializing the young and, in this particular case, women into acceptable roles of behavior" (Herrerra-Sobek, 1990). In the many versions of the corrido, whether it be where the female is an innocent victim or where the female is to blame, Rosita always reaches a tragic ending. Inevitably the female always dies. Still, in another version of the corrido the death of Rosita becomes a mockery. In this satirical version or parody, the life of the female is devoid of any value -- reflecting the general mindset of a traditional patriarchal dominated society.

The devaluing of women is further, but more subtly, manifested in the manner in which the female and male figures are presented in the corrido. From the ten corridos (including the three versions) we examined, we have come to the realization that there exists a "shift in focus" of character/s of the male/s. The attitude and actions of the murderer become the center of attention. Further, the figure of the father vindicating his daughters death becomes substantial to the corrido. In the three versions that we encountered where the female is depicted as an innocent dame the references to the male characters is much greater than in the others. In "Corrido de Rosita" from the Gallery Collection, there are six stanzas referring to the male characters and only two alluding to Rosiat's character, four of which are direct speech events by the males and only one speech event by Rosita. Still, in another version "Rosita Alires", from Estudio y Clasificacion de la Musica tradicional hispanica de nuevo mexico there are four direct speech events by Rosita compared to six belonging to the male characters. The last and final version we encountered also reflects an emphasis on the males. In contrast, when the female is depicted as the culprit of her own downfall, the focus shifts to emphasize her individual character, rather than that of the males. The female's flaws of character are stressed; Rosita's refusal to obey her mother and her presumptuous and coquettish demeanor become the core of the corrido. >From the seven versions we came across, not one mentions the father and each grants only one speech event, if any, to the character of Hip&oacutelito. Instead, the stanzas used attempt to paint a picture of a young dame who deserve to die. Stanzas such as the following are used to describe a haughty and flirtatious Rosita:

Su mama se lo decia:
-Rosa, esta noche no sales"
-mama, no tengo la culpa
que a mi me justen los bailes."

-Rosita, no me desaires,
la gente la va a notar.
-A mi no me importa nada,
contigo no he de bailar

Su mama se lo decia:
-Ya vistes, hija querida,
por andar e pizpireta,
te habia de llegar el dia.-,

This "shift in focus" is significant in that it can dehumanize Rosita and strip her of her individuality transforming her into an object or possession which can only affirm her innocence through the arrogant portrayal of the murderer and the fathers vindication of her death. Rosita can only affirm an untainted and pure reputation by depicting the murderer as a violent and dreadful character. In addition, the presence of the father is essential in claiming her worth as an individual. Yet, when Rosita is blamed for her tragic ending, due to her disrespectful ways and haughty attitude, her individuality is emphasized. Rosita's character alone, can affirm her culpability. The "shift in focus" is set so that regardless of the situation, the female is always degraded and stripped of all values. In the versions where she is innocent, Rosita is merely an object belonging to a patriarchal society, where only through the justification by a male, can Rosita make claims to any self worth. In the versions where she is responsible for her own downfall, again Rosita is an individual devoid of worth and deserving of death because of her rash and conceited personality and unacceptable demeanor.


VicenteT.Mendoza and Virginia R. R. de Mendoza. Estudio y Clasificaci&oacuten de la M&uacutesica Tradicional Hisp&aacutenica de Nuevo M&eacutexico. Universidad Nacional Aut&oacutenoma de M&eacutexico, M&eacutezico, D. F., 1985.

Herrera-Sobek, Mar&iacutea. The Mexican Corrido: A Feminist Analysis. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1990.

care, maintenance, reproduction, compatibility, food, photo-review

The genus of corridors is limited not only by the most popular representative - speckled catfish. On sale you can find types of different sizes and colors. For example, you can start a golden corridor. He is unpretentious in care, like other relatives, but has a more interesting body color. We will talk about the features of the content of this catfish in our article.


General details

Corridor golden or bronze (Corydoras aeneus) - freshwater ray-finned fish from family Callichtovyh, or Armored, catfish. A distinctive feature of this catfish is a beautiful body color that combines brown and green tones with a characteristic metallic sheen. It gives the impression that the fish is actually cast in bronze. The rest of the golden corridor with nothing differs from its closest relatives, including in matters of care. it unpretentious fish that adapts well to various water parameters, therefore, it can be safely recommended to beginner aquarists.

live fish in the shallow waters of water bodies in South America, especially stagnant ones. In connection with these corridors have a number of adaptations: for example, some part of the intestine in they are used as an additional respiratory organ, and strong chest spikes fins can play the role of "stilts". We must not forget about the famous mustache corridors that help them navigate and find food even in the most muddy water.

External view

Fish has a body shape characteristic of most corridors: a rounded belly and convex back (with a bend "hump"). Two rows are clearly visible on the sides bone plates that are arranged like tiles. They form dense a protective shell that allows you to escape from enemies in nature.

Golden Corridor. Appearance

On the head has small eyes. Mouth inferior, with two pairs of sensory antennae. The fins are slightly developed, transparent or yellowish. Maximum body size - 7 cm, females are larger than males.

General the color of the catfish is yellow-brown, with a darker back. Middle of the body a green strip with a metallic sheen stretches, in the head section there are similar spots.

The life expectancy of the golden corridor is about 10 years.

Area Habitat

Homeland bronze corridors is South America. They are believed to occur Trinidad Island, which is located off the northeastern coast of the mainland. The border distribution stretches up to the La Plata river basin to the east of the Andes.

Information about catching golden corydoras came from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, etc. True, some scientists believe that these may be other, similar species, since the systematization of corydoras has not yet been sufficiently developed. The species has geographic morphs, the most famous of which is the corydoras venezuela orange.

Golden corridors prefer slow-moving or stagnant water bodies. Fish love spend time on mudflats, where they are constantly in search of food.

Care and content

contain golden catfish at home is not at all difficult. Sometimes these fish planted in an aquarium alone, but this is wrong. Bronze corridors in live in flocks in nature, it is also preferable to keep at least 6 individuals, then they will manifest themselves in all their glory. One fish should have 10-15 liters of water.

On the bottom of the aquarium should be laid coarse river sand or small rounded pebbles. Such soil will not damage the antennae located near the mouth of the catfish, because they lovers dig it up in search of food.

Create a lot of cover in the tank. They are best made from natural stones, snags, grottoes, halves of coconuts. In an aquarium with golden corridors, it is imperative to plant groups of aquatic plants. Broad-leaved species that form a natural penumbra are well suited: echinodorus, cryptocorynes, anubias. But in general, the choice of plants is not limited by anything, because catfish do not damage them.

Golden corridors should be kept in flocks

Corydoras prefer subdued lighting, if the light is too bright, then they usually hide in shelters.

Golden corridors need clean and oxygen-rich water, so the aquarium a suitable filter and aeration system should be installed. Very important once a week, change 20% of the water in the aquarium, which will not allow the accumulation hazardous metabolic products of fish. Use for water changes directly from the tap is dangerous, because it may contain chlorine and heavy metals. So make it safe by adding the right amount of Tetra AquaSafe Conditioner (5 ml per 10 liters of water). He instantly make tap water safe for fish to live.

Optimal water parameters for maintenance: Т=23-28°С, pH=6.0-8.0, GH=2-30.


Golden Corridor makes an excellent candidate for community aquariums. He is peaceful and calm, he will not offend his neighbors. It can be kept with guppies, danios, barbs, tetras, rasboras, gourami, etc.

A here a settlement with large aggressive fish is excluded. No catfish here will protect even a strong shell.

Not forget that it is necessary to keep corridors in flocks. intraspecies conflicts, if they happen, they are completely harmless to fish.

Feeding golden corridor

Golden corridors are considered "orderlies" of the aquarium. This is because the fish eat up at the bottom of any remnants of food falling from above. Without these fidgets such a waste can deteriorate and degrade water quality. But this does not mean at all that corridors should be fed only pasture. For good growth, health and longevity, it is important to organize the proper nutrition of corridors. Best an option would be quality dry food for bottom fish, for example, Tetra Cory ShrimpWafers, Tetra Wafer Mini Mix, or Tetra Tablets TabiMin. They are fast sink to the bottom, which does not allow fish floating in the water column to eat food (a very common problem in community aquariums). Due to the special structure of the tablet and the plates do not spoil the water and, gradually softening, allow catfish eat. It is important that dry food, unlike live and frozen food, does not can become a source of infection in your aquarium.

Because golden corridors are active mainly at night, feed them recommended after turning off the light in the aquarium.

Golden corridors looking for food at the bottom of the aquarium

Reproduction and breeding

B at home, you can get offspring from golden catfish. Sexual maturity occurs in fish at the age of about a year. To distinguish the female from male, it is best to look at them from above. Females are longer body, their abdomen is full and rounded.

Spawning at the bronze corridors group. One male should have 2-3 females. A week before the intended breeding, the fish are seated in different aquariums and richly fed. When the female is very rounded from caviar, it time to transplant it into a spawning aquarium.

Spawning of golden corridors is accompanied by interesting "dances"

This there should be a small volume tank with a low-power filter and aeration. Can put a flat stone on the bottom, plant a bush of a broad-leaved plant or just put a piece of glass.

Stimulate spawning will help massive water changes, while it is better if it is soft and sour. This simulates the onset of the rainy season, which is the period reproduction in nature.

Very it is interesting to watch the mating dances of golden corridors: males (active like never before) chase the female and tickle her with their antennae, thereby stimulating spawning.

Caviar laid by the female on any surface: stone, plant leaf, glass aquarium. For one spawning, the female can sweep aside several hundred eggs. After the spawning process is complete, the spawners should be removed as they can eat their own caviar.

Empty shells of golden corridor eggs after hatching

B water, you can add an antifungal drug to prevent parasitic fungi destroyed the spawn. Incubation lasts 2-3 days, then another 5-7 days of larvae of the golden corridor use the stocks of the yolk sac for food, after which switch to self-sufficiency.

At when feeding fry, it is important to prevent severe water pollution: residues water is collected by a siphon, and changes are made more often.

Agassiza Corydoras: content, photo-video review

Agassiza corridor photo


Kingdom: Animals;

Type: Chordates;

Class: Ray-finned fish;

Order: Catfish;

Family: Shell catfish;

Binomial name: Corydoras;

Water parameters for keeping corridors in the aquarium:

Temperature: 20 - 25 C;

Acid pH: 6.0 – 7.4;

Hardness: 1 – 17;

Behaviour: Peaceful schooling fish;

Required: Filtration, aeration, weekly 30% water changes.

Habitat: South America, Brazil, Peru.

Aquarium size: 7 cm.

9 live in the aquarium0086 3-5 years old.

The corridor catfish family has more than 200 specimens. These fish are perhaps the most popular bottom dwellers in our aquariums. Persistent, nimble, flocking - that's how they can be characterized. There are many undescribed species that have been assigned a "C-number". This numbering system is very similar to "L numbering" , used in the identification of the Lorikariaceae. Both systems were implemented by the German aquarium magazine DATZ (Aquariums and Terrariums).

The very name of the genus Corydoras carries power! From the Greek "Corys" - helmet and "Doras" - armor. And looking at them there is no doubt about it, one can metaphorically say that the corridors are bottom aquarium knights, in armor and armor.

Agassiz Corydoras photo

Agassiz Corydoras (Corydoras agassizii) - the body is long, laterally flattened. The color of these fish depends on the habitat. Usually the body is blue, the back is olive-brown, the belly is yellow-pink. A bright blue stripe runs from the eyes and all over the body. The fins of the fish are bright orange. In males, the dorsal fin is pointed. Males are larger than females, their dorsal fin is round.

Like all corridors, it is preferable to keep in groups of 5 or more individuals. Since the fish lives exclusively in the lower layers, special attention is paid to the substrate, which should be soft and fine. Fine gravel or sand works well. The presence of living plants is acceptable, but not necessary, especially if the aquarium has enough decorations to provide places with shade and shelter - grottoes, stones, driftwood.

All types of corridors must be kept in good quality water. Therefore, an important condition is regular water changes and good filtration in the aquarium. Corydoras are very sensitive to changes in the composition of water, and it should be soft and slightly acidic. As for any other fish, a high concentration of poisons is unacceptable for cinnamon: ammonia, nitrite and nitrate . High-quality timely water changes help well in this matter, as well as drugs such as, say, Tetra EasyBalance , which converts phosphates into an insoluble precipitate and smoothly lowers nitrogenous ones. In general, every conscientious aquarist should always have on hand a set of drop tests, at least for nitrate and phosphate. Fortunately, they have now become inexpensive, there are no problems with their assortment and acquisition. For example, with a clear conscience, we can recommend you cool drip tests UHE but they are only sold online. In the shops of your city - offline, you can find inexpensive Vladox tests. Watch your friends for nitrogenous compounds, keep them in check and everything will be with you and your pets in a bunch.

Corydoras Agassiza photo

All representatives of armored catfish are undemanding in their diet. They eat everything that falls to their bottom. Therefore, if we are talking about personal feeding of catfish, it is best to use tableted, fast sinking food, such as Tetra Cory ShrimpWafers. Please note that you should not take pills for cinnamon for Lori Tetra Pleco Tablets. These foods are made entirely from herbal ingredients. Shell catfish will not appreciate this choice.

It should also be noted that when buying any dry food, you should pay attention to the date of its manufacture and shelf life, try not to buy feed by weight, and also store food in a closed state - this will help to avoid the development of pathogenic flora in it .

Agassiza Corydoras photo

Breeding Agassiza Corydoras . Frequent water changes, raising the water temperature, should stimulate spawning. For breeding, you need an aquarium of 15 liters for a couple, it must be planted with plants, and have a lot of shelters. During spawning, the male dances around the female, and the female collects eggs in the pelvic fins folded like a basket. Caviar is laid on plants and on aquarium glass. The larvae hatch on the 5th-6th day, after a few more days the fry begin to swim and feed, they should be fed with ciliates.

All of the above is just the result of observing this type of aquarium fish and collecting various information from owners and breeders. We would like to share with visitors not only information, but also lively emotions that allow you to fully and subtly feel the world of aquarism. Register on , participate in discussions on the forum, create profile topics where you will talk about your pets in the first person and firsthand, describe their habits, behavior and content, share with us with their successes and joys, share experience and learn from the experience of others. We are interested in every bit of your experience, every second of your joy, every realization of a mistake that makes it possible for your comrades to avoid the same mistake.

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