How to dance balada





Nashir lachem nigun yashan
Nigun yashan al ma'ayan
Al ma'ayan shovav
Meimav hayu tzlulim tzlulim
Galav hayu kchulim kchulim
Me'al lechof zahav

Haya notzetz ba'avivim
Haya noshek ibey ibim
Chotz sedot dagan
Haya marve noded ayef
Vela'ilan hamitkofef
Et chiyuto natan

Aval me'omek nishmato hamo hama
Ve'ergato shafach lesahar vechama
Nishaf lane'elam velachalom nichma
Velo yada el ma el ma

Ach yom echad rotet  me'od
Bikesh me'el haneharot
Aseni na gadol
Rotze ani eshed lihyot
Rotze ani lizrom ligot
Befele hamachol

Sho'ef ani harchek lindod
Be'oz lehania tachanot
Laset gishrey zahav
Sho'ef ani lihyot amok
Ad cheker en ve'ad en sof
Im oniyot al gav

Vechach me'omek,,,

Shama ha'el lama'ayan
Vechol mevukasho natan
Vayolicho layam
Hayam baketzef halavan
Bala et shir hama'ayan
Vegoralo nechtam
Hayam gadol mabua kat
Mitko nimlach shiro avad
Lo od yarve noded
Verak dayag echad katan
Shama et bchi hama'ayn
Asher bikesh latzet

Veshuv me'omek. ..

We will sing to you an old song
An old song about a spring
About a naughty spring
With very clear water
With very blue waves
Above golden sand

It sparkled in the springtime
It kissed new beginnings
Crossing grain fields
Filling the thirst of a tired wanderer
And gave it's livelihood
To a bent tree

But from the bottom of its soul it cried
And poured it's longing to the sun and the moon
Striving to the unknown and longed to the dream
But did not know what exactly it wants

One day - trembling
It asked from the God of the rivers
Make me big
I want to be a waterfall
I want to run
Like the wonder of dancing

I would like to wander far
To move mills strongly
To carry golden bridges
I want to be deep
To research every thing
With ships on my back

God has heard it
And he granted the spring's wishes
Took him along to sea
The sea with its white foam
Swallowed the spring's song
And its destiny was signed
The sea is big a small fountain
It's sweetness filled with salt
Its song was lost
It will not satisfy the thirst of the wanderer
And only one small fisherman
Heard the spring's cry
The spring that wanted to come out

LYRICS Yechiel Mohar
MUSIC Moshe Wilenski
SINGER Chaim Paniri
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Shlomo Maman      1983

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Shir Verikud, Melbourne, Australia.

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Dancing with the stars: learning to dance like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and other pros


Dancing everywhere: in movies and music videos, on television and on the Internet, at home and on the streets. To keep up with the trend, we learn from the best of the best - Pharrell Williams, Shakira, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Maddie Ziegler, Jeff Bridges and Tom Cruise.


Dancing with the Stars: Learning to dance like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and other pros


Slides: 3

View Gallery

The 1983 film Flashdance still inspires choreographers and singers: Geri Halliwell's demonstration performance was repeated by Geri Halliwell in the It's Raining Men clip, and Jennifer Lopez's spectacular workout in video I' m Glad.

in the style of

Dancing with the Stars: Learning to Dance Like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and Other Pros


Slides: 5

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Madonna Vogue's cult video brought the eponymous hand dance into fashion.


In the video Whenever, Wherever, Shakira was born from the foam of the sea and taught the world how to make waves with her stomach.


We mastered hip-hop moves and danced like boys to Ciara's Like a Boy video.


Lady Gaga remembered Michael Jackson's Thriller and brought back broken zombie plastic

in the Bad Romance video.


Young Maddy Ziegler in the video of the singer Sia Chandelier gave a master class in contemporary dance.


Coaching staff

You can learn how to move to music without leaving your computer: open YouTube and download dance videos from your favorite music videos. To find them, type in the search bar the name of the clip and the training channel.

Young choreographers teach you how to move your ass like Nicki Minaj in the Anaconda video and analyze the main mistakes of beginning twerking queens.

Eleven million people have learned Megan Trainor's dance from the All about That Bass video from the lessons of dancer and DJ Mandy Giroux (who, by the way, is friends with Miley Cyrus).

Movements from Eric Prydz's Call on Me video are ideal for morning exercises. Fitness instructor Dian Berry will help you learn them.

Girls from Bronx Dance School repeated the trio of Single Ladies from Beyoncé's video and collected more than two million views.

daily routine

To dance from morning to night, without stopping from work, you just need to find the right soundtrack.

before work

Charlie's Angels: Straight Forward: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu warm up to MC Hammer's hit Can't Touch This.

before a date

A still from Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction: Uma Thurman tuned in romantic to the languid ballad Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon performed by rock band Urge Overkill.

before the party

Nine: Hot dancing with Kate Hudson to an ode to the Italian cinema Cinema Italiano is a great warm-up before the club.

at any time of the day

"24 Hours of Happiness": in every fragment of the Pharrell Williams video for the song Happy there is a dancing person, sometimes there are two or three of them. In the full version, at 16:40, a minion from the cartoon "Despicable Me" appears.


kings of the dancefloor

Following Mark Twain's "Dance like no one is looking at you", these star guys get into character and give themselves completely to the music. Let's take an example!


Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski (**Kenny Rogers - Just Dropped in). **

Hugh Grant, Love Actually ( Pointer Sisters - Jump ).

Tom Cruise, Risky Business ( Bob Seeger - Old Time Rock and Roll )

John Heder, "Napoleon Dynamite" (Jamiroquai - Just Dance) .

Omar Sy, "1 + 1" ( Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland ).


Dancing with the Stars: Learning to Dance Like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and Other Pros


Slides: 4

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Dancing with the Stars was invented in the USA ten years ago: 20 years ago seasons, more than two hundred celebrities took part in it, including Kelly Osbourne, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger. The Russian version is only a year younger, but comes out less often: the ninth season ended in the spring, where Irina Pegova and Andrey Kozlovsky won.


Dancing with the Stars: Learning to Dance Like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and Other Pros


Slides: 2

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You don't have to be a star to dance on TV. This year, two channels at once launched new competitions for talents from the people. Alla Dukhovoy's favorite Alexander Mogilev won at the First, and Ilshat Shabaev won at TNT (not without the help of Yegor Druzhinin and Miguel).

Tags"Dancing with the Stars"Beyonce

Read also

all performances of stars in the first live broadcast (video)

Today, on September 5, the main dance show of the country "Dancing with the Stars" started. Watch the video to see how it was.

Wait! The most grandiose show of the country "Dancing with the Stars" has started! Star couples were very worried, but despite the emotions, the degree of which went off scale, the performances turned out to be impressive. We remind you that tickets for live broadcasts of can be purchased at the link:

SEE ALSO : "Dancing with the Stars" 2021: who will teach the stars to dance this season (list of all dancers) . So we meet star couples and watch performances during the first broadcast.

Lida Lee and Aleksey Bazela

Opened the dance tournament with an incendiary jazz performance. Fatal brunette in red - this image will be remembered by the audience for a long time. They dance to Feel it still/The Man.

You swallowed this jazz and did not even sweat, - said Vlad Yama.

SEE ALSO : Dancing with the Stars participant shared dramatic memories: “They told me that I had no zest, they offered to make breasts, remove ribs”

Oleg Fagot Mikhailyuta and Ekaterina Trishina

song "Cat" by the group "Okean Elzy".

READ ALSO : Oleg Fagot Mikhailyuta admitted that he had a romantic relationship with his partner in "Dancing with the Stars"

Alexandra Zaritskaya and Yuri Meshkov

Spectacular tango in the form of a chess game where the queen was black! Dance to the cult Back to back/Amy Winehouse.

Dmitry Kadnay and Alina Li

Annealed on the parquet cha-cha-cha under Kiss/Prince & The Revolution. Dmitry with a half-naked torso confidently staked out the title of the main sex symbol of the parquet.


Stanislav Goruna and Daniella Preap

They danced a sensual contempo dance with incredible lifts You've definitely never seen such romantic karatekas. Performance under the track of the band KALUSH/ZORI.

Anastasia Orudzhova and Denis Samson

Despite her knee injury, Anastasia playfully danced jive to music lovers' favorite Noticed you around/Touch&Go.

SEE ALSO : Anastasia Orudzhova about her first injury in Dancing with the Stars and bullying because of her appearance

Evgenia Vlasova and Maksim Leonov

The legend of the Ukrainian scene took to the floor with quickstep. They danced to the romantic ballad Something Stupid performed by Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman.

READ ALSO : Ekaterina Kukhar hugged Evgenia Vlasova at Dancing with the Stars: “You have experienced so much, I am proud of you. Show your character as a fighter and show your real self»

Konstantin Voitenko and Roksolana Malanchuk

Spinning on the parquet in a slow waltz to the composition of the 5'NIZZA band "Neva".

READ ALSO : "Dancing with the Stars" participant Konstantin Voitenko about the first difficulties on the show (VIDEO)

Ivan Lyulenov and Yana Tsibulskaya

We started fearlessly with a dance that everyone is afraid of - we are, of course, talking about the killer samba. The couple danced to the samba to the live sound of Wellboy, who performed their hit "Geese".

SEE ALSO : Dancing with the Stars participant Ivan Lyulenov spoke about his main events of summer 2021

Alexey Surovtsev and Maria Kolosova

Rumba under Crazy Prod by Nimrod Mena (Gnarls Barkley Cover).

SEE ALSO : The first kiss and the first single from the jury: an unexpected dance from Alexei Surovtsev Siren song.

SEE ALSO : Olga Harlan and Luigi Samele: about the birth of their relationship, family gatherings in Ukraine, the Olympics and jealousy over Dancing with the Stars

MELOVIN and Elizaveta Rusina

Outrageous singer with the largest fan club in the country and chose the number in an unconventional style - experimental. Performance under "Bolero".

JAMALA and Anton Nesterko

An incredibly spectacular waltz from Jamala was seen by the public: the singer took to the floor in the dramatic image of the legendary dancer Mata Hari. Jamala's luxurious dress deserves special attention. Performance under Tristle Vals/Yasmin Levy.

Artur Logay and Anna Karelina

The actor, who in the TV series "My Beloved Strashko" plays an incorrigible womanizer, appeared on the parquet in the form of a hussar-womanizer. The incendiary cancan ended dramatically, but it's better to see it once than ....

Watch the video of the first broadcast of Dancing with the Stars:

#stars #Dancing with the Stars #ballroom dancing

Dancing with stars season 8 episode 13

All videos

LAUD - There de ti - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Results Show: Week 13 - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
The winners of the contest "Dance with the Heart" danced samba at the show Dancing with the Stars
Artur Logay and Anna Karelina - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Jamala - SLEEP - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Samba - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Karina Stashishchak and Igor Kuzmenko - Paso Doble - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Contempo - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Artur Logai and Anna Karelina - Contempo - Dancing with the Stars 2021
MOZGI – ZAVTRA – Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Slow Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
At the final of "Dancing with the Stars" it became known who will become the coach of the show "Voice of the Country-12"
The main prize of the charity project "Your Dream" appeared in the show Dancing with the Stars
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Tango - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Artur Logay and Anna Karelina - Viennese Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Grand Super Final: Opening Number - Dancing with the Stars 2021.
13th Air

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July 23


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Finalist of the show "Dancing with the Stars", actor Konstantin Voitenko against 10-year-old checkers champion Lera: who won in a charity party

July 20


Dances with stars

Participants of Dancing with the Stars Konstantin Voitenko and Anton Nesterko, together with philanthropists, raised 4.

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