How much does a led dance floor cost to rent

How Much Does a Dance Floor Rental Cost?

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A dance floor will commonly be needed for a large event such as a wedding.  While some venues may have a dance floor, some may not.  This is where renting a dance floor can come in.  When renting, your typical rental companies will be able to install a dance floor within minutes in just about any style and color imaginable.  This is a great way to designate a dance floor area and blend in with your party’s theme.

“Checkered Dance Floor” (CC BY 2.0) by Evans Audio Visual

How much does it cost to rent a dance floor?

For a 12×12 dance floor, which is usually recommended for 40 guests or so, can cost $125 to $350.  If more portions are required, each section can cost an additional $5 to $40; this will depend on the dance floor size.  This is all going to depend on the rental company, your location and the type of flooring you choose.  To budget, plan on spending $1 to $2 per square foot, which would be a one by one-foot tile.  For every three square foot of space, plan on accommodating one dancer.

For a wood parquet dance floor, the rental fees generally start at $175 to $300, and this type of price range could accommodate about 100 to 150 guests for an indoor event.

For an oak plank floor, the price ranges will be about $225 to $350, and this price range could accommodate about 100-150 guests.

Vinyl flooring could cost about $250 to $325 for 100 to 150 guests.

A LED dance floor, which tends to be more complex, can rent for about $35 to $45 per square foot., a rental company located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, charges $32 per four by four New England plank and $30 per four by four oak parquet.

Dance floor rental overview

Dance floors for a special event are generally rented by the section, and each section can come in the following sizes:  12×12, 12×16, 16×16, 12×18, 15×15, 16×18, 18×18 and 21×21.

For indoor weddings, oak plank, vinyl or a wood parquet is a common choice.  However, other floor choices are available such as vinyl.  Vinyl dance floors usually come in either an all white, all black or a checkerboard pattern.  Most dance flooring material should be designed for indoor or outdoor use.

For the prices mentioned above, a company will deliver, setup and pick up the floor when the event is complete.  However, there may be additional setup charges.

What are the extra costs?

Liability insurance is recommended for those who have a dance floor at a public event.  Depending on the size of the party, it can cost about $200 to insure a few hundred people.

Most companies will ask for a damage waiver up front.  This waiver is often 10 to 15 percent of the rental fee and will be applied to your total bill when the flooring is returned.

Adding accessories, such as additional lighting and a disco ball, can be an additional fee.  A disco ball can cost $50 to $100 to rent, while lighting can be an additional $100+

If the floor will be located near the corner of a tent, you may need pole sections to prevent injury.

Tips to know

Just because you have 500 guests, it doesn’t mean you need a floor to accommodate all of these people.  As a general rule of thumb, about 40 percent of your guests may dance at a given time.

Some dance floor rental companies may only set up dance floors under tents they setup themselves.

How can I save money?

Talk with at least three to five rental companies in the area to see what they charge.  As long as you have the dimensions, you should be able to get a quote over the phone.

If you’re handy, consider building your own dance floor. shows you how it can be done for less than $300.

Typically, weekdays will be much cheaper than the weekends.

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LED Dance Floor Rental Queens

All of our LED dance floors, illuminated platforms and lighted stages come with the base size equal to 24"x24". The standard height of one of our light up event rental units is 8" high. It is the same height as a household staircase rise for each step. This intuitive design is meant to make our light up LED dance floor as safe as possible. Our studies have indicated that any height other that 8" is a "non-intuitive height". Having a non-intuitive height often results in more injuries. Even if the rise to the units were 2" they would be more dangerous than our 8". For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

The LED lighting that we use for our rentals is battery operated, so there is no reason to worry about electrocution, tripping over wires, or complicated setups. The LED lights have a wide variety of colors available to them, and you can use our remote to make any changes to color or intensity as you see fit. All of our LED lights work off of one remote so it's very convenient for you to change anything you see fit. There is also a fade and jump program built into the LED lights that allow you to have the light cycle through it's colors with either a fade or a jump respectively.

The cost of our LED dance floor rental in NYC is $8.50/sq ft. Since all of our illuminated units are 24"x24" this means it's $34 per 24"x24" unit. To calculate your price you figure out the square footage of the light up dance floor you require by using even numbers for x and y. then you multiply that by $8.50. This gives you the base cost of your lighted rental.

These lighted acrylic units are not available for pick up. Delivery and setup of our dance floor rentals must be done by our trained and insured staff. The tops are heavy, and when not positioned properly can be broken. We'll need information about the venue of the light up lounge rental prior to showing for the date. We require access times for any service entrance, or service elevator that we're required to use for a wedding or other party. We'll also need to know ahead of time about any COIs that are required for the venue.

Our acrylic dance floors are constructed with 1/2" acrylic dance tops to properly hold the weight of anyone on top of it. The framing used to create our event furniture is 1" square aluminum tubing and injection molded heavy duty plastic corners. The aluminum tubing have flanges on it, which we use to secure the side panels into place. These flanges also allow us to fasten the units together. We've tested our products to the extent of driving a full size pickup truck onto them.

Most venues in Queens, NY allow us onto the premises with little to no notice. Locations in NYC typically require paperwork processing to allow our illuminated event furniture onto their property. That's why it's important to know this well before the date of the rental. We typically arrive between 2-4 hours prior to your event. This gives us plenty of time to setup your light up furniture rentals. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

Queens, NY has a lot of people that are having parties all the time. Whether it's a holiday party, company party, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen, anniversary, or wedding, our lighted dance floor rentals will illuminate the event as well as any lounge decor that's at the venue.

NY LED Furniture takes pride is bringing the best portable dance floor to your event, and tries to do everything we can to make your party the best you've ever had. The staff that'll be delivering your furniture is polite, and professional. We're very careful who we hire, and allow to handle our decor.

It's critical that you look into several factors when looking for a supplier of the lighted lounge furniture rentals that you are going to be using for your wedding or other party floor. One of the main things you should be concerned of is are they available for rent, for the date that you want the rental for. Some companies "double book" glow products and then hire subcontractors to provide the glow floor for them. You won't find that kind of behavior with our lounge decor rental company.

Down payment for Queens parties over $1000 is half, and then the rest of the due amount 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. For Queens parties that are less that $1000 full payment is needed at the time of the lounge decor reservation. It is important to note that we need adequate time prior to the date of any Queens lounge rentals to schedule any staff needed for the events. If Queens events are scheduled within 2 weeks of the party, there is a rush fee of 25% that can be charged.

Some of our wedding parties in Queens, NY and NYC have the lighted furniture brought to their wedding party the day before. They do this because the setup of their lighted LED rental can be done by them without our help. It's unfortunate that these event rental items can't be dealt with that way. Our staff must deliver them to your event and be setup for your wedding. Of course there are many other things to worry about during a wedding than our company. Our company has gone to more weddings than we remember. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

Large LED Display Rental Supplier

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With complete large LED screen rental production lines and experienced staff, we can efficiently design, develop, manufacture and test all products. Throughout the process, our QC specialists will control each process to ensure product quality. In addition, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of each customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or would like to know more about renting large LED screens, please call us directly.

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Panel with LED screen | LED Display Panel

1. What is LED display panel?

LED (light emitting diode) screen panel is a flat panel used to display large scale video displays for public viewing. It uses an array of LED blocks, known as modules, of many small LED chips placed on a printed circuit board (PCB) substrate. The light emitted by these LEDs is bright enough to provide you or your audience with an enhanced viewing experience from close to far, day or night.

Exhibit LED Display

In recent years, LED displays have been widely used as digital signage and billboards. It also offers a better contrast ratio than your traditional projector. This means the LED display is a much better alternative to conventional projection screen for displaying high quality images or videos.

LED screen panels can provide seamless displays with no visible grid lines coming from the bezels. You can use the LED panel as one small display or combine several screen panels to create a larger screen. LED displays are sometimes used as stage or hall lighting and other visual displays to create an aesthetic effect in stage or hall lighting.

2. Can the LED screen be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, LED screen panels can be used both indoors and outdoors. LED displays are a great tool for almost anyone who wants to get their messages across to a wide target audience for informational or promotional purposes. It allows you to communicate in a more efficient and fashionable way.

So even both home led screen panel and outdoor led screen panel serve you almost the same purpose. It is important to determine the environment in which you plan to apply or install it before choosing which LED screen you should purchase or have.

(Outdoor and Indoor Rental LED Display)

In general, LED displays do not need to be waterproof for indoor use. On the contrary, your outdoor LED screens need to be waterproof to work even on rainy days. The brightness of outdoor LED display is also much higher than indoor LED display because it works in daylight or direct sunlight. The wrong brightness level for an outdoor screen will compromise the visibility of your content and the viewing experience for your audience.

Since the outdoor LED display is viewed at a greater distance, the pixel density requirements for it are relatively lower than for the indoor LED display. Indoor LED screens need to have a higher resolution simply because people are looking at them from a closer distance. Find out more about the best outdoor LED screens by clicking the link here.

3. How to control the LED display?

LED screens have a control system that allows you to control the texts, images, animations, videos, etc. of your LED display. This control system includes software and hardware. It serves as the brain of your LED screen. Without this system, you will not be able to use or enjoy the benefits of LED displays.

There are two kinds of control systems: synchronous control and asynchronous control.

(P10 Outdoor LED Display in Zambia, 3G/4G remote control)

Synchronous. Definition of "occurs simultaneously". Synchronous control means that you can display the content from the computer monitor to the LED screen in real time (synchronously). So whatever is on your computer monitor is also displayed on your LED screen at the same moment.

Novastar LED Controller

Asynchronous . The meaning is that "it does not happen at the same time. " Asynchronous control means that you must push the finished content to your LED screen's control card using electronic devices such as laptops or mobile devices, or mass storage devices such as USB sticks and SD cards. Once the control card recognizes your device and finished content, it projects it onto the LED screen in order. This content will run in a loop.

Huidu HD Player

4. What are the advantages of using LED screen?

(Custom outdoor and indoor LED displays)

LED displays are becoming an integral part of advertising, business and entertainment industries. This is because LED screens offer more benefits than other displays or advertisements.

In addition to being able to send your messages to your target audience in a more playful and creative way, you will also enjoy the following advantages when choosing an LED screen over traditional advertising.

Energy efficient . One of the best things about LED displays is that they help you save more energy because they use less power. Since LEDs do not use fluorescent tubes to produce light, they produce significantly less heat. They also have a relatively long lifespan, so investing in an LED display will save you more money in the long run.

Exhibition screen rental

Brighter image quality . LED displays have a higher contrast ratio and a huge range of colors, providing better picture quality and viewing angles. LED displays also have less risk of light fading and flickering than other display systems.

Universal. LED screen panels can serve many purposes. It is customizable according to your needs. The contents of your screen can be programmed; you can edit, change, improve your design or post at any time.

Decorative. The unusual appearance of the LED panel (not to mention its colorful and attractive content) makes the environment brighter and more lively.

5. How are LED video walls installed?

(4pcs P20 14x7m LED video wall in Peru. Field installation support by YuChip engineers)

It would be helpful if you don't worry about the design and installation of the LED video wall panel. This is a job carried out by professionals with experience and knowledge of the technical and logistical processes of an LED wall.

If you are planning to have your own LED wall, you will need to obtain the necessary permits from your local authorities before you can do so, especially if you want to install it outdoors. Here at YUCHIP, we can provide you with a LED wall panel that is perfect for any of your needs. The following are general steps that must be strictly followed.

3D indoor display

Controllability . When unpacking and handling your LED cabinets, be very careful not to damage the LED wall panel. Make sure the modules are picked up carefully. Never drag or drop these modules.

Positioning. Modules are placed next to each other when mounting the screen. An anchor mechanism is used for vertical and horizontal connection of cabinets.

Wiring . This step requires basic knowledge of the data connection process. First, wires are laid in a zigzag pattern between the cabinets. The modules are then connected to the input and output ports.

Nutrition. Power wiring is already built into the video wall panels. Therefore, it is very easy to power the LED wall display.

6. Can LED screen walls be customized?

(Customized LED screen panels in various shapes, sizes and pixel pitch.)

Yes, you can have customized LED panel. LED walls are created by combining video wall LED panels to create a composite image/video display like LCD walls. The LED wall shows have no borders, so they provide an unobstructed viewing experience for viewers.

LED screen panels vary in size to allow small to large images and videos to be projected. You can choose which one is best for you. The pixel pitch varies, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs according to the venue and target audience size. And best of all, customizable LED display panels can be programmed or updated with new message, content, images, videos so the audience doesn't get fed up with your display.

Stage & Trade Show LED Module

You can also use your LED video wall to share live video. You can also control such a display remotely. There is no need to configure manually. Some LED video walls that allow the audience to interact with it (sync smartphones or audience mobile devices), creating an engaging and immersive experience for your target market and audience.

Video wall displays provide you with unlimited options or opportunities to promote your brand or get your message across. A customized LED display will help you achieve your goals and needs more efficiently.

7. How much energy does a wall with an LED display consume?

(Each LED screen panel must pass a 72 hour aging test before shipping to you)

One of the most common questions is how much power does it consume when buying or using LED displays. To determine this, you must first understand the input current and voltage of the LEDs used in the LED screen.

The input voltage of screen LEDs is typically 5V (volts) and the ideal current is about 20mA (milliamps). With these measurements, the expected power consumption is 20mA x 5V = 0.1W. Some LED manufacturers are using more energy efficient displays. LED displays are now powered by voltages below five (5). A lower input voltage can result in greater energy savings.

Indoor LED display panel

Let's have a LED screen with a pixel pitch of 16mm. The pixel configuration consists of 4 LEDs per pixel, and the resolution per square meter is 3906 pixels. 3908 times 4 equals 15,624. This is the total number of LEDs per square meter.

The maximum power consumption for this particular LED display is 15.624 0.1 (1.56 W) = 1.56 kW.

Although the calculation of power consumption is considered simple, the calculation of the cost of electricity depends on the electricity tariff. In addition, the brightness level and resolution can also affect energy costs.

How to reduce the power consumption of the LED screen?

8. How much does it cost to rent LED video wall panels?

(850 sqm of P4.8 and P8 LED screens for the 17th Fina World Cup)

If you are a person on a budget or plan to use an LED screen for a short period of time and are looking for LED screens for rent, the central issue for you will be the price of rent. Because of the stylish look of the LED display and the many other benefits you can get, LED screen panels are not cheap.

It is easy to assume that the price will depend only on the size of the LED wall display or the number of LED screen panels you need. It is important to understand that the cost of renting an LED screen is influenced by many factors.

Several LED screens

Resolution. LED screens are available in various designs. Choosing the right solution for you will help you get the right one. Different resolution qualities are more suitable for specific applications. How do you want to use the screen? How far will the audience be from the show? Will you be using it indoors or outdoors? You need to answer these questions to determine the correct screen type and resolution.

Location. The physical location where you plan to install the screen is also a factor in the rental price. If your site requires complex setup, it will reflect on your offer.

Duration . The rent is calculated per day.

You can contact us today for a quote so we can get started on your LED project.

9. Is the LED display environmentally friendly?

(P10 Outdoor LED Panel for Argentina)

Using LED screens is more environmentally friendly than traditional advertising methods for many reasons. It has become important for brands to effectively promote their products or messages by following environmentally sustainable practices.

No paper is wasted when using LED displays. Using LED displays, you can display multiple objects one after the other without using new materials or canvas.

When using LED panels, the power consumption is less than when using other types of lighting. For example, LED panels consume 70-90% less energy. Using LED screens saves more money and provides more flexibility. If a bug exists, you can fix it in the blink of an eye. This can be controlled remotely. The cost of logistics is less.

LED Display Panel

You can also recycle materials used for LED display panels. The plastic and electronic materials of LED screens can be recycled and recycled into new products if properly disposed of.

Compared to the old ways of promoting brands and services using reams of printed paper and posters, using LED screens is a huge step towards reducing the environmental impact of your business or projects.

10. What are the latest developments in LED displays?

(Retail LED Display Panels)

We have been using LED displays for decades. In addition, LED screens continue to become an important technological advancement.

But with the amount of time and effort put into research and development in the LED industry, new products that could change the way we use and see LED displays are just around the corner.

Today, we are enjoying the results of this research and development by using LED screens that are more durable and strong. They also come in different shapes and now take up less space.

Indoor LED Display Panel

The miniaturization of LED display panels is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the LED industry. In addition, we now enjoy ultra-thin and lightweight screens that can be easily installed on many surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Learn more