How to dance at edm shows

16 Awesome Dance Moves To Try At Your Next EDM Festival

Whether you’re a first-time festival goer or a seasoned veteran, there are a plethora of dance moves that you can choose to vibe out with at your next electronic dance music festival.  To help to get you started, or to help you to beef up your current dance-move roster, we’re here with 16 glorified dances that will help you feel the music from beginning to end. To help to get you started, or to help you to beef up your current dance-move roster, we’re here with 16 glorified dances that will help you feel the music from beginning to end. Try out your moves by tuning in LDP Radio every weekend for the best electronic dance music mixes.

16. Convulsion

Photo via Consequence of Sound

Level: Beginner

This one isn’t so much about self-control.  When the music hits you, sometimes you just can’t help it.  Did you hear that drop?! Let the energetic beat takeover and dance your excitement out.


Dance Walk

Level: Intermediate

This is somewhat of an involuntary dance.  When you’re walking to the restroom or the snack tent, and you’re just boppin’ along, shuffling in strides, you’re dance walking.  And you didn’t even know it.

14. Pump It

Photo via Tumblr

Level: Intermediate

This one is for everyone as the dance move itself has stood the test of time. (Okay, so it’s stuck around since the 80’s). Either way, raise your arms up and let me see you work. Pump it.

13. Jump Around

Level: Beginner
You don’t need any dance skills for this one considering there are no, well, dance moves involved.  Just feel the rhythm and jump. Jump left to right, right to left, front to back, or in a circle. JUMP!

12. Shuffling

Photo via Business Insider

Level: Expert
First the “T-Step”, then some arm movements, and now the “Running Man,” shuffling has an evolving style adjusted to each dancer’s unique style.  As a newb, we suggest you try a YouTube tutorial before breaking out these dance moves.

11. Point and Pop

Level: Beginner
You see it? Go ahead and point at it.  Catch that build up? Point to the sky? Hear the drop? Point it down!  DJ played your jam? Point to him and let out your gracious recognition.  You’re here and you’re directing the show.

10. Neck Bob

Photo via ReactionGIF

Level: Beginner
The head bob is a safe dance move for almost any genre.  Whether it’s a progressive drop or a trap banger, just go ahead and bob your head to the beat.  You can do no wrong here.

Pickup Line

Level: Intermediate
This one doesn’t so much focus on the music as it does on a potential hookup.  There’s not rules on this one either. You’ve spotted a hottie on the dance floor and now it’s time to reel them in — with whatever moves you got.

9. Rave Master

Photo via Tumblr

Level: Expert
Few have mastered these moves, and glovers have the advantage.  We’re talking the glovers, the hoopers, and the orbiters here. Grab yourself a light-up prop and get moving because mastering the flow and technique of the Rave Master takes time, practice, and experience.

8. Wallflower

Level: Beginner
In the sense of dance moves, this is a beginner move.  In the sense of avoiding sweaty crowds, this is an expert move. For some, festivals are more for the music and less for the dancing sweat pits.  And that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to stagnantly stand back and enjoy the show.

7. Hair Swing

Photo via Tumblr

Level: Beginner
You spent hours on hair and makeup for this festival, and now it’s time to ruin it with some convulsing dance moves. Toss your cares to the wind and swirl your head to the beat, because this is life and we’re all living free.

6. Casino Lineup

Level: Intermediate
Whether it’s the “pull the slot machine” or the “roll the dice,” the Casino Lineup provides you with a plethora of moves. Choose wisely and don’t forget to change it up.

5. Fist Pump

Photo via Giphy

Level: Intermediate
Move over, Jersey Shore.  We’re electronic music fans and we’re here to party.  Just throw your arm in the air, ball that fist, and get pumping to the beat.

4. Pseudo-Stage

Level: Intermediate
This one’s a fun one for all our imaginative minds in the crowd.  Sing the lyrics, pound those drums. Whatever you do, do it like the crowd is watching.  After all, this is *your* performance.

3. Sheer Seduction

Photo via ReactionGIFs

Level: Beginner
This is for the ones who really “feel” the music. Throw your arms out, shut your mind off, and do whatever is your body says to do.  Throw in some spirit fingers or jazz hands for an extra dramatic effect.

2. Too Cool For This

Level: Beginner
This one takes almost no effort at all, ironically.  All you have to do is stop moving, stop watching, stop listening, take out your phone, and look at it.  Just do us a favor and move out of our way before attempting this move.

1. Twerk

Photo via Tumblr

Level: Expert
Sh-sh-shake it.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last year, you probably know what twerking is. If you’re a festival, it’s the best time to give it a try.  Go ahead. Bend over and show us what you’re working with.

Learn The Tips & Simple Dance Moves All Men MUST Know!

Dancing for guys or just the thought of guys dancing brings to your mind funny situations of awkward dancing, weird arm and feet movements and simply unattractive attitude. It’s a problem, a huge one if you ask us! Whether you’re at a club or a festival, being able to dance and get in the groove of the moment will set you apart from every other guy out there.

Guys, why do you need to miss out on the incredible opportunities of dancing with a girl while at a festival or in a club? You might not have the sickest dance moves, and it might seem like a scary thing to do, but you’re reading this post right now which means you’re probably interested in knowing more about the rules of dancing for guys and some quick and awesome dance moves you can use right away.

These simple dance moves make use of a “rocking groove type” of motion following the rhythm of the music. Use your knees to push your body, you can use your upper body to sway to the sides and work your hands as well to the rhythm in an alternating motion.

Dance music has a sort of tempo that the guy should follow. It will be easy to understand what we’re talking about once you read through the article and checkout the video below. In short, dancing should become an easy part of your interactions at a club, event or festival with simple movements that follow the beats and the music.

It’s time to get more comfortable and get into the action with dancing. First, we’re going to discuss some general rules of dancing that every guy should know, then we’ll bring you the dance techniques which you can use right away or at the next event you will be attending (it’s THAT easy). Please note that we’ve written the article from a straight guy’s point of view but these apply no matter your sexual orientation.

Learn more about approaching a girl at a festival in our guide here

Now, let’s get right to it!



Rule #1: Guys Need To Learn How To Dance

Dancing gives guys an unfair advantage over all the other guys when it comes to the ladies (or any potential partner for that matter). Ladies will not be sitting uncomfortably when they’re out with you and you know how to dance and interact with other people on the dance floor. It shows you’re know how to have fun, and have control over your actions and body. It is a definite win! Dancing is part of social cues and social interactions, and will make a guy seem more romantic, more social and fit. Dancing is a sport at the end of the day, and it helps tone and sculpt your muscles.

A lot of today’s events usually include dancing and not knowing how to dance excludes us automatically from making the most out of them. Who doesn’t want to make the most out of a weekend camping at an event or even a club night in the weekend? The process of learning is easy and methodical. Start by learning a few quick tricks will help you become a better dancer, quickly and easily. Keep reading and we’ll share a lot of those with you.

Rule #2: You Need To Dance Well Enough

Nobody’s asking guys to become the next superstar dancer in no time. You need to be average at best!

The whole point of being able to dance is getting out there and not embarrassing yourself and the people you’re with. It all comes down to knowing enough to feel comfortable moving and dancing with people or by yourself. Learning to dance can help you improve your coordination and the control you have over your own body but also using the tips we’ll share in just a bit will also lead to similar results. You’ll better understand how you need to move your body and coordinate your movements in a way that looks and feels nice. Dancing has a sort of snowball effect, the more you do it, the better you’ll become. Once you’ve mastered these couple of tips and feel comfortable within your own skin while moving your body to music, your self-confidence will grow, both on and off the dance floor.

Rule #3: It’ll Feel Awkward At First

As we’ve just mentioned, dancing and using these tips will become better and easier with time, it’s what is called the “snowball effect”. Even when it feels awkward, we highly recommend jumping into it. You need to get out there and do it! You’ve got to act like you’ve done it before, that you’ve been there. Everything is awkward at first, messy in the middle but beautiful at the end. Any talent you master goes through the same general idea. Don’t be scared, you just need to finish these first few times on a high and you’ll become more confident with practice.

Rule #4: Act Like You’ve Mastered This

A great followup to the third rule, you’ve got to look like you know what you’re doing. Confidence here is the key word. You shouldn’t show that it’s a concern or a big deal that you’re on the dance floor. It’s all about having fun and enjoying your time. Dancing is part of body language, and a confident attitude shows a confident character which everyone is driven by and attracted to. Smile and have a good time even when you’re freaking out on the inside. Keep it calm, cool, confident and sexy. At first, fake it till you make it and it will start happening on it’s own soon.

Everything we’ve discussed so far had to do with attitude and approach. The next rule can make or break all of the work you put in.

Rule #5: Always Be Prepared To Dance

We don’t mean to have a warmup session before hitting the dance floor. Look, dance floors are sweaty, jam packed areas where people of all sizes, ages and backgrounds are active, moving and shaking. It’s hot, you’re moving between each other, things can easily get sweaty and musty throughout the night. So remember, after a while you’re gonna become very very sweaty yourself. So remember to use deodorant or antiperspirant before going out, you’ll be smelling your best all through the night.

In addition to that, dress in layers. This will help you throughout the night as well. If you’re wearing a t-shirt underneath a jacket or hoodie or whatever additional layer, you can just take it off and hit the dance floor. Once the night is over, you’ll have something warm and dry to wear.


Time To Learn Some Dance Moves

There’s no need to feel awkward about dancing or what to do with your hands anymore!

In the below video you’ll learn in detail (and in just a few minutes) the best 3 dance moves you’ll need to get started. Note that this guy mentions house music, but in reality these moves work on many sub genres of electronic dance music. In fact, with the below tutorial, you’ll learn how to dance to a variety of music genres at any club and festival.

Dance music has a tempo and so, the movements are a bit smaller.

In the first dance, the dancer showed a rocking groove type of motion, focusing mainly on the knees and thighs and starting with them slightly bent. Then you want to stand up while pushing back. Your core stays locked and upper body goes forward rocking in motion.

Important to keep note: make sure you’re not slamming your knees back. This will injure your knees which is not what we’re aiming for.

To make it more interesting, we then focus on switching directions. Matching the beat is all there is to it as it helps “make sense” of the movement.

But what to do with the arms? Well bending the elbows and arms to the rhythm is also a great way to create movement variation and interesting body moves. Swaying them in and out of the center of the body is a great ideas. As you have come to understand it’s all about working the different sections of your body together in a certain way to create physical movement that makes sense.

In theory, what the above video teaches is better body coordination, providing you with movement options and examples that work well in difference dancing situations. You can try them out and slowly master them. You’ll even be able to create your own variations, it’s a great way to interact with others on the dance floor and have fun in the moment.

It’s time to stop being the guy who’s standing on the sideline while everyone else is having all the fun! Now you’ve got all the tools you need to kick ass on the dance floor.


Ready For Your Next Music Festival?

If you’re still preparing for your next music festival, visit our shop to buy some unique items. You’ll be able to wear them outside the festival as well.

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Concerts in St. Petersburg. Poster and schedule of performances of artists

Concerts in St. Petersburg. Poster and schedule of performances of artists

Many people cannot imagine their life without music. You can catch an FM wave or turn on your favorite song almost anywhere, it is enough to have Internet access or a saved playlist. It is pleasant to walk, play sports or do household chores to the musical accompaniment, and someone even manages to work efficiently. But it's one thing to listen to music in the player and quite another - a live performance. Classical, jazz and blues, R&B, rock, alternative, original songs - what do you prefer?

It is believed that people in St. Petersburg are especially fond of classics and rock. It would seem that incompatible directions coexist harmoniously in the hearts of the inhabitants of the Northern capital. Petersburg values ​​freedom, including music. The concert poster is replete with announcements of performances by artists of different genres. "Live music" attracts visitors to cafes and restaurants. The level of performance is often worthy of a big stage; at such chamber performances one can hear graduates of the Conservatory or other musical educational institutions.

But if musical evenings in cafes are organized spontaneously, then the poster of concerts in St. Petersburg is formed in advance and is freely available. You can see whose tour will take place in the city in the next week, month, or even year. Do not be surprised, Petersburgers like to go not only to theaters and museums. There will be enough space on the dance floor for everyone, but we advise you to buy tickets to the VIP zone in advance. We will tell you what concerts will be held in St. Petersburg in the near future, so that you can see and hear all the most interesting things that the modern music industry has to offer.

Concerts in St. Petersburg

+ Add event

  • 92 159608

  • 139

  • 123

  • 33 19526

TRC "Peter Raduga" invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of hip-hop and cheer for the dancers participating in the competition.

November 13 12:30

Shopping and entertainment complex "Peter Raduga"

Learn more

Poetry concert, which included outstanding works by Bella Akhmadullina.

November 13 18:00

December 11 18:00

Neolira artel theater

To buy a ticket

The guests of the chamber concert will get acquainted with the mono-opera of the classics of the Soviet song: Mikaela Tariverdiev and...

November 13 19:00–21:00

Schroeder House

  • eleven 41113

  • 1680

    An event that you will surely remember with warmth: bright artists will gather in St. Petersburg...

    November 11 – December 7 12:00–22:00

    Brusnitsyn Cultural Quarter


    Musical and poetic evening in Petrikirkh with the participation of theater and film actor Sergei Migitsko and orchestra...

    November 20 19:00–20:00

    Petrikirche - Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul


    The hits of legendary rock artists will be performed by a symphony orchestra, a rock band and opera soloists.

    December 23 20:00

    Club A2 Green Concert


    Stand Up Space is a space where it is always interesting and funny. Cool comedians perform here every week...

    November 11 20:30

    November 12 20:00

    November 13 19:00

    all dates

    Restaurant D.AR


  • 22 66332

  • 614


    • Performance "Nameless Star" in the House of Schroeder 12+

      November 12 19:00–22:00

      December 16 19:00

    • Opera-concert "Waiting" by Tariverdiev at the Schroeder House 16+

      November 13 19:00–21:00

    • Performance "The influence of gamma rays on.

      .. 16+

      November 18 19:00–21:00

      December 18 19:00–21:00

    • Performance "Hello, people!" at Schroeder's House 12+

      November 20 19:00

    • The play-musical "Broadway Story" at the Schroeder House 16+

      November 24 19:00

    See all


    The Olympic Orchestra will perform the famous works of classical composers, and the visual. ..

    November 11 22:30

    November 16 22:00

    St. Anna Evangelical Lutheran Church

    To buy a ticket


    St. Petersburg Planetarium invites you on a journey through interstellar space in the company of...

    November 26-27 21:00

    Petersburg Planetarium



    Annenkirch brings back works from famous cartoons and feature films -...

    November 17 20:00

    November 18 20:00

    December 1 20:00

    St. Anna Evangelical Lutheran Church

    To buy a ticket


    The sound of the organ and not only - the concert "Music by Candlelight" will give the St. Petersburg audience a romantic...

    November 18 20:00

    November 26 19:00

    December 2 19:00

    Jaani Kirik Concert Hall


    The Olympic Orchestra will perform masterpieces of world rock music. Viewers are in for a flurry of favorite hits in...

    November 24 19:30

    Coliseum Arena



    Ready to go into outer space? Music by Hans Zimmer performed live under the dome of the Planetarium No. 1 -...

    December 2 21:00

    December 3 21:00

    Planetarium No. 1


    Program from the project "Jazz Under the Stars" - bright Italian hits will sound under the starry dome. ..

    November 11 21:00

    Petersburg Planetarium

    Bright representatives of the Russian reggae scene will unite on one St. Petersburg stage.

    November 12 19:00–5:00

    The Place Club


    The Sound of Light project, which combines rock and classical music in its work, invites you to...

    December 16 20:00

    December 17 19:00

    Jaani Kirik Concert Hall

    The works of two geniuses of film music - in one program and in the entourage of space travel.

    November 12 21:00

    Petersburg Planetarium

    To buy a ticket

    Space music in space surroundings! Guests of Planetarium No. 1 will appreciate organ transcriptions of music from...

    November 11 21:00

    Planetarium No. 1


    Organ music is one of the symbols of European Christmas. At the concert under the vaults of Petrikirche there will be...

    December 16 19:00

    December 17 15:00

    Petrikirche - Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

    To buy a ticket

    Organ and whistle performer Kristina Rogova will present an unusual program.

    November 12 19:00–20:30

    Maltese Chapel


    Christmas organ melodies surrounded by hundreds of burning candles - a living embodiment of New Year's magic.

    December 31

    see schedule

    Jaani Kirik Concert Hall

    The star of the rap scene pyrokinesis will present one of the most grandiose concerts of his career in St. Petersburg.

    December 9 20:00–23:00

    Club A2 Green Concert


    Seven evenings, seven concerts and seven unique programs dedicated to different planets.

    November 24 21:00

    November 25 21:00

    November 26 22:30

    Planetarium No. 1


    The Olympic Orchestra will perform music by contemporary composers, including soundtracks to famous films.

    November 12 10:30 pm

    St. Anna Evangelical Lutheran Church

    To buy a ticket


    Argentine tango melodies will fill an old Lutheran church with bright sound, and the walls will be painted...

    November 11 20:00

    St. Anna Evangelical Lutheran Church


    In honor of European Christmas, guests of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul will have the opportunity to...

    December 23 19:00

    December 29 21:00

    December 31 15:00

    Petrikirche - Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

    Dramatic actors, musicians and sand animation will unite in a beautiful mystery under the vaults of the chapel.

    November 13 19:00–20:30

    Maltese Chapel

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    He loves dancing - Translation into English - examples Russian

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    Synonyms Arabic German English Spanish French Hebrew Italian Japanese Dutch Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Chinese Ukrainian

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    He loves

    he loves he likes he loved she loves they love


    dance danceable

    He loves dancing music and drugs and computer games.

    He loves his dance music and drugs and video games.

    Other results

    He likes to go to dance clubs .

    Matt loves going to dance clubs.

    I don't care if he has a daughter to whom he loves goes to dance performances .

    I don't care if he attends another one of his daughter's dance recitals.

    This is a great collection of video clips for those who love dance popular music of the 80's.

    This is an excellent music video collection for all people who love 80s rock music videos.

    A separate category of people loves dance sports , since active interaction in dance brings indescribable delight at every workout.

    A separate category of people likes dance sports, because active interaction in dance brings indescribable delight with every training.

    Who is not likes dance dance or sugar?

    Who doesn't love Dance Dance or Sugar We're Going Down?

    If you love dance music, comedy performances, theatre, fashion, art or cinema, you will definitely find something suitable for you.

    Whether you love dance music, comedy, theater, fashion, art or film, you can find something to get involved in. ()

    If you like electronic dance music and modern Urban, visit the Paparazzi club, located at 3 Abovyan street, on the 4th floor.

    If you are fond of of EDM and Urban music, visit Paparazzi Club, located at Abovyan 3, on the 4th floor.

    Those who are more than like techno and dance music , remember "Das Source" - KRAFTWERK - or Giorgio Moroder's Eurodisco production, for example, "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer.

    The more techno-savvy and dance-music attuned will nominate Kraftwerk as the Source or mention Giorgio Moroder's Eurodisco productions such as Donna Summer's "I Feel Love".

    you love fire brazilian dance rhythms?

    Do you like fast sharp dance numbers?

    If you love pop music or dance art - the doors of the Stavropol Palace of Culture and Sports, as well as the Palace of Children's Creativity, where local creative teams and visiting stars of show business perform, are open for you.

    if you like pop music or dance - You have to open the door of the Stavropol Palace of culture and sports, as well as the Palace of children's creativity where performances by local bands and visiting stars of show business.

    He makes dance music because he loves her and loves to dance.

    She is dancing because of the music behind her and because she likes to dance.

    He loves social dances, teaching, competitions and music, and in his "free" time he reads and studies the history of dance forms, which he loves so much .

    He loves social dancing, teaching, competing, and listening to music, and spends his 'spare' time reading and learning about the history of the dance forms he loves so much.

    He makes dance music because he loves her and loves to dance.

    She did the show because she wanted to learn to dance and because her daughter loves to dance.

    Learn new things you can use to improve your relationship: register a workout plan to get yourself a new body, or if he loves to dance, take dance classes, so you can surprise him with new dance moves .

    Learn new things that you can use to improve your relationship: enroll for an exercise plan to get yourself a new body or if he likes to dance, attend dancing lessons so you can surprise him with new dance moves.

    He loves do it, he loves to train , he loves to compete .

    He loves doing it, he loves training, he loves competing.

    He likes game, he likes football, he likes attacking football.

    He loves the game he loves football, he loves attacking football.

    He loves fat women. and he likes thin ones, and he likes short ones, and he likes tall ones.

    He likes them fat, and he likes them small, and he likes them short, and he likes them tall.

    He likes music, he likes wine, he likes food and he likes you.

    He likes music, he likes wine, he likes food and he likes you.

    He likes to feast on the leaves of this plant.

    Learn more