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Friday the 13th (2021)

Aug 13

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Today's Musings, History & Folklore

American author and humourist Mark Twain was allegedly once invited to be the 13th guest at a dinner party. As the story goes, he went to the dinner despite a superstitious friend's warning and reported back, "It was bad luck. They only had food for 12."

Knock on wood, cross your fingers, and circle clockwise 7 times! Or defy all superstitions and friggatriskaidekaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th. The Thirteen Club of New York was a group of skeptics who defied superstitions by hosting dinner parties on Friday the 13th. At the first dinner, the 13 members performed such unlucky feats as passing under a ladder. They dined on 13 courses, the first by the light of 13 candles. The devil-may-care group tipped over salt containers on the table but were forbidden from tossing any of the spilled granules over their shoulders. According to the New York Historical Society, this small club evolved into a national organization that boasted such members Grover Cleveland and Theodore Roosevelt! 🤞

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.  It is not clear how this superstition originated though modern (probably revisionist) stories claim that the superstition developed during the Middle Ages, linked with Jesus' last supper and crucifixion, in which there were 13 individuals present on the 13th of Nisan Maundy Thursday, the night before his death on Good Friday.

Others link the superstition around the Friday October the 13th, in 1307. On this date, the Pope of the church in Rome, in conjunction with the King of France, carried out a secret death warrant against “the Knights Templar”. The Templars were terminated as heretics, never again to hold the power & riches that they had stewarded for so long. Their Grand Master, Jacques DeMolay, was arrested & killed on that Friday the 13th!

Historically 13 has been considered an unstable number. From the time when humans first used numbers to measure things, the number 12 has represented a common cosmic standard. There are 12 months of the year, 12 hours on the clock, 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles, 12 Knights of the Round Table & so on. The number 13 represents disruption to the established order.


In some Spanish-speaking cultures, it is actually Tuesday on the 13th that is associated with bad luck. And in others, such as Italy, Friday the 17th (and not the 13th) is the bad luck day!


Fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia or  friggatriskaidekaphobia from the words for Friday (Freya's Day, or Frigga's Day) and "triska" for the number 13. 


Interestingly, the 13th day of the month is slightly more likely to be a Friday than any other day of the week, and in some years, this can occur three times!


Some modern "good luck" methods to mitigate a Friday the 13th, include:


  • Get out of the bed on the right side (that is, not the left side). This side is guaranteed to make your day luckier according to some superstitions. 

  • Wear your lucky underwear!

  • Get your most trusted lucky charm out. Place it in your pocket and wear it all day.

  • Eliminate house-cleaning.  Handling a broom is unlucky on this day, as is changing the sheets, flipping the mattress, or doing the laundry.


For more about how Friday the 13th has been viewed over time, click on the pictures below.  

How to spend Friday the 13th?

How to spend Friday the 13th?
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  • 4 nine0005  9955

  • one nine0005  1957

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Archived list

Unusual concerts in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. 12+

Jazz, medieval and classical music on the organ. Advertising. IP Romanenko Oleg Ivanovich. TIN 771471613250

See schedule

nine0061 Scary film 18+

Watching a horror movie will help you tune in to the otherworldly wave on this day. Revisit your favorite "horror" or head to the movies for Darren Aronofsky's mystical horror "Mom!" starring Jennifer Lawrence. A married couple lives quietly in a country mansion, but one day uninvited guests appear on the doorstep ... See the schedule of sessions at the link. nine0009

Mysterious places of the capital 12+ nine0062

If a bad omen is not a decree for you, go on a tour of the most mystical places in Moscow. Watch for a ghost in the house on Myasnitskaya, go down to the Basurmansky crypts, unravel the mystery of the Sorcerer's Tower or go straight to the "hell in the middle of nowhere" - this place, it turns out, has a specific address. A list of interesting places shrouded in secrets and superstitions is published here.

Crazy performance nine0062

Ready to talk to death on "you"? The director of the play "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" Vasily Berezin offers to study the instructions for the afterlife. The action will take place in the scenery of Khlebozavod No. 9. An equally interesting option for the evening is the musical performance “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. We will see how absolute goodness turns into absolute evil, and even with special effects.

nine0061 Pulsart Festival at Paveletsky Art Center 18+
Featuring Joris Voorn, Audiojack, Bas Ibellini, Sergey Sanchez and K.I.M. nine0062

Do you want to rehearse Halloween night - dance until your legs give out? Then come to the Pulsart festival at the Paveletsky Art Center. The first part of a trilogy of parties is coming, led by maestro Joris Voorn. This night in the style of techno and progressive house you will not be able to forget for a long time.

Event already passed

nine0061 Concert Jozef Van Wissem & Jack Wood 12+

The film "Only Lovers Left Alive" by Jim Jarmusch, which, by the way, was awarded the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Music, fits perfectly with the atmosphere of Friday the 13th. Josef van Wissem, the author of those very hypnotic melodies, will perform today at the Central House of Artists. The medieval-romantic sound of the lute plus rock from the Russian explosive trio The Jack Wood is a must hear. nine0009

Event already passed

Exhibition Land of Mirrors 18+ nine0062

Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami's work attracts and repels at the same time. Creepy drawings and sculptures in the aesthetics of pop art were born under the influence of the terrible circumstances that the artist had to endure. One such event was the US Air Force attack on Tokyo in 1945. In his works, Keiichi deeply explores the theme of the relationship between life and death. The exhibition is free.

Event already passed

nine0061 Party "Kinematics: Cipher"

Dancing in the spotlights, installations and art objects, the sounds of EBM, Dark Techno and Italo Disco… A whole legion of musicians and rave fans will come to the Dissident club, where another loud party of the Kinematics project will take place. The journey through the whole range of moods and emotions will last until the morning. Start at 23:00. nine0009

Chistoprudny Boulevard, 25
Friday 13 party at Open Moscow Bar

Unrestrained bloody dances will be held tonight at the Open Moscow Bar. If you don’t have the strength to wait until the 31st and want to dress up now, do it without a doubt and become the hero of the party. Start at 22:00. nine0009

Pokrovka house 10 building 2

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Friday the 13th: game - problems

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ANCRON / June 8, 2018 Lead by

Quick guide on how to easily get 3 skulls in challenge mode. May include many covert, special and/or universal kills with short videos as examples. Some challenges require precise timing, knowledge of character routes and the environment. nine0009

Other F13 manuals:

  • Complete Maps With All Purpose / Location Spawn.
  • Location of Jason's cabin.
  • The Complete Guide to Virtual Cabin 2.0.

Broken - Problem 1

Two guys were stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken vehicle. A very simple problem with only two targets and a couple of ways you can send them.


  • Adam Palomino
  • Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson

Hood Cotton

  • Wait until the Buggzy leaves to drain the lizzard. Make sure Adam is standing near the hood of the vehicle, then approach him from the side or back and perform the kill.


  • Let Buggzy walk towards the tree to free himself, then approach him from behind and execute. nine0010

Skip it like it's hot

  • You can drop the car on Adam when he fixes the rear wheel, just make sure the Buggzy isn't around to notice. Approach Adam while he is under the car and perform the kill.

Smoking kills

  • While Adam is fixing the car's rear wheel, Buggzy is on a smoke break a little down the road. Killing him while he is smoking is one of the bonus objectives. You can use any death move, the easiest is to use the nearby light pole. nine0010

Additional information

  • After Buggsy returns from the wiz, he will go for a smoke break, leaving Adam to repair the wheel. After the smoke break, Buggsy will return to the car and if both are alive, they will try to drive away. Crashing into a car is one of the bonus objectives, however after one of the lawyers is likely to run away on foot.

The struggle for power is a problem 2

AJ and Mitch are in the kitchen cooking food for the soon to be dead arriving guests, discussing their personal lives when the fuse comes out. With no light, AJ sends Mitch on a mission to repair his life.


  • A.J. Mason
  • Mitch Floyd
  • Chad Kensington
  • Jenny Myers

Repair Shock Test

  • Wait until Mitch leaves the house and goes to the shed with the power box. Be sure to follow him inside as soon as he enters to complete. Timing is crucial, as Mitch will back away from the power box, unable to fix him. nine0010

Hard Boiled

  • Enter through the front door and move to the kitchen. Let Stalk open the kitchen door, approach AJ and follow through. Timing is key, sometimes AJ likes to run away from the stove to drink and yell at Mitch. Also walking through the back door to the kitchen will most likely track you down.

Shortly after these two lovers are "prepared", our guests Chad and Jenny will arrive. Make sure they don't meet the owners and instead meet their own end. nine0055
Little barbecue

  • Chad doesn't have a special kill here, however there is a bonus kill to grill him in the fireplace. He will approach the fireplace after Jenny is off to the barn, so hide behind the corner and wait for the right moment to grab. Perform in the fireplace.

How it hangs

  • After you've dealt with Chad, quickly follow Jenny's footsteps to the barn. Stay close to her and as she gets under a well placed dangling rope, execute her. nine0010

Additional information

  • If you waste time after contacting Mitch, AJ will go to check on him and notice the body. Make sure you don't stick near the main entrance as Chad and Jenny walk inside, sometimes you're spotted being outside the porch. Chad is the only "non-special" killing here, but is part of the challenge bonus.

Leaving in a hurry - problem 3

A dark house in the middle of the campgrounds with two lawyers inside. AJ has doubts that all the events going by are just coincidents. Kenny tries to calm her down by reassuring her that there's nothing to worry about and doesn't blame everything on the pot-smoker Chad, who hangs around somewhere in the campgrounds. nine0009


  • A.J. Mason
  • Kenny Riedell

Chad is really High

  • This is one way you can end the problem by killing two lawyers with one Chad.. well kind of. All you need to do is wait until AJ and Kenny meet at the house after Kenny retrieves the power box. Once they both leave and start running away, follow them to the point where they meet Chad, who is at his all time highest of the highs, and execute. nine0010

Well Roasted

  • You can kill Kenny while he is rebuilding the power box by pissing him in gasoline and setting fire to it. Just follow him after he leaves AJ, he will run straight to the house with the power box. Note that AJ will eventually go and check on Kenny if he is dead.


  • This is a kill you can do near the road sign located next to where Chad is hanging. I haven't tested it, but I'm pretty sure you can't do this safely on AJ if you've roasted Kenny. Because she will find his body and run away to the said sign, but you won't get an "Undiscovered" skull, nor does it reward point wise if you're dealing with Kenny otherwise. If you're really trying to get it, make sure you follow the person closely and grab them as they run past the sign onto the main tarmac road. nine0010

Additional Information

  • If you are doing a single execution, make sure you stay close to AJ and Kenny as they run up the hill towards Chad's hanging. They will both stop under Chad to stare in terror at their friend, and after a split second come on running. Thus, you must seize the moment.

Dreaming is a challenge 4

The perfect setting for a duet date on a lovely summer evening. Boys being boys, trying to impress ladies by playing with basketballs. AJ wants a different kind of action and takes Kenny upstairs leaving Tiffany and Shelley downstairs. Smooth Casanova Shelley quickly goes to second base trying to seduce Tiffany, who fails absolutely getting in her leaving him alone. nine0009


  • Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein
  • Kenny Riedell
  • A.J. Mason
  • Tiffany Cox


  • Since AJ doesn't have a special kill here, I just went with the generic bathroom kill. Wait until Kenny and AJ make out on the second floor. After Kenny says he's going grab the beer, quickly sneak in and hide as Kenny descends the spiral staircase into the kitchen. When the coast is clear, go upstairs and perform AJ. I used the toilet, feel free to do it differently, just don't throw it out the window or first floor. nine0010
  • If you didn't turn on the shredder outside, Kenny will go back upstairs to AJ and find her if she's dead.

Grinding Hard Meat

  • The first thing you do before you start anything is Morph near the shredder that is behind the main house and activate it. This will set the trigger for Kenny to check on him after he goes for the brewskie. I dealt with Kenny after freshing AJ in the bathroom, just make sure he approaches the shredder and complete. nine0010


  • Wait until Tiffany relaxes alone on the pier after she prancing Shelley. She will bypass the surprise after this, so make sure you execute her as soon as Shelley is out. Interact with the well placed harpoon weapon, next to the small shack on the pier.

Love cuts deep

  • After Shelley is rejected on the pier, he aimlessly retreats to a nearby barn. Jason has to help the poor guy with his love fight and relieve his groin tension. Just wait for Shelly to go to the barn and stop near the scythe, carefully positioned by our good friend Reaper. nine0010

Additional info

  • All special kills require good timing, some of them can't be done after a while so be careful. Tiffany sits on the pier, then makes a small circle around the campsites and after returning back to the pier. AJ is mostly moving the second floor bedroom and bathroom. Kenny goes for a beer downstairs from time to time and then comes back to have fun with AJ. The only lawyer who doesn't move (after he visited the barn) is Shelly, he comes back and sits in the porch. nine0010

Packanack Party - Trouble 5

Quiet evening at Packanack Lodge, which will slowly turn into Titanic Sinking, or not in their case. Tiffany is tempted to take a dip in the lake so she walks away from swimming and shortly after Chad goes to spy on her wild curves. Meanwhile, Buggsy is recovering from his accident, leaving him in a wheelchair. Adam proposes an arm wrestling challenge to Buggsy, which he accepts as they are both tempted to show off to the ladies. nine0009


  • Chad Kensington
  • Tiffany Cox
  • Adam Palomino
  • A.J. Mason
  • Deborah Kim
  • Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson


  • I chose the generic kill tree stomp for Chad as he looks in Tiffany in the lake. It's close and fast to follow through, just wait until he gets near the spot. You can also execute him on a rock on the opposite side of the beach, as he tends to bike from spot to spot as he drops in. You can try to use any other kill instead as there is no Chad specific. However, there is a bonus to kill someone in the fireplace. nine0010

No swimming after 6:00 pm

  • This one is pretty simple, the bonus is kill to drown Tiffany. Just wait until Chad is out of the way or he will see a floating body.

Speared together

  • After Adam "wins" the arm wrestling, AJ will call him upstairs for some "exercise", leaving Buggsy and Deborah flirting by the fire. Wait until Adam and AJ are both in the far right room on the second floor, then Change unnoticed upstairs and wait for the dialogue to end and moaning to begin. Then just open the door and enter. The death scene will call itself. nine0010

I'm a hair stylist

  • Same as Chad, Deborah doesn't really have a special kill, however she has a bonus kill to be performed while she's pre-ring her at her house . Jason went for a door kill as he is a well-known barber-stylist, doing his incredible hair between the frame and door press.

Wheelchair Express

  • Wait until Buggzy is on the opposite side of the porch near the stairs before executing him with a nearby machete. nine0010

Additional information

  • Buggzy tends to roll around the house and the driveway making the circle so shouldn't be too hard to make this kill if he is the only survivor. Haven't checked but my guess is Adam and AJ don't leave the bedroom unless you're spotted. It could be the same with Tiffany and Chad. Deborah leaves the Cabin to freshen up and then returns to Buggzy. If I'm wrong let me know.

Cuddle by the fire - problem 6

What could be better than a group of friends enjoying some quality time camping in the woods, telling scary stories late at night. This is one such night and Jason was ready to meet them and share a story or two.


  • Eric "J. R." Lachappa
  • Kenny Riedell
  • A.J. Mason
  • Chad Kensington
  • Adam Palomino
  • Tiffany Cox

Chopped LaChappa

  • The first thing you do is get on the water and run over to the little ramp with the motorboat. Approach the back side of it and turn on the engine, which should look for Eric's curiosity as he walks beside him. When he is near the engine, go close and execute.

May I expel you?

  • This is a bonus kill that you can do with any Jason that is armed with an axe. I chose Kenny as he often goes to chop down some tree, late at night with all the girls taken, oh poor guy. Don't worry you've been chosen by Jason Kare because Jason cares! When you grab Kenny, slide him closer to the wooden pile and call anyone kill you equipped for a bonus kill. nine0010


  • AJ has no special kills on this level, so I opted for a generic kill resulting in many stars as her head is softly slammed agains't the bridge railing.


  • A special kill with Chad, easily performed if you approach him from behind in Stalk mode. Jason just didn't have marshmallows, so he used Chad instead. nine0010

Tent love (MM)

  • Tiffany invites Adam over for some quality time in the tent, lets make sure those two stick around there forever. It's simple, all you need is two mildly drunken lawyers, a tent, some lingerie, a well placed spear or a long steel bar and Jason. Verify. Execute!

Additional information

  • Make sure to stay out of Kenny's vision as he goes down to the wooden pile as he will spot the dead Eric and vice versa also Eric will see the dead Kenny as he walks. AJ often switches sides while on the bridge and will spot you if you are Stem or Switch to her. Tiffany and Adam tend to stay in the tent. Kenny will move between the wood pile and the campfire. Chad will be sitting at the campfire after returning from AJ. After some time, AJ will also return back to the camp from the bridge. Eric tends to go around the island with his fishing rod. nine0010

Strip poker problem 7

It's a stormy night at the local campsites and things are slowly starting to heat up. There's a strip poker game going on in one of the buildings, and in the house the nearest couple is making out. The smell of beer, sausage, and naughty thoughts fills the campsites, so Jason steps out to investigate.


  • Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson
  • Chad Kensington
  • nine0161 A.J. Mason
  • Kenny Riedell
  • Vanessa Jones
  • Deborah Kim

Where does the beer go?

  • Buggzy feeling like grabbing a beer and so is Vanessa, so being a gentleman he runs off to get some. He storms out in the rain after a beer that is located in a different house (because it wouldn't be right to play cards in the house the fridge is in). All you need to do is for Buggzy to exit the front door, then meet him at his destination with an unnecessary amount of stab wounds. Follow Buggzy into the kitchen and wait until he backs up the counter, move in and execute. nine0010

Farted bed

  • Chad is really nasty and AJ knows it, yet she dates him anyway. Jason will help! All you have to do is grab Chad while he is dancing and try to dump some sense onto his skull using the nearby door. Chad doesn't have any special kills on this level as far as I know.

Mirror, reflect in my face

  • After making out with Chad, AJ will go freshen up to the community bathrooms, which are located quite a bit away from the house they are in. Guess Chad was so nasty, she needs a wash. Anyway just follow her to the bathrooms or Morph is there if she is inside then either execute her while she is next to the mirror or grab and take her there, smashing her face into it. nine0010

Hold the door

  • After Buggzy has been away for some time, Kenny, like a Good Samaritan, will go check on his brother and his beer problem. He will use the back door of the house where you dealt with Buggzy, so plan ahead on where you will grab him as you need to execute him on the refrigerator door. With the body in the kitchen, Kenny will spot him as soon as he turns to face the doorway, grab him right in front of him and move for a quick run agains't the fridge. nine0010

Cooling down

  • Vanessa doesn't have a special kill on this level, so I chose a toilet flush to help her cool down as she tends to go to the poker house bathroom quite often. You can use any other nearby spot to deal with her, just make sure no one sees her.

Jason Hood

  • It's a special kill with Deborah, it triggers when you get close to her house where she follows a poker game to check her precious books. As you approach the house, you will hear a scream in the distance causing Deborah to go investigate, just stay out of her path and head towards the nearby shooting range. When she runs off to the middle of the target Switch to the barrel with a bow on it and perform a bow kill. Who knew Jason was an archery expert! nine0010

Additional information

  • When Buggzy goes for a beer, make sure he takes the front door to get out, otherwise it will take too long to get to another house and break all the timing for the other kills in this chain. Deborah will leave shortly after Buggzy, so make sure you kill Chad next to the far door like in the video, otherwise sometimes she can spot him at the house when she goes to her own house. After AJ freshes in the bathroom, she will return to Chad, they will both be dancing and you won't be able to safely perform them without one watching you. Vanessa tends to just stay in the poker house, leaving the table for the bathroom. Deborah stays in her own house unless you approach him, causing her to run towards the archery range. Chad will check on AJ if she is dead after dancing for a while. nine0010

Avoidance is a problem 8

Three lawyers go out of their way to find out what's going on, but with the phone storming dead and heavy rain outside, they have no other choice than to explore other nearby buildings for other people and means of escape.


  • Kenny Rydell
  • Jenny Myers
  • Chad Kensington

Basement blow

  • Kenny and Jenny leave poor Chad alone and run to the house next door to investigate. It's really simple, yet a special kill with Kenny. Go to the nearby house with the basement door open and wait for Kenny to go down the stairs. Let him move a little towards the counters and move closer to perform.

Who is there?

  • Jenny doesn't have a special kill here, so just choose the one you like without getting her specific body. I chose the universal toilet flush yet again as she tends to explore the house and goes up the secluded bathroom upstairs. Follow and grab her right when she goes to the bathroom, then flush her down the toilet. nine0010

You rock!

  • After you kill Kenny and Jenny, Chad will run out of the house he was left inside and investigate what happened to his friends. There is a special kill near the car next to the house where you kill Kenny. And when Chad runs to investigate, you can grab him and move into the car for the kill. Requires good timing as it's not very close to the pathing Chad will take, but it's doable. nine0010

Hide and Seek

  • There is a bonus kill you can do to Chad when he hides in a closet on the second floor, however it is only a bonus kill by a generic animation so not as a reward.

Additional Information

  • If you choose to kill Chad at the hideout, you tend to miss the window on Kenny's special kill, so it's not worth it unless you do all the bonus challenges. To get Chad to hide in the closet you have to go inside the house he is in without Stalk, eventually he will be scared and run upstairs, then just go to the closet and execute. Jenny will run to the basement to meet Kenny after she finds something disturbing upstairs, afterwards they both run to the nearest escape unless Kenny is dead, then Jenny will flee by herself. nine0010

Jason Here is the problem 9

Heavy rain reflects on a local farmhouse. It's late in the evening but people are still, Eric and Vanessa watching an action movie, Buggzy sleeping, AJ dancing in her room. Out of the darkness you notice a silhouette running through the rain, it's Deborah! There is clearly something wrong, and Jason is about to find out exactly what!


  • Deborah Kim
  • Eric "J.R." Lachappa
  • Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson
  • Vanessa Jones
  • A.J. Mason


  • Right as the game starts, Morph into the gardens and follow Deborah running through, if you stay close to her she will stop to breathe right next to the pole, perform a special kill.

Lahapping Grass

  • Eric will come out of the farmhouse for a little walk (during heavy rain.. well), make sure you follow him as he slowly walks to the nearby barn with a grass cutter nearby. Like any clueless gamers he will be curious of the contraption, all you have to do is move in and execute. nine0010

Lazy Eye

  • Buggzy has no special kills here, so choose the one you desire. I chose the universal head clap legally as it is correct in the place it is in and no one will see the body.

Bathroom visits

  • I know it looks really commonplace with so many toilet flush kills but they always go to the bathroom. Also I can't remember if Vanessa has special kills here, let me know if I missed one for her. Just make sure the body stays in the bathroom so it's not specified. nine0010

Free shots

  • Special kill for AJ, go to her room with Stalk on and get close to her to perform kill. It's a pretty simple yet weird looking, I don't have a clue what's even in the shots, my guess is as good or bad as yours!


  • You can kill Deborah with a road sign as she runs past, right as she leaves the garden. It's solid by the time it's right, but sometimes she'll stop right next to it. All you have to do is grab her and run near the sign. nine0010

Additional information

  • Deborah always runs straight to the farmhouse warning everyone there so killing her before she reaches the house is a good idea. Sometimes she will run past the "scarecrow" pole without stopping. Buggzy sometimes walks around the house, going to the kitchen on the first floor and back to his room on the second floor. Buggzy tends to spot you if you get too close to sleep and runs away, so try using Stalk. Vanessa always moves between her room and bathroom, be careful when you go up the stairs not to be spotted. AJ stays in her room dancing. nine0010

Holiday party - issue 10

Final issue at the Jarvis residence. It's a full blown party, with loud music, movies, dancing and some making out. Also this time we have twin sister Tiffany visiting who is much better at drinking than the "original". Vanessa doesn't feel like being there, so she goes for a dip in the lake, shortly after being accompanied by her boyfriend Kenny. Eric and Chad argue over which one is the better person who deserves Tiffany. Adam and Deborah enjoying a movie before moving for some private time to the second floor. Jason will have a lot of trouble! nine0009


  • Sister Tiffany Cox
  • Kenny Riedell
  • Vanessa Jones
  • Eric "J.R." Lachappa
  • Chad Kensington
  • Deborah Kim
  • Tiffany Cox
  • Adam Palomino

Home Alone

  • A few minutes into the game, Tiffany's twin sister will go home. And by home, I mean she'll leave the map, so she'll be the first target you have to deal with. I opted for a generic throw through the window kill located rich off the main building so no one would spot her. It's a bonus kill to deal with her when she's gone. nine0010

Not cheating

  • As Vanessa leaves the party to cool off because Kenny is. .. well a female magnet at the party, Kenny declines Tiffany's offer to make out and leaves to check on Vanessa instead. He doesn't have a special kill as far as I can remember, so I dealt with him on the pier, right in front of where Vanessa swims. Well placed screwdriver and he flat on his back.

Rubber duck Quacked! nine0055

  • Pretty easy kill, just get in the water next to Vanessa in her yellow rubber boat and do a stabby, stabby.

Wine to die for

  • After having some fun with Tiffany (who might have thought), Eric goes to the kitchen to get some corkscrew for wine (I guess Tiffany is into wine) that he can not find. As a proper gentleman and a man of good taste, Sir Jason must help a fellow man succeed in his courtship! Just wait at the back door of the house (open it in advance) for Eric to go to the kitchen. As soon as you hear him say "where's your corkscrewiness" it's your turn to come in and follow through. nine0010

Chad hit

  • I get a little lazy with kill names. Chad is watching a movie about Tiffany dancing (I wonder why), just walk up behind him using Stalk and perform the kill, just make sure nobody's around.

Deborah VK

  • Because she doesn't have a kill special, once again I'm using my trusty toilet flush. After having some fun with Adam, she usually goes to the bathroom on the second floor, it's a neat place to deal with her. nine0010

Flight lessons

  • Tiffany is in the room to the right of the hexagon window, the perfect location for her first.. and last flight lesson done by certified flight instructor Jason, with over 100,000 lawyer hours logged flying through the windows . Let Stalk open the door and grab her, afterwards it's just a simple job of getting her beautiful booty herself to the said window, and do it!