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With quarantine, everyone has been stuck at home and may be feeling a bit socially awkward now that places are slowly opening up again. So, you might be wondering, “What are the best Hip-Hop dance moves for the club these days?” Well, stop watching those long YouTube videos, I got you! Don’t worry, you won’t look stiff, you just need a quick refresher on some moves to shake that booty once everything is open again. Look, you have been in your pajamas for too long so let’s get out of bed and practice for those lively nightclubs. Here are ten moves you need to add to your repertoire to impress everyone on the dance floor, guaranteed. 

1. The “Running Man”

First up, we have the well-known African dance, The Running Man. It is pretty simple; all you have to do is bring those legs up and down with a couple of sliding steps. Once one foot comes down, the other leg has to slide back. Start with the legs, get the groove going then add some arm movements. If you want, you can even bend your leg up and outwards with some chicken arm motion. Let loose, try to arch your back with some chest movement. 

2. The “Shuffle”

I know, your thighs and calves have been out of service for a while now so let’s give those legs a work out. Fast movement, step forward, step backward with a couple crisscross and you got it. It might take a little time to get the hang of it but remember to slide your feet. Slide and bend your knees and you are all set. Those hands better not be hanging around doing nothing, move them up and down to make the move smoother and sexier. 

3. Bounce and slide

Can’t dance much? Bounce that body. You can start slowly then go crazy! Make sure to add some hands movement and side-to-side steps and BOOM no one can know you can’t dance. You can clap, snap or do anything with your hands to add some extra flavor to the move. 

Remember, go bigger or go home! Take a bigger bounce, add some arm swings and tilt your body sideways. It’s Hip-Hop, add your own special touch to each move.

4. The “Dougie”

Look, I know you might think the “Dougie” is so 2010 and no one does that anymore. But listen to me, if you make it look like Beyonce then no one can stop you. Drive that wheel with your hands with a slight flick of the wrist and there you have it. You can go slow or fast, it’s up to you. Just make sure to move those legs too. Get your knees to bend inward and outward while moving sideways. Feel the music, and remember to move your head too.

5. Body wave

The music is going to be loud and it will surround you like a wave of happiness. Let your body dance with the wave. Move your head, chest, then let your bottom follow and reverse. You can do the body wave with little leg movement but if you want to go all out, then take some big steps with your feet. Just remember that stiff back is not the move! With some sexy arm motion along your body, you will be set for some free drinks.

If you can’t do the body wave, then the arm wave is your next best bet. Make sure to move those shoulders. Have your arms out and follow an ocean wave. As the left side arm moves up then down, the other arm follows up then down. And repeat in an infinite loop until you are tired. A little body movement will make this move go smoother. 

6. The Uncontrollable booty

Shake that booty that your mama gave you! If you can twerk then go for it. Make sure to arch your back and loosen up. Nothing looks worse than a stiff back. Moving your booty left and right with some bold arm movements will get anyone’s attention. I know you have tried it in front of your bedroom mirror, so bring those moves to the club! Don’t be shy. 

If bold booty movement is too much for you, try some slight circular motions. Or up and down. But remember to bend your knees and maybe alternate steps between each leg. And don’t forget to leave your straightened-up office back at home, only use your loose and arched back. 

7. WAP

You have done it for TikTok so might as well do it live action. Be bold and embrace your night out with friends. You know WAP will be playing at every club at least once a night, so take that chance to show your hot moves. If you don’t want to go on the floor, you can still do some WAP moves standing up. Maybe take a drink or two and you won’t need convincing. 

8. Single Ladies 

Have you been in quarantine for way too long and tired of being single? Well make sure to dance to Beyonce. Some hip sideway movements and ring pointing, and you are all set. Raise that hand for all the single ladies and let all these potential others know that you are ready to mingle. 

9. “Stanky Leg”

Let those legs loose, step on one side and the let the other leg move like a spaghetti. Move your back too, I don’t want you looking like a half-cooked spaghetti. So, move that body. That includes your shoulder, some circular motion can make all the change possible. The arms can let loose with slight motions but do not distract people from seeing your impressive leg moves.  

10. Steal the Spotlight, Break Dance

Don’t be afraid to steal the dance floor. If you got some crazy dance moves, show them to the world. Shine. Can you fall on the floor and get back up in an impressive, smooth way? Well, then you can show these moves at the club! 

There you have it folks, now you are ready for the clubs to open back again. Remember, let your body loose and move with the music. Make every part of your body swore for the next day. 

What Are Some Popular Hip Hop Dance Moves?

If you’re a regular at the top clubs in downtown San Diego, you know hip hop music and the dance moves it inspires are all about high energy, heavy beats, and a fast-pace. Hip hop dance captures the confident, bold, and irreverent attitude of the music, emphasizing footwork and special moves that often look deceptively easy to pull off. From popping and locking to the running man, the humpty, and the classic moonwalk, hip hop dance moves can be everything from super simple to crushingly complex. Here’s a look at some of the most popular hip hop moves you can use to slay when you hit the dance floor. 

Popping & Locking

Popping and locking has been a staple of hip hop dancing for years. You have a lot of freedom with this style because it’s so improvisational. Follow these basics to get started:

  • Alternate between contracting and relaxing the muscles in your arms, torso, and legs in quick motions that “pop.”
  • Flex those muscles, roll your shoulders, pause, and stay in place for a few seconds to “lock” it. For instance, try bending your arms at the elbows, holding your hands in the air, and locking your move.
  • Hold that position in time with the music, then pop another move and lock it. 

The Running Man

The running man is one of the most popular hip hop dance moves of all time, and it’s also one of the easiest to master. You’re sure to have fun with this one.

  • Starting with your feet together and your arms relaxed at your sides, turn to the side.
  • As you lift your left leg high up and bend your knee at a 90-degree angle, bend your arms and close your fists like you do when you run.
  • Push back and down with your left leg, then repeat the motion with your right leg while relaxing your fists and pushing your arms down.
  • Repeat these steps several times in a row, and you’ve mastered the running man.

If you need a little help learning this move, check out this great YouTube video. 

The Moonwalk

The moonwalk blew up the music world in 1983 with Michael Jackson’s iconic performance of “Billie Jean” on the Motown 25th Anniversary Special. This move is still popular almost four decades later, which tells you how much of an impact it’s had on hip hop and pop music culture in general. Even though it looks complicated, the steps are actually pretty simple.

  • Lift the heel of your left foot and leave your toes touching the ground. At the same time, slide your right foot backward.
  • Shift your weight smoothly and repeat the move on the opposite side.
  • Repeat these moves several times in a row, and you’re moonwalking.

The Humpty

This is a bouncy move with a leg cross that makes it perfect for any hip hop track that features a double bass—think of that “boom boom” groove you hear in songs like “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama. 

  • Bend your knees as you circle your hips to one side.
  • Next, jump and cross your legs while briefly tapping the floor with your feet.
  • Jump back to your original position, with your legs apart.
  • Once you’ve got the footwork basics down, add in a windmill motion with your arms to complete the move.

When you’re ready to show off your dance moves at the city’s top hip hop clubs in San Diego, head to Onyx Room Nightclub, a staple of the Gaslamp Quarter nightlife scene. Our open-minded and incredibly friendly clientele is up for anything, which is what makes our nightclub stand out from the rest. With music genres including hip hop, top 40, urban Latin, reggaeton, bachata, salsa, merengue, regional, cumbia, and Banda, we have something to please everyone’s taste. Our inviting atmosphere and welcoming staff will ensure you have an experience unlike any other. To learn more about why Onyx Nightclub is the premier San Diego nightclub, call us at 619-876-8044.

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teaching basic movements and features of dance


Hip-hop, like any other dance direction, is best studied at a professional school. After all, only a qualified teacher will find an individual approach to a new student and teach the necessary movements. But if this is not possible, or if you want to come to class prepared, you can try to master the direction of hip-hop at home. How to dance the first movements, now we will tell.

Like any dance, hip-hop training includes getting acquainted not only with the basic movements of the style, but also with a certain philosophy. And in this direction it is special. Hip-hop came to us in the second half of the last century from the most disadvantaged areas of New York and Los Angeles. Tired of injustice, aggression and blood, teenagers, who mostly did not have the cleanest reputation, invented their own special way to resolve conflicts - with the help of dance battles and rap parties. Hip-hop is a free dance, a challenge to society and a protest against any inequality. That is why the main thing in this style is not at all the clarity of the learned movements, but the sense of rhythm, improvisation and expression of the individuality of the performer.

Getting Started: Preparation and Basic Movements

Before learning hip-hop for beginners, you should make sure that you feel comfortable doing it. According to experienced dancers, three things will help you relax and start learning:

  • Appropriate environment: flat floor, spacious room, full-length mirror.
  • Loose clothing and comfortable shoes. Nothing should hinder movement.
  • Hip-hop rhythmic music.

A little ritual will help you tune yourself into the wave of hip-hop: stand with your legs apart, put your hands down and close your eyes. Listen carefully to the sound of the music and try to learn to hear the beat. Rock to the beat. And now you have already mastered the first movement. Congratulations! It's time to move on to more complex elements.

The basic movements of hip-hop are swing and step. You are already familiar with the first one. Now try to put your right foot to the side and stretch your right hand up. Bend your right leg, transferring your body weight to it, and lower your arm to shoulder level. Turn the body to the left, bend the left leg, and put the right leg on the toe. Now lower your right knee, arch your back and reach your hands to the floor. When you manage to complete this combination, consider yourself a good start in hip-hop.

Sign up for a trial lesson

Here are some more basic hip-hop moves for beginners:

  • Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, and arms along the body. We squeeze the brushes into a fist and alternately bring forward one hand, then the other. Then we connect the legs bent at the knee: left hand - right leg, right leg - left hand.
  • Starting position - standing. We jump in place and cross our legs, and bend our arms as if we were rowing.
  • Starting position - standing, feet slightly wider than shoulders. We put the right leg a little back, bend the legs at the knees, which at the same time look straight. With the right hand we cover the face, with the left, folded into a fist, we put it in the region of the heart. Then at the same time we tilt our head to the right and unclench the left hand, and after that we turn the right knee and right hand to the right.
  • Starting position - standing, feet firmly pressed to the floor, knees slightly bent. We put the spread fingers of the right hand on the chest, keep the elbow parallel to the floor. We bend in an arc, as if we received a blow right in the heart. Then we make two turns in different directions, straighten our back and return to the starting position. The hand at this time falls from the heart to the waist. At the end, we throw the pelvis forward again, round the back and tighten the buttocks.

You can achieve the first results quite quickly. But when you start to study closely how to dance hip hop, you will soon notice that there are no clear movements and rules in this direction. Having mastered a few basic elements, the dancers begin to improvise, create their own combinations and dance as creative fantasy suggests.

How to continue: choosing a style

If you have mastered the first movements of hip-hop from videos and photos on the Internet, it's time to choose the direction in which you will develop further. Hip-hop culture is a wide range of dance styles that differ from each other both in elements and in general mood. The main ones are:

  • Breakdance is still popular basic style of hip-hop, on which the direction originated.
  • Popping - rhythmic contraction of various muscle groups to the music so that it looks like jolts on the performer's body;
  • Wave - smooth and plastic movements of the body, the most famous of which is the wave with hands;
  • Afro-jazz - shaking mainly the lower and most prominent part of the body in women;
  • Crump - energetic shaking of various limbs to the music so that it seems as if someone has moved into the dancer;
  • New Style, also known as freestyle, is an improvisational dance that combines not only hip-hop movements, but also elements borrowed from more than a dozen other dance styles.
  • La Style - Hip-hop, where the emphasis is on entertainment, so this style is used mainly in videos and when staging shows.
  • Ragga jazz is a dance tuned to the music: the performer's legs work under the drums, and the hands become active during the recitative.
  • Locking - an energetic dance with "locks" - freezing in different positions for a few seconds or periodically slowing down the movement.
  • Power move is a spectacular style that includes complex acrobatic elements, handstands, various twists, and transitions.
  • C-walk is a “language” dance with a criminal past that emphasizes intense and very dynamic footwork.

Women's and men's hip-hop

The next step in how to learn hip-hop without leaving home is to bring a little femininity or, conversely, brutality into your existing skills - depending on your gender accessories. The thing is that female and male hip-hop are somewhat different from each other, and, therefore, representatives of the beautiful and strong half are trained in this direction in different ways.

Hip-hop dancing for beginner girls is based on plasticity, flexibility and unobtrusive sexuality. Girls wear baggy sweatpants and hoodies on a par with men, perform sweeping movements, but their execution looks different: hips, legs and shoulders are more involved, the elements are a little smoother and sexier.

Male hip-hop, on the contrary, is more daring, energetic and sometimes even aggressive. The focus is on the work of the arms and body, acrobatic elements and movements that require strength and male endurance.

If you prefer to learn this difficult direction from videos, it is better to initially choose hip hop training, where the movements will be performed by a dancer of your gender. Together with the right technique, you will be able to capture the gender characteristics of the choreographic elements.

A few more secrets

Learning to dance hip-hop at home, without classes with a professional teacher, is not easy, but real. Especially if you add training with a few more components. Here, as in learning a foreign language, only complete immersion in the culture will help. So, here are some tips from “experienced” hiphopers who have mastered a lot not under the guidance of a qualified mentor, but at home by the mirror:

  • Videos with basic exercises will help you master some of the moves, but for additional skills, it is better to turn to online courses. Hip-hop lessons for beginners are regularly held online, often live.
  • Hiphop parties and hangouts will help you melt into this culture and make new acquaintances. Yes, of course, everyone will laugh at your first dances, but no one drags you to the center of the circle. While you're learning, watch the pros dance, adopt a style, and memorize some moves to practice at home.
  • Clear training regimen. Only with regular practice can you achieve results. In addition, our body is set to a certain schedule, and if you exercise at a certain time, it will prepare for stress. As experienced dancers note, the optimal duration of even home workouts is two hours. This is enough for warming up, and for the lesson itself, and for stretching after.
  • Additional physical activities. If you are in the mood not just for basic hip-hop movements, but for serious hip-hop elements with tricks, strengthening the muscles of the whole body is indispensable. You will need strong arms, strong core muscles, and no extra weight. This can be achieved by exercising in the gym or additional weight training at home.
  • Compliance with safety regulations. Be sure to dance in comfortable non-slip shoes and loose clothing. Do not start training without a proper warm-up, and when practicing acrobatic elements, lay something soft on the floor.

Video tutorials will be enough to learn how to dance hip-hop. But to become a real dancer, you need to study the subculture from the inside. It is believed that a hiphoper has achieved true mastery when he is in perfect control of his body, does not “slow down” on the dance floor, knows how to improvise and select universal movements for any music. Hip-hop dance lends itself only to the very persistent and disciplined, those who are able to understand and accept its "philosophy of freedom".

Do not forget that there are many professionals around who are ready to help you take your first steps in hip-hop or improve the skills you learned at home. Qualified teachers of the La Boca dance club will find an individual approach to you, work out with you the technique of performing movements and even acrobatic elements. You don't have to go far: "La Boca" is located in the very center of St. Petersburg - on "Petrogradka"

Video: basic hip-hop movements

How to learn to dance at a disco so that it is beautiful? How to dance in a club for a girl? How young people dance in clubs.

The girl is an air creature. Their movements are plastic and beautiful, and they dance, as a rule, gracefully and attractively. Ease in dancing is natural for girls, but sometimes they need help to learn it. How to dance a girl in a club and what movements are in fashion now? Welcome to our helpful tips!

Now there are dance floors and clubs in almost every village, and the question of the correct dance technique is very relevant. It used to be possible just to twitch, shifting from foot to foot, but now the quality of the dance among the regulars of club venues has increased significantly. This is not surprising, because quite a few directions have appeared and a lot of room for developing their own style, which many have rushed to take advantage of. Guys, of course, it's easier - break and tectonics seem to be made for them. Girls traditionally receive more demands, they are expected to be more graceful and plastic. Simple rules and a simple home workout will teach you how to dance freely and beautifully, delighting the visitors in the club with your confidence.


At home, see how flexible you are and what you do better. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and try to move only your hips, leaving your shoulders, arms and legs motionless. If it doesn’t work out and at the same time the whole body is dancing, then you will have to work on yourself. Listen to your body, feel each part of it separately. The beauty of the dance is influenced by the amplitude of movements: high and sweeping will give you energy and expression, low - grace and tenderness.

Now there are a lot of videos on the Internet on different dance styles. Girls who do this professionally will share how to move, explain which parts of the body are involved in this and demonstrate various tricks in detail. You can watch one of the videos below.

You can learn how to dance and pick up fashionable movements by watching various tricks and tricks in video clips.

Scroll your favorite combinations of pelvic rotations and steps in your head. Think about how you can move your arms. Try it right away, do you like your look? Dance at home to different music, change its tempo and try it. Feel free to improvise.

Getting into the club dance atmosphere

Do a little reconnaissance: come to the club and sit at the bar and watch the dancing girls. As you can see, most of the girls dance without any complex movements, and their manner is about the same. Highlight what you like and take these movements to your arsenal. Note that from the outside it looks clearly unsuccessful and, accordingly, do not use such a manner in your dance.

Consider the possibilities of your clothes and shoes, it is unlikely that a tectonist will succeed in heels. Dress comfortably so that your clothes do not restrict your body.

Entering the dance floor, do not immediately rush to dance actively, waving everything you can. Smoothly adjust to the rhythm of the music, tune in internally. Start the movements lightly and gradually increase their activity.

And finally, the most important thing - relax and don't be nervous. Dancing will be natural only when you feel free. Believe me, those who dance around don't care, they are resting and they don't care about you. Therefore, move as you feel comfortable, without pinching or limiting yourself. Gradually increase the complexity of the combinations and you will succeed.

The queens and kings of the dance floor are much more likely to succeed in love than those who behave stiffly, twitchy or even prefer to sit on the sidelines during the dance.

If you often visit nightclubs, parties and other dance events, it is worth improving your ability to move your body, figure out how to dance in a disco so that it is beautiful and spectacular.

There are many ways to learn cool dance steps. Choose any.

Some people are born with the ability to move beautifully, while others have to master dance moves in order not to look stupid at the disco.

But every person can learn to dance.

a) How beautiful is it to dance in a disco? Without certainty!

Do you know what is the most important thing in non-professional dancing? Not the skill with which you perform this or that movement, not plasticity, not grace. All of the above, of course, does not hurt, but something else is more important.

The most important thing is the confidence with which you move on the dance floor. If you are sure that you dance perfectly, then others will believe in it.

Oksana was not a very skilled dancer. As a child, her mother gave the girl to dance, but there she was branded “unsuitable”, because Ksyusha could not dance well.
The girl was not upset because she never dreamed of becoming a dancer. In addition, in the dance school, she gained something that later helped her become the queen of the local disco - self-confidence.
There were girls who moved much better, but none of them radiated such magnetism. From each wave of Oksana's hand, a strong conviction radiated: she is luxurious.
Naturally, there was no end to the guys.

If you are, then even slightly funny and angular movements will be recognized by others as perfect.

Who said that the way you do it is wrong. Or maybe that's where the charm lies? Or maybe you will become the founder of a new dance fashion?

b) 7 useful tips for those who want to learn how to dance in a disco.

I would say that the easiest way to learn how to dance is to hear the music and make simple movements with your arms and legs to the beat.

Don't over complicate things. The easier you move, the less likely you are to make a mistake and expose yourself to public ridicule. The main thing is that you manage to move to the beat, so it’s worth working on a sense of rhythm and an ear for music.

Here are some more useful tips for those who want to learn how to dance beautifully in a disco:

    Watch the people around you on the dance floor.

    Select those people who dance beautifully and memorize their movements. At home, in front of the mirror, try to repeat what you saw. Don't stop until it looks good.

    Play your favorite dance songs.

    If the disco you visit is not club music, but simpler dance hits, and often the same ones, download them for yourself and start dancing to this music at home.

    Learn to move, you can dance beautifully everywhere.

    More practice.

    You don't have to pay a coach to dance. Just use any free minute for practice. Do you wash dishes? Dance. Vacuuming?

    Imagine that the vacuum cleaner is your dance partner. Dance music should be your constant companion.

    Get your signature moves.

    You should have several moves that you can perform that will elicit an enthusiastic response.

    You decide what kind of movements it will be. You can choose something modern, for example, a pas from hip-hop or locking, or you can go through the classics, having mastered, for example, the “moonwalk”.

    Don't try to be better than you are.

    Being yourself means doing everything harmoniously. No need to try too hard, in your movements carelessness and some kind of impressiveness should be read.

    You are at a disco, not at school, which means that you should dance from the heart, and not trying to score.

    Ask to be judged from outside.

    Ask a friend to watch you dance and point out your mistakes. Better yet, record you on video so you can see for yourself what else needs to be worked on.

    Only record your friend when you don't know about it, so that you behave naturally.

    Love to dance.

    As soon as we sincerely begin to like what we do, we begin to succeed. Love to dance, count the hours until you can start moving to the music.

    This will help you quickly learn to move beautifully and naturally.

How to dance at the disco girls and boys?

There is a difference between boys and girls dancing. What is beautiful for the beautiful half of humanity looks ridiculous for the strong and vice versa.

If your goal is to dance beautifully, and not just to amuse the people, then remember that you should show your femininity or masculinity.

1. How to dance in a disco for a guy?

Guys have the most problems with dancing beautifully. This happens because boys:

  • are shy;
  • more limited in movement;
  • they have to master both fast dances and acquire the ability to lead their partner in slow dances.

Any guy, even one who has problems with the sense of rhythm, can learn to dance beautifully and spectacularly, but you have to try and get acquainted with some secrets.






There is no worse guy who:
tries too hard and is too active on the dance floor;
remain wooden because they are afraid to make a mistake;
constantly repeat the same movement.
All these mistakes can be corrected only if you relax and practice often.


Perfected movements

Remember how you started doing some work, even if it was around the house. At first, it didn’t work out or it turned out badly, and then, the more repetitions there were, the more natural and refined your movements became. It's the same with dancing.



Whether you dance fast or slow, you must remain a man. Don't dance like a snotty girl, a bad stripper, or a little boy.

If something does not work out with fast dancing, then every man should master the “slow dances”. How else to meet girls at discos?

  1. You must lead your partner, not she you.
  2. Move smoothly, barely stepping over your feet. It is not necessary during a slow dance to shake your partner like a tree from which you want to knock down the fruits, and run, grabbing her in an armful, all over the dance floor.
  3. Don't allow yourself too much, especially with a girl you don't know: your hands should be on her waist, not below, and you shouldn't press her too close to you. Remain a gentleman.
  4. Listen to your partner. If a girl fidgets in your hands, then you are doing something wrong. Maybe they squeezed her waist too tight, maybe too “fast” to a slow song. React to her body language.
  5. who was invited. There is no need to look around the room with a bored look. The songs are usually short and you don't have much time to get to know each other.

The rest is simple: listen to the music, move your feet to the beat and don't bump into other couples.

Also, if the music is not too loud, it's better not to be silent during the slowdown, but to communicate with the girl you like and at least from time to time look into her eyes, and not at, uh, breasts.

2. How to dance in a disco for a girl?

Girls should dance in a completely different way than boys do. The purpose of their dance is to attract the attention of attractive young people.

In many nationalities, by the way, dance is one of the ways to please a man. So why are our discos worse?

The girl must dance at the disco:

  • beautiful;
  • sensuous;
  • seductive;
  • magical;
  • plastic.

Although you should be seductive, don't overdo it with erotica. Your movements should not resemble a stripper's lap dance. Yes, it will impress. But is that the impression you wanted to make on the guys?

Look how this girl moves

or this one

Agree that it is beautiful, but at the same time not vulgar and vulgar. Aim for a similar effect.

2 main ways to learn how to dance in a disco

If you don't know how to dance at all and doubt how you will look in public, you should think about learning the basic movements.

You have two options to learn how to dance beautifully at the disco:


    No matter which of the self-education tools you choose, you will need to practice enough. Start by exercising at home in front of a mirror to understand how you move.

    When it seems to you that you are coping more or less normally, start demonstrating your skills in discos.

    Here are some tools to help you learn how to move beautifully on your own:

  • Video tutorial .

    There are many tutorial videos on YouTube. Here are a few good ones to get you started.

    The following video will teach you how to dance beautifully with your feet.

    Let's start training:

    The best dance lesson for a young person.

    How to teach a guy to dance in half an hour?
    Rehearsal with a teacher from TODES.

    Do you like hip-hop? Then the next incendiary activity is for you.

    Learn the basic hip-hop moves and you'll be the star of the dance floor.

    How to dance in a club for a girl?

    Simple and easy movements will help you blow up the dance floor.

    Video lesson on dancing.

    How to learn to dance beautifully at a disco?
    The best movements.

    Feature films on a given theme .

    There are quite a lot of feature films about dances. Here is a selection of good ones.

    Dance shows .

    Such shows are produced in every country, only they are called differently: “Everyone dances” in Ukraine, “Big dances” in Russia, “So you can dance?” in the USA, etc.

Lessons with a professional trainer.

If you can't do it on your own, it's worth asking a professional dancer to show you some simple moves.

If , it is better to take individual lessons. A few workouts will be enough to understand what and how to do, but you can hone your skills on your own.

Don't think too long about how to dance in a disco. It is unlikely that there will be many professional dancers who will be able to surprise with their skills. And if you constantly doubt your skills, then you will never learn how to move beautifully.

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There are many modern dance styles, but before copying the movements that you liked from this or that video clip, you should work on your plasticity and grace. To do this, it is not necessary to attend choreography classes, it is enough to devote a little time to studying at home.

How to learn to dance at home?

Before starting training, evaluate your abilities objectively. To do this, turn on the music, stand in front of the mirror and dance. Try to make different movements: raise your arms, move your hips, shoulders. If something turns out badly, then you need to work.

During this "spontaneous" dance, try to feel your body as a whole and each part of it separately. Feel separately the arm, leg, waist, the whole body.

Remember, more sweeping movements convey energy, but if you make them smoother, you can convey all your tenderness and calmness.

In the process of learning to dance, the main thing is practice. Therefore, do not limit yourself to going to the club. If at first you feel shy about dancing, be an observer. Look at how other girls dance, divide these movements into beautiful and unsuccessful. When you get home, try to repeat what you liked best. Practice and bring these movements to perfection.

How to dance freely in a club?

If you feel like you've done enough at home, it's time to hit the dance floor. We will give you some tips that will help you quickly get comfortable and conquer everyone with your sense of smell.

The main thing to remember is that dance is lightness and positive emotions, so you shouldn't complicate it, just enjoy the moment, and mastery will come with time.

People who can dance attract attention at first sight. They have a special gait, posture, confident smile, they are charismatic and charming. How to learn to dance if you did not practice as a child?

But not all dancers have a dance school behind them, many started at home. Homeschooling is one of the most affordable and easy ways to learn how to dance.

How to dance in a club and disco: video lesson

For many, dancing is, first of all, a club and a disco. To impress your friends on the dance floor, it is not at all necessary to visit a dance studio, you can successfully practice at home.

A harmonious dance is not one in which all movements and connections are performed consistently and correctly. Harmony is achieved when the dancer hears the music, feels it with his whole body and completely surrenders to the movement. Training is also important, because this is how you learn to move beautifully, learn new dance elements, which can come in handy at a disco or in a club.

How people dance now: current trends and styles

Now there are many directions, some of them are a mix of several styles, some grew out of authentic street dances, some were born under the influence of a certain musical trend.

The most famous modern dances, elements of which can be used in clubs and discotheques:

Hip-hop. One of the first street dances, which is part of a whole culture. Hip-hop uses acrobatic tricks, jumps, various turns, dynamic movements of all limbs, body and even the head.

R'n'B. All popular singers of our time dance to the rhythm of R'n'B. All the dance sequences that can be seen in the videos of Madonna, Rihanna and Beyonce are most likely R'n'B. The plasticity and seductiveness of the movements of this dance can compete with fashionable Vogue.

Vog. A dance that bypasses R'n'B in popularity. Clear, well-coordinated, sexy movements make it look like a fashion show.

Break dance. Style with its own history. It welcomes complex tricks, but some elements of this direction can be safely used on the dance floor in the club.

How to learn to dance hip hop

If you do not have the opportunity to go to a dance studio, but have a strong desire to learn how to move perfectly, then this can be done at home with the help of lessons on the Web.

Before you begin learning the fundamental movements, make sure you're in comfortable clothing and your muscles are warm and ready for training.

The main thing in hip-hop is the right music, so turn on your favorite rap artists and move to the rhythm of their music.

How to learn how to breakdance

For guys, the best dance to completely impress all the girls at the disco is breakdance.

This is a dance requiring good physical preparation. It is subdivided into lower and upper breaks. In the first, the legs and body are involved, in the second - the body, head and arms.

You should start with the simplest movements and connections and gradually move on to more complex elements.

How to dance in a club for a girl

To look confident and beautiful on the dance floor, girls need to master a few simple club dance moves, such as R'n'B, vogue and go-go. Lessons in these areas can be found on the web.

The main thing is to feel the rhythm and not be shy, otherwise the dance will turn out to be lifeless and boring.

Several club dancing video tutorials will help you become more confident and teach your body to move freely.

How to dance a guy in a club

Guys should learn plasticity, which many lack due to internal tightness. You need to learn to listen to music more than think about the opinions of people around and just enjoy what you do.

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