How to do your hair for a school dance

Homecoming Dance Hairstyles Inspiration Perfect For The Queen

Every girl knows that having an Instagram-worthy homecoming dance hairstyle is as important as picking the perfect homecoming dress. Flaunt your personal style and awesome hairdo with these inspirations.

The homecoming dance may be less formal than prom, but it doesn’t mean you won’t need to play up your homecoming dance hairstyles game for the event. Whether you’re a high school student or an alumna, it’s  better to come prepared so I prepared this list of cute and Instagram-worthy homecoming dance hairstyles for you to draw inspiration from in the hopes that you become a queen even just for a night!

1. French Braid Bun

Image via behindthechair

The homecoming queen reflects simplicity and class. Usually, homecoming queens are those who stand out from everyone in the homecoming dance. This french braid bun hairstyle is perfect for queens because it’s simple, easy-to-do and will accentuate your curly locks. This messy and imperfect bun makes the whole look, gorgeous.

2. Half-Up Braided Hairstyle

Image via stylecaster

For you ladies with naturally curly locks, this half-up braided hairstyle will make you look stunning on the big night. You can use a curling iron to further curl your hair. It’s simple yet will flaunt your wonderful curls.

3. Headbands


You will never go wrong with headbands. They’re stylish and easy to use. However, remember to never over accessorize.

4. Loose Curls For Long Hair

image via The Teacher Diva

Ladies with long hair will always look good with loose curls. You can leave them as is or you can accessorize with studded clips.

5. Straight

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

For ladies who feel like they can’t fix their hair for the big night, try a straight hairdo by using a flat iron. You’ll look classy and stunning without much effort.

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6. Ballerina Bun

image via southern flair crafts

Having a ballerina hairdo is always a good idea when attending parties, both formal and casual. You can experiment with your ballerina bun high on your head or on the side.

7. Twisted Ponytail

image via Christina Dueholm

This criss-cross style hairstyle gives a twist to the typical ponytail. It’s elegant and at the same time, effortless. You’ll have enough time to match it with a natural and stylish makeup.

8. Side Bun With Flowers

image via Brit+Co.

Accentuating with flowers is always a good idea, especially for formal events. Fresh flowers are always fabulous. You can opt to use artificial ones, though, this accessory will make you look stunning and elegant for the big night.

9. Loose Side Braids

image via Gal Meets Glam

Loose side braids will look good in you especially when you have long hair. It’s simple and easy to do.

10. Waterfall Braids


The waterfall braids is one of the newest trends in hairstyles today. Though it has been present for decades, this hairstyle is perfect for ladies with long tresses. You can either straighten or curl your hair, whatever you think best suits you. This is one of the most popular homecoming dance hairstyles for ladies.

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Fishtail Braidsimage via Kassinka

This timeless hairstyle will perfectly match any makeup or cocktail dress. It’s classy and would bring out your hair color. You can add a twist to the usual fishtail braid by doing this messy fishtail braid tutorial.

12. Classic Ponytail

image via thebeautydepartment

Of all the homecoming dance hairstyles, this is by far the easiest to do. It’s my ultimate favorite too. It will make you look elegant, classy, and confident as you enter the halls of the party.

13. Formal Updo


If you want to flaunt a formal updo, you can try this hairstyle. You can accessorize with a pair of elegant earrings to match your hair and makeup.

14. The Hair Clip


You will never go wrong with a hair clip. This handy accessory will definitely create a very easy yet stylish homecoming dance hairstyle.

15. Classic Updo


This classic updo will match any dress or look. It’s elegant and you’ll look confident as you stride on the dance floor, meet with friends or mingle with acquaintances.

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16. Backswept Waves For Short Hair

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

If you have short hair, don’t worry, there are still homecoming dance hairstyles that will look good on you. Try this backswept waves for short hair, it’s easy and elegant-looking. You can accessorize with cute headbands or clips too.

17. The Vintage Hairstyle

image via Keiko Lynn

For either formal events or casual gatherings, sporting a vintage hairstyle will bring out the elegance in you. It’s easy-to-do and will perfectly match your fierce makeup.

18. Side Swept Curls

image via Lulu’s

This is also one of the easiest homecoming dance hairstyles. Put your hair on one side and create loose curls to create this fabulous hairstyle. It matches any makeup look.

19. Short And Colorful Hairstyle

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

Whether it’s a formal event or a casual one, sporting colored hair will always make you stand out.


On the event itself, there are many things to prepare for such as your dress and makeup. So, here are easy-to-do homecoming dance hairstyles you can make by Katerina Beauty Blog:

Take your pick and practice any one of these homecoming dance hairstyles. I’m sure you’ll look stylish and glamorous in the big event.

Which one are you going to try? Let me know below in the comments below!

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*Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

how to do your hair for a school dance



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Hairstyles for dancing: 10+ ideas

Finally started dancing? Then it's time for you to think about your hair! Down with boring ponytails, your styling should reflect your inner world and at the same time not interfere with your workout! We decided to help you in this difficult choice. So, what hairstyles are best for dancing classes?

Braid the braid

Of course, it is difficult to overestimate the convenience of the braid, but what to do with the strands around the face that are constantly knocked out? There is a solution! Use bright ribbons or elastic bands to "strengthen your position". The problem is solved, and the hairstyle is nowhere better!

Dance Hairstyles: Twist the Buns

To fix the unruly strands in the ponytail and add creativity to your hairstyle, use our hint. Believe me, you won’t find a better hairstyle for classes!

For ballroom dancing, use the smoother version of this style.

Use a bandage

Sometimes your workouts are so intense that you even wring out your hair after them! But you really want to be beautiful every minute! The bandage will help you with this: make a bun or tail, then tie a beautiful bandage. Yes, and loose hair will be in the subject!

Make an unusual double tail

Great idea for social dancing! Two "unfinished" ponytails are very well combined.

Dance Hairstyles: Show Your Level

Make a tiered ponytail, or, simply, a garland tail. This hairstyle deserves all the praise!

Make a bunch of buns

Smooth hairstyle is very comfortable during intensive rehearsals. And to do it, you do not need to have special skills. You will definitely be done in a few minutes.

Dance hairstyles: get creative!

Don't know what to choose - braid or tail? Connect them together! You can leave the ends loose or pin them up for a more defined look. Don't hold back your fantasy!

Put your hair in a high bun

To make it more unusual, start with a braid! You can do it in three minutes, and the hairstyle will last the entire workout. You have several options here, choose any.

Make a ponytail

The perfect hairstyle for any style, from ballroom to modern dance! Feel free to use our hint and go to the machine!

Dance Hairstyles: French Braid

You can definitely do it without any problems! You have two options: leave the ponytail free or braid it.

Don't waste your money

And instead of one bunch, make three! Your dance partner will love this hairstyle and appreciate your ingenuity!

Add some sophistication

And make a French shell! This hairstyle is suitable for both classes and performances.

Dance Hairstyles: High Ponytail

This hairstyle is so simple that it is popular in all directions. So feel free to use it!

Let your hair down

Loose hair is the norm for modern trends, give your hair freedom!

To keep your bangs out of your eyes, put them in a braid near your face.

Dance Hairstyles: Fake Shaved Temples

Perfect solution for hip-hop! You will definitely set the dance floor on fire!

Double braid

A real dancer will appreciate the beauty of this hairstyle. Comfortable, stylish, what else do you need?

Dance Hairstyles: Spying!

And what hairstyles do professional dancers prefer to practice? We decided to peep, come with us!

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90,000 hairstyles for girls for ballroom dancing. Hairstyles for those who practice ballroom dancing


  1. Hairstyles for girls for ballroom dancing. Hairstyles for ballroom dancers
    • Hairstyle basic requirements
  2. Ballroom dance hairstyle with bangs. Basic requirements
  3. Hairstyles for ballroom dances 2021. Hairstyles for girls
    • Useful tips from top stylists
    • How to make the perfect mirror fairing
    • Hairstyle decor

Hairstyles for girls for ballroom dancing. Hairstyles for ballroom dancers

Women's hairstyles for a ballroom dancing tournament must be chosen with great care, taking into account many details.

Even young dancers are put forward impressive requirements for appearance, and points are deducted for non-compliance, thereby reducing the participant's chances of winning.

The choice of styling may also depend on the category in which the participant performs, so you should check all the conditions with the organizers of the competition in advance.

Basic requirements for hairstyles

The photo shows beautiful hairstyles for ballroom dancing for girls and women, made according to all the rules by professional hairdressers:

If a girl is going to compete in a school talent show, you can ignore the requirements.

You can make your own ballroom dance hairstyle for girls -

If it's a professional tournament, it's better to pay for the services of a hairdresser who specializes in such styling.

Professionally done styling in accordance with the basic rules will satisfy all the requirements of the judges, will be reliable and will not fall apart at the most crucial moment.

In addition, an experienced hairdresser will select the type of styling that matches the appearance of the contestant.

It is important that the hair style matches the style of the dance itself.

Quite often the contestants perform several dances in a row, then it is worth choosing a universal styling in the form of a bun at the back of the head. For Latin American numbers, a ponytail is suitable, for a European style, a shell.

Simple hairstyles for sports ballroom dancing for girls can be done in the form of a bun or curls on the crown, but options on the back of the head are also allowed.

When using accessories, make sure they match the outfit. If the dancer will change clothes during the tournament, the hair ornaments must be universal.

Ballroom dance hairstyle with bangs. Basic requirements

Hairstyles for ballroom dancers are distinguished by beauty and elegance. The Sports and Ballroom Federation puts forward certain requirements that apply to dancers of different age categories.

  • Strict styling. The construction of bulky high structures on the head that can disintegrate at any time is not welcome.

For some categories, the use of jewelry, the presence of curls and poorly fixed hanging strands is prohibited.

  • Hair must be neatly styled. Curly strands, if desired, are aligned, fixed with styling products. Short and unruly strands are fixed with clips

  • Reliability and comfort are important requirements when styling hair.

It should be checked how well the strands hold. It is unacceptable for the structure to fall apart during the performance of a dance number.

  • Partners' hairstyles must be made in the same style and match the couple's costume and the dance itself. The use of the original decor is welcome, but without any frills.
  • It is important that the style matches the type of face and its shape. For broad-faced dancers, the updo hairstyle is more suitable, and for an elongated and thin face, a hairstyle combed to one side is preferable. Bangs are often laid to one side.

  • The faces of the contestants should be as open as possible, this will make it possible to see the emotions they convey.

Children's hairstyles are different from adult hairstyles. It is not recommended for dancers of the younger age group to build complex structures on their heads, it is better to do a simple styling, without all kinds of weaving and the use of numerous accessories.

The classic example for them is the low-set bun. If there is a bang, it must be fixed with varnish.

    Choosing the right hairstyle will visually reduce the significant difference in the height of the dancers. If the partner is slightly lower than the dancer, it is preferable for her to make an underestimated bun. The young man, in turn, is bouffanted. But, if the partner is much lower, you can visually reduce this gap with the help of a high beam collected at the top.

    According to the requirements of the International Dance Committee, the type of participants must comply with the standards. There are certain restrictions that apply to the hairstyle of partners.

    • Girls under the age of 16 are prohibited from using large voluminous designs, false curls, wigs and hairpieces, bouffants, as well as bright and bulky accessories.
    • Decorations and accessories are allowed in the Junior 1 categories, but they must also use them within the allowed limits, without lighting effects.
    • Senior dancers can use overhead strands and decorative elements, but it is important for them to avoid excessive liberty and pretentiousness. Complex structures are not welcome.

    Partners of all ages should have a short, well-styled haircut. If the hair is of medium length, it is recommended to collect it in a ponytail.

    Hairstyles for ballroom dancing 2021. Hairstyles for girls

    Everyone knows that an important criterion in evaluating the performance of dancers by the judges is their stage image, namely the harmony of the appearance of partners with the dance style. Often, the ability of a couple to charismatically teach themselves helps to win tournaments. Unusual hair styling contributes a lot to this, especially for a partner.

    Ballroom hairstyles are very specific and are performed taking into account many nuances and conditions that are known only to master stylists and professionals. But if you have a desire to prepare a child on your own, then check out the list of requirements for the younger group "children", juniors 1 and older guys.

    Be sure to test your hairstyle before the competition in training. This will allow you to understand whether the strength of the structure is correctly selected and whether it is convenient for the girl to perform choreographic exercises. Is there a feeling of discomfort, do they interfere and do not divert her attention to any nuances.

    What a ballroom dancer's hairstyle should look like:

    1. Perfectly smooth, neat styling, not overloaded with details. Any broken strand or curl must be securely fastened with stealth and treated with varnish or any other fixing agent.
    2. Be sure to have an open face, allowing you to focus on the game of facial expressions of the athlete during the performance. Artistry in the eyes of the judges always adds an extra point.
    3. Check that the hairstyle matches not only the dance program, costume or face shape, but even your partner's height.

    What not to do in ballroom hairstyles:

    1. Lush ponytails or bouffant, any large and voluminous designs are not allowed. This reduces the strength of the stack, which must be very high and fully withstand the entire tournament without corrections or even minor adjustments.
    2. Accessories and decorations can only be used by Juniors 1, but within reasonable limits and without lighting effects.
    3. The younger group cannot use colored glitter polish.
    4. Any highlighting or coloring on the hair of the participants is prohibited.

    Attention! Find out if the organization the dancer represents has any additional requirements and be sure to take them into account when choosing a hairstyle.

    Useful tips from top stylists

    1. In order not to harm your hair, always use only professional styling products from proven manufacturing companies with a name.
    2. Leave-in conditioner or cream can be used to make hair more manageable.
    3. The gel is dried with a hair dryer in a warm setting, and the varnish is dried with cold air.

    Classics, imprinted for centuries in the hearts of dancers, are hairstyles "wave on gel" and absolutely smooth "bun". However, leading stylists are of the opinion that for ballroom dancing this year the main fashion trends are voluminous elements suitable for Latin American and European programs.

    How to make the perfect mirror fairing

    On parquet, the finished surface should give off a sheen. It is in this case that it becomes clear that the couple is of a high level of training.

    1. Start by combing your hair well with a simple comb, then apply a gel or leave-in cream and comb it tightly with a fine-toothed comb or even a dense bristle comb, as in the photo. Dry the gel with the warm air of a hair dryer.

    2. Use hairspray vigorously at every step. Spray generously from a distance of 5 cm from the surface. Do not worry if streaks form - this is the norm.
    3. Make a ponytail and secure it tightly with a tight elastic band.
    4. A comb with dense bristles in the final stage will allow you to create a smooth fairing.
    5. Take the top coat. Its difference is the creation of an additional effect of wet gloss.
    6. Finally, you can dry the entire structure with cool air from a hair dryer.

    Blondes are advised not to use the gel, as it makes the color darker when it dries. Only water sprayed from a fine spray and strong hold varnish.

    Hair decor

    If you belong to an age group that is allowed to decorate, then you will have something to roam: sequins, flowers, rhinestones, feathers, bright stones, ribbons. More about the last point in the section of short haircuts for European programs.

    Learn more