How to dance bandari

Iranian Bandari / "Persian bellly dance"

Iranian Bandari / "Persian bellly dance"

Middle Eastern Dance

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Iranian Raqs e-Bandari


Bandar in Farsi means "harbor" or "port" and is used to refer to the region of southern Iran which is on the Gulf coast.  This area had the most exposure to trade because trade ships from Africa, India, and other Gulf countries would come to port here.  Many Arabs and Persians intermarried in the region and elements of Persian, Arab, African, and Indian dances mixed.  Bandari is often referred to as "Persian Bellydance. "    Bandari contains elements from gulf khaleegi dances such as hair tossing and similar stepping paterns.  It sometimes uses manipulation of the tunic similar to how a khaleegi dancer manipulates the thobe.  Bandari is often done as a group.  Dancers often travel around in a circle and occasionally encourage one dancer at a time to go to the center for a brief solo to show off their moves.  Common movments to this style are small crisp shoulder shimmies, hip lifts and drops, hip circles, hair tossing, hand shimmies, and leaning the torso forward and back while doing shoulder shimmies.  It is a lively dance and has a natural bounciness to it.

Costuming Elements

Dancers traditionally wear a loose dress which is similar to a smaller thobe or a loose baladi style dress.  This is tied with a scarf around the hips.  Many dancers have used coin scarfs or fringe belts but traditionally it would have been more of a plain cloth or decorative cloth scarf.   Underneath a pair of salvar (pants) are worn.  It is also traditional to wear a veil on the head often decorated with coins in a way to hold it in place.  In film and on stage it is not uncommon to see bandari performed in a bead and sequin style bedlah similar to what would be worn for a raqs sharqi performance but this is not traditional.  Usually shoes are like a chinese slipper or some other type of a flat.

Key Dancers

Jamileh, Mohammad Khordadian

Video Examples

Additional Resources

Online Articles and Websites

Persian Style Belly Dance Bandari - Atlanta Belly Dance

Helene Eriksen - Traditional Dances from North Africa to Central Asia


Under Persian Skies: Dances of the Iranian World featuring Helene Eriksen

Persian Dances by Mohammad Khordadian (may have been rereleased as a DVD otherwise is a VHS)


Bandari Music samples on Iranian. com

Bandari dance at the International Dance Festival 2011 photo by by Megan Long.

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Persian Bandari | Dahab's Blog

Bandari (Iran)

Bandari is both a dance form and a music genre originated in the south of Iran. The name comes from the word Bandar which means “port”. This dance form is mostly performed in the city of Bandar Abbas and its surrounding Areas. As part of the Persian gulf, it contains elements similar to Khaligi, but with a very special flavor reflecting the particular reality of the region: the multiculturalism normally found in any port. In this area, Persian and Arabs have intermarried and created a particular culture. Just like Bandari dialect, the dance reflects the influence of the foreigners coming through the city.

The dance is energetic and lively. It includes hip movements similar to the ones used in bellydance (and maybe this is why sometimes people call it Persian belly dance) like hip drops or ommis. Also it is rich in hair tossing, hand shimmies and back and forth chest shimmies reflecting the Khaligi influence. The basic step is similar to the Khaligi basic step (step flat on one foot, ball of the other foot, flat of the first foot).

The traditional costuming includes pants, a head piece and robes tight high. However in modern interpretations the dancers have often preferred to forget about the head piece to allow more of the spectacular head tosses. All of this movements can also be done while on the knees.

The music is normally a 6/8 rhythm.

It is a dance that requires stamina and strength but it is also one of the most interesting and fun dance forms from the Middle East. Its unique cultural blend between Persian and Arab make it an interesting addition to a dancer’s repertoire.

Wikipedia: bandar abbas, bandari

Robin Friend’s article on Jamileh

Here is a video of me dancing a choreography by Louchia, a little modified by me.

This is an energetic dance. The music is a 6/8 rhythm. Here are some examples and dance and music:

The next video is a very modern interpretation. The music has evolved and it used less traditional instruments, just like many other music styles. The dance is also meant to be an adornment and not a faithful representation of this traditional dance style.

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