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What is Subli?

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What is Subli?

Subli preceded Christianity in the Philippines and is a pre-Spanish era’s religious ritual. The people of Bauan, Batangas paid homage to the cross, reverently called Mahal na Poong Alitagtag (Beloved Holy Cross of Alitagtag) by dancing the folk dance called Subli. The dance is traced to the town of Bauan, Batangas. Subli recalls the first journey of the manunubli, early tribes who settled in Bauan as they went through the fields, the hills and rivers in search of the miraculous cross.
Subli came from the word “subsob” which means to fall with the head down and “bali” (accent on the second syllable) meaning broken. This is interpreted in the way the male dancers look down and also the way the dancers move in steps. Others said it came from the word “sobli” meaning “salisi” or the exchange of place which is a prominent feature of the dance.
Subli is a dance, a religious ritual, a “panata” or a solemn vow directed to the Holy Cross for all the blessings and the people’s belief that the cross has the power to ward off evil spirits. Subli is also a play and is a long sequence of prayers in verse, songs and dances.
During the dance, the ladies dance in circle and with graceful movement of their wrists and their fingers grazing their brimmed hats and alampay, a triangular scarf worn loosely over their shoulders. The male dancers move in a weak but dramatic movement with tortuous and twisting motion in between and around the ladies. It has a very lively music.
So, shall we dance? Get your partner and off we go. The Subli, the traditional dance of the Batangas people!

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Sublimation in dance — @diaries: asocial network

In general, to start a more mundane sense of the joy of life. The intense training of the last 2 weeks (especially this week) and careful attitude to stretching are starting to pay off. Firstly, it feels like the body has lost 4 kilograms (no, in fact it is not, it’s just that the muscle corset has strengthened). Secondly, the legs lift up in the most unexpected positions, without difficulty and in a variety of directions - this is a plus, because now I can do different buns. And I almost mastered the hand jump from a sitting position - literally those same 2 weeks ago, this was out of the question. Glory to Insanity and a sensitive body, accustomed to enthusiastically respond to such initiatives.
And now, sobsno, a subject. Well, it seems like it's a common truth... "vertical expression of horizontal desires" and all that. But this, in my opinion, is just the tip of the iceberg. Sexuality in dance is only the first, basic stage of sublimation. In fact, if it were only this, I think there would be no ballet. There would be no need for expression, for any other plasticity, except for strip, belly dance, and even powerful and primitive movements, leading their ancestry from the black continent. No, at this point I have to admit that for the majority, dance and the possibility of sublimation hidden in it does not go further than this. And that's already a lot. I have seen and see people who are specifically at odds with their body, gender, age, position, sexual desires and demands, and many more things related to sex. This is felt most acutely in women. True, I would teach everyone to dance from a young age. And from a certain age - namely strip plastic and belly dancing. So that a girl (well, well, many of us remain angular and a little vulgar “girls” until the end of their lives, having not coped with their sexuality) learned to be a woman. To do this, you need to control your body. To do this, you need to love him. And to be able to express through him a simple and clear desire: "I want a man!". Quite a normal desire. Another question is the appropriateness of its demonstration, including with the help of dance... Here in my stream of consciousness, which here joyfully pours out on you, another thought arises. And it consists, in short, in the parable of throwing pearls in front of pigs. But this is a little later, probably, when I will talk about sublimation in more detail. So. Dance is a universal thing. Just thinking is at the same time a way of unambiguous manifestation of sexuality and its sublimation. Yes, plus another way to establish contact with the body, so that henceforth there would not be too much dissonance between the OBVM and the means of its expression, at least from an aesthetic point of view. Nota Bene: Few people realize how deep the gulf is between what they think they put into their plastic surgery and what actually happens to the body. So. I was taken away. Where did I stop ... And, then, when I state my

not so much

sudden "insight" (which is probably quite obvious to many. but the question here is about the difference between "knowledge" and "experience"), I'll talk about the movie "Kitty". And about Efremov in the role of a mad ballerina . .. Well, I’ve already squeezed 2 topics for later. And here I blurt out something that is important not only for the "sexual" level of sublimation in the dance. Dance is a means of expression. Unfortunately, there is no expressiveness, no sublimation, no message, no message, and what else could be there, it simply will not work if expressed, sublimated

and nothing to send

. This leads us logically to the next stage of our reasoning. And the following thesis sounds like this: the richer the psyche and the more intense the activity of the spirit of the subject, the more detailed, detailed, and powerful the dance will be. From here we go to the next position. Dance is a manifestation of mental life, dance is always a kind of expression of the soul, physically shaped by the language of the body. Which, again, in my opinion, is often more expressive, as it refers directly to the subconscious and unconscious of people, to their souls, bypassing all the vicissitudes associated with verbal formulation and transmission. Yes, the same is true for all forms of visual art in one way or another, but dance, dance is unique in its dynamism, temporality and yes, immediacy of expression. And here I will say, nevertheless, about beads and once again about sexuality. As long as this statement of the soul is quite primitive and does not carry a particularly significant message, that is, it is simply a set of movements to the music, or thus a statement about the desire for sex and a set of vaguely formed ideas about this very sex, then, in general, it does not matter who receives. But, here’s the catch, the more subtle the message becomes, the more conscious (something like: “I’m dancing not because it’s amazing how cool it is, but because here I want to talk about the breakdown that occurred in me during clash with cruelty", some kind of psychodrama comes out. But, I hope, more interesting and more beautiful than that) and articulated (including due to body training), the more important it becomes who exactly will receive it. And yes, there comes a moment when you absolutely don’t want to address some statements to the public, which they don’t care about. Well, or just the tag "personal" is put on the statement, and it remains "between you and God" (well, yes, dance, it's also a prayer, and a call to a deity - as an option). Yes, I'm not talking here about what dances, with the right approach, do with the energy and fabric of the world, but this is a separate dance. In general, speaking further, we can mention that with the complication of sublimated processes (well, or what is sublimated there, phenomena?), We are talking about both mental complication, an increase in the level of awareness, and deepening. In general, this is expressed by folk wisdom about the ratio of the distance traveled through the forest and the thickness of the partisans encountered. That is, we start, for example, with sex (yes, I didn’t say, it’s not necessary to start with sex. You can start with aggression or an acute lack of attention, it doesn’t matter, from something basic, but quite conscious, it would be desire), and we end with the liturgy of the Great Mother, that is, with the principle and / or archetype, which, well, in general, is not completely pushed into the consciousness of the individual. Even if you jump well
Well, that's all for now. Although I want to push the cart further inland, but in FIG.

@Topics: women's secrets got up. left to work. with enthusiasm., we're not crazy... existence

How to learn to dance belly dance?

Rehearsal bases, dance halls, recording studios
in Moscow

How to learn to dance belly dance?

Plasticity, gracefulness and slight eroticism that characterize belly dancing drive men crazy. Thousands of women master its basics in order to become more attractive, the most desirable for their loved ones, and most importantly, to gain self-confidence. How to learn belly dancing? How long is this process? What role will renting a dance hall in Moscow play in this?

How was belly dancing learned in ancient times?

What was created at the dawn of civilization appeared naturally, without careful thought and preparation. Rites, traditions, dances - all this reflected the urgent needs of a person, including entertainment. Plus - the eternal desire to please the opposite sex. It was for this purpose that the women of Ancient Egypt combined the plastic movements of the hips with light waves of the hands, thereby leading men to indescribable delight. Such a folklore dance with erotic overtones.

With the advent of Islam in Egypt, the question of how to dance belly dance has lost its relevance. Not only that, he was overgrown with some obscenity. The characteristic movements were still reflected in the cultures of other countries, but it was a sublimation that erased the true value of the amazing dance. Its originality was gradually lost...

The "colors" of the most ancient movements in the era of the conquest of Africa by the French played in a new way, which somewhat complicated the local dance and introduced professional accents into it.

How to comprehend the depths of your soul while dancing a belly dance?

Those who identify erotic movements only with exercises for the body are mistaken. First of all, this is a competent gymnastics for the soul. Therefore, it is unacceptable to exhaust yourself with training to achieve a good external result, as happens with the development of popular modern dance movements.

Learning how to dance belly dance is not difficult from a technical point of view. Much more important to harmonize it with the state of mind! With a competent approach to these moments, the result will not be long in coming. Changes will follow at different levels, and, in addition to improving the physical parameters of the body, you will feel how the body is timidly but surely rebuilding in the direction of cheerfulness, optimism and harmony with the soul.

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