How to belly dance for your sultan

Özel Türkbas – How To Belly Dance For Your Sultan (1973, Vinyl)

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A1Ozel's Dance Routine15:17
A2Lovers Look Alike (Entarisi Ala Benziyor)2:45
B1Hey Bili Bili Bom1:15
B3He Is In That Train (Tren Gelir)1:35
B4Home Of The Twirling Dervishes (Konyali)2:31
B5Helvaci (Halvah Maker)1:20
B6Organ Improvisation By Jimmy Linardos3:15

  • Recorded At – RCA Recording Studios
  • Pressed By – RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis
  • Bass – Erol Bulut
  • Bouzouki – John Tatasopoulos*
  • Conductor [Orchestra], Piano – Tarik Bulut
  • Design – N. B. Ward Assoc.*
  • Drum [Turkish] – Laszlo Kobinyi
  • Drums [Battery] – Farshid Golesorkhi
  • Engineer [Recording] – Gus Mossler
  • Executive-Producer – Aynan Türkbas
  • Finger Cymbals – Özel Türkbas
  • Flute – Khosrow Pishkarn*
  • Guitar – Tasso Mavris
  • Kanun – Ahmet Yatman
  • Organ – Jimmy Linardos
  • Other [Costumes] – Yurdagül Yüksel*, Sait Sarsan
  • Other [Hair Dresser] – Marcello Of Italy
  • Oud – Joseph Kassab*
  • Photography By – Bill Dietz Associates
  • Producer [Associate] – Jesse Kornbluth

Includes a 14-page instructional booklet with photos and illustrations.

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A Label): C3RS-6541
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B Label): C3RS-6542
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A Runout): C3RS 6541 1 I A2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B Runout): C3RS 6542 1 I A2
  • Pressing Plant ID (Runout Identifier): Ⅰ

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How To Belly Dance For Your Sultan (LP, Album, Stereo)Coşkun, Elay Records627, 2789Turkey1973
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Ozel Turkbas - How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan: lyrics and songs

2020 | Ozturk

Total duration:31 min


Ozel's Dance Routine

Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Composers: Traditional


Lovers Look Alike (Entarisi Ala Benziyor)

Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Composers: Panos Tountas


Hey Bili Bili Bom

Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Writer: Traditional / Composers: Traditional



Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Composers: Nikos Roubanis


Lei Lei Libi Libi Lei (Tren Gelir)

Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Writer: Traditional / Composers: Traditional


Home of the Twirling Dervishes (Konyali)

Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Composers: Traditional



Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Writer: Traditional / Composers: Traditional


Organ Improvisation to Belly Dance

Ozel Turkbas

How to Belly Dance for Your Sultan


Composers: Jimmy Linardos

Belly dance for beginners - description, techniques and recommendations

Belly dance is a world-famous dance technique that originated in the Arab countries. Due to the recent popularity of the TV series "The Magnificent Century", probably, many people remember the wonderful moment in one of the first episodes, when the young Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska is dancing a belly dance in front of Sultan Suleiman the First Magnificent. Just after this dance, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska got into the bedrooms of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

The dance technique is very beautiful and attractive not only for men. And how beautiful are the costumes for performing belly dance (or, as it is also called, belly dance). Admit it, have you already imagined yourself in beautiful bright clothes and jewelry? Have you imagined how beautifully and attractively you move to the rhythms of oriental music? Then rather read this article to the end to learn more about belly dance lessons for beginners.

The history of the appearance of belly dance

The first belly dance appeared in ancient Egypt. It was not associated with any sacred rites, it was simply danced for fun. Girls of all classes made beautiful movements with their hips, combining them with sweeping arms full of elegance. This was very attractive to the male part of the population, and the beautiful ladies of Egypt, knowing this, did not hesitate to use it.

But when Islam came to Egypt, the popularity of the dance faded away, as it no longer corresponded to the principles of the new religion of the population. But the life of the dance did not end there. On the contrary, he continued his life in Europe. The transformation of some dance forms and customs into others gave rise to the belly dance that we dance today.

Varieties and directions of belly dance

In belly dance there are more than fifty varieties of belly dance and three of their directions:

  1. School of Egyptian belly dance. The dance is performed in more closed outfits and is characterized by smoother movements of the dancer's body.
  2. Arabic belly dance school. This direction of bellydance is also called the “hair dance”, since it is the swinging of the hair that is the main movement in this dance.
  3. School of Turkish belly dance. For this type of art, more revealing costumes are selected. Dancing on the table is permissible, just like communication with the audience during them. A parallel is drawn between this direction of belly dance and modern pole dance.

Belly dance lessons at home

If for some reason you are unable to attend classes, then do not despair, because you can always buy a video course on teaching belly dance for beginners. Thus, you will have the opportunity to learn dance without even leaving your home. The most popular belly dance course for beginners from Vina and Nina.

Who are Vina and Nina?

Vina and Nina are sisters who teach and perform all over the world, including the Middle East. They have appeared in more than seventy films, television programs and music videos.

Vina and Nina studied belly dance in Cairo, Egypt since childhood, as well as ballet, Indian folk dance and Indian classical dance. Vina and Nina teach lessons in a belly dancing video school for beginners. These lessons are very popular and are considered the most effective method of learning dance, according to many girls and women.

If you would like to learn bellydance at home by watching belly dance learning videos for beginners, then this is the place for you.

How to dance?

If, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity or time to watch this video course, then a step-by-step description of a belly dance lesson for beginners is written especially for you in this article.


First of all, before each session, it is very important to devote sufficient time to the warm-up. Stretching warms up the muscles. This will reduce the chance of injury due to awkward movements during the lesson. Warming up will also help you move more flexibly and confidently while learning new movements.

Hip movements

The chest should not move from side to side, the hips should work separately from your upper body. Keep a close eye on this throughout the class and the dance itself.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart so that your feet are parallel to each other. The chin should look up, and put the chest slightly forward. Spread your arms in different directions and make movements with your hips.

For "one" we take the right thigh to the right, and for "two" the left thigh to the left. Repeat the resulting movement three times, and more if desired.

Now let's look at the next movement of the hips. On "one" we take the pelvis forward, and on "two" - back. Also repeat this movement several times to achieve the best result.

We connect the first and second movement, drawing a circle with the hips. On "one" we take the right thigh to the right, on "two" we move forward, on "three" we take the left thigh to the left, and on "four" we move the hips back.

You shouldn't get jerky movements. It is important that everything is smooth and beautiful, enjoy every movement and enjoy what you are doing.

Reinforce the learned movement by doing it several times. And then draw the same circle, but in the other direction. For a better dance atmosphere, you can turn on the appropriate music.

Chest movement

Now your hips don't have to work together with your chest, their job is to lock in one position.

On "one" we stretch the chest up, and on "two" we go down. This is followed by chest movements to the left and right. On "one" we stretch the chest to the right, and on "two" - to the left.

Now you need to combine and work out these movements. We draw a conditional circle with our chest. On "one" we stretch the chest to the right, on "two" - up, on "three" - to the left, and on "four" - down. Do this movement a few more times to secure, and then change direction.

Yes, yes, maybe you didn’t even pay attention at first, but the neck is also involved in the dance and it needs to be warmed up. Now we make rotations of the head in a circle, first in one direction, and then in the other. 0003


On "one" put the left foot forward, stretching the toe (do not bend the knees). On "two" we reach for the toe of the left foot. Lower the body down and bend in the back, while raising the head. Do four forward bends and four downward bends. After that, change the leg and repeat the same thing, but with the other leg.

This consists of a warm-up that should be repeated before each session. Thanks to this warm-up, you not only warm up your body and muscles, but also consolidate the basic movements of belly dance.

For beginners, this stage of learning dance is extremely important. Always give enough time to warm up.

Advantages of belly dancing for beginners

So, let's move on to the so-called "goodies". If you are serious about learning to dance, then over time you will feel positive changes in your body. The muscles of your abdomen will be corrected, pain in the spine will cease to torment. You can forget about the deposition of salts in the neck. Learning belly dancing for beginners will improve not only health, but also cheer you up.

BELY DANCE. - Mikhail Aznaurov. Dedications


Mikhail Aznaurov (M.A.),
Evgeniya Davydyanets (E.D.),
Valentina Gaiduk (V.G.),
Nadezhda Yamshchikova (N.Ya.),
Valentina Zakharova (V.Z.).

(MA) Where did the marvelous dance come from
And why did it enchant?
Centuries have passed, but he is not forgotten -
Makes you dance.
Beautiful woman in that dance!
What stands out, why?
Many women's dances are known -
What, don't compare it to anything?
Curves of the body? Yes, I agree!
Belly and thighs - strength, passion!
Just this, wonderful dance
Has power over a man?
Perhaps there are other reasons,
They are different, nature:
Giving new life to the World
Feminine nature triumph?

(ED) Not only for the Sultan or Khan,
Oriental dance is performed by you,
A beauty that is so gentle, blush,
And silk covered your features to the eyes.
Extremely bare belly and hips,
Cobra movement, only no sting,
Oriental dance - fertile life,
But human - has its own secret!
Zurna melody and tambourine ringing,
Your movements respond,
They awaken men's desires,
Revive the conception of love in them.
You are like a flower that eagerly seeks moisture,
In a scorched desert covered with sand.
But how much eroticism and courage,
In desire - in the womb to carry life.
And that Oriental dance is ritual,
It will help you by strengthening your muscles,
The baby will quickly enter the real world,
Causing neither pain nor harm.
The first mention of the oriental dance style can be found in the ancient temples of Egypt. On the frescoes decorating their walls, drawings of dancing people have been preserved. Similar images have been found in Mesopotamia, the oldest civilization. The frescoes are over 3000 years old.
It is not possible to find the origins and exact information about the appearance of dance after three millennia, which makes the style more mysterious and enigmatic. It is literally shrouded in legends. One of them says that initially the dance served as a ritual and helped relieve birth pangs. Women surrounded the woman in labor and made characteristic movements with their hips, driving away evil spirits from the newborn.

(VG) Enigma, dances from the East
Fly to the sound of all melodies,
Are they from the Devil, from God? -
There are so many parodies on them...
Everyone has roots in the desert,
There are a million of all versions of the dance,
If your soul is inclined to mysticism,
You will see bursts of waves in the dance!
There is a spirit of births in this dance,
There are also dawns of fertility,
How many obsessions are in the secret,
Erotica? She is... sort of...
Everything in the dance is passionate, with movement,
Life itself excites the heart,
The East knows no defeats,
Volumes have been written about it...
The whole dance, with part of the rituals,
Religions intertwined with the gods,
There is also love, there is a lot of it,
Relationship with the earth, like a flame...
He is always in the eastern house,
Brings joy to the spirit of Allah,
Already the dancer is all in languor,
But again in whirling, without fear!
The exotic of the East came
And swallowed up Mata Hari...
There were many stormy scandals,
Everyone is tired of that hype.
Many people still believe that belly dance is an ordinary, simply exotic oriental dance, although they recognize its undoubted beauty and eroticism. The scandalous performance of the famous Mata Hari opened up a somewhat new look at this dance and fueled interest in it. For a long time, it was because of this that Europe associated oriental dances with Indian temple dances, since Hari declared that she was dancing Indian dances.
This stereotype persists today. ..
In the times of the Ottoman Empire, in the harems of the Turkish sultans, women from different countries delighted the eyes of the Turkish sultans with this beautiful dance, although they themselves were hidden behind lace bedspreads and were a wriggling shadow. All the eroticism of the belly dance came from the eternal mystery of the forbidden and hidden from the eyes...
Well, the dance attracted men precisely with the bewitching sensuality of the movements and the halo of mystery.

(M.A.) Years 50s, 20th century0089 That dance is forgotten, the woman is covered
Or are the magical curves of the body not forgotten?
Istanbul, Cairo - mysterious, Eastern world
How did he perceive the belly dance?
Exciting beauty revealed to him
Belly and thighs of a dancer?
Drawstring melodies of the East
Turning into a fraction and, as it were,
From afar, the dancer's chest is trembling!
Oh Heaven - what does it look like?!
Men looked indifferently
At the belly dance, skillful
Or, involuntarily, let out screams,
Have you dreamed of owning dancers?

(N.Ya.) Sweet music excites the blood,
* Ringing with sagats, spinning.
Embroidered with beads, love rings,
The dancer will be captivated by excitement.
Oriental dance, seduction,
Hips in space drawing.
Relaxation of dances, movements,
Attire pours like a satin, dancing.
Grace, feline waywardness,
Secrets splatter with sparks of fire.
Cairo clubs antiquity,
Monists super flexible snake.
In the abyss of eyes, similar to agate,
Istanbul seductive style.
Views open, commonplace bodies,
Plastic movements vaudeville.
Oriental dance, devil's potion,
Intoxicates the mind, inflames the blood.
Enjoy grace, inhale fun,
Gypsy zeal, embrace love.
Oriental "bellydance" in Spain,
Embracing the music, an explosion of feelings,
Blissful spectator, not in exile.
Passionate love, burning rampages.
A flurry of applause, a touch of silk,
Sliding movements, beauty of emotions.
About the feelings of the body, passionately, incessantly,
Bend reveals courage, nakedness.
Belly dance, captivating, frank dance. It kindles dreams, caresses the eyes to the rhythms of music and sagats, precisely emphasizing the tempo. The graceful figure, alluring look, merges with the music of the East, the silk falls in soft folds, enveloping the hips, and monisto echoes the movements of the body. The dancer, coquettishly covering her face with a veil, tremblingly submits to the unthinkable, bewitching rhythm, melodic ringing of the monisto. Slender hips, wriggling like cobras, force the viewer to submit to a magical spectacle. The woman's eyes, like two dark agates, sparkle from under arched brows. On the stomach, rising in waves, in the navel, a large topaz burns. The dancer either calms down obediently to the music, or like a cat before a jump, squinting her eyes fascinates, and remains a bright dream of the Arabian Night . .. A woman dancing a belly dance is the crown of the universe. If she dances for you, you can see all the colors of life. She is like the heat of a fire, the freshness of the waters, the breath of the wind, a violent hurricane of passions. Everything is so vividly intertwined in her graceful movements that it seems that this is not a simple woman, but a many-sided Goddess who descended from heaven and conquered men's hearts. She plays life in all the variety of feelings that the World is subject to. With all her movements, the dancer wants to tell the world that obstinacy cannot be tamed. Bending the body reveals courage, where the soul conjures nudity. In the murmur of the rising drums, she enters into a passionate circle, then her shoulder and chest, sedately, enter into a dance, and only after them does the slow belly enter into the game of the lightest shaking. To the sound of cymbals, the dancer carries a delightful body, bumping into hundreds of red-hot eyes. She is majestic, beautiful, proud, free as the wind of love, fresh as a wave of the sea, mysterious, and there is no man who does not want to solve it. Gypsy, Arabic, Spanish blood plays in the veins of the dancer. A sonorous voice, a burning look, a proud posture, a body pliable to the iridescence of dance, beats of a tambourine, a chased rhythm. The dancer came down from the sky as a random drop, and remained forever in the subjugated, male heart. Flexible movements, the satin of the dress shimmering like jets of fire. Bracelets sparkle and ring, to the rhythm of tambourines, the bright flight of a free bird, forever leave an indelible mark on the hearts that she conquered.

(MA) How did our “progress” respond to the dance
Europe, which is silent, does not notice,
Does not respond to the calls of the hips, the stomach
Does not accept the belly dance?
Or delight and admiration,
European patience is broken,
All Europe is in the power of dance,
Doesn't see it as a vice?
Belly and life, this is unity!
They are with hips, in one movement
The bewitching body of a dancer -
Are only a few calmly watching?

(VZ) Dance is a language for a person.
People talk to them with success.
With myself and tete-a-tete.
Handy for group conversations.
Will replace many drugs.
Will remove conflicts in the state.
Peace will reign in the family.
It is he, no one else.
Touching or not touching the body.
It's all about music and posture.
A certain one draws with movement.
Wants to say something to another.
To expand spheres of influence.
Serves as an intensification of charm.
Bellydance - belly in motion.
For women, the essence without a doubt.
The belly is life, for childbirth the same.
Good in all respects.
Here is a dance with cymbals (sagats).
He is a regular among Russians.
Belly and arms in motion.
Metal on the fingers is not for boredom.
Listen to the sound of castanets too.
To the sound of a guitar, everyone is fit.
Accessories overflow.
For guests of bars and bazaars.
Also imagine the sword dance.
To show you are not weak.
The woman decides and now.
The blade carries over the head.
Everything is in motion here, the whole body is a tornado.
But for appearances only a sword.
For balance, balance.
It also happens in dance.
Dance is a language for a person.
People say it with success.
Music for dance is able to convince
Himself, teaches people to accept.
(Belly-dance; Danse du Ventre) is a modern European name for stage dance. Initially, it existed as a ritual dance, then as a folk dance, and in its ancient forms it was not intended for the stage. In Slavic languages, life is life. The ritual meaning of "belly dance", thus the dance of life. This dance was performed during all the most significant rituals associated with the Beginning - new year, sowing, wedding ...
The "highlight" of oriental dance is the division of the "bottom" and "top" techniques. Good dancers can “dance” with their hands in a completely different rhythm and at a different speed than with their stomachs.
In its modern form "belly dance" is sometimes called "Cabaret". Usually this term is used when talking about a performance in a restaurant or a nightclub.
Hollywood contributed to the popularity of Middle Eastern dance in the West during the 40s and 50s.
The Hollywood image was adapted by professional dancers from the Middle East and, already in this form, spread around the world.

(MA) The dance was available for women
Any classes, categories
And if someone crosses them - grief?
Any girl could
Dance in front of a man:
A peasant or a sultan to worry?
In all nations, a dancer
Or an actress was recognized,
Women were allowed to dance?

(V.G.) According to historical data, belly dance at that time was divided into two types:
- the lowest, for performance by Gavazi dancers (something like gypsies) and for the public, non-Muslim girls. For the dance, defiant clothes and frank movements with erotic overtones were used.
- priestesses of religious temples and girls from wealthy families were trained for the highest dance. In such dances, all movements were aimed at controlling the energy of the body and helped to solve spiritual problems: to improve the health of not only one's own, but also those close to them. The purpose of such a dance was either to awaken the sleeping energy, or to calm it down. Clothing was more chaste and closed. The dance itself was performed only for one man or for a temple ritual.
In our time, dance is gradually returning to its original form, and women in love with dance have turned it into an art form of self-expression, discovering new knowledge in the complex control of their own body. But in the "belly dance" there are still aspects for awareness and research, preparing for the sublime flights of the soul.
And although the exotic dance originated in the East, having become popular, it is there that it is forbidden for open performances, since following Islam forbids a woman to be an artist or a dancer.

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