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10 Basic Dance Moves Anyone Can Learn

Do you ever watch someone dance and wonder how they come up with moves so easily?

Great dancers often master a specific set of moves that they can fall back on again and again.

Read on for 10 basic dance moves you can learn in minutes and use every time you wanna dance.

P.S. You can learn all of these moves for FREE on STEEZY Studio! No cc required. 😉

1. The Two-Step

When I first started dancing at parties, the Two-Step was the first move that truly came naturally to me.

It really is as simple as stepping from side to side to the beat!

If you're looking for something foolproof that allows you to just groove and enjoy the music...

Boom. Here it is.

2. The Monestary

This move was born in a club called Monestary out in St. Louis!

It’s built on a Two-Step, so if you took that class, you’ve already got a foundation for the footwork.

But rather than bringing your feet together, you’ll tap them to the front with your knee and foot turned inward.

Then, as you tap the feet, you’ll move your arms and shoulders in a circular movement.

3. Booty Pop (Side To Side)

Like the Woah, this sexy move is super TikTok-friendly – but with more feminine energy.

To do a booty pop to the side, you’re gonna bend your knees, put your hands on one knee, and then bring the other leg from bent to straight while turning your knee inward.

If you’re a long-haired baddie, be sure to keep all your hair on one side so it doesn’t flop in your face as you pop!

Read this article on How To Dance Sexy to get more tips on pulling off moves like this one!

4. The Billy Bounce

Surprise – this club-ready move is built on… a bounce!

But what makes it unique is that your knees will come inward on each bounce rather than just up and down.

Once you’ve got the funky lil knee bounce down, you’ll add in an upward kick on each side.
The best thing about this move is that while the footwork takes a few minutes to learn, you don’t necessarily need to add an arm movement to make it look cool.

Just keep your arms front and center.

5. The Woah

Even if you’re not actively involved in the dance community, you’ve probably seen people hitting the Woah – on TikTok, Reels... all over your newsfeed!

Whether you wanna make a viral video of your own, or you’re just looking for a fun, basic dance move to pull out at the clerb, this one is too good not to learn.

Since the locking arm motion is so sharp and pronounced, use the Woah to accent the heaviest bass beats in your favorite songs.

6. The Dougie

Yes, the Dougie is a real dance move!

Like the Two-Step, you’ll be shifting your weight from side to side, but this time, adding some shoulder movements and a lil more attitude.

Try this one out to some songs other than the one that made it famous – you’ll find it works with any hype beat.

7. Scoop Arm Into Hip Sway

Sooo this one is more of combo than a move, but it only takes a few minutes to learn and it works with any fun sassy song…

So it deserves to be here, ok?!

For this move, you’re gonna scoop your arm across your chest, then bring it over your head, and finally point it in front of your chest.

Once you point the arm in front of you, you’ll sway your hips from side to side and groove it out.

8. The Bust Down

The Bust Down was popularized by LA rapper, Blueface, in his 2019 club jam “Thotiana”.

You’re gonna grab your belt, put one arm in the air, and allow your body to dip with the beat.

Note: Licking your eyebrows like Blueface is fun, but not required. 😛

9. The Biz Markie

The Biz Markie is an old school party dance inspired by, you guessed it, rapper Biz Markie!

It rose to popularity in the 90s, when Biz Markie himself began performing it on stage.

As you practice it, remember to allow your shoulders to bounce – the bounce is what gives this move its cool, laidback flavor.

Wanna learn more about classic Hip Hop moves? Read this: How To Dance Hip Hop for Beginners

10. The Humpty

For this bouncy move, you’re gonna circle your hips to one side as your bend your knees.

Then, you’ll jump and cross your legs, allowing your feet to tap the floor briefly before you jump back to your original legs apart position.

Once you’ve got that down, you can complete the move by adding in a windmill motion with your arms.

The leg cross in this move makes it perfect for any Hip Hop song that features a double bass (aka that BOOM BOOM sound that you hear in songs like “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama)

We hope you enjoyed learning some of our favorite basic dance moves.

Of course, this list is just a start!

In addition to the 10 moves on this list, STEEZY Studio has 100+ other FREE beginner classes where you can learn step-by-step from the world’s best teachers.

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interpretation of dreams about dance according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Loff

Despite the joy and delight that people experience when they dance in their sleep, this is often considered a bad omen that portends difficulties. But is this interpretation always correct? In every popular dream book, this action has its own symbolism and meaning. Let's figure out why we dream of dancing and how to correctly interpret such a dream.

Dancing in a dream according to Miller's dream book

According to the interpretation of Miller's dream book, seeing yourself dancing in a dream is a good sign. Your old ideas and dreams will begin to come true.

Also, the interpretation of the dream depends on how the dance was. Fast - you should be careful about the upcoming business, they can be difficult and unsafe. Slow - speaks of your inner desire to relax.

If a girl dreams of dancing children, it means that her family will live in harmony. For men, such a dream is a prerequisite for an interesting pastime.

Dreaming of elderly people who were spinning around in a dance is considered a sign of the coming succession of successes. But strangers are a bad signal. He says that you are afraid of communicating with others.

Seeing yourself dancing under a tree is a warning. Changes are waiting for you, but it is worth taking certain measures to implement them.

Dancing with friends in a dream will be a harbinger of a good weekend.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


Freud's dream book also speaks of the good meaning of dancing in a dream. All past problems will pass by themselves, and you will breathe a breath of fresh air.

If the craving for dancing in a dream was never realized, that is, you wanted to dance, but did not dare, then you should think about it. You have a huge potential that you do not want to reveal, referring to the fact that it is not serious and not important.

Watching the most beautiful dance from the outside is the cry of the soul. In real life, you have a dream that you are afraid to fulfill. Consciousness prompts that it is still worth deciding on this step, contrary to moral prohibitions.

A dream about a naked dance speaks of the desire for freedom.

An interesting sign is a dream in which among the dancers you see a familiar person. Probably, fate will connect you with him in the future.

A dream where you are dancing in a crowded place speaks of your fear of the public.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The interpretation of dancing according to Hasse's dream book is as follows: joy and wealth await the dreamer. And if you danced on stage, then a wave of popularity is coming.

According to Hasse's dream book, to see a dance in a dream - joy and wealth await you. Photo: andrea-piacquadio,

A dream about dancing with a representative of the opposite sex suggests that you have a lot of envious people. But if the partner is your loved one, then the dream is interpreted much more pleasantly. Order and complete mutual understanding await your family, and those around you will be sincerely happy about this.

If during the dream the locations in which you danced changed each other, this is a sure sign that you should change the situation or even reconsider your habits.

Dreams of dancing under the sunlight speak of the desire for enlightenment.

A dream is a harbinger of participation in large mass events, where, in addition to you, a lot of strangers are dancing.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


According to the interpretation of Tsvetkov's dream book, dancing alone is a symbol of success and profit. But dancing with a partner is a harbinger of illness.

People dancing in the twilight in a dream talk about the appearance of a deceiver in your environment in reality.

A sign of aggression that you skillfully try to hide is dancing under the moon.

To see yourself in a dream dancing with professionals - to useful acquaintances.

Dancing by the fire is a positive sign for you. He says that in the near future secret desires will begin to come true.

Parting with a loved one portends a dream where you are dancing in full view of everyone. But this separation will be temporary. Probably, your relative will go abroad or to another city on vacation.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The interpretation of Vanga's dream book, relative to others, is not so positive. According to him, to see yourself dancing in a dream speaks of attracting too much attention to your person. And if you are dancing in a crowd, you are likely to be robbed.

A short but memorable dance is a harbinger of rash acts for which the dreamer will have to apologize.

Long dances - you should reconsider your attitude towards other people. Probably, recently you have become too callous, and do not notice how you use others for your own benefit.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The dream in which you see yourself dancing indicates that the professional field of activity is of particular importance to you. If the movements in the dance look unnatural, your subconscious mind wants to convey the idea of ​​non-recognition by society. A dream about dancing with a partner also indicates an uncomfortable feeling of being among people.

If others are dancing for you in a dream, then you should take a closer look at the dance, as it reflects your attitude towards these people.

A sign of self-doubt in reality is a dream in which music and dance are not compatible, or you are completely dancing without musical accompaniment.

Dancing in a dream according to the Modern dream book

The modern dream book notes dancing in a dream as a symbol of the successful completion of business.

Interpretation depends on the style of dance:

  • waltz - to fleeting experiences;
  • slow dance - to a period of difficult relationships with a loved one;
  • fast dance - to approaching problems;
  • tango - to beautiful courtship.

Also, the interpretation depends on the gender of the dreamer. Dancing in a dream for a girl is a quick joy. For a guy - to the coming ruin.

Expert's comment

In addition to all the above interpretations, psychologists are discussing this issue. For us, the answer to the question "why dream of dancing?" gives Veronika Tyurina, psychologist-consultant in the field of interpersonal relations :

When you dream that you are dancing, it speaks of your temperament, your taste for life and your general desire to enjoy communicating with other people.

Learn more