How to become a bollywood dancer

How to Get into Bollywood Easily and become a Bollywood Actor?

We are getting many E-mails, people always ask “I want to Act in Bollywood movies, How to become a Bollywood actor “. these are the basic things which you need to become a good actor in Bollywood or in any film industry in India. There are many youngsters and the youth of today, who want to get into Bollywood. If you seriously want to enter Bollywood, these simple steps can make your journey to Bollywood quite easily. By following these steps you can definitely make it to Bollywood, but you must understand that with all the glitz and glamour of Bollywood comes Hardwork and sheer hardwork.

Basic thing You need to Enter in Bollywood

Acting Classes

If you are damn serious in making a career in acting, you must join some renowned acting classes. Improve your acting skills and learn everything about acting. Many a times, Directors and casting agents have tie ups with renowned acting schools. Who knows, your luck strikes and you get a direct entry to Bollywood. join theater groups to brush up your acting skills that will improve your performance in strong roles.

Dance Classes

An actor must know, How to dance! Joining some renowned dancing school will not only improve your chances of getting into Bollywood. But also dancing schools like (Shimak Davar Dance Academy) can be the reason of a direct entry. still you need to be a good actor.


You can also start modelling. This can open your doors to the advertisements and albums. Not only music albums and advertisements, but through modelling you can enter Miss India/ Mr. India contests and come into limelight.


Do not skip any Interview/auditions. You may seek failures in the starting but that will make you realize where you stand in reality. Work harder every time and you may end with a role in your hand. Even if the role is small, doesn’t let it go off your hands, because once you come into limelight even with a small role, you may open big doors of Bollywood easily.


Networking is very important for everyone, to survive in their respective fields. Make sure you make friends and increase network. Go to social gatherings, events and try to interact with them socially. They can be really helpful in future.

Reality Shows

These days, reality shows are on the boom. They can be a stepping stone for your entry in Bollywood. Be it roadies, Dance shows, singing shows or any other. Once you got on the small screen, entry to Bollywood can be easier.

Work on your Body

An actor must have a good body. SO make sure you hit the GYM as soon as possible and start working on your body. Be in shape, so that whenever your luck strikes, your body doesn’t let it go.

Work on your Looks

Looks are another prominent feature and can also be your simplest and easiest entry to Bollywood. Work on your looks. Stay in style and work on your looks. Wearing stylish clothes and taking care of your skin and hairs is very important. Make sure you take good care of all, but this thing is not important if you have great acting skills. This can make you look good on screen but acting is the final thing which you need to become a good actor.

Conclusion/Final words

All these things are waste if you are not a good actor. there are many star’s son who failed because they were not good in acting, and if a son/daughter of a big superstar can fail without acting skills then you are nothing if you don’t have acting skills.

Going to Mumbai and standing at the doors of Film studios can never help you get entry into Bollywood. If things are not working out, do not waste your time and do something useful for your future. Our friends sometimes make us feel that we are really good actors, but the reality is way too different. Do not day dream and come back to reality. If you know, acting is not your cup of tea, leave the rigidness and do something to make your future. The life of Actors might seems all glitz and glamour but only they know, how hard one has to work to maintain it.

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Bollywood as a style of dance

Bollywood dance is perhaps the only style that is not fully understood, not comprehended and very peculiar.

Bollywood style is most directly related to the dances of Indian cinema, because it originated from there, it was on the screen of romantic melodramas that the viewer saw these dances. And only after the embodiment in the cinema, the Bollywood style began to be staged by choreographers especially for the stage, this was facilitated by numerous Awords - Indian film awards, when the stars performed film dances. Bollywood is always the dance of the Show, because its task on stage is to delight the viewer, surprise, delight, amaze, revive emotions, which the film conveys, to present a piece of history of the plot that has descended from the screen.

The Bollywood style is in constant development, like any other dance, it becomes more complex, corrected in its purity and correctness of performance. Hence its division into three main areas: Classic, Western, Indian.

One of my friends, in response to my statement that I work with Indian cinema dances, retorted that “it’s boring and not interesting,” to which I replied that if she saw a Bollywood dance and thought that it was boring, then this was NOT Bollywood. Dancing in the spirit of Indian cinema a priori cannot be boring, even for our European audience. Another thing is that, since style is just beginning to flow into our dance world, then non-professional performance, non-professional staging, and even other styles of Indian dance that are less understandable to us, such as classical Indian dances, or temple dances, can be presented under Bollywood sauce. As for the non-professionalism in this style, it is hardly surprising that, as in any other dance, there are half-educated students who have seen enough youtube lovers who begin to think of themselves as great dancers and choreographers, starting to give a pathetic parody or one-sidedness of the dance . Non-professionals are lucky, because you can always hope that the style is not yet widespread, that few people have seen real quality, so no one will really understand anything, you just have to create a vivid image of an Indian beauty. There are also some dancers who are just casual about this style and love themselves in dancing more than dancing in themselves. Over the years of my work in India, I have come across many times when a foreign woman, having copied movements from the cinema and adding her dashing freestyle, tries to dance the Bollywood style without any understanding and awareness of what she shows with her hands and what she twists with her legs. As a result, the Indians smile condescendingly and say: “Nice”, but in their thoughts they put an end to the fact that foreigners are given to dance Bollywood, well, except to amuse the crowd with a parody. I note that even after putting on a lot of jewelry, trying on a suit studded with embroidery and making a couple of steps with “screwing in light bulbs”, the dance may seem boring to the viewer. And the worst thing is when the viewer concludes that it is not the dancer or the choreographer who is bad, but the style itself.

There is another misperception of the Bollywood style, which is confusing it with classical Indian temple dances. The temple dances of India are fundamentally different from the dances of Indian cinema. Because In our country, classical Indian dances are quite widely represented, then many of those who perceive the dance of India only from the cinema are extremely surprised when they encounter classical ones. Classical dances are different from movie dances, like our classical ballet is different from all modern dance styles like jazz, funk or hip-hop. It is worth paying tribute to those pioneers who went to India to study precisely the classical styles (these can be bharatanatyam, odissi, kathak, kuchipudi, etc. specifically for the development of a particular style of dance, a scholarship was requested to study in India), then graduates of state dance colleges , followers of their classical Gurus, spread the variety of temple styles here in Russia, but again, dances of Indian cinema are not taught in state colleges of the art of music and dance. This is taught professionally by choreographers and those dancers who directly work in the show business of cinema. Of course, there are famous classical dancers and teachers who also contributed, such as Birju Maharaj (a style of Indian classical Kathak dance), but again - this is just a small fraction of Bollywood, and only in the amount that was necessary for the spirit and dancer style. It is a very mistaken opinion that without temple dances it is impossible to dance the Bollywood style, I assure you, this is more than possible.

Even such a style as classic mujra (well presented in the film Dear Umrao) can be danced without knowledge of the classical Kathak style, because the heroine Rekha perfectly presented the classic mujra direction without the virtuosity of the classical Kathak. Classic Bollywood may include the Kathakh style, but the essence of the dance is not directed at divine stories, but at the stories of the movie characters themselves, their emotions, experiences. It is not often that a classical dance choreographer in a movie uses exclusively the technique and emotions of temple dance, he skillfully presents it under the sauce of secularism, excluding difficult-to-perceive elements. Classic (Classic) Bollywood dance uses traditional costumes, borrowed from classical styles, but brighter, even bolder, with lots of all sorts of embellishments and glitter. Even in Classic Bollywood, the technique of classical Indian dance is not obligatory and prevailing, but it can be very adapted to the viewer.

The modern Bollywood style called Western Bollywood is greatly facilitated by the familiar street dance styles, because a lot is borrowed from there and mixed in such a way that it is really impossible to understand what is more here, for example, funk or hip-hop. Well, the obligatory Indian presentation, emotions, the relationship of movement with the meaning of the song. Bellydance, Latino, flamenco, even Afro dance can also join here. Modern Bollywood dance can have the most sophisticated, glamorous and even revealing outfits, but not vulgar, a mixture of everything that seems incompatible, but at the same time original. In this direction of Bollywood, there is practically no classical dance technique, only elements and poses can be (again, not necessarily) taken. Western Bollywood is modern Bollywood, there are many styles of street dance here, maybe strip plastic, and vogue, and jazz.

Particular and important attention in the style of Bollywood should be given to folk, those diverse movements of Indian folklore, which brought a special flavor to this style. A folklore touch is present in this dance everywhere, starting with emotions and delivery, ending with the squatness of all movements. Bollywood dance can never be called an airy style, such as modern, Bollywood, the style that does not differ in flights, weightless and protracted jumps, but with all this it is graceful and easy, perceived accessible, all steps seem interesting, even if you do not understand the text dance songs.

The direction of Bollywood dance, called Indian Bollywood, is based mainly on the movements of Indian folklore interspersed with classical poses, mudras (certain folding of the palms and fingers), the same can be said about the costume that the dancer puts on, this is a traditional outfit characteristic of folklore or even with some design idea from classic traditional costumes. This is the direction of traditional Bollywood, everything here, from the image to the dance itself, is very attached to the traditions of India, to its customs, holidays, and values. Indian Bolywood differs from folklore dances in that the emphasis is on the emotions of the performer, on the events in which the dancer is involved, on his passion, perhaps on beauty and seductiveness.

Based on the latter, when the emphasis in the dance is on temptation, a frank hint, then here in the traditional direction there is the concept of mujra, no longer in the classical performance, as noted above, but in folklore. A prime example is the Chole Ke Piche dance from the movie Villain. The concept of Mujra is generally seduction, seduction, evoking feelings and love emotions, so this concept can also apply to the Western direction of Bollywood dance, an example of Aao Raja from the movie Gabbar is Back.

The dance style of South Indian cinema is also developing rapidly and interestingly, and this is a more energetic direction, even hyperactive with an unusual set of physically complex movements. Therefore, in order to add zest, quite often the Bollywood dance choreography is diluted with steps from South Indian cinema. Here in Russia, the style of South Indian cinema is practically not found, there can only be songs, but not the performance itself. One bright teacher and choreographer, Vishnu Narayan (originally from Trivandrum - South India), used to put on many interesting compositions at master classes and successfully combined secular Bollywood with ardent dances of South India. But for more than three years he no longer teaches and pursues his career outside of Russia.

But before delving into the diversity of South Indian dance film style, there is still a lot to be done in the Bollywood style itself. After all, in Russia we have more than the estate of Classic and Indian Bollywood. And Western Bollywood is very weak or not even represented at all. An exception here may be the bright performer and choreographer Reedy Sheikh, who presents Western Bollywood in a professional and interesting way. Many directors in Russia, unfortunately, believe that modern Bollywood is no longer Indian dances, but a superimposed choreography of a mix of street styles on Indian film music. But if, my dears, you put it this way, then it will be so, as the Indians say: "Cute" ... But it's meaningless, and nothing in Bollywood dance can be meaningless.

Colleagues, choreographers and dancers need to develop, not be afraid, try and do it. And the most important thing is to dwell on the quality, and not on the quantity of God knows what danced.

Author - Alina Yasmin

On the video - Ridi Sheikh (dance competition / Odessa)

Miserable India

“Why is India so miserable and Indian dances are so worthless, ugly? Why don't Bollywood dancers also have the money to invest in their own costume, or even just learn how to dance at the master classes of others? - a friend once told me after he saw the performance of some group at a street festival.

Because of my love for Bollywood dancing, I tried to defend this style. And then I thought about it, is the style itself to blame if the dancers themselves and, in fact, the teachers of these dancers here in Russia made it so miserable?

After all, the Bollywood show in India is actively developing and hastily absorbs the novelties of all the most spectacular in the world. Dancing in Indian cinema has long lost its banality, choreographers are trying to come up with something new, even if the actress may not be able to dance. Bollywood dance shows on stage have made a big breakthrough in everything, namely in the scenery, special effects, variety of costumes, a crowd of professional dancers and even circus tricks to the surprise of the viewer.

Bollywood mass dance performances have already surpassed their first incarnation in cinema in all their qualities. The choreography has become more complex and interesting, the costumes are more varied and rich, even for those who just went out to hold the props. Bollywood dance does not stand still, it observes every latest novelty in everything and immediately embodies it in its performance. Just as Indian cinema itself has become more daring, Bollywood dances, which were originally tailored for the show, are becoming more spectacular, big-budget akin to a grand show of legendary Western stars.

So why don't those who like to teach or dance the dances of Indian cinema in Russia bring all the grandiosity of this performance here?

Until now, in our minds, the dances of Indian cinema are a naive fairy tale that cannot be spoiled by an immaculate thought, which is why we dance like teenagers “enthusiastically and naively”. If the director took the most daring song in terms of meaning, but did not teach the dancer how to present adult emotions, then such a dancer will look ridiculous in his childish jumps and antics, even in the eyes of those who do not understand a single word of the song. Learn to convey passion in dance, love in dance, anger and delight, or simply communicate with the audience, in your natural way, and not monkey around. After all, a dancer is an actor. Do not belittle the dance of Indian cinema by conveying the image of a cheerful young woman in your thirties or vice versa a tired Lady in your twenties. Also, the choreography cannot be boring, but must be full of a variety of non-trivial movements, coupled with emotions, according to the age of the dancer and the theme of the image.

My students told me more than once that belly dance is beautiful because the dancers are cute and their costumes are amazing because it is sexy, feminine, because it looks glamorous. No one said that about the dance of Indian cinema, although the above applies to it unconditionally and you can also add with a capital letter - Interesting Choreography (unfortunately, there are few of those in our country). But no one choreographs here, and perhaps that's why they don't dance Bollywood dances Sexy, Feminine, Glamorous. Most of the local Bollywood style choreographers have boring choreography, which may be the same in text, but far from its fullness, beauty and originality, and everything is a solid standard set of movements partially scratched out of Indian classics or folk.

Belly dancers have gone far ahead in changing their looks, now it's not just loose hair, makeup and a costume with a hanging on the belt and bodice. Now Bellydance dancers wear tiaras, they decorate their hair with rhinestones and brooches, they put on bracelets, strewn with them not only on their hands, but also on their legs. The costumes of the belly dancers repeat the robes of the Goddesses of Olympus Beauty, with a unique design, a lot of expensive fabrics, with lace, feathers, flowers, stones, glitter of rhinestones, sequins and glass beads. Respected belly dance costume designers have emerged, and each of them is arguing with each other, coming up with something new and original.

What prevents Bollywood dancers from perfecting their costume or hairstyle? Why is the same short top, long skirt, flowers on the head or in a braid, fabric again on the head or over the shoulder, as it was twenty years ago, so it remains now. My dears, it's already boring. This will scare the last viewer away from the Bollywood style. And those who are absolutely far from the philosophy of Indian dance - in general, will say, like my friend, "how everything is miserable and boring." Please, teachers and dancers, don't embarrass Bollywood with your ignorance. Do not disgrace Bollywood also by the fact that, due to your imperfect physical form or excessive shyness, you cannot wear a revealing suit where your figure will clearly emerge. I want to note that the dancer cannot launch his figure! A dancer has no right to be out of shape, otherwise he has nothing to do on stage! If you are not ready to wear bold outfits and look sexy, please dance Bollywood folk, dance folk styles or Indian classics. If you are not ready to be in shape - DO NOT dance Bollywood! Unfortunately, there are those who for some reason think that there should be no sexuality in Indian film dance - this is shameful and only strippers can do this. Excuse me, dear dancers, strippers, they don’t dance in clothes at all, they just, maybe, go out in it. Here we are again much inferior to many other styles, for example, the same contemporary is generally danced in a short dress, to match the nightgown. And my Bellydance teacher friend said: “I don’t know how to dress belly dancers, because they have already bared everything that is possible and not.” Of course, there must be a golden mean in everything. And it lurks in three main points: age, physical form and features of choreography. This is the main thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a suit. And, of course, there should be a mystery in a woman, you can allow yourself to be opened a little, but not to expose and not stoop to pornography, even if it is studded with rhinestones. Experiment with your costumes, dear Bollywood style dancers, you have an example of glamor among the stars of show business, among the same Bollywood films that show several outfits on the screen at once in one song.

Lack of funds for costumes and props is understandable, but unforgivable if you go on stage for an audience. Dear directors and teachers, why from year to year, for several decades, you do not want to learn at least from each other? You still have the same choreography with “screwing the light bulbs and stroking the dog” and the same image of the “crazy crazy aunt” who, it turns out, is trying to dance Love. Why all the same “flower beds” on their heads, as if only she could be planted on their hair? Why are there none of you, dear teachers, at the master classes of any teachers, even those who come from afar? Thanks to the self-admiration of dubious self-taught teachers who still “lick” dances right from the film screen, the viewer calls India miserable. Because every second of these teachers "mastered", God forbid, at least one classical style of Indian dance and even then superficially. All hope for such teachers is on those who do not understand, on those who have watched Indian cinema and come enchanted, not even realizing that they have come to an incompetent person who himself needs to study and study. I also note that teaching and staging Bollywood dances based on classical temple dances is like making hip-hop based on ballet.

It was in Russia that the rules of classical Indian dance schools stepped into the foundations of teaching Bollywood. These rules are very restrictive and prevent Bollywood from developing. Because they say:

  • Having chosen one guru (teacher), the student cannot go to learn from another
  • Having chosen one guru, the disciple must promote his teacher in everything, glorify him and help him
  • Having chosen one guru, the student must follow only the technique and manner of performance of his teacher
  • Only from his guru, the disciple should ask for advice and honor him as God, worshiping him and not arguing with him
  • A real dancer and teacher becomes one who from generation to generation has preserved, increased and protected family dance traditions and techniques (unfortunately, on this point, not everyone is given the ability to dance or teach, if he was not born in the family of a dancer-teacher)

Bollywood dance cannot be limited to the knowledge of one style, one cannot forbid enriching one's knowledge with the help of other teachers, in the Bollywood style the student is obliged to surpass his teacher, because curiosity and constant experiment develop this style. In Bollywood, you should not be afraid of trials, in this style you need to be able to argue with yourself and with everyone, do better than the settled technique, change traditions, in Bollywood you can never stand still and “swarm in your own swamp”. Bollywood requires development, and here your physical, mental and financial strength is needed. If all this is not applied, Bollywood will still die in our country, and the viewer will more and more often say “Poor India”. It is necessary to raise Bollywood, dear teachers and dancers, and do not hope that no one understands anything about it and therefore everything will work. Let amateur performances licked from YouTube or cinema not roll, let those dancers and teachers who know how to try on a costume, but not dance in it, not roll. If you are a professional in your style, then be it in the full sense of the word, otherwise, why do you need it at all? Do what you do best, what you know, can do, without a doubt?

A teacher who tells you that he is the only Guru and only from him you can get all knowledge is a BAD TEACHER! In order not to be boring in dancing, you need to peep a lot and try a lot, learn a lot.

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