How can we dance when the world keeps turning



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Out where the river broke
The bloodwood and the desert oak
Holden wrecks and boiling diesels
Steam in forty five degrees

The time has come
To say fair's fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share
The time has come
A fact's a fact
It belongs to them
Let's give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?
How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

The time has come to say fairs fair
to pay the rent, now to pay our share

Four wheels scare the cockatoos
From Kintore East to Yuendemu
The western desert lives and breathes
In 45 degrees

The time has come
To say fair's fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share
The time has come
A fact's a fact
It belongs to them
Let's give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?
How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

The time has come to say fair's fair
To pay the rent, now to pay our share
The time has come, a fact's a fact
It belongs to them, let's give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

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    Midnight Oil – “Beds Are Burning”

    jfwoods Leave a comment

    “Beds are burning” by Midnight Oil is a political song which raises the issue of aboriginal land rights. Peter Garret, lead singer of Midnight Oil and political activist, sings the “Beds are burning” in such a way, so that connects with fellow Australians. To engage the audience, Garret uses a considerable number of metaphors, sings with a slightly frustrated tone, and performs abstract (to say the least) dance moves. He uses this frustrated tone to evoke frustrated emotions within the audience in the hope that they too will become frustrated at the unjust displacement of Australian aboriginals after white settlement.



    Out where the river broke

    The bloodwood and the desert oak

    Holden wrecks and boiling diesels

    Steam in forty five degrees

    The first verse is setting the visual scene for the song, the scene being a typical Australian outback scene. The inclusion of Australian references (“Holden wrecks”, “desert oak”) draws attention from the Australian audience.


    The time has come

    To say fair’s fair

    To pay the rent

    To pay our share

    The time has come

    A fact’s a fact

    It belongs to them

    Let’s give it back

    In the second verse there is an immediate sense of injustice, the sentences are short, and to the point. “The time has come” inclining that action is required immediately. “To say fairs fair” to admit that the displacement of Australian aboriginals is unjust. “To pay the rent” Australian society needs to accept the fact that Australian aboriginals are the original owners of this land, and we are not respecting their rights.  


    How can we dance

    When our earth is turning

    How do we sleep

    While our beds are burning

    How can we dance

    When our earth is turning

    How do we sleep

    While our beds are burning 

    The use of metaphors is strong in the chorus, and the song as a whole. The metaphor “How can we dance when our earth is turning?” is implying how can we enjoy our life when the earth is changing so rapidly. “How can we sleep when our beds are burning?” this metaphorically suggest that we are able to sleep and ignore our problems when there is a major issue affecting ourselves personally and society as a whole.


    The time has come

    To say fair’s fair

    To pay the rent

    Now to pay our share

    Compared to I was only 19, beds are burning includes more metaphors than straight down the line descriptive scenes, perhaps this is because it is more of a political song, and the issue of aboriginal land rights is more of a subjective issue for Australian society generally compared to the  Vietnam war.


    Four wheels scare the cockatoos

    From Kintore East to Yuendemu

    The western desert lives and breathes

    In forty five degrees

    This verse not only brings up aboriginal place names, “Kintore East to Yuendemu”, but as the verse is less metaphorical, gives the audience time to mentally digest the complex metaphors mentioned previously. The mention of the iconic Australian cockatoo bird reinforces the geographical referance


    The time has come

    To say fair’s fair

    To pay the rent

    To pay our share

    The time has come

    A fact’s a fact

    It belongs to them

    Let’s give it back

    The repetition of verses is a common technique in this song, perhaps Garret is able to repeat his verses so often in this song because he is trying to communicate in a simple way to the audience.


    How can we dance

    When our earth is turning

    How do we sleep

    While our beds are burning

    How can we dance

    When our earth is turning

    How do we sleep

    While our beds are burning 

    This verse is repeated heavily throughout the song, the repetition increases its emphasis, and also gives the audience time to understand the metaphor. Understated metaphors are very typical of Australian outback songs, and their recognition helps Australian readers relate to the subject matter or ideas.


    The time has come

    To say fair’s fair

    To pay the rent now

    To pay our share

    The time has come

    A fact’s a fact

    It belongs to them

    We’re gonna give it back

     “a facts a fact”, “we’re gonna give it back” these short sentences seem more of an order rather than a suggestion, making it evident that Garret is desperate for change, to further this point, the song and this verse in particular is sung in a demanding tone.


    How can we dance

    When our earth is turning

    How do we sleep

    While our beds are burning

    The song finishes on this verse to further solidify the metaphor in the audience. The constant repetition of the three key metaphors of the dancing natives, the turning earth, and the burning beds, help us as listeners to identify with the loss of a significant part of our national heritage. There is a sense of loss particularly reflected in the burning beds which captures the attention of people who haven’t thought about these ideas before, in a similar way to the personal lament captured in “I was  only 19”.

    Like this:

    Like Loading...


    Lecture connection between dancing and a healthy lifestyle

    Healthy lifestyle

    (How useful is dancing?)


    for students in the modern dance studio "Neon"

    Teacher additional education: Degterev T. P.



    Chapter 1. Dance - mental well-being of the human race…………5

    Chapter 2. Dancing is the best medicine for depression and shyness……6

    Chapter 3. Dancing is the best medicine from depression and shyness……7

    Chapter 4. Dancing is mobility, coordination, flexibility……………9

    Chapter 5. Ballet and health. Beneficial effect of exercise classical dance on the human body………………………………………………………………….....11

    Chapter 6. Evaluation of the health status of schoolchildren…………………………………………………………………………………13


    Bibliography ………………….……………………………………………..16

    Appendix……………………………………………………… …………..17


    Subject dances, their relationship to health is rarely the subject of serious study doctors and choreographers themselves. This is despite the fact that the beneficial effects of dancing on everyone recognizes the person.

    Purpose works:

    Prove that dance classes have a beneficial effect on health.
    To arouse the interest of the children in dancing.


    1. Study and analyze the literature on topic

    2. Show the impact of dancing on health person.

    3. Conduct a survey of students 5,6,11 classes. Based on the data of the survey, show what effect dancing has on the aesthetic side. human life.

    Abstract consists of an introduction about the dance rhythms of the universe, 6 chapters:

    1. Dance - mental well-being human race

    2. Dancing is the best cure for depression and shyness

    3. Dancing is the best cure for depression and shyness

    4. Dancing is mobility, coordination, flexibility

    5. Ballet and health. Beneficial effect of exercise classical dance on the human body

    6. Health assessment of schoolchildren

    and conclusion, where I answer the question, what are the benefits of dancing?

    Many centuries have passed since the appearance of the first dances, the world is unrecognizable changed, but the man continues to dance.


    The body is a complex self-regulating system. In addition to many other physiological factors are of great importance for his life rhythm. All internal organs and mental processes function in a certain rhythm. Movement of Nature - animate and inanimate also obey a certain rhythm. Man is a part of the Universe, and therefore it is obligatory for him the laws of its existence. We may for many years never look at starry sky, unaware of the existence of some planets, but nonetheless less, we experience their influence (for example, everyone knows how the full moon works on well-being and mood). And the more our inner rhythm will be correspond to the rhythm of Nature, the more harmonious our life will become.

    This was well understood in antiquity. Our ancestors danced when they wanted to merge with nature, to be energetically nourished from it. Sufi follower Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote: "Health is a state of perfect rhythm and tone. Music is rhythm and tone, when health is not in order, it means that the music is in us wrong, the help of harmony and rhythm is needed to bring us into a state of Harmony and Rhythm. What is the main thing that distinguishes dance from other movements? rhythm. Rhythm existed in the world, in nature always. This is the rotation of the planet around Sun, Moon around the Earth, this is a change of seasons, day and night. In addition to this, each person has his own biorhythms, there are rhythms of the development of history, lessons at school and a huge number of other rhythms.

    What is there a dance? Dance is emotions transformed into movements that happen in the rhythm of modern life. The emotions of each person can be vivid and not very, suppressed or not. A person can feel the rhythm of modern life, hit it or resist. In youth, the rhythm of life is faster, emotions more, so everyone tends to dance, to the disco. The person who stopped dancing or not dancing, falls out of the rhythm of life, ceases to feel it, loses connection with Nature and the rhythmic functioning of internal organs is violated. A crash occurs. The person feels uncomfortable.

    Dance gives a person health. Dance is a great healer. He contributes reduction of local muscle tension - the so-called clamps. Various movements, rotations, jumps make all muscles tense. Simultaneously balance and breathing are trained, mobility and posture improve. Any dances teach you to control your body, help to adjust the figure. (Modern dances burn 300 kcal in half an hour, ballet, ballroom dancing and tap dancing - 200, folk -225.)


    It has long been noted: rhythmic body movements performed by many people lead to an almost mystical feeling of unity with each other. What if physical unity is added to this, then there is a colossal power unidirectional charge of human energy, capable of making everyone several times stronger.

    Apart from cosmic rhythm, there is also the rhythm of the human body. One of the most powerful rhythmic rods of man - his breath. For many nations, the very meaning of words "breath", "spirit", "soul" is very close. From The quality of breathing depends on our health, our life. Breathing easy is ordered with the help of rhythmically spoken text, whether it be a spell, a battle song or just rhythmic shouts. Rhythm subjugates all cells, all atoms of the human body. This influence does not depend on your consent or disagreement. With the rhythm set by the music, the heart also tries to beat.

    Let us recall how in Xenophon's "Feast" Socrates exclaimed: "You laugh at me. Is it over what I want with gymnastic exercises improve health? Or that I want to have a better appetite, better sleep"?

    Medicinal dances in ancient Greece were divided into subgroups according to functional differences:

    for posture correction

    for emotional and psychological correction;

    for weight loss;

    for relieve psychological stress;

    for improve digestion;

    for good appetite;

    for regulation of the cardiovascular system, etc.

    The role of healing dances in ancient Greece is a topic that has not yet found its own researcher. Quite indicative is the veil that the combat military Paeans are the most common and frequently performed songs and dances of the ancient Greece - originally were magical healing dances.

    Orderly body movements help to strengthen the human soul, in unity strengthens the human spirit. Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear that rhythmic art in general, and dance in particular, takes care of mental well-being of the human race. With the help of dance got rid of, seemingly incurable ailments. Modern psychoanalysts treat everyone these "shamanisms" with great seriousness and even sometimes practice this dance method, calling it "altered consciousness therapy".

    Chapter 2. Dancing is the best cure for depression and shyness

    the most popular genre of choreographic culture - everyday dances.

    If follow this genre over the past few centuries, it is clearly there is a change in the influence of dances of this type on a person, in connection with the intervention of technological progress. If until the 60s of our century music could not harm human health, then the situation changed. The emergence of powerful amplifying electronic means made it possible to speak of the appearance "musical drug". entertainment industry, dance The industry has become a powerful weapon of psychological influence. dance the revolution of the 60s changed the repertoire of the dance floor. In the group of household dances both positive and worrisome developments are taking place that require close attention.

    As before, dance remains the most favorite pleasure of millions of people. Can to say that there is no person who would not love dance, would not want to be able to dance. It is difficult to argue with the fact that dance can improve mood, remove blues? Dancing is the best cure for depression and shyness, as well as from many other complexes. FROM worthy of the century, the names, styles, character of popular household dances for youth: Twist, Sirtaki, Kazachok, Boogie-woogie, Rock-n-roll, Disco, Beat, Hitchhiker, Bump, Breakdance, Hustle, Hip Hop, Lambada, Macarena, Rap, Rave and etc. We have no task to talk about each dance separately, to analyze repertoire, compare countries, note temporary events, their organizational errors. Household dances live their own special life.

    Appear all new and new. They can cause love or dance irritably and not dance, love or not love, but they exist.

    Chapter 3. Dancing is mobility, coordination, flexibility

    Dance lessons develops mobility, coordination and flexibility. In addition, they are beneficial affect the heart. According to its healing effect on the body, dancing comparable to skiing and swimming. But in order to go skiing, you need at least winter, and for swimming - at least a body of water.

    dance you can do it without leaving your home.

    In the XX century. the most common disease was hypodynamia - insufficiency movement. Our life has become very immobilized. Child ten-eleven sits at a school desk for years, then studies at a university for another five or six years. Further life and work also do not require movement. From movement loads Man is freed by various mechanisms and machines.

    However The human body is designed to move. Doctors say that elasticity and the strength of the walls of blood vessels is formed only with physical loads. If there are none, then there is nothing to be surprised at early heart attacks and other diseases of the circulatory system. Dance, of course, is able to save, and saves many from this plague of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Guides Latin Americans love to tell a tempting implausible legend: "If a person dies in the dance, he immediately falls into the category of saints." So, thousands of old women are waiting for the next of the many carnivals. hanging in front through the eyes of such a sick, barely breathing grandmother in a carnival costume for samba. The old woman is fastened, resists illness and old age, to die in a hot samba.

    Carnivals in Brazil often, almost every Saturday and Sunday. Saturday comes. Relatives carefully clothe the grandmother, carry her out into the street. The patient begins to dance, but hopes for death are not justified. For 25 years of meticulous fixation of new saints only one unconditional death in dance has been recorded. Big in the West developed the method of dance therapy or teaching dance. In list the first is called the project of Rudolf von Lieban "Ausdrucktanz". AT in the thirties, this method was called degenerate by the Nazis, and Liban himself was forced to emigrate to America, where he continued to develop teaching dance. The "First Lady" of dance therapy was Maryam Chase, who created the first treatment and training center in Washington at St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Dance therapists are based on the theoretical work of psychoanalysts, such as Wilhelm Reich, Carl Gustav Jung, Carl Stack Salvan and others. In recent years in western dance therapy, working with healthy people with psychological difficulties .. I would like to especially draw attention to the possibilities of classical exercise, which has traditionally been the basis of the Russian choreographic school. In the process of dance training for children he is the most popular. When parents want to see their children slender, proportionate, mobile, coordinated, healthy, they trying to give them to schools, studios, classical dance. Today, these opportunities are increasingly being turned attention and try to use Western choreographers and doctors.

    Chapter 4. Ballet and health

    Leafing through encyclopedias, works authorities of history, choreography, you constantly meet the opinion that classical dance, turnout and its other main positions are unnatural for a person. Confidence in an artificial, not normal for nature origin classical dance has taken root so much that no one argues with this. Soviet ballet studies contrasted classical dance with the natural for a person, in his opinion, folk dance. ballet, and Accordingly, Marxist-Leninist ballet studies considered classical dance a product of an aristocratic (and also bourgeois) society, which, for the sake of to her "perverted" taste came up with an unnatural, cutesy, the subtly limp aesthetics of dance. Classical exercise performed "order", was supposed to provide a rework, a restructuring of the normal to this physical apparatus of the disciple into an unnatural state for the sake of invented aesthetics. That's why ballet, classical dance, its technique learning is contrary to nature, is unnatural for a person. Soviet ballet studies had a well-deserved great authority. in the world. It is primarily associated with great success Russian and Soviet ballet, Russian performing school. Dansologists considered classical dance in development, the apex of which was contemporary ballet. They believed that the classical dance itself was precisely because of inconsistencies with human nature is of little interest. Basic, which made it possible to achieve the latter - an appeal to the treasury of folk dances, enrichment through their arsenal of classical dance. artificiality label, unnaturalness was tightly glued to classical dance, became an axiom, to which are accustomed to and which is not customary to check. This label wandered from the book to book and often found himself next to evidence to the contrary - correspondence the main provisions of classical dance nature and human design.

    I will give only two definitions of the indisputable authorities of the theory and practice of classical choreography. A.Ya Vaganova: "Eversion is an anatomical inevitability for any stage dance that wants to cover the entire range of movements conceivable for legs and impossible ones without eversion ... The meaning of raising the legs of a classic dancer is in strict andeor. This is not an aesthetic concept, but professional need. The dancer, devoid of eversion, is limited in movements, while the classical dance with its andeor has everything imaginable richness of dance movements of the legs". L.D. Blok: "Human stance already on two legs and in its normal position richer in possibilities varied movements than any other zoological species. Classical the dance exhausts all these possibilities to the end, using the turning position legs". These formulas, like many others given above in the book, are not caused and does not cause objections from experts. Why are we, accepting them, continue to consider the classics unnatural to man? If the basis of the classical dance is the use of all embedded in the "human machine" motor abilities, including those that are not used in everyday life, then all the talk about the unnaturalness of classical dance unauthorized. Rather, one should speak of a return to natural abilities. If we manage to return and use the pledged in the construction of a person’s motor capabilities, then we are thereby approaching the original, true nature of man. Then we can talk about cleansing. human ecology from alluvial, unnatural layers. If excluded from work more than half of the possibilities inherent in the design of the body, then this cannot do harm. This may in whole or in part individual muscles or muscle groups atrophy, ligaments, zones are created insufficient blood flow and blood supply, etc. On the other hand, the limitation possible movements leads to the hyperdevelopment of other individual muscles and groups, in pathology of the articular, bone and ligamentous apparatus.

    Chapter 5. human body .

    Physicians do not dispute the beneficial effects of exercise classical dance on the human body. Trying their own way explain this phenomenon. If classical dance is a return to true nature, human ecology, then such a result of the therapeutic effect can be explained. This I prepared the essay not at all with the desire to sing victory hymns. On the contrary position case gives me serious concern. With all the undoubtedly beneficial the influence of dance on health, the mechanism of the healing effect is not enough studied, methods not tested. In his book St. Petersburg dansologist M. Eremina wrote: "To date, in our country there is no similar educational programs, so we turn to the European experience."

    Choreographers have been working for many years in specialized boarding schools for the deaf and institutions for the blind and visually impaired. The healing result of the dance again and again receives practical confirmation.

    Practical application of this technique on two groups of children with signs scoliosis of a non-traumatic nature, brought a reliable correction and stabilization of the spine in 100% of cases.

    About the healing power of art, about The fact that many ailments are treated with it has been known for a long time. Yes, lessons vocals or choral singing can improve the condition of the respiratory system, and painting and sculpture lessons relieve emotional stress. But few know about the beneficial effects of dancing. After all, dance is, first of all, movement, which fully replace sports training. Like any strong physical activity, they have a positive effect on health, especially children school age, forced to spend most of their time sitting. Systematic choreographic classes at primary school age give easy beautiful gait, correct posture, which remains for life. But That's not all. Dance lessons also have a psychotherapeutic effect, help to solve psychological problems:

    First of all, moving to music improves mood. This is a sure way to relieve stress. Speaking of teenagers, many of their problems are generated by low self-esteem inherent in this age.

    - Angularity and uncoordinated movements, stoop causes constant dissatisfaction with oneself. And as a consequence - uncertainty, stiffness. There is a feeling of rejection of one's body.

    - And dance lessons really help to feel body, accept it as it is now.
    Dance is a way of expressing personal feelings and experiences, and it is especially useful for people who have difficulties in communication, in establishing contacts. It is this type of creativity that will help to master communication skills, build the right partnerships.
    Dance provides an opportunity for creative self-expression, promotes self-affirmation, removal of psychological clamps and increases emotional stability


    Life in Russia has changed today, changed nutrition, psychological stress etc. etc. The ecology has changed, even the climate and the state of the planet today different. It has changed a lot for the worse, compared to a ten-year period. prescription, health of children and adults.

    according to data of the All-Russian medical examination of children, which took place throughout the second half of 2007, more than 25% of children in Russia have chronic diseases, 40% - functional deviations in the state of health. The worst health schoolchildren. According to the Research Institute of Hygiene for Children and Adolescents, 33% of school graduates have health restrictions; up to 50% of schoolchildren - of varying degrees disorders of the musculoskeletal system; number of children with posture disorders (scoliosis, etc.) for 8 years of schooling has increased 3 times; many thousands schoolchildren are exempt from physical education classes; 60 - 65% of students suffer from respiratory diseases every year; by the end of grade 10 in 45% of children vision deteriorated; only 10% of children are assigned to the 1st health group and 44. 3% - to II health group In parallel with knowledge, children acquire a whole bunch of sores, most chronic pathologies were found in 14-17-year-olds. 15 years ago in Russia there were 45% of absolutely healthy children. Today there are only 33% of them.

    Doctors say that one of the main factors on which health depends children and students, is the physical culture of man. Flaw motor activity of children inhibits their normal physical development, endangers health. Dancing classes fully compensate for this shortcoming. In terms of its healing effect on the body, dancing is comparable to skiing. sports and swimming. But in order to

    ride skiing needs at least winter, and swimming needs at least a body of water. You can dance without leaving your home.



    Before everything, because they are completely harmless to health. Start dancing possible from almost any age and at any age; from the youngest to most respected. Dancing is good because it does not require forced loads: the body of a novice dancer gradually gets used to increasingly complex tasks, that come up in training. In addition, classes at a fast pace and with heavy physical activity alternate with slow ones that do not require much movement tension.

    Dancing strengthen health. When performing muscle stretching exercises, they substances are produced that strengthen the body's ability to resist infections. And dance classes are also useful for vision problems, since it is necessary to change the focus of the gaze all the time. Thus, strengthening and eye muscles.

    Dancing perfectly develop mobility, flexibility and coordination of movements. Indeed, very rarely dancers are clumsy and clumsy. A person who dances perfectly maneuvers in the crowd and never knocks off feet of an old woman with a cart and will never step on the paw of a cat or a dog. Dancer feels comfortable in any utensil shop as well as driving own car. Dancing contributes to the development of good posture and beautiful gait. Balanced moderate loads on all muscle groups gradually form a strong muscular corset that keeps the spine in the correct position. Even if there is a violation of posture or the initial stage of scoliosis, through some time there is a significant improvement in the condition of the back. And when constant, persistent training sad diagnosis will be forgotten. Beautiful gait and the ability to "keep yourself" is one of the components of success. At the dancing people have a sense of self-confidence, they can not only beautifully move, but also beautifully wear outfits, do stylish hairstyles, be in the center attention. For the most part, they are leaders. Dancing educates composure and organization. All study in schools, lyceums, colleges and universities, work. And you can't afford to relax. Be able to complete all tasks write essays or work out an 8-hour day, and then rush off to training is only possible for people with a strong will.

    Dancing develop the respiratory system of the human body. Dancing is real help to get rid of regular colds, bronchitis and even relieve

    the course of the disease in people suffering from asthmatic attacks. Dancing is the best remedy for stress. Dance takes care of mental well-being

    person. It is known that dancing prolongs life, contributes to the maintenance of general tone and allow a person to maintain working capacity and cheerfulness up to last days of life.


    Dancing is an excellent tool for psychotherapy. Dancing is especially recommended for those who have an increased sense of fear or self-doubt, and people prone to depression.

    Dance allows you to tell others about your experiences and feelings. He reveals something that is hidden in the depths of the subconscious, and perhaps is true cause of psychological discomfort. After all, we do not always dare to confess to himself, and even more so, to those around him in his own feelings. However, love hatred, sympathy, admiration can be conveyed through dance. Dancing sometimes heal the soul better than words.


    Andrew Kizub "Champions Are Born". Moscow, New School, 1998

    Popov ST. Valeology at school and at home. On the physical well-being of
    schoolchildren, St. Petersburg, Soyuz, 1998

    Michael Wartburg. "Dance at the dawn of history", magazine "Knowledge is power" No. 4,

    Limanov D.A. "World history of dances4, St. Petersburg, 2004.

    · Vyacheslav Berendakov "Rhythm of Life and Dances", Moscow, 2002.

    Paul Alekseev "Sanitary doctors about the health of schoolchildren". Medical newspaper'
    No. 65, 2004

    "Sports dance-sport and beauty", newspaper for parents "Kids", No. 6, 2004

    Romm V.V. "Dance and Health", ISA, 2005

    Zaitsev G.K., Zaitsev A.G. "Your health", St. Petersburg, 1997

    · materials club "Terra - Incognita", Arkhangelsk 2000


    Application 1


    Conducted surveying children to study the impact of dancing on health, as well as aesthetic and spiritual side of children's lives.


    How showed studies put forward hypotheses about the positive impact of classes dances per person were confirmed. Dance students have much higher life potential. For 11 years of schooling, the number of students with posture disorders. It can be assumed that at constant persistent dance classes, this percentage will gradually decrease. AND, Of course, the beneficial effect of dance on a person is felt not only by himself dancing, but also the people around him. Those who dance, according to classmates, are the prettiest in the class. The most common disease was hypodynamia - lack of movement. Ours has become very immobilized life. A child of ten or eleven years old sits at a school desk, then another five or six years of study at the university. Further life and work also do not require movement. Various mechanisms relieve a person from moving loads and cars. However, the human body is designed to move. The doctors say that elasticity and strength of the walls of blood vessels is formed only when physical stress. If there are none, then a person is threatened with many diseases. Dance certainly has the power to save, and saves many from it. Dance! You you will begin to trust yourself, you will feel a thirst for life - after all, if you can beautifully moving means you can live beautifully!

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    As long as the world agrees to accept our debt, GKOs and bonds as money,0385 carousel will spin .

    If it is seen, by expert observation, to be turning round , then not all the men on it will be able to keep it from turning , or themselves from turning with it.

    If there were constant observations that would prove , that it is she who rotates , then all the people in the world would not prevent her from rotating , as well as herself - from rotating with her '.

    Neither cares, They keep turning .

    They will not go back, they will move forward .

    We cannot keep turning out Bills.

    We can't afford to keep creating more and more Bills .

    What my chipper friend means is the wheel keeps turning .

    I... I think my lumberjack friend is trying to tell you, Gene, that the wheel keeps spinning .

    Not if people keep turning up dead.

    Not if there are 9 people0385 still find dead.

    Keep turning until you feel some resistance.

    Turn until you feel a significant resistance.

    I keep turning it off, but it keeps turning back on.

    I am trying her to turn off , but she always turns on again.

    Upon turning round the figure disappears.

    When I turned into , the shape disappeared.

    The body of the martyress, turning round on the wheel, was scorched from all sides.

    The body of the martyr, turning on the wheel was burned from all sides.

    But the figures for this year are less grim and are turning round .

    “But the numbers for this year are less bleak and is spinning .

    "See here," he said suddenly, turning round to look at her.

    "Look here," he said suddenly, turning to look at her.

    Brian certainly had a track record of turning round companies.

    Brian, of course, had a track record of turning companies.

    Thank you so much, Will, for turning round .

    Will, thank you turned .

    Top "Well, let us go, then," said Kitty, turning round resolutely.

    Thor - Well, let's go, - said Kitty, resolutely turning .

    There was definitely a point where he kept turning round and going.

    There was definitely a moment when he0385 turned to and was about to...

    I like turning round and looking at people's faces in the dark.

    I love turning around in the dark and looking at the faces of other viewers.

    It Had Been'Titanic' that Functioned as a Landmark in turning round his General image as an actor.

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