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By now, you’ve seen Homecoming, Beyoncé’s film adaptation of her two-night 2018 Coachella performance. The film’s opening credits feature clips of Southern University’s Fabulous Dancing Dolls, the dance team that performs with the school’s Human Jukebox marching band.

From the mimic of their famous catch-on step (stepping to jazz eight-counts that the leader begins while others catch on), fans wondered whether Beyoncé had been lurking on social media for their halftime performances. But long before the social media pandemonium, the Dancing Dolls were the pride of Southern University and model dance team for bands at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

The Battle of the Bands at the Bayou Classic in 1993 was when Monique Molizone-Morgan, then a high school junior and dancer, first saw the Fabulous Dancing Dolls. There in the Superdome, Molizone-Morgan, who was accustomed to pompom choreography, fell in love with their eclectic style and began studying them.

“When I saw the strut and the way they carried themselves and their arms, I said, ‘I want to be that.’ That moment was a moment in time,” she said.

Molizone-Morgan, a doll from 1996-1998, took a nontraditional route to dance, but her experience reflects the Dolls’ tenets: tenacity, discipline and womanhood. Her college plans didn’t include attending Southern, just an hour away, or any HBCU. Her family expected her to attend Tulane University in New Orleans instead.

Now she’s working in higher education in Houston as a coordinator for community outreach and board services.

Dancing Doll Monique Molizone in 1997.

Monique Molizone-Morgan

More than 20 years later, she has hung up her sequined unitard and white gloves, and her life has come full circle. Starting as an inner-city student, escaping a rocky home life to follow her dreams from college to adulthood, she continues to give back to the young people in whom she sees herself.

Recently, she and more than 100 of her Forever Doll sisters from every era got to relive some of their dancing days during the Dancing Dolls 50th anniversary celebration for Southern’s homecoming against Alabama A&M University.

Between practices for the historic halftime performance and raising her two daughters with her husband, Jabari, Molizone-Morgan is also finalizing her dissertation for a doctorate in human services. Her belief, from her own experiences, is that education will lift you out of poverty, and true to her HBCU roots, she will continue to help African American students through higher education.

“My dissertation focus is on how administrators engage with the LGBQT, but I wanted to look into a disenfranchised population within the black community from a student services perspective,” she said.

As Molizone-Morgan recalls her own life, she credits exposure — pursuing postsecondary education, and through that, becoming a Dancing Doll, for changing her life.

Jeffrey Holmes, a Los Angeles-based educational administrator and mentor, says Molizone-Morgan has transcended her circumstances by being spiritually grounded, which helps her connect with the people she serves through her work. “That’s the quintessential element that keeps people on track,” he said. “She really has empathy for the people who are involved. She makes deep connections with everything.”

tenacity, discipline and womanhood

In the mid-1990s, there was more to her life than dancing. Due to her father’s drug abuse, she and her mother moved from their uptown neighborhood to New Orleans’ 9th Ward to live with her grandmother temporarily in 1993. “I basically felt like I’d lost my home because we were living with a family member,” she said.

By her senior year, a decorated dancer, Molizone-Morgan was still at odds with her mother over where she’d attend school. Becoming rebellious because of the upheaval in her life, she intentionally botched admission applications to universities. She ultimately ended up at a local community college, just miles away from her home.

After a first semester of heavy partying, she flunked out of community college. But after she came to understand that education was a priority, her mother gave her permission to enroll at Southern.

When she’d finally enrolled in fall 1995, she’d missed tryouts by two days. She met band staff, becoming an apprentice of sorts while performing with other dance groups on campus. She tried out again in spring 1996 and was denied.

She returned to New Orleans for the summer, working as a hotel waitress, but a surprise call from longtime band director Isaac “Doc” Greggs requesting her presence to practice as a Doll made her future official. Once apprehensive, her mother dropped her off at the Dubose Music Hall, but her housing wasn’t ready, so she moved in with a fellow freshman Doll Shawn Lagarde and her family until the fall. They became fast friends.

“She was the one who kept us together and kept us in line,” said Lagarde, also a former competitive gymnast. “ She was that overall good friend who had a good spirit.”

It was challenging, but rewarding adapting to Doll life.

At the Dancing Dolls 50th anniversary event, from left to right: Lauren Brumfield-Bates, Monique Molizone-Morgan, D’Tara Frank-Malone and Chrisdelin Kelly-Lyles.

Monique Molizone-Morgan

To know the Dancing Dolls, though, is to first know Southern’s Human Jukebox marching band and its history. Like its motto, “Often imitated, never duplicated,” the band likens itself to a jukebox, having the ability to play any genre of music from Top 40, rhythm and blues, gospel, pop/rock and even trap music at the drop of a dime. Rather than twirlers and flags, a special kind of movement was needed to fit the band’s musical repertoire.

Back then — even now — there were lessons and rules to keep students focused on campus. Back then Southern was the largest HBCU in the country. For example, the band directors taught Molizone-Morgan that first impressions are lasting impressions and looking the part is half the battle. The other half is delivering academically and through dance, understanding that every encounter is an opportunity for advancement, whether it be for a dance team or a job.

Year after year during Molizone-Morgan’s tenure on the team, she came into her own, traveling across the country for band performances at New Orleans Saints games, bowl games and other entertainment events and being exposed to the diversity of black people, even while attending an HBCU.

“It taught me a lot about the different cultures in the African American community,” she said. “I was coming from an inner-city family — full of love, but I didn’t know we were poor because my family was just loving like that.

“When I got to Southern and got in that Dancing Doll room, and I was with families who looked like the Cosbys and girls who had really good relationships with their fathers, girls who grew up with professionals in their families. My family was a lot of laborers. Going to college exposed me to what I wanted to become.”

And so she cultivated lifelong friendships with her fellow Dolls. “We were more like sisters. That camaraderie led to people being each other’s weddings, forever best friends, sharing the most intimate things in college to adulthood.”

There was time for only two things: coursework and dancing, but she still managed to create friendships, becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and meeting her future husband, Jabari, a band member. She met him in the College of Business, not on the field.

After three years of dancing with the Human Jukebox marching band as a Doll, Morgan graduated in 2000, but the impact of the Dolls would continue to manifest in her life.

“Everything they did was with class, from when they walked out on the field to the time they took their capes off. And when they were on the field, and they did it with class.” — Louisiana state Sen. Cleo Fields

In 2002, while working as a recruiter for the university and in graduate school, she was tapped by Louisiana state Sen. Cleo Fields to build a dance team for the Louisiana Leadership Institute, an after-school program to nurture academics and the arts in high school students statewide.

A marching band was being formed as a part of the programming, and Fields didn’t consider it complete without a dance team. A Southern alumnus, he knew the reach of the Dancing Doll legacy, so selecting her was a no-brainer.

“Monique was the icon of dancing in Baton Rouge at the time,” Fields said. “She started, and she did a remarkable job. She brought the program from zero to 100 in a matter of months.

“Everything they did was with class, from when they walked out on the field to the time they took their capes off,” he said. “And when they were on the field, and they did it with class.”

Her biggest challenge, according to Fields, was feedback from parents when girls couldn’t uphold the standards of the team. Failure to maintain grades or attend practices led to members being “zipped.”

Southern University A&M College

“She ran a very tight ship,” Fields said. “No-nonsense, and when I realized the first few calls from parents complaining were just about the rules, I was like, ‘man, I love this woman.’ ”

Molizone-Morgan took dancing seriously because she knew it was an indication of how to navigate other parts of life, from school to work.

“It was more about than just being on the dance team,” she said. “This was your job. You’re a small-town celebrity, and you are an ambassador of the institution and we need you to act accordingly at all times. Even though I may have come from a different background, I had to mature.”

Growth was a byproduct of dancing as a Doll. “Your attitude is your most important asset, and it would carry you from being a Dancing Doll to your work ethic,” said Gracie Perkins, 78, a co-founder of the Dolls.

The expectation of each Doll and band member was to be respectful and exemplary students and dancers/band members or be “zipped,” which means removed from the organization.

“We were fair, but we were firm,” said Perkins.

Their style and routines were special

By the 1990s, the Dancing Dolls had been in existence for 20 years, but their popularity had skyrocketed after taking a national platform during the Bayou Classic, “the granddaddy” of HBCU football classics. The inaugural game was hosted in 1974 and broadcast on NBC from 1991-2014 until it was moved NBC Sports Network in 2015.

Over the last 50 years, the Dolls’ style has evolved to incorporate more complex choreography, ballet and jazz, using their signature white gloves and parasols in routines, a nod to the New Orleans second line while keeping the tradition of beautiful outfits and the kick line, reminiscent of the Radio City Rockettes.

The original Dancing Dolls in 1969.

Southern University A&M College

In those 50 years, 168 women have been Dolls. Forever Dolls have gone on to become education professionals (teachers, school board members, higher education), professional choreographers and performers, owners of dance studios and more.

Perkins, along with Greggs, the longtime band director, selected eight young women fresh out of high school to dance along with the band in 1969. The marching band then was all-male, so the young women would add excitement to the field shows and provide another form of entertainment to the crowd.

Greggs and Perkins knew exactly what they wanted and their focus on style and precision would continue to set the Dolls apart from other HBCU teams. The women would not be majorettes, but dancers. Despite majorettes’ popularity at that time, there would be no batons, tasseled boots or high steps from the women on the field, but classic dancing.

“Majorettes — that’s what Doc didn’t want. Doc wanted something totally different that would be more like pageantry,” said Perkins. And so the young women would experiment with various forms of dance from jazz to tap, but one element was nonnegotiable: the kick line.

In their debut performance, they wore sequin hats, a gold leotard, shiny high boots and long gloves. They began performing at Southern and in Scotlandville, an African American community in Baton Rouge, at debutante balls, sorority and fraternity pageants and other society events.

2019 Dancing Dolls at Southern University.

Southern University Jukebox Media

Over the next 40-plus years, the teams along with the band gained popularity, performing at the Rose Bowl, President Clinton’s inauguration, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, NFL games and every Bayou Classic game since 1974. The Dancing Dolls earned acclaim in their own right, dancing in two Super Bowls, including with Madonna in 2012 and later behind Beyoncé in her Lemonade visual album.

Perkins says she and Greggs, who died in 2014, didn’t imagine the Dancing Dolls would grow into the historic institution it is today. “We had no idea it would be like this, and I think it’s because we had so much discipline and the discipline was carried over into the community.”

Practices closed to the public and the band, a tradition that remains today. And so does teaching excellence in their appearance and attire. That discipline rendered excellence on and off the field and soon more dance groups in the community began to pattern themselves after the team.

Even more, that discipline and teaching would help young women from all walks of life, like Molizone-Morgan, blossom into young women.

Casey Greggs, granddaughter of Isaac Greggs, was one of those young girls. Raised around the Dancing Dolls much of her life, she says despite her proximity to them, she was still in awe of them.

“I know that I had a different privilege that most little girls don’t get, but I was just as shocked as every other little girl watching them,” Greggs said. “They were so classy and poised, nice and sweet. They were women that little girls could look up to.”

Before becoming a Dancing Doll in 2009, she was a Louisiana Leadership Institute Starlette dancer in high school under Molizone-Morgan’s leadership. She says her guidance was a direct influence of her Doll experience.

“I know that I had a different privilege that most little girls don’t get, but I was just as shocked as every other little girl watching them. They were so classy and poised, nice and sweet. They were women that little girls could look up to.” — Casey Greggs

“Everything that she learned from Dolls, she brought those same values and principles over to us when we danced for Louisiana Leadership,” Greggs said. “She taught us a lot of sisterhood. She taught us fellowship. We learned a lot from her, and she gave us great experiences.”

Molizone-Morgan and her dance teams, though not affiliated with a university, continued to compete nationally, even performing in the Rose Bowl in 2007 and a dance-intensive program hosted by performing arts icon and actress Debbie Allen.

Molizone-Morgan went on to become a Dolls’ adviser for two years as a volunteer, coaching and advising teams while continuing to work in higher education in other roles, completing her master’s degree in public administration in 2007.

From left to right: Monique Molizone-Morgan with daughters Mackenzie and Peyton and husband Jabari, a former Southern University band percussionist.

Monique Molizone-Morgan

Now two decades later, as she recalls her own life, she credits exposure — pursuing postsecondary education, and through that, becoming a Dancing Doll, for changing her life.

“If it weren’t for influences on my life, where would I be? I would be a stereotype,” she said. “But my mom, regardless of my surroundings, decided that she would allow me to be around others, and that exposure provided me a landscape to say this isn’t what you’ll grow up to be.”

Alisha Tillery is a writer based in Memphis. She loves long-form journalism, music, old Martin episodes and homecoming season.

How Old Are The Dancing Dolls?

by Ritesh

Dancing dolls excel in many aspects of dance. Let’s find out how old are the dancing dolls are in this article.

Table of Contents

The Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. It was formed in the year 2001 by Diana Williams at pied piper playhouse. 

The dancing doll team is renowned all over the United States because of its stunts and technique while performing on the stage. The slogan of these teams is dancing dolls for life which are popularly called DD4L.

Many fans ask us, how old are dancing dolls? The dance team consists of female members from six to seventeen years. However, they have a separate group for baby dancing dolls from age six to ten years.

This article discusses more dancing dolls in detail. So, you can continue reading this article for more information.

History Of Dancing Dolls

Ms. Williams opened a dance studio in the heart of Jackson named dollhouse dance factory in the year 2010. In that year, 23 students were enrolled in the first semester. 

But as the studio grew, more female dancers began to enroll in the other semesters. People came to know more about the dancing dolls when the team participated in Bring its television reality show.

The dancing doll team has had ten captains since its establishment in 2001, i.e., Khadijah, Monique, Ariel, Markitia, Mariah, Katt, Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna, and Makya. There are two instances in which the dancing doll team had two captains. The first was Katt and Kayla 

and the others are Crystianna and Makya.

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How Old Are Dancing Dolls?

I have outlined here some renowned dancing dolls who have stolen the hearts of many fans in the United States by their performance on stage.

#1. Crystianna

If I talk about Crystianna, she is the youngest captain among all other dancers in her time. She is sweet and shy by nature, but she kills the audience with her dancing skills when performance time comes. So she is called a silent killer by the team. Now she is 20 years old and a student of Alcorn State University. She left dancing dolls in 2017 because her aunt forced her to join the rival team of dancing dolls, i.e., Divas of Olive Branch.

#2. Makya Griffin

Makya Griffin was formally the head drillmaster and then the captain of the dancing doll team along with crystianna. Makya is now a student of Alcorn State University, and she is 20 years old.

#3. Kayla Jones

Kayla Jones is one of the oldest dancing dolls, and she is 24 years old now. She was the captain of dancing dolls in season 1 and promoted to assistant coach in season 2.

#4. Camryn

Camryn was promoted from drillmaster to co-captain in season 1 and then a captain in season2. She excels in majorette, lyrical, and Jazz. Now she is 20 years old and currently a student of Southern University in Baton Rouge.

#5. Faith Thigpen

Faith Thigpen became a dancing doll in 2015, i.e., in season 3, and excels in various aspects of dance. Now she is 21 years old and recently graduated from Holmes Community College.


She was the dancing doll before her removal in 2010. She again returned to the dancing doll team in 2015 after becoming a member of Purple diamonds.


She joined the dancing dolls in season 5. Now she is 24 years old.

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DollHouse Dance factory

The dollhouse dance factory is one of the hottest dance studios in Jackson, which promotes self-esteem, persistence, and the importance of health through various aspects of dance in young women. There is always a fun and friendly environment in the studio.

The dollhouse dance factory was opened first in Jackson on 23rd August 2010 and then Birmingham in December. Later there was another dancing doll factory in Atlanta, Georgia. You can enroll in any of the dancing doll factories if you wish to become a dancing doll. 

The dollhouse Jackson offers various dancing styles, which you can learn from many talented dancers. They offer Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Majorette, Pom Pom, and contemporary.

How Can You Become A Dancing Doll?

If you are interested in becoming a dancing doll, your first duty will be to enroll in a dollhouse dance factory. Secondly, your age should be between ten to seventeen years. The dancing doll factory takes $25 from each new dancer and $10 as a try-out fee from the returning doll dancers.

#1. Interview

The participants can come in business or casual attire to attend the interview. A selected panel conducts the interviews. In that interview, Diana Williams, the founder of the dancing doll factory, will be present along with two other coaches named Kayla Jones and Ariel Kinsey.

#2. Try Out Camp

Monday – Registration usually begins at 4.00 PM, and the interview starts at 5.00 PM.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – The camp starts at 5.30 PM and ends at 9.30 PM.

#3. Try Out Date

Friday is the try-out date. But you need to make sure that you were enrolled in dollhouse classes earlier. It is the eligibility criteria of the dollhouse dance factory for a tryout. Exceptions are made based on previous dance performances and resume provided by the dance instructor.

What About Baby Dancing Dolls?

The baby dancing dolls have a separate team in which kids whose age is within six to ten years old can participate. The participants need to wear black bottoms, a white top with comfortable tennis shoes. The registration fee is $20 for each new participant and $10 for the returning baby doll participant.

Wrap Up

The dancers of the dancing doll team are truly inspiring to many dancers all over the World. You can enroll yourself easily in a dancing doll factory, But your age should be under 18.

I hope this article helped you with the information that you need. Please don’t forget to share any suggestions for this article. I would love to read your suggestions in the comment section.

Happy Dancing

Camryn Harris Wiki, biography, age, height, dates, dancing dolls, net worth

Famous People In The Usa

Mississippi native Camryn Harris is a popular American dancer who came into the spotlight as a contestant on the reality show Bring It On!. Harris was only six years old when she became interested in dancing.

When she was ten, she learned to move proficiently by joining a dollhouse dance factory. Today she is the skipper of the "Dancing Dolls" and a participant in the unencrypted television series "Bring it!"

Today, Harris is an effective TV personality and since her inception she has been astoundingly successful. She is known for her excellent mobility and adaptability.

Her expressive eyes and adaptable body allow her to master different styles of movement with equal success. When Harris became the prep master at Dancing Dolls Head in 2015, she became the captain of her group.

While the Dancing Dolls cheered her up, Bring It On! She deserved her wonderful companions in the face of Kayla Jones, Sanjay Williams, Makala Winston and Christianna Summers.

It also helped her highlight how up-and-coming young artists admire her as an icon. This fame also gave her the opportunity to perform with established stars and big names from the business.

Camryn Harris Education

At a young age, Camryn was drawn to dance and fell in love with the freedom and self-expression that the art of dancing gave her. Consequently, when Camryn was ten years old, she became a member of the Dancing Dolls. For her education, Camrin attends Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles.

Camryn Harris Graduation

When Camryn Harris initially adored the movement, much to her dismay, that affection soon turned into her enthusiasm and eventually became an alternative for life! She started moving at six and soon figured out what she had to do for as long as she could remember.

By age 10, Harris had chosen to join the Dollhouse Dance Factory, a Jackson-style dance group led by Diana Williams. In the first season of DDF, held in July 2013, Harris was elevated to the position of chief drill of the dancing puppets.

Robert Adamson movies and series

Her artistic excellence soon earned her a promotion to second captain. Oddly enough, Harris participated in all the Dancing Dolls rivalry and put on various plays. She was interested in all the stand fights and creative dances.

In 2015, Harris competed with previous colleague Tamiya Whittaker for the captaincy and inevitably won it.

Get some information about her best performance and she will quickly reply that her battle royale triumph has changed her life a lot.

Loading... Loading...

Not only did this give her a sense of accomplishment, pride and gratitude, but it also reassured anyone who at any moment doubted her ability to move.

Today she is a well-respected understudy and received a place at the Academic and Performing Arts Complex in the dance department.

She is one of the rivals in the agreement on the life reality "Give him a gift!". Her future goals include finishing high school and going to college. One day she wants to own a studio and move in with famous vocalists, Beyoncé and Chris Brown.

Career Camryn Harris

Camryn Harris started her career at the age of six. By the age of 10, she had succumbed to the Dollhouse Dance Factory, a Jackson-style dance group organized by Diana Williams. In the main season of DDF, she raised the situation Dancing Dolls Head Drill Master, which took place in July 2013.

After that she was promoted to co-director of DDF. She also competed in all Dancing Dolls competitions and performed several solo parts. She also participated in all stand battles and creative dances.

Similarly, Camryn competed against teammate Tamiya Whittaker for the captaincy and won in 2015.

She is the winner of a Battle Royale dance competition that changed everything in her life. She is currently a student who has received a place at the Academic and Performing Arts Complex in the Department of Dance.

Rhett and Lynx family

Her future goals are to one day own a studio and dance for popular singers Beyoncé and Chris Brown.

Camryn is an American by nationality and belongs to the black community. Perhaps she is single and wants to keep her private life private and away from the media. She has two best friends Christianne Summers and Makala Winston.

Once there were rumors that she was dating her boyfriend Kinley. However, there is no information about their romance. Not married, but no husband.

Camryn loves to spend her free time with her family and friends. As of May 2018, she has over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram and 57k followers on Twitter.

Renowned artist Camryn makes a fortune from her mobile calling. She also appeared in numerous TV shows and dance competitions, where she must have raised most of the money.

Camryn Harris Age

Camryn Harris was born on September 25, 2000 in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, to Mimi and Calvin. Edad is a Spanish word meaning age.

Camryn Harris family

Parents | Mom | Dad

She was conceived by Mimi and Calvin Harris in Mississippi and the couple raised her. Calvin Harris may ring the chimes for vocalist Calvin Harris, but unfortunately, he's an alternative person. Her mom, Mimi, was a team promoter, but her parents separated when she was next to nothing.

Camryn Harris Dating

Harris likes to keep her personal life private, so information about her dates is not available. Therefore, it is not known if she is married or has children. However, this information will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Once there were rumors that she was dating her boyfriend Kinley. However, there is no information about their romance. Not married, but no husband.

Camryn Harris End

According to other rumors, she was dating a guy named George and George is her first relationship. The young actress has always been so focused on her career that she never had time to date.

The couple's relationship was not as strong until her parents separated and Kinley helped her through the phase.

Currently, Kinley is a member of the band and plays in the band "MAAB", while Camryn is busy with her dancing career.

While the couple doesn't flaunt their relationship on social media, their long-term relationship makes it obvious that they must be enjoying their romantic ties.

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Body dimensions Camryn Harris

  • Height: - 5 feet approx.
  • Weight: - 45-48 kg approx.
  • Shoe size: Out of stock.
  • Body Style: Out of stock.
  • Hair color: - Black.
  • Eye colour: - Blacken.

Camryn Harris Salary

According to our reliable sources, Harris' annual salary is estimated at 33 thousand dollars.

Camryn Harris Net Worth

Harris is worth an estimated $600,000 from his successful career as a dancer.

Camryn Harris Bring It

Bring It! is an American reality television program dedicated to the Majorette Dancing Dolls hip-hop team. The show focuses on the team's demanding coach, Dianna "Miss D" Williams, pushing the dancers to the limit of their dancing glory.

Bring this too to call attention to some of the girl's mothers. The show debuted on March 5, 2014, with the season finale airing on April 30.

Camryn Harris phone number | Camryn Harris Phone Number

If you need more information about her contacts or phone number, you can use these contacts to get to know her. 1410, 1414 & 1418 Ellis Ave, Jackson, MS 39204 770-265-1111 Dollhouse Jackson has all the action!!!

Camryn Harris Prom Dress | Car Camryn Harris

She was bought a Mercedes car for her birthday.

Camryn Harris

Camryn Harris' surprise graduation

Camryn Harris Twitter

Tweets from babyycammie

Camryn Harris dancer | Camryn Harris dancing | Camryn Harris Youtube

Camryn Harris' Dancing Dolls on Instagram

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A post shared by Camryn Harris (@qveenn.cammie) Dec 23, 2018 7:27 pm PST

6 Christianna

Summers 'Dancing Dolls' Bio, Wiki, Age, Father, Net Worth

** Famous People In The United States, Unedited

Christianne Summers is an American dancer and television personality best known for her appearances on the reality dance competition show Bring It!. In addition, she is also the captain and dancer of the dance group "Dancing Dolls".

Age and birthday of Christianne Summers

Christianne Summers was born on June 20, 2002 in Mississippi, United States . Her familiarity with the world is that of Gemini. In addition, she is from an African American family. Summers celebrates his birthday on June 20 every year. Christiane is only 18 years old and loves to dance.

Nash Grier net worth

Christianna Summers Height and Weight

She tends to look tall for her height, and her curvaceous figure easily suits the personality. Summers stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m). She also weighs around 60 kg (132 lb). Flawless brown hair and sparkling dark brown eyes complete the look.

Christiane Summers parents

Christiane was born in Jackson, Mississippi in Christopher and Valisa Summers . She is one of three children of her parents. She has a sister and a brother. Moreover, she believes that her aunt Rittany Summers appeared with her on Bring It On! Christianna lives with her mother, with whom she is very close.

Christian Summers Father, father

Unfortunately, she lost her father, who died due to severe injuries after being shot at a gas station in 2015 when she was still in high school. However, in the same year, Christianna received the title of Queen of Graduates of the 8th grade.

Christiane Summers' boyfriend

18-year-old Summers is probably enjoying her single life right now. However, she keeps her personal life away from the media and the public as she is a very secretive person. Also, right now, she is fully enjoying her teenage life with her friends, siblings, who are in college and going to new places.

Christianne Summers Net Worth

Summers could have earned a decent amount of money from her career as a dancer and TV star. Moreover, as of 2020, Christianna's net worth is estimated at $100,000. However, it is now very difficult to predict its real capital.

Christianne Summers Measurements & Facts

Here are some interesting body measurements and facts you should know about Christianne Summers.

Dancer Christianna Summers photo

Summers BIO and Vika

  • Full names: Christianna Summers
  • Popular as : “Quiet Killa”
  • : Women 9000 , TV star
  • Nationality : American
  • RASA / Ethnicity: African American
  • Religion : Unknown
  • Sexual Orientation: LID


    11111111111111ALSITION LOOK AND ANITIDE? : 18 years old (2020)
  • Zodiac sign0006 : Jackson, MS, USA
  • Birthday : June 20

Summers body measurements

  • Body measurements : Out of stock
  • Height / How tall? : 5 ft 6 in (1. 67 m).
  • Mass : 60 kg (132 pounds)
  • Eye color : dark brown
  • hair color : brown
  • Shoe size : No available in stock
  • Dress size : No in stock

Christianna Summers family and relationship

  • Father (dad) : Chris Summers
  • : Valisa Summers
  • Brothers and sisters (brother and sister) : two: two: two: two
  • Aunt: Rittany Summers
  • Marital status0024
    • Pure cost : $ 100 $
    • Salary : on consideration
    • Source source : Dancing, Acting

    Summer House

  • 9000 9000
  • Passenger cars: Car brand will be updated

Christianne Summers, dancer, Dancing Dolls.

Her passion for dancing began when Summers was 5 years old. Today she is considered one of the best young dancers in the country. She became famous in 2014 after participating in the dance competition of the show "Bring It!". During her performance on the show, Christianna was a member of the Dancing Dolls dance group, and later became the group's captain.

However, her unique dance moves earned her the title of Silent Killa. Similarly, her impeccable and unique dance art has earned her a large social media following. For example, she has her own YouTube channel which she launched on July 29, 2016, with over 20k subscribers and over 1 million views, the channel features her dance videos and other vlogs.

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In addition, Summers is also close friends with her Dancing Dolls members such as Dianna Williams , Sunjay Williams , and Kyla Jones . In addition, she is the best friend for Camryn Harris and Whisenton Paper .

Crystianna Summers leaves the Dancing Dolls

Summers briefly left the Dancing Dolls in 2017 to pursue cheerleading. She was influenced by Aunt Rittany, who was a cheerleader in her youth. Christianna, however, joined 'Divas of the Olive Branch' before returning to Dancing Dolls.

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Frequently asked questions about Christianne Summers

Who is Christianne Summers?

Summers is a well-known dancer and television personality best known for her appearances on the reality dance competition show Bring It!. In addition, she is also the captain and dancer of the dance group "Dancing Dolls".

How old is Christiane Summers?

Summers, US citizen, age 20 th June 2002 Jackson, Massachusetts.

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How tall is Christianne Summers?

Summers stands at a height of 1.

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