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How to Be a Heartbreaker - MARINA


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TikTok video from Nikki Blaze (@xonikkiblazexo): "Just purely dancing 🥰🤸🏼‍♀️ #dancersoftiktok #nomakeup #justdance #howtobeaheartbreaker". How to Be a Heartbreaker.


How to Be a Heartbreaker - MARINA


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How To Be A Heartbreaker - Luis Cervantes



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TikTok video from unforgett4ble (@_unforgett4ble): "☆*:・゚Momo best dancer♡// Song: How To Be a Heartbreaker by Marina (speed up)゚・:*☆ . ..#twice #momo #momotwice #twicemomo #edit #marina #speedsongs #howtobeaheartbreaker". _unforgett4ble. How to Be a Heartbreaker.


How to Be a Heartbreaker - MARINA



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TikTok video from a.lexi (@alexa_skz): "I love this dance💖#fyp #parati #foryoupage #fun #thisishowtobeaheartbreaker #dance". How To Be A Heartbreaker.


How To Be A Heartbreaker - Luis Cervantes


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An instruction on my @Kim Petras #heartobreak #waacking dance choreo! TRY IT it’s so easy:) #fyp #foryoupage #fypage #foryou #dancer #tiktoksg #choreo

TikTok video from charissahoo kpop & makeup (@charissahoo): "An instruction on my @Kim Petras #heartobreak #waacking dance choreo! TRY IT it’s so easy:) #fyp #foryoupage #fypage #foryou #dancer #tiktoksg #choreo". Heart to break choreo | Feeling hands feel feel | Right left | .... Heart to Break.


Heart to Break - Kim Petras


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16.1K Likes, 201 Comments. TikTok video from Hyun Joon Kim (@h.yunjoon): "yes I know the names are weird, I didn’t come up with them #fyp". Basic moves all break dancers should know | 1. Backspin | 2. Munchmill | .... Beggin'.


Beggin' - Måneskin



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4. 2K Likes, 21 Comments. TikTok video from a (@whxre4music): "hm #heartbreaker #marina #music #BIGASYOOX #fyp #SimsSelves #SpotifyWrapped #dance #lyrics #love #songs #throwback #nostalgia". this is how to be a heartbreaker boys, they like a little danger we’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player singing i lo-lo-love you how to be a heartbreaker 😍. how to be a heartbreaker.


how to be a heartbreaker - Bailey

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Read "Dance While You Can" - Susan Lewis - Page 25

- What do you want to say with your "no"? I exploded. - Are you refusing?

- Guessed. That's exactly what I wanted to say. Henry was absolutely unperturbed.

"Then I'll probably have to ask Robert Littleton," I muttered in confusion. - You can try.

- Listen, Henry. “This whole situation was starting to really annoy me. - I am getting married. For me, as for any other person, this is one of the most important events in life. And I ask you to be by my side.

– I already told you that I refuse. Moreover, I do not want to attend this wedding at all. I won't be able to calmly watch my best friend play the role of the main jester in some farce.

– In a booth?! Damn it, Henry, I…

But he didn't let me finish:

“You started this after Miss Engrid arrived, didn't you? And all because she easily figured you out about Elizabeth. Yes, yes, I know that this is long overdue. Heard from you a thousand times. Okay, you convinced me. And you don't have to marry Jessica to prove it to me one more time.

His words cooled my enthusiasm somewhat.

"You know perfectly well that I'm right," meanwhile Henry continued. “Pretty much everything you've done in the past four years has been done because of Elizabeth. Moreover, your fame as a heartthrob turned out to be so loud that the main feminist of Oxford began to hunt for you. As a result, she also suffered the fate of the others - she fell in love. It was inevitable. They all fall in love with you because you treat them like the last scoundrel. You don't care about them! You use them only to take revenge on the entire female sex because of the one who “betrayed” you. And at the same time you still claim that she is completely indifferent to you. Well, if that's true, it's not too late to stop before you make the biggest mistake of your life.

- This is impossible.

- Maybe!

Henry wanted to say that with all my will, I can't make the biggest mistake of my life, because I made it a long time ago.

- Then you were almost a child. And now you are consciously falling back into childhood.

- But I already proposed to her.

- Then you say you've changed your mind.

- What for? I still want to marry Jessica.

Henry sighed wearily.

- Well, to hell with you. If you are determined to destroy your life, no one can stop you from doing so. Forward! Now I understand that I just can not find the words that would stop you.

After that we were silent for a long time. When I finally managed to meet his eyes, Henry reluctantly smiled back.

- Have you made an appointment yet?

- Yes, the nineteenth of July.

- Why such a hurry?

– Why delay?

Henry shrugged:

– And if Elizabeth came through that door now, what then?

I almost jumped at him again, but still managed to restrain myself and smile a little forcedly:

- Then I would have a great opportunity to invite her to the wedding.

“No, you really are a notorious scoundrel,” Henry laughed.

- But, judging by your own words, this is the reason why Jessica agreed to marry me.

- Simple, that's the only reason that comes to mind. Not counting, of course, the title ...

Now it's my turn to laugh.

- Well, let him get this unfortunate title. The main thing is that we understand each other perfectly. She is exactly the wife I need. And if you were not blinded by hatred, you would see it too. Such a woman is the dream of any lawyer. Firstly, it is indispensable at all kinds of parties. She is witty, educated, and, finally, she has a painting that at least to some extent distracts her from any feminist nonsense.

Henry looked at me with horror:

- I hope you didn't tell her that?

- I'm afraid that then I would no longer be alive. Yes, so can I develop my thought further? Jessica has an independent, if somewhat perverse mindset. She is beautiful. She has a good shape of the hips, quite suitable for producing the next Belmains. What else can I wish for?

After patiently listening to all my outpourings, Henry remarked caustically:

– But the answer to this question, my friend, can only be given by you yourself.

Chapter 12

– I have no idea where they might be. Jessica stepped back slightly from the mirror and scrutinized herself from head to toe.

Our bedroom, as always, was there. in a state of complete chaos. Wet towels lay where they had been left, shoes were scattered everywhere, and the contents of Jessica's purse littered the unmade and rumpled bed on which we had made love an hour ago. Things were piled in a disorderly heap in a sun lounger.

Kicking off the towel, which she would have tripped over, I looked at Jessica's reflection in the mirror. After adjusting her pearl necklace, she slightly lowered the strap of a dress that had cost me eighty-three guineas a week ago. And all because I was a little late and an hour late for the opening of the exhibition, where two of her paintings were exhibited. She was beautiful. Curly blond hair, raised at the back of the head, was secured with a hairpin adorned with sapphires and diamonds. Jessica received this family jewel from my mother almost a year ago, on our wedding day, and it matched her dress perfectly today.

“Probably caught in a traffic jam,” I replied, continuing to examine it.

Jessica leaned forward slightly and half closed her eyes.

- Don't you think these shadows are too dark? she asked. – I have lighter ones of the same shade.

I just shrugged and started to tie my tie.

– To be honest, it seems to me that everything suits you.

I glanced at my watch and Jessica pouted.

- Well, now you; I'm in a hurry But mind you - I won't take a step out of the house before you tell me which shadows you like best.

- I'm quite happy with the ones you're wearing right now.

Jessica was amused by my hasty answer.

- Well, if so, let's go. She turned me several times in different directions and, having removed an invisible speck of dust from an impeccably cleaned tuxedo, was quite pleased with the inspection. - Did you get the tickets?

After making sure I had the tickets in my pocket, I managed to intercept Jessica before she rushed back to the mirror. Running my lips over her bare shoulders, I inhaled with pleasure the exquisite scent of expensive perfume. How about a kiss for the road?

- No, don't, you'll smear lipstick... Oh, look what you've done! Despite her grouchy tone, Jessica's eyes shone, and I kissed her. again.

– Why didn’t anyone warn me that my husband should be isolated when going to the ball? she laughed, taking out her lipstick again, “Lord, where have they disappeared to?” They should have been here a long time ago.

- Maybe the flight was delayed and Lizzy arrived later? Let me call the airport.

But the British Airways employee confirmed that the flight from Melbourne arrived exactly on schedule - at half past six.

– What should we do now? Jessica's cheeks began to fill with a treacherous blush. This was always the case when some unforeseen circumstances upset her plans.

“We could leave without them,” I suggested. “Henry has their tickets anyway, and we don’t have to wait at all. Jess, she ended up flying for many hours and might just be tired.

You don't know Lizzie.

– Well, then maybe they went there straight from the airport?

Don't talk nonsense. She needs to get dressed and clean up first. No, they probably got stuck in a traffic jam after all. Let's wait another five minutes. In the meantime, pour me a gin and tonic, please.

We went down to the living room and waited another five minutes. And five more. All the while, Jessica paced nervously back and forth, her heavy skirts rustling. That surge of tenderness I had experienced in the bedroom had passed, and I watched my wife with increasing irritation. Sometimes, in her behavior, she resembled a spoiled child who wanted to be spanked well. True, when I once tried to do this, Jessica was so excited that it ended in a love affair right on the kitchen floor. Since then, I have not left the feeling that she sometimes deliberately annoys me, wanting to experience those sensations again. But now, looking at her distorted face, I realized that this time her thoughts are far from sex.

Dance! (SI) - Vishnevsky Sergey Viktorovich » Page 37 » 📖 Read books online in full

Read the book Dance! (SI) - Vishnevsky Sergey Viktorovich, Vishnevsky Sergey Viktorovich. Genre: Fantasy.

- If after death I can continue to do my job - I'm ready.

Starhua sniffed the air and pursed her lips walked around Shen. She raised his hand, examined his hands, as if choosing a horse at a country fair.

- Negotiate with the healer. Get off patrol for a year or two. Then come.


Is that correct? the ghoul asked discontentedly, adjusting his snow-white chef's cap on his head.

- Exactly. Nothing will work without a cap,” Rus nodded authoritatively, hiding his smile.

Roul looked at himself in the reflection of the windowpane, remembered Hoiso's cap and nodded. Then he looked sadly at the bowl in which several eggs were broken and a pile of dark sugar was poured.

“Of course I understand that it’s all about the cap… And it’s not that I refuse,” he said in a businesslike tone. “But last time…

“Take a whisk,” the student answered, already starting to knead the dough. - That thing over there.

Roul took it in his hands and stared at the student in bewilderment.

- How to beat with this?

— By hand. Slowly.

The ghoul took the bowl and whisk, then put his eggs in and began to slowly mix the contents.

“I have recently encountered a problem,” Rus said, continuing to work on the test. Do you remember Grammar's work "The Perfect Flourish"?

- Are you talking about the sword and shield fight? the ghoul asked, sticking out his tongue and speeding up a little, realizing that something was beginning to work out for him.

— Yes. I see this situation in search and control spells. Remember the task about the golem?

— Mmmm… is this a task from the Grotto?

— Yes. We tried to pass the protection of the imperial palace and found that it was partially tied to knot and rune techniques. It turns out that she ...

- Yes, these cretins could not think of anything more intelligible than our protection against insects and began to use it as a signal network. Sheer stupidity, but since there is no brain left for anything more travelling, why not?

- STOP! Rus commanded, noticing that the teacher got carried away and the snow-white mess from the bowl began to scatter around the kitchen.

— What? I just overclocked! Roul was outraged.

Rus silently pointed to the floor under the teacher's feet and grunted discontentedly:

— You are wasting a lot of an important ingredient on speed. It's not worth it.

“Speed ​​is always worth the effort,” the ghoul replied displeasedly, setting the bowl aside.

- Speed ​​- yes. But now we need sugar-beaten eggs, not speed. They are the goal, and not the speed of rotation of the whisk and cakes on the walls.

"You're a bore," the teacher snorted.

— Boredom or not, but I entrusted you shortbread dough, not snow-white foam cakes on the walls, — Rus handed Rowl a pot of butter and a small bag of flour. “In general, I didn’t ask you about what the protection in the imperial palace was made of, but about the fact that concealment spells had long lost out to search techniques. Now, with the proper level of preparation, it is impossible to penetrate there unnoticed.

“Well, to be completely honest, it was the sword that won at the present time,” the ghoul shrugged his shoulders and took the next bowl and began to pour flour into it. “At the present time, no one uses the astral. No one can clearly control the shadows. They try, but it's bullshit, not control. The very first splash of darkness or the unstable breath of the abyss, how all this protection will lose all its meaning.

- You said about the astral plane and...

- It's too early for you to get involved. Yes, and in the shadows you will be torn apart. Too little control,” the ghoul shrugged. “But the fact remains. Techniques of the old empire, the current pissed off.

Rus looked thoughtfully at the teacher and asked:

— And who did these techniques?

“My uncle and aunt,” Roul shrugged. — They were the founders of techniques in these areas. If not for them, then the green shorties with their shamanism would have created real chaos in the empire.

— What green shorties?

- Duki. Small green-skinned dwarfs. In principle, quite civilized guys, if not for their megalomania. Its own language, its own approach to magic, its own rules. If not for the devastating campaign of my father against them, then now these freaks would notably pat the empire.

— Did they destroy them?

- I would say this: he sent civilization to the Stone Age.

Rus raised his eyebrows.

- This is a survival policy. When the enemy is constantly catching up in magic, technology and political alignments, drastic measures must be taken. Dooks learned and adopted technology very quickly. They stole magicians, techniques, tricks and did not disdain blackmail, bribery and other tricks. Roul poured the butter into a bowl and stared thoughtfully into the bowl. “They did it in a thousand years, though. I think another couple of hundred years and this campaign would turn into a bloody war.

— Isn't slaughtering a whole north a bloody war? Rus chuckled.

“If blue blood is shed, then it doesn’t count,” the ghoul dismissed.

Rus looked down at the teacher's bowl and sighed.

— Stir to stiff lumps and add the egg. Then sugar and some salt.

— So it turns out that now the new empire has scattered Duki tribes nearby, who have only recently begun to work with metal and are trying to call on astral guardians. They don't know anything else yet. - said Roul and began to knead the dough. Such is the fate of many peoples. The Empire will never let them get stronger.

— What was their strength? Rus asked thoughtfully as he started on the buttercream for the baskets.

- Astral. These guys used the astral very well. Shamanism, as for me, is a very ambiguous and unstable thing. There are a lot of conditional rules that can be broken under certain conditions. And the power in the astral in general has an indirect meaning. The teacher took a couple of eggs and broke them into the dough. “But for me, as a dark entity, it is generally uncomfortable in the astral plane.

— Why?

- Because in it I turn into a huge black puddle of slime. I don't know about you, but I don't really like this kind of existence. Even despite the fact that everyone bypasses me.

Rus chuckled.

— I wonder who I will be in the astral plane?

- Can be a powerful and giant dragon, or maybe a charred firebrand. You never know until you try it,” Roul shrugged. - So ... And how much sugar?

- We have baskets with buttercream. The dough must be sweet. I think a couple of glasses will be enough for this volume.

Roul poured out the proper sugar and continued kneading the dough.

— And when will I be able to look into the astral plane?

"When you get your control to a decent level," the ghoul sneered.

— What does a decent level mean?

- Do you remember your last fight with the inquisitors?

— Yes. It seems to me that I'm not bad ...

- You missed the spear. You've got some light bullshit stuck in your chest. This is a priori unacceptable and...

— I did not expect this, and what does control have to do with it?

- Given that you burned everything that could burn within a kilometer radius. Of course, I'm proud of your strength, but if ghouls could blush, I would go red as boiled cancer because of your control.

— Why is that? What did I do wrong?

- You didn't localize your move. You just threw out the power and tried to crush the enemy with pure power.

- I used weaves and...

- Shitty excuse. If I limited myself to a circle of two hundred meters, I agree. If you were to point-press with force, turning magma into a red-hot supernova, I would not say a word to you.

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