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About Sam and Lisa

Sam West

Sam started shag dancing at age 9 after his mother, Barbara, became interested in dancing.  During his school years Sam also enjoyed soccer, baseball and basketball. As a junior shagger Sam danced with several partners including Terri Alberty, who he won two junior national titles with.  Terri's father, Shad, who many consider one of the best shag dancers ever, worked with Sam and was the biggest influence on Sam's dancing career.  

In 1994 Sam and partner, Melissa Calabrese, won the Non-Pro National title on their way to becoming the Overall National Shag Champions.  Then in 1995 Sam partnered up with his sister, Sarah, and they went on to capture 8 Professional Division titles and 4 Overall titles.  Sam also won the Pro and Overall Shag titles in 2001 with Jackie McGee, again in 2006, 2007 and 2008 with Jessica McAlhany, then in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2017 with Leslie Jennings, in 2014 and 2016 with Krystal Taylor Davis and with his daughter Sydney in 2020.

Sam is a 7 time champion of the Carolina Shag Division at the USA Grand National Dance Championships and a 3 time US Open Shag Champion.  Three times at the Grand Nationals Sam has been named Entertainer of the Weekend, first for his portrayal of super spy Austin Powers, second for a Country/Swing number with his very pregnant wife to Two of a Kind Working on a Full House, and thirdly for just being Sam.  He has also been a member, captain and choreographer for the National Shag Dance Championship Dance Team. 

In November of 2010 Sam and Lisa won their first big title together when they were named the winners of the Sophisticated Swing Division at the US Open Swing Dance Championships.  They  performed a memorable and creative number to Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain. They won another US Open Sophisticated title in 2012 when they danced to The Pink Panther and again in 2016 to Good Rockin' Tonight.  Sam has made several appearances on national and local TV and was a featured dancer in the movie Shag and in Alabama's Shaggin' on the Boulevard music video.   In 1999 he and his sister, Sarah, were the first inductees into the Shagger's Hall of Fame Keepers of the Dance.

In the spring of 2013 Sam and Lisa brought Carolina Shag into homes across America when they starred in a national television commercial for  The spot featured them dancing shag and delivering the normal corny dialog of Kayak ads like "Tip Tap Time" and "Chattanooga Check-in."   

Lisa West

Lisa didn't start her dance career until age 27.  During her Jr High and High School days she was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader.  She attended the University of Alabama from 1982-87 where she served as a Varsity Cheerleader for four years and was on the 1984 National Championship squad.  Lisa's love of dance began on the Country Western dance floor where she learned two-step, waltz, east coast swing, west coast swing, polka,  and cha-cha.   She taught dance line dance and couples dance at Dance Connection studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  She began competing on the swing and cabaret circuit with friend, Barry Durand.  They took advantage of her gymnastic and cheerleading background and performed  many daring overhead lifts and drops.  Some of their more memorable numbers include "The Wizard of Oz" and "Butterfly Kisses."  Together Barry and Lisa won the 1997 US Open Cabaret Championship and were two-time winners of the American Swing Dance Championships in the Showcase Division.  In 1998 Lisa met Sam at the USA Grand Nationals in Atlanta when they shared the practice floor before competition.  Sam says she chased him but Lisa says he wasn't too hard to catch.  Together they have been teaching a promoting shag throughout the country and have even held workshops in France, Spain, England, the Netherlands and aboard cruise ships.  

Father And Daughter Dance Team Win At National Shag Dancing Competition

Jan 01, 2021 by apost team

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In March of 2020, Sam West and his daughter Sydney Kimble West won the Professional Division Champions in the National Shag Dance Championships in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the second year in a row.

Have you ever heard of the shag? No, we're not talking about shag rugs — it's the official state dance of South Carolina. The shag involves graceful footwork that's so smooth that the dancers appear to glide across the stage. The dance is so popular that since 1984, South Carolina has hosted the National Shag Dance Competition every year in Myrtle Beach.

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Of course, this family didn't take up the sport recently. According to their website, the father of the duo, Sam West, has been practicing the shag since he was nine years old when he danced with his mother Barbara. Throughout the years, he competed in a number of shag competitions and won numerous titles, including the Pro and Overall Shag titles for multiple years in a row. His wife Lisa started her dance career at the age of 27, and she's proven herself to be just as much of a powerhouse.

She won multiple titles with her dance partner, including the top prize in the American Swing Dance Championships. When Lisa and Sam met, they were practically unstoppable. They won multiple championships together, specializing in shag and swing. For this couple, dancing isn't just a hobby — it's a way of life. And when they started a family, they knew they had to instill that same love of dance into their own children.

Meet The Dancers Who Swept Everyone Away

Sam and Lisa's son Mack is an accomplished dancer in his own right, competing in multiple shag competitions across the world. But in 2020, Sam's shag performance with his daughter Sydney captivated audiences across the world as they took part in a mind-blowing performance that mixed grace and elegance with speed and style. They walk onstage looking faintly nervous, stopping to pose for a photograph.

But when the music starts, the cheering begins. The duo starts their performance effortlessly, swaying their legs as easily as if they're made of rubber. They seem to glide across the dance floor with deceptively simple footwork that takes years of training to master. When you watch the video, it's clear that they're perfectly matched. Neither is better than the other, and they complement each other's dance moves as if they were born to perform together.

A World-Class Duo Bursting With Talent

As the show goes on, Sydney can't help but smile at her father. It's clear that these two are having a blast and love performing on stage. They perform complex dance moves that elicit cheers from the crowd and spin effortlessly like a pair of graceful ice skaters.

As the two dance across the stage, the crowd can't keep their eyes off them. What we're witnessing isn't just another dance routine: it's a special father-daughter moment that wouldn't be possible without years of trust and bonding.

Toward the end of the performance, the dancing becomes more energetic, and Sydney can't help but let out a dazzling smile. The happiness of this duo is infectious — the crowd can't help but smile and laugh along with them.

At the end of the show, the crowd rises and gives Sam and Sydney a much-deserved standing ovation. This truly was the performance of a lifetime: and the thousands of viewers this video has racked up seem to agree. Talent and skill are important, but you won't get anywhere if you don't have a genuine love for the sport. And it's clear that Sam and Sydney's passion for dance is going to keep them on the dance floor for a long time to come.

And if passion isn't enough to keep Sam and Sydney going, their fans are sure to give them a boost. The YouTube comments are full of compliments and encouragement — a testament to this duo's inspiring talent. One enthusiastic commenter wrote: "I know Sam has to be so proud to have danced with his daughter in the Nationals and they will have special memories that they will NEVER forget. While I was watching the video my eyes were leaking."

Another fan chimed in with a long message, writing, "Sam west is arguably the best shagger out there today. His smoothness and articulations on the dance floor are the best I have ever seen. I truly enjoyed this routine and interpretation of Stand by Me, just a wonderful exhibition of pure talent and joy."

One commenter, who probably speaks for many of us, admitted that although he knows nothing about shag dancing, the performance was "an awesome watch!!"

We have to wonder: What is it about the shag that's so inspiring? And for those of us who aren't professional shag dancers, where did it come from?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, historians trace the shag's origins to South Carolina, though it's a descendant of other dances like the Carolina Jitterbug and Little Apple. Some historians look even further back in the past, tracing the shag back to its roots in African dance. Regardless of when shag was born, we know that it wasn't until the 1960s when dancers started using the term "shag." And it wasn't until the 1970s when competitive shag came to be.

Since then the Carolina shag has gone on to influence American culture, appearing in films, on TV, and on the radio. In fact, in 1989 Zelda Barron directed Shag, a comedy film that featured Carolina shag dancing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Similarly, Sam and his wife Lisa brought Carolina shag to television when they were featured dancing in a national television commercial for an online travel company, according to the dance couple's website.

In any case, it's clear that shag — whether on the big screen, on television, or as a niche hobby — is here to stick around. The "longest continuously running shag dance contest in the United States," the National Shag Dance Championships, will be hosting their preliminary trials at the Spanish Galleon in Myrtle Beach in January of 2022, with the championships in March of 2022.

Until then, we'll have to be satisfied with the videos from 2020's competition. But as the performance below demonstrates, the greatest shag performances never get old.

What did you think? Were you blown away by this amazing routine? Let us know what you think in the comments. Pass this video along if you think your friends and family might enjoy it, too!

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Father and Daughter Take First Place Together at the

Shag Championship

Jan 03, 2021 by apost team

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In March 2020, Sam West and his daughter Sidney Kimble West won first place in the pro league for the second time in a row at the American Shag Dance Championships held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Have you ever heard of this type of dance? By the way, it is he who has the honor of being called the official dance of the state of South Carolina. Shag dancers move their legs so fast that it seems as if they are hovering above the stage without touching the floor. K19In 84, the shag became so popular that Myrtle Beach in South Carolina even began an annual national championship among performers dancing in this style.

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Of course, the family has been practicing this type of dance for several years now. According to their website, their father, Sam West, has been a shag dancer for most of his life - from the age of nine, when he started with his mother, Barbara. Since then, he has taken part in many competitions in this type of dance and won a huge number of awards, including in the professional league, as well as, many times, the title of absolute champion. His wife Lisa started her dancing career at the age of 27 and also managed to achieve great success in this field.

She and her partner have won many prestigious titles and awards, including first place in the American Swing Championship. And after Lisa met Sam, no one could stop them. Together they won many championships in shag and other swing dances. Dancing for them is not just a hobby, but a way of life. Therefore, after they had children, they decided from an early age to instill a love for dancing and them.

Nobody can stop these dancers

Sam and Lisa have a son named Mac, who is also a successful dancer. Mack managed to take part in many shag competitions in all corners of the planet. And in 2020, audiences around the world will appreciate Sam's amazing performance with daughter Sydney, which combines elegance, style and speed. They walked onto the stage visibly out of sorts, stopping only to take a photo.

However, the very first sounds of music and shouts of encouragement from the audience dispelled their embarrassment without a trace. The dance duo begins their routine, and looking at their elegant movements, it seems as if their legs are made of rubber. As if they are not dancing, but hovering over the stage. Let the apparent simplicity not deceive you - to achieve such speed and accuracy, it takes many years. The duet members worked well together - both of them are masters of their craft, and each of them plays a role in the dance and helps their partner to open up better.

World class talented dance duo

The number continues, and Sidney can't help but smile at her father. Obviously, they really like to perform together. They effortlessly cope with the most difficult dance steps, making the audience scream in delight. In some places, the performance is more reminiscent of what skaters do on the ice.

The audience does not take their eyes off the scene for a second. And for good reason - after all, a whole family drama is unfolding before their eyes, and not an ordinary dance number. It is hardly possible to imagine such a dance without many years of training and complete trust in each other.

Toward the end of the performance becomes even more lively and energetic, and Sydney once again endows everyone with his dazzling smile. Her joy is contagious - looking at her, many viewers themselves begin to smile and laugh.

After the performance ended, Sam and Sidney were given a well-deserved standing ovation. Such a spectacle is very rare, so it is not surprising that thousands of people around the world have already watched the video of the performance. Talent and skill are very important, but one cannot do without sincere love for one's work. One look at this duet makes it clear that Sam and Sydney really love to dance and are unlikely to decide to leave the stage in the foreseeable future.

Sam and Sidney are true enthusiasts of their work, who are constantly cheered on by their many fans. Comments on the duo's performances on YouTube are full of compliments and good wishes - more than deserved, because they are really very talented. So, for example, one of the fans of the duet writes: “It seems to me that Sam can be proud that he and his daughter competed at the national championship. Surely this event will now forever remain in their memory. It was hard to hold back tears while watching this video - very dramatic".

Another commentator also rushes to praise his idols: "Probably Sam today holds the title of the best step dancer in the world. How elegantly, how measuredly he moves around the dance floor - where else can you see that? I really liked the performance and their interpretation of Stand by Me - she has not only a huge talent, but also a real joy."

Another commenter shared a post that probably best expressed the point of view of most viewers. He admitted that he didn't know anything about the shag, but the performance was "really interesting" to watch.

One can only guess what people like so much about this dance style. Especially for those who don't know much about dance - where does this inspiration come from?

As mentioned above, this dance style originated in South Carolina and was preceded by other popular dances such as the jitterbug and the Little Apple. And some scholars who study the history of dance even claim that the shag evolved from African dances. Regardless of where and when this dance style originated, its very name, "step", became popular only in the 60s of the last century. The first competitions in this type of dance were held in the 70s.

The Carolina Shag has had a huge impact on American culture. It can be seen in many popular films and TV shows, and popular songs among shag dancers are broadcast on the radio. And in 1989, Zelda Barron even made a comedy under the telling name - Step , in which it is danced right in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Sam and his wife Lisa can also boast of dancing the Carolina Shag in front of the whole country in a travel company ad that was later shown all over America, according to their website.

In any case, it's worth recognizing that shag is already a solid part of our culture - on the big screen, on TV, or even as a regular hobby. In January 2022, the qualifying round for the "oldest existing shag event in the US", the American Shag Championship, will begin at the Spanish Galleon in Myrtle Beach. The main part of the competition is scheduled for March 2022.

Until then, we can only be satisfied with the videos made during the championship in 2020. Either way, the video below proves conclusively that the numbers of real step masters never get old.

How did you like this performance? Just amazing craftsmanship, isn't it? Share your impressions in the comments and do not forget to send a link to the article to your friends and acquaintances!

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Father and daughter win national shag championship

Jul 24, 2020 by apost team

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In March of this year, Sam West and his daughter Sydney won the palm in the first division of the American shag championship for the second time in a row.

Do you know what a step is? The shag is one of the many subspecies of jazz dance, which, by the way, is considered the official dance of the state of South Carolina. He is especially distinguished by the complex and graceful footwork of the dancers, who seem to glide over the stage during the performance. Shag is very popular in America, and the beach town of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has even hosted an annual championship dedicated to this dance style since 1984.

Family tradition

As it turned out, the family has been fond of this type of dance for a very long time. According to information published on their website, Sam West first tried his hand at shag at the age of nine when he himself danced with his mother, Barbara. Years passed, and his technique became more and more perfect, which eventually allowed him to win many shag competitions and win many awards, including in the general and professional categories. Lisa, his wife, started her dancing career at the age of 27 and also managed to achieve huge success.

She and her dance partner have also won many prestigious awards, including first prize in the American Swing Championship. Having met, Lisa and Sam formed a very strong duet and managed to win a galaxy of dance competitions and championships, delighting the audience and judges with an incomparable performance of swing and step. Dancing for them is a way of life, not just a hobby. Therefore, when they had children, Lisa and Sam immediately decided to do everything possible so that they would inherit their passion for this art form.

This couple showed everyone their class

Lisa and Sam have a son named Mack, who has already become a successful dancer and has taken part in many shag contests and competitions around the world. But most of all, the audience remembered the amazing performance of Sam with his daughter Sydney, which took place this year and amaze with its grace and unusual complexity. Upon entering the stage, the father and daughter appear a little uneasy at first and stop to pose for a photograph.

But then the music begins to play, and cheers are heard in the hall. The duet dances simply flawlessly, coping with the most difficult steps with apparent simplicity. At first, it may seem that they are not dancing, but seem to be hovering over the stage. It takes several years of training to master this technique. The duet members perfectly complement each other and demonstrate the highest level of skill, circling in a graceful dance.

World class dance duo

The performance continues, and at some point Sydney decides to give his father a radiant smile. It is obvious that the duo members are sincerely happy for the opportunity to go on stage together. With apparent ease, like skaters, Sam and Sydney flutter around the stage to the accompaniment of applause and enthusiastic screams from the audience.

None of the spectators can take their eyes off the dancers moving swiftly across the stage. This is not only an amazing dance, but also a memorable event for both performers, which became possible only thanks to many years of training and complete trust in each other.

At the end of the number, the already difficult dance suddenly speeds up, and a charming smile begins to play on Sydney's lips. The duet seems to infect everyone with their joy, and in a second the whole hall smiles and laughs!

The audience liked the performance very much, and after it ended they stood up and awarded the dancers with a standing ovation.

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