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Tips For Installing a Pole at Home - Wink Fitness Wear

September 10, 2021

In our previous bog posts we talked you through how to buy the best fitness pole for home use and hopefully you gained enough knowledge to make your purchase. If your pole has arrived, you’re probably wondering how to install your pole at home. But don’t worry! It isn’t as daunting as you may think, and we have pulled together this handy guide to help. You will be swinging around your shiny new pole before you know it!

Of course, each type of pole requires a different installation process, and you should carefully read the manual which came with your pole for the finer details on the specific installation process.

There are however several things you should consider when tackling a pole installation at home which are often not covered in the manuals. That’s where we can help!

Have a Spotter

Spotter. A word we use a lot in pole fitness! Just to clarify for any beginners, a spotter is a person who is there to watch you ‘doing your thing’ and catch you if needed. As well as using a spotter when learning new pole moves, it is also important to have a spotter when installing a dance pole at home seeing as your will be using a ladder.

Bear in mind that you will also need help when extending the pole into its final position.

World Champion Galina Musina wearing Angel Set

Get to Know your Ceiling

You probably already have a spot in mind for your pole, but it is extremely important to ensure that the ceiling is suitable to hold a pole safely.

If you have opted for a freestanding pole, then you can skip this section. If you have opted for a tension and pressure pole or a fixed ceiling mounted pole, then please read on.

Concrete ceilings are ideal for home pole installations as they are extremely sturdy and consistent throughout. If you know that your ceiling is made of solid concrete, then all areas of the ceiling will be strong enough to hold your pole.  However, if your ceiling is made up of metal girders or joists and boards then you need ensure that you are locating your pole underneath a girder or joist for maximum safety. You can locate these by using a stud finder or by tapping the ceiling. When tapping on a girder or joist, the sound will be much more solid.

World Champion Galina Musina wearing bespoke Asymmetric Crop Top and Split Micro Shorts

Assess the Space

Once you have found a suitable location to install your pole, you must assess that there is enough space around it. To do this, put an object on the floor where the base of your pole will be, fully extend your arms and walk around the object. If your can walk freely without any obstruction, then the area is suitable.

Follow Instructions Carefully

Poles tend to come in several pieces and require some assembly. Firstly, check that you have all the pieces listed in your manual. Once you have checked off all the items, follow the instructions very carefully to construct and secure your pole to its location. If you are unsure about any part of the instructions, it is important that you contact the pole manufacturer directly to get clarification.   

Carry Out Final Checks

Once you have finished the process of installing a pole at home your will probably be desperate to jump straight on, but it is important that you carry out some last safety checks before you do so.

Firstly, check that all fastenings and joints on the pole are pole are tight using the allen key or tool provided. If you have opted for a tension and pressure pole you should ensure that the rubber on each end of the pole provides adequate grip by applying high pressure to the top, middle and base of the pole. When doing this, you should feel no movement or slipping. If you are using a permanent ceiling mounted pole, do the same to check that it is properly secured.

World Champion Galina Musina wearing Asymmetric Monokini

By following your specific pole manual and our top tips on how to install a pole at home, you are now ready to start your home pole dancing journey!

If you are a beginner, then why not check out our previous blog post on learning to pole dance at home.


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TheLAShop: How to Safely Set Up and Remove Your Dance Pole

Congratulations! So you’ve purchased your first spinning dance pole for your small apartment, and now, you’re worried about installing it. Never fear while theLAShop is here! With our short guide to picking out the perfect spot for your dance pole, we’ll teach you how to install it and enjoy it.


Safe & Sturdy, Switch Spinning and Static mode at any time

    1. All metal construction (40Cr Steel) with electroplated chrome finish, durable and sturdy
    2. Capacity up to 1102 Lbs (500 kg) vertically and 617 Lbs (280 kg) horizontally.
    3. High precision and seamless joints
    4. Articulating base, easy to set up on uneven floors.
    5. 9 inch Wide Dome & Base with protected aprons are able to grip a surface area of the ceiling for extra stability and support, also protect your ceiling & wood floor.
    Get Your Spinning Dance Pole Here

    How to Choose the Right Spot in your Apartment 

    If you live in the city, you may be paying a higher price for a smaller apartment. That’s why portable dance poles are the new trend in 2021! These fun and simple poles are full-body workouts and can be easily installed and removed in a matter of minutes. Here are some tips on how to pick the right spot for your pole:

    Measure the space before you install. Your dance pole should be at least your full body length from the wall and other objects. This will ensure the best safety practices while you’re dancing and avoid injury to yourself or damage to your apartment. You should also measure the distance between the floor and your ceiling to reduce the risk of damage to your home.

    Use a stud finder. Mount your dance pole under a stud in your ceiling. This is the best way to securely attach your pole to your ceiling at its strongest point.

    Avoid Lighting fixtures. Even if you do not plan on climbing to the top of your dance pole, it is a good idea to avoid the lighting fixtures on your ceiling, especially if it is a chandelier. This is because as you become more skilled on the pole, you may go upside down, and you need as much room possible to practice more dangerous tricks. 

    How to Install Your Dance Pole 

    Step 1: 

    Measure the distance between your ground and ceiling and refer to the diagram below to decide if you need to install either the pole or extension pole or both or neither.

    Step 2:

    Loosen out the protruding part of the bottom pole a little bit, as shown in the video.

    Step 3:

    Use the Allen key to loosen out the upper two screw nuts from the connecting pole.

    Step 4:

    Install the connecting pole on the bottom pole, as shown in the video. (Align the holes). After that, secure the connecting pole with screw nuts taken out in step 3

    Step 5:

    Thread the cover through the connecting pole and rotate it to secure it on the bottom pole

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    Step 6: 

    Connect the bottom base to the bottom of the connecting pole. Let one of the lower screw nuts align with the letter on the bottom base. After that, fasten the two screw nuts.

    Step 7:

    Install the upper pole, extension pole B, extension pole A as shown. Please refer to step 1, on which extension pole(s) is needed.

    Step 8: 

    Install the top base as shown.

    Step 9:

    Use the iron rods to secure the connection of each pole further.

    Step 10:

    ①Loosen the cover down.

    ②Rotate the bottom pole as shown to extend it until it could not go up further.

    ③Rotate the iron ring upward until it could not go up further.

    ④Secure the cover back to the bottom pole

    A Gift You Both Can Enjoy 

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    An affordable dance pole is not only an excellent gift for you but for your partner as well. Just as you can impress them with your talent, confidence, and toner body, but they can do the same for you. These days pole dancing has become a fun unisex exercise that couples can enjoy together. Pole dancing has been known to bring couples together and help them bond in a way they never have before. Take a unique dance class that you both can enjoy!

    Enjoy a New Way To Work Out With TheLAShop 

    We have a lot to be thankful for this year. In 2021, it is more important than ever to spend time with the ones we love. Connect with your family and friends virtually this year. 

    Many statewide restrictions are put in place to keep us healthy and protected. Though this change may take some time to adapt to, it does not mean that we still can’t enjoy our current lives. Spend this time safely with your immediate families, and appreciate the time you have together. 

        Join theLAShop Rewards Membership Program to earn points and save money on purchases on home essentials. As a theLAShop Rewards member, you will make 1 point for $1 spent at our online store! Receive a $5 to $30 coupon when you purchase from our website.

    Point value is based on the purchase; the more you spend, the more you save.

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    Pylon in the interior

    Make an order

    Pylon is not just a pipe that stands in the middle of the house and takes up space. Pilon is the best home exercise machine that will help you develop plasticity, improve stretching and coordination, and give a huge load on your muscles.

    Pole dancing is an exciting hobby. You do not have to go to the gym, but along with the development of a beautiful body, you will increase your self-esteem many times over.

    Add some excitement to your relationship with your significant other by installing a pole in your bedroom.

    So, you have weighed all the pros and cons and finally decided to install a pole for home training! Now you need to find out what the pole (pylon) consists of, which model is preferable to choose and how not to get confused in a huge number of different models of poles?

    The pylon consists of several parts:

    o The trumpet itself is what each of us takes for a pole as such. We can touch the pipe, next to it we dance and we spin on it. By the way, of the entire "pylon" - the pipe - this is the cheapest part, even at first glance - the most significant.

    o Fixings, is essentially the "heart of the pylon" - it is the upper (to the ceiling) and lower (to the floor) pipe mounts. Depends on fastening:
    - pylon safety. The more reliable the fastener, the less likely it is that the pole can fly out, unscrew and you will fall along with it.
    - rotation quality. The pylon with high-quality fastening is easy to unwind and does not get stuck during rotation.

    Therefore, when you install the pole, pay attention not only to the pipe itself, but also to the fastening. Check how well it is mounted or installed (for different pylons in different ways) in the floor and ceiling. Check how the pole spins: just spin on it. If you hear any strange sounds during rotation (crunching, creaking, clicking) or feel that the pylon is spinning "tight" - tell the master about it, let him take action.

    The appearance of the mount can be very


    Consider the following points:

    1. The smaller the diameter of the lower attachment, the more comfortable it will be to practice. "Pancake bindings" can sometimes get in the way quite a lot during the dance, they can slip on heels, or they can be uncomfortable for the knees.

    2. The fewer protruding parts on the bottom bracket, the less likely you are to get hurt. About protruding fasteners or any "cogs" and "bolts" at the bottom, you can easily scratch the skin of your hands or feet. Therefore, it is better to choose the most "streamlined" option.

    Pole (pole) can be:

    or Static pylon. This is a pole that does not have a rotation function. That is, in fact - it's just a metal pipe.

    o With rotation option or universal pylon. This is a pole that has bearings in its mounts, and with their help performs rotation. It also has the ability to fix. This is usually a small screw that is screwed into the bottom or top mount. Such a pylon can be used both static and dynamic.

    We recommend installing a universal pole, because even if you don't like "cool", who knows how your skills will develop in the future?

    Pylon models:

    o Fixed. The pipe does not separate from the fasteners. Such a pylon is usually placed in those places where they know for sure that it will not be dismantled. This option is the most stable and safest. Such a pylon is always static. In the apartment, however, we recommend installing a universal pylon with the possibility of removal.

    o Semi-removable pylon. This is a pole, in which the fasteners are built into the floor and ceiling. But the pipe itself can be removed. This is one of the most convenient options in terms of the ratio of functionality and security. That is, if you wish, you can remove the pipe itself and use the space in which the pylon is installed for any purpose. This is a great option for your own apartment or cottage, where you do not mind drilling the floor and ceiling, and the pole fits perfectly into the interior. And there is no particular reason to take it off.

    o Quick-release, spreader pylons. Such a pole is inserted between the floor and the ceiling like a "shower curtain". It does not damage the floor or ceiling. And is often chosen for installation in rented apartments or in apartments where the repair is not designed for the presence of a home pylon. But here it is important to strictly follow the installation instructions. After all, such a pole must necessarily stand exactly vertically. That is, when installing it, it is better for fragile girls to turn to knowledgeable men!

    o Pylon with stage. These are pylons that are not fixed from above, but they are well fixed at the bottom, thanks to the large and weighty stage. They like to use such a pole for outdoor photo shoots. At home, such a pylon will look bulky.

    Pylon diameter:

    Pipe thickness is an important issue. The diameter can be from 38 to 55 mm! And each diameter has its pros and cons.

    The universal size is now 42 mm.

    o The thinnest 38-40 mm pylons are perfect for girls with small hands. It is easy to spin on such pylons (spinning with less effort becomes easier). But doing tricks on such poles is a little more difficult, pinching a thin pipe with your feet is more painful than a thick one.

    o 42 - 45 mm - a universal size, with such a diameter it is convenient to perform twists, and it does not hurt so much in tricks. At most dance festivals and various championships, the diameter of the pole is in this range.

    o From 45 mm - for most girls, this pole will be too thick, but it is perfect for large male hands!

    Pole cover:

    or Chromed pylons. Made from ordinary steel. Theoretically, this steel can rust if it is in a damp room. Such a pole has a very smooth surface and, accordingly, minimal grip on the hand . But such coverage has a lower cost.

    or Titanium pylons. Titanium itself is not as specular as chrome, so not as slippery. But it doesn't feel much. The most important difference is the color of the pylon, it is golden. If the golden color fits perfectly into your interior, then it makes sense to choose a titanium pole.

    or Stainless steel. Its surface is not as mirror-smooth as a chrome pylon, so grip will be slightly better . Such a coating should be chosen if you are installing a pylon in a room prone to dampness, for example, if it is a country house or a bathhouse.

    or Copper plated. The copper pylon has maximum grip due to the soft texture of the copper. It does slide a lot less, but its price is much higher. Also has a golden color.

    or Colored pylons . These pylons are enamel coated.


    Pole dance or pole dance is one of the modern dance styles that combines elements of choreography and pole acrobatics. It has its roots in striptease, but do not confuse them. Pole dance is recognized as a type of fitness based on aerobic and anaerobic exercises, where the pole is used as a "simulator".

    In Russia, this direction appeared relatively recently, but has already gained immense popularity. Pole dance is now taught in many dance schools and fitness centers, and this is not surprising.

    Pole is an excellent trainer that develops plasticity very well, improves stretching and coordination, and gives a huge load on the muscles.

    While practicing pole dancing, you won't have to torment yourself on
    simulators, but along with the development of a beautiful body, you will increase your self-esteem many times over and get an exciting hobby!

    Our pylons are made from high quality Italian stainless steel tube, polished to a mirror finish. The pylons are one-piece, have no joints or seams.

    - One-piece pipe without joints increases the reliability of the pylon.

    - The perfectly smooth surface of the pole without seams allows you to hold on to the pole securely, without slipping, and perform the most complex acrobatic elements without interference or injury.

    - The mirror shine of the pipe reflects the light of lamps, spotlights, lamps, attracts the eye and gives a stylish sound to the interior of any room.

    All-metal pylon mounts are made of stainless steel without the use of plastic parts, which allows us to talk about the high quality of our pylons.

    - Pylon fasteners securely fix the pylon and prevent it from falling even under the most intense loads.

    - Mirror polished mounts, unlike chrome ones, will not peel off and will retain their appearance throughout the life of the pylon.

    With our pylons, any of your dances will turn into a real enchanting

    The panel is lightweight, so even if it is poorly fixed and it falls, it will not cause you any harm!

    Many people think that it is impossible to install a pylon in stretch or suspended ceilings, but this is not the case. Installation in such ceilings is a little more complicated than a conventional installation, but it is quite feasible.

    We install the pylon in the stretch ceiling: To begin with, I’ll make a reservation that only stationary and semi-removable pylons can be installed in the stretch ceiling, that is, pylons in which the top mount is screwed to the ceiling.

    If the ceiling is not yet tensioned, the pylon must first be installed, or the ceiling installers must be told where the pylon will be placed. They will cut out the necessary lead themselves.

    In case the ceiling is already stretched, first make a mark on the ceiling in the place where the pylon will stand. From any sheet plastic with a thickness of 1-1.5 mm, cut out a ring (the outer diameter of the ring is 130 mm, the inner diameter is 110 mm). Glue the ring in the right place on cyanoacrylate (super glue). Apply glue to the ring in a continuous line. Give the glue time to dry. After that, with a sharp blade, for example, from a clerical knife, cut out a stretch ceiling inside the ring. The ring will prevent the ceiling film from spreading. The stretch ceiling is elastic, so during the installation process you can easily lift it up. Next is the usual installation of the pylon according to the instructions.

    Be careful, when drilling holes for dowels, hot concrete particles can fly from the ceiling and melt the stretch ceiling. This can be avoided by directing the socket of the vacuum cleaner to the drilling site.

    Keep in mind that the greater the distance from the stretch ceiling to the main ceiling, the larger the mounting hole must be made in order to insert the tools necessary for installation.

    To make the hole in the stretch ceiling look more aesthetically pleasing, we have a decorative panel on sale that will hide the mounting hole and will look very harmonious with the pylon.

    Installing a pylon in a plasterboard ceiling: Any pylon can be installed in a plasterboard ceiling. The main thing is that the distance from the drywall to the main ceiling should be no more than 30-40 cm. If more, then you need to cut the ceiling so that the installer can reach the main ceiling. And in this way, only stationary pylons can be installed.

    So, we mark the location of the pylon on the ceiling. Around it we cut out with a hacksaw, a drywall knife or an ordinary knife a square with sides of 20 cm. We outline and drill holes for the clips of the decorative panel. We install the pylon according to the instructions exactly in the center of the cut out square.

    Armstrong ceiling installation is essentially a conventional installation. Ceiling tiles can be cut and cut a hole for the pylon, or you can remove them altogether for the duration of the class.

    In principle, the pylon can be installed in any room, and we have many solutions for this! Contact us and we will show you how to make your dream come true!)

    • Material: Plexiglas with chrome coating
    • Stretch ceiling diameter: 150 mm
    • Mounting method for stretch ceiling: Adhesive
    • Diameter for plasterboard ceiling: 300 mm
    • Mounting method for plasterboard ceiling: Clip-on

    Can be fitted to all Dynamic type pylons.

    The diameter of the support is optimal for the female foot (barefoot or in shoes).

    The leg support is fixed to the pylon with two countersunk screws. The screws are screwed in smoothly with the sleeve of the support and do not interfere with the dancer in any way: they will not scratch, tear tights, etc.

    For installation on pylons you need:

    A) To be able to remove the lower or upper fastening of the pylon to put on the leg

    9000 if the support will be put on from below, or in the widest place along the length of the entire pylon (pipes are not always ideal and the diameter of the pipe may vary, also when driving the bushing into the pipe, the diameter of the pipe may increase)

    c) On the pipe, you will need to drill two holes for the support screws with a 4 mm drill.

    • Material: Polished stainless steel
    • Support diameter: 200 mm
    • Pylon Diameter: For all pylon diameters (specify when ordering)
    • Mounting to the pylon: With two countersunk screws

    Using the cable mounting system, it is possible to install the pylon in places where it is not possible to fix the upper mount to the ceiling - outdoors, indoors with high ceilings.

    Cable system suitable for any pylon model.

    Pilon Removable for the home (dynamic)

    Pilon is fast -open for the home (static) V2

    Pillah -Removable for the House (Dynamic) V2

    Pilon Removable for the Home (Static) 9000 9000 Pilon Pilon for high ceilings with cable fixing system (DYNAMIC)V2

    High ceiling pylon with cable fixing system (STATIC)V2

    up to 3 meters

    from 3 to 3.5 meters

    from 3.5 to 3.8 meters

    over 3.8 meters

    in a few minutes, put or remove the pylon. This model is equipped with a rotation and lock switching mechanism, if necessary, this function can be turned off in a few seconds. After removing the pylon, all fasteners are removed and there are no marks left on the ceiling and on the floor. To avoid corrosion in contact with the environment and in wet rooms ( sauna, bath), all parts of the pylon are nickel-plated. This increases the service life of the pylon and gives a more aesthetic appearance. A special rubber vacuum substrate is glued to the lower and upper supports. Due to which the ceiling and floor do not deteriorate, the area of ​​contact with surfaces increases, and the stability of the pylon increases when performing acrobatic stunts.


    9000 Weight - 11 kg

    The pylon is easy to install by yourself, all necessary keys and installation instructions are included.

    Pole dance mat (coloured)

    Pole Dancing Crash Mat is designed to cushion falls and bad landings during power exercises and tricks.

    The mat is made of two semicircles with a hole between them for insertion into the pylon. The semicircles are sewn together and fastened with adhesive tape. Thanks to this, the mat is securely fixed at the base.

    The mat can be folded in half after use and takes up very little space.


    Cover - vinyl artificial leather (material very similar in characteristics to natural leather)

    Filling - virgin foam of increased density, designed for a fall of more than 80 kg.


    Stationary pole for sports and dance, for studios -

    Static, model 14

    Pole fixed to the ceiling and floor, non-removable. Static - no rotation function. It is made according to individual sizes, depending on the height of the ceilings.

    The price depends on the size:

    the pylon tube is made of Italian stainless steel;

    high gloss polish for better pole grip;

    pipe diameter 42.4 mm, one-piece, without joints around the entire perimeter;

    The bottom flange (base) is almost not protruding, which allows you to put your foot as close to the pole as possible.

    Complete with pylon: floor and ceiling mounts, anchor bolts, installation instructions.

    This model is perfect for studios and dance schools, fitness centers.

    Mounting the pylon:

    Attached to the ceiling and floor, fixed. Pylon speaker with rotation function. In a few seconds, the Speaker switches to Static (no rotation). The switch lever is located at the bottom, it is convenient to use.

    Manufactured to individual dimensions, depending on the height of the ceilings.

    The price depends on the size:

    Benefits of a stationary pylon Speaker (article 18):

    - the pylon tube is made of Italian stainless steel;

    - mirror polishing gives shine and better grip with the pole;

    - pipe diameter 42.4 mm, solid, without joints along the entire perimeter;

    - the lower flange (base) almost does not protrude, which allows you to put your foot as close to the pole as possible;

    - switches from Speaker to Static and vice versa in a few seconds;

    - easy smooth rotation with two-level bearing system.

    Complete with pylon: floor and ceiling mounts, anchor bolts, installation instructions.

    Quick Detachable Dancing Pole for Home - Static Switchable Speaker Model 12

    No drilling required to install the pole. Quickly installed and removed without leaving marks on the floor and ceiling. This is convenient when you need to free up space outside of pole practice. For better reliability, the upper support can be fixed with a screw to the ceiling.

    Model Speaker - with rotation function. In a few seconds, the Speaker switches to Static (no rotation).

    Height up to 3 meters or customized.

    is a quick-release model, no drilling is required to install it.

    pipe made of Italian stainless steel;

    high gloss polish for better pole grip;

    pipe diameter 42.4 mm, one-piece, without joints around the entire perimeter;

    all parts and bolts are protected from rust by zinc coating, which ensures a long service life;

    The rubber underlay on the bottom and top feet ensures a firm grip on the floor and leaves no marks or scratches on the floor.

    Complete with pylon: floor and ceiling mounts, pin, spanners, decorative sleeve, installation instructions.

    Contacts ⋆ Moscow dance center MDC NRG

    Moscow dance center MDC NRG PRO

    123056, Moscow, Proletarskaya metro station, Volgogradsky prospect, 1s2

    +7 (985) 779-58-68 +7 (915) 109-98-89 //

    3 minutes from the Proletarskaya metro station, Exit No. 2, if you can't find us then call +7 (915) 066-29-72, +7 (499) 654-06-78.

    Moscow dance center MDC NRG SOKOL

    123056, Moscow, Sokol metro station, Baltiyskaya street, 9, entrance 2, floor 5

    +7 (915) 066-29-72, +7 (49)9) 654-06-78 (Pick up the phone from 12.00 to 22.00)

    [email protected]

    It’s very easy to get to us:

    7 minutes from the Sokol metro station, Exit towards the MetroMarket shopping center, if not found us, then call +7 (915) 066-29-72, +7 (499) 654-06-78.

    Moscow dance center MDC NRG Novokuznetskaya (RAISKY)

    115035, Moscow, metro Novokuznetskaya, st. Pyatnitskaya, house 6/1 building 8

    +7 (495) 505-16-46, +7 (963) 777-45-43 (Pick up the phone from 12.00 to 22.00)

    How to get from Novokuznetskaya metro station (3 minutes) We exit the metro station, turn right and walk along Pyatnitskaya street. We see the Vesna karaoke club, there is an arch in front of it, we go into it. Then we pass another arch, go straight, there will be a 2-storey building on your right (in this house, on the other hand, there is a "Bureau of Translations" and "Notary"). From the END of the building we see a black door and an intercom, that's it - you've come! 🙂

    How to go from metro Tretyakovskaya (4 minutes)

    We exit the metro, turn left, pass McDonald's, go along Bolshaya Ordynka street against traffic (no need to cross the road). We go straight to the pizzeria "Eat & Tweet" and turn right into Chernigovsky lane. Go straight until you hit a yellow 4-storey building ("Notary" and "Bureau of Translations"), from the END OF THE BUILDING there will be a door with an intercom, that's it - you've come! 🙂


    Individual entrepreneur Popov N.A.
    Address: Moscow, st. Gatchinskaya, d.1
    ogrnip 309774610400290
    TIN 7743121119732
    r/s 40802810238000019896
    in Sberbank PJSC
    K/C 3010181040000225
    BIK 04452525225 9000

    Payment is made through PJSC SBERBANK using Bank cards of the following payment systems:
    • MIR
    • VISA International
    • Mastercard Worldwide
    • JCB

    Services and refunds:

    For refunds, you must contact the manager.

    Refund of the transferred funds is made to your bank account within 5-30 business days (the period depends on the Bank that issued your bank card).

    Services are provided directly at the actual location.

    Learn more