How old is kayla from the dancing dolls

Kayla Dancing Dolls, How Old Is Kayla From Dancing Dolls?

Bring It! (TV series)

Bring It! was an American dancing reality television series that premiered on Lifetime on March 5, 2014. Bring It! was renewed for a second 10-episode season by Lifetime on April 28, 2014. On July 23, 2014, new episodes were released. On January 23, 2015, the second season premiered. On July 31, 2015, new episodes were broadcast. On January 1, 2016, the third season premiered. Lifetime renewed the show for a fourth and fifth season on December 1, 2016, which premiered on January 13, 2017 and March 2, 2018, respectively. The show has not been discontinued, according to Dianna Williams, because some girls have graduated from the squad and Coach D has relocated to Atlanta to open a third Dollhouse..

Kayla Dancing Dolls

Kayla Jones is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is the former captain of the Dancing Dolls in Season 1 and 2 of Bring It!. She graduated from the team and then became an assistant coach for the team. Her mother is Tina Jones and her father is Terrell Vaughn. She has 5 siblings. Kayla Jones was born in Jackson, Mississippi to Tina Jones and Terrell Vaughn. Her boyfriend's name is Mo Johnson. She remained as a best friend for her partner in the “Bring It!” series, Sunjai Williams.


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How Old Is Kayla From Dancing Dolls?

Fan of Kayla Dancing Dolls have been wondering How Old Is Kayla From Dancing Dolls and what her age is now since she participated in the show a few years back. Kayla Jones was born on May 10, 1997, in Jackson, Mississippi. As of January 2022, Kayla’s  age is 24 years 8 months 3 days. Kayla is 24 years old as of now. 

Kayla Dancing Dolls Instagram

The Instagram ID of Kayla Dancing Dolls was not sure, she didn't have a verified account which made the fans so confused about her account. According to the sources, @dat.dollkayla is the Instagram ID of Kayla Jones from Dancing Dolls in Bring It!. Her instagram ID has 4,174 followers and 106 following. She posted 26 posts as of now in her instagram account. Her last post in the Instagram account was posted in January 2015, you can see the post by clicking below.  


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Kayla Dancing Dolls Net Worth

Kayla is a 24-year-old woman. Her height is 5’ 6” in 1.68 in metres and her weight is 64 in kg and 141 in lbs. Kayla's current net worth is estimated to be less than $500,000, according to credible sources, but it will undoubtedly climb as she begins to build her career.

Kayla Jones Biography

Specifications Details
Real name Kayla Jones
Profession Dancer
Age  24
D. O.B May 10, 1997
Hometown  Jackson, Mississippi
Nationality  American 
Status Unmarried
Height 5’ 6” in feet and 1.68 in metres
Weight 64 in kg and 141 in lbs.
Net worth Less than $500,000
Boyfriend Mo Johnson
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Kayla Dancing Dolls-FAQs

1. Who is Kayla Jones?

Kayla Jones is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is the former captain of the Dancing Dolls in Season 1 and 2 of Bring It!.

2. What is Bring it!?

Bring It! was an American dancing reality television series that premiered on Lifetime on March 5, 2014

3. What is mean  by Kayla Dancing Dolls?

One of the contestants of Bring It! was Kayla, who was the leader of the Dancing Dolls in the show.

4. How Old Is Kayla From Dancing Dolls?  

 Kayla is 24 years old as of now. 

5. What is Kayla Dancing Dolls Net Worth?

Kayla's current net worth is estimated to be less than $500,000, according to credible sources, but it will undoubtedly climb as she begins to build her career. 

Kayla Jones Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Engaged, Baby, Net Worth

Kayla Jones wiki implies that she was into dancing since the young age of. ..lost her new baby brother dating since the...seems to be head over heels for her boyfriend...

The professional dancer Kayla Jones, who is most recognized for the reality show Bring It, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Mo, for several years. And they can't help flaunt their love on their social media handles. 

Kayla Jones Dating Mo

Kayla is in a relationship with her boyfriend, who goes by the name Mo.  Though the couple has been dating for a long time now, it is unknown when their relationship started. 

Kayla and Mo seem to be head over heels for each other as both of them appear on each other's social handles, looking cute together. They don't hesitate to share their happiness and express their emotion via cute captions on Instagram.

For example, recently, Mo took to Instagram to wish his 'lady' on her birthday on May 11 and paired her beautiful picture with a sweet caption, 

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to You My Lady, the big gift is coming soon.

Likewise, Jones also posted an adorable picture with her boyfriend on Instagram and sent out Valentine's day wishes to all her followers. She wrote,

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, from us to you!

Clearly, the affection the couple shower each other on their social handles reflect their strong bond. So far, judging their relationship so far, the happy times for the couple to get engaged or married also look nowhere far. 

Kayla Jones flaunts her engagement ring with her boyfriend Mo (Photo: Mo's Instagram)

Get To Know Kayla Jones Closely

Jones is an American professional dancer born on 10 May 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi, to her parents, Terrell Vaughn and Tina Jones. Kayla’s mom Tina Jones is also a professional dancer like Taylour Paige. Following the footsteps of her mother, Kayla started dancing at the tender age of 2.

As for siblings, Kayla was accompanied by three brothers until 3 August 2017, when her fourth baby brother was born. But unfortunately, her youngest baby brother named Khaos passed away because of meningitis on the second day of birth.

On 21 December 2017, Kayla asked for help to raise a fund on Twitter for a rainbow baby that would replace Khaos.

Kayla Jones posts a picture with her baby brother on 27 August 2017 (Photo: Kayla Jones' Instagram) 

Well, Kayla has an intense attachment to her family, especially her brothers, as she posts their pictures once in a while on Instagram. 

For instance, she posted a picture with her three brothers reflecting a close bond. However, Kayla also expressed her sadness over the loss of her youngest brother on the captions stating her fourth brother is missing in the photo.

About her academics, Kayla graduated from Callaway High School from her hometown of Mississippi.

Kayla Jones’ Career

Kayla was a keen dancer since she was a baby. So to move forward with her career as a dancer, she joined Dancing Dolls, a dance team formed by Dianna Williams in February 2008.

Dancing Dolls became a door to success for Kayla as she won the heart of her dance mates and seniors. Because of her excellence in dance, the 21-year-old dancer became the captain of Dancing Dolls for season 1 and season 2 very soon.

Her dancing skills were sharpened every day, which led her to win the title of grand champion at the Bay Area Battle at the age of 11 in 2008. Not only for a year but Kayla was titled the dance champion for six years until the year 2014.

Currently, Kayla now serves as the assistant coach of the Dancing Dolls. Moreover, the dancing queen also is one of the members of the reality series ‘Bring It.’ Though Kayla's net worth remains confined, it can be undoubtedly said that she will garner a hefty amount of net worth concerning success in her dancing career.

Does Kayla from "Bring It On" have a baby? –

Tina and Terrell got married on November 24, 2015, the wedding was shown in the episode "The Wicked Witch of Jackson". Her daughter Kayla Jones was born on May 10, 1997 and is one of the dancers featured on the show. On July 3, 2019, Tina gave birth to a baby girl named Tamya "Tootie" Won. .

Then where is Cameron from the dancing dolls? She is part of the "A" team, made up of veterans of the team. She graduated from high school in 2018 and currently attends University of the South in Baton Rouge.

Similarly, where did Sunjai bring it from? Sanjay Williams is a dancer from Clinton, Mississippi.

Is Shakira from DD4L still alive?

Shakira Gatlin, who was part of the dance group Dancing Dolls for Life (DD4L), has passed away. She was 18 years old. It is reported that the dancer was shot dead. The news was confirmed by her mother in an emotional Facebook post.

Accordingly, what is Kayla from the dancing dolls doing now in 2021?

She is currently attending Grambling University after transferring from a previous college she attended during one episode of the show.


Where is Sanjay from the dancing dolls?

Sanjay is currently working as a real estate agent.

Where is Christiane now?

She graduated from Dancing Dolls in 2020 and is currently a first year student at Alcorn State University where she also dances as Alcorn's Golden Girl with Makia, Tanesha, Star and Skye.

How old is Sanjay Williams?

Sanjay Williams was born on February 9, 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi.

Dancing doll Brittany has a baby?

Personal life. Rittani Anderson was born on November 18, 1986 and has a younger sister, Valisa Anderson. During the show, Rittani got engaged, but the engagement was later broken off. Ritani is now pregnant with a boy due on September 21, 2021.

What is Star and Sky's real name?

Sanjay is the eldest child of her parents and has two younger siblings, twin sisters Shamia "Sky" Jay Williams and Shania "Star" Jay Williams. Her sisters, who are two years her junior, followed in her footsteps and took up dancing.

How does JJ make money from dancing dolls?

A successful entrepreneur, Williams uses his flexible schedule to support his girls by taking them back and forth to workouts and showing up to support them at their events.

Who is the dance puppet trainer?

Star of the hit show Bring It On, and coach and founder of the Dancing Dolls, Dianna Williams was one of the salespeople who signed the lease back in February.

Where is the faith in dancing dolls?

Faith Thigpen is a dancer, singer and actor from Jackson, Mississippi. Formally, she is a member of the Dancing Dolls.

Vera Thigpen
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
Team Dancing Dolls
occupation Dancer Singer Actor
Training Murrah High School APAC Holmes Community College

What happened to one of the dancing dolls?

19-year-old Shakira Gatlin passed away Wednesday evening on Barnes Street. Gatlin is a former member of the Dancing Dolls, Jackson's group made famous by the Lifetime reality show Bring It. Investigators said the boy was being questioned about the shooting. He told the police that it was an accidental shooting.

How old is Mimi from bring it?
Mimi Harris
Age 45
Date of birth August 22, 1975
Floor F
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi

How old is Selena from the dancing dolls?
Selena Johnson
Age 45
Date of birth November 15, 1975
Floor F
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi

Sunjay graduated from college?

"On tour this year will be Sunjay, who just graduated from DeSales University on a full scholarship," Williams said. "She's been able to not only maintain a social life, but also maintain high academic achievement, be permanently on the dean's list, and still be able to do what she's supposed to do while preparing for the tour."

What is Diana from dancing dolls doing now?

On August 20, 2001, Dianna formed the Dancing Dolls at the Pied Piper Playhouse. On August 23, 2010, she founded Dollhouse Dance Factory, which had 23 students in the first semester. It currently has 101 students.

How old is Kayla from to bring it?

Kayla Jones is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is the former captain of the Dancing Dolls in seasons 1 and 2. She graduated from the team and then became an assistant coach on the team.

Kayla Jones
Floor F
Date of birth May 10, 1997
Age 24
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi

Do dancing dolls still exist?

Jackson Dollhouse Closed June 2020…. So much has happened there in 10 years and we are grateful for every moment!!!!

How old is Mimi from Bring It On?
Mimi Harris
Age 45
Date of birth August 22, 1975
Floor F
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi

How old is JJ from dancing dolls?
JJ Williams
JJ with his daughters
Age 48
Date of birth July 23, 1973
Floor M

Rittani Kristiannas mother or aunt?

Christianne Summers is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is the former co-captain of the Dancing Dolls along with Makey Griffin in Season 5. Her mother is Valisa Summers and her aunt is Rittani Anderson.

Was the offering cancelled?

Lifetime has been renewed for the show for a fifth season, which premiered on March 2, 2018. However, according to Dianna Williams, the show was not canceled due to some of the girls leaving the team and Coach D moving to Atlanta. to open the third dollhouse. Bring it!

Who left dancing dolls for purple diamonds?
Tamiya Whittaker
Team Dancing Dolls (Formerly) Purple Diamonds (Formerly)
occupation Dancer Student
Training Ridgeland High School Jackson State University
Favorite genres

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