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Lion Dance Booking Info - Kungfu Dragon USA


KungFu Dragon USA students perform Lunar New Year celebration at Bay Valley Chinese School


KungFu Dragon USA students perform during the Chinese New Year celebration at the San Francisco Premium Outlets


KungFu Dragon USA students perform during the Chinese New Year celebration at the Great Mall 
Photo by Stan Olszewski

KungFu Dragon USA students perform during the Grand Opening at Corvision Optometry in Fremont

KungFu Dragon USA students perform during the Chinese New Year celebration at Creekview Health Center in Pleasanton

KungFu Dragon USA students perform during the Chinese New Year celebration at Sing Tao Expo in San Mateo

Kungfu Dragon USA performing the lion dance for the City Council Meeting & Swearing In Ceremony at the San Ramon City Hall


 Lion Dance roaming around the majestic rotunda of San Ramon City Hall


3 Lions Battle Scene


Lion snatching the lettuce (Plucking the Green)


 Lion staring at the green


Lion interacting with the crowd 


Kungfu Dragon USA Lion Dance LIVE percussion


 Lion Dance Joy, Fortune, Luck Blessing


 How can I request a performance?

You can request a performance by emailing us. Please include the following information in your email:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email and/or phone
  3. The name of your event
  4. A short description of your event
    • The event type (business oriented? wedding? festival?)
    • Is the event open to the public?
    • Are event attendees required to purchase tickets to the event?
    • The event location (street address is ideal)
    • The event date
    • The time you would like us to start the performance
  5. What amenities (e.g. water, parking) will be provided to KFDUSA
  6. Any other details you think would be necessary

Please try to submit your request with as much lead time as possible.


About Performance Requests (Frequently Asked Questions)

When are you available to perform?

As our team is made up of students and working professionals, we are unable to perform on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Our performances require both a minimum number of performers as well as our equipment and we have been unsuccessful at arranging daytime weekday performances.

How much does it cost?

We request a donation fee of $599 minimum for a private organization event (i.e. weddings, fee-based functions, store Grand Opening events, corporate, etc.). For schools and non-profit cultural events, we usually perform for a voluntary donation! Donations go directly into team maintenance which includes equipment purchase and repair, transportation, and troupe outings.

When will I receive confirmation that you can perform?

Upon receiving a complete request, your request will be reviewed by KFDUSA Team Lead / Director. If we need more information or we are unable to perform during that time slot you will be contacted. Otherwise, you will be assigned a Contact Manager. After the details of the performance request are squared away, the Contact Manager will submit your request to the team for processing. The amount of processing time varies based on time of the year and team member availability, but when we do know for certain, the Contact Manager will give you a CONFIRMED answer.

Note: Until you receive a definite confirmation from a Contact Manager, we CANNOT GUARANTEE that we will be available. If you need an answer by a certain date, but we have not given you a CONFIRMED answer, then our official answer is “No, we are unfortunately unavailable.”

Can I request numbers of lions and performers?

Absolutely! However, this is entirely based on availability.

We have a minimum number of available performers that we need before we can accept a performance request. We will not confirm our team availability unless we can provide a performance which does justice to our team and our style of lion dancing. We do not do “half” performances.

Does KFDUSA perform outside of the City of Pleasanton?

While we do occasionally perform outside of Pleasanton, such performances incur additional costs including transportation, fuel, wear and tear, as well as opportunity cost. The Kungfu Dragon USA/Lion Dance Team reserves the right to request additional compensation for out-of-town performances. The out-of-town fees vary depending on travel distance, the date of the event, and the availability of our performers.

What if I don’t have all of the information about my event?

Until we have confirmed the date, time, and location of a performance we cannot accurately determine if our team is available to perform for your event. Event requests submitted without this information will be considered incomplete as we will be unable to begin our request evaluation process.

What happens in the event of rain?

In the event of rainy conditions on the date of an outdoor performance, we will make reasonable accommodations to ensure fulfillment of the performance agreement. If, however, we cannot guarantee the safety of our performers and equipment (our lions are made of balsa wood/paper-mâché and our drum top is stretched leather… both are irreparably damaged in rain), we reserve the right to postpone, reschedule, or cancel any performance. In these rare circumstances, we will work with you to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution.

What if I have a question not answered on this page?

Please send us an e-mail and one of our Contact Managers will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Lion / Dragon Dance at Your Property?

·5 min read·by Ryan Ong

One way to add pizazz to your Chinese New Year celebrations is with a lion or dragon dance. Besides (probably) making you the toast of your block, the people who host the dances are said to have improved luck all throughout the year. Here’s how much to set aside if you want one:

Standard rates for lion dances

The standard going rate is $688 for a pair of lions. However, this can go as low as $388, for a smaller show (note: this may mean the lions dance only at your gate and in the living room, but do not visit the other rooms of the house).

For three lions, the going rate is typically around $888 to $1,088.

Note that there may be extra costs if you want something unusual in the performance. For example, if you want the lion to grab at an unusually high bunch of lettuce (some troupes can manage up to three storeys!) you may be quoted an extra sum.

Special requests, like dangling the lettuce from the second floor, might cost more

In addition to this, you’ll be expected to give a consideration (an ang pao). There is no rule about how much this has to be, but most people give at least $50. A more common sum is $88.

Standard rates for dragon dances

The standard rate for dragon dances is between $388 to $688. However, there is usually a package combining two lions and a dragon; this is typically around $1,388 to $1,588.

As with lion dances, you’ll be expected to set aside an ang pao on top of this.

Note that, due to space considerations, some troupes won’t offer dragon dances (or dragon plus lion combinations) in areas like HDB flats. Larger condos or landed / commercial properties are typically preferred for these.

Length of performance, and booking multiple performances

The minimum length of each performance is at least 15 minutes. However, dances typically last between 20 to 25 minutes. The time varies based on the size of your property. For example, it takes much longer to visit all the rooms in a landed property, than in a condo or HDB flat.

If you want the lion or dragon dance at a large commercial property, say at a factory that you own, the length of the performance is usually around 30 minutes – this is often the “time cap” of each performance.

Make sure your property has room, before deciding on a dragon!

Most troupes don’t change the cost based on the length of the performance – but note that those charging $388 will not typically visit every room in the house (i.e. the performance is shorter).

If you want to book multiple performances – such as for three or four properties that you own – the price can usually be negotiated down. The troupes we spoke to couldn’t give a definite number, but they said it could be as much as $200 to $300 lower per dance for multiple bookings.

Bookings and rates on different days

Bookings should be made at least one month in advance, although you’d be advised to start as early as two months before Chinese New Year. Some troupes have rush rates, and may charge as much as $300 more if they need to squeeze you in (e.g. you call two weeks ahead and hound them to turn up).

Also, note that some troupes charge less in the days immediately after Chinese New Year. Booking the dance a week after Chinese New Year day, for example, can lower the price by around $200.This varies based on each troupe, so do call or ask around.

Other key things to note

A few key things to note regarding lion and dragon dances are:

  • There is no entertainment permit required, even in HDB estates.
  • You are strongly advised to have a valid home content insurance policy. This isn’t just to cover the cost of anything that gets knocked over – it also covers liability claims in case anyone is injured on your property.
  • If you’re doing this your tenanted properties, note that you still need written permission from the tenants; an email will suffice. Don’t just turn up with the troupe, even if your property is a rented-out factory (not every tenant stops work on Chinese New Year, and dances could get in the way).
  • The arrangements are often informal. There may be no receipts, and there is often no refund policy. As such, it’s best to use a lion or dragon dance troupe with a good reputation – it’s better to use one recommended to you by a trusted source, than just to grab any random one off the internet. wishes all our readers a happy Chinese New Year!

Would you consider hosting a lion dance? Voice your thoughts in our comments section or on our Facebook community page.


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