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Throwback Thursday: The Internet 1.9 Genius of Ze Frank

The party invitation that started it all.

Do you remember Ze Frank? Don’t be ashamed if you don’t. You see, long ago, in the before time of the internet (around 2005), there was no Facebook or Twitter, and none of those obligatory “share” buttons that universally clutter and slow down your web pages even though no-one uses them. Which, combined with the fact that his early creations were often created using a sometimes lethal, long-abandoned tool called “Flash”, meant you had to share his creations with elaborate incomprehensible strings of text like, and you probably had to do it by email, for chrissakes. It’s a wonder anyone even discovered he existed. But exist he did, one might even say he thrived for several years. To paraphrase Jack Nichilson’s character Art Land in Mars Attacks, “Ze Frank was thinkin’ ’bout viral when there wasn’t no viral”.

You may very well have seen his later work, which has millions of YouTube views. His True Facts series had a much broader reach than his earlier series The Show, but they both were hilarious in their own way. There’s a good chance you’ve seen “True Facts About The Angler Fish”:

Although Ze Frank got a lot of page views back in his early days, he didn’t rise to the God-like status of say, Grumpy Cat or Rebecca Black. But he did make a splash, and his notoriety probably played a part in securing his current job as president of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. Which would probably be more suitably described as a Satan-like status. And which is ironic in another way: the formulaic success of sites like BuzzFeed and UpWorthy have pretty effectively killed the kind of organic sharing that made viral a thing in the first place, and made his new job possible. It’s like a time paradox in a Star Trek episode or something!

Strangely, ZeFrank doesn’t seem to have any videos about time travel. Or maybe he has simply traveled through time deleting them all. But he DOES have a funny cat video, proving the simple mathematical theorem cat+video=views. It has more views than any of his other clips:

But ignore our snark about his current employer, Ze Frank was an “Internet 1.9” genius, carving out a clever new niche in era when smartphones barely existed, and many were still on dialup. He created hundreds of clever and engaging videos, games, and interactives that were shared on “web forums” and “webrings” everywhere, and did a lot of it using – as we joked earlier – the animation/design tool Flash. Fortunately for us he didn’t delete it all in shame, it’s preserved for eternity in the labyrinthine archives over at ZeFrank. com. Or until he forgets to pay a hosting bill, whichever comes first.

Below are a couple of personal favorites of ours, but you can’t really get the full scope of his capricious genius without actually visiting his website, where his Web 1.9 creations are meticulously archived. You can learn more about ZeFrank on Wikipedia of course, or he’s done a heck of a lot of TED Talks too.

How to Dance Properly

One of ZeFrank’s first viral successes was How to Dance Properly, which was actually a party invite he had sent to a few friends. In 2001, this was a pretty sophisticated little dookickey to send as a casual invite, and it exploded in popularity. Fortunately for Ze Frank, the address of the party was not included in the page. (We’ve embedded a similar doodad further below, these items aren’t vary “share friendly”).


This is just a screengrab. Click the image to visit the actual Flash page.

My Advice to You

Again, this felt a little edgy in its day. ZeFrank takes on the character of your probably gay Euro-trash club friend, and answers advice questions in a clickable Flash page.



Although it’s not terribly musical, this little gizmo was the first time I personally had seen a Flash-based music sequencer embedded in a web page. It seems downright primitive now, but it was pretty amazing back then.

How To Impress Your Date

This one was hugely popular. We’ve embedded it here with an iFrame, because we know you’re too lazy to actually click on anything on this page so far. We hope ZeFrank doesn’t sue us, now that he’s a CEO with a hugely-funded tech firm. If the block below is all bunged up on your phone or something, just go visit the freakin’ page here

Ze Frank | Know Your Meme


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Ze Frank is the stage name of Hosea Jan Frank, an Internet comedian and performance artist who is credited with pioneering the vlogging format through his web series the show with zefrank and numerous other projects.

Online History

In March 2001, Frank launched the website,[4] which featured Flash animations of the comedian performing a variety of dances (shown below).[5]

Frank continued to create various projects for the site, including an online birthday invitation that brought millions of visitors to his site through a widely circulated email, several Flash games and short films. In 2002, Frank won a Webby Award[6] for Best Personal Website. In February of 2004, ZeFrank gave a talk at the TED Conference about his experiences with performing comedy on the web (shown below).

In September 2012, the viral content site BuzzFeed acquired Frank's startup company to produce video content for the site.[7]

The Show

On March 17th, 2006, ZeFrank launched the online video show The Show with ZeFrank on the Blip[1] media platform, which took the format of a daily news show providing commentary on current events. The show rain until March 17th, 2007 but has since had all episodes removed.

A Show

On February 27th, 2012, Frank created a Kickstarter[2] campaign to fund a new show titled A Show. On March 9th, the funding period ended with over $146,000 of the $50,000 goal pledged.

On April 9th, 2012, Frank launched the new show with a video titled "An Invocation for Beginnings" (shown below).

True Facts Series

On December 7th, 2012, the first in the series of comedy animal videos titled "True Facts" was uploaded to YouTube (shown below), in which Frank narrates humorous factoids about the echidna monotreme animal from Australia (shown below). In the first 10 months, the video accumulated more than 4.22 million views and 3,000 comments. As of November 2013, 21 additional videos in the series have been released.

Notable Videos

Search Interest

External References

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[2] Kickstarter – A Show With ZeFrank

[3] Wayback Machine –

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[5] ZeFrank – How to Dance Properly

[6] Webby Awards – 2002

[7] All Things D – BuzzFeed Hires Web Video Pioneer Ze Frank

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"Dancing is a sin" ©

I'll leave the dance theme to myself for a long time. It simply touches.

ma: Among the believers there is an ambiguous attitude towards couple dances (Latin American, rock and roll, tango and others) . .. I have been doing various couple dances for more than a year, before that I did a little Indian and Arabic. Personally, dancing classes (especially in pairs) helped me to understand something about myself (about how I perceive the world) and added color to my life, changing my attitude towards people around me and towards myself.
I would like to hear the opinion of the inhabitants of the forum about pair dancing and maybe about the dance experience (being already in Christ).

ze: Banal sex ritual. There is no other meaning.

Ph: Dancing, however harmless it may seem, is the action of impure desires and lusts of the flesh.
The result of the dancing was the murder of John the Baptist, the life of the one who was a voice crying in the wilderness.
I am against any dances, - this is a manifestation of the desires of the sinful flesh.

SI: Get married, fool, get married immediately! (c) :)))

C: David danced only once and under certain circumstances.
If the author of the topic carries the ark of God - let him dance of course.

Si: You know the meaning of animal dances. Do they only have pair dances? I’m watching how in the spring everyone starts dancing, and pigeons, and cats, and dogs, why would that be?

Pr: Do you know the meaning of animal singing? No matter how spring, everyone starts to sing, especially cats.
And, even knowing the true meaning of singing, some people have to commit this abomination (singing) in the church in the presence of God Himself. No shame, no conscience, agree?

AN: You know, I personally never understood the point of dancing. Though doubles, even singles, even ballet.
Can you try to explain to me what is the point of dancing?

Sh: They don't understand not only because they are stupid. I don’t understand what a thrill it is to sit and watch a crowd of sweaty men run after the ball and kick it into the goal. Here, try to explain to me what the buzz is. And if I don’t understand this, then I’m also stupid?

Sha: Very helpful with my wife. In terms of the fact that in ballroom dancing you need the full interaction of dancers, the leadership of a man and a sensitive response to this leadership from a woman. I would even say that by dancing ballroom dancing, you learn relationships in the family.
And in general, every married couple should be prescribed a ballroom dancing course. You can add it to the Constitution of the country :))))))))))

AN: It's not hard to see :), mostly men are fond of football. As players and as observers of the game. Let's ask a fair question :), why is football so attractive? To begin with, it should be noted that football attracts with accessibility. That is, almost any boy, young man or man can take the ball and send it to the goal. Or just lead him around the field, or juggle. Elementary "ownership" of the ball is already a kind of pleasure, because. shows the dexterity of a man, his strength, physical ability. Along with this, when two teams play against each other, rivalry inevitably arises - ours against not ours. This is akin to war, but a “lighter” war, when a team of more skillful, dexterous and successful football players, winning, receives “glory”, “honor” and “respect” from all “their own”, i.e. those who considered this team to be representatives of their: court, city, country. Thus football for the most part is a peaceful definition of a "stronger" team representing a city, a club, even a local court.
At the same time, it is incredibly beautiful that in football you need to control the ball not with "simple hands", as in many other games, but with "complex legs", i.e. part of the body, as it were, not intended specifically for the ball, however, the players beautifully come out not only in possession of the ball, but also in motion, which is doubly difficult when opposed by the enemy. The fact that a team of 11 people, on a large playing field, against essentially the same team, and their confrontation, their schemes and moves on how to beat each other, makes the match truly out of a match makes it even more beautiful to the football game. battle. :))) It is clear that the battle as such cannot please most women. :) And be understandable to the same :).

It's not that I think it's crazy to like dancing, I don't see the point in it :). I don't see the point in moving your body to the music. What is the person expressing at this time? What does he feel? What does he want to express? Why exactly moving the body?
So far I think that dancing is a primitive expression. From the inability to express otherwise - in an accessible word, voice, something else.

sq: I was here at a ballroom dancing competition... So everything is there, as in your description of football!:) Both dexterity and physical abilities. And intense rivalry. And virtuosity not only with "complex legs", but at the same time with "complex hands"! And the fact that it is incredibly beautiful is not even worth arguing.

Ga: If you practice dance as an art, you see it as creativity and a way of self-expression, you improve as an artistic person - do it for your own health and for the joy of others.
However, it is worth remembering that dancing is, indeed, in a certain sense and in certain circumstances, a pair ritual, with the help of which the plasticity of the body and the physical data of a partner of the opposite sex are evaluated, a ritual that appeals to instincts and has the ability to create motives.
Thus, it is not always possible to recommend "dancing in general", especially to young Christians. For example, visit nightclubs or discos, especially given their atmosphere and decor.
Attendance at a ballroom dance club or school can be recommended. However, every Christian must be aware of his condition. If close contact with a girl or guy causes certain difficulties, and this, without any inappropriate and stupid humor, is perhaps completely understandable, it is worth abstaining from classical dances for some period of time.

mu: Dancing competitions should be banned by law, just like ice dancing can't be a sport. Too subjective ratings. Dancing is a very beautiful aesthetic spectacle for the initiates. Well, or for fans - as you wish. And they are not destined to become a sport. It's like having an art competition. :-)

Bo: And rhythmic gymnastics too!

Si: I really like belly dancing. Am I dedicated?

Sh: I hope your church doesn't know this? And then they get banned.

ma: Maximilian Voloshin wrote interestingly about the meaning of dance: "... What is more beautiful than a human face, reflecting correctly and harmoniously those waves of moods and feelings that rise from the depths of the soul? It is necessary that our whole body become a face. This is the secret of the Hellenic beauty; there the whole body was a mirror of the spirit. Dance is the same sacred ecstasy of the body as prayer is the ecstasy of the soul. Therefore, dance in its essence is the highest and most ancient of all arts. It is higher than music, it is higher than poetry, because in dance outside the medium of the word and outside the medium of the instrument, a person himself becomes an instrument, a song and a creator, and his whole body sounds like the timbre of a voice . .. "
As for pair dances... Pair dance is when, for example, a man and a woman enjoy the fact that they move rhythmically and harmoniously to the music. There is an exchange of energies and/or emotions :)

AN: Very good. As expected, the dance is just a movement of the body. Well, now we can clearly state that Christianity and PASSION for dancing are ideally incompatible. You can dance only to the extent that you can drink alcohol - for the joy of the heart. And even then, as if for the sake of "our weakness." Since a person does not acquire any benefit for the soul when dancing, and cannot acquire it. And in accordance with the words of the Gospel about caring FIRST about your soul, rather than about your body, we can say that dancing is useless in this sense. And it is obvious why women are more susceptible to dancing, as beings are more "carnal".
As for the antiquity of the dance, it is not surprising that since the time of expulsion from paradise, a person began to forget about communion with God and acquired "communion with his body. "

Si: I'll try to answer seriously. If dances (single - without prying eyes) - use as home physical. exercises - only in this case I do not see a sin. Paul wrote that the exercises are of little use; to what extent they are still useful in order to keep your body in good shape. Further. All other manifestations of dances - I consider sinful - because in essence - dances serve to excite the lusts of the eyes and flesh. Well, if you answer your question about pair dances, this is generally nonsense for a Christian.
In general, it’s very strange to me, you have been a believer for a long time and you yourself come to what conclusion when you study the Bible, going to church services?

Sh: Watch the video. If someone says that this is "lust of the flesh and kindling", I will fight. :)))
Luca Foxtrot Performance

AN: Looked it up. Well, they moved harmoniously :)))... so what? What's the point ?

Sh: Any sport - for body and soul. As well as dancing. They are just neutral, and they do it because they LIKE it. And to bring some kind of theological basis for this and decide whether it is a sin or not is sectarian narrow-mindedness.

Ga: Dance is never neutral, and neither is music. Even cacophony is not neutral - it is annoying.
Dance is a sensual act at certain points and should be avoided unless it is eros directed at your loved one and lawful spouse.

Si: Dance is never neutral, and neither is music. Even cacophony is not neutral - it is annoying.
Dance is a sensual act at certain points and should be avoided unless it is eros directed at your loved one and lawful spouse.
Why do you compare football with dancing? This comparison was still admissible if opposite sexes played and in this case there was a contact of bodies. It is unlikely that we will find such a fan on planet Earth who, when watching football, had erotic desires, do you have ... football causes erotic lusts? This is very strange, if so, it is most likely an "anomaly" of some kind. Believe me, in football there is no hint of erotica, well, unless the Spain-Russia match is called complete erotica. But this is the match itself, not the movements of the players on the field.

Sh: Yes, dancing doesn't evoke anything erotic for me, unlike the anxious participants in this topic. :))))
And I compare only in the meaninglessness of both dancing and football. Both are empty entertainment for the soul.
In football, there is no beauty, no eroticism, no meaning, no use - absolutely idiotic running after the ball. Well, all right, these (biologically adults, but children in behavior) "men" run for money, earn like that. But the fans sitting in front of the TV, watching all this farce - this is just the height of stupidity and mediocrity of the time spent! It would be better to pray or read the Bible than to stare at running men. Or do you disagree? ;)

Si: You probably don't like boxing either. But this is a very beautiful sport, the main thing in it, like nowhere else, is the combination of spiritual and volitional qualities with physical and bodily training.

Sh: Don't you think that something is wrong with you? :) A dancing couple of a man and a woman is terrible for you, and two sweaty fighting men are beautiful. I'm even embarrassed to guess what psychologists would say...

Si: but in the end - look at the history of dances - look at the connection between rhythm and dance, and what kind of movement does rhythmic music itself cause in you personally?

SI: And you? ;) For me personally, rhythmic music causes the movement of the right foot - stomping to the beat of the music. But this one, maybe I'm wrong? ;)

Sh: Nothing, can you imagine? But the course of your thoughts is becoming more and more understandable. :)))))

Si: How does rhythmic music make you move? Can't be!! Well, at least you clap your feet?
Truth is very strange. After all, rhythmic music is just designed to cause body movements.

Sh: Somehow... it doesn't. :) I listen to music from about 8.00 to 00.30 every day, with some breaks. My body just falls apart so much to move. :))) Right now I'm sitting listening to King Crimson - I Talk to the Wind, and absolutely nothing twitches.
By the way, there is simply no non-rhythmic music on my computer. :)
But the songs from the collection "Song of the Renaissance" - are they rhythmic, or what? And what twitches in you when you sing in church?

St: Sorry, but I couldn't miss it. So I love such topics... :)
No matter how much I try to find out, I still can't get an answer: why do some people treat dances (claps, clothes, etc.) in Christianity so categorically? There is nothing in the Bible about the prohibition of dancing. The Jews danced, and how!
Well, if you don't believe, then don't dance! Why impose it as a dogma?
And if you talk like that (I'm talking about Scripture), boxing is also a crime (what about the commandment "turn your cheek") ... And in general, about any sport: what develops there? A sense of rivalry, excitement, pride. A complete nightmare!
That's why sports should be banned in Christianity! And to develop physically only alone: ​​run there, exercise machines, all sorts of horizontal bars...

Si: Cicero said: "A sane person, unless he is out of his mind, does not do it alone, in anyone's society... "because they are "companions of licentiousness, debauchery and lust." What was he so disrespectful about?
You guessed it right: dancing.
Regarding the dances of the Jews, such as David was an avid dancer - the topic was repeatedly raised and discussed. There the whole point is in the context, and not in the dance, and in the New Testament I don’t remember the dances of the apostles, maybe Paul danced, or John on the island of Patmos? There was nothing to do on the island...

St: And the dance with your wife?

Si: What's the point?

C: you are right about something - about pride and rivalry in sports .. but banning sports in general is clearly too much.

Sh: A sport without pride or competition is called physical education. Here, take care of her. :))

ma: - What is it when children dance joyfully, hearing music?
The novel "War and Peace" interestingly describes Natasha Rostova's feelings after the ball: "... Natasha was chosen and she got up with a smile and danced around the hall, Prince Andrei admired especially her timid grace ... - So much fun, like never before in life " she said, and Prince Andrei noticed how quickly her thin arms rose, it was, to hug her father, and immediately fell. Natasha was as happy as never before in her life. She was at that highest stage of happiness when a person is done completely kind and good and does not believe in the possibility of evil, misfortune and grief ... "
Why would that be, huh?

Si: Maria, if in kindergarten boys and girls hold hands .. and walk down the street like that .. then it’s quite normal ... moreover, “couples” can change every day and this does not raise any questions at all ...
But if you are holding a pen with a guy and will return from work or school, and every day - the guys will be different . .. strange .. don't you think?

so: Yes, there is not a single thing under the sun that would be neutral. Only this "non-neutrality" appears from the attitude of the person himself to this thing. All this is individual, but still there is no reason to make loud statements like "Everyone else manifestations of dances - I consider it sinful - because in essence - dances serve to excite the lusts of the eyes and flesh "based only on their personal weakness (or taste preference) and thereby erecting unreasonable prohibitions to others. If for someone personally it is a temptation or a person is simply does not see the point in this for himself, this does not automatically mean that everyone else should have the same problems and share only the same interests. Even if you close yourself in a cell, temptations cannot be avoided. The root of temptation lies not so much in the outside world as in ourselves. Therefore, expressing your attitude, it is more honest to stipulate what tempts me personally, for me personally it makes no sense, but if someone oh, everything is fine with this, and there is even some kind of benefit, you shouldn’t immediately remake this someone for yourself. We are all different.

Si: Here in the cell they eat only with spoons, without using forks...

Sh: This is from increased holiness, definitely.

so: It is not a spoon or a fork or a dance that tempts us, but our own flesh, which remains with you in the cell. "But everyone is tempted, carried away and seduced by his own lust." this does not mean that if everyone else is locked up there, it will bring them the same benefit as you. Personally, you do not find any use for yourself in the fork and dance, well, don’t use the fork and don’t dance. Just don’t build on the soil their personal preferences (which, in turn, can also be challenged, because they are fundamentally no different) some false theories.

St: "I don't remember the dances of the apostles in the New Testament"
So what? Does that mean they didn't dance? Not sure. Of course, I can't say that they danced, but I can't be sure that they didn't. It is not written there that they slept, washed, laughed. .. Otherwise, if you think like that, it turns out that the Apostles only went from city to city, preached and wrote letters (and not all of them). No breaks, around the clock.

Si: So I say - dance is one of the types of Kama Sutra.

St: Dancing is not a type of Kama Sutra, it is a substitute for Kama Sutra.
And just dancing allows you to better feel the partner without reaching the Kama Sutra with all its consequences.
As with everything else, busts are available, such as a lambada.
And if someone is seduced, and like him, "inflamed", so in some places they came up with a veil and a cloak for women in the summer.
Well, so as not to get inflamed.

Sh: And a break? :))))

Si: Nah, we're talking about pair dances... and there you can say simple gymnastics.. no one touches anyone... that's normal.

Sh: Man, where is your logic??? If unpaired dancing is gymnastics, then paired dancing is just a paired sport. And if the pair dance is the Kamasutra, then the unpaired dance is masturbation.
It seems more logical, I think.

Si: You see what's the matter. An unpaired break is very different from an unpaired lambada .. I don’t even know how to explain to you that these are completely different unpaired dances ... I’ll still try to explain: a break is more gymnastics or something, and a lambada - although there are also gymnastic elements , but these elements are from another opera or something .. I understand you, belly dance is also a wonderful dance that allows you to get rid of excess weight in the abdomen ... but the goal of belly dance is not to lose extra pounds, although this is also present, but to excite the senses. ..
break, lambada and belly dance - these are probably different styles, so try to dance at home when you are alone - these are different dances - what will you get?

Sh: Like what? I'll be killed or broken. :)) At my age, such dances are no longer danced.
Well, how can you not understand that if you perceive any movement of the opposite sex as an attempt to seduce you, then other people do not have such a reaction at all?? Are you 16 years old, or what? Somehow you react too nervously to all this.

Si: Are you talking about impotents? I don't know what their reaction is. Probably, when they look at the "shaking" of the hips, they think where they could direct this energy.

Sh: All clear. Thanks for answers.

Ga: Dancing is not always the path to carnal seduction. Although, as I said, some types and under certain circumstances should be abandoned by Christians, especially young ones. Some people begin to forget with age how it was in their youth, when only a touch on a girl’s hand ignited, when only the smell of her hair made her head spin. However, no one has ever had anything like it. There is also such a variant of the norm. But this is neither a virtue, nor any particularly correct state, rather it is closer to the lower limit of the norm. To think of it as spirituality is a mistake and a limitation.
I will also repeat that the plasticity of the body is a way of expressing feelings, ideas, emotions, including erotic ones, but not necessarily just such feelings.

SI: I read some lines, and it seems that the topic is not called "Christians and couple dances", but "Christians and PORN dances" :) kama sutra, you need to have a VERY rich imagination :)

Si: Then couple dances should be divided into two types: non-kama sutra: polka and hopak and related to kama sutra: lambada and belly dance.
The author of the topic did not specify: what is she dancing? A paired hopak or a paired lambada?
And Natasha Rostova's carnival somehow differs from the Brazilian carnival? Although I don’t understand dancing at all, it seems to me that Brazilian is more beautiful - there is more plastic there)) The only question is: should Christians participate in such carnivals?
The fact that the author of the topic is dancing - I can even determine what religion she is.

SI: It's very difficult for me to determine the religion of a person who has such a radically negative attitude towards dancing.
Most likely an atheist. For God treats dances very positively, and chose them as one of the ways of worship and glorification of Himself (see the Book of Psalms)
Not a single religious holiday was held among the Jews without dancing. This is part of the Jewish culture.
And let the radical dance-haters forgive me, but Jesus danced the same. He simply could not help but dance, for he was a Jew, a Jew.
And if you imagine Jesus as a gloomy ascetic with an eternally fasting expression on his face, then you are deeply mistaken.

Sh: Why is it difficult? Unregistered/Separated Pentecostal or Baptist. Do you know any other churches with such wild denseness and legalism? Where you can't dance. Where you can not wear a skirt shorter than the pastor approved. Where you can’t open the door for a girl and let her go ahead. Where you can’t walk arm in arm, otherwise they will think that they are already fornicating. Where it is impossible to be a man and a woman, but only asexual beings called "brother" and "sister".

Quote from Pr:
Tertullian on the subject (he is generally strict)

24. Do you need more proof that all kinds of spectacles are ungodly? If they are the creations of the devil (and everything that is not from God comes from the devil), then this is precisely what we renounced at baptism, and we do not need to seek this either by deed or by word, or by looks, or by wishes. Breaking our promise is the same as canceling baptism. Let's ask the pagans themselves, can Christians be present at the spectacles? They know that if a person stops attending spectacles, he becomes a Christian. This means that the one who rejects this sign of Christianity openly recognizes himself as a non-Christian. What awaits such a person? A warrior who runs across to the enemy, throwing down his weapon, leaving the banners, violating the oath of allegiance to the sovereign, dooms himself to certain death.
25. Can a Christian think about God where there is nothing of God? Can he pacify his soul, rooting for the driver; learn chastity by staring at mimes? Moreover, nothing is more tempting than well-dressed men and women. The very fact that they are rooting for the same people, or arguing and betting, instills sparks of lust in their souls. After all, the main thing people strive for when they go to the circus is to look at others and show themselves. When a tragic actor is singing, it is impossible to remember the exclamations of the prophet; it is impossible to resurrect the psalm in memory, listening to the pampered roulades of the flute; looking at fist fighters, a Christian cannot assert that it is impossible to return a blow for a blow. May God deliver his servants from the desire to participate in such disastrous amusements. How grievous is the sin from the Church of God to strive for the church of the devil, “from heaven,” as they say, “to shit”47; hands that you raised to God, as a token of approval, clap the performer; with the lips that said “Amen” in the temple, talk about the merits of the gladiator; to proclaim "Forever and ever" to another, and not to our God and Christ.
26. No wonder then that the devil easily takes possession of unfaithful Christians: the proof is the example of one woman who went to the theater and returned demon-possessed. When the unclean spirit was cursed and asked why he entered her, he replied: “I did not take possession of her in vain; because I found it in myself. Another woman, after visiting the tragedy, dreamed of a linen cloth with curses on the leading actor, and five days later that woman died. There are many other similar examples with people rejected by the Lord because they communicated with the devil at spectacles, for no one can serve two masters (Matt. 6:24). What does light have in common with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14). What does life have in common with death?
27. We should hate these pagan gatherings not only because the name of God is blasphemed there, but also because they care about handing us over to be torn to pieces by lions, invent persecutions against us, send temptations on us. What will you do if you are dragged into this quagmire of wickedness? Of course, you don’t have to be afraid of people (no one will take you for a Christian), but what will they think of you in heaven? While the devil is raging against the church, the angels, looking from heaven, carefully notice who uttered or listened to blasphemy, who served the devil against God with speech and hearing. So won't you run away from the stronghold of Christ's enemies, from this abode of destruction, where you suffocate the very air, infected with unholy voices? Let us even suppose that the spectacles are pleasant, amusing, and some of them even decent. But after all, no one mixes poison with bile and hellebore, but only with exquisite, delicate delicacies. The devil does the same: he hides his deadly poison in the most pleasant and tasty dishes. Therefore, everything that in spectacles seems valiant, noble, sweet-sounding, refined, you should take for honey poisoned with poison, and not so much appreciate its sweetness, but remember the danger associated with it.
28. Let the servants of the devil enjoy his food, let them go to spectacles when the master invites them. It is not yet time for us to celebrate. We cannot rejoice with the pagans, because they cannot rejoice with us either. To each his share: they are now in joy, and we are in sorrow. The world will rejoice, He said, but you will be sad (John 16:20). Let us sigh while the Gentiles rejoice, that we also may rejoice when they sigh. Let us now beware of making merry with them, lest we weep when they weep. You are too soft, Christian, if you are looking for pleasures in this world, or rather, stupid if you consider them pleasures. Some philosophers consider peace and serenity to be bliss: they find joy in it, indulge in it and take pride in it. And I have you longing for horse races, theater, wrestling fights and gladiator fights. Perhaps you will say: “We cannot live without joy, because we must die with joy.” But didn’t the apostle and I make a vow to leave this world and unite with Christ? (cf. Philipp. 1:23; 2 Cor. 5:8). Our joy consists in the fulfillment of the vow.
29. Do you still not agree to give up pleasure? Why are you so ungrateful that you do not want to acknowledge the pleasures that God has created and are sufficient to satisfy your desires? What can be more gratifying than the acquisition of God the Father and the Lord, than the knowledge of the hidden truth, the consciousness of delusions and, in return, the forgiveness of all sins? Is there any greater pleasure than disgust for pleasure itself, than contempt for this world, than true freedom, a clear conscience, a modest life and fearlessness before death? Is there any greater pleasure than trampling pagan gods, casting out demons, healing, asking for revelation, and finally living for God? Here are the delights of Christians, here are their spectacles, holy, eternal and free! Here are your chariot races: along this road you must rush, counting the moments and the circles passed, not taking your eyes off the final goal, defending the honor of the church rooting for you, under the banner of God, at the signal of the trumpet of his angel, striving for the glorious palm tree of martyrdom. If you are fascinated by literature, then we Christians have enough of our own books, poems, sayings, hymns and hymns, and, moreover, true, and not false; simple, not poetic. Are you looking for fisticuffs and wrestling? And you have plenty of that. See how chastity overthrows shamelessness, faith overcomes unbelief, mercy overcomes cruelty, and humility triumphs over self-will. Such are our competitions, in which we are crowned with a victorious wreath. If you want blood, then you have the blood of Jesus Christ.

Si: And I completely agree with Tertullian's "upper" statement:
That is, a person who encourages dancing is most likely not a Christian.
Ready to subscribe to the whole statement of Tertullian.

Sh: And if a person does not approve of dancing, then he is a Christian?

sq: Did you read carefully? The one who approves of boxing is also most likely not a Christian :)

Sh: I'm even afraid to mention football. :))
But on the other hand, if the pastor says that football is allowed, then Tertullian goes through the woods. Moreover, at the end of his life he went into heresy.

Ga: Temptation is not just an "irritant", it is a certain action, a situation. Which includes "irritant", as you say. Temptation inside and out. I want to say that neither one nor the other can be denied. It is impossible to declare that everything depends on the person. A criminal intent, despite the fact that there is no one to react to it, for example, there are only mannequins in the room, and not people, does not cease to be a criminal intent to deceive, for example. There is no one to deceive, dolls do not sweat, do not think, are not tempted, but people are not dolls... And the crime is not cleared by the fact that no one reacted to it.

Thus, a temptation does not cease to be a temptation because no one has been tempted by it internally or only externally. He will remain with them.
Undoubtedly, temptation is applicable only to people, and therefore it is possible to talk about it in relation to people, or, to be more precise, specific people in the sense of traditions, situations, their condition. For example, a skirt on a man is a temptation to others. But not in Scotland. And so in many ways. Certain actions, gestures, facial expressions, sounds in the context of modern society will always be a temptation, these are universal symbols: nudity, gestures, specific body movements, what causes, is a signal, gives the concept of eros. Another group of gestures and movements that speak, for example, of an insult, can vary greatly among different peoples.
So, temptation is a sinful plan, born inside or outside of a person, and these parts are not the same. Or an action or even inaction, which led to the creation of a situation that is a temptation.
How can this be inaction? For example, a guy accidentally entered the room, but the girl did not cover herself (well, or vice versa, the girl went in, anyway), she does nothing, but a situation has been created. Another example: they beat someone on the street. A strong man who could protect another, in front of the children who know him well and adore him, indifferently passed by.
Of course, in real life situations can be much more complicated in content, but I think you understand what I want to say.

Si: I want to touch on situations. I absolutely agree with you. So look what happens, we can predict situations. For example, in a hopak dance, a girl sits on the dancer's knees - a situation has been created - this situation is chaste - no, it means that the one who goes into this situation and has no idea about chastity.
Here Sheva writes that there should be women and men in the church, not brothers and sisters, and she puts unchaste relations into the term "women and men". If a woman took a man by the hand - and at the same time they do not have any temptations - this is normal - take the women of men by the hands and dance the hopak.
i.e. there is a "provocation" of situations. Therefore, a system of measures was "developed" in the church to avoid creating situations: let's say a young man cannot meet with his sister "one on one" - so as not to create situations, therefore a believer is forbidden to sit down at a table at a party, etc. etc..
That is, there are preventive measures to prevent situations ... and non-participation in pair dances is also a preventive measure.

Sh: How do you know what I put where? I'm talking only about freedom, and not about tightened screws, from which then some separatists break the roof. Freedom in Christ and permissiveness are two different things, in case you don't know.
Siberia, I'll tell you a secret - the best primary measure is castration. Everything else is nonsense. Although you pretend to be chaste, however, you declare that you like the Brazilian carnival more than a ball in Tsarist Russia. And what you write here about chastity is far from always practiced in your own life, right? But castration would help guaranteed. Well, in fact, a few extra grams of flesh, and the Kingdom of God is not far off.

Si: Tertullian sharply opposed art, considering it a legacy of pagan antiquity - pagan heresy. "Art," he exclaimed, " under the auspices of two devils - passion and lust - Bacchus and Venus. "
Do you agree?

Ga: It is only necessary to remember that "avoiding situations" is an administrative matter; the decision of a person responsible before God for the entrusted flock of a person, but not dogmatic. Obedience is useful here, but this decision is not Scriptural and operates in a particular local church. However, there are similar global definitions, for example, "the righteous does not sit in the assembly of corrupters."
Sinful intent will always remain so, whether it comes directly from an evil spirit or originates in the thoughts of a person. But the situation is changeable, it depends on the culture, traditions, upbringing and perception of people. As I already wrote, there are universal symbols, "situational keys" that determine the meaning of an event, there are those that change from people to people and even from person to person. For example, "to show a fig" to a guy will be a different gesture, a different event in Russia and in India.

Si: I understand you very well, and you are talking about freedom, which serves to please the flesh, that is, you covenant Christians to sin so that they cannot distinguish what is pure and what is unclean, what is holy and unholy.
Yes, castration will not help anyone, because the desire to dance in pairs does not come from physiology, but from the heart, but the heart, who wants to dance, really needs to be circumcised, to which the Word of God calls us.

Sh: No, you understand yourself, not me. What I'm saying, you simply do not understand, unfortunately. For you, impurity and sinfulness lies in the fact that a woman came to the service without a headscarf and in a skirt above the length determined by the pastor. Or she danced. Or went to the beach.
The pastor said that dancing is a sin, everyone accepted without question that it was a sin. If a pastor loves football and boxing, then this will not automatically be a sin. But in another church of your denomination, the pastor will love dancing and not like football, and everyone in the church will believe the same thing. And I do not belong to a church that establishes private likes and dislikes as dogma.

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Once upon a time there was a little bunny who was not afraid of anything. All her brothers and sisters were afraid of the wolf, afraid of the fox, and sometimes even flinched at the sound of thunder in a thunderstorm, but the little bunny didn’t care. She even said that she could run faster than a fox!

One day a little bunny decided to go play in the meadow. But all her friends were afraid of the fox and stayed at home, and the bunny went to play with the bear cub and the owl. And suddenly - a fox! The owlet quickly flew up onto a branch, the bear cub jumped into the bushes out of fear, and only the brave bunny was not afraid and, shouting "try it, catch it," ran in a zigzag into the forest.

In two jumps, the fox caught up with the hare and pressed it to the ground with its paw. And she was already preparing to eat the hare, when she was suddenly thrown away by the powerful paw of the mother bear. The owlet called for help and the mother bear came running ready to protect her cub.

The bear turned to the bunny and said "Being fearless is a very good quality. But it's even better to be smart and take risks correctly." They studied dance together for many months, knew each other, and Lei could always rely on Mike. Even if sometimes she lost her balance or stumbled, Mike was always there and could pick up and support.

But one day, Mike was walking down the street home and accidentally hit his big toe on a stone and couldn't dance for a whole week.

The teacher made Lei dance with a boy named Jay. He was a very good boy and a good dancer. But, he didn't know Lei. And at the moment when Lei lost her balance, he did not have time to catch her and Lei sat down on the floor with a swing.

From that day on, Lei decided - even if she decides to always dance only with Mike, she needs to learn to always rely on herself and make sure that she is always in balance ... And this is what she began to do, in dance and in life .

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