How old are the dancing dolls cast

How Old Are The Dancing Dolls?

by Ritesh

Dancing dolls excel in many aspects of dance. Let’s find out how old are the dancing dolls are in this article.

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The Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. It was formed in the year 2001 by Diana Williams at pied piper playhouse. 

The dancing doll team is renowned all over the United States because of its stunts and technique while performing on the stage. The slogan of these teams is dancing dolls for life which are popularly called DD4L.

Many fans ask us, how old are dancing dolls? The dance team consists of female members from six to seventeen years. However, they have a separate group for baby dancing dolls from age six to ten years.

This article discusses more dancing dolls in detail. So, you can continue reading this article for more information.

History Of Dancing Dolls

Ms. Williams opened a dance studio in the heart of Jackson named dollhouse dance factory in the year 2010. In that year, 23 students were enrolled in the first semester. 

But as the studio grew, more female dancers began to enroll in the other semesters. People came to know more about the dancing dolls when the team participated in Bring its television reality show.

The dancing doll team has had ten captains since its establishment in 2001, i.e., Khadijah, Monique, Ariel, Markitia, Mariah, Katt, Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna, and Makya. There are two instances in which the dancing doll team had two captains. The first was Katt and Kayla 

and the others are Crystianna and Makya.

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How Old Are Dancing Dolls?

I have outlined here some renowned dancing dolls who have stolen the hearts of many fans in the United States by their performance on stage.

#1. Crystianna

If I talk about Crystianna, she is the youngest captain among all other dancers in her time. She is sweet and shy by nature, but she kills the audience with her dancing skills when performance time comes. So she is called a silent killer by the team. Now she is 20 years old and a student of Alcorn State University. She left dancing dolls in 2017 because her aunt forced her to join the rival team of dancing dolls, i.e., Divas of Olive Branch.

#2. Makya Griffin

Makya Griffin was formally the head drillmaster and then the captain of the dancing doll team along with crystianna. Makya is now a student of Alcorn State University, and she is 20 years old.

#3. Kayla Jones

Kayla Jones is one of the oldest dancing dolls, and she is 24 years old now. She was the captain of dancing dolls in season 1 and promoted to assistant coach in season 2.

#4. Camryn

Camryn was promoted from drillmaster to co-captain in season 1 and then a captain in season2. She excels in majorette, lyrical, and Jazz. Now she is 20 years old and currently a student of Southern University in Baton Rouge.

#5. Faith Thigpen

Faith Thigpen became a dancing doll in 2015, i.e., in season 3, and excels in various aspects of dance. Now she is 21 years old and recently graduated from Holmes Community College.


She was the dancing doll before her removal in 2010. She again returned to the dancing doll team in 2015 after becoming a member of Purple diamonds.


She joined the dancing dolls in season 5. Now she is 24 years old.

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DollHouse Dance factory

The dollhouse dance factory is one of the hottest dance studios in Jackson, which promotes self-esteem, persistence, and the importance of health through various aspects of dance in young women. There is always a fun and friendly environment in the studio.

The dollhouse dance factory was opened first in Jackson on 23rd August 2010 and then Birmingham in December. Later there was another dancing doll factory in Atlanta, Georgia. You can enroll in any of the dancing doll factories if you wish to become a dancing doll. 

The dollhouse Jackson offers various dancing styles, which you can learn from many talented dancers. They offer Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Majorette, Pom Pom, and contemporary.

How Can You Become A Dancing Doll?

If you are interested in becoming a dancing doll, your first duty will be to enroll in a dollhouse dance factory. Secondly, your age should be between ten to seventeen years. The dancing doll factory takes $25 from each new dancer and $10 as a try-out fee from the returning doll dancers.

#1. Interview

The participants can come in business or casual attire to attend the interview. A selected panel conducts the interviews. In that interview, Diana Williams, the founder of the dancing doll factory, will be present along with two other coaches named Kayla Jones and Ariel Kinsey.

#2. Try Out Camp

Monday – Registration usually begins at 4.00 PM, and the interview starts at 5.00 PM.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – The camp starts at 5.30 PM and ends at 9.30 PM.

#3. Try Out Date

Friday is the try-out date. But you need to make sure that you were enrolled in dollhouse classes earlier. It is the eligibility criteria of the dollhouse dance factory for a tryout. Exceptions are made based on previous dance performances and resume provided by the dance instructor.

What About Baby Dancing Dolls?

The baby dancing dolls have a separate team in which kids whose age is within six to ten years old can participate. The participants need to wear black bottoms, a white top with comfortable tennis shoes. The registration fee is $20 for each new participant and $10 for the returning baby doll participant.

Wrap Up

The dancers of the dancing doll team are truly inspiring to many dancers all over the World. You can enroll yourself easily in a dancing doll factory, But your age should be under 18.

I hope this article helped you with the information that you need. Please don’t forget to share any suggestions for this article. I would love to read your suggestions in the comment section.

Happy Dancing

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Do not rush to say goodbye to the doll: straw dolls by Ekaterina Medyantseva

Where to go, what to see?

DOLL TIME #19. May 24-28, St. Petersburg
"All the best for children". Collection of Sergei Romanov. March 31 - August 13, Moscow
"Winter Carnival" January 16 - February 6, Moscow
Yulia Sochilina's first solo exhibition. December 2-15, Moscow
"Christmas Lounge". November 25 - December 15, Moscow


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The name of Ekaterina Medyantseva is almost forgotten today, but her dolls are still dancing on Earth.

Straw doll is fragile and delicate. The child will take it in his hands, a day - another will play - and that's it.
Is everything?
Not so easy. There remains a feeling of warmth, alive and something distant, coming from the gene memory, stored in the earth and in the sky. It is no coincidence that a doll can only be made from straw, compressed by hand. If the harvester has passed or the field has been fed with chemistry, there will be no more toys. There won't be a miracle. Straw breaks, hardens and is silent. This is what the legendary craftswoman Ekaterina Konstantinovna Medyantseva once told. A man who revived in the sixties of the last century the art of creating a straw toy, dating back to pagan antiquity and, as it was believed, already lost forever.
Her works are kept in the museums of Penza and Moscow, no one knows how many of them ended up in private collections in Russia and abroad. They were exhibited in the Hermitage and the Louvre. Central magazines and newspapers wrote about the grandmother from the village of Mikhailovka. For her toys went from all over the country.
And then came the sunset, which always comes when you don't expect it. Her earthly path ended in the Penza House of Veterans. By that time, 95-year-old Medyantseva was practically blind. Like an evil smile of fate. After all, once young, beautiful, full of strength, unexpectedly for many, she chose a blind musician as her husband. There are many such coincidences in her fate, most often tragic, as if time asked her for returning to us, it seemed, forever already belonging only to him.

House under the pines
When I finally decided to tackle the topic of Medyantseva, many people in Penza were surprised: “Why are you all of a sudden? Why?"
But in Mikhailovka, this interest did not surprise anyone. And the very first grandmother she met told in detail the way to the house of Ekaterina Konstantinovna.
- Go straight ahead, then through the dam, there you will see. Two pine trees grow side by side, do not get lost. Only she's been gone for a long time.
- Yes, we know.
- Is it true that she was buried there in Chemodanovka in Penza, you don’t understand how?
I just nod my head and feel an agonizing sense of shame.
- Surely it was impossible to bring here? We would do everything humanly.
Mikhailovka is not very big. We arrive quickly. Two pines turn out to be huge fir trees. Do not approach the rickety house. Everything has been overgrown for a long time. Only at the edge of the plot tends branches strewn with red fruits, an apple tree once planted by my grandmother. It was in winter and late autumn that she became a poet and artist, and in summer she was a gardener and beekeeper.
Behind her house there is only a yellowing endless field, from which the bread has already been removed. And in the farthest place, where the gold converges with the blue, a forest is guessed on a hillock. I want to sit in the grass, look into this distance to infinity, until my eyes water.
No, it's not true that a person doesn't care where to lie after death. His soul does not care where to fly. At least occasionally. Even if he knew here not only happiness.
To escape from despair
- Her personal fate did not work out, - Olga Dudarova, an employee of the regional museum of folk art, sighs. - The father was repressed. The mother could not bear the grief and died a year after that. In the arms of Medyantseva were four younger brothers and sisters. She lifted them all by herself. She gave everyone an education. She fell in love with a blind accordion player from her fellow villager, got married. And then he went to another. She managed to return it, but at that time their young child died. Then there was no husband. You know, maybe from here, from this disorder, as a protest, a breakthrough to the light from everything that did not take place, as a salvation from despair, all her work came out? She not only made dolls, and sang, and wrote poetry ...
I listen to Olga Viktorovna and involuntarily recall the fate and martyrdom of another almost forgotten now Penza grandmother - the poetess Matryona Smirnova from Russian Ishim. And what about our storyteller Ulyana Yezhkova, who ended her life in the same House of Veterans as Medyantseva?
Fates are different, but similar in one: an exorbitantly heavy price for entering culture, contact with the subtle, fragile and wayward world. Giving much and asking for much.

Broken thread
No one knows, of course, how the Medyantsev doll actually began. There is only a purely household version.
- In the mid-sixties, an exhibition of craftsmen was being prepared in the House of Folk Art, - says Olga Dudarova. - It was then that they remembered the straw dolls that were once made in Mikhailovka. They asked Ekaterina Konstantinovna to try to make one. At that time she was the leader of the Mikhailovsky folk choir, which she herself created. This choir thundered throughout the country, they even took them to Moscow on tour. For this choir, Ekaterina Konstantinovna was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Culture.
Medyantseva herself often recalled how difficult it was for her and how clumsy that first doll came out. And then it went... She stayed in Mikhailovka, and her dolls walked all over the world. They lived their separate lives, like children who flew away from their native nest, and there is no exaggeration in this. It is today, due to our thoughtlessness, that we perceive the doll exclusively as a toy. At a time when fairy tales were not yet fairy tales, but remained part of real life, the doll was an artifact being. Attribute witchcraft, shamanic. A being through which people communicated with forces that today we call unreal. It is no coincidence that it is the doll that is entrusted with first protecting us in the cradle, and then leading us through childhood to adulthood. The last time, seriously and absolutely consciously, the magicians and sorcerers of the Silver Age, led by Meyerhold, tried to breathe life into the doll. Yes, but they could not cope with the forces they had brought to life. The tragic ending of that story is known.
Medyantsev - the story, however, is somewhat different. There was no intellectual artificial cleverness here, and she worked with material alive. She simply wove her dolls, without thinking that she was weaving a path connecting the present with a truly deep primordial past, restoring the once broken connection of times. It didn't work out. This fragile thread broke, like many other things, in the 90s of the last century, which became cursed for Russia.
Before that, guests often came to her. Journalists, art historians, authorities. She welcomed everyone, made and gave dolls without fail. She asked for only one thing: to find students to pass on the secrets of craftsmanship. Don't let revived art die. Students appeared and disappeared. They mastered the basics, and then switched to something else. AT 90th, everyone was no longer up to dolls and not up to Medyantseva.
From mournful loneliness, humiliating helplessness, almost blind Ekaterina Konstantinovna asked to save herself. The village administration allocated a car to take the pride of the region to the House of Veterans. Did Medyantseva understand then that it was forever? For sure. And still, she could hardly see her Mikhailovka from the window of that car for the last time. And not just because of bad eyesight. After all, tears are useful only for the soul, but for the eyes it is akin to cataracts.

Dancing in the void...
- In recent years, Ekaterina Konstantinovna has learned to make special, dancing dolls. She called them “round dances,” says Kirill Zastrozhny, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Penza Region. - You put such a doll on the table, beat out the rhythm on it, and she starts to dance. An ordinary straw doll in Mikhailovka, probably, can still be made now, but no one seems to be dancing. We lost it.
In those years, we generally lost a lot, and I'm afraid we will count those losses for a long time to come. By the way, after that confusion, even experts today cannot name all the places where Medyantsevo dolls have settled and still live and dance for someone.
Fortunately for me, I have seen a real one, dancing, feel how this fantastic whirl is tightening, as if it was not you, but a doll that sets the rhythm and says something. But we don't understand her language.
In Mikhailovka, we meet Lilia Ivanovna Zubareva, the head teacher of the local school, who opens up a small room dedicated to the Medyantseva Museum for us.
I rummage through the drawer where Ekaterina Konstantinovna's correspondence is carefully stored. People wrote to distant Mikhailovka not only from all over the country, but also from abroad.
- Unfortunately, now, probably, it is already impossible to find out who these people were, - Lilia Ivanovna sighs. - We somehow recorded on a cassette how grandmothers sing, who is still alive from the Medyantsevo choir, we are now being told that we must definitely rewrite this on a disk. And where is the money to get it?
The museum is kept on bare enthusiasm. Except for the meager money allocated by the local administration.
Already saying goodbye, I ask Zubareva if they can now weave a real straw doll in Mikhailovka?
- I don't even know. Hardly. We usually teach children such applied things at labor lessons. We only try to make sure that these are things that are useful in the household. Well, judge for yourself, they will bring home, let's say, a stool. Everything is clear, the thing is necessary, it was not in vain that they sat at school. And if a doll ... Parents will say, they say, this is pampering. Not seriously.
How to know...
“The clue to the incomprehensible is located on the border between the living and the dead, there is also an animated doll,” wrote Irina Uvarova, an outstanding researcher and connoisseur of dolls, in her book “The sorcerer laughs in every doll”.
Nothing in this world happens by chance. And it is absolutely no coincidence that the revived Medyants doll came to us. She doesn't just dance. She says. About something, perhaps the most important for us.
But we still don't understand her language.

... and singing in the dark
Ekaterina Konstantinovna Medyantseva lived in a nursing home for about five years. She didn't make dolls anymore.
- She rarely had guests. She was not caressed with attention during these years, - recalls the psychologist of the House of Veterans Valentina Maslova. - I was very worried that everything turned out like this: I helped everyone, but in the end I was left alone. Sometimes I went into myself for a long time. And until the very last days she sang. In the corridor, in the room, in the hall. Most often, the songs that she wrote when she lived in Mikhailovka.
... She died in the summer of 2000. The quiet funeral at the Chemodanovskoye cemetery was completely taken over by the House of Veterans. Subsequently, at the expense of the same House of Veterans, a modest monument was erected on her grave.
- I was just afraid that they would completely forget it, - Anatoly Lomakin, director of the House of Veterans, told me.

Igor Kramskoy, Komsomolskaya Pravda - Penza


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How did the dancing doll die? –

The dance troupe Dancing Dolls For Life (DD4L) is experiencing the tragic loss of one of its members in Jackson, Mississippi. February 2 19Shakira Gatlin, aged 90,023, was mortally wounded by 90,024 gunfire at a house on the 100th block of Barnes Street.

In this regard, what happened to the white girl on the dancing dolls?

Since 2017, she has worked as a mental health specialist at the Mississippi State Hospital in Whitfield, Mississippi. She now has a young daughter, born in July 2021.

Then what is Kayla from Bring It doing now? She is currently attending Grambling University after transferring from a previous college she attended during one of the show's episodes. Kayla and Moe Johnson are engaged.

What are the half-pint dancing dolls?

Baby Dancing Dolls are a dance crew from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is led by Dianna Williams.

Children's dancing dolls.

Student Information
Floor Women
Century 6-10
Famous members Kayla Griffin Taelar Felton Kaylen "Half Pint" Hudson

Afterwards, Where are the dancing Camryn dolls? She is part of the "A" team, made up of veterans of the team. She graduated from high school in 2018 and currently attends University of the South in Baton Rouge.


Who is the white doll dancer?

Dianna Williams on Twitter: “The European girl from Dancing Dolls is called Alyssa. 😉 she is an amazing asset to our organization.

Who was the first captain of the dancing dolls?

Since its founding in 2010, the team has had 2001 captains: Khadija, Monique, Ariel, Markitia, Mariah, Catt, Kayla, Kamryn, as well as Christianna and Makya. There were two occasions when a team had two captains; the first were Katt and Kayla before Katt left the team. Then Christianna and Makya.

Where did Sunjay bring it from?

Sanjay Williams is a dancer from Clinton, Mississippi.

Who is Tina's daughter?

Her daughter Kayla Jones was born on 10 May 1997 years old and is one of the dancers featured in the show. On July 3, 2019, Tina gave birth to a baby girl named Tamiya "Tooty" Won.

Sunjay graduated from college?

"On tour this year will be Sunjay, who just graduated from DeSales University on a full scholarship," Williams said. "She's been able to not only maintain a social life, but also maintain high academic achievement, be permanently on the dean's list, and still be able to do what she's supposed to do while preparing for the tour."

Where is Sanjay from Bring it now?

Sanjay is currently working as a real estate agent.

Who is the youngest dancing doll?

Say hello to Rittani and the youngest member of the Dancing Dolls, Christianna, who has 4 years behind her! #Bring it!

How old is Sunjay from dancing dolls?

Sanjay Williams was born on February 9, 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi. Her mother, Selena Johnson, is also a dancer and reality TV star, while her father, James J.J. Williams, is a seasoned entrepreneur. She has an older brother Quincy, whom her mother gave birth to at the age of 14.

Are dance dolls paid?

Dancing dolls are technically allowed to appear on a paid basis, but only if they don't interfere with training or competition - something that Kristianna and her mother, Valisa, obviously didn't care about.

Where is Ritani from?

Ritani is currently pregnant with a boy due on September 21, 2021. Rittany moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the start of the show's fifth season after falling in love with someone.

How old is Angela and Angela from bring it?

She is a member of the Dancing Dolls. Her twin sister Angela is also a Dancing Doll.

Angel Chelom
Date of birth December 1, 2000
Age 20
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
Team Dancing dolls

Who was the captain of the dancing dolls after Camryn?

Former Captain Kamryn retired two months before leaving for college, which meant it was time for Christianna to step up and lead the Dancing Dolls alongside dancer Makia. "I'm so excited to be captain this year," Christianna said at the time.

What is the name of the white girl who will bring this?

Bring It On (2000) - Tracey Pacheco as a white girl rapping - IMDb.

Dancing Dolls cancelled?

However, according to Dianna Williams, the show was not canceled due to some girls leaving the team and Coach D moved to Atlanta to open a third dollhouse.

Who became the captain after Camryn?

Former Captain Kamryn retired two months before leaving for college, which meant it was time for Christianna to step up and lead the Dancing Dolls alongside dancer Makia. "I'm so excited to be captain this year," Christianna said at the time.

Mimi from dancing dolls is married?

Mimi Chandler was born on August 22, 1975 and was a cheerleader in her youth. She married Calvin Harris and they had two children; a son named Travius ​​"Tra" Harris and a daughter, Camryn Harris. The couple divorced but remain very close friends and parents of both children.

Where is Tamiya from the dancing dolls?

Tamiya Whittaker is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. Formally, she is the main co-captain of the Dancing Dolls and also a member of the Purple Diamonds.

Tamiya Whittaker
occupation Dancer Student
Training Ridgeland High School Jackson State University
Favorite genres
Hip-hop majorette

Rittani Anderson married?

Is Ritani married? She got engaged on the show last year, and it doesn't look like the couple has yet to get married.

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