How to dance corridos with a partner

【How to】 Dance Corridos With A Partner

video which is on the spin some spinning

and then are maybe a little lift in

there you know

so get your partner get your mom your

sister your aunt whatever you guys have

get your partner and then you want to

grab them the same way so remember guys

under than here under the here put your

arm like right here not too far out not

to him and we actually said the same

instruction in the bundle so only link

that one below so you guys could watch

that one too in case you guys did it so

it's kind of the same thing as the bond

that video which is really to learn a

little bit better is dance by yourself

in here so it's just gonna be a

different puzzle which is they come it's

one two so it's kind of like going

sideways right yeah it's exactly the

same for the girls too all you got to do

is just follow the guy step and just two

steps exactly and this is how it looked

ugh you're going sideways this way it's

like one two one two one

so you're going left and right but with

the arm like this

you just keep on doing this over and

over again guys pause this video if you

have to and just keep on doing with your

partner once you get that down okay and

then once you guys think you guys got

the the basic step one two down then you

do it again and then you watch this

video again and then until you get it

and then we're gonna show you guys how

to do the spins so when we're doing

spins guys like I said it's three steps

once you get the basic step down like

she said we're gonna be teaching you

guys how to do spins and this is how we

do it so you like this so like I said

the same thing the basic one two step

right um and then you slide this way

it's kind of like of a skip motion so

what you kind of get on like this and

you kind of hop into the spin

everybody's different tongue song

whoa what are you doing like I said guys

practice by yourself practicing by

yourself makes a big difference I'm

telling you right now so just do the

two-step do the two-step and then you

want to start it looks I know

it does but it's gonna help you I

promise okay and some advice for the

girls all you gotta do is just really

follow them it's kind of like a hopping

motion or like yeah you're just kind of

just hop in and then just turning at the

same time but you have to also hold on

the guys cuz they're the ones that do

all the dance me so once you guys get

that down um like she said pause the

video practice by yourself we played if

you have to just keep practicing in the

mirror too so you can see what you're

doing exactly and once you get those two

steps down um we're gonna be teaching us

how to do a lift

not everybody does it but I'm telling

you I mean I think it looks pretty cool

right and this is how it looks so I'm

gonna show you guys first so you do the

two-step doing the two-step and then you

do a lift so you lift up the girl in

this boom and a big mistake on this that

everybody makes is that the guys tend to

lift up the girls with just their knee

like they use the power with just their

knee and that's gonna hurt them trust me

don't don't use just your knee it's all

in the hands both hands and your knees

so what you do is you grab them by the

waist right here you kind of push up you

kind of like lift it up like this I'm

sorry you lift up like that and you push

up at your hand and you do those three

at the same time and then as a girl what

you need to do is you kind of have to

like once you cuz they grab you and then

they start putting their hand in the rib

so then once you start doing this you

know it's gonna be the lift the lift and

then you just kind of hop up because

then if he just does all the work is

kind of gonna hurt your ribs so you're


and also this back leg needs to come up

so it doesn't look weird cuz then if you

leave it like this looks like a stiff

snake yeah yeah so what you do is you

bend this mean

you bend this knee and then this leg

stays straight now what you just help

jump yeah you kind of jump into toe more

like this ready like that so see how she

bend this knee and then this one stays

straight one from the time I remember

how okay and then watch how she jumps

into the lift watch see that felt so

light like I'm not the strongest person

ever but when you guys do it right when

you guys both connect at the same time

there's just two it goes out by itself

so yeah and it shouldn't hurt by the way

yeah if it's hurting the girl maybe you

guys need you know more practice no big

deal so once you guys get all those

three steps down guys try to connect all

them together I'm telling you they look

really cool so much so it's the basic

two steps right once you get that down

you already comfortable starting to spin



just to remind you guys we are not the

best dancers but we are just trying to

show you guys the basic steps so when

you guys go out you have enough

confidence to ask or throw out like to

ask her to dance cuz you somewhat know

so then this is just to help you guys

it's exactly guys it's all about having


you're just having fun having a good

time with your family with your friends

don't take this dancing things too

seriously in competitive nowadays people

will be taking this like a sport and got

it before this video ends I'm gonna be

doing another giveaway if you guys want

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comment on some stuff not some cheesy

things but like some you know what you

see em what you what you think other

people might want to

exactly so make sure you have subscribe

guys coming down below like this video

and I will see you guys on my next video

and third

Most Popular Dances With A Partner – CLI Studios

September 7, 2021 March 21, 2022 / 4 minutes of reading

Would you like to share a dance? Of course you would. But what dance are we talking about, and do you and your partner even know the moves? Let’s start from the beginning and start working together. Here are some of the most popular dances that you can learn and perfect with a partner.


This is possibly one of the most popular, exciting, and romantic dances in the world. Born in Argentina in the latter part of the 19th century, the Tango comes from a convergence of cultures that saw European waltzes meeting native South American ceremonial dances and melding with the candombe celebration traditions from just across the Rio de la Plata of Uruguayans with African ancestors. This dance is defined by its rich and dramatic gestures and stylized moves which are executed to incredibly heartfelt music played with great élan by some of the most soulful musicians alive. Tango is an entire experience, and nobody who has ever watched it done or taken instruction in it will ever forget the impact of its passionate beauty.


Born in the misty backwoods of 16th century Europe, this dance started its life as a near-mythical folk dance, spoken of in manuscripts but never formalized. That all changed just before the Age of Napoleon, when the Waltz took Viennese high society by storm, and in doing so became ground zero for the world of ballroom dance. In its simplest definition, the Waltz is a closed-form couples dance that is performed to music played in 3/4 time. This gives the dance its distinctive one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm. Some of the most famous waltzes can be heard in the music of Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovski, whose Swan Lake brings the Waltz off of the ballroom floor and up onto the big stage of grande ballet.


This competition-recognized throwback to the heady days of vaudeville in the early 20th century, the Foxtrot is an American dance whose style was born in the first age of Jazz. Sharing a lot of moves with the Waltz, the Foxtrot is danced in 4/4, or common, time instead of the 3/4 favored by its European cousin. A little older than Swing dancing and a little younger than the Tango, this light-hearted dance has been massively popular since the ragtime-era, during which it seemed that every tune was written for it exclusively. Although more than a century old, the Foxtrot still has its legions of admirers, and shows no signs of slowing down.


Although there are a lot of definitions, styles, and origins that go into the story of this once-humble Cuban dance, when most people mention the Rumba in North America, they are talking about the ballroom rumba. Slower than a lot of other Latin dances like Salsa or its sibling the Bolero, the Rumba focuses on smoothness and can come across as a little more formal at times. However, once you get the moves down, it’s perfectly okay to loosen up a bit outside of the classroom (or ballroom) and return this Cuban beauty to its party dance origins.

Regional Mexican and Contemporary Latin Dances

With the massive worldwide success of the Caribbean musical genre Reggaeton and crossover Latin pop acts like Pitbull tearing up the charts, we are living in the boom times for Latin dances. But where to get started? We suggest that you look into the world of regional Mexican dances, which apart from being performed to some seriously good dance music (like the polka-flavored Norteño style of Northern Mexico), is also chock full of some excellent couples dances. Huapango is both a musical style as well as a couples dance. The music is often rhythmically complex, with the triple meters corresponding to the steps of the dance. The name Huapango itself comes from the Nahuatl word for on top of wood, referencing the wooden platforms upon which the dance is performed, the dancer’s steps adding percussive flavor to the mix. If you are in the mood for something a little simpler but nonetheless expressive music, Corridos have a rich place in Mexican culture, and have even been found as a crossover style in South America. The music is essentially a ballad, sung to the accompaniment of guitars and sometimes violin and horns, while the dance is a closed-form couples dance that mixes two-steps, hops and spins to weave a story as expressive as the one being sung on stage.

Exploring the Fundamentals of Ballroom

If you’re interested in learning more about Latin dance and ballroom, check out Paul Karmiryan’s Latin Ballroom Fundamentals class in our on-demand library! In this intro class, Paul will demonstrate the posture, isolations, and hip work needed to master the Cha-Cha and Rumba. Head to to start your 7-day free trial today.

Joking aside: 5 tips on how to dance for your favorite striptease and not look funny

Love and sex

00:30, February 26, 2019

Striptease is a real art that can spice up the sex life of both partners. If you want to give a man such a surprise, but are afraid to seem ridiculous or look ridiculous, heed the advice of experts and coaches from the Secrets family and sex education center on how to dance a striptease and be on top of it.

1. Practice in front of a mirror

Read on the topic:

Training and having at least a rough plan of action is not only 50% success, but also a guarantee of your own confidence. It is not necessary to put on real choreography and learn the movements by heart, but it will be much easier for you yourself if you imagine in advance what and how you want to do. Otherwise, if you want to dance for a partner without being prepared, you run the risk of getting nervous, withdrawing into yourself and becoming “numb”. In advance, you need to take care of the props, if any. It could be, for example, a chair. Check it for stability, figure out what you're going to do with it. Why is a mirror needed at this stage? Because with its help you will be able to find out from which angles you like your own view more. This will help during the dance, because in the process you will most likely ask yourself the question “How do I look right now?”.

2. Choose simple movements

Striptease is an erotic dance that does not require the presence of acrobatic elements or spinning around a pole. If you are afraid that you lack flexibility in movement or stretching, concentrate on simple movements. For example, swinging the hips along the figure-eight trajectory and smooth sliding movements of the hands over the body can excite a man no worse than transverse twine. Choose movements that suit your physical abilities and don't try to impress a man. Believe me, he will already be delighted with the very fact that you are dancing for him. Here are some basic movements that you can repeat, even if you do not have special body plasticity:

Lap dance

Striptease is needed primarily to tease a partner, to bring him to the peak of excitement. But that doesn't mean you can't touch it. On the contrary, if you alternate movements at a distance and the opportunity to touch you, you will get a very interesting effect - from desire to possession, and vice versa. In order to repeat a man's lap dance, you need to stand with your back to him so that you are close enough to him. It is better to put a chair in front of you, on the back of which you have to lean with your hands. In a smooth motion, begin to lower yourself down, bending your knees until you feel that your buttocks are touching the man’s knees. Now you can make circular movements with your hips or move back and forth. Look back over your shoulder and glance at the man, you can give him permission to put his hands on your buttocks or even unbutton your bra if you haven't had time to get rid of it yet.

Spanking and stroking the buttocks

This is a very simple move that can drive a man crazy with its frankness. In order to perform it, it is enough to stand with your back to the man and slowly bend over, allowing him to see your buttocks. After you bend as low as possible (try to do it so that your back is straight), you can start stroking your thighs and buttocks with your hands. Returning to the starting position, playfully slap your buttocks.

On a chair

A dance that requires a chair becomes both harder and easier at the same time. This, firstly, creates the need to use a piece of furniture in the dance (otherwise why is it needed?), and secondly, it gives you a point of support (you can sit or hold on to the back). What can you do with a chair while dancing? At least imagine that you are Sharon Stone, seductively shifting your legs. At the same time, you can not only show your partner your legs, but also take off their stockings, erotically stroking them.

3. Choose the right clothes in advance

The requirements for the clothes that you will get rid of during the dance are quite simple. It should give you self-confidence, emphasizing your dignity, and be easy to remove. In general, one of the most important rules in striptease is not to let a man get bored. Therefore, we advise you to choose the minimum number of items of clothing. It is best to make a choice in favor of erotic lingerie, throwing on a dressing gown so that a man, when he comes home or gets out of the shower, does not even suspect what sweet pleasure awaits him. The bathrobe can be thrown off almost immediately - this will not be a big deal, but then it will be more difficult.

Let's start from the bottom: shoes, stockings and a belt

If you are going to wear them, you should also take care of a chair, sitting on which these items can be removed. We advise you to take off your heels almost immediately or not to put them on at all, because striptease itself is a rather energy-intensive process, and dancing in heels can take more energy than it seems. Getting to the stockings, do not rush to take them off immediately. Slowly unfasten each clasp on the garter belt, but do not remove it yet (this can be done at any time after). We have already mentioned above how to take off stockings. To summarize: the main thing is to do it sitting and slowly.


It is better to remove it following a clear sequence of actions. To begin with, you can lower the straps from your shoulders - this will serve as a signal for the man that now the bra will disappear from the battlefield, which means that he will again focus his attention on you if he suddenly managed to get bored while you were pulling off the stockings. You can squeeze your chest in your hands, lift it, lean close to your partner's face. When unfastening the clasp, it is better to turn your back on the man so that he can observe the process from all sides (except if the clasp is located in front). After unbuttoning the bustier on the back, holding the cups on the chest, turn to face him again. After that, you can play with the breasts a little more and finally throw the bodice into the far corner of the room or into the lap of a man.


The most long-awaited and desired part of the show. Now only this piece of clothing separates you from sex with a partner. You can remove them yourself by lowering them to your knees and then stepping over them first with one and then with the other foot. And you can leave this part to the conscience of the man. He will be happy to take part in the process of your exposure.

4. Choose the right music

Music creates most of the atmosphere, is responsible for the mood and pace with which you take off your clothes and generally move. Choose smooth, melodic compositions and form a playlist of them in advance so that in the midst of the dance you do not have to frantically flip through a hundred tracks in search of the desired melody.

By the way, during the rehearsal you will be able to find out approximately how long it will take you to undress, but it is better to make a playlist with a margin. It's even better to loop it so that after the last song is played, it starts over. Then sex, if you lead everything to it, will take place to the music, and this also changes a lot.

5. You are unlikely to look funny, so there is nothing to be afraid of

Feeling shy, constrained and afraid of being laughed at is completely normal. But, if we are talking about striptease, such emotions are better thrown aside, and here's why.

Striptease is not only a dance way to get rid of clothes, it is also a process of seduction, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your beauty, confidence and sexuality. Remember that you are dancing for your partner, husband, beloved man. He has probably seen you naked more than once, so the sight of your naked body will definitely not make him laugh. And the movements that you will do, even more so, because he will be fascinated by your beauty and courage. Of course, you are afraid that something might go wrong: you will get tangled in your own panties, trip or lose your balance. Even if this happens (and it will not happen if you follow our advice), then do not lose your temper and continue as if it never happened.

If you do not draw your partner's attention to some misunderstanding during the dance, he is unlikely to notice it. Take striptease as an ode to love for your body, because you not only give a man the opportunity to admire your dance, but also allow yourself to feel sexy and desirable, and these feelings play an important role in a woman's life.

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Photo : Shutterstock/VOSTOCK

Video : a scene from the film "From Dusk Till Dawn"

Where to find inspiration for dancing?

In the life of any dancer, there comes a moment of plateau, when intermediate goals are achieved, it is not clear how to move towards a big super-goal, and in general, dance development has stopped. Once again it is necessary to voice it - this happens to everyone and regularly.

Unfortunately, for the majority, it is precisely these development crises that become decisive and final. Why do they appear and what to do in such situations? Let's figure it out.

Everyone has their own scale for measuring success and achievement. For one, the basic figures are enough to feel like the king of the dance floor, while the other needs poses, supports and other extreme things for the same purposes. But in both cases, there is a moment in which the dancer begins to feel confident and more relaxed. The movements go on knurled, and there is a small corridor of free opportunities when you want to move in familiar figures all the time. This is the first dance success - to dance without constantly thinking about the steps. For the majority, reaching this stage is so desirable that in the future there is not enough motivation to move further from this peak.

Starting Points for Dance Growth

The easiest way to bring yourself back down to earth and continue to develop further is to record your dance on video. For many, this is a severe stress, which in some cases can result in withdrawal from dancing. The fact is that by watching the teacher and moving afterwards along seemingly the same trajectories as he does, a false impression is created that the student himself looks the same from the outside. But any professional knows that the execution of the figure is decisive, and not the figure itself.

Watching your own video is more motivating than any feedback, even from a teacher or other students. Maybe they really envy someone else's talent and ease of execution. Your eye will never deceive.

How to rationally analyze your dance

When the first emotions from your dance on the screen subside, it is important to refrain from the other extreme - admiration and self-acceptance. The purpose of watching the video is different - to analyze the strengths and weaknesses and determine the development trajectories.

It is important to start with strengths. Understanding what works well (no matter how difficult the search may be) is the foundation of dance analysis. Rhythm, texture, figure formation - there is always something around which everything is built. Next, you need to find three obvious weaknesses that you want to change. It is desirable that these points be as specific and measurable as possible. The wording "dance better" or "more beautiful" will not work. And there is no need to look for too many minuses - the elephant must be eaten in parts.

The higher the level of the dancer, the more difficult it is to find weaknesses and new development trajectories. Many solve this issue by participating in dance shows and competitions.

The most common points of dance growth

There is a set of technological areas in choreography that should be practiced regularly. Criteria for technically clean and high-quality dance. By the same parameters, you can evaluate your dance on the video and determine the space for growth.

In the performance of the elements, it is necessary to follow the lines of the body, the speed of movement of the legs / arms / body, tone, transitions between elements, and the like. Musicality implies not only dancing to the rhythm, but also the use of syncopation, acceleration / deceleration, musical accents, fragmentation of the rhythmic pattern.

It makes sense to pay attention to the image. What feeling do you want to convey during the dance and do you get the desired result? What means are used, and what remain unused?

Change of role in the dance community

For a long time, dancers cannot get out of the student's psychological trap. For advanced dancers, this can become a serious problem - to dance better than the surrounding teachers, but remain in the shadows and seem to be worse. At the same time, to see how other, less technical, colleagues are respected only for the status of "teacher". A student complex works here, which is solved only in a banal way - the beginning of teaching.

Learn more