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Just Dance Unlimited 1 Year Subscription

  • Diverse catalog of more than 600 songs
  • 1 Year Subscription
  • Unleash your inner dancer

Get access to a diverse catalog of more than 600 songs and new content via Just Dance 2021, and to over 400 songs via Just Dance 2020, Just Dance 2019, Just Dance 2018, Just Dance 2017, and Just Dance 2016 for the duration of your subscription.

*New content added to the Just Dance Unlimited catalogue will be accessible only if used in conjunction with the purchase of the newest edition of the game. Use of Just Dance Unlimited is linked to the platform on which it is originally activated and requires permanent internet access, creation of a Ubisoft account, and the acceptance of Ubisoft's Terms. Age and territorial restrictions may apply. More details here:

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Product Specifications
Brand NameUbisoft
GameStop ExclusiveNo
Vendor Part Number108157

Product Specifications
Interactive ElementsIn-Game Purchases

Product Specifications
Publisher NameUbisoft
Developer NameUbisoft
FranchiseJust Dance

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It helps when you want to dance and explore more songs

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Can I purchase & play Just Dance Unlimited by itself? Or do you HAVE to buy Just Dance 2021 (or whatever year) AND Just Dance Unlimited?

ohmiamy1 year ago



You cannot use Just Dance Unlimited without one of the base games.

UbisoftProductExpert1 year ago

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Is there a Just Dance that includes all the dances?

Viv271 year ago



Hey Viv! Each Just Dance comes with its own set of songs with newer releases giving you the opportunity to get Just Dance Unlimited to enjoy more options.

UbisoftProductExpert1 year ago

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Does this subscription come in the mail or do you email it to me?

Samara03305 months ago



Does just dance unlimited have the older songs from early just dance? It’s raining men, toxic, when I grow up, etc.?

Kv1234566 months ago

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12-Month Just Dance Unlimited Subscription (Nintendo Switch Digital)

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About this Product:

  • Get access to a diverse catalog of more than 600 songs and new content via Just Dance 2021, and to over 400 songs via Just Dance 2020, Just Dance 2019, Just Dance 2018, Just Dance 2017, and Just Dance 2016 for the duration of your subscription.
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Ubisoft Store has Just Dance Unlimited 12 month access (Nintendo Switch Digital Download) on sale for $14.99 when you apply $10 Off $15+ promo code FORWARD.

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One year Nintendo Switch - owners' impressions - Offtop on DTF

Console owners from the DTF edition share their opinions.


It has been a year since the release of the Nintendo Switch - it appeared in retail on March 3, 2017. Sales at the console are excellent, there are enough good games - everything needs to be summarized somehow. We found out who in the DTF editorial office took the Switch and asked them to share their thoughts: what you can play and whether the purchase was repulsed by emotions.

If you have something to tell - welcome to the comments. nine0003

Photo: IGN

Oleg Chimde: the third platform in a row

I've had a sad story with Switch so far. I rode a bit in Mario Kart 8, ran The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, getting damn tired in the process, went through an excellent Super Mario Odyssey with my niece and ... everything. Since the end of December, the console has been collecting dust next to the PlayStation 3 in languid anticipation of Pokémon, SMT and Fire Emblem. nine0003

Most likely, the matter is in the type of consumption. I don’t go to work by public transport, but work from home, which means Switch as a portable device is not very relevant for me. In indies that are now massively coming to Switch, I play either on PC or on PS4. So in my personal list of gaming platforms, the Nintendo console is in my third place.

However, I don't regret the purchase, of course: Mario alone paid for the Switch in full for me. In the meantime, let it lie down, the tea will not spoil.

nine0002 Zakhar Bocharov: credited, you have been rehabilitated

As a Nintendo fan, it was very painful for me to watch Wii U. Two and a half games a year, E3 conferences with depressing announcements compared to competitors, the endless need to endure the imperfections of hardware in order to be able to play my favorite series. And some of them held up decently (Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3), while others were tough in quality (Xenoblade Chronicles X, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Paper Mario: Color Splash). It became obvious: Nintendo is gradually recognizing the failure of stationary hardware and is preparing a replacement. There is an unplanned change. We must be patient. nine0003

Switch caused a storm of doubts - power, form factor, original library of games. But the twelve months that have passed since the start have smashed all skepticism to smithereens. 2017 was a huge comeback year for Nintendo, and my jubilation was boundless.

I got a console in the summer and still have never thought about what to play. The luxurious The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey have been completed, a lot of games are still on the line - Splatoon 2, Mario and Rabbids, Skyrim, Xenoblade 2. The question is rather how to find the time. nine0003

Of course, not only new items are on the list, but Switch is a surprisingly pleasant piece of iron for catching up. The same The Elder Scrolls V on the small screen looks very neat, although in the regular version of seven years ago it still got tired. I don't want to play Darkest Dungeon, Enter the Gungeon, or Celeste on the big screen (I don't have a Vita) - but the half-hour night runs are a hit. The hybrid set-top box format seemed wild to me, but in fact it became an innovation that worked. Very often I catch myself thinking that I will buy a particular game if it comes out on Switch. nine0003

Nintendo no longer needs to be scattered between several platforms (3DS is already objectively getting crumbs from the master's table), so the most delicious - exclusives - began to appear much more often. In addition to the mentioned "Mario" and "Zelda" - look at their ratings! — Splatoon 2, Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Xenoblade 2 were released in the first year. This is a powerful start, and full releases of Fire Emblem and Pokemon, Kirby Star Allies, Bayonetta 3 and Super Smash Bros. are coming soon. Even in terms of the number of titles, this is very inspiring. nine0003

I don't want to be a 100% fanboy: the console has its downsides. It does not work without recharging, and due to its power, there is almost no actual multiplatform. As a replacement for a stationary console, the Switch will only work for undemanding players. But as a second set-top box, especially a portable one, it's almost perfect. Definitely the best purchase last year, with a pleasant, forgotten feeling as a bonus. The feeling that you can be proud of your favorite company again, and more and more people are imbued with its philosophy. On the day I bought Super Mario Odyssey, I canceled everything and, like a child, hurried home to play a new platformer - isn't this the lost magic of childhood? nine0003

Photo: MobileSyrup

Sergey Matveev: instead of a bedtime story

Nintendo Switch and I got used to each other for a long time. The easiest way to compare this is with relationships. Sounds ridiculous, but judge for yourself.

At first there was a period of excitement and joy from owning a new console, I tried to spend every free minute with it. Then there was a sharp decline in interest, a period of insidious betrayals, when I preferred to go through the new releases of the season on PC, while Switch was lonely gathering dust on the shelf. And now I come home from work every day and in the evening, tired, I fall into a chair with Switch in my hands. No previous passion, but calm and spiritual pleasure from the game. Only if in a relationship it all takes decades, it only took me a year. nine0003

Approximately for the entire period of adaptation, my passage of the new Zelda also stretched. I finished it just a week ago, some moments and mechanics were not weakly annoying, other situations and missions were delightful and blew the roof off. I have a fad: if you already pass the game, then you should squeeze all the juice out of it. Consequently, I went through all the sanctuaries, closed all additional tasks, collected all the photos for the Hyrule atlas, and pumped all the armor to the maximum. As a result, after a hundred hours - the penetration into the castle, the battle with Ganon, the credits and the smile of Zelda. I exhaled with peace of mind, for me it was more of a gestalt that needs to be closed. nine0003

Little indie games gave me a little more vivid emotions. A year ago, I advocated bringing more indie “with soul” to the Switch, because a portable console is not only about trying to play in a cramped subway or a shaking bus. A portable device, both physically and mentally, is much closer to the player than a monitor or TV, so you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game much faster and stronger with it. I replayed Switch Oxenfree, Detention and Night in the Woods - the sensations and emotions are much brighter, as if the characters themselves have become closer and dearer. nine0003

Therefore, today for me, Nintendo Switch is not so much a set-top box of exclusives as a great platform for soulful indie games, emotional stories. And to get these true emotions, I'm even ready to overpay.

Nikita Losev: wrong format

I've never been a fan of Nintendo, so my relationship with the Switch is not easy. Before that, I didn’t have a single “big N” console - not that it was a conscious desire, I just didn’t join. Switch, in the end, I bought only at the end of November, almost nine months after the release of the device. Like many, I was primarily attracted to Zelda and Mario (even two at once, since I also bought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at the same time), so in the end the desire overcame all doubts. nine0003

Three months later, I don't regret my purchase. I’m still slowly going through Breath of the Wild (very little left), barely touched Super Mario Odyssey and traveled a bit in Karting. At the same time, like some of the colleagues who unsubscribed above, Switch closes my list of gaming platforms, and for good reason.

Home - I'm an avid PC player, and although I can turn a blind eye to some of the shortcomings of other devices for the sake of exclusives, sometimes habits still make themselves felt. It’s easier and more convenient for me to run something on Steam (it’s not for nothing that I bought my video card) or turn on some kind of session. On Switch, the choice of all this is too limited, and the format is completely different. nine0003

The second reason, following from the previous one, is that I don't play indies on the Switch, and they are most often uninteresting to me in this form. Yes, I've bought a few discounted games, so there's always something to play when I'm on the road. But, with the exception of the main exclusives and, in part, the two parts of Bayonetta, something else does not attract me much.

In addition, I repeat after Oleg, I don't need to travel often, so the portability of the console is nice though (you can play in bed), but I personally don't need it. It's funny that initially I considered Switch first of all as a portable device, and only then - as a home device. As a result, more often than not, I play behind a monitor and even bought a Pro controller for this. nine0003

By the way, it deserves a special mention - you no longer need to suffer with Joy-Con controllers, constantly using the console in the docking station. The gamepad turned out to be functional and convenient, and the battery life on a single charge is several times longer than that of the DualShock 4. The only negative is the price, but the pros, in my opinion, are still more important.

After three months of use, my Switch has remained in perfect condition. There were no scratches on the screen, problems with controllers or other troubles. Although the battery does drain incredibly quickly, so you should always keep this in mind. nine0003

In general, if you are interested in Nintendo games, then Switch is worth taking without hesitation. My only problem is that I'm used to the PC, and I rarely launch consoles - the PlayStation 4 Pro is also gathering dust in the corner, and the list of console exclusives that have not been completed is constantly growing. But as an additional gaming device that can also be taken on the road, the Switch is ideal.

Artyom Slobodchikov: the ideal companion

I bought the Switch almost by accident. I have long wanted to buy some kind of console, but the money was only for it - there was not enough money for a TV or a good monitor. Why buy a PS4 Pro if you don't have a good screen to enjoy the beauty of Horizon Zero Dawn? Then I thought about Switch: Zelda with high ratings and cool gameplay, the upcoming Mario Odyssey, which then - in September - had not yet been released. Why not. nine0003

Unlike Oleg and Nikita, I need to move around the city every day: from home to work, then to study at the magistracy. In this context, Switch has become a little “brain explosion” for me: here, in my backpack, there are several full-fledged AAA games, and I can play them right on the subway or train. The only problem is that in the crowd it is not always convenient to get the console out of the case.

Photo: Kotaku

In addition, Switch is very good at co-op. 1-2 Switch is the perfect party game, and in Overcooked we often play with a girl who is far from video games at all. By the way, I recommend Overcooked to everyone in general, it is very coolly done. nine0003

I've heard about the Switch's technical issues, which are causing some to wait for the next revision of the device, but I haven't encountered any myself: the controllers are in perfect order, the docking station hasn't scratched anything, the battery lasts long enough. In a word, I’m happy with everything and I’m waiting for Dark Souls and Pillars of Eternity 2 to come out on Switch.

#opinions #switch #nintendo #long

Nintendo makes it clear that only piracy can save the history of video games / Sudo Null IT News that you buy do not really belong to you

After being online for over a decade, Nintendo is shutting down the Wii Shop Channel. The company removed the ability to purchase in-store currency (Wii Points) last March, and as of January 30, users can no longer purchase WiiWare or Virtual Console games.

At first glance, this move is easily dismissed as the natural death of a service tied to an aging console as a result of evolution. Especially given that Nintendo has given users enough time to spend Wii Points before the store closes. However, the day that Nintendo shuts down the Wii Store Channel should be a strong warning to anyone concerned about the preservation of video games and to any consumer using the digital store: often the products we buy digitally do not belong to us, and when one of the digital stores are closing, the only way to save it for history is piracy. nine0094
In this case, even after the store is officially closed, Wii users will be able to download games they have already purchased and downloaded from the store if they can place them on the Wii's internal memory or an optional SD card. However, Nintendo stated that at some point in the future, the company will close all services related to the Wii Shop Channel, “including the ability to re-download games from WiiWare and the Virtual Console, as well as support for the Wii System Transfer Tool, which transfers data from the Wii system to Wii U system. nine0003

This means that if the games purchased by the user in the store are not downloaded by that time, or if the drive on which the user will store them fails, he will lose them forever. Users can buy the games again from the Wii U Virtual Console, or get them through the new Switch subscription service, but you'll have to pay for it." Frank Zifaldi, founder of the Video Game History Foundation, said in an interview, "That might tell you how new the Internet was to Nintendo in the Wii era. Maybe they were building the system without thinking about it."0003

Nintendo did not respond to a request for comment on the situation.

The Wii Shop Channel wasn't the first service from Nintendo to allow users to download games (back in 1995 Satellaview did), but it was a nice and legal way to play many classic games without having to keep track of their old physical copies. The Wii Virtual Console offered hundreds of games. Nintendo Switch Online currently offers a total of 31 NES games. While Nintendo says it intends to expand this library, likely with well-known classics like Zelda and Mario, there's no guarantee that little-known games like Clu Clu Land, which were available on the Wii Virtual Console, are still available for purchase. on the Wii U Virtual Console. Will Nintendo continue to offer old obscure games and spend money to store them on servers if they don't make a profit? nine0003

"I think from the fact that we haven't seen obscure games since the Virtual Console, Nintendo has a problem with these games," Zifaldi said.

In the digital age, companies are increasingly pulling the rug out from under the feet of products that consumers have a false sense of ownership of, notes Aaron Perzanovsky, a law professor at Case University in the Western Reserve Region, whose most recent book, The End of Ownership. Of Ownership] carefully analyzes and highlights this problem. nine0003

“This situation is very reminiscent of Microsoft's 2016 decision to shut down the Xbox Fitness platform,” Perzanovsky told us. – For users who believe they purchased exercise content, Microsoft has advised that the content will no longer be available for download or other access. At that time, the company was criticized, but due to the relatively small user base, this story was not developed.”

And the search for ways to undermine the concept of software ownership extends far beyond the realm of video games. In an attempt to abuse copyright to monopolize repairs to their products, manufacturers such as GM and John Deere have long claimed that software in cars and tractors does not belong to users who have spent thousands of dollars on these machines. nine0003

The trend towards dilution of ownership after sales does not end with software. Hardware manufacturers are now constantly bricking electronic devices they no longer want to support or downgrading game consoles after sale, which confuses users who thought they owned the product and then discovered the pitfalls after purchase.

In the case of Nintendo, Perzanovsky suggests that the company either didn't want to shell out to protect the integrity of users' purchases, or simply decided to force users to pay for the same games again. nine0003

“The calculation can be purely economic; maintaining the store costs more than its profits,” said Perzanovsky. - If there are third-party games in the store, Nintendo may not want to renew their license agreements. Or this decision may be related to the planned release of another console or service that would otherwise compete with the Wii store.

When companies make it too hard for users to get the content they want (or hell, already paid for), users tend to piracy. Research shows that the best way to combat copyright infringement is to focus on innovations such as making content cheaper and easier to access. In this case, Nintendo is doing exactly the opposite. nine0003

The company recently got into the habit of going after the biggest illegal distributors of old games: ROM sites. As we wrote before, when Nintendo shut down some of the largest ROM sites on the Internet, many people, including game developers, lost their only access to them. Nintendo is within its legal right to shut down ROM sites, but as Zifaldi points out, this puts video game archivists in a difficult position.

"I can't legally add these games to our library at the moment," he said. “There is no legal way.” nine0003

But the fact that these games are illegal to download doesn't stop people. The major ROM sites have disappeared, there has been no clear alternative, but in principle it is possible to find copies of all the games offered on the Wii Virtual Console on the Internet. To preserve historical records, the Internet Archive even hosts the HTML of the Wii Shop Channel home page (icons, instructions, descriptions) so that future generations will know what it looked like.

“I don't care that the 0's and 1's completely disappear from our world - piracy will always find a way, I only care that ordinary people can discover it all and be inspired by it,” Zifaldi said. “What concerns me about this departure of video games is that they will not inspire the artists of the future.” nine0003

Zifaldi points out that the work of Toby Fox, the developer of the hit indie game Undertale, is based on access to old games, as is the work of the developers of Sonic Mania (considered the first good Sonic game in years), who started by developing fan games when ROM hacking help.

“It was the backbone of a commercial product that made the company a lot of money. I don’t know how we will now create new works of art based on old games,” Zifaldi said.

Given the complexity of this debate, many users may simply not realize how much they have been duped. It may seem that everything you buy on iTunes or Steam will be yours forever, since Apple and Valve are too big to fail, but if these companies ever decide that it is too expensive for users to download content they paid for, then no there is no guarantee that you will still have access to your games and movies. Consider that the Wii was not some unknown device that didn't succeed. It became extremely popular, selling over 100 million units, making it one of Nintendo's most popular consoles. Wii U, the best place to find these games after the Wii Store Channel closed, has sold only 13 million units. There are potentially millions of Wii owners who could lose access to their games without upgrading to the Wii U, which is not easily available today.

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