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No one has made it official, but you can take it to the bank that South Florida is a contender for the strip club capital of the world.

Whether you call them nudie bars, strip joints or use that quaint and arguably inaccurate label of “gentlemen’s club,” there’s little argument that clubs here expose all the flesh there is to bare.

Even in Las Vegas — which proudly wears the title of Sin City — there’s a certain reticence to let it all hang out. Want a vodka tonic to sip while you watch that 20-something lovely gyrate? In many places in Las Vegas, the mixing of alcohol and full nudity is a no-go. If they’re serving hard booze, chances are the dancer will be keeping her G-string in place — and if you don’t know what a G-string is, brother are you reading the wrong story!

Not so in most South Florida clubs, where alcohol flows freely and nothing is left to the imagination.

More than 40 strip clubs dot the landscape in Miami-Dade and Broward counties — the number varies almost monthly as some clubs close and others open.

They range in style and size from mega nudies like the Pure Platinum and Solid Gold chain, with clubs in Broward and Miami-Dade, to the cavernous glitz of Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami Gardens, to neighborhood holes in the wall like Bottoms Up on Southwest Eighth Street.

side from enough bare flesh to make a gynecologist blush, all these clubs have some things in common:

  • Deafeningly loud music with the beat of a jackhammer.
  • Brass and chrome accents, from the poles where strippers try out for the nudie Olympics to the rails around the stages and bars
  • Pulsating lights that illuminate just enough
  • TV screens showing sports, just in case the live action gets boring.

Some go so far as to offer food buffets or “businessman” lunches, but the warning about some traditional dining establishments applies here — if the main selling point is the view, don’t expect much from the food.


If you’ve never been to one of these establishments — at least that’s what you’re telling your wife, and we’ll back you up! — here’s what you need to know:

Most of the establishments slap on a cover charge during prime time — usually after about 7 p. m. It can vary from $5 to $20. Sometimes, if you call ahead and say you’re bringing a bachelor party with you, the cover charge will be waived. Couples are also welcome, and often the door charge will be waived. Single women are welcome in some clubs – a sign of the bisexual crowd in South Florida — but many clubs won’t admit single women in the belief they may be working girls trolling for Johns.

Once inside the door, you’ll probably have a lot of seating choices — booths along a back wall, tables and upholstered chairs (the better for lap dances, but more on that later), and chairs ringing the stage, where up close and personal takes on new meaning.

The routine at most clubs is this: The women come on stage for three songs. During the first song, they’re usually wearing a costume that covers breasts and bottom. When the second song starts, off comes the top. For the third dance, all is revealed.

Throughout the performance, the dancer will gyrate around the stage, enticing ringside observers to offer up dollars. Sometimes she’ll present her hip so the money can be slipped under her G-string. If the G-string has already been discarded, she may have a garter belt suitable for stuffing. Some will take the proffered bill — the giver should fold it lengthwise and hold it out — and, pushing breasts together, grab it that way, providing a close encounter.

When the women leave the stage, they’ll make their way around the room, trolling for tips from patrons to hang by the stage. As the money is exchanged, the customer may get a kiss on the cheek and a throaty “thank you” whispered in his ear.

The level of currency exchanged during all these encounters are usually singles, but high-rollers have been known to toss around higher denominations. In an effort to introduce a little inflation into the transaction, change for a $20 bill at Platinum Plus in Hialeah came back in $2 bills!

Whether the initial tips to the dancers are offered in George Washingtons or bills depicting other dead presidents, that’s just the start of what a full-on strip club experience can cost.


You’ll be offered a lap dance, also called a friction dance or a table dance. Cost ranges from $10 on up — $20 is about average — plus the dancer will expect an added tip.

Lap dances at most clubs come in two forms — those performed at your chair in the open floor of the club, or more private encounters in special, secluded booths or alcoves. The cost generally goes up the more secluded the location.

Many clubs have VIP rooms, where you get the undivided attention of a dancer — or two — plus a bottle of champagne or some other expensive brew for a half hour or more. Prices start at $200 and zoom up from there.

But if you’re expecting that more money will get you an overt sexual act, think again. Big, beefy guys usually dressed in black patrol the clubs to make sure that the action only goes so far.

And the archives of The Miami Herald are filled with stories about raids on places that pierce that thin veil between acceptable strip club behavior and prostitution. And most places will fire a dancer if they find she’s “dating” a customer outside of the club.

What is acceptable?

A basic lap dance will get you at a minimum a topless woman wearing the briefest of G-strings who will get in your face and rub up against your lap for a single song. At some clubs, the G-string will also come off, so you can study the female anatomy more closely. At other clubs, you have to ante-up for a dance in the more secluded areas to see everything.

There are unwritten rules about what a patron can do while all this flesh is being pressed. Generally, it’s OK to run your hands over the dancer’s rear — though when in doubt, it’s not a bad idea to whisper for permission.

Some dancers are more uninhibited, offering up a nipple for a brief kiss, or letting a patron’s hands wander close to ladyland. The bumping and grinding is usually done in a way to raise the patron’s level of excitement.

What may surprise some strip club novices is that the stereotype of a stripper — brassy, big hair, silicone-enhanced breasts and steeley-eyed stares into space — doesn’t hold true.

Strippers encompass all manner of women, and all manner of body types, from waifish on up to women with what might be politely called “love handles.” All are attractive in one way or another. Tattoos are common, though one night at B.T.’s Gentlemen’s Club in South Miami the array of tattoos made it seem more like a body art convention than a strip joint. One woman has the phrase ‘‘Kiss This” tattooed just above her pubic area. And speaking of the pubic area, visit many strip clubs and you’ll begin to think that strippers have evolved beyond mere mortal women — there’s rarely a pubic hair to be seen.

Because they’re essentially in the entertainment business, strip club dancers go out of their way to appear cheerful and eager to please. For a time, if things are slow or they believe there’s big tip coming, they will sit and talk with you — just don’t believe that the names they give you, or the stories they tell, are solid fact.

But if you’re looking for a night out on the town, and the fleeting companionship of a naked woman where having a pocketful of cash is the only commitment necessary, there’s no place like South Florida.

This story was originally published February 10, 2012 6:02 AM.

Why Haven’t Lap Dance Prices Increased With Inflation?

Money Magdalene Taylor

Sorry, strip club bros — if you want your favorite dancer to stay in business, you need to pay her more

There’s a lot of reasons strippers lament that the strip club just isn’t what it used to be: Internet porn means fewer men want to leave the house to see some breasts; the days of the business lunch at the club are over; and people just generally have less disposable income to literally toss in the air. 

Interesting that the cost of living is forever getting higher but the cost of a lap dance hasn’t changed in 20 years 🥴

— OGAQUAFINA (@OGaquafina) September 25, 2019

Strippers aren’t necessarily making less than the women of the 1990s — in fact, song-for-song, they’re making the same, and that right there is the problem: While the cost of living has continued to increase, the cost of a lap dance has remained fixed.  

In the last ten years in New York City, median rent has gone up about $1000. But a lap dance in New York City has been $20 for as long as I can remember. (Please chime in if you remember a lap dance being a different price)

— Jacq the Stripper (@JacqTheStripper) June 18, 2019

“I’ve been dancing for almost 10 years, in many different places, and nowhere have I seen an increase in the price of a lap dance,” says Jacqueline Frances, a dancer and comedian better known as JacqTheStripper. “I do, however, recall an increase in house fees, the price of drinks going up, the price of VIP rooms going up, the price of the cover charge going up. Everything in the club has become more expensive, including the cost of working there. In New York City, where I’ve danced for eight years, it’s still $20. It’s been $20. I have no idea when it was ever not $20.”

View this post on Instagram

STRIPPERS: A lap dance in New York City has been $20 for as long as I can remember (meanwhile, cost of living here has pretty much doubled) As independent contractors, we are legally allowed to set our own fees for lap dances, but I’ve seen girls get fired for charging more than $20. I’m wondering if this is the same everywhere? How much are your house fees today vs when you first started? How much was/is a lap dance? Please specify year and city❣️ comment below

A post shared by JACQ THE STRIPPER (@jacqthestripper) on

The exact trajectory of the lap dance sticker price varies from club to club, but generally, the average lap dance costs between $10 and $30 per song, with $20 being the common standard. On Twitter, dancers frequently question why this standard hasn’t changed in the last two decades — even the clubs themselves will joke about it.  

Remember 25 years ago when a lap dance cost $20. Wait a minute, they still cost $20. #throwbackthursday

— Scores New York (@ScoresNewYork) November 21, 2013

In July, the New York Times reported on the state of the strip club industry in light of the movie Hustlers, noting that while dancers are increasingly online and open about their career and have leaned into modern forms of payment like Venmo or Bitcoin, the cost of the lap dance has stuck around like a relic of the glory days. “One thing that appears to be almost universal is the cost of lap dances: $20 to $30,” the paper states. “Dancers report that the price hasn’t changed since at least 1990 and argue that inflation should have brought it to $40. ‘If you ask the customer to pay more than $20, they’ll look at you like you have two heads,’ said Zara Moon, 27, a stripper and artist in L.A.’’  

Per this inflation calculator, $20 in 1999 is the equivalent of $30. 82 today. While the failure of clubs to make that adjustment is good news for the dedicated club-goer, it’s not so great for the dancers themselves, for most of whom dances and tips comprise the entirety of their income. Because rather than the clubs paying an hourly wage or providing benefits, dancers often have to pay the clubs just to work. (On top of that, the clubs also take a cut of the dances they sell.) 

Technically, as independent contractors, dancers should legally be able to choose their own rates, but as Jacq has witnessed, girls can get fired for trying to charge more. “It’s criminal that they [the clubs] do this,” says Jacq. “It’s a clear indication that the people in the industry who run the clubs don’t give a fuck about the dancers. The way strip clubs are run needs to change. Dancers need to be in management roles and opening their own clubs.”

A few clubs have tried incrementally increasing their prices, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by their regulars. “One of my regular clubs jacked up their price from $25 to $30, but they’re now also allowing two-way contact, so the price increase may be related to that,” a user on strip club forum The Ultimate Strip Club List (TUSC) complained in 2016.  

It’s possible, too, that some clubs in major cities may be catching up with the times in a more comprehensive way — two customers I spoke to reported paying $50 per five-minute dance in New Orleans and Miami. My personal guess, though, is that the dancer charged them for two songs, at $25 a pop. 

The same magic that holds the price of lap dances steady through the years.

— Doug Cowell (@djcowell) October 11, 2019

So why this failure to keep up with inflation? For the most part, it’s because there simply isn’t the belief that the market demands it. The economy has been slow, and by some estimates, there are more sex workers than ever. As a particularly brash writer on TUSC explains in a 2013 post, “Fifteen years ago in 1998 all you got online was a few websites giving you a couple free porn clips, but it was mostly expensive pay sites. I never saw any escorting ads back then. So strip clubs were still the mainstream outlet for horny dudes to get some lumber in their pants, and strippers could charge a premium for it. I remember most lappers in the 1990s were $20 each and the hotter girls could command $40 laps (for all nude).”

“Fast-forward 15 years, and cheap pussy is everywhere,” he continues. “It’s just too much poon supply for the market demand out there. The typical working stiff has fewer discretionary dollars these days (thanks to Bush and Obama), and so we need to spend wisely. There’s been many times where I felt like heading to the [strip club] for some kicks but it was just way easier to stay in and order a $100 wh*re to show up at my place and suck my dick dry and then leave so I can watch the rest of the game.”

Which, yeah, charming. 

According to Jacq, however, it’s greedy club managers and owners who have lowered the value of a stripper’s time. “Ultimately, it’s about women being worth less. They want to maintain that rhetoric for the men coming into the club. It perpetuates this whole concept about women not being worth getting a raise. It’s because clubs are more worried about losing clientele than valuing dancers. It’s capitalism; it’s the worst,” she believes.

For the same price as a New York City lap dance (that has been the same price for 20 fucking years in spite of the nearly-doubled cost of living) you can have a hungry strippers t-shirt or poster! Sale ends tonight.

— Jacq the Stripper (@JacqTheStripper) April 21, 2019

Jacq has seen the club experience decline just in her time as a dancer. By her estimate, the visible maltreatment of dancers is part of the problem. “The industry is changing so much. People are still going out and having fun but with different expectations. The internet changed everything — the way you can find exactly what you’re looking for without having to go to the strip club, which I don’t have a problem with,” she says. “I think strip clubs have refused to adapt, and so, people are less interested in going. There are certain parts of the club that I think are wonderful: The stages, the lap dances, the opportunity for people to be intimate with strangers. It’s a great opportunity. But strip clubs are trying to cling to this 1980s concept, and they’re not letting women make more money in a culture that’s shifting in how we see women who make money with their bodies. And the heteronormativity of clubs — it’s so limited to what you can achieve as a business. I’m a business owner. I know you need to change and adapt every day to succeed, but these clubs are just these old-ass dudes who are charging us more, but not letting us charge more.”

That said, Jacq explains there is something a dude who relates can do to help: “Pay her more! If strippers aren’t allowed to charge more, take it upon yourself to give more. If you have it to give, you should give it. It’s classy, and it feels good. The knowledge that strippers have been doing more for less is a bummer. The idea of getting a cheap lap dance, the human labor of that and wanting a bargain, is gross to me. Don’t you want to be adequately compensating someone who’s entertaining you?” 

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What is lap dance or lap dance


Such a service as lap dance is offered by almost every male striptease club. During the erotic dance, the girl sits on the man's lap. In this case, the performer is partially or completely naked.

Lap dance or lap dance

Lap dance or lap dancing can get any guy excited. Many clubs can invite the girl you like. The performance lasts about 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes the performer dances as long as the musical composition lasts. If a man liked the performance, then you can order a private dance, which lasts about 10 minutes.

Lap dance over emotional and erotic than other types of striptease. The performer is not only gracefully moves, but also touches the guest. Unlike a show on stage or table, there is more privacy in such a performance.

Of course striptease kneeling is hard to imagine without music. Most often used for this purpose sensual English songs. At rather dynamic compositions are chosen, because the striptease is accompanied by sharp and sensual movements, and sometimes elements of acrobatics. A special mood is created with subdued light. The performer uses such "hot tricks" like shaking the buttocks, erotic backbends, hip movements on partner's lap. An inviting look warms up the degree of dance.

The striptease club is arranged in such a way that the girls approach the guests themselves. If you like the lady, then you can agree to a private dance. The dancers will also be ready for a polite refusal.

During the dance, the lap dancer touches the guest with her graceful body, or erotically moves at a very short distance from a man sitting on a chair. In some establishments, the girl dances the first dance topless, and the next without panties.

Many guys dream of having a hot stripper dance for them, especially when it's a bachelor party at a club. Sometimes those who have never been to clubs are very shy. You can always ask the manager a question, because all establishments have different policies and norms of behavior.

The main rule for every visitor is not to confuse dancers with representatives of the most ancient profession. Should not be offered intimacy or insult a woman. Such behavior is, at best, unpleasant. conversation with the security guards of the strip club.

Tips for dancers are welcome. Their size depends from the desire and ability of the guest.

What a girl wears when performing lap dance, and what to expect during the dance

The dancer's performance will be bright and passionate. Usually strippers perform in revealing clothes or topless, very rarely completely naked.

Large shoes play a role. Most often, girls choose elegant stilettos or special shoes for striptease. If the performer performs topless, then it can be a thong or an ultra-short skirt. Girls in striptease clothes should look attractive and excite the imagination of men. Sometimes performers choose thematic outfits: teacher, nurse, stewardess. Girls' legs are often decorated with stockings. The dancer can also play the role of mistress, dressed in a latex costume.

Rules while dancing on kneeling

There is an etiquette for private dances. Every nightclub has its own policy, however there are general rules:

  • No kissing.
  • It's not worth discussing a girl's appearance, especially in a rough manner.
  • It is forbidden to touch the performer.
  • The girl is dancing next to the guest, because It is wise to take a shower and use deodorant.
  • Resist the urge to ask stripper when your shift is over and don't ask for a phone number.

Some men interpret touches and smiles of dancers as flirting or even a call for intimate communication. In fact, don't take dance too seriously. It's important to remember that you can watch and admire, but it is forbidden to touch the performer. men it is important to follow the rules of striptease and respect the dancer, then visiting the club will only bring positive emotions.

Lap dance a great way to have fun and get aesthetic pleasure. Of course it's worth behave decently and do not go beyond what is permitted.


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Start a new strip club business! Set the stage, hire seductive dancers, turn on the music and watch the money flow!

Contributed Creators

Thanks to these amazing creators who helped bring this feature to life with 23 new custom animations for Pole Dancing, Spot Dancing and Lap Dancing. I really hope that you appreciate their work and support their efforts.

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Starting a business
Create a brand new strip club business. Similar to retail stores, restaurants, and veterinary clinics, set aside a lot for your strip club business and build it from the ground up. Just take out your phone and buy a club!

Strip clubs are not a type of venue, you need to use your phone or computer to purchase them.

Build a strip club
Business strip clubs have no requirements, you can build it however you want, but some objects are required for certain functions. Consider locating conventional strip clubs such as the Drinks Bar, Dancing Poles/Seats and Dancing and Viewing Seats, and Additional Seats in private lap dance venues.

You can build your club however you want, but the Dancing Pole and Dancing Spot objects require extra attention. Once you decide where you want your dancers to dance and place the Dancing Pole or Dancing Roller there, keep the comfort of your customers in mind as well. Each customer is looking for a place to take a seat as soon as they start watching the dancers, so be sure to place several seats around each dance pole and dance area.

It is not necessary for each hired dancer to purchase a Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot, as they will be busy with other tasks such as Bartending and Charming.

Tip: If you've built a stage for your dancers, it's a good idea to isolate it in such a way that clients don't climb on it instead of looking for a place. If the club is built in a way that makes it difficult to find a suitable spot to watch the dancers, this can lead to customers being placed in undesirable locations.

Strip club management
All management functions are controlled from a special club management category on your phone. Including designing employee clothing, working after hours, and viewing financial reports. You can even hire yourself as a dancer in your own club.

Your club is set by default to open at 19:00 (19:00) and close at 4:00 (04:00), as these are the busiest hours for strip clubs. You can set the opening hours by using your phone and clicking "Manage Opening Hours" in the "Striptease Club" category. You can open your club at any time by choosing the same opening and closing hours.

There are no restrictions on hiring dancers, except that they can no longer have a job. You are allowed to hire up to 6 dancers (unless they are distributed via cheats) and assign them to any tasks you want during business hours. If you want to work in your own club, then the "Employ Yourself as a Dancer" option will do so if you have an available job and your Sim is not working somewhere else.

Hint: the menu with available recruitable sims can be expanded to display more options with the command "ww.set_stripclub_employee_pool_size < amount >". And you can increase the number of dancers you can hire to 12 using the command "ww. set_dancers_employee_limit < amount >".

When hiring a dancer, pay attention to their skills. Dancers with a good charisma skill will do better in charming clients. Dancers with a high mixology skill will be able to offer the best drinks that increase profits. And dancers with high fitness skill, one of the nudity skills and dancing will be better in "Stage Dance".

All hired dancers define your club type based on their gender and preferences, allowing you to create a regular club, a gay club, or a mixed club. This affects which customers will visit your place. Carefully selecting your employees will prevent certain clients from appearing.

Dancers hired by your club will perform one of three main tasks: Stage Dancing, Bartending, or Charming Clients. Each task can be assigned manually, or you can let the dancers decide for themselves depending on the current situation in the club. Micromanaging or helping yourself will increase the performance of your club, but dancers are fully capable of doing everything themselves.

To assign a task, click on the Dancer employee and select the "Assign Task" option in the Strip Club category. When playing as a dancer, simply start a specific task to automatically jump to it.

Stage Dancing and Viewing
Dancers with the Stage Dancing task will search for a nearby or designated Dancing Pole or Dancing Spot. Each dance program is randomly generated and can be changed at any time by clicking on a dancer. Stage dancers are one of the main reasons clients visit the club, so make sure you always have at least one on stage.

Every dancer on stage attracts the attention of customers who are willing to pay to see some impressive moves. Dance performance is the main factor that determines the amount of customer attention and the amount of advice a dancer receives. The main elements that contribute to a dance performance are dance skills, relationships with certain clients, and currently playing music. If a dancer is performing poorly, you will most likely notice uncontrollable yawns.

The better the skills and relationships with clients, the higher the performance, which directly affects how often and how often dancers receive advice. The more advice the dancer receives, the less clothes on the body.

Good performance is nothing when it doesn't last long enough Dancer, fitness, striptease and dance skills are a major factor in their duration. Each dance routine aims to last as long as possible, so once the dancer is done, they need a few minutes to rest. This obviously doesn't stop them from talking to customers and offering lap dances.

Tip: Dancing Spot Marker is used as an alternative to the dancing pole. It offers a brand new set of dances that do not include the pole dance. Dancers dancing on the Dancing Spot marker are free to move their bodies as they wish. In addition, Dancing Spot Marker comes with an invisible swatch that is hidden in live mode but still clickable. Try it!

Dancing pillars created by Azmodan22, Noir and MJ95 are supported by default.
Pole or seat dancing is available outside of strip clubs and allows you to develop the striptease skill.

Bartender and drinks
Bartending dancers will focus on making and serving drinks. The sale of drinks is the most lucrative source of income for the club, so it is imperative that someone look after the bar.

The process is quite simple, the customer enters the club, orders a drink, finishes it... and leaves the empty glass behind. Wait a few hours and your entire club will be filled with empty glasses. To deal with this chaos, consider hiring a janitor. Leaving empty glasses around not only takes up space, it also makes everyone quite uncomfortable.

Although the bartender dancers are involved in the sale of drinks, the management of prices and supplies of the bar remains with the owner.

Every drink you make consumes the bar supplies needed to keep it running. Drinks cannot be sold when your club runs out of stock. It is advisable to order bar supplies in advance so that they can arrive the next day. Plus, fewer bar supplies means fewer drinks to make. Customers who cannot order what they want will be very unhappy with it.

You can order supplies by clicking on any panel to access the Order Supplies menu at the strip club. The items purchased are made up of the total number of items ordered, which will be delivered the next day around noon. The cost of deliveries depends on the base price of drinks ordered by customers. Selling expensive drinks requires buying expensive goods.

Selling drinks at a base price and buying consumables to replenish the bar is not the most profitable loop. As the owner, you must adjust the price markup of drinks so that every drink sold is profitable. While selling drinks at 100% markup sounds great, it will fail very quickly when customers are left with drinks they don't want.

High mark-up and low bar costs make customers less likely to buy drinks. The scarcity of consumables means fewer drinks, and the increased price makes them less attractive to buy. When you can't sell a customer's favorite drinks, cut the markup to make other drinks an attractive proposition... at least until bar supplies arrive.

You can adjust the markup by clicking on any panel to access the Strip Club's Markup menu. Don't get frustrated with setting the markup as high as you want. If someone does not complain, what harm.

Strip clubs have a special feature that increases the number of drinks Sims can order from 4 to 39, including drinks made by Icemunmun . And if you use the real names of drinks from Basemental, it's completely compatible.

Charm & Dancing
Charm challenge dancers focus on finding clients who are interested in socializing or lap dancing. Lap dancing is the biggest source of income for dancers and the most popular role in the club. In most situations, an outgoing client will look for an available dancer and ask them to dance.

Lap dances are performed in manually assigned places. Appointment of lap dance seats is required for clients to request a private dance. Any seating chair, sofa, armchair or chair in a club can be designated as a lap dance seat.

Simply build a separate room, place a seat in it and click on it to designate a lap dance seat. Any client wishing to dance will use the designated areas to receive a lap dance. Please note that all seats designated as lap dance venues are used exclusively for lap dancing, so sitting or napping is not permitted.

When clients do not want to ask for a lap dance, the dancer must take the initiative. After greeting the client, 6 new charming social interactions become available. Using a charming interaction works like a romance without actually creating a romantic connection between the dancer and the client. Instead, Charming increases the level of Charm, which affects how much the customer likes the dancer and the club itself. The higher the charm, the higher the tip.

Charming clients influence every aspect of the club. High charm with a dancer not only increases the tips they receive. When a customer orders a drink, they are more willing to pay a higher price. And when a dancer fails to charm a client, he may not want to return to the club.

During the lap dance, the same rules apply as for the stage dance. The better the skills and relationship with the client, the higher the performance, which directly affects how much the dancer earns, in addition to the usual pay.

Technical Details

All Strip Club settings are found in the Nude Settings -> Strip Club Settings menu.

The Dress Up After Dance setup is quite simple, after each dance the dancers dress up in their career if they are partially nude.

The Personal Lap Dance Cheat setting unlocks the ability to request a lap dance at any time as a club owner.

The Static Clients Count parameter allows you to override the number of clients that show up in your club on a regular basis. By default, the club is considered the most active from 7pm to 3am, but changing this setting will force customers to show up every hour. To disable this cheat, change the number back to 0 (zero).

The Dancer Profit Percentage parameter allows you to change the revenue share for each individual tip the dancer receives. After a client throws money at a dancer or a dancer gets paid for a lap dance, a portion of that profit goes directly to the club. If you don't want dancers to share their profits with the club, change this setting to 0%.

The Dancer Earning Multiplier allows you to change how much the dancer earns from tips and lap dance. Changing the value to "200" will double the profit, while changing the value to "50" will increase half the profit.

The Bar Multiplier setting allows you to change how much the bar earns from selling drinks. Changing the value to "200" will double the profit, while changing the value to "50" will increase half the profit.

The "Native Undressing Behavior" setting focuses on how dancers undress while dancing. By default, dancers follow special rules that prevent them from taking off their gloves, shoes, and socks while dancing. When this setting is enabled, dancers will follow the rules you set in Nude Settings -> Clothing Settings.

The option "Auto assign dancers' tasks" allows you to disable the ability of dancers to automatically change their tasks. When a dancer performs a task that is not needed in the current situation, they will change it automatically unless this setting is disabled.

Focused Interactions with Dancing Objects, if disabled, will unlock all interactions that will be available on dancing poles, dancing spot markers, and circle dance seats. By default, this setting limits interactivity with these objects to dance-related actions.

Client Visit Limits, if disabled, allows all Sims in the world to visit the club regardless of their current relationship status. By default, Sims in established relationships are less likely to visit the strip club.


Why is the lot set to General?

To ensure maximum compatibility with the game, WickedWhim's custom business lots are specifically set to "Universal". Everything should work fine.

I don't want my dancers to tend the bar. Can I hire a bartender?

No, for maximum flexibility, dancers can also care for the bar, as some clubs around the world do just that. All you have to do to have a dedicated bartender is hire a dancer to do just that task.

Assign a bartender task to a dancer, he will remember it every time he works and change into something that looks like a bartender. Performed.

Would you like to take the place of an employee dancer for the bartender? Just use the ww.set_dancers_employee_limit cheat command to increase the number of dancers you can hire.

Technical limitations

The original intention was to use the Manage Business window/tab to manage the strip club, but its extremely limited implementation prevented this. Then the alternative was to completely get rid of it and make all business operations manageable from the phone.

The strip club is managed using the phone, but the "Business Management" window/tab appears with a warning not to use it, as a complete blockage was causing errors in the game. The way you own a business in the game does not provide any other solutions.

Music & DJs [Future]

Music is one of the most important aspects of dance, every move seems less impressive if it doesn't match the rhythm of your favorite song. Every dancer should have their favorite genre of music, which is directly related to the music the DJ is playing.

The dancers will come with their favorite genre of music, and when it is played by a DJ, the performance of the dance is greatly increased. Playing the wrong music, or no music at all, hinders the performance, which subsequently reduces the amount of advice the dancers receive.

Since DJs only come with a few types of music they can play, the plan is to increase that number and let them play all the music the game has to offer. This is necessary if you decide to replace the DJ with a stereo system and control it manually.

In addition, dancers should be able to make friends with the DJ and share their tips to improve their dance performance. Friendly DJs will play the right music for the dancers on stage and will work really hard to make sure they look good while dancing.

Impact, Events and Security [Future]

The current implementation of the strip club function is a baseline experience that aims to provide a club management environment. Starting a strip club is minor, except for the possible loss of money. Dancer employees still require the emotional response and job satisfaction features that can impact your business performance if you neglect your staff.

Running a business can be pretty boring, so adding random events and events should add more variety. Anxious and needy customers, emotional and confused dancers, random accidents, potential quarrels and fights, and other events that require the player's involvement. Each day of running a club will be unique in some way.

When a problem arrives, the best thing to do is to let security handle it. The bouncer who manages the entrance and charges extra for entry, as well as the security guard who kicks the butt of troubled customers. Anyone who breaks the rules of the club will be met by security and the pavement in front of the club.

Lack of impact makes everyone in the club feel empty. To fill this void, a lasting result is required from visiting the club for the first time, from excessive drinking, from lap dancing or from interacting with charming dancers. Relationship modifiers, individual moods, and reputation changes will come into play after you spend time in the club.

Significant Career [Future]

The main focus of creating a Strip Club is to manage it. The purpose of this function is to create a club, hire dancers and respond to what is happening. Where it is possible to hire a playable sim as a dancer, dancer gameplay is not the most fun experience.

Creating a meaningful gaming career is a challenge in its own right, which is about presenting interesting missions, variety of options, and reasonably fun gameplay. The fact is that the job of a dancer is not very interesting, so turning it into a main function requires much more attention and planning.

When playing as a dancer, you will perform typical tasks that the owner orders you to perform. You are free to do whatever you want as any dancer, but club work is up to you. Perhaps the introduction of more tasks for dancers, but not the exact purpose of the strip club.

Customization [Future]

Managing a club that never gets better can get tedious, so introducing specialized perks that make things easier and better will change that. The higher the tip, the easier it is to satisfy customers, the lower the cost of bar supplies, the less cleaning or accidents. There are many things that can make running your club easier.

The identity of your club should depend not only on the outside, but also on the rules that prevail inside. Defining the rules of your business will allow you to change its atmosphere and character. Maybe you want to require an entry fee, maybe you expect every customer to pay for at least one drink, maybe you have a very strict "do not touch" policy, or you don't want the dancers to talk to anyone and just offer dancing.

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