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Strip Clubs In Amsterdam: 10 Best Venues 2022 | Prices

Avoid boring evenings in Amsterdam. Make it exciting and memorable. Visit Amsterdam Red Light District and discover 1 of these strip clubs in the Dutch capital. Discover the 10 best strip clubs in Amsterdam.


Strip Club Defintion

Strippers are giving an exciting show.

What is a strip club? Good question! Let’s answer that first.

A strip club is an establishment that features live entertainment in the form of dancing girls or strippers. Strippers are also called sex workers (not escorts). Strip clubs are places where people go to enjoy themselves.

These erotic venues are usually filled with beautiful women who dance around to music. The dancers are paid to perform their services.


How do you know if strip clubs are for you? Right, by trying! I visited a strip club in Amsterdam twice with my girlfriend. It was super cool and exciting! I don’t necessarily have to do it again, but I’m very glad I experienced it.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Paul Robertson


Best Strip Clubs In Amsterdam

The list with the 10 most popular strip clubs in Amsterdam starts with number 10 and ends with the very best one in the capital of the Netherlands.


10 | La Vie en ProostOne of the strip clubs in Amsterdam Red Light District.

Number ten on the list of best strip clubs in Amsterdam is La Vie en Proost. Definitely not the best place in town. Actually the only advantage of this strip club is the location.

La Vie en Proost is situated in the middle of the Red Light District, within walking distance of Central Station and Dam Square. This stripclub can be found on the end of a little alley.

La Vie en Proost is quite small from the inside. Frequently heard complaints area that the employees are rude and that they force the guests to tip and to pay (extra) for using the toilet.

Our local experts also experienced this during our visit to this stripclub. And, La Vie en Proost extremely overcharge little champagne bottles (piccolo’s).

Currently La Vie en Proost has 87 Google-reviews with an average rating of 3,4 out of 5 stars.

A red-lit banner in Red Light District Amsterdam.

This is one of those strip clubs in Amsterdam that people visit while being drunk or without checking online if it’s any good. And the next day, with a hangover and an empty wallet, they think back to that bad strip club in Amsterdam.


Nasty place, do yourselves a favour and go elsewhere!

Firstly it was creepy as; one of my male friends left after 20 seconds despite paying the €25 entry. Secondly, it’s mandatory to buy a drink as soon as you take a seat and it’s €10 (after the bar tender confirms your change is being used as a tip).

Rachel Finn | ⭐️


9 | Bananenbar An employee of The Bananenbar waits patiently for customers.

Banana Bar is stripclub located in the heart of Amsterdam. The club is known for its raunchy strip shows and its naughty atmosphere. Visitors to Banana Bar can expect to see a variety of strip tease acts, as well as plenty of lap dances and other forms of adult entertainment.

Inside the Bananenbar strippers perform all the possible acts that you can imagine with a banana. Some lucky visitors can even have a bite of a banana that is sticking out of the vagina of one of the ladies.

This stripclub is located on the famous street of the Red Light District, close to Casa Rosso and next to Cafe Old Sailor. The female strippers also use their private parts for writing shows so bring some postcards that you want to send to your friends.

The Bananenbar is bit of a vulgar strip club in Amsterdam. Certainly not everyone will like this place.


8 | Hospital BarIn front of Casa Rosso one can find the Hospital Bar.

Located on the famous street in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the Hospital Bar is at number 8 on the list of most popular strip clubs in Amsterdam. It’s the 8th best stripclub in Amsterdam because this erotic venue is for men only and usually it’s visited by bachelor-parties.

The location is a great advantage, and it should also be said that the interior of the Hospital Bar is really fantastic. The female strippers inside are very attractive too.

The ladies are dressed as nurses, this is why it’s called the Hospital Bar. This place is great for stag-parties but not really the best strip club for single men.


Google: 2,9 out of 5 stars | 16 reviews

TripAdvisor: 2,5 out of 5 stars | 12 reviews

Disappointing and annoying to have paid money for it. Much too small and uncomfortable. A wrong impression from the outside.

⭐️ | Dome W


7 | Sex Palace Peep ShowHolland’s only peep show.

The cheapest erotic entertainment option in Amsterdam and also the most accessible form for stripteases. On the left-side one can find 12 cabins where live strip shows are offered. On the right-side is where the old school video cabins are positioned.

How much is a peep show?

For just 2 euros you can enter a private cabin and watch a live sex show for 2 minutes. If you want a long experience you will need to bring a lot more extra coins. Or, exchange your paper money for coins at the machine or cash register.

Can you have sex in peep show Amsterdam?

Yes, masturbation is allowed in the video booths. It is mainly men who jerk off while watching porn in the video booths. Its popularity has declined sharply since the advent of online porn.

In the live peep shows it is tolerated to have sex. In general, the peep shows are just visited by tourists who want to see the live peep shows. Occasionally, men will jerk off while watching the live peep shows.

This is the last remaining peep show in Amsterdam, so you could argue for a visit purely based on historical reasons.


6 | Sex Club Golden KeyThe inside of brothel Golden Key in Amsterdam.

With 76 Google reviews of 4,1 / 5 stars, this erotic venue is already a very good recommendation. The main reason why Golden Key is listed at number six in this overview of best strip clubs in Amsterdam, is because it’s more of a sex club than just a strip club. However the sex workers inside offer stripteases.

In other words; this is a brothel when customers can actually have sex with the ladies inside. Club Golden Key is centrally located in Amsterdam, on the Overtoom street – just next to the Vondelpark.


5 | Club LVSignage inside Club LV.

Whilst technically not a strip club, you can of course ask one of the ladies to strip for you in your private bedroom. Club LV has been a part of Amsterdam’s erotic entertainment scene for over 14 years now.

Visit this club if you’re purely looking for a sexual encounter. In the bar area you can pick and choose from a selection of 12 beautiful ladies. Once you’ve got your mind made up the two of you (or three) can go to one of the 8 spacious private rooms for some intimacy and privacy.

Club LV is owned by the same two women who run the best strip club in Amsterdam, which you can find at number one.


4 | Moulin Rouge AmsterdamMoulin Rouge Amsterdam in the Red Light District.

This isn’t a French burlesque show. At Moulin Rouge Amsterdam you can expect live on stage sex. Beautiful performers put on their best act in this small and intimate erotic theater. Because of its small size you will always be seated close to the action.

Besides live couple sex you can also expect female stripteases, male stripteases, shows with bananas, vibrators and ribbons.

Moulin Rouge is situated on the main street in the Red Light District, just a 10 minute walk from Central Station. Another advantage is that this erotic venue is also fun for female customers. And, the doormen speak several languages and love to welcome you in your own language.


3 | Casa Rosso AmsterdamThe Famous Pink Elephant Logo Of Casa Rosso.

This is the most famous erotic venue in the Netherlands. It has been around for 50 years and experienced a lot. To be honest, Casa Rosso Amsterdam is more of a sex show where several acts are given by several performers in one evening, but there are also strip shows inside.


Me and my girlfriend came. Was so excited and didn’t know what to expect. Show was really nice. Sexy dancers very interactive. Funny sexy good music. Very great experience and would highly recommend this place!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️| Lauren Harschman

I liked it very much! At first I was unsure because 40 euros for the show seemed a bit much. From my point of view it was worth it! I really enjoyed the show. There were many acts. Solo and couples, I enjoyed the solo shows more and found these more entertaining. There were also some solo acts that interacted with the audience and brought people onto the stage. We had a domina who was such a bombshell and such a good entertainer!!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Daniela Franken

Over a period of around 60 to 90’s minutes you’ll see a wide range of acts performing on stage. This includes live couple sex, strip shows, cigar vagina smoking, a banana show and some fun crowd interaction. Here you can have a real “Only In Amsterdam” experience!


2 | Male Strip Club in AmsterdamLadies on stage wait for a personal strip tease.

This is without a doubt one of the best strip clubs in Amsterdam. Not only because it’s for female customers only but also because it offers an amazing night out with a great show and a very cool interior. This place was set up for real exciting girls night out.

Once inside you can get very nice cocktails, wines, beers or champagne here. Of course there is also soft drinks and alcohol-free drinks. So-called VIP places are offered where you can sit at the very front with your own table. There are also cheaper places in the back.

The evening is hosted by the male host who is also the owner. And, there are four different male strippers who give multiple shows. This venue also offers lap-dances. If you want, you can treat one of your friends on a lap dance from one of the hot guys. This place is recommended for ladies who want to have a real night out in Amsterdam!


1 | Club BonTonMoney on the floor at Club Bon Ton in Amsterdam.

Club Bon Ton is definitely the best strip club in Amsterdam! Founded in 2019 and owned by two amazing female entrepreneurs, Club Bon Ton is a beautiful erotic venue that welcomes both men and women.

It’s situated in a stunning canal house on the Stadhouderskade, just next to the Heineken Brewery and the Marie Heinekenplein. When you arrive at Club Bon Ton you are welcomed by the very neatly dressed bouncers. They are there for your safety.

Special heels for the ladies.

Then you can enter the hallway, where you have to pay entrance and can hang your coat. After that you can walk to the first floor where the party takes place.

Club BonTon has currently 68 Google reviews and a score of 4,3 out 5.

A stripper around a strip pole at BonTon Club.

One of the first things you’ll see is the beautiful interior: An amazing bar, a beautiful floor, three strip posts and several luxurious sofas. Everybody can have a fun, exciting night out at Club BonTon.


How old do you have to be a stripper?

The age requirement for stripping in Amsterdam is 18 years old. Some clubs may require that strippers be 21 years old.

There are a few ways to become a stripper in Amsterdam. The most common way is to contact a club directly and inquire about auditions or open call nights. Many clubs have websites where they post information about upcoming auditions.

Another way to become a stripper in Amsterdam is to contact an agency that represents strippers. Some agencies will require that you have professional experience, but others may be willing to consider new talent.

How to dance like a stripper?

If you want to dance like a stripper, it’s important to be confident and comfortable with your body. Start by finding a song that really gets you moving, then let loose and dance without inhibition.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to dance; just have fun and enjoy yourself. When you’re ready, add some sexy moves into your routine, such as grinding or shaking your hips.

As you dance, keep your energy up and make sure you’re staying aware of your surroundings. If you want to give your dance an extra sensual edge, incorporate some slow, suggestive moves.

And don’t forget the all-important finishing touch: a smile. Whether you’re dancing for yourself or someone else, if you exude confidence and enjoy yourself, you’re sure to put on a great show.


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Red Light District Amsterdam

Amsterdam Audio Tour In The Red Light District


La Vie en Proost is a Lap Dance Bar in Amsterdam's Red Light District |Amsterdam Red Light District

La Vie en Proost

Posted on: June 1, 2014

La Vie en Proost – A Topless Lap Dance Bar in Amsterdam

La Vie en Proost is a cozy place in the middle of the Red Light District. This lap dance bar in Amsterdam has gogo girls, lap dancers and topless women. The entrance fee is reasonable and the club is aimed at locals and tourists who want to watch an adult show for a reasonable price, comfortably, and without any hassle…

Rather go to strip club BonTon

However, if you’re looking for the real best stripclub in Amsterdam we’d advice you to go check out Club BonTon. BonTon is way better than La Vie en Proost! It’s an awesome party place for women and men, with a beautiful interieur, gorgeous strippers and attractive bartenders. We wrote an article about BonTon.

Two guys, strippers and champagne in La Vie en Proost

Okey, there is something we’ve gotta add to “reasonable prices” and “without any hassle”, concerning La Vie en Proost. Here’s an awesome story, which can be of use to you during your visit to this lap dance bar in Amsterdam. Spoiler-alert: Two guys, strippers, champagne…

When two of our local guides (Martin & Jan) were a bit younger, Martijn decided to take Jan to this strip club in Amsterdam. He just turned 18, back then. The age of a man! Therefor, Martijn decided to pay for Jan’s first lap dance. And the best place to this was in the Red Light District. In La Vie en Proost…

Martijn was 26 years old when this happened. He reached the age of a man a long, long time ago… So there they went, to the infamous lap dance bar La Vie en Proost. Jan was nervous, although he didn’t know that he would be getting a lap dance. And at this point, Jan also didn’t know what was going to happen…

While you’re in Amsterdam don’t forget to check out these other great sex clubs: Moulin Rouge, Hospital Bar, The Bananenbar, Casa Rosso, Sex Palace Peep Show


They entered La Vie en Proost, paid the entrance fee, ordered two beers and watched the ladies. They danced on the bar, looking for guys who wanted to have a lap dance. Martijn started talking with one of the strippers. He whispered something in her ear and paid her 10 euros. Jan thought that Martijn wanted a lap dance for himself, but the stripper started walking towards to Jan.

This is what strip clubs in Amsterdam look like from inside. 

His first lap dance in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Jan, being 18 years old, looked at the stripper and thought: “Okay, this is awwwwwkward…”. And yes then it happened. He got his first lap dance. A lap dance in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. That’s awesome, he thought. After 5 minutes she stopped with grinding. She looked at Jan’s beardless face. He was wearing a suit which was a bit oversized. She knew he was young. A perfect candidate who could spend lots of money on me, she thought.

Then the stripper said:

She whispered in Jan’s ear: “Hi sweetie, I hope you liked my lap dance. Would you buy me something to drink?” He raised his eyebrows, but was willing to buy her a drink. “screw it, a beer or wine can’t be expensive”, he thought. But the stripper wanted champagne. Jan raised his eyebrows again, but still had this mindset of  “how expensive can a glass of champagne be”? So, she ordered champagne…

And there it was… a tiny bottle of champagne, a so called “Piccolo“. Now, Jan started to worry a little. The bartender said: “80 euros, please.” He didn’t have enough money, but the glasses were already filled. Out of the blue there was this big colossal bouncer. Jan said: “I don’t have enough money on me, I only have 20 euros and my debit card”. The bouncer told him, with a low-voice, that there was an ATM in the back and that he was more than willing to assist Jan to it.

Swindled by a stripper in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

At this moment, Jan didn’t feel like a real man. More like a boy who was about to get bamboozled by a stripper. Meanwhile, Martijn wasn’t paying attention to Jan. He was enjoying a lap dance from another stripper. Jan arrived back at the bar and paid the bartender. He tried to act like a big player, who didn’t have any cash on him. No biggie! Obviously, the bartender, the stripper and the bouncer knew otherwise…

Jan tried to enjoy the bubbles, for which he paid way too much! He tried to act like a high roller, but failed big time in doing so! 🙂

When the night came to an end, they arrived at Martijn’s place. This is when Jan confessed that he had spent 80 euros on a stripper. Martijn tried not to laugh, but couldn’t control himself. He laughed so long and hard that it hurt.

So yeah, go to the infamous strip club La Vie en Proost and have a night that you’ll never forget. Whether you’re planning to go by yourself, with friends or even for a stag night, La Vie en Proost is a fun place in the Red Light District! Without a doubt, this place will make sure you’ll have an unforgettable time in Amsterdam.

This is the back of strip club La Vie in Amsterdam, on the Warmoesstraat in the Red Light District.

La Vie en Proost Price List

Think twice when a stripper in Amsterdam asks you for a drink.

Tip: Don’t do as Jan did. Don’t buy champagne for strippers (when your wallet isn’t filled). Don’t buy piccolo’s! 🙂

Would you like to hear more of these true stories? Let one of our local guides – like Martijn – show you around during our super interestings tours and hear everything you need to know about the famous Red Light District.


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Red Light District in Amsterdam - photo, video, map

Red Light District in Amsterdam has long been a landmark of the city and the whole of Holland. Few tourists don't visit De Wallen for at least a few minutes, but how soon and with what mood they leave is a purely personal matter.

Amsterdam's Red Light District: History

In the 14th century, Amsterdam grew from a small town into one of the largest ports in northern Europe. Hundreds of sailors of all nationalities and nationalities arrived in the city every day, they had money, they also had a desire to have fun after a long and not always safe passage, and demand gave rise to supply. Therefore, one of the portside quarters was assigned specifically for erotic pleasures, and red lanterns were hung on the doors of the houses in which the priestesses of love lived, which gave the name to this area of ​​the city - the Red Light District.

After the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century, prostitution was outlawed and the quarter became semi-legal. In the 17th century, after the departure of the ardent Catholic Spaniards, prostitution again became a column of the city budget. And in the 18th century, the last respectable citizens moved out of the houses of the Red Light District, and De Wallen Street was completely given over to prostitutes and their pimps. Before the arrival of the French in the 19th century, moths worked in disgusting conditions, and only the concern of the French command for the health of their soldiers forced all prostitutes to undergo registration and medical examination.

Relative civilization came to the Red Light District in the early 20th century. In 1911, prostitution was officially legalized, although brothels became fully legal only in 2000. At the moment, girls of all ages and nationalities are calling passers-by from shop windows illuminated with red light, molesting passers-by on the streets is prohibited by law.

Red Light District in Amsterdam: issue price

It brought me to Amsterdam for the first time in 2010, in November, perhaps the prices have changed a bit since then. During the day, there is nothing much to do in the Red Light District, except to look into the Erotic Museum, admire the Old Church - the entrance to it then cost 6 euros, there are also some sex shops and cafe shops. If you walk there during the day, pay attention to the copper inserts in the paving stones, often there you can see a three-dimensional fragment in the form of a female breast, a silhouette or a couple merged in the arms. It was funny to look at the men's toilet, consisting of a metal strip wrapped in a spiral approximately at the level of the abdomen, in general, not very different from other beach toilets in the vastness of our Motherland. At night - and it gets dark there quite early - a carnivally colorful life begins, perhaps a little familiar to tourists from the German Ripperbahn.

In the phrase “sex industry”, the key word is still the word “industry”. Sex in the Red Light District is on stream. Young ladies of varying degrees of freshness and beauty will lure you with showcases with their fingers, smile and flirt, show off their forms, if any. However, there are very few really beautiful girls here, and their prices in the Red Light District are appropriate - from 50 euros for 20 minutes. It is necessary to bargain carefully, if the girl is not disposed to bargain, then she immediately removes her hand from the negotiator and returns to her place. Most girls accept credit cards. If you agree on a price, she will take you deeper into the room, there is usually a bed with a clean one - I'm serious! - linen, close the curtains and begin the process. Purely theoretically, of course, she can fulfill all your even the most liberated desires, but every departure from standard sex will cost you a penny, and if you insist, the girl will press the panic button, and you will be robbed of the police in full - from a fine and deportation to imprisonment , there were precedents.

Older and pompous ladies behave more calmly in the window - they just sit on a chair, play on the phone, and they cost less - from 30 euros for 20 minutes, but will you ever want to spend money on a lady who vaguely resembles whether your concierge or a cleaning lady stuffed in lace underwear is another question.

If you still want to get something more or less pleasant for not the biggest money, you can go further on Rausdalkada, there are more Asians, they charge from 20 euros for 15-20 minutes.

Red Light District in Amsterdam: an alternative to sex

If you don’t want sex as such, you can ask the girl you like to dance something like a very relaxed striptease, but for a real peep show you should go to a sex theater, or find a sign with an inscription real sex show. There are two options for a peep show - during the first one, the girl performs a private dance, if you wish, you yourself can choose a costume for her, it costs about 1 euro per minute of dance, as well as real sex of a couple - appearance, number of partners and types of sex are limited only your imagination and the size of your wallet.

… and a few last tips

  • Do not take pictures of girls in shop windows - you can pay with a camera or a fine for this.
  • Do not demand sex without a condom - you will run into a scandal.
  • You should not look for gourmet restaurants in the Red Light District - there are mostly fast food and pizzerias, cafe-shops.
  • Do not be surprised by the abundance of people - groups of tourists walk around the Red Light District with and without guides, most passers-by just look at the girls. If your groupmate, especially a foreigner, decides to stay with one of the young ladies, you should not yell at the whole block, call him back and shame him with the presence of a wife - everyone decides for himself what he came here for.
  • Beware of pickpockets. Despite good police protection, wallet thefts are not uncommon.
  • Don't ask yourself if it's worth going to the Red Light District. Just go. Such an atmosphere saturated with sex, such a mood of potential permissiveness, such fantasies and their realizations cannot be found, seen and felt in any other capital of the world. Only a port city with a centuries-old history of venal love, slightly softened by civility, with its cynicism, luxury and lack of moral pressure can give you a unique intoxicating pirate mood.

The best nightclubs in Amsterdam -

Amsterdam, as you know, is the center of not only cultural, but also entertaining nightlife. We talk about the cultural life of the capital of the Netherlands in other articles (here about museums, for example). And in this article we will talk about the dance clubs of the city. It is in Amsterdam that an incredible number of clubs are concentrated, which are popular not only among the Dutch, but also among visiting tourists.

Some of the best are Paradiso, Escape and Melkweg. They are located in the Leidseplein area next to the Rembrandtplein square, so this part of Amsterdam is considered to be the center of nightlife. DJs from around the world perform on their stages.

During the summer, the city hosts trance music festivals that gather hundreds of thousands of people. Parties in clubs are held almost every day. The most grandiose - from Thursday to Saturday. Before 11 pm, events do not start, and during the celebration of major events, they sometimes drag on until the morning.

We have selected for you the top 10 nightclubs in Amsterdam, with great DJs and incendiary parties. By the way, don't forget to buy a club ticket valid in 20 clubs in the city at once. In some you will get a wellcamdrink. And if you want to walk around Amsterdam at night and learn all its secrets from the red-light district, then welcome to our tour. Download!

one Club Paradiso

2 Melkweg

3 Escape

four Nyx

5 Sinners in Heaven

6 Panama

7 mazzo

eight power zone

9 Hotel Arena

ten Studio 80

Paradiso Club

Without a doubt one of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam. Cult rock bands (such as the Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones) and the best DJs (Tiesto, Armin van Buuren) performed here. The hall of this institution has an unusual shape, because it is located in the building of the former church. Thanks to this, the room has an amazing acoustic effect. The club is located at Weteringschans 6. This is the very center of the city. Usually the entry to Paradiso is expensive (even up to 200 euros), but this is compensated by a cheap bar and excellent entertainment.


This is a full-fledged entertainment complex, on the basis of which there is not only a nightclub, but also a cinema, several concert halls, a restaurant, a large bar and a terrace. The place is famous for its theme parties. For example, on Sundays, the entrance is open only to girls, and on Fridays and Saturdays, dance arenas are arranged, invitations to which are received by the best DJs in the Netherlands. On weekdays, the entrance to the club costs about 15-25 euros, but during the arrival of celebrities you have to pay up to 200 euros. The bar is not very expensive. Place address: Lijnbaansgracht 234.


The oldest club in Amsterdam, located at Rembrandtplein 11. There are quite pompous parties with the world's leading DJs. The institution cares about its reputation, so the guards may not let the visitor in if he does not comply with the established dress code. As a rule, the largest events are held on weekends. The club is designed for wealthy people: entrance - 50-100 euros, in the bar you can leave up to 500 euros per night.

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The club is located on several floors of an old building at Reguliersdwarsstraat 42. There is always an amazing atmosphere here. The institution is designed mainly for young people, so the music here plays a variety of colors. The entrance is relatively inexpensive - 10-30 euros. On weekdays, girls can enter the club for free until 24.00. The bar is also relatively cheap.

Sinners in Heaven

This is a VIP club where the elite youth of Amsterdam spend their holidays. There are private parties here. It will be possible to get to them only if you buy an expensive entrance ticket (up to 500 euros). At the same time, even for such money, access is not open to everyone and not every day. The institution is famous for its exclusive style, excellent service and respectable atmosphere. Its address is Wagenstraat 3-7.


Classic club for trance dance music fans. The huge hall can accommodate up to 1000 visitors. On the days of the arrival of famous DJs, twice as many people crowd here. It is difficult to call the institution particularly respectable, but it enjoys well-deserved popularity. This is largely due to reasonable prices. Entrance to the club costs about 10-20 euros, and having another 25 euros in your pocket, you can spend half the night at the bar. The institution is located at Oostelijke Handelskade 4.


A small club located at Rozengracht 114 in the Jordan area. Fans of techno and progressive trance love to gather here. Every Friday evenings of the English underground are held here. The entrance to the institution is cheap - about 5-15 euros. The bar is cheap.

Power Zone

A distinctive feature of this club is a huge hall with a dance floor and an impressive stage. This is not surprising, because the institution is located in the building of an old factory at Daniel Goedkoopstraat 1. Complete minimalism reigns in the interior design, but this does not spoil the atmosphere. People come here solely to dance. Accordingly, the pricing policy of the club is democratic. The entrance costs no more than 20 euros, and at the bar you can order several cocktails for 5-10 euros.

Hotel Arena

A small club located on the territory of the hotel of the same name at Gravesandestraat 51. The convenience of the establishment lies in the fact that here you can dance, and have a bite, and drink.

Learn more