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Manu. Dopalina

Viking techno Dancer #techno #InstaxChallenge #technodancer #tendencia #patrulla #vikingo #rave

TikTok video from Manu. Dopalina (@soytremendoalperino): "Viking techno Dancer #techno#InstaxChallenge #technodancer#tendencia#patrulla#vikingo#rave". Techno Dancer más famosos de Internet | Techno Dancer más famoso de internet | Song: TREPITATION . Trepidation.


Trepidation - Stan Christ



#fyp #dance #technoviking

559 Likes, 11 Comments. TikTok video from KingAds1972 (@kingads_1972): "#fyp #dance #technoviking". TECHNO | Viking | Part 2 of 2 | .... original sound.


original sound - KingAds1972


No Mercy #techno

Techno Viking #techno #hardtechno #rave #festival #dance

TikTok video from No Mercy #techno (@nomercy_techno): "Techno Viking #techno #hardtechno #rave #festival #dance". Peace & water 🫶. sonido original.


sonido original - No Mercy #techno



#Technoviking #Dance

284 Likes, 9 Comments. TikTok video from C.MCcain😉⃤ (@bloodmountainl__l): "#Technoviking #Dance". Technoviking. Techno Viking.


Techno Viking - Will Sparks



Technoviking #dance #techno #fyp #tiktok #viral #viealvideo #foryoupage #viraltiktok #funnymoments #viking

71 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from Yaku4life (@yakulife1): "Technoviking #dance#techno#fyp #tiktok #viral #viealvideo #foryoupage #viraltiktok #funnymoments #viking". The Original Technoviking . Wer kennt ihn noch Legende 🤫. Originalton.


Originalton - Yaku4life



Check out my best dancer dancing on my Beat ❤️‍🔥#hardtechno #dance #vikings

TikTok video from Giallu (@giallu_sgarra): "Check out my best dancer dancing on my Beat ❤️‍🔥#hardtechno #dance #vikings". SGARRA | KEEP THE CLUB JUMPING | (Original mix). suono originale.


suono originale - Giallu



What happened to this guy? #vikings #scary #foryou #dance #whereishe #? #fypシ #techno #horrorlover

666 Likes, 19 Comments. TikTok video from Horror_Hag (@horror_hag): "What happened to this guy? #vikings #scary #foryou #dance #whereishe #? #fypシ #techno #horrorlover". original sound.


original sound - tara



Legend has, it that he still dances #technoviking

14.1K Likes, 115 Comments. TikTok video from TECHNO VIKING (@techno_viking_): "Legend has, it that he still dances #technoviking". TECHNO VIKING duet challenge.





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115 Likes, 10 Comments. TikTok video from Stixx2895 (@stixxmusichits): "Techno Russian Viking #techno #russian #russia #viking #dance #rythm #funny #goviral #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #fypシ #popmusic #music #songs #tophits #hits #classicmusic #oldisgold #70s80s90s #viral #xyzbca #trending #TikTok #musicvideo #musicviral #CustomersMostLoved #lovemusic #AltogetherDifferent #hello2022 #ImTheMainCharacter #MyBrawlSuper #KindAndFree #tiktokfamous #HowDoYouHUGO #follow #like #feelgood #LinkBudsNeverOff #followformorevideo #closeyourrings". Techno Russian Viking . Psycho horror techno music.


Psycho horror techno music - F.T.P



Reply to @villagedumbo how to do the Techno Viking dance - Dance meme series #fyp #comedy #technoviking

19.7K Likes, 2.1K Comments. TikTok video from Re.cept (@re.cept): "Reply to @villagedumbo how to do the Techno Viking dance - Dance meme series #fyp #comedy #technoviking". Techno Viking Dance Meme Original Audio.


Techno Viking Dance Meme Original Audio - Re.cept

The Story behind the phenomenon named Techno Viking!

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Techno Viking is an internet phenomenon or meme based on a video from the 2000 Fuckparade in Berlin, Germany.


The 4-minute video shot by experimental video artist Matthias Fritsch at the Fuckparade on 8 July 2000[1] begins with the title "Kneecam No. 1". The camera is on a group of dancing people with a blue-haired woman in front. A man stumbles into the scene grabbing the woman.

A bare-chested man (known colloquially as the Techno Viking) wearing a Mjölnir pendant enters the scene while turning to that man. He grabs him by the arms and the camera follows, showing the confrontation. The bare-chested man pushes the guy back in the direction he came. 

He looks at him sternly and then points his finger at him, ensuring he behaves. Then the camera follows the bare-chested man as the techno parade continues. Another observer comes from the back of the scene offering an inverted bottle of water to him. As the situation calms down, the bare-chested man starts to dance down Rosenthaler Straße  to techno music.

Fritsch uploaded the video to the internet in 2001. Fritsch intended to raise questions of whether the action was real or staged. In 2006 an unknown user re-published it to YouTube, and it went viral in 2007. According to Fritsch, its popularity began on a Central American pornography site. 

After being posted on Break. com, it peaked on 28 September at more than 1 million views per day and was watched by over 10 million people over 6 months. By mid-2010, the video had generated over 20 million hits on YouTube alone;as of January 2013, the original version had more than 16 million views.

Fritsch did not know the man's name at the time of filming. 
The unnamed man's court case against Fritsch concerning infringement of personality rights opened in Berlin on 17 January 2013. 

In June, a decision was reached for the plaintiff and Fritsch was ordered to pay the man €13,000 in damages, almost all he had made from YouTube ads and sales of Techno Viking merchandise, plus €10,000 in court costs, and to cease publication of his image.



Watch also: 


A video with rare footage of Techno Viking has been released on the Internet


These imitations of the Techno Viking are actually not bad at all



Watch the video below:




Track name: Panderator - Cruise Control / Subrealic acid - Βreakbeat version



Another story which we are not sure if this is real, many say it's a satirical article, according to WWN and Techno Moves, they used the help of detectives and spent months of research tracking down the mysterious figure, ultimately agreeing to meet him at Berlin airport. 


There they were met by Gunther, the guide who was to take them to the Techno Viking’s home on the periphery of the city limits. When they arrived, however, they discovered that Gunther Ackerman was in fact the Techno Viking himself.

They figure out that Techno viking is a biology researcher , but at the time of the viral video he was a lumberjack.

He said he had been awake for four days straight before the historic footage was taken and that he had no idea he was being filmed by Fritsch. However this was not confirmed from multiple sources.

You can read the Full interview here

  Source: Wikipedia

Who is Techno Viking? How does the story of a curious character develop?

Techno Viking as a character alive performance of "Urban myths", electronic version.

The legend also says that the Technoviking was just an ordinary person who never wanted to be famous . But the Internet and the latest technology have made him a viral character.

Before the Internet, also known as Leyendas Urbanas , was and still is the modern evolution of what some historians, anthropologists and sociologists call the oral tradition. That is, stories passed down from generation to generation which can be real, fantasy, or a combination of both, used to preserve history, confirm beliefs, enlighten, indoctrinate, sanctify, glorify, demonize, condemn, etc.

Now myths distributed on the Internet. The era of digital information has brought with it one side the mass dissemination of knowledge , and on the other side the standardization of "fake". In many cases it is difficult to distinguish truth from lies.


  • 1 What we know (or think we know) about Techno Viking
  • 2 Dance!
  • 3 Who is the dancer who conquers the masses?
  • 4 And Techno Viking was born

What we know (or think we know) about Techno Viking

Berlin, July 8, 2000 In the capital of Germany Love Parede , un is a mass parade and festival of electronic music , the first edition of which dates back to 1989, a few days before the fall of the wall that divided the city in two. The purpose of the event was to gather as many people as possible on the streets for communion in favor of Peace and Love, using music as a guide.

At the same time, on the same day in another area of ​​the city, el Blya Parede , a rebellious version that appeared in 1997 with the idea of ​​ restoring the original spirit of Wall of Love e , which, according to its organizers, lost its essence in the hands of the crudest capitalism.

Matthias Fritsch, a German artist, filmed the festival on camera. This is the time when someone approaches a girl with blue hair and it seems that she is annoying or makes her uncomfortable. But , a certain protective hero, as if descended from the pages of MARVEL comics, comes into action, and his inquisitive finger served as a weapon.

Before the camera rolls a man with the image of a lumberjack, with a naked torso and a cruel and intimidating appearance .

This Viking with perfectly defined muscles attracted the attention of the artist and action.


The Berlin version of Thor then started with a crazy dance full of stylized and synchronized movements . The contrast between his rhythmic steps and his alpha male demeanor would have forged his glory... Or was it something else?

Because this often happens with what becomes popular on the Internet: although things seem to have an explanation, after all, no one knows what the "secret component" of 's virtual success is.

Fritsch shared this video with the world in 2001 via his personal website and in 2006 uploaded it to his YouTube channel. It wouldn't be until 2007 that his Anonymous dancer would be a star.

Memes, action toys, panties ... Legend .

Versions explaining skyrocketing Knee Camera #1 (original video name Fritsh) are different.

What matters 16 million views until the video reaches until it is removed from the network, inaccurate number of versions and remixes of the original clip and several merchandising of merchandise , including figure type GI Joe , flannel and even allegorical briefs.

But El Vikingo del Techno's biggest influence was its mutation into the meme, as or more important than the viralization of your video, in terms of a cultural product.

At a time when social networks have become a great means of communication on a global scale, and memes have taken a privileged position in an informative cocktail, Thecnoviking will be one of the first real images (a man of flesh and blood, not a caricature) become " Meme Star".

Who is the dancer who conquers the masses?

The myths and legends surrounding the cool dancer quickly spread: no one knew who he was, but many claimed to have seen him . He was a wrestler, a reality TV contestant, a man obsessed with sculpting his figure in the gym, and who would also start uploading bodywork videos is just like a YouTuber. .. However, as it turned out, this had nothing to do with any of these roles.

His body will become a symbol of male envy and an object of desire for many, many . He would begin to wonder if it was possible to achieve such a well-defined and well-defined muscle through exercise alone, without resorting to the use of steroids, anabolics and other substances.

Many claimed that the body of the Technoviking was r. The ultimate representation of male beauty precisely because it is natural, no tricks, no tricks , no radiance oils, no photoshop.

And Techno Viking was born

In 2013, when many knew the character, but when the euphoria subsided, El Vikingo del Techno personally (rather through his lawyers) sued claims for using your image without permission for commercial purposes .

I would also request privacy violation . The defendant was Matthias Fritsch, who had made a name for himself in certain German intellectual circles. Again Technoviking will be news again0005 memes will be back with their Inquisition Index and YouTube visits.

Justice gave him a reason : his rights were violated, so he is entitled to compensation . Fritsch, who has said on several occasions that he only uploaded videos for artistic interest and never for commercial purposes, was forced to pay. EUR 23,000 between attorney's fees and damages . In addition, he had to recall his Knee Camera No. 1 .

The paradox of everything is that it is enough to ban something on the Internet for it to become even more viral s. To this day, Technoviking videos and memes are ubiquitous and no one can do anything to prevent it.

Fritsch will also reach the level of legend with all the legal mess and even will premiere the documentary in 2015 , where he gives his version of the emergence of one of the most important viral phenomena of the last decade.

Image sources: WIRED Germany / One Sixth Warriors

Petersburger dancing on the embankments without a T-shirt. "Paper"

August 5, 2021

Residents of St. Petersburg regularly see a man in the city center without a T-shirt and wearing sunglasses, energetically dancing to music from a portable speaker. Several videos with him have already gone viral, one has almost 3 million views on TikTok.

The street dancer is compared to actor Daniel Craig, blogger Oleg Mongol and the famous techno-viking from an old meme. "Paper" tells about a man who brightens up the everyday life of the townspeople.

In May 2021, a TikTok video about a Petersburger who was dancing on the embankment with a bare torso and sunglasses went viral. The video was filmed from the deck of the ship, so in the comments they joked that the performance was part of an excursion along rivers and canals.


Peter can be loved even for such characters!0188

“This is when the club closed in the morning, and you are still rushing,” they wrote in the comments. And someone thought that the man just closed the mortgage and rejoices.

Another option why a man dances. Screenshot from TikTok

It turned out that a man is seen quite often in St. Petersburg. Here, for example, is a video where he vigorously walks along Gagarinskaya Street with a portable speaker and even jumps to the beat of the music. You can watch it endlessly!


#rave #raveislife #saintpetersburg #turbo #techno #technoviking

♬ original sound - Dima

And this is him dancing in the Tauride Garden.


"I want at least 5% of his equanimity and self-confidence," they again admire the man in the comments. Of course, there is also criticism under the video: some suggest that such cheerfulness is allegedly possible only with the use of prohibited substances.


Because of his appearance, a man is compared with actor Daniel Craig, blogger Oleg Mongol and the famous techno-viking from an old meme.

In the early 2000s, a video from a protest in Berlin gained popularity, during which a muscular man danced to techno. The hero of the video became known as a techno-viking (which, by the way, he was not happy with and filed a lawsuit against the author of the video).

A dancer from St. Petersburg is called techno-viking 2.0.

Paper tried to find out who the man in the video was.

Learn more