How much does a pole dancer make

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make in 2022

There are multiple factors that determine how much money a pole dancer makes, we will be answering all your questions and more in this very popular question.

Anyone who is in the business of selling their time will be compensated based on market forces — demand, cost, skills and competition for jobs all come into play to determine what you make.

But before we delve any deeper on the topic of how much a pole dancer is paid, we have to make you understand Pole dancing as a Profession.

What is Pole dancing?

When people think about pole dancing, the first thing that comes to their mind is a women wearing revealing clothing dancing on a stripper pole.

In reality, pole dancing is an athletic dance form that combines spinning and tricks on a vertical pole.

It has been around for centuries in different forms throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.

Pole dancing is considered to be the only kind of dance that requires an individual to compete against themselves.

It is not about how you look but about pushing yourself beyond your limits…

The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) has strict rules when it comes to competitions.

The dancers must wear appropriate attire (tops covering the breast and bottoms covering the genitalia), no shoes, and must perform the routines to music with a beat of between 70 – 140 bpm.

There are different levels of pole dance fitness ranging from beginner to advance.

The dancer’s physique is not important but rather their control of their body while they execute complex moves.

If dancing on the pole seems too intimidating there are other forms of pole dancing.

Pole fitness is also popular at exercise classes for women who do not want to dance on the pole, rather they just want to get fit through training with it.

A lot of gyms now have poles installed so that the participants can build up their strength and endurance without having to leave the comfort of their gym.

How much do Pole dancers make?

Back to our main question now, how much do you think pole dancers makes on average per annum?

Based on the information available on, some exotic pole dancers can make as high as $53,590 but the range can fall anywhere between $44,161 to $65,431.

Again, there are multiple determinants for this.

From personal accounts from youtube, twitter and social media, exotic pole dancers have been said to have made $200-$500 per hour depending on many factors.

If you get a contract to dance at a club or other establishment for a set number of hours each week (instead of per performance), the pay can be as high as $75-$100/hour.

Now with Onlyfans, many exotic dancers can make a hefty side income whilst using the club as a way of prospecting new client subscriptions.

For the low end

For an average Average Pole dancer gig in the U.S., you can expect to make anywhere from $20-$35 an hour for a performance, or possibly a bit more depending on the club and if you have any special skills, and the factor without clothes.

Some top-end professional Pole dancers can make thousands of dollars per month by teaching pole dancing — but again, this is due to their prodigious skills and acute business sense in working with studios and product sponsors to market

Some of the factors that can affect the salaries of a pole dancer is additional skills, having regular customers and knowing the business by spending a number of years on the scene.

All these factors plays a significant role on determining the amount of money that a pole dancer will be paid.

Factors determining the average salary of a pole dancer

What is the salary of a pole dancer?

It depends on where you are working, your level of attractiveness and dance skills to be able to determine the average salary.

The following are some major factors that affect salary:

Type of club or bar

Generally speaking, clubs with more customers will pay higher salaries than those that have less customers.

Working Experience

Although dancers with no experience can earn approximately $50 an hour, experienced dancers are able to earn up to $1500 per night.

Dancers’ attitude and work ethic

Workers who are not reliable will receive lower pay than those who are responsible for their jobs.

Dance Skills

Your dance skills determine how much you can earn as a dancer.

Practice, practice and more practice will help dancers become good at pole dancing and increase their chance of getting high-paying customers.

The size of your local club

Finding out how many clubs there are in your area is the first step to finding out what dancers make on average.

Dancers working for large clubs will make more money than those who work in small clubs.

Do you own a club?

If you own your club, then you can keep all of the money that you bring in while working.

Dancers at private clubs are paid more than dancers at public or franchised clubs.

Promotional events

Promotional events also increase dancers’ earnings.

Participating in competitions and guest appearances can greatly enhance your earning potential.

Pole Dancing skills

Pole dancing skills are also important when trying to determine what a dancer makes per night.

Dancers who can perform more advanced tricks and spins earn more than those who cannot.

Number of hours

Finally, the number of hours a dancer works in a shift affects her earnings.

Dancers will naturally make less when working less, so it is up to them to decide if they want to work longer hours in order to increase their earnings or not.


How much does the average pole dancer make?

This will greatly depend on a number of factors among them the skills, location, the club, promotional events and few others.

How much should a dancer get paid?

It can vary but on average, a beginner dancer that has marketed her career right can make up to $100 per hour.

How much does a pro dancer make per year?

The average annual salary for a pole dancer can vary.

Top earners make up to $168,500 while the average earners make $67,839 per year.


A survey by Men’s Health magazine in 2014 showed that 51 percent of men believed that dancers with an average level of attractiveness, dance skills and work attitude could make up to $2000 for one night on the stage.

However, only 10 percent expected performers would receive compensation more than $1000 per night on average.

We hope that this post has helped you greatly in answering this question.

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make in 2022

For those of you who are considering taking up pole dancing as a profession, it’s always nice to get an idea of how much do pole dancers make.

Unfortunately, no EXACT data could be found on the internet. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do the math ourselves! 

We’ve done all the research and created this detailed guide based on what we learned to give you some idea of how much money you can expect to earn as a pole dancer in 2022. 

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make an Hour 

The average hourly wage for a pole dancer in the US is about $20 according to payscale. While the top 10% of earners make more than $30 an hour and the bottom 10% of earners make less than $10 an hour. 

Of course, these are just averages – your actual earnings will depend on factors like your experience, geographic location, and the type of venue and place where you work.

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make a Day

The number of hours a pole dancer works and the rate that she is paid per hour determines how much money she makes in a day. Pole dancers typically work anywhere from six to eight hours a day, and the average rate for their services is usually twenty dollars an hour.  

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Now let’s do some math!

If they work for six hours, it is six times twenty, which equals 120 dollars. So pole dancers make anywhere around $120 – $160 a day.

*This does not take into account any of the tips that might receive or overtime hours worked. 

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make a Week

The total amount of money that a pole dancer makes in a week is determined by the number of days that she works and her daily wage. 

An average pole dancer makes between $120 and $160 in a single day’s work.

If the pole dancer works 5 days a week, she has the potential to make around $600 – $800 a week. 

On the other hand, if the dancer works all seven days of the week, she can expect to make somewhere in the range of $840 – $1120 a week.

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make a Month

How much a pole dancer makes a month depends on the number of days she works in a month and the amount that she is paid per day.  

As we previously stated, a single day’s job can bring you anywhere between $120 and $160 for the typical pole dancer. So this multiplied by the number of days work should give you an monthly average. 

If the dancer works 24 days, she can make around $2880 – $3840 a month. And if she works 26 days the pole dancer can make $3110 – $4160 a month.

However, a highly experienced performer can make considerably more than that. 

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make a Year

Assuming that you work for a total of 52 weeks per year will allow us to determine how much you will be paid annually (with 2 weeks of paid time off). 

When working a job that requires a full-time commitment, you can expect to put in an average of 40 hours per week in the club.

2,080 hours of labor time in a year is equivalent to 40 hours per week times 52 weeks.

A yearly income of $41,600 is calculated by multiplying the hourly wage of $20 by the number of working hours in a year, which is 2,080.

Additional compensation may come in the form of bonuses, commission, tips, or a share of the profits. 

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Pole Dancer Salary Comparison Table

Here’s a quick break down of how much pole dancers make: 

$20 An Hour Total Income 
Yearly (262 work days)$36,680
Monthly (175 hours)$3500
Weekly (40 hours)$800
Daily (7 hours) $140

Factors Determining The Average Salary of a Pole Dancer

To be able to determine what the average salary is, it is necessary to consider the location of the worker’s place of employment, their level of pleasantness, and their level of dance ability.  

The following are some of the most important aspects that play a role in determining salary:

1. Type of Club or Bar

In general, clubs that have a larger number of customers will pay a better salary to their employees than clubs that have a smaller number of customers.

2. Number of Hours

The amount of money a dancer makes also depends on the number of hours she puts in during a shift. 

When dancers put in fewer hours of work, they will inevitably bring in a lower income. 

It is up to the dancers themselves to decide whether or not they wish to increase their earnings by working longer hours.

3. Working Experience

Even though dancers with no experience can earn roughly $50 per hour, experienced dancers have the potential to earn up to $1,500 per night.

4. Pole Dancing skills

Your ability to dance has a direct correlation to the amount of money you can make as a dancer. 

Those dancers who can perform more complex tricks and spins earn more money than their peers who are unable to do so.  

Dancers can improve their skills at pole dancing and increase their chances of landing high-paying clients by engaging in repeated, focused practice sessions. 

5. The Size of the Club

The first thing you need to do to figure out what dancers make on average in your region is to learn the number of clubs that are located in your area. 

Dancers who are employed by large clubs will make significantly more money than their counterparts who are employed by smaller clubs.

6. Promotions 

Earning potential for dancers is also increased by participating in promotional events. 

Increasing your profile through activities such as contests and guest appearances can significantly boost your earning potential.

7. Season 

The wedding season, which occurs during the summer and spring, brings substantial sums of money to business-oriented pole dancers. 

Average pole dancers can make it on a few hundred dollars, but the wedding season can bring in much more.  

A pole dancer’s earnings might be increased by performing at multiple bachelor and bachelorette parties.

How Much Do Pole Dancers Make a Year in the UK? 

The average income of a pole dancer in the United Kingdom is £29,250 per year, which is equivalent to £15 per hour. The starting salary for an entry-level role is £25,350 per year, while professionals with more experience can earn up to £37,500 annually.

Can I Pole Dance Without Being a Stripper?

You certainly do not need to be a stripper to pole dance. Acrobatic tricks and motions that utilize a pole are required for pole dancing; nevertheless, pole dancing does not need stripping or other erotic movements.

61-year-old hairdresser pole dance June 2022 |

Nadezhda installed a pole at home in order to do more


Three years ago, a resident of Dobryanka in the Perm Territory, Nadezhda Semenova, became interested in one dance direction - role dance, or simply pole dancing . And this would not be unusual if it were not for the age of our heroine. She recently turned 61 years old. We visited Nadezhda (she also has a pylon for classes at home) and found out how she began to practice role dancing, how her body changed after that and what sports qualities are needed for this direction.

Pole dance is a kind of dance art with elements of dance and acrobatics on a pole. It performs twists, swings, somersaults and other tricks.

Nadezhda started dancing about 16 years ago. Then a school of Arabic dances was opened in the city. Then they began to learn dances of other peoples there: Indian, gypsy, Egyptian, Russian. Three years ago, Nadezhda started playing role dance - pole dancing.

— Dancing made me want to be flexible. <...> I didn’t have a single split, my knees were sharp. <...> And I started stretching, and my first split on my right leg was somewhere after 45 years. That is, it says that everything can be achieved. Of course, I had some plastic surgery, but it was more in the back. <...> I didn’t even strive for the result, I just reached out. After a few years, I sat down on my left leg. Crossover doesn't work. Apparently, this is the configuration of my body. Well, I’m moving on,” says a resident of Dobryanka. - I realized that now you need to build muscle. The older you get, the more you do. And I went to the pylon. Also out of curiosity. I liked the pylon, how the girls looked, but I couldn’t imagine it myself. When I came, I thought that in six months I would only be able to climb. But it went down after a month or so.

Nadezhda has been dancing for many years, she had to make different costumes for them


Pole is both dancing and acrobatics, Nadezhda explains. She loves variety in her workouts, not just fitness or strength training. And in order to lift the body on a pole, you need strong arms, shoulders and back. The dancer noticed that thanks to the exercises on the pole, her body began to gradually dry out, muscles began to form. Recently, Nadezhda has also become interested in exotic pole dance - in this direction, they dance on a pole in high-heeled shoes.

- There is also a download of ligaments, and muscles, and stretching. [Usually] you sit on the splits under the weight of your body, and there you need to be able to do the splits in the air, and this is more difficult, says the interlocutor. - The body began to change, I did not expect. <...> We do not know our body and what it is capable of. Therefore, I would recommend everyone to explore, try, practice.

Some elements of the role dance are not easy, for example, one of the main ones - the step - Nadezhda still cannot do it right: pushing off not from the floor, but from the pylon.

— For a pole, yes, for any kind of sport, it is necessary that the whole body is evenly pumped up, — says Nadezhda Semenova. - And if it does not swing, for example, legs, then you need to swing separately. [Need strong] back, shoulders, arms, grip. <...> The grip is everything. Therefore, we use special gels [to reduce slip].

Nadezhda has blocks at home to work out the splits in the slack, and a large mirror


At home, Nadezhda first worked out with the help of ropes and a horizontal bar, doing push-ups from the floor. And then I put the pylon on and quite quickly noticed that the elements began to turn out better.

Nadezhda has been working as a hairdresser for forty years.

— I like my job, but I no longer want to advance in it, to work from morning till night. I also worked two jobs. In general, everything was. And I participated in competitions, and took all sorts of courses all the time, - says Nadezhda. — I don't like any artificial hair, dreadlocks. This is both very costly and uninteresting to me at the moment. I love to communicate with the client, do haircuts, coloring. And in order not to work a full shift, so that you can also take care of yourself.

Once a woman came to work with Nadezhda, who watched a video of her dancing and wanted to learn from her.

— I didn’t plan at all and I’m used to learning myself. When they came to me, I was very surprised, - says the dancer.

The visitor explained her desire by saying that she wanted to be feminine, and Nadezhda decided to take her as a student. Later, she began to teach plastic dances to another person who wanted to.

Nadezhda has been working as a hairdresser almost all her life and she loves it


Nadezhda recalls that in her childhood she was a “weak child”, she was sick a lot.

— I was sick all New Year. All the guys went somewhere in the winter holidays, and I watched TV on a folding bed. "Seventeen Moments of Spring" (12+) or some entertaining stuff. And so I grew up with this feeling that I was weak. Well, my parents felt sorry for me all the time, ”recalls Nadezhda Semenova.

As an adult, the heroine became interested in a raw food diet, veganism. She says she feels better.

— But at some point I realized that something was coming back again. I have always been a researcher of my body,” says the interlocutor. - I won’t say that I wanted to look the best, it wasn’t vanity that drove me, but the fact that I was sick a lot and was limited in movement. <...> My husband always called me “kid”, the children are small, and I had to run all the time in sportswear. So I didn't feel like a woman. There was low blood pressure, often weakness. And I wanted to be strong, and my inner spirit resisted this weakness.

When Nadezhda started dancing, she realized that there were only few of them and she needed some more exercises. She tried running, went to the forest for this. And swim in any weather. When the river froze, Nadezhda poured water from the spring. She says that she stopped catching a cold, but in the end she got tired of doing it.

Not so long ago, Nadezhda became interested in exotic pole dance, where they dance in high-heeled shoes


Nadezhda says that she always looked youthful, her father was like that too. But closer to the age of 40, she herself did not notice how she got better.

- It's just that they began to say anti-compliments to me. Well, they're like compliments. "She's become so plump." I say, "What-o-o?" Then I began to understand that I was going up to the fifth floor with shortness of breath, <...> some sores began to appear, - says the heroine.

Nadezhda looks much younger than her years - she had such a goal.

— I have become really calmer, more confident in myself, because if your body hears you, you hear it, then somehow you are not afraid to break down, — says Nadezhda. - The fact is that even though I name my age, I don’t fit with it so much ... Without some kind of vanity, I just don’t feel it. And not only that, I once set myself [a goal] that I should feel [myself] and look 30 years old. Well, I try to approach this as it will, I'm not a fan. And when you feel that you are 30 years old, as if your whole life is ahead of you.

Nadezhda noticed that after starting classes, her body dried up, muscles began to form


Nadezhda comes from Chelyabinsk, she grew up there. Then she got married, left for Sverdlovsk (the name of Yekaterinburg from 1924 to 1991), where she lived for three years, gave birth to children. Then the family moved to Dobryanka - the husband was a military man, he was assigned there.

— So I came here and have been living here for more than 30 years. I don’t feel like a local, but I live here, I like it here. I'm so used to it... It's a small town, there is a river, a forest, work, shops nearby, you don't have to go anywhere, - says Nadezhda.

To prevent hands and body from slipping on the pylon, it is smeared with a special gel


: "What are you like frozen?" She adds that she still differs from her young self now, when compared with photographs. Although those who did not know her before, they give less years than they really are.

Nadezhda has two sons and three grandchildren. To the question "What kind of grandmother are you?" replies with a smile: "Bad."

— I pay little attention to my grandchildren, but they are very interesting to me. I only occasionally see them,” my grandmother says. - Today I went to Perm, my grandson came out, I almost fell: he is a head taller than me, a guy of 14 years old. Well, meter 90 is probably already there somewhere. I say: "Leva, let's hug." <...> When we hugged, I felt so petty. It's not offensive, but I don't know how to say, some strange feeling that this is your grandson.

During training


The eldest granddaughter of Nadezhda is 19 years old, and the youngest is 4 years old.

- I would also like to say that when grandchildren grow up and come to their grandmothers already so old, they are not interested in them. <...> They love pies, of course I don't cook pies, - says Nadezhda. — But I have delicious borscht, I can make it without meat. And I have everything for both cheeks gobble up, and my granddaughter likes it. I make cocktails. There, oat milk, for example, with a banana, she also likes it. Well, children run around, don't eat much. I don't force it on purpose. And kids are very smart these days. Well, for example, I interviewed my granddaughter. She interestingly said what she is, what kind of dad, what kind of mother. I say: "What are you?" She looked at me thoughtfully. “I am kovaleva” (queen. - Note ed. ). And I liked it so much that my granddaughter is a queen! And now I feel like a queen.

Earlier we told the story of a 70-year-old pensioner from Berezniki. A little over a year ago, she started an account on TikTok, and more than 100 thousand people have subscribed to it, and some videos collect a million views.

Is it possible to earn money by dancing on the Internet on Onlyfans

Home » Earnings in OnlyFans » How and how much can you earn dancing from the comfort of your home with Onlyfans?


Creative people whose income directly depends on performances and concerts are thinking about their future after the coronavirus pandemic. Many lost their main income and began to look for alternatives. One of them is the new Onlyfans platform, a social network with paid subscriptions and other earning tools.

How and how much can you earn dancing from the comfort of your home with Onlyfans? In this article, we will explain in more detail what this project is, as well as present examples of successful dancer authors. Even famous personalities became interested in this site, accounts are created by musicians, actresses, singers, athletes, bloggers and more.

Is it possible to earn money by dancing on the Internet?

The most popular option is how to make money as a dancer online, this is to create accounts in regular social networks. You can gain subscribers and look for advertisers, conduct online performances, even virtual lessons. The Onlyfans platform will help you work in all directions at once and get good money .

The project was launched a few years ago, its main task is a convenient interaction with fans. Here, subscribers have to pay every month to access the idol's account, and he, in turn, publishes exclusive content and exchanges messages with fans. In addition, there are other ways to earn money.

Detailed instructions - how to sell photos and videos on Onlyfans, will help you understand the interface, it is only available in English.

Registration on the site takes a few minutes, you must pass verification. After that, you can maintain a page, in many ways the project resembles Instagram, only with additional features. Thousands of dancers are already earning here, but there is one important feature.

Dance styles and what is more suitable for Onlyfans?

The site is not heavily censored like other social networks. Therefore, each user must be verified. Subscribers connect bank cards, authors upload passport data. The project belongs to the category for adults, mainly erotic content is posted here:

Do not rush to conclusions, successful authors do not always post nudity. Many post the same photos as on Instagram and attract a lot of attention. However, a pinch of frankness certainly does not hurt. Therefore, the service is ideal for all topics, who are engaged in sexual dances:

  • twerk;
  • pool dance;
  • plastic strip;
  • belly dance;
  • Club Latina;
  • contemporary.

If you work in other styles, register anyway. The attention of a large audience is attracted not only by a beautiful naked body or sexual movements. Fans can be offered something more - an exclusive from the life of a dancer. Something that is not in ordinary social networks (training, everyday life, different interests and much more).

How much does a dance choreographer/coach make at Onlyfans?

Every experienced dancer knows how much a dance teacher earns on average. Of course, a lot depends on his fame, style, skill level. It is not realistic to raise millions, so it is worth considering alternative options. Success on Onlyfans was Simone Rix, she provided dance lessons directly on the Internet:

This English dancer has been teaching fitness and pole dance classes for 5 years. I went to several studios at once, there was always not enough time. The Onlyfance website started bringing her from $5,000 a month after six months. In addition to her attractive photos, the girl shared other content:

  • from the gym;
  • from training at home;
  • with yoga classes;
  • on pole;
  • with fitness lessons.

Dancers and dancers have attractive appearance, only due to this you can attract attention. Show your talent to the fullest and collect paid subscriptions. In addition, it is possible to find clients for online training on this platform, just keep in mind that these will be foreigners (you need to communicate with them in English).

Making money by dancing is real

Onlyfans already earns thousands of dancers and dancers, they work in different styles, share different content, not all of them post candid photos. Some of them earn over $10,000 per month:

Yaela Vonk

The former ballroom dancer studied ballroom dancing but moved into the "adult" niche. She found out how much they earn in ballroom dancing and chose a different direction. A subscription to her account costs $ 6, where she posts too explicit content, but her main income comes from selling her underwear.

Link to the page -

Yaela Vonk is 36 years old, she is from the Netherlands, she was looking for herself in the field of dance for a long time, but chose a different direction. She has nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram alone, and in an interview she said that Onlyfans brings her over $100,000 a month. Jokingly, she also said that she did not need a washing machine, because second-hand clothes could be sold at a profit.

Dani Steel

Exotic World Champion - a title she won in 2019year. Lives and works in Vegas, but started out as a figure skater. Professionally builds a dance career since the age of 18. She left for Las Vegas in 2013, where she began to practice pool dance. Now he is touring all over the world.

Link to the page -

In parallel with work and travel, she maintains a page on OnlyFans. For $15 a month, her fans can see sexy photos and videos. Free sample content is featured on her Instagram.

Holly Gibbons

Develops in several directions at once, is a model, fitness trainer, professional dancer. She became famous all over the world for her glamorous photographs from fashion magazines. Her appearance is just one of the attractive features, the girl has a lot of talents.

Link to the page -

Maintains an amazing figure, has been pole dancing since the age of 14, has his own aerial photography studio. He runs a page on OnlyFans not for the sake of money, but to become even more popular. Her subscribers pay $4 a month, and for a fee, she is ready to fulfill fan requests.

Anna Eggleton

Professional powerlifter in the weight category up to 52 kg. The girl shows that pole dancing is strength and sexuality at the same time. She participates in various championships, demonstrates an incredible level of physical fitness, although in the photo it may seem that tricks are given to her without much effort.

Anna herself says that the gym is her second home. She loves to do weightlifting and is fond of dancing. There are many more bodybuilding competitions in the plans. She signed up for OnlyFans because Instagram followers asked her to. Access to backstage life costs them $13.

Valerie Sebestyen

American model - photographer, musician, yoga instructor. She uses all her talents and even launched her own website. Through OnlyFans, she showcases her life and work. He is trying to expand the possibilities and his subscribers. She has been dancing since 2019, but has already acquired serious skills.

Communicating with fans, she said that only dancing combines her main hobbies - yoga and physical exercises. Plus, they help to loosen up and keep in excellent shape while having fun. The name of this beauty is quite well-known, so she takes $ 33 from subscribers per month.

Want more examples? See what beauty bloggers on Onlyfans make decent money.

The content of these authors is different, as well as the earning strategy. Some are selling, others are providing services, some even run free pages and just get promoted on the new platform.

How can a dancer make big money on Onlyfans?

How much do dancers earn when they have no projects, no one invites to the studio and no one to teach? In order not to waste time, sign up for an account on a rapidly growing platform and try to succeed. And for everything to work out, heed the advice: