How to learn ball dance

How to Learn Ballroom Dancing at Home: Five Tips to Remember

Do you want to learn ballroom dancing, but don’t know how to get started?

This blog post is for you! I’ll outline a few methods that you can use to learn ballroom dancing at home. Keep reading for more information.

Table Of Contents

  1. How to Learn Ballroom Dancing at Home
  2. Ballroom Dance at Home: The Five Steps
    • 1. Choose a Style of Dance
    • 2. Pick Some Music
    • 3. Dance Your Heart Out
    • 4. Practice with a Partner
    • 5. Practice, Practice, and Practice
  3. Keep on Dancing!
  4. Conclusion
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How to Learn Ballroom Dancing at Home

You can buy a lot of books to learn the ballroom dances, but trust us when we say that this might not lead to learning.

Yes, you can at least have a bit of a background about the dance you are trying to learn, but you will not know how to do it properly.

This is the case because dancing is about movement.

The truth is, you cannot simply learn how to dance by just reading about it.

More than that, you cannot effectively know how to move your feet based on instructions from written material.

Therefore, the best way to learn is to imitate something while learning it.

How can that be done? By watching tutorials or at least have a picture reference.

Learning by imitation and repetition will surely make you grasp the basic foot combinations easier.

That being said, if you really do not have access to such videos, you can at least learn from tutorials that have detailed illustrations in it.

In that way, you can exactly see where your feet will go and the number of counts needed for each step.

Ballroom Dance at Home: The Five Steps

These are the general steps that you can do in order to learn how to ballroom dance at home.

1. Choose a Style of Dance

A single Google search will show you that ballroom dancing is comprised of a lot of different social dances and styles.

There are samba, rumba, tango, jive, cha-cha, waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, and many more.

You really cannot learn every dance all at once because they all have varying core step combinations.

Therefore, choose only one, and then move on to the next one once you have completely mastered your first choice.

Part of choosing a dance is to know your purpose behind it.

Are you learning because of an upcoming wedding?

A party? A presentation in the office?

More than the purpose, you should also research a bit of background about the dance.

It is not really about learning the history of the dance, but in the process of learning the history, you also get an idea of what you need to accomplish with that particular dance.

For example, if you chose jive, then by learning its history, you will get a feel for its dancing type.

You will discover that you need to be quick on your feet and focus on the steps more compared to having a lot of hand movements.

2. Pick Some Music

You can easily choose the right music now that you know a little more about your dance choice.

Familiarize yourself with the beat and the different parts of the song.

That will help you to keep up when you finally do the moves.

Likewise, if you are practicing, you can easily rewind the song to a specific time because you already know all of its parts.

3. Dance Your Heart Out

Kellogg Elementary


Who’s Ready for Some Ballroom Dancing! #CongaKids #BallroomDance 💃🏽🕺🏽@PomonaUnified

2:09 AM · May 11, 2019

The first thing to do is to learn the basic steps of your chosen dance.

This set of steps usually fit in just 16 counts, and the rest of them is just repetition.

Learn the steps and practice them with music.

You have to do a set of steps again and again until it becomes second nature to you.

In this way, you are not just doing the steps through your memory.

Once you master one combination, you can then move on to the next combination while mastering it with the first combination.

Through practice, you will notice that other foot combinations are just variations of the basic steps.

4. Practice with a Partner

Obviously, ballroom dancing is about dancing with a partner.

Once you are done with a specific combination of steps, it is time to test it out with a partner.

Things may really be a little shaky at first, but both of you will get the hang of it.

Just do not get so frustrated when both of you do not get it at first.

Remember to stick with the combinations as those will guide you to stay up to beat.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Hopefully, by this time, you have already completed dancing to the entire song with at least five full combinations.

All you need to do is to keep on dancing and polishing your moves.

It is also great if you have a mirror so that you can see if you are doing something wrong or if your footing is a little bit off.

If you get lost, just go back to the basic footwork, and you will be back on track.

After a while, you will eventually get tired of the same song, and this is the ultimate test if you really perfected the foot combinations.

Try them with another song and see if you can keep up.

Watch this video on YouTube

Keep on Dancing!

Those are the five steps on how to learn ballroom dancing at home.

Use them as your general guide, and you will see that learning will be easy.

If you do not get it at first, just keep at it as it really takes a lot of time to master even the basic steps.

Remember to stick with the basics so that you will not get frustrated when you add other movements.

Also, do not forget to have fun; you get to learn dance while no one is watching, so give it your all.

Enjoy your dance routine!


The world of ballroom dancing is truly a magical and interesting place to be in.

Whatever type of ballroom dance you perform, it can easily captivate the audience.

But what if you do not want to go to a dance studio?

Is there a way on how to learn ballroom dancing at home?

Good thing, there are ways on how to properly go about this.

Do not worry if you have no idea where to start as we can guide you through your home learning.

You might be surprised that you already know how to dance to a specific ballroom number automatically.

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Learn how to Ballroom dance with our step by step Latin and Ballroom dance lessons online.

Our videos will break everything to make sure you know your steps, timing and technique.

Below you will find free Basic Ballroom dance steps for beginners for Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Swing, Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz and Merengue. In each mini course you will learn the most essential basic steps with HD videos.

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The slow Waltz is one of the most classical Ballroom dances - dating back to 16th century when they used to hold "Balls". The Waltz's main characteristic is the rise and fall used through out all the steps. Our videos will teach you the most basic Waltz steps with ease.

Cha Cha dance steps for beginners
This cheeky dance is perfect for anyone starting out. This Ballroom dance has a lot of quick and sharp foot and leg movements. It is characterized by a triple step which is danced on the "Cha Cha 1" counts. In this video course you will learn 3 beginner dance steps that you will be able to use right away.

Swing dance steps for beginners (East coast Swing)
The East coast Swing combines rocks steps and triple steps to create a very fun and energetic dance. This dance is influenced by rock n roll and Lindy hop styles - which give it tons of variations including kicks, flicks and turns. Have some fun with the swing now!

Rumba dance steps for beginners
The Rumba combines lots of body, hip and arm movements to make this Cuban dance very expressive. In this mini course you will learn the basic steps, box step and slow underarm turn. This dance requires lots of control because of its rhythm - Slow, Quick, Quick. Learn the basic steps with our videos in this beginner course.

Salsa dance steps for beginners
This popular Latin dance is perfect for those of you who like to fast rhythms and lots of turns and spins. This dance is a great for social dancing with its emphasize on lead and follow - where the man initiates movements and the lady follows. After our mini course you'll be able to use what you learned in Latin clubs.

Foxtrot dance steps for beginners
One of the first Ballroom dances that people usually learn is the Foxtrot. It is a very elegant dance that travels around the room. Both men and women push off the standing leg in order to move from foot to foot. This dance is one of the best for pure lead and follow.

Tango dance lessons online for beginners
This Ballroom dance is great for passionate dancers who like to express the Tango music. This is a traveling Ballroom dance that combines a lot of shapes and rotational movements. In our mini course you will learn 3 beginner moves to get you started. Enjoy.

Merengue dance steps for beginners
Here is a Latin dance that is considered to be the easiest of all! The saying goes: "If you can walk, you can Merengue". The basic steps all consist of small weight changes that could be danced on the spot, or across the floor. There are lots of intricate turns and arm twists too.

Want More Latin & Ballroom Lessons?

Passion4Dancing Dance Training
Become a member at Passion4dancing. com and get access to 300+ video lessons teaching you Latin and Ballroom dancing (American & International Style).

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How to learn to dance: video lessons for those who are not afraid to try

January 28, 2017LikbezSports and Fitness

If you decide to learn how to dance, do not delay. Just repeat after the instructors the basic movements of modern, street, ballroom and social dances.

Iya Zorina

Author of Lifehacker, athlete, CCM



Answers to the main questions

Is it difficult to learn to dance?

It's really no more difficult than anything you're new to. Dance directions are very different from each other. Even if you have mastered one of them, it will be unusual for you to do the other.

However, all dances are connected with the ability to control one's body. And if this is not new to you (for example, you were engaged in martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, and even more so dancing), it will be easier for you to adapt to new movements than a beginner who is not friendly with his body.

Even if you have a fairly wooden body, you should not despair. The secret of success is constant practice.

Learning to dance from video lessons is more difficult than from courses. If your body is flexible and obedient, you can still do something similar to the movements of the instructor from the video. If not, you can quickly become disillusioned with dancing: the difference between what is shown in the video and what you will see in the mirror will be too strong.

Still worth a try. At least in order to determine the appropriate direction.

How many times a week do you dance?

Muscles may be sore at first after exercise. But, unlike strength training or running, the body does not require a recovery period.

Therefore, you can safely practice dancing all the time. One of my teachers said to dance 25 hours a day. In any case, the more you dance, the more noticeable the progress.

How to learn how to dance modern dances

From this direction we have chosen three types that can often be found in the schedules of fitness clubs and dance schools. And the first - plastic and insanely beautiful contemporary.


Abel M/

Contemporary combines elements of modern jazz, yoga and martial arts, seasoned with improvisation and attention to breathing. This is freedom and plasticity - the natural beauty of movement.

Here is a clip with a contemporary combination. Give it a try, just be sure to warm up and stretch well before you teach.

And here is the second part:

By the way, about the warm-up. In the video below - a full lesson with a warm-up, stretching and analysis of the combination. In English, but everything is clear and without translation.

If you do not have time to repeat or consider how some movement is done, set the speed to 0.25.

If you like combinations but can't repeat them yet, here are some more videos of routine contemporary lessons.

You will most likely have to do the same in the dance school before you can perform beautiful combinations.

Strip plastic

Many people confuse pole exercises and strip plastic. The second is just a sensual dance that can be performed without a pole.

Doing strip plastic, you will not stand at the barre and pull the toe. Everything here is based on the natural sexuality of the female body. Of course, many teachers diversify strip plastic with elements of contemporary or modern, Latin American dances and other areas, but it all depends on the teacher.

How beautiful your dance will look again depends on how well you know how to control your body, how mobile your joints are and how stretched your muscles and tendons are.

In the video below there is an analysis of the combination. Not too simple, but very sensual and beautiful. And you don't have to move on the floor, so your knees don't get hurt.

And here is a playlist with strip plastic lessons from different dance schools. There are both individual movements and combinations.

And one more, simpler combination. Try it if the first one doesn't work.

Belly dance (bellydance)


This is a sensual and beautiful dance that, among other things, helps to develop plasticity and even get rid of some health problems.

There are a lot of belly dance lessons on YouTube. Below are some of them.

The basic movements are explained here very clearly:

And the second part:

Below is a playlist with five lessons for beginners from another teacher.

How to learn to dance street dance


pinterest. com

Hip-hop has only been around for about 50 years. But during this time, many trends and styles have appeared, with different elements, plasticity, and special features.

In addition, modern hip-hop is often complemented by movements from other dance styles, which provides even richer vocabulary and original combinations.

But before you come up with your own combinations, you need to master the basics. In the playlist below you will find basic moves, steps and many combinations. They explain everything in an accessible way. If you can't make it, slow down the video speed.

The next big playlist videos explain the concepts of inertia, manipulation and isolation in hip-hop. There's also a story about improvisation, battle behavior if you're up for it, and a few variations of ground hip-hop moves (on the floor) to diversify your combinations.



Breakdancing consists of different elements: tricks and power movements on the floor, waves, fixations, and also changes in the levels at which the dance is performed.

Here on this channel there is training in different styles: Waving, King Tut, Robot, - analysis of the technique of power elements and basic movements at different levels.

Below is a video detailing the 6 steps element from Footwork.

And here you can see how the "turtle" is performed.

Here is a voluminous playlist, which contains quite a lot of breakdance elements with a detailed analysis of the technique of dance and strength elements.


Lauren Wood/

Sexy dance in which you need to actively work the buttocks, hips, stomach and arms. In this playlist you will find several lessons with analysis of twerk movements.

How to learn to dance ballroom dancing


At least once in your life, you will surely need a waltz. Moreover, it is not so difficult to dance it at an amateur level.

Here are four good lessons that will teach you how to hold your hands and do the basic waltz steps in pairs or individually.

How to learn to dance social dances

Social dances are not designed for competition, but for communication between partners and enjoyment. Improvisation is welcome here, through which the dancer can express himself, his feelings and emotions.


This dance comes from the Dominican Republic. He is very sensual and sometimes erotic. The basis of bachata is four steps with an emphasis on the last one. In the dance, there are rotations and throws of the partner, small lifts.

Despite the fact that bachata is a pair dance, solo combinations can also be taught. For example, if you don't have a partner yet.

In the video below - an overview of the main steps. Where to transfer body weight, how to hold hands, how to focus - everything is told in the most detailed way.

And here is a variation of bachata from the same teacher.

Below is a playlist for those who want to dance bachata together. These are Dominican bachata lessons from the Imagine dance school.


This is a passionate couple dance from Africa, more specifically from Angola. Now it is performed all over the world and is especially popular in France and Portugal.

Steps, lots of hip work and close contact with partner. Sometimes very tight. For example, in the style of tarraxinha, a slower and more sensual version of this social dance.

Here is a playlist of kizomba lessons.

And another playlist with videos from another dance studio.

That's it. If you have favorite tutorial videos, share them in the comments to the article.
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Dance school for beginners

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What are the features of ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing has always attracted the attention of the audience, dancers look very beautiful. They can be performed at balls, various competitions around the world, dance parties and so on. Dancing will not only give you an exciting hobby, but will also help you always keep yourself in good physical shape. They will give you a boost of energy and good mood. Everyone can learn to dance, do not be afraid of learning difficulties. Experienced teachers will be able to teach you any of the styles of ballroom dancing.

There are various styles of ballroom dancing, with a European and Latin American program. The European program includes:

  • waltz;
  • quickstep;
  • foxtrot.

Waltz holds the palm among Latin American dances. The basis of the dance is a characteristic step, a clear square of movement and counterclockwise rotation. Quickstep includes many jumps, lifts, turns and so on. This dance is quite fast and dynamic. Foxtrot is a less dynamic dance, all of its movements require great precision.

Latin American includes the following dances:

  • samba; rumba;
  • jive;
  • paso doble;
  • cha-cha-cha.

How dance lessons work

Dance lessons are suitable for absolutely everyone. Ballroom dancing is for couples. You can come to class with your intended partner or alone. In the group there is sure to be a partner for everyone. In the first lessons, you are given the basics of a particular style. Classes are held according to a convenient schedule, each student is given an individual approach.

Ballroom dancing for adults will become an exciting hobby for you. They are also a great alternative to fitness. Dancing classes will help you keep yourself in good physical shape without much effort. Just one hour of dancing a week will cheer you up, as well as relieve depression and insomnia. Each dance class begins with general exercises designed to strengthen your physical form, such exercises will help keep your muscles in good shape. A good physical shape will help you to master the dance technique more easily.

At each lesson, the main dance figures are studied and practiced under the clear guidance of trainers. All movements are brought to automatism, after which you proceed to the study of more complex elements. The figures are worked out in a group, after that the coach works separately with each dancer. He will help you in mastering new figures, as well as answer all the questions of students. After mastering one dance, the next one begins. Students can choose from a European or Latin American program.

Learn more