How did kenya from dancing dolls die

How Did Dyshea From Dancing Dolls Die?

A horrible vehicle tragedy snatched the life of Dyshea Upshaw and terminated her existence. During her lifetime, she was frequently referred to as a joyful and optimistic spirit. Quiara Brown, a member of the band DD4L, posted a heartfelt and moving tribute to her on Facebook after learning of her death. According to rumors, Dyshea was involved in a fatal automobile accident and did not survive. Dyshea Upshaw’s death has caused the Dyshea Upshaw family a great deal of grief, and we should pray that their period of mourning and anguish will end as soon as possible.

She used terms such as “brave” and “bold” to characterize the young lady. She used the alias Dyshea in one of her previous posts, despite not providing her actual name. Her death shook the entire world, and it is now the second suicide by a woman in 2018. Previously, Shakira Gatlin was a member of the team on which we were competing.

How Did Dyshea Die? Source: The Sun

As we discovered, Dyshea Upshaw died from injuries she sustained in a terrible car accident. On June 12, 2022, the terrible death of Dyshea Upshaw was announced on social media. The family of Dyshea Upshaw is not in the proper frame of mind to describe their loved one’s passing at this time. We commit to including the information you provide as soon as it becomes available.

Dyshea Upshaw’s death has caused her family great sorrow, and we can only pray that their period of grief and anguish will end soon. You can count on us to inform you of any new information regarding Dyshea Upshaw’s passing. All of the friends and family members of the deceased are grieved by his sudden death. Let us pray that the family of Dyshea Upshaw is given the fortitude to endure the loss of their loved one.

About Dyshea UpshawSource: The Sun

The Dancing Dolls are a dance company comprised of young female dancers between the ages of six and seventeen. Baby Dancing Dolls members vary in age from six to ten, while Dancing Dolls members from ten to seventeen. Since its debut in 2001, the squad has gone through a total of 10 different captains. Their team members include Khadijah members, Monique members, Ariel, Markitia, Mariah, Katt, Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna, and Makya members. before Katt graduated from the Dancing Dolls, the first pair consisted of Katt, a team member, and Kayla, also a team member.

How Many Dancing Dolls Have Died?

Only two members of the Dancing Doll squad have passed away. Dyshea and Shakira Gatlin, both 19 years old, died of suspected suicide on Barnes Street on February 19th. Sadly, Shakira Gatlin was killed by gunshot wounds to the head in the privacy of her own home. The Dancing Dolls are a dance company from Jackson, Mississippi. Dianna Williams, a dancer, is the team’s captain. Baby Dancing Dolls is one of several divisions of the company. In 2001, Dianna Williams established the Dancing Dolls in Jackson, Mississippi. The fantastic team is located within Dollhouse Dance Factory and a media company.

What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls? How Did Shakira From Dancing Dolls Die?

Who Is Shakira DD4L?

Shakira Gatlin is known for being a part of Dancing Dolls for Life, a dancing group that is known for hip hop and other such dance forms. She was associated with DD4L since 2015 and many testify that she was drillmaster and the head co-captain in recent times. February 3rd, 2022 was a disheartening day for the family of Shakira as news of her death reached the ears of the public. Her mother had shared a post on Facebook the news of Shakira Dancing Dolls death. This raised many questions like what happened to Shakira From Dancing Dolls. Fans and friends alike had been shocked when thie news reached them. Many believed that this news was fake and began wondering what happened to Shakira From Dancing Dolls actually. 

Find out here in the coming sections all about Shakira Dancing Dolls death, what happened to Shakira From Dancing Dolls and how did Shakira from Dancing Dolls die

What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls?

On 3rd February 2022, Shakira from Dancing Dolls died on Thursday at 8.50 PM. It was reported that she was shot to death by a loaded handgun, it was also reported that she died of a single gunshot. It was her mother who was most devastated by the news of Shakira Dancing Dolls death. Many who came to know of her death began questioning Shakira’s mother What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls and how did Shakira from Dancing Dolls die. To clear all these doubts and express her love for her daughter via a post she shared on Facebook. In this post, she questions 'why' it happened and her anguish over burying her daughter at such a young age.


WHY!!!! WHY!!!!! I just can't catch a break!!!! Just buried my husband NOW I HAVE TO BURIED MY BABY!!! They deserved to...

Posted by Erica Robinson on Thursday, February 3, 2022

How Did Shakira From Dancing Dolls Die?

As stated earlier under the section What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls she died of a gunshot. The news of Shakira Dancing Dolls death was confirmed by  Jackson police officials who stated in the report of Shakira Dancing Dolls death that she died at Barnes Street in Jackson. Further the Hinds County Coroner confirmed that the manner of her death was using a 'loaded handgun' which was 'mishandled in the presence of others’ answering how did Shakira from Dancing Dolls die. From under the section on What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls we found out how her grieving mother shared the news of Shakira Dancing Dolls death. Shakira and her mother had just lost their father in September. Shakira from Dancing Dolls only added to her misery. In her post she also shared that both her daughter and her husband deserved to live. In fact it was Shakira’s father’s birthday recently and her mother had wished him birthday sharing a post on Facebook.


Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Angel Derrick Robinson ...wishing heaven had a phone so I can tell you how much I miss you!

Posted by Erica Robinson on Friday, January 21, 2022

Shakira Dancing Dolls Death

Shakira Dancing Dolls Death has been a cause for great distress for her friends and family and many had shared their worries and their condolences vis social media. We have given here a few posts made by friends and family on Facebook expressing their grief. We have also included a YouTube video of her in Dancing Dolls 4 Life..


I’ve been numb, in disbelief, stuck and shaken, just can’t wrap my head around this devastating news!!! When my baby...

Posted by Ava Holliday on Thursday, February 3, 2022


I’m torn that another beautiful life was suddenly taken, Shakira was such a sweet young lady, she was apart of the DD4L...

Posted by Selena Johnson on Thursday, February 3, 2022

Who Killed Shakira From Dancing Dolls?

Now that we know the answer to how did Shakira from Dancing Dolls die and What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls, the next most asked question about Shakira from Dancing Dolls is who killed Shakira From Dancing Dolls. There has been no confirmed reports of who killed Shakira From Dancing Dolls, but the report from Hinds County Coroner as well as the Jasckson police stated that young juvenile boy might be held as the suspect. But no sources have confirmed anything yet. 

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What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls - FAQs

1. Who is Shakira DD4L?

Shakira is known for being a part of Dancing Dolls 4 Life a dance studio company that is known for hip hop form of dance

2. What is Shakira's full name?

Shakira Gatlin is Shakira's full name

3. What Happened To Shakira From Dancing Dolls? 

Shakira From Dancing Dolls died 

4. How Did Shakira From Dancing Dolls Die?

Shakira From Dancing Dolls was killed by a gunshot

5. When Did Shakira From Dancing Dolls Die??

Shakira From Dancing Dolls Died on 3rd February 2022

Ceremonial doll "Haircut" | GBU "Tatkultresurstsentr"

Ancient customs of making ritual animals and dolls from straw have come into our lives. They have become a theme for the work of many contemporary masters and artists.

Hand-made folk doll - part of the folk tradition. Making it, the child learns the history of his people. A doll is not born by itself, it is created by a person, and the most inspired doll creators are children.

To make this doll, you will need straw, compressed by hand - then it will be even and long. The straw must be dried and tied into a sheaf. Before work, to make the straw softer and more elastic, it can be soaked in hot water (a little salt can be added to the water). Some craftswomen recommend steaming the straw in hot water, or at least hold it a little over hot steam. Then it will not break when it needs to be bent almost in half. A haircut can also be made from other materials: from bast, twigs or long even rods, and even from some herbs (herbs of the cereal family are suitable, for example, bluegrass, timothy). Sometimes fragrant and healing herbs are woven into such dolls so that, in addition to the game moment, the haircuts have healing properties. Today it is called aromatherapy. It is also customary to dress dolls in special sarafans, miniature scarves, and skirts.

The main feature of this doll is that its bottom is not braided, but on the contrary, it unwinds so that it looks like a straw skirt. The bottom is cut evenly so that the doll can stand on any horizontal surface.

1. Take a large bunch of grass or hay and fold it in half. This will be the body of the doll.

2. In place of the proposed neck, we tie with a thread or ribbon to get a kind of roundness that will represent the head.

3. Prepare hands - another bunch of grass or hay, half as long as the previous one.

4. Bandage it at the ends, forming palms.

5. We put the hands in the body and tie them below the red thread (neck), after which the main bundle of straw is tied again below the hands - at the waist. Also, miniature braids can be made from straw, which will then need to be attached to the head.

6. After that, you need to trim the bottom of the doll so that it looks like a kind of straw skirt. It is worth noting that it was precisely because the bottom of such dancing dolls was not tied up, but cut in the form of a straw skirt, that they were called haircuts.

7. The base of the doll is ready. In order for the doll to look like a person, now you can dress it up - put on a skirt and an apron, tie a ribbon on a braid, put on a necklace, sew a sundress, a shirt, weave a beautiful belt, etc.

8. Let's dress the doll in a sundress with an apron. To do this, we cross two narrow strips of fabric on the chest and back of the doll.

9. Put a narrow piece of fabric on top of a square one, fold it in half and put a ribbon in the middle. Got a skirt with an apron.

In order for the Shearer to dance, they put her on a plank, wooden table, stool or other surface and knock next to her with fists or palms. From vibration, the doll literally starts dancing, spinning and spinning, which gives extraordinary pleasure to children, especially the smallest ones. And if such a doll is not one, but their whole company, then such a dance turns into a whole performance, where the dolls become in pairs, spin in round dances. So a simple and unpretentious toy gives a truly joyful feeling and has a beneficial effect on the players: both children and adults.

Woman from Dagestan explains what made her pass off dolls as dead babies – Moscow 24, 02/11/2021

February 11, 2021, 13:51

Incidents the father accidentally discovered that instead of the bodies of his children, there were dolls in the burial veil. The man hoped that the babies were alive and they were simply replaced in the maternity hospital, so he immediately turned to the police. Later it turned out that his wife did not even give birth. Let's talk about what happened.


Ghost children?

In Dagestan, at the funeral of his children, a father discovered that not the bodies of babies, but dolls, were wrapped in the burial veil. In a video that has spread around social networks, Daud Daudov says that the babies were allegedly born at the Perinatal Center No. 1 in Stavropol.

After the shocking discovery, the man turned to law enforcement agencies in the hope that the children were alive, and a check began. The Ministry of Internal Affairs for Dagestan published a video in which the man told in detail his version of what happened. According to him, the twins were born on the night of February 2-3 without any pathologies. His wife then ended up in intensive care, from there she was discharged on February 7.

"On the 8th, they brought her children, they wanted to take them away, she resisted. From the 8th to the 9th, they pronounced her dead: a brain hemorrhage, an aneurysm," the man explained.

The woman was allegedly promised to wash the babies and carry them out, so in his testimony Daudov suggested that it was at that moment that the substitution took place, and after that his wife was sent home. According to the man, there was no autopsy of the dead babies - this is prohibited by Islam.

I came home in a panic, they were lying there, they were in front of me all the time. Then they took the children, came to bury them in the village, dug a hole near the grandfather, already laid it there ... I began to open the face of the first child - there were no eyes. I started to open the second one - the same thing.

Dadud Daudov

father of the "dead" babies

In turn, the Ministry of Health of the Stavropol Territory denied the information that appeared in social networks about the substitution of bodies.

"The Ministry of Health of the Stavropol Territory promptly checked the data of the patient, which are reported on social networks. This did not come to any perinatal center in Stavropol (there are two of them), nor to any other medical facility for obstetrics in Stavropol - neither this year nor last year" , the ministry said.

The governor of the region, Vladimir Vladimirov, also got involved in the situation. He said that the necessary data of the woman in labor had been received from the law enforcement agencies of Dagestan.

"We checked all the bases: such a woman did not come to us. By the way, Stavropol maternity hospitals are equipped with surveillance cameras - you can control them using their records," the head of the region explained.

He also stressed that there had never been a double stillbirth at the Stavropol Perinatal Center.


"I sat with them as if they were alive"

Later, the governor of the Stavropol Territory announced in his social networks that Daudov's wife did not give birth to children at all.

"A medical examination of a woman was carried out. Conclusion: she did not give birth. Later, the woman herself confirmed in writing that the whole story was a fiction. What can I say? I have no words. Now this is a matter for the family. And law enforcement agencies," wrote Vladimirov.

The same information was confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Dagestan, Komsomolskaya Pravda writes. According to the publication, in her testimony, the "woman in labor" allegedly said that she found out about her pregnancy in the summer, was delighted and went to the hospital, where she passed the necessary tests.

"The result showed that I was not pregnant. I saw how happy my husband was, so I did not want to upset him by telling him that I was not pregnant. For this reason, I decided to deceive my spouse and relatives by feigning pregnancy. On February 2, I decided to tell that I'm going to go to the perinatal center," the publication retells the alleged testimony of the woman.

After that she rented an apartment where she spent six days. Due to the situation with the coronavirus, her relatives did not visit her.

For 2.4 thousand I bought two dolls "Baby dolls". While in the apartment, I put on baby dolls' undershirts and sat with them, as with my living children, and also swaddled them ... I wrapped the doll in two diapers that I had with me, after pouring sand inside the dolls .

from the supposed testimony of the "woman in labor"


In turn, Daudov, in an interview with REN TV, said that his wife's belly was growing "as expected."

"Even the twins' belly grew. At least, maybe I think so. I talked to these children who were in the belly for all these nine months. God only knows how she managed to do it. If someone is there accuses me of blindness, then everything is the will of the Almighty,” he said

According to the woman, she regrets that she misled her husband and relatives.

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