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Dirty Dancing at 30: Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze Won Over Skeptics

It’s been 30 years since Baby and Johnny had the time of their life, but “Dirty Dancing” remains as popular as when it opened on Aug. 21, 1987. Actually, it’s even more popular: When the ABC remake aired May 24 this year, fans immediately registered anger and/or disappointment on social media. It was a reminder that the magic of the 1987 version could not be duplicated.

The original “Dirty Dancing” was one of the summer’s biggest surprises. It was filmed on a $6 million budget and earned $213 million at the box office, plus has a long and booming afterlife in video and spinoffs.

Filming of the Vestron movie — written by Eleanor Bergstein and directed by Emile Ardolino — was done on two main locations: Lake Lure in N.C., and the Mountain Lake Lodge in Giles County, Va. Mountain Lake was responsible for many of the exterior shots. The lodge, built in the 1930s, had the perfect look to re-create Kellerman’s, the fictional Catskills resort in 1963.

When Mountain Lake’s reps signed on, their main concern was that filming would interfere with the activities of the guests. And attorneys included a clause that Mountain Lake could remove its name from the film if they didn’t like what they saw.

The resort’s team thought the movie was to be titled “Dancing.” J.W. McMillin, general manager of the resort at the time, told Variety in 1987 that the staff and locals were horrified when they heard the title change. McMillin said, “When the name ‘Dirty Dancing’ came out, we thought, ‘Uh oh, what have we been a part of?’”

A local chamber of commerce meeting was held and in Spring 1987, two hotel representatives were sent to New York to see a rough cut of the film, to decide whether to exercise their contractual rights. They returned to Virginia with a thumbs-up, and there was a tentative sigh of relief.

But the biggest vote of approval came when the film opened at the Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg. “Everyone in town loved it,” reported McMillin. “It’s one of the greatest things that ever happened here. I think everybody in the county has seen the film at least six times,” he told Variety four months after the film opened.

And, of course, business increased at the resort. When the execs received a poster, McMillin reported, they decided, “By golly, we’ll just go right ahead and put it up” in the lobby.

The other location, Lake Lure, was a former boys camp, with less activity from tourists, thus easier filming. Although the two sites were hundreds of miles apart, the magic of Hollywood made them seem like one spot.

Both locations have benefited from their connection to the film, and mountain resorts in various states continue to have “Dirty Dancing” weekends to capitalize on the film’s popularity.

Six months after the film debuted, Vestron took out an ad in Variety on Feb. 8, 1988, bragging that the soundtrack sold more than 5 million units and spawned a sequel album, “More Dirty Dancing. ” The movie also chalked up then-impressive 375,000 video units and easily hit No. 1 on Billboard rental charts.

There were also a 1988 TV series starring Melora Hardin, Patrick Cassidy, and Paul Feig, two semi-sequels (“Havana Nights” and “Capoeira Nights”), a concert tour, stage adaptation, books, calendars, clothes, mugs, workout videos, books, endless spoofs, plus routines on “Dancing With the Stars.” And, of course, the TV remake.

But despite all these incarnations, there is no substitute for the original Baby and Johnny: Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. Three years after “Dirty Dancing,” Swayze had even greater success with the 1990 “Ghost,” co-starring Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore, which hauled in a mammoth $505 million.

When Swayze died in 2009, Grey fondly recalled working with him and “doing this tiny little movie we thought no one would ever see.” Some films earn big box office when they open, but then fade from memory. “Dirty Dancing” is part of a rare group of films that maintains fondness and devotion from fans that’s just as strong 30 years later.

The Net Worth Of The Cast Of Dirty Dancing

Hot summer days and nights at a sleepy resort in the Catskills don't sound like the vacation of a lifetime. Dirty Dancing follows a young girl named Baby who falls in love with the resort's main dance teacher Johnny. Things get steamy as their love is forbidden and Johnny can lose his job at the resort. Mix in some adult drama and you have the film of the summer.

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The main protagonists of the film are Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Dirty Dancing also includes some familiar faces Jerry Orbach, Kelly Bishop and Wayne Knight. The film was a box office hit. The cast also developed a nice sum contributed to their net worth.

9 Cynthia Rhodes: $9 Million

Cynthia Rhodes is a retired actress, dancer and singer. She played Penny Johnson in the 1987 film Dirty Dancing. She has a net worth of nine million. Rhodes also became known for the role of Tina Tech in Flashdance (1983). In the American dance music film Staying Alive, starring John Travolta and directed by Sylvester Stallone, Rhodes played the character of Jackie.

Besides acting, Rhodes appeared in numerous music videos and was a dancer for the glam rock band The Tubes. Back in 1989, she joined the band Animotion as their lead singer, but soon disbanded after their album release.

8 Lonny Price: $1 Million

Staying at a Catskills resort caters to a certain type of social class, especially in Dirty Dancing. Lonny Price played the role of Neil Kellerman who was a hopeful suitor of Baby. He is also approved by her parents as he is the future owner of the Kellerman Resort.

Price makes most of his net worth off the big screen in the theater. He is known for creating the character Charles Kringas in Merrily We Roll Along. He has directed many musical productions including Sweeney Todd with the New York Philharmonic. For his work, he won an Emmy Award. He also won an Emmy for his directing of Passion with Patti LuPone and Audra McDonald. He later in 2011 directed Company with Neil Patrick Harris.

7 Wayne Knight: $8 Million

Wayne Knight is more notably known for playing Newman in the hit sitcom Seinfeld created Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. In Dirty Dancing, he plays the character Stan who is an employee of the resort and an M.C.

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Knight has taken part in many classics such as Space Jam (1996) with Michael Jordan. In Jurassic Park (1993) he was computer programmer Dennis Nerdy. Knight played the lovaable and shy Tantor in Tarzan. His character of Al McWhiggin in Toy Story 2 has an uncanny resemblance.

6 Jake Weston: $1 Million

Jack Weston has a rough net worth of one million. Weston played Max Kellerman, owner of the resort. Weston passed away on May 3rd, 1996 at the age of seventy-one. He was quite the actor in his day playing roles in some major films. He was in The Cincinnati Kid and was in Wait Until Dark as a supporting role with Audrey Hepburn.

In 1976 he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in The Ritz. He then appeared on the Broadway show The Floating Lightbulb by Woody Allen that got him nominated for a Tony.

5 Neal Jones: $1 Million

To every handsome and rugged film protagonist, there's a sweet, caring supporting role. Neal Jones played Billy Kostecki, Johnny's cousin. He introduces Baby to the 'dirty' dancing party where she first sees Johnny. Neal Jones has a list of film roles, as well as television appearances.

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Jones had a part in The Devil's Advocate starring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron. He also had a role as a duty officer in G.I. Jane starring Demi Moore. He has appeared on television shows Sex and the City, Law & Order and Criminal Minds.

4 Kelly Bishop: $4 Million

Kelly Bishop is a well known American actor and dancer and is notable for playing family matriarch Emily Gilmore in Gilmore Girls. In Dirty Dancing, she plays Marjorie Houseman; Baby and Lisa's understanding mother. Marjorie helps protect Baby form their controlling father who doesn't want to see his little girl grow up.

One of Bishop's famous accolades is for her role as the hard-edged Sheila in A Chorus Line. in 1976 she won the Tony Award for "Best Supporting or Featured Actress (Musical)" in A Chorus Line. She is known as the "mom" of entertainment. She has played the mother role for many stars including Tobey Maguire in Wonder Boys (2000).

3 Jerry Orbach: $10 Million

Starting out on the theater stage, Jerry Orbach climbed the ladder of entertainment in notable roles including the role of Detective Lennie Briscoe in Law & Order. Orbach passed away on December 28th, 2004. Orbach played Baby and Lisa's father, Dr. Jake Houseman who disapproves of Baby's actions and relationship.

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In the original Chicago from 1975 to 1977, Orbach played the role of Billy Flynn. He was Julian Marsh in the original show 42nd Street. His performances on Broadway had him nominated for various Tony Awards and won for his role as Chuck Baxter in Promises.

2 Jennifer Grey: $10 Million

Frances "Baby" Houseman is a young girl just shy of joining the peace corps and was expecting a boring summer, but got so much more in the coming of age film. Jennifer Grey plays the female lead in Dirty Dancing alongside Patrick Swayze.

Grey stands at a net worth of ten million with roles in well-known cult classic films. She was Toni Mason in the 1984 American war film Red Dawn. The film also stars Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen as the protagonists. Every kid who faked being sick from school watched Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Beuller could trick his way out of anything and he needed a big sister who saw behind his lies and Grey played his older sister Jeanie.

1 Patrick Swayze: $40 Million

Patrick Swayze was the heartthrob actor, singer and dancer of his time. At the time of his death in 2009, he was estimated at a net worth of forty million. Swayze played the tough guy and romantic lead in many of his films and adorned the title of a sex symbol. He played Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing.

He made his film debut in the film adaptation of the book The Outsiders in 1983 as Darrel. He starred alongside Charlie Sheen in Red Dawn where he met Jennifer Grey. Dirty Dancing further propelled him into stardom and allowed him to showcase his professional dance talent. He also co-wrote and sang the title song," She's Like The Wind". If you're looking for a couple's song, this is definitely one to consider.

After the film, Swayze went on to star in films that would become classics. He starred as Bodhi with Keanu Reeves in Point Break, Sam Wheat in Ghost and John Dalton in Road House. His last role was as FBI Agent Charles Barker in A&E's The Beast.

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The young lady and the hooligan / "Dirty Dancing"

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Recently, fans of "Dirty Dancing" around the world celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the release of their favorite tape on the screens. This film has long been a cult classic. Someone even ironically dubbed it "Star Wars" for girls. The uncomplicated love story of a seventeen-year-old girl from a respectable family nicknamed Baby (Jennifer Grey) and a paid dancer Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) won the hearts of the audience and, especially, spectators around the world overnight. Note that the script is largely autobiographical. Eleanor Bergstein, who came up with the story, was in fact the youngest daughter of a wealthy Jewish doctor in New York, and at one time spent summer holidays with her family at the CatsKills boarding house, where she participated in dirty dancing competitions, and everyone around her called her Baby.

Elinor Bergstein, screenwriter of Dirty Dancing, Baby prototype

The low-budget film was a box office hit in 1987, grossing over $170 million. Appearing on VHS in 1988, "Dirty Dancing" became the leader of the video rental. Of course, one can argue a lot about the artistic value of the film, about the predictability of the script and the intricacies of the acting, but the sincerity of the tape, the excellent soundtrack and virtuoso choreography (the film was choreographed by Kenny Ortega, a student of the legendary Gene Kelly) outweigh its shortcomings. And the final scene of the lovers' dance to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" (this song was awarded many awards, including the Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscar) has long gone down in cinema history and has always been in the lead. in the tops of the best dance numbers of all time.

On May 24, a television remake of Dirty Dancing will air on ABC with grown-up "Little Miss Happy" Abigail Breslin and professional dancer Colt Prattes. The shots from the new version, to put it mildly, do not inspire optimism. Although maybe the authors decided to replay the genre, and instead of a nostalgic melodrama, we will see a funny comedy? Judge for yourself:

Well, bigger plans for the new Baby and Johnny:

As for the original composition of Dirty Dancing, the duet of Gray and Swayze turned out to be so successful, rather, not thanks to, but in spite of. Initially, Billy Zane and Sarah Jessica Parker were considered for the roles of the main characters, but both dropped out of the project, because they poorly coped with the choreographic component. Jennifer and Patrick, on the contrary, already brilliantly showed their dancing talents at the auditions.

Trial shots of Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze

And this is not surprising. Swayze is a graduate of two ballet schools and a professional dancer, and Jennifer Grey, the daughter of the legendary entertainer from Joel Grey's Cabaret, clearly inherited her father's talent and has been dancing since childhood. However, both actors were not too happy about the prospect of working together, because they already had not the most pleasant experience of joint filming in the obscure science fiction action movie Red Dawn (1984) about a group of schoolchildren from Colorado opposing Soviet troops, who, together with Cuba and Nicaragua, attacked USA and unleashed the Third World War.

The cast of the film "Red Dawn"

As a result, the sparks that flew between partners were sometimes sparks of hatred and enmity, not love and passion. Swayze was annoyed by the inexperience and lack of concentration of the actress. Gray was often able to giggle out of place or even disrupt filming. She was pissed off by constant remarks from her partner and his rude attitude towards her. But here is the magical power of art - in joint scenes, especially dance ones, they looked great and the chemistry between them charged the audience. By the way, both actors were 10 years older than their characters. Gray was 27 years old, and Swayze was 35. But both turned out to be extremely youthful and convincingly played the age prescribed in the script.

Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze at the premiere of "Dirty Dancing" in New York

Perhaps we have already told enough about the history of the film's creation and we can safely move on to the main subject of our attention - the costumes of the characters. In general, the main feature of the outfits in Dirty Dancing is their eclecticism. Let's explain. The timing of the action is very clearly characterized by Baby's voice-over: "It was the summer of 1963 <...> This was before President Kennedy was shot and before the Beatles reached their glory."
This is what the fashionistas of the 1963 model looked:

magazine Sunday Mirror, May 1963

Vogue magazine, 1963 9000 9000 - BURDAA BURDA

Fashion Summer dresses of the 1963 model

Fashion dresses of the 1963 model

However, the costume designer of Hilary Rosenfeld successfully mixes the images characteristic of 60s, the time of action, the time of action, with the time of action, with the time fashion trends of the late 80s, the time of filming the picture. And the main character becomes the main bearer of such a mixture of styles and eras.

In a sense, Baby can be compared to Marty McFly from another cult movie Back to the Future. As an alien from the future Marty at a school evening pleased the public of 1955, who was not enlightened for objective reasons, first with an enchanting rock and roll hit "Johnny B. Goode", and then dumbfounded with an eighties hard rock guitar solo, so did Baby with the light hand of an artist in terms of costumes, he shows in his wardrobe the same crop tops, bodysuits, short denim shorts and nude leggings, which were unprecedented for 1963. And the closer her acquaintance with the world of dance and Johnny becomes, the stronger elements of the style of the bold and violent 80s begin to prevail in her clothes. But everything is in order.

In the opening scene of the film, we see two sisters in the back seat of the car - the older Lisa and the younger Francis, nicknamed Baby.

The contrast in their appearance is obvious. Lisa is dressed in a pale lavender shirt and a blue midi skirt with a belt. The hair is perfectly styled, the hairstyle is decorated with a ribbon with a bow - a hair accessory typical of the 60s. In her hands, even in the car, she has a mirror and a comb. Baby looks much more democratic and relaxed. She is wearing a wide light shirt with embroidery, denim breeches and comfortable sneakers, curls fluttering from the wind on her head, and a book in her hands. These are different sisters. And if Lisa remains true to one style throughout the film - a typical fashionista from a good family of sample 1963 years old, then Baby will have to undergo a serious transformation.

So, at the beginning of the film, this is an innocent, modest and a little squeezed girl who hides not only her figure, but also her individuality in bulky clothes. On her first evening at the resort, Baby wears a rather boring long pale dress with a pastel-colored horizontal striped belt punctuated by rows of pinks, lilacs, and blues. She pairs this dress with an oversized knitted blue cardigan that she slips on and off, giving her a slightly old-fashioned look. In combination with a shock of curly hair, the chosen clothes further enhance Baby's childishness.

She looks especially touching and even slightly ridiculous in the scene when, with a watermelon in her hands, she finds herself on the threshold of the house, where guests of the boarding house are forbidden to go, because the guys and girls from the staff are dancing their “dirty dances”, dancers hired to entertain tourists.

Style elements of the 80s are visible in the clothes of free and liberated youth. Take the same crop tops on girls.

This is where Baby will dance with Johnny for the first time. Let at first constrained and uncertain, but this will be her first step towards the emancipation of her own "I".

And if the next evening she again appears in her usual style: a pale pink dress and the same sizeless blue jacket, stripes, blue denim breeches and white sneakers. Bright colors appeared in the clothes, and now she is already putting in place the presumptuous waiter, who vilely abandoned Penny, Johnny's dancing partner, who became pregnant from him, and brazenly whips after Baby's older sister. The little girl intentionally spills water from a jug on his trousers.

Red is a symbol of the strength awakening in the heroine. She would once again wear a red and white striped sleeveless top, tucked into the same denim breeches, when she went to give Penny the money she took from her father so that she could have an abortion.

As soon as her dance lessons with Johnny begin, Baby's style begins to change seriously. Instead of baggy dresses and an oversized cardigan, there are shirts, which she now ties in a knot to emphasize her figure, and high-waisted white cropped skinny jeans.

The following image becomes iconic at this stage of her transformation: a dusty rose color bodysuit with a deep cutout on the chest and back, short blue denim shorts with cuffs and dark brown invariable white sneakers, convenient for practicing dance steps. It is in this form that Baby rehearses on the bridge, in front of the stairs leading to Johnny's house. Her dormant sexuality is revealed in the dance. Her movements become smoother, and her plastic is feminine.

And here is another memorable image, with a different top: yourself with extra clothes. First, she wears a lovely cream polka-dot ensemble of cotton padded bra and shorts.

Followed by different combinations of crop tops, sports shorts, skinny leggings and fishnet tights.

And at some point sneakers are replaced by elegant dance shoes.

Please note: in the scenes where Penny teaches Baby with Johnny, the operator focuses on the girls' legs.

And if Baby has silver shoes, then Penny (who is dressed in spectacular 80s-style leotards: first black with a leopard belt, then red with gold) has gold. Such is the hierarchy: mentor - student.

As for Johnny, he's also starting to show off his bare chest.

This throwing off of clothes indicates not only the intensity of training, but also the growing erotic tension between partners who begin to fall in love with each other. And how good the heroine is in a flying peach midi skirt (hello to the failed Baby - Sarah Jessica Parker with her tutu skirt from "Sex and the City"), which she combines with a pulled up white alcoholic T-shirt.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City First, practicing balance on a log above a stream. At the same time, Johnny is all in black: a T-shirt and trousers, and Baby is in white: a top, shirt and jeans.

And, of course, the legendary top lift scene in the water.

As it turns out, this lake scene was filmed at just four degrees Celsius. Jennifer Gray recalled: “Everyone was standing on the shore in warm jackets and hats, and Patrick and I were in cold water, in light summer clothes . .. I would not have agreed to repeat this number for any money!” The actors were so cold that their lips turned completely blue, and the cameraman said that it was simply impossible to shoot close-ups in such conditions. “It was terribly cold, and I had to double after double to lift Jennifer on outstretched arms above the water,” said Patrick Swayze. “Of course, she was small and fragile, but when I lifted her again, it already seemed to me that she weighed 120 kilograms, no less!” What sacrifices in the name of art!

In the family circle, Baby does not dare to show a radical change of image. At the same time, she partly copies Penny's wardrobe. Take at least tops with embroidery in a peasant style. In the scene when the girls on the way to the house meet the old Mrs. Schumacher and help her collect things that have fallen out of the bag, both are dressed in the same style. And they look like like-minded sisters much more than freedom-loving Baby and conservative Lisa, a lover of floral prints, pastel shades and hair accessories. By the way, off-shoulder blouses, which Penny loves so much, have been among the top fashion trends for several years now and such models can be found in many designers and retailers: from Kenzo to Zara.

Her hair is unaccustomedly pulled up (obviously she did not do without a chignon), her face has a slightly frightening unusually bright make-up, which does not go well with Baby. Overall, it's an alien look to her, although the dress part of it has a lot in common with her final appearance under "(I've Had) The Time of My Life." Only there will already be a different shade of pink, a natural hairstyle and a muted make-up.

From this moment until the end of the film, Baby remains true to her new style. One of the canonical images was her image in the famous scene to the song "Love is strange": a simple white shirt tied under her breasts in the manner of a top (later she will respond in "Pretty Woman" when the heroine of Julia Roberts, going shopping with a millionaire, puts on over her immodest “working” dress, a man’s white shirt, rolls up the sleeves and ties it in a knot under the chest), denim breeches and invariable white sneakers. By the way, many fans of the film very often call this Baby's outfit the most beloved.

Julia Roberts in the movie "Beauty"

They say that this scene is creeping towards each other and Songs are sung by words , is pure improvisation. The actors were just fooling around and warming up before filming. And the operator filmed them. However, director Emil Ardolino liked these live, unstaged shots so much that he decided to leave them in the film.

And, of course, the famous final dance scene in which Baby appears in a flowing dress of pale pink chiffon with satin lining. The outfit is very concise and at the same time charming in its simplicity: a deep round neckline on the chest, an open back, lace and glass beads appliqué on the belt and décolleté, a sun-flared skirt. The style is really simple, but how graceful Jennifer Gray looks in this dress while dancing with her on-screen partner. Actually, this delicate pink shade, which is in perfect harmony with the tanned skin of the actress, was not chosen by chance. He emphasizes the pure nature of the idealistic Baby, who had to grow up in every sense during the summer holidays. And here we have the embodiment of girlish dreams: you are the queen of the ball, in a pink dress like a princess, and next to you is a beautiful and noble lover. This dress is the result of Baby's inner and outer transformation from a shy girl to a confident young woman.

By the way, throughout the film, Rosenfeld put on the main characters in contrast: it is in a bright one, it is in a dark. So in the finale, Baby's pink dress contrasts with Johnny's black shirt and black trousers. It was he who took off his black leather jacket with a characteristically raised collar.

Truly, "a bad boy who is unlikely to please your father. "

Classic collision: a young lady and a hooligan. But, as you know, opposites attract. And young lovers are no exception.

Well, the 80s are relevant now. Therefore, fashionistas can safely focus on Baby ensembles, making up their wardrobe for the summer holidays. To help our cinema sets in the style of "Dirty Dancing". They can be found here.


80's, Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey, Movie Costumes, Patrick Swayze, Hilary Rosenfeld, Costume Designer

Clean "Dirty Dancing": 7 amazing facts about the most favorite movie of all girls Not without reason, for more than 30 years, the film "Dirty Dancing" has been held in various ratings of the most beloved films about love. Everything in it is simple and clear, everything is impossibly familiar and vital. But at the same time, the tape is filled with the magic of first love, sexuality and romance of summer holidays.

What is the secret of such success?


How many modern films have been shot that you want to watch again? But it is precisely this desire of the audience that is an indicator that the movie turned out to be good. "Dirty Dancing", released in wide release in 1987, is still considered a favorite among love melodramas. Everything in this tape - from the acting to the musical sequence - is perfect. "Dirty Dancing" can be reviewed many, many times, and each of them will still bring incredible pleasure. So, the seven most incredible facts about the main movie hit of the late 80s!

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Screenwriter Eleonora Bergstein wrote the text based on her own autobiography. She grew up in the family of a Jewish doctor and spent every summer vacationing with her parents at elite resorts. The nickname Baby belonged to her, and the film's title was based on the popular Dirty Dancing Championships. As producer Linda Gottlieb said when she heard this phrase from Eleanor: "A film with that name is doomed to success. " By the way, Johnny also had his very real prototype - Michael Terrance, a famous Broadway dancer and choreographer. It was he who was a teacher at the resorts where Bergstein rested with her parents.


When Patrick Swayze was offered the role, Eleanor personally came to meet him at the airport. At that time, it was unclear whether the actor would pass the casting. However, when she saw him, the screenwriter admitted that when writing the text she had no idea who she would like to see in this role. And just looking at Swayze, she realized that he was the one they needed. “If you refuse, I won’t be able to find a replacement for you!” Bergstein admitted to the actor less than an hour after they met. Patrick had another indisputable plus - he is a professional dancer. The movie was low-budget, and the creators couldn't afford to look for doubles, so they were looking for actors who could dance.


In the frame between Johnny and Baby there is love and mutual attraction, but on the set the actors simply couldn't stand each other. The creators even thought that they would have to change one of the heroes. But everything worked out, and by some miracle the tape was filmed to the end. Moreover, it would never have occurred to anyone that the artists had difficulty coping with their own dislike.


According to the plot of the film, Baby and Johnny are young. Very young. But the actors in reality were 10 years older than their characters, Jennifer is 27 years old, and Patrick is 35. Here everything again revolves around the low budget of the tape and the inability to find experienced understudies for young actors.


All the brightest scenes of the film were filmed in secret from the main characters. When Johnny trains Baby and runs his fingers under her armpit, she starts to laugh. It was actually a messed up take that made Patrick mad at co-star Jennifer Grey. No one expected the director to include footage in the film. Also, an episode was unexpectedly built into the finished version when Johnny and Baby crawl towards each other to the music. The actors were relaxing and fooling around during the break, it was accidentally filmed and just decided to use it. It was awesome!


Dirty Dancing was filmed in the summer, but the water support scene took place in the autumn months. The water in the lake was already icy, and the depth would not allow even the tall Patrick to stand waist-deep. A platform was set up for Swayze in the water, while underwater the painting's choreographer Kenny Ortega was forced to put on a diving suit and hold the artist's feet to keep him from slipping off the platform. After the shoot, Jennifer was so cold that she ended up in the hospital with hypothermia. Swayze was also injured while filming his stage jump. He badly injured his knee, but continued to dance so as not to spoil the take.


As already mentioned, Dirty Dancing had a very small budget. Before receiving funds for the project, screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein and producer Linda Gottlieb went around all the Hollywood film studios.

Learn more