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[CONCERT/211127-211202] Permission to Dance On Stage, LA Concert — US BTS ARMY

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ARMYs please be aware of scammers/scalpers at this time as there are people trying to take advantage of ARMY by reselling at ridiculous prices.

❗️ARMY that are traveling to LA from out of state or out of country, please make sure to fill out the LA Traveler Form prior to your arrival: https://travel.lacity. org/

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— BTS_official (@bts_bighit) November 29, 2021

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— BTS_official (@bts_bighit) December 2, 2021

[#오늘의방탄] ARMY들이 있기에 소중한 4일이 존재할 수 있었던 거 알죠?💜 #방탄소년단 은 ARMY가 있어서 더욱 강한 사람이 됩니다. . 🥴💪🏻💜 #BTS #BTSARMY #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA #Stage_For_ARMY #withColdplay #BTSSoFiStadium #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA4회차공연 #조만간_만나요_제바알

— BTS_official (@bts_bighit) December 3, 2021

BTS will be holding the Permission to Dance On Stage concert in Los Angeles, California! The concert will be held in a span of four days.

All information on this page come from BTS’s Weverse Announcement and SoFi’s official website.

📍SOFI Stadium (Inglewood, CA)

1001 Stadium Dr.,
Inglewood, CA 90301

Reminder: SoFi Stadium is a cashless venue and will only accept credit/debit cards and mobile pay.

❗️ARMY that are traveling to LA from out of state or out of country, please make sure to fill out the LA Traveler Form prior to your arrival:

Previously, a K-Media article reported of Big Hit installing a separate large billboard outside the concert hall for fans to enjoy in real time. After careful research, it seems like this separate large billboard was referring to the YouTube Theater Live Play event.

🗓Day 1:
November 27, 2021
⏰7:30pm PT
(5:30pm HT / 8:30pm MT / 9:30pm CT / 10:30pm ET / 11.28 @ 12:30pm KST)

🗓Day 2: November 28, 2021
⏰7:30pm PT
(5:30pm HT / 8:30pm MT / 9:30pm CT / 10:30pm ET / 11.29 @ 12:30pm KST)

🗓Day 3: December 1, 2021
⏰7:30pm PT
(5:30pm HT / 8:30pm MT / 9:30pm CT / 10:30pm ET / 12.2 @ 12:30pm KST)

🗓Day 4: December 2, 2021
⏰7:30pm PT
(5:30pm HT / 8:30pm MT / 9:30pm CT / 10:30pm ET / 12.3 @ 12:30pm KST)

7:30pm PT Time Conversion🔻

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at

Open to all Concert Goers:

- Official Merchandise Booth + Official Album Booth + Vintage Retro Booth
- Landmark Photo Zone
- ARMY Light Stick Pairing Booth (There will be separate booths for SoFi Stadium & YouTube Theater)

See here for all information regarding PTD On Stage in LA Merch being sold at the venue!

Open to Live Play Only

- Photocard Random Box (random photocard giveaway event)
- Photo Studio (Live Play Soundcheck Ticket Holders only)
- Special Video played before the broadcast starts

Official Merchandise Booth Dates

  • Non-Event Days — Fri. (11/26) & Tues. (11/30): Official Merchandise Booth, Official Album Booth, Vintage Retro Booth

    • Merchandise sales parking on these days will be available in the Pink Zone at SoFi Stadium from 8am to 8pm.

    • Merchandise sales begin at 9 am in Lot K.

    • No parking fee is required for merchandise sales on non-event days.

  • Event Days — Sat.-Sun. (11/27-11/28) + Wed.-Thurs. (12/1-12/2): Official Merchandise Booth, Official Album Booth, Vintage Retro Booth, Official Light Stick Pairing/Repairing Booth, Express Merchandise Booth

  • See here for map of pink zone parking gates

  • See here for all information regarding PTD On Stage in LA Merch being sold at the venue!

(Source: 1)

Concert Timetable

Soundcheck Ticket Holders

  • 5pm PT: Soundcheck

Concert Ticket Holders

Live Play Timetable

Please note the below timetable is only applicable for those who have the Live Play ticket(s) for the day.

Live Play Soundcheck Ticket Holders

  • 2pm PT: Soundcheck Check In Begins

  • 3pm PT: Soundcheck Entrance Open | Photocard Random Box Open | Photo Studio

  • 5pm PT: Soundcheck Broadcast

Live Play General Ticket Holders

  • 5:30pm PT: Entrance Open | Photocard Random Box Open | Special Video

  • 7pm PT: Photocard Random Box Closes

  • 7:30 pm PT: Show Broadcast Starts

Official Light Stick Information

  • Only the Special Edition and Version 3 lightsticks are pairable for the central control light show.
  • There are 2 ways you can pair your lightstick:
    • At the pairing booths located at the venue
    • Via the "BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK" Smartphone APP
  • Please make sure you insert three new AAA alkaline batteries before the concert.
    • Your light will fade if the battery is low, and may flash red.
  • For additional light stick pairing information, see here.

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Announced on October 22, 2021 KST, 4 special events titled, “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LIVE PLAY in LA. ” will be held simultaneously with the PTD On Stage in LA concerts.

For this special event, the concert in LA will be shown in real-time on the big screen at the YouTube Theater located adjacent to the SoFi Stadium.

“Through central control of the BTS official light sticks on site (*limited to Official Light Stick VER.3 or Special Edition) ARMY will be able to get together and vividly feel the moment of the concert. In addition, there will be various programs such as on-site events prior to the live broadcast to enjoy the concert even more.”

(Source: 1)

[Live Play Event Information]


🗓November 27, 2021 (Sat)
🗓November 28, 2021 (Sun)
🗓December 1, 2021 (Wed)
🗓December 2, 2021 (Thu)

📍YouTube Theater
1011 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90305

Please note: the YouTube Theater also has a clear bag policy & vaccination/COVID-19 Test requirement.

For more info, visit here.

Live Play Ticketing & Soundcheck Package Information

💜ARMY MEMBER Presale: Tuesday October 26, 2021(12pm HT / 4pm MT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET / 10.27 @ 7am KST)

💜General Public On Sale: Wednesday, October 27, 2021(12pm HT / 4pm MT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET / 10.28 @ 7am KST)

🎫Ticketmaster (Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4)
💸Ticket Prices: $165 | $60

Each Live Play Soundcheck Package includes:

  • Access to view Artist Soundcheck broadcasted live at the YouTube Theater
  • One seated ticket in a premium location to see the show broadcasted live at the YouTube Theater
  • Access to BTS photo studio
    • BTS Photo Studio is a little booth where fans can take pictures with 1 hologram member of BTS. Previously, the event was done by a lottery system and before that, lining up and completing a survey. See here for example of BTS Photo Studio. — ARMY Dictionary.
  • Gold Soundcheck Package limited edition merchandise
  • Early Entry to the venue
  • Laminate and Lanyard
  • Designated check-in and on-site event staff
  • Benefits may be subject to change based on venue regulations and conditions. Any change to the benefits will be announced in advance.

Important Information

  • An additional code for the presale will be sent to BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP holders who received a code for the "BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA" concert ARMY MEMBER PRESALE but were unable to purchase a ticket. Tickets for the remaining seats after the presale should there be any will be open for sale to the general public.

  • LIVE PLAY presale codes will be sent on Friday, October 22 (PST), and the presale will take place on 3PM, Tuesday, October 26 (PST).

  • If any tickets remain after the presale, we will announce a general public on-sale.

  • Up to 2 tickets are available per account including those purchased during the presale.

  • LIVE PLAY SOUNDCHECK PACKAGE that includes a ticket for watching the soundcheck live broadcast and a chance to participate in the BTS Photo Studio will be available for this event. Please check the VIP Nation website (link) for further details.

  • This is an in-person event and you will only be able to enjoy the concert in your designated seat.

  • There may be issues with the video/audio due to communication/data conditions and/or other external factors as this is a real-time live broadcast event.

  • Running time is subject to change depending on the conditions on site.

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In an e-mail sent out by VIP Nation, ARMY with VIP Soundcheck will be sitting in their actual concert seats during soundcheck. “Please be advised you will be wrist-banded upon check in to ensure all VIPs are sitting in their assigned seats.”

VIP ticket holders will receive an email in advance of their show day with important information regarding their package. All VIP package merchandise will be distributed onsite on the date of the event.

On site VIP check-in locations for SoFi Stadium attendees will be located near Entry 9. On site VIP check-in locations for YouTube Theater attendees will be located near Entry 9.

VIP ticket holders with soundcheck access will be wristbanded based on their ticket type and seated in their ticketed seats during this time.

For VIP ticketing inquiries prior to the show please contact; [email protected]

— Official SoFi Website

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Need help getting around SoFi Stadium?

There is an exclusive SoFi Stadium mobile app available for both iOS & Android phones that provide all the necessary information you need:

- Experience all SoFi Stadium has to offer and discover upcoming events
- Access your event tickets and seat information
- Locate your parking lot and entry gate for navigation
- Explore and navigate points of interest throughout SoFi Stadium
- Find accessibility service locations

- Check out the stadium’s locally curated food and beverage options
- Locate ride-sharing services

Download via the Google Play Store | Download via the iOS APP Store

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Please see below for SoFi Stadium’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols

❗️Effective starting October 7, 2021 - all individuals 12 and older must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have proof of a negative COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours before the event. All guests 18 and over must provide a photo ID with a matching name to enter SoFi Stadium.

In order to ensure a COVID-safe event and compliance with LA County and state guidance, vaccination cards or negative COVID test results will be verified as guests enter the venue.

❗️Partially vaccinated individuals who have only received one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines (or an otherwise acceptable vaccine recognized by WHO) or are not yet beyond the 14-day minimum fully vaccinated window, must provide a negative COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours before event start time for entry.

❗️WARNING: the falsification or use of fraudulent vaccination or COVID-19 test records is a crime and may be punishable under Title 18 United States Code, Section 1017, and other applicable laws.

- Masks are required for all attendees

- Masks can only be removed to actively eat or drink, after which they must be immediately put back on.

As a reminder, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health order requirements are subject to change; be sure to check back for the latest information.

Will there be on-site COVID-19 testing available?
Yes. COVID CLINIC will be located near Entry 5 and Entry 9 on event days for on-site testing. Testing will be offered at the guests’ expense for $59. Testing will be offered starting when parking gates open. Hollywood Park is not operating these testing clinics. We recommend coming on site fully vaccinated or with proof of a negative COVID test. — Official SoFi Website

For more information, please visit SoFi Stadium’s website.

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For the mothers who require pumping stations, according to SoFi Stadium, there are Mamava Pods located around the stadium. You can reach out to the nearest guest representative to inquire about which location is best to use.

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The below information comes from SoFi Stadium’s official website:

Clear bags, backpacks and fanny packs will be permitted, but they must be completely clear (no tint, hologram, printed patterns or stickers), and they cannot be bigger than 12"x 6" x12". The portion of the bag with your items inside must be clear, this does NOT apply to the handles or straps for your clear bag which can be colored.

SoFi Stadium will offer bag valet during the concerts for a nominal fee. All bags that exceed the stadium's bag policy must either be taken back to your vehicle or can be checked in at the four (4) bag valets located near Entry 1, Entry 5, Entry 8 and Entry 9.

(Source: 1)

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Drop Off & Pick Up Locations

The Parent drop-off and pick-up location will be in Pink Zone Lot P and Orange Zone Lot E.

  • For Pink Zone Lot P Parent Pick Up-Please access the drop-off and pick-up location traveling westbound on Century Blvd and turning right into Lot P.
  • For Orange Zone Lot E Parent Pick Up please access the pick up location traveling westbound on Pincay Drive from Crenshaw Blvd.

Please note: parents must arrive and stay within the Parent Pick up lot between 8pm and 9:45pm.

Early arrival to the parent pick up location will reduce traffic and congestion during departure within the surrounding streets. Please reference the Parent drop-off and pick-up map below.

This information was found on SoFi’s Official Website.

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Concert Ticket Prices & Ticketing Details

Please note that presale applies for tour dates in LA.
❗️Ticketmaster is the only official ticketing website for the PTD On Stage in LA Concerts.

$450 | $400 | $275 | $225 | $185 | $145 | $105 | $75 | $60
(Taxes & Fees not yet included)

Official Ticketing/Event Details Pages
Day 1: 11/27 | Day 2: 11/28 | Day 3: 12/1 | Day 4: 12/2

You must have a BTS Global Official ARMY Membership in order to apply for ARMY MEMBER presale!

  • For a tutorial on how to apply for ARMY Membership, visit here. If you don’t want to join the ARMY Membership, you can join the General Verified FAN Presale.

💜For ARMY who purchased VIP tickets during the MOTS Tour Presale, your PTD On Stage LA Presale date is Tuesday, October 5, 2021 @ 3pm PT and you should’ve received a presale code in your e-mail already.

💜For ARMY who purchased regular tickets during the MOTS Tour Presale, your PTD On Stage LA Presale date is Wednesday, October 6, 2021 @ 3pm PT and you should’ve received a presale code in your e-mail already.

💜ARMY MEMBER Presale: Thursday, October 7, 2021 @ 3pm PT
💜General Verified Fan Presale: Friday, October 8, 2021 @ 3pm PT
💜General Public On Sale: Saturday, October 9, 2021 @ 3pm PT

*According to Ticketmaster, please note that Verified Fan does not guarantee everyone will get a ticket. but it does help ensure only fans are invited to buy tickets.

*Four (4) ticket limit per code.

3pm PT Time Conversion🔻
Time converter at

Time converter at

Steps on How to Apply for ARMY Member Presale

1) Join ARMY Membership on the Weverse Shop APP

  • 🗓Sept. 27 @ 4pm PT until Oct. 2 @ 6pm PT
  • If you already have an ARMY Membership, you can skip to #2

2) Apply for ARMY MEMBER PRESALE on the Weverse APP

  • 🗓Sept. 27 @ 4pm PT until Oct. 2 @ 6pm PT

3) Register for Ticketmaster Verified Fan on Ticketmaster

  • 🗓Sept. 27 @ 4pm PT until Oct. 2 @ 6pm PT
  • You can Register for Ticketmaster Verified Fan here.

4) Get ARMY Member Presale Tickets on Ticketmaster

  • 🗓Oct 7 @ 3pm PT until Oct 7 @ 10pm PT

🚨To qualify for ARMY MEMBER Pre-sale you MUST ALSO apply for ARMY MEMBER PRESALE on the Weverse APP.

Time Conversion for ARMY Presale🔻

Time converter at

Time converter at

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Concert Ticket Pre-Sale Registration Period

September 27, 2021 @ 4pm PT until October 2, 2021 @ 6pm PT

Pre-sale Registration Start Time Conversion🔻

Time converter at worldtimebuddy. com

Time converter at

Pre-sale Registration End Time Conversion🔻

Time converter at

Time converter at

Ticket Delivery Information

All ticket purchases must be made online. Please be prepared to shop for tickets using your computer, mobile web or Ticketmaster app. Tickets will not be available by phone call or the Alexa skill app for this tour.

(Source: 1)

Ticket Information

The below information was taken from Ticketmaster’s blog.


  • Taxes & Fees not yet included
  • $450 | $400 | $275 | $225 | $185 | $145 | $105 | $75 | $60

Official Ticketing/Event Details Pages:
Day 1: 11/27 | Day 2: 11/28 | Day 3: 12/1 | Day 4: 12/2

What is Soundcheck?

  • A Soundcheck is where artists normally performs 2 to 3 songs prior to the start of a concert, in order to check the venue’s sound system and ensure it’s ready for the event. — ARMY Dictionary

💜 Gold Soundcheck Package

  • Access to Artist Soundcheck
  • One top priced seated ticket in the premium viewing section
  • Gold Soundcheck Package only merchandise lane
  • Gold Soundcheck Package Limited edition merchandise
  • Early Entry to the venue
  • Laminate and Lanyard
  • Designated check-in and on-site event staff
  • Benefits may be subject to change based on venue regulations and conditions. Any change to the benefits will be announced in advance.

💜 Silver Soundcheck Package

  • Access to Artist Soundcheck
  • One top priced seated ticket
  • Silver Soundcheck Package Limited Edition Merchandise
  • Early Entry to the venue
  • Laminate and Lanyard
  • Designated check-in and on-site event staff
  • Benefits may be subject to change based on venue regulations and conditions. Any change to the benefits will be announced in advance.

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Announced after the online concert, the 4th day (December 2, 2021) of the Permission to Dance On Stage in LA concert will be livestreamed online!

🗓December 2, 2021
⏰7:30pm PT
(5:30pm HT / 8:30pm MT / 9:30pm CT / 10:30pm ET / 12.3 @ 12:30pm KST)

Livestream Link:

- After purchasing your ticket on Weverse Shop, please remember to verify your tickets!
- Live subtitles in three languages (English/Japanese/Chinese) will be provided.

- Number of devices: Up to two devices can be logged on at the same time. When a third device is logged on, the first device will be logged out automatically.

Time Conversion🔻

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at

Click/Tap on a Photo to Enlarge

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Ticket sales period for the Online Livestream Portion of Day 4 of PTD in LA will be:

🎫 Friday November 12, 2021 @ 12pm KST until December 3, 2021 @ 1:29pm KST
🇺🇸 Starts: (11. 11 @ 5pm HT / 7pm PT / 8pm MT / 9pm CT / 10pm ET)
🇺🇸 Ends: (12.2 @ 6:29pm HT / 8:29pm PT / 9:29pm MT / 10:29pm CT / 11:29pm ET)

Time Conversion🔻

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at

ARMY outside of South Korea: Before purchasing, make sure to change your currency to USD for the PayPal (Credit/Debit card) option by going to MORE 👉 Currency 👉 USD


💜HD Single-view (49,500 won)


💜4k Single-view + HD Multi-view (59,500 won)
Limited Quantity Available

💜HD Multi-view (49,500 won)

▶️Make sure you have your ARMY Membership
BEFORE PURCHASING & make sure it does NOT expire before the concert otherwise you will not get the 4K quality.

📝Click here to learn how to purchase the ARMY Membership
❗️If you already purchased the ARMY Membership tier but your membership expires before the concert you will NOT have access to the 4K/HD quality stream. So make sure to renew it before sales begin!

❗️Make sure to test whether your device can stream in 4K quality BEFORE purchasing HERE.

🖥 Please note that streaming in 4K is incredibly taxing on your computer, however just viewing should be fine. Just be wary it'll take a toll on your computer (make sure it is well ventilated)! Streaming from your phone and chrome casting it to a TV should be fine. Streaming in 4K uses A Lot of Data, so make sure your internet connection can handle it!

❗️Unless you have a 4K display for you computer or TV, you will not see a difference between HD & 4K

Eligibility: Permission to Dance On Stage - LA Online Live Streaming Ticket Purchasers

🗓Sunday December 12, 2021
⏰11am KST

(12. 11 @ 4pm HT / 6pm PT / 7pm MT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET)

❗️Please remember to verify your livestream ticket again on the day of the delayed single-view streaming!

Time Conversion🔻

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.comTime converter at

If you purchased a 4K Single-view + HD Multi-view ticket, you can click on the "4K VIEW" button on the top of your concert player screen to watch the show in 4K resolution Single-view.

❗️Clicking on the "MULTIVIEW" button to the right of the "4K VIEW" button will switch to HD Multi-view mode.

※4K resolution will be best experienced by watching on a larger screen by connecting your mobile device to a TV or monitor. Please refer to your device's user manual for details.

To check if your device is capable of playing 4K resolution, visit here


- Smart TV with 4K & UHD Display (for direct connection) or a monitor (High-speed HDMI cable connection required)
- iPhone 6S+, Android device with 4k & UHD display
- PC graphics card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX650, AMD RX460, Intel HD Graphics 510 + or other graphics card with 4K & UHD display

- PC: Mac OS 10. 12+ / Windows 7+
- Mobile: iOS 13.6+ / Android 8+

- Browser: Chrome 70+ / Safari 13.1.2 / Firefox 39+ / Edge42+

- Speed Minimum 30 Mbps internet connection


- PC: Mac OS 10.12+ / Windows 7+
- Mobile: iOS 13.6+ / Android 8+

- Browser: Chrome 70+ / Safari 13.1.2 / Firefox 39+ / Edge42+

- Speed Minimum 20 Mbps internet connection


- 4K (4k Ticket Purchasers Only)
- 1080P, 720P, 540P, 480P, 360P / AUTO

- Up to two devices can be logged on at the same time. When a third device is logged on, the first device will be logged out automatically.
- You may use additional mobile data for watching the show in 3G/LTE/5G
- Video resolution option is not available on iOS, and will be set to AUTO depending on the network connection speed and stability
- Connection or play may not be stable on systems lower than iOS 13. 6. Please make sure to upgrade to 13.6 or higher.
- Mirroring can be used depending on your mobile device or TV functions. Please refer to your device manual for more information.
- Your viewing experience as well as image and audio quality may be affected by the user’s network/data environment and other external factors.

Earlier Event: November 25

[🏆] WIB: Indonesia K-Pop Awards 2021

Later Event: November 28

[PRESS CONFERENCE] Permission to Dance On Stage in LA

‘BTS Permission To Dance’ Live Concert To Fill Box Office Void – Specialty Preview – Deadline

A BTS concert in Seoul this weekend will hit a milestone, with tickets for Saturday’s theatrical event in the U.S. priced at what might be a record $35 and the show poised to become the highest-grossing worldwide event-cinema release ever.

Trafalgar Releasing will present two Saturday screenings of BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul on some 700 screens in the U. S. and Canada and 3,000 screens worldwide. Shows to some territories including North America will be tape-delayed given the time difference. (If it were live to the U.S., it would screen at 3:45 a.m. ET.) The ticket price is premium for theaters but dwarfed by the outlay required for in-person concert tickets, if you can get them. It’s why exhibitors really like this growing space.

“I am very encouraged there is a live concert. It’s selling very, very well, and we are adding screens where we can,” said Sonny Gourley, VP Film at Marcus Theatres. “I know it’s BTS, but maybe we have got something here [for] someone who does not want to pay hundreds of dollars. I wish I could tell you that the next Billy Joel and Foo Fighters [concerts] are in our theaters.”

“We go to where the live technology is installed and to the best venues and the best markets,” said Trafalgar CEO Marc Allenby. The distributor has worked with the massively popular K-pop group on previous films, “so we have a good understanding of where their fan base is. ” It said BTS’ 2019 Burn the Stage, with theatrical grosses of roughly $18.5M, holds the worldwide record for event cinema, defined as an engagement of less than one week.

A Cinemark rep said the chain’s been seeing “great enthusiasm” on social and through ticket sales for this stop on the latest world tour series headlined by the pop icons.

Meanwhile, the Telugu-Hindi film Radhe Shyam opens on at least 750 screens, a much wider-than-average release for an Indian film and in fact the widest release of the weekend. It’s also welcome — as The Batman soldiers on amid zero new wide releases and a sprinkling of indie films. “It’s been rocky,” Gourley said.

The period romantic drama is written and directed by Radha Krishna Kumar and stars Prabhas and Pooja Hegde.

The large Indian film business produces movies in dozens of languages and has been a stalwart of the North America box office, with as many as two or three films arriving day-and-date with India each weekend now that Covid has waned. They play big circuits (the only foreign films not shown in arthouses) often in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil versions.

AMC’s Nikkole Denson-Randolph, SVP Content Strategy & Inclusive Programming, said the largest U.S. chain has been focused on the space for at least a decade, starting small and expanding to more than 100 theaters nationally working with about 30 distributors. It also plays films in Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali or Gujarati, depending on the market.

Sooryavanishi, ’83 and Antim – The Final Truth have been the best recent performers, with Gangubai Kathiawadi opening at No. 11 at the box office two weeks ago and holding well last weekend.

Radhe Shyam, presented by Great India Films, happened to be a highly anticipated pic. RRR, opening March 25, is expected to be one of the biggest in some time.

“It’s a segment that we emphasize,” said Marcus Theatres’ Gorley, particularly Telugu –for which he said St. Louis is the circuit’s biggest market.

Indian audiences typically don’t lean on traditional film marketing but word of mouth from family overseas coupled with community grassroots marketing often driven by favorite stars and directors. They tend to be front-loaded and are booked for weeks at a time.

Justin McDaniel, Cinemark’s SVP Global Content Strategy, touts Indian cinema’s “steady and avidly loyal fan base” and said the circuit has found success in various U.S. markets for “Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Pollywood and Mollywood movies” – referring, respectively, to regional Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Pashto and Malayalam productions. “We look forward to building on our program’s performance and delivering more of these diverse films… including the upcoming release of the highly anticipated RRR.

Below is the Radhe Shyam trailer. There’s no version available with English subtitles, though the films in theaters all have them.

Elsewhere in specialty:

Netflix presents The Adam Project at 25 Cinemark theaters and streaming. The family sci-fi adventure directed by Stranger Things and Free Guy‘s Shawn Levy opened at the Bay Theater last Friday and held a one-night preview event at 220 Cinemark locations on Wednesday. That included a live Q&A with star Ryan Reynolds. He plays a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self (Walker Scobell) and his late father to come to terms with his past while saving the future. Also starring Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener. Deadline review here.

(Netflix also noted that The Power of the Dog moved to 75 theaters in 40+ cities with Oscar showcases at several circuits, and said this brings the “cumulative” number of screens the film has run on since release, but not at the same time, to nearly 2,000. )

Screen Media presents mystery thriller Gold from Anthony Hayes on about 160 screens. Written by Hayes and Polly Smith. Staring Zac Efron with Susie Porter and Hayes. In the not-too-distant future, two drifters traveling through the desert stumble across the biggest gold nugget ever found and dream of immense wealth. One leaves to secure the tools to dig it out. The other keeps watch, enduring a harsh climate, wild dogs and mysterious intruders while battling a sinking suspicion.

SuperLTD presents comedy-horror All My Friends Hate Me on 27 screens. Directed by Andrew Gaynord. Written by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton. The college-reunion-goes-awry pic that premiered at Tribeca has a 92% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Stournton stars as Pete, whose old gang from college is throwing him a birthday party out in the countryside. He grows increasingly unnerved by his friends’ inside jokes and snarky comments as the atmosphere goes from awkward to terrifying.

Magnolia Pictures presents sci-fi drama Ultrasound by Rob Schroeder in five theaters (LA, Chicago, Seattle, Tulsa, Birmingham). Based on cartoonist Conor Stechschulte’s graphic novel, Generous Bosom. Stechschulte wrote the screenplay. Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) has car trouble driving home late in a rainstorm. He seeks help at the home of an oddly friendly middle-aged man, Arthur (Bob Stephenson), and his younger wife, Cyndi (Chelsea Lopez). The couple pours him a drink, and then more drinks, followed by an unexpected offer that Glen can’t refuse. It’s an 81% with critics on RT.

And Blue Fox Entertainment Presents documentary I Am Here by Jordy Sank, a profile of 98-year-old South African holocaust survivor Ella Blumenthal as she reveals to her family her astonishing life journey and her unwavering appreciation of life. In 82 theaters.

Allowing BTS to dance on stage in Peru: time and cinemas to watch the concert

ARMY, THE WAITING IS OVER! Peruvian fans of BTS group no longer have to wait to see the big screen mega concert "Permission to dance on stage live" from Seoul . This show is especially for the members and the fandom because it marks their return to the stage after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and infections that have occurred among "Kpop idols".


Cineplanet released an official statement on their website to fans: "On March 12th, we'll see how you get permission to dance."

Performances at 13:00 and 17:00 only.

These are the cinemas where the live concert will be shown: Brazil, Mall del Sur, Norte, Primavera, San Miguel, Villa El Salvador, Centro Civico, Chiclayo, Trujillo Real Plaza.


Cinemark has become the first cinema chain in Peru to confirm the screening of Permission to Dance on Stage in Seoul in some of its theaters, through posting on their official social networks. To find out the time and place of the check, you must visit their website.


In February, BTS concert tickets went on sale live from Seoul on the big screen. Army in Peru surprised everyone by buying all the tickets in record time. Phone companies even put on pranks to cheer up the fandom.

The sale was made online on the Cinemark and Cineplanet platforms. The latter company provided new locations for cinemas, so fans tried to get access to one of them.


According to information provided by ARMY, this is show lasts for about 3 hours , during which the artists took to the stage to perform their best songs, making all their fans sing in different parts of the world.


These are the confirmed dates for shows to be hosted by Kpop group members in South Korea and can be seen around the world through cinema screenings and live streaming online.

Thursday, March 10: PTD on stage in person + live stream

Saturday, March 12: PTD on stage in-person concert + broadcast in select theaters

Sunday, March 13: PTD on stage in-person concert + online broadcast as a concert hall in Seoul, South Korea on March 10, 2022. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji


While BigHit and Hybe have not announced an unofficial link for fans to watch the concert, ARMY has taken a number of steps so that those who fail to get a ticket can watch the show on social media.

So you can find clips, live songs, comments and more by hashtags #BTS #PTD #PTDOS #BTS2022. On Twitter and Facebook you will find entries, although they are not visible with good image quality.


According to YouTube and Spotify, these are the most famous BTS songs on digital platforms.



"Blue and Gray"

"Black Swan"

Fake Love

Life Goes On

Luv Boy


Oil (remix) ft. Megan Stallion

Airplane Pt.2




So What?

"I Need You"

"Save Me"

"I'm Fine"

"IDOL" (remix)

"Young Forever"

"Spring Day"

"Permission to Dance"

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KPOP again went to Earth in Latin America in 2021, and BTS dominated

9000 Christian Castro declared himself a fan of BTS and visited its last concert

0009 The Eternals: Jimin and V appear in the new Marvel and Disney movie

Can't make it to Seoul? Here's how to watch BTS' online concert "Permission to Dance on Stage"0001

🎵 2022, 03:11:23 - Paris/France. Getting BTS concert tickets is hard enough, but finding a seat at their home concert can be even harder for international fans. Especially when they perform their first performance in front of a live audience in South Korea during the two and a half years of the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, a seat at a BTS concert has never been more in demand.

After a sold-out four-day tour at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles in December, BTS returns to the stage with Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul. The concert will run over three nights on March 10, 12 and 13, but if you can't make it in person (or catch your plane on time), luckily you have a few options.

Permission to dance on stage. Seoul will air in select theaters around the world, with the March 13 broadcast streaming online via Weverse. If you don't want to wait for the world's superstars to perform in the United States at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas on April 8, 9, 15 and 16 (or try to figure out how to buy BTS tickets online as seats are already sold out), we have a guide about how to watch BTS's homecoming show online or in theaters. So get your ARMY bombs ready and read on.

BTS' concert on March 12 will be screened in theaters around the world as part of the 'Live Viewing' event. So if you want tickets for a BTS performance that day, you need to buy a theater ticket quickly as they should also be sold out. Check the screening schedule here and find out if a theater in your area will be broadcasting.

Unlike the online broadcast, there will be no Korean subtitles in any other language. Fans can bring along an Army Bomb light stick, but be sure to check if your local theater allows it. Also, be sure to arrive at your seat on time as the live viewing will start 15 minutes before the actual concert.

"Permission to Dance on Stage" concerts in Seoul will be broadcast online on March 10 and 13, and the show on March 12 will be broadcast exclusively in theaters.

Do you want to view resolution t o Dance on stage - live show in Seoul? You will need to buy tickets, just like you would for a personal concert at the Weverse Shop. If you are a BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY member, you will be able to purchase different ticket options (including multi-day tickets) than non-member fans.

By purchasing a ticket from the Weverse store, you will receive an exclusive link to the broadcast. When you're ready to watch the live stream, simply log into your Weverse Shop account via streaming. Check your live stream ticket on the page and you're done!

BTS's final concert on March 13 will be streamed online at 6 PM KST, so you'll have to wake up quite early at 4 AM EST and 1 AM PST. But if you can't watch the live broadcast or miss the concert, the recorded broadcast of the concert will be delayed in a few days.

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