How does just dance work with xbox one

Just Dance 2022 video game is now live on Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles

by Brad Stephenson

Just Dance 2022, the latest entry in the long-running Just Dance video game franchise, is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox One console families.

Just Dance 2022 supports Xbox’s Smart Delivery feature which essentially means that the same version of the game will play the same across both current and last-gen Xbox consoles and that buying it on one platform will unlock it for free on the other.

It should be noted that, while the Just Dance 2022 video game has been confirmed to support the Kinect sensor on Xbox One consoles, this functionality won’t work on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S as both of these newer consoles lack Kinect functionality.

All players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles are able to use the free Just Dance smartphone app to turn their iPhone or Android smartphone into a motion tracking tool.

Just Dance 2022 supports local multiplayer for up to six players though appears to lack any form of online multiplayer which will likely disappoint fans of the various online modes introduced in previous releases.

Here’s the official game description:

Just Dance® 2022, the ultimate dance game, is back with new universes and 40 hot new tracks from chart-topping hits like "Believer" by Imagine Dragons, "Level Up" by Ciara, and more!

  • Looking for the perfect game to dance to the latest hits and share some fun with friends and family? Just Dance 2022 is for you!
  • Exercise while having fun and start your own routine with Sweat mode. Keep yourself motivated, track the calories burnt and your time spent dancing.
  • Team up with your friends and rule the dance floor in Co-op mode.
  • Join more than 138 million players around the world and Just Dance It Out!
  • This game leverages Smart Delivery allowing access to both the Xbox One title and the Xbox Series X|S title

Just Dance 2022 is available in both a Standard Edition that includes the base game and a Deluxe Edition that comes with the game and four free months of the Just Dance Unlimited subscription service which unlocks more songs and routines.

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Just Dance® 2022

Developer: UBISOFT

Price: $49.99

Just Dance® 2022 Deluxe Edition

Developer: UBISOFT

Price: $59.99

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Just Dance 2021 Review - Xbox Tavern

Jamie Collyer

It’s been a while since I was among the masses getting wrapped in the fancy new games that allowed us to feel like rock stars, dancers or singers. I was always more of a Rock Band person being a guitar player but I also like to branch out and (perhaps after a beverage or two) like to think I can dance too. Just Dance 2021 might be full of tunes that I have never heard of before (and a few, thankfully, that I had) but that didn’t stop it being a reliably fun time, especially with the wife and kids.

Just in case you’ve not heard of Just Dance (yes, all two of you out there), it’s a series that seeks to get us up and moving to the beat, giving us live action video of dancers – super-imposed with all sorts of fantastic visual effects to liven things up – to follow along to various famous songs from across the last few decades. Naturally suited to a party setting (remember those?) it would often get even the most ardent of party poopers up and grooving thanks to its simple set up and encouraging feedback and gameplay.

Not a great deal has changed since the last entry I played a few years back, but then the formula is about as solid as it gets anyway, so why mess with it? Included in the base game are songs that will appeal to a newer, younger generation (Blinding Lights by The Weekend was a popular one with my children, as was Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa), as well as stuff that old fogies like me will know (Without Me by Eminem and Temperature by Sean Paul). Even those songs I wasn’t aware of still managed to be fun to play thanks to some excellent choreography (if only you could see my clip from Que Tire Pa Lante…).

Just Dance 2021 works across generations, with a Series X version requiring the use of a smart phone app that replaces the Kinect functionality of the Xbox One version. I much preferred using Kinect though as not only do we get a little picture-in-picture image showing our positioning but I felt it did a better job at tracking my movements in relation to the dancing on screen. Plus, it’ll record clips throughout for you to laugh and upload if you like after the fact.

To play, all we need to do is follow along with the movements of our assigned dancer. Their left hand (we play in mirror, so this is followed with our right hand) is the key to look at, as that is the main aspect of the scoring – as long as we get that roughly right then we’ll score points. You’ll definitely need a good amount of space to get the most out of the game, especially if you’re playing with more than one or two people as some of the dances require some big movements, or even moving around each other. Having said that though, even in my fairly cramped front room we still managed to avoid whacking each other and the tracking was pretty solid throughout.

As you may expect, playing Just Dance 2021 can be quite the workout too. Much like Beat Saber, I found myself getting worn out after half hour of playing, though it is a far better way to exercise than going to the gym for me! Ubisoft have accounted for this, including a Sweat mode that tracks various stats to help us count things like calories burned etc. If you’re looking to try and move some of that “Lockdown weight” then playing this is a great way to track it as you go.

Just Dance Unlimited returns, and offers up hundreds of songs from the Just Dance history to play on demand. A 30 day trial is available to try out the service, though a daily/monthly/yearly charge ($2.99/$3.99/$24.99) applies after that. It’s a great add on if you’re looking for a good range of songs and will play daily, though if you’re only picking it up here and there then the base list of 43 songs will do most players for a while I’d imagine.

Just Dance 2021 is, as ever, a great party game experience that is simple to get into and encourages people of all skill levels to join in. Being able to use the Sweat mode to aid in your fitness journey is a great touch, while when using Kinect the video clips that are recorded never fail to get a laugh out of the room. Played without a camera it loses a little of its accuracy and charm, but it still manages to be a fun experience –provided you trust the players not to launch your phone across the room!

This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox One console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.

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  • Vast list of decent songs to dance to
  • Great choreography and visuals
  • Sweat mode is a great addition
  • Just Dance Unlimited will provide almost too many songs…


  • …for a price

8. 1


Gameplay - 8

Graphics - 8

Audio - 8.5

Longevity - 8

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life before and after death - Offtop on

Achievements and history of Microsoft motion controllers from DTF.

40 550 views

Kinect is dead. Microsoft no longer believes in the device, since last year the company stopped releasing it, and since January it has discontinued adapters for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. But once they tried to make it a competitor to the Wii Remote. In the first months after the release, the motion controller even broke sales records.

Although the Kinect has no future in the gaming industry, it is still useful in other areas, and its technology continues to be used separately. Now at least scientists, businessmen, doctors and exhibition organizers continue to believe in the device.

Doomed to fail

Peter Molyneux admits that Kinect was doomed from the start

The first hint of a motion controller for the Xbox 360 appeared back in 2007. At the D5 conference, in a joint interview with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates talks about controlling games using the camera. That soon it will be enough to take a baseball bat and wave it in front of a special camera for the athlete to repeat the action in the virtual world.

The following year, the first rumors about a new Microsoft device appear in the press. Insiders report that the company is working on its own motion controller and is going to compete with the Nintendo Wii. In the next update of the Xbox 360 dashboard, journalists find interface elements adapted to the new control device.

The rumors continued until E3 2009, where Microsoft unveiled the Project Natal sensor at its conference. Its capabilities were demonstrated using the example of a drawing program and the Ricochet tech demo, in which you need to hit balls with your hands and feet. The latter would later serve as the basis for a full-fledged Kinect Adventures game.

The device did not need additional controllers. It tracked human movements using an infrared projector and a camera with a depth sensor, and recorded voice commands on a microphone. The projector shone with many rays, and the camera calculated the distance to objects and their movement. Thus, gestures and words controlled the character in the game.

The best feature of Project Natal was then the demo about the boy Milo from the studio of Peter Molyneux. In the video shown, the girl talked to a virtual boy, depicted how she catches and puts on the glasses thrown by the boy, drew an image on paper, showed it to the camera and it appeared in the virtual world. It was a kind of human interaction simulator.

This is the true technology of the future. This was not even written in science fiction.

Peter Molyneux

A year later, Molyneux spoke at the TED conference, where he spoke with admiration about the creation of a "real person" in a virtual world. After that, they stop talking about the project, as if it never existed. This was Microsoft's first sensor failure.

At the next E3, Project Natal is officially named Kinect. However, they announce a new version of the Xbox 360 with a special port for the controller.

November 4, 2010 Kinect is released in North America. In just eleven days, sales of the sensor reach a million units, and by the end of the year it has sold eight million units. Kinect becomes the best-selling gaming accessory of all time.

Then this success seemed justified. For the release of Kinect, a number of games were prepared that gave a new experience and offered to have fun in the company. Still, the Wii Remote and PS Move are additional controllers that had to be picked up. And with Kinect, the body is the controller, you can jump, dance, or just gesticulate in front of the screen.

Such advances have encouraged Microsoft to push the new sensor further. Kinect was promoted by Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Fallon and David Beckham. Device support was added in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Forza Motorsport 4 and Mass Effect 3.

Controller Steel Battalion

In 2012, the first wake-up call sounded, the worst game for the sensor came out - Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. The previous part of the Steel Battalion series is known for painstakingly simulating the control of a huge walking robot with the help of an exclusive controller.

In Heavy Armor, the developers tried to implement the same thing using Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller. In the end, it was Kinect that failed: it hardly recognized gestures and voice commands. It was impossible to play.

Against the background of other games for the controller, this was a failure. Dance Central taught me how to dance, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved helped me train. Kinect Party sent back to childhood when the floor of your room turned into lava on the screen or dozens of balloons filled the space. In Kinectimals it was nice to scratch and pet animals, in Child of Eden you made music by shooting at abstract figures.

By February 2013, Microsoft had sold 24 million Kinect sensors. It was a success for the accessory, especially since it managed to outperform the competition: just three months earlier, Sony had reported 15 million PS Moves sold.

It seemed then that Kinect is now an integral part of the Xbox. Microsoft was also firm in their intentions: at the presentation of their next console, they introduced a new version of the sensor. Sony only used separate Move technologies in the Dualshock 4 controller for PS4, but decided not to push the motion controller further.

Kinect 2.0 encountered its first problem at launch. It was bundled with the Xbox One, which is why the console cost $100 more than the PS4. The players were literally forced to use a device without which the console could work quietly. The first impression of the console was spoiled.

But Kinect 2.0 was much better than its predecessor. The device was able to recognize facial expressions, heartbeat and body temperature, and its camera shot video in 1080p resolution.

Xbox One could be controlled by voice commands and gestures: open applications, pause video, turn up the volume on command, or navigate menus with a wave of the hands. At first, the new features made you feel like the hero of the movie Minority Report. And walking into a room and saying "Xbox On" to turn on the console was just hilarious.

The new features are especially useful in fitness equipment like Xbox Fitness. When you can see how warm your muscles are on the screen, it helps to understand how effectively you performed the exercises

At first everything was fine with the games. New Kinect Sports Rivals and Dance Central are out. Voice commands and gestures were added to Forza Horizon 2 and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die.

There were also original things like Fantasia: Music Evolved, which offered to act as a musical instrument and perform music with movements. In Zoo Tycoon, the player managed the zoo and took care of the animals: feeding the elephant or washing the giraffe.

But then the situation changed dramatically. The decision to sell the Xbox One without the Kinect was still sound and doubled the sales of the console. But then it got worse. In 2015, with the update of the Xbox One dashboard, navigation through the menu using the sensor disappeared. Microsoft stopped developing their own games for the controller and no longer forced developers to add device support to their projects. So in Forza Horizon 3 it was still possible to communicate with voice commands with the navigator, and already in Forza Motorsport 6 it does not use Kinect at all.

At the same time, Microsoft has not stopped supporting developers. The designer of Fru, one of the latest games for Kinect, does not blame them for what happened and is grateful for their help on the technical side.

According to him, he understands that it was a business decision to abandon Kinect, but most of all, his team did not have enough advertising from the platform owner. And while Through Games didn't get much promotion, they managed to make one of the most original motion controller games out there.

The main feature of Fru is the shadow of the player from the real world, which must be controlled to open secret passages

The further, the more they forgot about Kinect. Of the games released after Fru, the most notable are Ubisoft's Just Dance series and Fruit Ninja Kinect 2.

In October 2017, Microsoft discontinued Kinect.

In January 2018, the company stopped making Kinect 2.0 adapters for Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Why was the device dropped so quickly and suddenly? There were several reasons for this. For starters, Kinect required free space to play, it couldn't be put in any apartment.

Fruit Ninja Kinect

Worst of all, it was only a prototype device from the future. At first, the ability to control gestures and voice was amazing, but at the same time it also caused irritation. The controller often did not track gestures, did not pick up the voice, or did not register them well. Players are still accustomed to the accuracy of control in games - without it, skill depends on luck, and not on your actions.


Kinect is not precise enough for a controller and once the novelty effect wears off, the device is no longer useful for the market. At the same time, interest in investment also fell.

former Microsoft


In addition, games for the sensor were developed mainly by enthusiasts, large studios were simply not interested in this. Experimentation comes with risks, and established series like Halo and Gears of War don't need Kinect.

In the end, Microsoft stumbled on its own by including Kinect with the Xbox One on a mandatory basis. The doubling of console sales after removing the sensor from the kit and lowering the price only made the mistake even more obvious. After that, it was easier to no longer invest in a device that brings losses.

Nevertheless, Microsoft continued to use Kinect technology, and the controller itself is still useful in other areas.

How Kinect was used

Almost immediately after the release of the sensor, the first competition among developers started. Adafruit, then leaders in open source hardware, promised $1,000 to the first person to write a free Kinect driver.

Just six days after the motion controller went on sale, the Hector hacker completed the task and received the bounty, which by then had been raised to $3,000.

After writing a free driver for Kinect, the device found many unusual uses. With its help, they subordinated the vacuum cleaner to gesture control and turned the bath into a playground - purely for fun.

Microsoft was against developing any free drivers for Kinect for a long time, but eventually gave in and released an official SDK. Since then, the sensor has become available not only to developers and enthusiasts.

In advertisement

Japanese clothing store United Arrows brought a mannequin to life in its storefront using Kinect. It's simple: the sensor tracks the movements of a person in front of the shop window, the mannequin repeats them. The retailer tried in this way to lure customers, or at least leave a positive impression about the store.

In a shopping mall in South Korea, a Coca-Cola vending machine gave away drinks for winning a game. The car was equipped with a screen and a Kinect sensor. She lured passing visitors to take part in a dance competition. If you repeat the movements shown on the screen - a drink as a gift.

Guarding the borders of the country

Ko Jae Kwan

In 2014, Kinect was put in charge of monitoring the neutral zone between North and South Korea. Based on free device drivers, programmer Ko Jae Kwan created a system for tracking violators. She is able to distinguish between people and animals. As soon as the sensor detects movement near the neutral zone, the system immediately notifies the nearest post.

For scanning exhibits

In 2017, the Field Museum of Natural History replaced professional equipment with a Kinect sensor. It so happened that specialized tooth scanners could not capture the entire jaw of a tyrannosaurus rex. Then the museum staff turned to the MIT Media Lab's Camera Cultur agency. Representatives of the agency found a solution: they created a device based on Kinect and scanned his jaw.

Although the sensor resolution is five times less than scanners, it costs two hundred times less. In addition, its accuracy was enough to reproduce a sufficiently high-quality image to study the holes in the teeth.

In music

Composer Chris Wick uses the Kinect as a musical instrument. With the help of the sensor, he played dubstep, used the device on stage in performances, replaced the DJ console with it. Vic also played the massive organ in Melbourne City Hall.

Despite the age of the instrument - it was made in 1929 - in the 90s the organ was modified with a MIDI controller. To him, the musician connected the sensor to perform a part in a duet with singer Alice Richards.

Nine Inch Nails transformed their 2013 tour performances with Kinect. Sensors were placed around the perimeter of the stage to track the movements of the musicians and transmit them to screens at the far end of the stage. When the lights went out, only abstract silhouettes remained against the backdrop of light music, accompanied by heavy industrial rock.


Kinect has become the standard for interactive arts because it's affordable. The best gift for a person with a creative vision. They [Microsoft] may kill the official product, but I don't think the love for it will die in the world of interactive arts.

Rob Sheridan, former art director of Nine Inch Nails

How Kinect continues to be used

In trade

Some clothing stores have adopted Kinect as a virtual fitting room. Let's say a girl approaches a mirror screen, selects a dress with gestures. Meanwhile, the camera scans it so that the program shows how this dress will look on the customer.

Already in 2012, the first demonstration scenario of such a sensor application appeared. Soon, based on it, Nike created their own interactive mirror. Then Timberland joined in. And since 2015, FXGear has been supplying FXMirror interactive mirrors by order.

IKEA has figured out how to cheer up their customers with the help of Kinect - they created the "Motivating Mirror". The camera scanned each person who approached, noticed a bright feature in him, and the mirror said inspiring compliments: “You have a cool beard!” or “This shirt really suits you!” — in that spirit. If desired, the device could be ordered home.

For interactive exhibitions


Kinect isn't perfect at motion detection, but it's powerful enough to make exhibitions fun. Especially for children and youth. I saw this for myself when I visited the Know Yourself, Know the World educational center at the Darwin Museum.

A view of the planet Earth from outer space was projected onto the five-meter screen of the Biosphere installation. With the help of the sensor, it was possible to rotate the planet, bring the continents closer, launch videos and interact with animals. This is the case when involvement in the process attracted attention better than contemplation from the outside. I would hardly have lingered at the booth for a long time if there were just rollers playing there.

Similarly, Kinect is used at trade shows around the world. So in the Hall of Art in New York they created an installation that helped children explore different ecosystems. Nine projectors and a dozen sensors turned the walls into an interactive space of nine hundred square meters.

How does it work? The child stretches out his hand in front of the screen and a seed appears there. As soon as you put your hand down, a seed falls into the ground and a plant grows in that place. And so on: you interact with ecosystems and learn about the world around you.

And there are many such examples.

The Treachery of Sanctuary installation at Barbican's 2014 Digital Revolution allowed you to see yourself reflected as a work of art

The project Les Metamorphoses de Mr Kalia showed how living beings can change the structure of their body


Such installations are by no means an isolated solution. Agencies that organize product launches and exhibits continue to use Kinect in their business. So the Biosphere, which I talked about above, was created by the Askrin company.

Another Russian company Design Dossier develops interactive solutions for promoting goods and services. Among their recent works is the “Augmented Reality Sandbox” at the stand of the Moscow Government of the Open Innovations Forum in 2015 and 2017. The project has two goals: entertainment for children, as well as an educational game in which you can learn the physics of sand.

French brand Brother System creates interactive spaces for entertainment. Their projects include a showcase at the Les Rives de l'Orne shopping center and an installation at the Beauregard festival.

The international company Virtualware also develops presentations and programs using Kinect. In 2014, she created an advertising stand for a tourism exhibition. Visitors pretended to be a bird flying in front of Kinect and navigated through Mexico, and then explored individual cities and natural regions.


VirtualRehab, another Virtualware project, helps to repair neuromuscular disorders. The program is intended for doctors. They set up a set of individual exercises and monitor how patients perform them in order to plan further treatment.

British scientists are investigating the Kinect's ability to detect respiratory diseases. The traditional spirometry procedure requires expensive equipment and trained staff.

Against this background, an accessory from a game console looks like an affordable solution. In addition, the built-in depth sensor in Kinect 2.0 can build a three-dimensional model of the chest in real time. This is enough to track its volume and bend in the process of breathing.

The study has been ongoing since 2016. Last year, scientists compiled a report and concluded that at the moment the accuracy of the Kinect sensor is not enough. Now they are working on finalizing the device.

Kinect is still useful in operating rooms. For quality work, surgeons need to view X-ray images and tomography results. Switching them or resizing them with the mouse and keyboard is not possible - it's not hygienic. But with the help of gestures - quite.

The first designs of Kinect-based controllers for computers in operating rooms appeared as early as 2011. For the past few years, GestSure has provided similar solutions. According to their CEO, Kinect is still the most suitable time-of-flight camera for their needs and they are not going to abandon it anytime soon.

Microsoft no longer makes Kinect, but continues to use its technology in the Windows Mixed Reality platform. The HoloLens eyeglasses camera scans the environment with more advanced sensors of the same type to complement the room with holograms of Windows applications. So you can place several windows on the wall with Skype, Microsoft Edge and Forza Horizon 3. Or, without leaving your home, go on a trip to Rome through HoloTour.

The platform is still being developed and is currently limited to Microsoft Store apps. But perhaps in the near future it is thanks to Kinect technology that augmented reality and holographic interfaces from science fiction will enter our lives.

Ubisoft squeezing sweat and money - Just Dance 2021 review

While EA Sports is churning out sports sims, Ubisoft continues to re-release the premier digital console-based house party attraction, Just Dance. The new version of the rhythm game turned out to be bright, dynamic and really exciting... that is, absolutely the same as the previous part of the series. We explain why you should think carefully before buying Just Dance 2021.

The Just Dance series started back in 2009 and has attracted a huge audience even outside of arcade clubs and Dance Dance Revolution. The main reason for the success of the franchise was the simplicity of the gameplay, which the name itself hints at - “Just Dance”, which everyone can handle in one way or another. In general, everything is so, but it’s still worth explaining what the game is.

Dancing is my element

As you might guess, the essence of Just Dance is dancing, or rather, trying to repeat the most diverse steps behind the dancers on the screen. The system tracks movements using a camera or device in the player's hand and awards points for accuracy. The gameplay formula is extremely simple, but it is quite addictive if you find the right tracks, the company and the strength to get up from the couch.

You can use an ordinary smartphone with a gyroscope as a "gamepad" in Just Dance - no additional accessories are required here, although the developers could have gone this way. Of course, in this case, in order to get high marks in the game, it is enough just to move one hand, but in the process, you still involuntarily begin to dance with the rest of the body.

Just Dance looks especially organic on the Nintendo Switch, which seems to have been created for home entertainment in a small company. With this console, you don’t even need a smartphone to play - basic Joy-Cons will be enough. In addition to the precise gyroscope, these controllers are equipped with special straps: believe me, even if your palms never sweat, launching a gamepad or smartphone directly into the TV while dancing is very, very simple.

Due to the overall simplicity of the gameplay, as well as a great combination of music, games and simple activities, Just Dance is suitable for almost everyone. In addition to the standard mode, there is a fitness interface that counts calories burned instead of points for accurate dance performance, as well as a children's section with simple movements, cartoon style and cartoon songs. This series does not need more - it would seem.

Only dancing and you

All of the above applies to Just Dance 2021, which is great. The series has been consistently entertaining high-profile companies for more than ten years, making those who want to lose weight effortlessly sweat and trying to diversify E3 with mass dances. But there is one problem, or rather, there are already at least three of them - starting from version 2019The franchise hasn't changed much in years.

It is clear that dancing in a playful way, and even with the slogan "Just dance", is difficult to diversify, but even a new interface would be very useful. I was extremely disappointed when I redeemed my Ubisoft key, loaded the game, skipped the colorful splash screen, and returned to Just Dance 2019.

The only interesting new feature is the Quick Play feature available on the game's main screen. Thanks to her, you can not delve into a huge library of songs and playlists, but simply dance to a randomly selected song, but this works until the first inappropriate track. It would be great if the game immediately offered options from five different selections and did not rush the user with a ten-second countdown.

In this regard, the comparison with EA Sports simulators is the most accurate. Year after year, Just Dance fans get the same game - FIFA fans at least try to improve the physics of the ball and give digital football players a human look. But Just Dance could well have simple rhythm games in the Mario Party format, a Dance Dance Revolution-style mode with a special carpet as an additional accessory, or even creative modes with the ability to independently select movements, at least for children's songs. There are a lot of options, use Ubisoft.

And the music drives you crazy

As a result, when buying Just Dance 2021, owners of at least one previous game in the series pay ₽3,990 for 40 new songs and a month of Unlimited subscription, which gives access to an expanded music library. Given that the same amount can pay for more than two years of subscription in the previous version of Just Dance, the offer is at least not very profitable. Unless someone urgently needed a couple of songs by Billy Eilish, BLACKPINK or The Weeknd right here and now.

The Just Dance 2021 basic tracks list does have a few popular songs, but in most cases they either sound too monotonous or not suitable for dancing at all - at least not in the format of the game. For example, in this part of the series there are two versions of Without Me by Eminem at once, but in both cases you want to listen more than dance.

I'm not the biggest fan of dancing, so I was helped to test Just Dance 2021 by a small company, the female half of which knows almost the entire Ultimate library by heart. Even for them, there were only a few interesting options in the new selection of tracks - let alone the male part: we quickly became disillusioned with dancing to Eminem and returned to the cult Dragostea Din Tei from O-Zone, The Bremen Town Musicians and The Sun in Hands.

Going back to the FIFA parallel, Just Dance 2020 just had a little roster update. At the same time, Ubisoft updates the Ultimate library quite often, including tracks from the latest installments. Under such conditions, the entire series should have switched to a shareware model with a subscription a long time ago, because the new annual versions make less and less sense.

No more parties

It's quite possible that Just Dance is heading towards the game-service format. It currently has three free tracks that are technically an Ultimate subscription. By the way, recently they included a new song from the virtual band K/DA from League of Legends. Ubisoft could expand this collection to the same 40 songs, and give the rest only for money.

Learn more