How many sharingan does danzo have

Danzo is probably the most incompetant dude in the entire Narutoverse, and there are literally over a dozen characters who could have done a signicantly better job : CharacterRant

So I've been thinking about this a lot, and I'm convinced Danzo is probably the most incompetant motherfucker in the entirety of the Leaf's history. Let's establish that his job, in it's entirety, is literally "protect the Leaf, and assist the Hokage". Let's look at a brief list of his more stupid actions. If anybody wants where each of these events are shown, let me know, since a few of them are slightly less well known ones.

  • Pissed off the Fire Dyamo; he constantly lost his shit and devolved into screeching in meetings, to the point where the Fire Dyamo felt uncomfortable around him, didn't even bother remembering his name, and in general Danzo was a massive embarrassment in front of the Leaf's feudal lord

  • He established his super special ANBU division to protect the leaf, but instilled in them the idea that they were seperate to the leaf, and therefore shouldn't care about leaf shinobi's wellbeing. ..which is about nine shades of stupid

  • His FOundation territory was literally not part of the leaf village in his eyes, and his guards were willing to fight or kill leaf shinobi who know, those guys they're meant to protect

  • The Leaf police force, which maintained peace, was mostly Uchihas, and Danzo basically spearheaded the unrest

  • He placed them all under surveillance, and assigned the one single Uchiha ANBU to the group that did it, which was pretty dumb considering literally anybody except Itachi would have ratted out the Leaf's surveillance within minutes. If you're placing a clan under a watchful eye, maybe pick literally anybody except a member of that clan to do it?

  • Tried to assasinate the Hokage because...reasons? Pretty much the 3rd called him out on his ridiculous amounts of bullshit and he tried to kill him, which is pretty much the maximum level dumbass move, since he's trying to kill the main line of defense and leader of the village that it's his one single fucking job to protect

  • He sends his ANBU to kill Kakashi and steal Obito's eye, just in case his one gets used, which is fucking dumb since Danzo is never on the front lines. So they're willing to fuck over and destroy a massively valuable asset in Kakashi, and potentially piss off the 4th and 3rd Hokage if they botch it, for a fucking backup of an eye that never gets used? That's pretty much all the fucking risk and so very little reward

  • For the above point he sends the one fucking ANBU with a history of being friends with Kakashi. Literally any other fucking dude would have been a better choice. Even the 2nd dude who was sent on the mission taking the primary role, and Yamato taking the secondary role, would have been better. But he chose the one formation with the one shinobi that would fail.

  • This failed so fucking badly that the one wood style user ever to be successfully produced at this point leaves his ANBU and joins the Hokage's ANBU, which is pretty much a fuckup of epic proportions. Also, the Hokage found out about Yamato, which is a huge embarrassment to Danzo. To add onto this point, the hokage showed up with a bunch of his own ANBU to retrieve Kakashi and Yamato, and verbally bitch slabs Danzo. Hnestly I have no idea how any FOundation personel there didn't realise "hey, maybe we're the bad guys here?" when surrounded by a bunch of pissed off ANBU who are inches away from cutting them down as traitors, since they've been caught in the act of treason

  • The Uchiha potential coup could have been avoided at multiple times by just saying "hey 3rd, these guys are pretty pissed. We have like 4 spies in there that all say they're getting very unhappy. Maybe go have a coffee with Fugaku at some point and they'll probably stop talking about killing everyone"

  • Also in the 9 tails attack, you have like 40 fucking dudes who can control the 9 tails, and have it stop killing dudes for like 2 minutes while the 4th seals it. And you have your own spies saying the strongest one, Fugaku, who can keep all the others in check, is trustworthy and loyal. So there is literally no reason not to ask them to come and help out. So what do you do if you're Danzo, the alleged cleverest dude around? Well, obviously you screech about how untrustworthy they are and send them vague orders to "partrol"

  • I just want to highlight how fucking dumb this was. Itachi, Shisui, Mezu and Gozu were all currently spies in the Uchiha compound. They fucking knew that Fugaku was loyal, and they know that he was very capable of keeping the more unruley Uchiha elements in line. His nickname is "Wicked Eye Fugaku", so they definitely knew that he was a sharingan user, with the sharingan being able to restrain the 9 tails. His two jobs are the clan head, and the chief of police. Both of those jobs would be more than capable of keeping a few random Uchiha in line for 5 minutes when Kurama attacks to give the leaf a chance. Not using him is stupid

  • 3rd point on how stupid that was; the village lost a bunch of lives. Not only civillians, but also a bunch of shinobi, many of whom were either Chunin or Jonin, as well as their jinchuriki, and their current hokage. That left the village permanently weakened. Even in Naruto's day, they're still recovering and not back at the level of strength they were. Both in the long and short term, Danzo absolutely failed in his mission to ensure the safety of the leaf. What's more, he was holding back himself (a sharingan user) and also the Foundation's shinobi. Allegedly he was saving them. For fucking what? You village is burning. If you were ever going to uncover a secret weapon like an eye that can control the 9 tails, or an army of highly skilled shinobi, all of which have high level sealing jutsu, now is the fucking time Danzo

  • In the immediate aftermath of Danzo's absolute fucking stupidity regarding the 9 tails incident, the Uchiha clan begins to feel angry that they were sidelined. And honestly, why wouldn't they? They're getting hate for not helping, despite being ordered to stay away, and they pretty much watched a bunch of their friends and comrades die. Since half their comrades are dead due to Danzo's dumbass orders, and the other half hates them, of course the Uchiha are going to feel heavily untethered. How could they not? Their clan head, Fugaku, also now actively is helping to organise the rebellion, so Danzo failed so hard at protecting the leaf he literally created a new and terrifying threat where there formerly was none

  • Luckily, there are several Uchiha, like Shisui, who don't want to fight. He concots a plan that will use his power veeeeeery subtly on Fugaku during a meeting. That will make Fugaku remember why he kept stopping the Uchiha rebellions behind closed doors and stayed loyal to the leaf. That way, the rebellion will be averted, even if only for a few years, and give the leaf time to calm the Uchiha, bring them back into the fold, and hopefully end up with one of their most powerful clans that repeatedly produced high caliber shinobi becoming loyal to the leaf again, and helping them recover from the huge loss of life and skill during the 9 tails incident.

  • Unless of course somebody stops Shisui outside, and claws out one of his fucking eyes and then comes for the other one. Literally all of the troops Danzo used to ambush Shisui could have been doing better things. Also the fact that literally just waiting 12 fucking hours for Shisui to do his thing would have averted the rebellion. Or maybe, you know, just don't randomly steal one of your operatives eyes? Danzo already had a sharingan. He just wanted a better one. There was no fucking reason whatsoever for this shit. It was just straight mindless dumbassery. His justification was some vague, rambling, long winded lecture about philosophy and hate that was completely fucking stupid and nonsensical, and basically boiled down to "welp, these guys are definitely gonna start shit. Nothing we can do. Not like there's somebody who's job it is to prevent that or anything". Danzo looked at all the options, decided there weren't any dumb enough, and literally created his own option with even less potential gain and more potential risk behind it.

  • This also prompted the Uchiha massacre, which although solved his absolutely massive fuckup for him, also meant that Itachi Uchiha, now with not only his mangekyou sharingan activated, but Shisui's left eye as well, now hates Danzo

  • So an entire clan in the village Danzo was meant to protect is dead due to complications from stupidity, the leaf which was already understrength is now even more understrength, Itachi has threatened to leak a bunch of secrets to the Akatsuki, Shisui, one of the leaf's top agents is dead, and in general everything sucks now

  • Also, Sasuke, who is the one survivor, pretty much kills Danzo in retribution for this, so even if it was a dumbass move in light of Danzo's job, it was also a dumbass move from a personal perspective

  • But hey, it's OK, the leaf might be underpowered, but at least they have their tailed beast back right? It's back in leaf control. Now, jinchuriki are generally memebers of the hokage's family to ensure loyalty. Since the 4th is dead, and his wife (the previous jinchuriki) are also dead, their kid doesn't have those binding ties to the leaf, which is potentially like pointing a flamethrower at a powderkeg. But hey, it should be fine, if the village comes together, this kid might stay loyal and not wreck their shit. As long as nobody leaks that he's the jinchuriki until he's a little older, and understands who he is, it should be fi- oh god fucking dammit Danzo.

  • To summarise, Danzo was the one who leaked what Naruto was, but not his parentage, so the village would have a scapegoat and somebody to rally around hating. Which is dumb when he's the living embodiment of a fucking nuke, and his hurt feelings can easily turn into your hurt bones. It was a pure miracle that Naruto didn't just wreck the entire village. Also, the fact that being the scapegoat for all the bad things was Danzo's job. He sucks so badly at his job an unwitting 4 year old was better at it than him.

  • Anyway, that's just what happens in the prequels. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH boy is there fucking more.

  • In the immediate aftermath of Pain's assault, in which Danzo and the Foundation do fucking nothing, Naruto is a hero to the village, it's the one time when he's finally got the popular vote on his side. So what does Danzo do? Orders that his movement be restricted and treats him like a criminal. Becuase there's no way in hell that might backfire. Especially considering it did so hard that a fucking Jonin general (Kakashi) more or less just decided to not follow those orders. There was a lot of other shinobi who felt the same way.

  • This was done when he was claiming to be the 6th hokage, but hadn't been actually approved by the Jonin council and the jonin commander (Shikaku Nara) yet. So basically he pissed off the dudes who have to vote for him to make his position permanent. So, uh...that's pretty dumb

  • When he goes to the 5 Kage summit, he also tells his retainers not to worry about what weapons are allowed, which is also dumb. He's literally planning on pissing off his 4 counterparts before he even meets them.

  • When he gets there, in a room full of high level shinobi, some of whom are sensors, he decides to ranodmly fire off a genjutsu that isn't even his to brainwash Mifune into doing what he wanted. Which is really dumb, since Mifune literally says later that he probably would have done what Danzo wanted anyway, but the use of Shisui's genjutsu in such a clunky and downright stupid way just makes him decide otherwise. Literally a case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • This is especially dumb, since Ao is there. Who has a byakugan. Which can see genjutsu. Which they know about. It's literally a plot point like 2 episodes later that they want to either reclaim or destroy it, and that Ao has been on their radar for a while now. So why would you use a genjutsu you didn't even need to use in front of him and just hope he doesn't see it? A grade ninja work there Danzo.

  • Also speaking of leaf kekki genkai, when a missing nin from the Leaf, Sausuke, shows up, in possession of sharingan, the kage decide to take him down, and Danzo just fucking runs out the door like he's doing a dine and dash at a restaurant out of his price range. Instead of just sitting down and waiting for the kage to take down Sausuke, and claiming the body as property of the leaf. Dude didn't even need to do anything. He was literally told to sit down while the other kage take down Sausuke. It's another case of him seeing all the options, and deciding none of them are bad enough choices, and coming up with his own solution that is so much worse.

  • To make matters worse, he removes himself from that situation and ends up in the same situation, facing off against Sausuke, but without an army of samurai plus the 4 other kage plus 8 of their elite aides between them. He's literally in the same situation, but worse.

  • And even assuming that he escaped, what was his game plan? He's just embarrassed the leaf so godamn heavily that he'll either be arrested the second he gets back, or, more likely, wake up with his throat slit.

  • Even if that didn't happen, and he somehow stayed as the hokage-elect, and then somehow retained that title, the 4th Shinobi was has just been declared, and he's somehow managed to ensure the leaf is on neither side, but hated by both. So the leaf, which his one job is to protect, is pretty much a giant target.

  • Even in his last dying breath, he wastes 10 regular sharingan and a mangekyou sharingan. Even if nothing else, implanting those into 11 leaf Jonin would have made a ghoulish, but hyper effective, group of operatives.

  • Tl;dr: Danzo is so incompetant a 4 year old accidentally did his job better than him at one point. Words cannot express how utterly ineffective he was, and the leaf would have been significantly better off if he'd just been put in a retirement home and given a bunch of highly important finger painting to do.

    How Did Danzo Get Sharingan On His Arm?

    by Alex Leon

    After the Uchiha massacre, Danzo took many of their Sharingans. And later he transplanted them in his arm. Implanting Sharingan is nothing new as we saw Kakashi with his friend’s eye implanted. However, Danzo had Sharingan in his arm as well. As he had a connection with Orochimaru, it is quite possible for him to do the transplantation for Danzo.

    Danzo Shimura is perhaps the most hated character in the Naruto series. He is hated for his actions without a doubt. He is the reason behind Yahiko’s death. Which later triggered Nagato to turn evil and who later started hunting down the Tailed beasts.

    He even tried to assassinate the 3rd Hokage once. And the national enemy Orochimaru was under his shelter. He had no shortage of bad doing under his name. Not to mention the Foundation which was a shadow organization similar to the Anbu Black Ops was also under his command. It was notoriously famous for cruelty and dirty jobs. He had numerous sharingan eyes in his arm. But how did danzo get sharingan? We will discuss that.

    Table of Contents

    As we all know, Sharingan is a Kekkei Genkai which is found only in Uchiha bloodline. Then the question is how did Danzo get them. Well, he at first ordered Itachi to massacre his entire clan. And after Itachi did that with Obito’s help, he collected all the Sharingan eyes he wanted.

    It’s not like he ordered to kill them for their eyes. Rather he used that opportunity as he always does. Then again, maybe he had that intent. He’s Danzo after all, anything is possible for him.

    He has the first Hokage Hashirama cell in his arm. That is how he could maintain and use those Sharingan eyes.

    How Many Sharingan Does Danzo Have?

    Danzo had 10 sharingan eyes in his right arm. And on his right eye, he transplanted Shisui’s sharingan. So in total, he had 11 sharingan eyes. 

    The Uchiha clan members have a pair of Sharingan eyes. Kakashi had one sharingan given by his friend. And at the very end of the series, he got 2 sharingan eyes for a short period of time.

    Did Danzo Have A Sharingan Before Shisui?

    Danzo had Sharingan even before he fought Shisui. In the fight against Shisui, he used Izanagi and broke out of the Genjutsu. And it is clearly visible in the anime that his right eye becomes white just like it’s supposed to be after using Izanagi.

    It was before the Uchiha massacre. So, he got it either from his teammate Kagami Uchiha or from any other Uchiha with the help of Orochimaru. As we all know, Orochimaru used to kidnap villagers and ran test on them. So, it’s not impossible.   

    Why Didn’t Danzo Use Kotoamatsukami? 

    Sharingan drains a lot of chakra. And those who aren’t from Uchiha cannot turn that off, it keeps draining chakra constantly. That is why Kakashi ran out of chakra quickly after he got the sharingan. Well, Danzo used Hashirama’s cell to cover that up. However, having or using 10/11 Sharingan is no joke. Even with that chakra boost, he couldn’t manage to use them efficiently. 

    And Kotoamatsukami is a high-level Genjutsu that requires a lot of chakra and precision. With his chakra draining constantly and little mastery over Sharingan, Danzo couldn’t use Kotoamatskumi on Sasuke. If he could, he would have used that on Hiruzen to announce him the Hokage. 

    Is Danzo An Uchiha?

    No, Danzo is not an Uchiha. He belongs to the Shimura clan. There is no information about his Shimura clan in anime, manga, or databook. The only thing we get is his full name, which is Danzo Shimura. 

    What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

    After the five Kage summit, Danzo was coming back to the village. Tobi intercepted him and took his bodyguard out in order to let Sasuke fight Danzo freely. Then Sasuke comes and starts fighting Danzo.

    The fight between Danzo and Sasuke begins in 209th episode and it ends in 211th episode. So the fight lasts for 3 episodes.

    To know more about danzo and his sharingan you can check this video:


    Danzo got his sharingan from the dead Uchiha clan members after the Uchiha massacre. Also, he snatched one of Shisui Uchiha’s sharingan eyes. He implanted that in his eye. And even before doing that, he already had a sharingan. It could be from Kagami Uchiha or any other dead Uchiha from the village.

    Why is Shimura Danzō a complete scum? / Naruto (Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden) :: long post :: Shimura Danzo :: Anime (Anime) / pictures, gifs, funny comics, interesting articles on the topic.

    Why is Shimura Danzō a complete scum?

    (He looks as if through you, hinting that he doesn't even consider it shit)

    A villain whose actions, according to all the laws of the Naruto world, are not presented as unambiguously bad.

    Yes, he regularly tried (and ended up even briefly able to) seize power in Konoha. Yes, it was he who covered up Orochimaru's experiments and eventually set all the dogs on him when the dark deeds were revealed. Yes, on his orders, Itachi slaughtered his entire clan and personally killed his parents. nine0005

    But he did all this for the well-being of the hidden village, working with all the dirt of the shinobi world and not shunning methods, so to speak, taking all the shit on himself, allowing the rest to remain clean... Oh, right?

    I decided to disassemble and thoroughly explain why the concept of the manga / anime, in which Danzo is presented as such a forced reptile with good intentions, is nothing more than another self-contradictory feint with ears from Kishimoto, designed to confuse and mislead the reader / viewer, hanging on a frank shit sign "Yamka". nine0005

    For a better understanding of the essence of this character, it is worth reproducing his entire history from the very beginning, gradually building a portrait of the personality and actions of the character.

    Suddenly we find out that Danzo, it turns out, is a clan shinobi - his clan was one of the first to join the newly formed Leaf (which is mentioned in the conversation between Madara and Hashirama) and this, in fact, all the information regarding the clan ends. Neither the other members, nor their features, where they went in the process, is said absolutely nothing (which is not surprising, given Kishimoto's love for blank spots in the middle of history). nine0005

    At the same time, from early childhood Danzō, for some unknown reason, got on Hiruzen and tried to surpass him in everything, which, in fact, did not work out very well. People were drawn to Sarutobi, to his bright character and charisma, and where Danzo first thought about selfish interest and slipped, Hiruzen was immediately ready to act and even sacrifice his life, which was clearly shown in the moment before Hashirama's death. This is also confirmed by the fact that, having appointed Hiruzen as his successor, Tobirama caused Danzo, who seemed to be his ideological heir, to have a sickly bombing and an acute rejection of the decision of his teacher. nine0005

    From the very beginning, he opposed himself to his opponent and chose radically opposite methods of solving the problem and approach to the world around him, which he will demonstrate more than once later.

    But come on, time passes, the war is over and what does Danzo start to do?

    And he begins to do something for which in any normal paramilitary structure he would immediately be put up against the wall - he puts together a personal guard around him, without the knowledge of the hokage begins to muddy the waters in the land of Fire and beyond, and almost openly sabotage the orders and work of the hidden village generally. nine0005

    (Classic glavgad - faceless minions in black, an evil mug, the glow of fires with a path of corpses in the background and huge ambitions that compensate for something) 1) Formed a personal gang that does not obey the orders of the supreme commander (i.e. Hokage)

    2) Repeatedly without the knowledge of the hokage, part of the advisers (the fact that Hiruzen's teammates quietly played along with Danzo is clear as day) and the daimyo staged sabotage and terrorist attacks on the territory of other states and hidden villages, which eventually caused fierce hatred and a lot of problems for the hidden village in the future (SUDDENLY, Hanzo's raid on Nagato, because of which Yahiko later died and all this fucked up spun, was supported by Danzo shinobi. And how much more such problems and conflicts with List's claims arose through his fault, one can only guess)

    3) Repeatedly tried to seize power, undermining the combat effectiveness and normal operation of the village by his actions (in the last more or less adequate filler-flashback, he came to an attempt to kill Hiruzen with the help of Yamato, who was then still in the root and, not to Hiruzen's honor, although was discovered, for this he was left alive with the condition of the release of Yamato)

    4) Engaged in direct sabotage in Konoha - destroyed and rotted the unwanted, the Uchiha clan, brought to a state of rebellion by him and eliminated by him through Itachi, had previously ignored the release of the tailed and ordered the fighters not to interfere, expecting to eventually seize power over the weakened Konoha, not expecting that the fourth would seal the fucker at the cost of his life and thereby reduce the number of victims and deprive Danzo of a chance for power. The same thing happened during Suna's attack, and after and during Pain / Nagato - he did absolutely NOTHING at the moment when the hidden village was smashed to pieces. And do not forget who exactly contributed to the fact that the information from the jinchuriki (which, as it was already said much later, was really classified) became public domain. Yes, the fact that every first dog knew jinchuuriki in person is Danzo's merit. nine0005

    5) The fact that he sponsored (including materials) and covered Orochimaru's savage experiments on his fellow citizens and residents of Konoha and did not disdain to use his help in transplanting Sharingan in the future, already seems like a trifle against the background of all this filth, but not worth forgetting.

    But, fuck him to the left, he did all this "For the good of Konoha!". Doesn't this statement seem doubtful now, remembering all these "accomplishments" of Danzō? Yes, with his actions and inaction of the shit of his own hidden village, he did almost more than all three past wars combined! And all these words about the "good of Konoha" are nothing more than excuses, not so much to others, but to oneself. nine0005

    Perhaps he did everything for the sake of the hidden village, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. All his blessing came down to the behavior of a fucking parent who loves his child only until the moment when it does what the father likes. As soon as something goes wrong or the child begins to have his own, excellent opinion - to kick him half to death, to subdue his will. All actions and desires of Danzo were directed to the benefit of HIS Konoha, under his rule and command, in his understanding of how things should happen in it and people should live. He mercilessly destroyed (or tried to destroy) everything that did not fit into his ideas and morality. nine0005

    He left his "favorite" hidden village unprotected THREE TIMES, only to give a shit to the current Kage and tip the scales in his favor, not caring how many people would die or how many destinies would be destroyed. Looking at this whole forest, he did not see the trees and leaves that make it up at all, and as a result he ended badly, only in the end loudly and pathetically blurted out something about the sacrifice in the name of the Leaf and converted to Islam without result.

    What will I say in the end? He is not the defender of the village, who has taken on the burden of all the crap of the shinobi world, but just an asshole. All his actions and undertakings, which he disguised as "the good of the village", are nothing more than a desire for power and personal prejudices, the consequences of which resulted in huge problems for Konoha, and he himself was brought to the grave. nine0005

    (So grandfather Maxim died, and fuck him)

    chapters, archival post5 - @diaries: asocial network

    read morearchive posts: 417-448; 453-461; 462-467468-474 chapters

    Naruto 475 Naruto 475
    Full script chapter + miniscan .

    Creepy, creepy Danzo-Madara battle, some hands fall off, but the most ...

    Danzo has a lot of sharingangs in his hand !!1 Fuck == I thought Danzo couldn't be even more squishy . nine0072


    And yes, Madara fights himself first, and Danzō's assistants move to the left dimension, but Sasuke and Karin are transferred to Danzō.


    DANZO-SASKE !!1 Puff-puff waited!


    They also give a very touching Naruto-Gaara And it turns out, Gaara-hare doesn’t advise at all to kill Sasuke-kun, he just says that "now I know what a friend is, you are my friend. I decide for myself, and you decide for yourself what you should do as a friend of Sasuke." Gaara rare pseudoscientific - but God, I have the coolest agapshniks *__*


    Upd3: chapter - online or download.


    Still, this scene is so ambiguous.... *___*

    Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun!!

    And most importantly - Gloza-glozaa!

    Where are the eyes from? Ohoho!

    This is, yep, Kishimota's first published manga, Karakuri.

    Naruto 476 Naruto 476
    Predictably - Danzo-Sasuke battle, any blabla between, Danzo's sharingan is activated on his hand (what they do is unclear?), Sasuke uses Susanoo and strangles Danzo with bones, but Danzo has his own crowbar against this technique. ..
    They also show Naruto in the process of reflection-meditation to such an extent that he already passed out.
    Yamato takes him back to Konoha, and Kakashi goes after Sakura after Sai.
    And there at Sasuke-Danzo you can see gejutsu-fighting. Kishimoto decided that he misses this kind of fighters and therefore gave Danzō sharingings? O_o

    bln, so I'm thinking - it's unlikely that they will kill Sasuke again, the child was lying around just recently, just cured? But that they will get rid of Danzo so quickly - is it unlikely? Can Danzo escape?

    Upd: already chapter ! download or online

    aaaaa what a color!! pysch pysch!!!

    Kishimoto-sama has finally returned to a pleasant painting style, and not something that is covered with acid-colored colors.

    cover O_o

    the chapter itself is clearly not going to appeal to Sasuke-kun haters, muahhaha! *left to choose favorites with his beloved baby*

    - The eyes are moving! O_O

    - First we ask naive questions, flash the sharingan:

    and show Susanoo.

    And then AYYU! Sasuke-kun asks Danzo "Is it true?"
    (fucking right panel, simple!):

    and Danzo so out loud - did he tell you everything before he died? It's so OOC! ... I thought Itachi , you will never let Sasuke find out....

    And then! flashback flashbacks with brother and then:

    Danzo is chasing about how great Itachi was a ninja, and what a smart guy he is for the village, and after telling you everything, he betrayed the village, and you don’t understand anything-blablabla...

    and Sasuke crushes Danzo’s Susano hand message:

    but everything turned out to be genjutsu, offcors.

    A Naruto thinks about Sasuke and everything he's been told... and he has a seizure, oh.

    bln, emotions are running high, poor child(

    The decision about "you from Yamato to Konoha" was made even before fainting, Kakashi was going to go after Sakura to dissuade her and return her to the village (like she would not have the strength to compete with Sasuke).

    Naruto 477 Naruto 477
    I don't understand anything about this Jump... O_O but we already have spoilers! More precisely, miniscans of the chapter.

    Wow, long time no see. If it's Sasuke-kun who has now decided to fight Itachi with genjutsu... oh, oh, cool, I'm talking. +1 to the canonicity of a possible genjutsu uchihacesta. nine0072

    Itachi's face looks like this... "who's hurting my bunny?

    if it's not a genjutsu or some kind of built-in crap, then ... uh

    but anyway - a good Christmas present for all the fans. D

    Upd: chapter in English - online and download

    BIRD!!! *___*
    Sasuke has mastered the call of birds! (Madara himself is at a loss - when did he manage?)

    I recognized this bird!!1
    Here it is, from Naruto volume 1: !!111 (well, except that there is no line on the beak)))


    the incomprehensible is happening. O_O

    Naruto 478 Naruto 478

    Ravka is given here, online scans can be viewed here.

    Itachi - Sasuke's genjutsu oh, just as I thought. nine0071 (it's a pity he would suddenly come to life...)
    Sasuke can already finish Susanoo, Danzō uses mokuton.
    Another walkthrough-battle chapter.

    Sasuke-kuncheg has some outlandish seals on his body:

    and then flashbacks about his brother

    and Madara, looking at Danzo, remembers Snake: (he knew, didn’t he?)
    shadows - mustache, omg

    and Danzo at the end of the chapter has THIS:

    Upd: online chapter !
    and there is a complete script here. nine0005

    Wow, everything is very interesting there. Danzo apparently worked with Zmeys. And Snake implanted Hashirama cells in him.
    And now Madara thinks that Danzō's target is Naruto. Like, possessing Hashirama cells, and even Sharingan - he can control the Kyuubi.

    Upd2: Finally I was going to read it normally in order. clarified the points:
    1) Izanagi - another Sharingan technique (no one doubted, ye) , but the closed eyes on Danzo's hand - this kind of makes Madara think about. There will be a release, I hope, in the next chapter

    2) Kuncheg Sasuke was able to break the seals and dodge the final blow, not even because Danzō called him a complete chm and loser (ooh 1v-3v puffp) , but because he thought that his brother gave his life for him, the most precious thing for his brother was his - Sasuke - life - which means he must live for his brother and in the name of his brother and show everyone Uchikhov's mother .
    Lord, when I think about it - in the sense I remember once again - that's about the fact that these two are cold-proud-unapproachable - and so much!! 1 love for each other - I have a moss flowing through my ears with delight. nine0072
    But it's Danzo's own fault - something like "oh-oh Itachi, well, why did you let this loser live, why did he surrender to you . ..".
    .... and it's good that I don't have time to read discussions on narutoforums now. There are clearly a bunch of pluses to the Danzo lunge and "die, Sasuke, die!".

    3) Karin - Those who don't like her are fools and can't be cured, sorry

    4) Madara calls Orochimaru a bastard (well, or something like that))). Squue!11 In general, somehow he clearly demonstrates the knowledge of the subject-Snake. nine0071 I want about MadaraOrochimaru *_____*

    Naruto 479 Naruto 479
    .... another battle chapter.
    Danzō summons an elephant or something mammoth-like, Karin and Sasuke guess that Danzō's eyes close every 60 seconds and that they need to seize the moment and then hit it.
    Actually the end of the chapter - Sasuke pierces his signature chidori. Most likely there will be another substitution-illusion ... or Danzo has regeneration at the level of Serpent. Because it's too early to die, it didn't work in the plot. Sasuke is also hurt by something there, but with Karin this is definitely not a problem. nine0005

    what frame

    Ravka here, online pictures can be viewed here.

    Upd: the beginning of the script, Madara is talking about Izanagi there.

    Upd2: and here is the whole script

    Chapter - download or online. Other scanlates.

    Naruto 480 Naruto 480
    Fuck, fuck, fuck. Kishimoto, I certainly expected meanness from you, but like this? Kishimoto, admit it, you've been reading deffack fics and are you really going to make Sasuke a villain and then tragically kill him like that? nine0005

    There is a lot of chatter and other things in the chapter, Danzo is driving about the fact that he is de revolutionary and wants the world to be better... and takes Karin hostage. And like blackmailing Sasuke-kun, oga.
    A Sasuke -kun hesitates to hit chidori nagashi(!) at Karin and Danzō together. Danzo is wheezing "with the life of a hostage ...".
    and Sasuke then pathetically turns to his brother, like, that's the first step.


    everyone together remembered the same face in the battle in the valley of completion, yeah. nine0062 Kishimoto, maybe you should stop playing the same one, huh?

    if Karin really died there .. something is already quite an angst fairy tale. And when, when did the fracture happen? More recently, Sasuke saved her and worried about her, and in general. "Danzō died abruptly somehow. Omg, what is it - now Sasuke will go to Konoha and it will really be the end of the manga? Or Sasuke will temporarily rest, and Kishimoto will stuff more events during this period?
    And I still don't understand what kind of technique Izanagi is. I feel very stupid in English D

    ... and I will hysteria in the next chapter. When it becomes clear and certain that Karin is dead. Although remembering the words in Kishimoto's interview about "something terrible with Sasuke-kun that will make him become even more cruel" - it is also true ((but Karin (((from the hands of Sasuke himself ((( why are you better than Orochimaru, damn Sasuke-kun, huh? Although of course - I have Revenge and justify it, and you, filthy Orochimaru, just like that. That's why I can kill my puppet people, but you can't. =_=
    ... even though Orochimaru was in relative health. Sasuke-kun is definitely gone at this stage. And I would say that Kishimoto is scary, if not for this murder of Karin.

    Upd: full script chapter .

    Sasuke: Don't move...Karin.
    just before using it. Might be worth it? Maybe Sasuke isn't a villain, is he? Maybe already possible:

    More precisely, if you take "a terrible thing will happen that will be a turning point for Sasuke" from Kishimoto's interview, Karin is more likely to die (NO!!! T__T), but Sasuke thought that he would succeed and it would not be so destructive for Karin? God, well, if there is no way without death, can it be at least like this, please? nine0005

    Where are these goddamn chapters of AA found!111 Or maybe Karin is even alive there, and I'm sitting here in hysterics for nothing.

    Upd2: thanks for the link NeruBobovai, online chapter in French.

    The last frame of the chapter:

    but before the impact.

    Upd3: FrankieHouse suddenly together with Sleepifans have already made English scanlate . Download or online .

    Updated scans above. nine0005

    nee-san fuck!!!1 nee-san even in translations what the fuck is that!!!!
    Although okay, okay. There is to believe the script, Sasuke directly called him that, oga. Bunnies, and who remembers - he used to call at a conscious age?
    Otherwise, you have to assume now that 16-year-old Sasuke moaning "nii-san" is not fucking OOS.
    Kishimoto sticks right up from all sides!! In my opinion, I really re-read fanfiction.

    and yes, for once, a "personal" cover. Symbolizes, ooh. nine0005

    and despite the fact that there are a lot of fappable and beautiful Sasuke in the chapter, there is absolutely nothing to jump with hearts.
    But I very picturesquely imagined what kind of swoon "Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun! Anyanyashechka! This is my, my school!" Orochimaru would have.
    It is a pity that he did not live, did not see what Sasuke could be. And with these cool jutsu, and MSH, and a crazy look, and in general.
    Zmeyseg would immediately burst into saliva and "hochuhochuhochu !!".
    Although, if no one intercepts Kabuto, and if Orochimaru's consciousness is still there... ow

    Naruto 481
    previous updates There are already spoilers in Japanese and how Karin is something like "apparently" dead, and also Sakura and others are attacking the trail of Sasuke-kun ... well, Danzo died, yes .
    is also where Sai tries to stop Sakura. and in general almost fighting between.

    yyy. yyy. *v.worried* although I've already come to terms with Karin's death.

    upd: translation !

    there is also Danzo's flashback (where would it be without?) about the mission with Sarutobi-Homura-Koharu (the elders) -some other people and Tobirama .
    The enemies are surrounded, the Konoha people decide who will be the bait, Sarutobi is called, Danzo "we won't let you in alone", and Tobirama says - I will be the bait, and you, Hiruzen, be the Hokage.
    Well, in general, the message is that Danzo also always wanted to become Hokage, but was not given.
    And he's like self-sealing-destroys before he dies? O-o

    and this is Sasuke's reaction to the dying Karin? O_o
    Sasuke: "This will be a nuisance"

    but okay, okay. I already understood the message, Sasuke-kun at some unclear stage (the area of ​​the kage summit? Danzō and Suigetsu abandoned?) completely convinced himself that he was in the dark, did not feel anything, etc. And then what are his thoughts? suicide bomber? nine0005

    and the next target of Sasukekuna is Konoha, offcors.

    Kishimoto! Kishimoto! Kishimoto! I am ready to understand everything, accept and love! But yy, if this is the first serious step towards the plot "Sasuke is evil-evil and will die in the end - repenting / not repenting!" - so here you are a terrible person and in general draw further already your mafia seinen, leave the children to the poor! (
    But I hope that the message about "what kind of Hokage am I if I couldn't save my friend" will overcome everything. Although I waited and believed that there would be no Naruto therapy for Sasuke, but there would be a compromise.

    ... what is Kishimoto going to draw about for a long, long time? Here, in my opinion, it’s completely heading towards the end of the manga ... except if you insert Naruto’s teaching something again ... ... You...) "I..."
    At this moment, her eyes go white?
    Sasuke: " Karin... When you were taken hostage, you became a burden "
    Karin collapses and stops moving

    hello, my dear kink evil! Sasuke-kun, whom I did not expect. The makings of Orochimaru-sama in you are very visible. now I can rightfully and legitimately compose au about a true evil couple.

    *hysteria-mode* : but now the hope that Kishimoto is just scary and Sasuke will not be the final evil is now completely insignificant (remembered the quote from the interview about - everything is angrier and angrier and the last battle of the manga - Naruto-Sasuke? here) followed by a reasonable murder.
    And instead of a positive and strong story, we will have something so terrible, bitter and meaningless. How much I don’t want such an end, I just can’t convey, I want to knock my head against the wall and sob sobbing. From now until the end - who-knows-when-it-will be - it's not reading your favorite manga, but agony in anticipation of the worst. nine0005

    Danzō walks a bit, but then falls to his knees
    Madara: "I'll be taking Shisui's eyes then"

    and Danzō's name is Shimura. Yyy( Cho somehow felt sorry for this Danzo. More precisely, all this past, Shimura-Hiruzen and in general ((
    and here: Shimura is written with the kanji for "will," "intention" (志 ) and " village" (村 ), so it could be intepreted as" he did it for the village " into the manga, the more complex Kishimoto's world is, and the world feels very voluminous and real.0005

    who is Uchiha Kagami ? Knowing the canon, as usual, fails me. and they show Akimichi Torifu. Is it like all of the flashback-command? (probably Danzō's team? plus Sarutobi-Homura-Koharu - also a team and Tobirama as a mentor?)

    upd3: I still can't calm down here.
    But, chord, remember Narutev's evil side.
    So after all, like Sasuke, no one did (or they were angry for their own - see Pain or loners like Akatsuk, who didn’t tie anyone to themselves) except ... right, Orochimaru .
    Purely Orochimaru-style - helpers, devoted people in love, whom I use for my own purposes and throw them away when I don't need them.
    So you will think about revising the canon, more precisely, the three-year plan of Zmeis. And the words of Kishimoto "but Sasuke was not inspired by the ideology ..!".
    Well, the part that was personally unfavorable to him was not inspired. But the approach ...
    in a sense, it's even cool. even in a sense strokes the shipper's fur.
    And yes, this continues the line of sannin = team 7. and Sasuke = Orochimaru. nine0005

    upd4: first part of script !
    On the cover: Homura-Koharu-Hiruhen and Torifu-Danzo-Uchiha Kagami.
    and text: Memories are ressurected, the comrades who fought over the seat of Hokage... The time of the shinobi Danzō's demise.

    *thoughtfully*. But if Karin didn’t die there, but simply lost consciousness due to injuries, and now Sasuke-Madara will take her from the battlefield and take her to heal, and Sasuke’s phrase was just an expression of contempt (?) ... but somehow it’s all not Fits in a fucking interview! nine0005

    and here are the first spoiler pictures. Danzō and Sarutobi. Friends are friends. Oh how much this story can already (((

    also this: Danzō: "Both my father and grandfather died on the battlefield as shinobi! Sacrificing oneself is a shinobi's duty...!!"
    and with Sarutobi the relationship is simple ((with this "say it!" and "Danzou's regretful thoughts: You are always one step ahead of me. .. " yy, how difficult it is for them.
    Another story when 1c stomps with 2c-calm. And that 2v gets the power.0062 Eaten by envy, so many years...
    Write, write something about Danzo, yyyyy. Somehow I got crushed on it.

    And parallel with Madara.

    upd5: script partially

    ahh!!! Tobirama !! (( yyyy(( bln ((

    "Danzō. you are always competing over something with Monkey, right... But in this place, it is necessary for you two to work together as comrades. Put your personal battles aside, hm"
    It is a fact that you were slow to decide. First you look at yourself, it is not that you are not calm in the mind but you do not know yourself. At this rate, you will endanger your comrades. In any case... Danzou... don't have to be impatient.0062 Saru... love the village and protect and bring up those who believe in you. Hand the future over to a capable person... from tomorrow onwards, you are... the Hokage...!!"

    Danzō's thoughts before his death, about Sarutobi:
    Although I came this far, I couldn't surpass you. .. You are the leaves that bask in the Sun, I, the roots within the darkness. think about me like this?0372
    and picture above.

    bliiin ((((why are all such idiots((

    upd7: a beautiful Nippon user who posted scripts and spoilers writes that he is still not exactly sure if Karin is dead. There can be two ways.
    So or maybe Sasuke-Madara can take her away or Sakura, who is nearby - can later find-save?
    ... or maybe not. now Karin has died, and we are already here on our new business. "

    upd8: same as by JOJO.

    Something absolutely terrible there.
    Here is about Karin : see

    and this.

    Then they didn't show her anymore - only the body was lying around.

    and whatever, pay attention to the bridge. there, the bridge was crushed by a seal technique, Madara-Sasuke jumped back, and Karin ..? O_O is her body there or is it already without options?
    No, stop. it should lie near the trees - on the right side, i. e. opposite where Sasuke Madara is now. nine0062 Hmm. Somehow the truth is shaping up that might be alive.

    Cover with two teams - Koharu -

    DANZO in his youth: (Khoros, Tsobago!)

    TOBIRAMA * ___ *

    SAI -SAROSARO .. OU. OU. I just can’t decide, and I think that I still fully love all the variations within the Naruto-Sakura-Sai:

    yes, and Sasuke is a very, very malevolent evil. Yes, a little gentle kind of teeth has grown ...

    upd9: about Sasuke.
    I realized what was the rub of my misunderstanding of this situation. More precisely, rejection in the style of "can it really be so?".
    blablaSasuke I liked incl. and it seemed to me that it was a correct trait of his character that although he played on the edge and put everything on the line - but that's all - there was only one chance.
    Sasuke wasn't overbearing. He always did just what was needed. You can knock out, but not kill - do it. And no emotion.
    He only did what was necessary. They attack him, he defends himself. He defends, he rightfully avenges. But without unnecessary losses. nine0005

    No. but. suddenly not a strong emotion of anger, blinding the eyes. And another thing. Calculating, quiet malice and reveling in suffering. Yes, the person who is to blame for the death of your family, and even so cynically used, etc. etc. - OK, well, this is the feeling that could not find an outlet.
    But your teammate? saving you? And why do you feel this anger towards her, this contempt, this...?
    And I can't figure out where it comes from. Why does Sasuke, who has always had clear standards, suddenly not have them. Suddenly, not just even cold, as if he forbade himself to feel - as in the scene with the samurai and the Kage summit in general - there was no other way out. nine0062 No - he enjoys his wickedness, as if he were Orochimaru himself and from the same line of people.
    This is no longer a noble avenger, this is not a man of purpose and principles, this is something very different.

    And now you cannot understand at what stage the author made the substitution.

    upd10: but if the author once again manipulates and he has a swing and everything will turn out in a completely different light - oh chord
    Like - hysteria, my good ones? Worried that the character does not fit? Well, because bugagashenki! Bought! nine0062 Itachi was exactly the same.

    .... and with t.z. banal logic - Karin is alive. They threw her aside - she said something else when she hit the ground, they left her exactly in a safe place where the bridge explosion did not catch her ...
    For the first time, I think that it is better not to read the interview and not spoil your pleasure with spoilers. D

    upd11: English chapter - online!
    What about the golden rule of scanlate - don't use Jojo's scanlate?
    Updated the scans in the post, so you can judge the quality of the scanlate yourself. nine0005

    And I'm very happy with the western fandom that appreciated Danzō's ambiguity and that fear in battle when he was young, etc.
    Because yes, because despite the author's misunderstanding regarding Sasuke-Karin, Danzō's line seems to be very correct.

    upd12: decent scanlate from Sleepifans - download and read online . The translation is really very artistic.
    Scans updated again. %)

    And yes, the most powerful moment of the chapter:

    at the moment of death, thinking about a rival friend. Yyy. Kishimoto, well, this is such a boyan move about this "yin-yang", so you fell in love with him already, but still touches him ((

    NEW! Latest spoilers: 482-...

    - audio drama with 7C team DVD- Kakashi gaiden audio drama came out. About Kakashi + team 7. Download here.

    Sasuke-kuuun!!1 Lord, I don't know what the subject is about, but there he is put in idiotic positions. Yyy how I love audio dramas for this! (Kanda also always suffered in them)
    Particularly hilarious in the second, because there is something about Icha-icha. And crying Kakashi - yy! nine0005

    after all, their seiyuu are so perfect

    - blah blah about Itachi and the crow in Naruto This is not for the current chapters, yes, just too lazy to start a new post.
    And this is probably a boyan, but somehow I did not come across such considerations.

    I'm thinking - what if that crow that Itachi put in Naruto is akin to Orochimaru chips?
    i.e. this is not some kind of combat skill, this is precisely a part of the consciousness of Itachi himself, and at a convenient moment the crow will come out, turn into Itachi and Sasuke will see it again, explain to his brother? nine0062 At least for me it would be a very desirable option - with the so-called. emotions and beautiful shots mainly.

    - While walking on narutofan, I came across Myers-Briggs typing - a foreign analogue of our socionics.

    Learn more