How low can you go dancers

%22how Low Can You Go%3f%22 Dance - Crossword Clue Answers

The crossword clue 'How low can you go?' dance with 5 letters was last seen on the March 06, 2020. We think the likely answer to this clue is LIMBO. Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank. You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer.

Rank Word Clue
90% LIMBO 'How low can you go?' dance
82% IMAGINETHAT "Can you believe it?!"
82% AREWEDONE 'Can I go now?'
82% VOILA "You can clap now!"
78% BOPIT Hasbro toy you can hit
78% SELFIE Shot only you can take
78% WINDOW You can see through it
78% ASAP “Go, go, go!”
78% OFNOD See 22
78% MOO Low
78% YES "Can I help you?"
78% STOOPTO Go as low as
78% NADIR How low you can go
74% TIME See 22 Across
74% UPONA See 22 Across
74% GAULLE See 22 Down
74% AXE Can
74% PAGER "We can seat you now" gadget
74% NAIL Something you can hammer or paint
74% SUSHIBARS Restaurants you can go to for your own sake

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We found 1 solutions for %22how Low Can You Go%3f%22 Dance.The top solutions is determined by popularity, ratings and frequency of searches. The most likely answer for the clue is LIMBO.

With you will find 4 solutions. We use historic puzzles to find the best matches for your question. We add many new clues on a daily basis.

With our crossword solver search engine you have access to over 7 million clues. You can narrow down the possible answers by specifying the number of letters it contains. We found more than 20 answers for %22how Low Can You Go%3f%22 Dance.

How Low Can You Go?


Have You Ever Wondered...

  • How low can you go?
  • Where was limbo invented?
  • Who holds the world record for limbo dancing?

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Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Abby. Abby Wonders, “Why are persons flexible?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Abby!

Do you like to dance? Have you ever shimmied under a pole to test out how limber you are? Whether it was at a wedding reception or an end-of-school party, you've probably done the limbo at some time in the past.

With music blaring and shouts of "How low can you go?" echoing from the line of dancers, one person after another approaches the limbo pole and slowly bends backwards as they try to maneuver under the pole without touching it.

If you touch the pole, of course, you're out. Only those who successfully snake underneath the pole get to go to the end of the line to test their skills for another round. The task gets more difficult, though. At the beginning of each new round, the pole gets lowered another notch.

Eventually, the pole is so low that only one person can wiggle underneath it. That person is the winner and the game can start all over again!

Although the limbo is a fun party dance today, its origins are quite the opposite. Limbo got its start as a traditional dance contest on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Rather than parties, though, the limbo was performed at funerals, wakes, and other somber occasions.

The limbo got its start among African slaves who were transported to the Caribbean on crowded ships. Historians believe the dance symbolizes how slaves would have to squeeze through tight spaces in the slave ships to find their friends and family members.

Eventually, the limbo made its way into the mainstream. Dance pioneer Julia Edwards, known as "the First Lady of Limbo," paired the dance with upbeat calypso music during the 1950s and introduced it to an international audience through films and worldwide tours.

Many others helped to popularize the limbo during the 1950s and 1960s. For example, Chubby Checker's hit song "Limbo Rock" gave us the phrase "How low can you go?"

If you're WONDERing how low someone can go while doing the limbo, the answer is 8.5 inches off the floor. That's the Guinness World Record for limbo dancing set in 2010 by Shemika Campbell.

If you're having trouble visualizing how low that is, imagine this: Shemika Campbell can limbo underneath a car. With six hours of practice each day and weekly visits to the chiropractor, she's able to limbo all the way under an SUV with about 8.5 inches of ground clearance!

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Try It Out

Are you ready to limbo? Grab a few friends or family members and see how low you can go when you check out the following activities:

  • So how low can you go? Find out! If you have music and a pole, you're good to go. If you need some help getting started, jump online to check out How To Limbo Dance. Be sure to invite plenty of friends and family members to join you!
  • Could limbo dancing improve your health? Maybe! Read through Go Low: Know the Benefits of Limbo Dancing online. The next time you need some exercise, try limbo dancing instead!
  • If you were to have a party, what other dances might you do in addition to the limbo? Think about the songs and dances that are popular today. How do they compare to the limbo? Ask older friends and family members about the dances that were popular when they were young. Have them teach you a few. Have fun!

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  • pole
  • party
  • notch
  • limber
  • origins
  • wiggle
  • blaring
  • somber
  • echoing
  • squeeze
  • crowded
  • shimmied
  • reception
  • maneuver
  • backwards
  • successfully
  • mainstream
  • approaches

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How to Dance the Chicken - Dance Instruction

How to Dance the Chicken - Dance Instruction

Chicken dance is popular in weddings, parties and any other large gatherings. It's easy and fun to learn. As long as you're having a good time, that's the most important thing. Use these step by step instructions to learn the moves and then practice with the tutorial video so you can become a Chicken Dance master.

Chicken Dance Steps

The first part of the Chicken Dance is repeated in threes until you have made four handclaps at the end of the section.

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Part One: Chicken

First, stand with your feet together. Stretch your arms to the sides at shoulder level, elbows bent at a right angle, hands at ear level. Squeeze your fingers together so you can open and close them like a chicken's beak. Now you are ready to dance!

  • Make the chicken's beak quickly open and close three times (count one, count two, count three). It will be good with music
  • Stick your thumbs in your armpits, pretend to hold on to the stocking straps, or clench your fists and hold them in front of your shoulders, elbows out to the side. Flap your elbows (chicken wings) three times (count one, count two, count three). Same with music
  • Leave your arms in a wing position and swing your hips to the right, left, right (right one, left two, right three), dropping your knees to the ground. It's like a crunch and you can go as low as you want, but most people stop when their knees are at about a 45 degree angle. No need to take a protractor, just do what is comfortable for you. You can also move your heels by moving your hip, right, left, right, if you like. For some, this comes naturally.
  • Stand up straight quickly and clap four times (count one, count two, count three, count four). There is that tricky four that you have been warned about.

Hand movements can also be performed in a seated position so that everyone can participate in the action.

Repeat this sequence four times. Then we move on to the polka dance.

Part two: polka

There are 32 counts in the polka. The easiest way is to count in four sets of eight. Or just keep moving until the chicken part starts again. There are many ways to perform the polka, but here are the most popular variations of this dance.

  • Grab someone with your elbows and jump in a circle, changing direction every eight counts, although some like to stay in the same direction all the time.
  • You can hook your partner's elbows for eight counts and then switch to another partner for eight counts. Keep switching places until the chicken part of the dance starts again.
  • A large group can hold hands and jump in one direction for eight or 16 counts before changing direction (great for small children or people with less mobility).
  • You can skip it on your own, either in a group or in your own small circle.
  • You can clap your hands and stomp your feet while watching everyone spin around.

After count 32, return to the starting position and start again with the chicken.

Make a chicken

This dance is great fun and anyone can do it, which is the main reason why it is so popular. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, moms and dads, and kids of all ages enjoy the Chicken Dance. Don't be surprised when you see people laughing, swaying and moving like crazy. Again, this is the best part. Just beware of wild elbows!

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    Love will overcome everything

    Natalia Varskaya

    - Do you think he will marry or not?
    - Of course not! He is a famous rake.
    - Oh, how this color does not suit her!
    - Proud of yourself, you think - a princess!

    Envious always, in all ages
    There was a place to be, as they say.
    A couple is dancing, and from the corner
    Someone is angry with this couple.

    This pink outfit is beautiful,
    The movements of the dancers are airy.
    And they whisper about them, and they say,
    And everyone in the hall is not indifferent.

    She is like a young bud of roses,
    And arches her neck like a swan.
    He looks a bit like a horse.
    And I want to hope and believe,

    That they will be very happy,
    That the evil eye will not touch their happiness.
    Envy has been and will always be,
    Love will always overcome everything.

    For a new job

    Natalia Kozlova

    Finish my verse and chorus
    On this stage without a trace.
    Who clap their hands - curtsey,
    Who cares... it's all right!

    And I'll fly like a free bird,
    Yes, to the sun, to new horizons.
    Backpack travel experience nabyu,
    And I will drown sadness in a deep pond.

    And everything will be like in a fairy tale ahead,
    And the past was beautiful.
    And what's worrying is somewhere in the chest,
    So we'll fix it tomorrow.

    About harmony

    Nikolai Budaev

    Never allow yourself too much, whether it be drinking or relationships with women.

    Always try to grasp the meager need of your soul and desire. Only in this lies harmony.

    And how embarrassing it can be, somehow uncomfortable when there is no such harmony, when you are not in harmony with your mind and body.

    In such cases, one wants to speak out, share, ask for advice.

    Although, who will listen to these revelations? Yes, and who needs them?

    After all, it's easier to withdraw into oneself again, stirring up inner feelings and being afraid to step on the same rake.

    And so you want to be liberated, to plunge into another world where everything is allowed, where the most secret secrets become within reach.

    Where boundaries are erased and obsolete, and where harmony is just a rudiment.

    How nice it is to be human

    Nikolai Budaev

    How nice to feel like a Human!

    To feel someone's care, attention, even from complete strangers. Wings grow from this.

    In response, I would like to give a whole world that was hiding in you and hiding for the time being, for the time being. After all, you didn’t let anyone in there, fearing to violate the kingdom of peace and solitude.

    But now it's different. I would like to show the harmony that has accumulated over so many years, which has been waiting for its moment and dreaming of breaking out.

    And this Hour has come.

    Only now I understand how beautiful is what surrounds me: and this snow that falls in a white fringe on trees and houses; and the sounds of cars hurrying along the broken road; and even the barking of lonely dogs that whine furiously from boredom and cold.

    I enjoy this beauty with bated breath and understand that this is everything for me, that this is my purpose - to enjoy life and be a Human!


    Nikolai Budaev

    Sometimes there is sadness in the soul, as if cats are scratching. I want to go somewhere so that no one interferes.

    And now I'm looking at the falling snow, which lies lonely under my feet, at the lanterns that shine dimly in the darkness of the night and something disturbs all this color, makes me think God knows what. Ah, these thoughts... They carry me somewhere far away, to other worlds, where there is only bliss and peace. I want to control them, I want to subordinate them to my will and even my weakness. I secretly envy those people who can do it and I know that they are.

    How fast time flies. Yesterday you were still a child, and now you are a wise old man and you generously share the secrets of life with people without expecting anything in return.

    Perhaps this is experience. It is neither drunk nor lost. He stays in you. For a long time, forever. And this is called wisdom.


    Nikolai Budaev

    I have always wanted to fly. Just like birds do: and feel the very bliss of flight, and soar, soar above the Earth, forgetting for a moment about all your affairs and worries.

    Over the years, I realized that the dream did not disappear anywhere, it only acquired different colors, different sensations, taking from its former boyhood only the joy of free soaring and insane excitement.

    Some kind of prudence has been added, bordering on inner harmony.

    I now feel responsible: for myself, for the sky that gave me all this buzz, for the people who peacefully doze in the cabin of the aircraft.

    Oh, how I want to say it out loud! But I can not. Because it's not supposed to. Because I am a pilot.

    First dance

    Nikolai Budaev

    It was a long time ago, 40 years ago.

    One day I went to a dance with some friends.

    At that time, every Sunday there was such an event at the local club. Putting on new shoes and a shirt, the guys and I went to have fun...

    Arriving at the place, the first thing we started to look at were the dancers... There were a lot of steam.

    There were young people we both knew and didn't know. Everyone was whispering something to each other.

    - Young man! Would you treat a lady to a cigarette? - Said very loudly, suddenly appearing from somewhere blond girl.

    - I don't smoke! I answered uncertainly.

    - Well, then at least invite Nyurka to a dance, - the young lady mumbled with irony, - otherwise she comes a second time and all without a gentleman ... - immediately points to the far corner of the site, where a nondescript, fragile girl stands lonely, almost a child, with a beautiful plait almost to the very waist.

    – By the way, my name is Toma.

    I grunted something in response and she dragged me to the edge of the playground.

    Coming closer, I saw a frightened person,

    who, out of embarrassment, wanted to hide behind a huge flower bed, or even worse, jump over a wooden fence.

    – Meet us! This is Nyura, my friend.

    “Kolyan…” I muttered in a hoarse voice, blushing.

    “Very nice,” the girl whispered, also blushing with embarrassment.

    “Go and dance,” Tamara said resolutely and disappeared into the crowd of dancers.

    Taking a small, almost childish hand in my strong hands, hot with excitement, I slowly led the girl to the center of the dance floor.

    “But I don’t know how to dance,” said Nyura, grief-stricken with excitement.

    – Yes, me too, – I answered, still shy. – Can we try?

    “Yeah,” the girl murmured and took her first step.

    The music played as touchingly and tenderly as ever. For a moment it seemed that everything around was frozen: and the couples that were circling nearby; and loudspeakers that were piled up like bird nests on the walls of the playground...

    – Well, what until tomorrow? I asked after the first dance in my life.

    Nyura silently nodded in response and, still embarrassed, quickly disappeared into the summer space of the enchanting night. I didn't even have time to offer myself as an escort...

    - Yes! I thought with delight. And a tender, surprisingly pleasant languor spread over the soul. I wanted to wait until tomorrow evening.


    Nikolay Budaev

    White-trunked birches,
    I was inspired by a wonderful motive.
    Where there are a little naive dreams,
    They bring positive to the whole heart!

    Leaves whisper involuntary lines,
    About love, serene soul.
    Where are my origins lost,
    In what house, what courage?

    Calling everyone cordially,
    Our meek time will captivate.
    Caressing the skin with the free wind,
    Again they talk about the meeting again!

    Guests from outer space

    Natalia Varskaya

    Kolyan and Tolyan were fiddling with a chainsaw in the yard - it broke, infection! Well, do not chop wood with an ax, tea is not the last century. The weather was clear and although it was getting dark, it was quite light. We decided to have a smoke, went out the gate, sat down on a bench. It suddenly got dark. Both men simultaneously looked at the sky, but they did not see it: instead of the sky, a strange, huge ball hovered over their heads. Friends looked at each other, as if asking:

    - Do you see it too? Both saw the ball, and they hardly drank, a couple of mugs of beer cannot be considered drinking.

    - Well, wait! It's a flying saucer! Only it is not a plate, but a ball! - Tolyan said meaningfully

    - Well, the ball, so the ball. Look, he sank quite low, there, as if a rope was hanging from him, only, it seems, not a rope, but a metal cable. Look! Two people are crawling on it! Kolyan screamed.

    Messengers from a planet without a name were moving along the lift, as the earthlings had not discovered it, and therefore could not name it. But for the inhabitants of this planet, it had a name that, unfortunately, was untranslatable into the language of earthlings. The names of the envoys were K and T. Their civilization had been observing the Earth for a long time, studying it, making visits, but it was the first contact with earthlings. K and T studied Russian for a long time, since the Russian outback was chosen for the first contact.

    Kolyan and Tolyan were not in the least afraid, because during delirium tremens they had never seen anything like that. They walked towards the guests. The guests looked quite acceptable: like in films about aliens, nothing new.

    - What kind of people, but without protection! - they greeted in unison, calling the aliens people - and how else to call a creature with a head and two legs, but in such brilliant costumes?

    - Hello, earthlings! We don’t need protection, we didn’t fly to enemies, - answered K and T.

    - Stay tuned! - said Kolyan, which led the guests into a kind of stupor. Be - understandable, here - too, this is the same as taking. But how to combine it?!

    - Why are you frozen like fish on ice? - Tolyan had fun.

    - We are not fish, we are from the Cosmos. There is ice on our planet.

    - Why are we all standing, let's go celebrate the arrival, no one has canceled the laws of hospitality, - Tolyan fussed, anticipating a good feast.

    - And what, could they have canceled? Your government, apparently, issues laws in all areas of life.

    Kolyan and Tolyan looked at each other and whispered to each other:

    - Some strange guests, probably they don’t understand our language well, or maybe we speak in the old fashioned way. Let's do youth, like our tribes from the city.

    - We are unrealistically glad to see you! Kolyan told the guests.

    - So you are not happy? - K and T were surprised, - why is it not real?

    - Okay, let's go! - Kolyan got nervous, but the guests did not understand him: - Are we going, are we still standing still?

    Kolyan and Tolyan realized that they urgently needed a drink and the whole company went to Tolyan's house, in whose yard the friends were repairing a chainsaw. Tolyan's wife, Stasya, ran out to meet them. The sight of the guests didn’t surprise her in the slightest – just anyone her husband brought into the house: both homeless people and foreigners.

    They sat down at the table, began to drink and eat.

    T and K knew about this tradition of earthlings, and a special chip was introduced into their bodies to prevent intoxication, so that they drank on a par with the owners.

    Stasya was drawn to talk about love:

    – Here, on your planet, are men responsible for those they have tamed?

    - We do not have tame women, we have equality and no one tames people.

    - This makes you think, - said Oksana, and T and K decided that there is an invisible management company on Earth that makes people think, and this company will need to be discovered and studied.

    Tolyan raised a toast to the guests and said:

    - For friendship, for your planet! It looks like you are advanced!

    - Thank you, but about advanced - this is not. On our planet, no one moves the population, no one moves, everyone moves independently.

    - Yes, I see you guys are specific! - Tolyan complimented the guests, but questions about specificity rained down and Stasya decided to turn the conversation to ordinary, understandable topics: - Does your population get up early or do they like to sleep?

    “We wake up when we have had enough sleep,” the guests answered.

    - You can sleep through everything! Who gets up early, God gives him.

    - We also have a God, but he does not govern such trifles, when someone gets up and does not give anything, he is in charge of high matters.

    Learn more