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New Ultra Lights

Our Most Flexible Hard Shoe


No breaking in time


Up on your toes right from the box

Our Ultra Light range was recently launched at the 2014 American Irish Dancing Championships in Montreal, Canada. This is the lightest of all our shoes, designed for dancers who do not want to have to break in new shoes enabling toe stands from time of purchase. Although lightweight in nature, the Ultra Lights will not overstretch and come with the durability expected from Fays Quality Irish Dancing Shoes.

The latest advances and addition to our quality shoe range. The Ultra Lights are the lightest of all our shoes, designed for dancers who do not want to have to break in new shoes. The heel stiffeners have been reduced to avoid blisters. The Ultra Lights are also made from more lightweight and flexible materials enabling toe stands from time of purchase. Ultra Lights come with Hi-tech heels for that extra sharp sound.

We recommend ordering the Ultra Lights a half size smaller than your regular shoes size for a tighter fitting.

Hand Crafted In Dublin Ireland

Phone 914-662-1220, Fax 914-662-1224, Email: [email protected]

     20 North Bleeker Street , Mount Vernon , New York , 10550

Formed in 1980 by Dan Fay (who had been making shoes for nearly 55 years previously), we believe in creating the highest quality Irish Dancing footwear. To achieve this, all our shoes are handmade by craftsmen in our own workshop in Dorset Street, Dublin Ireland. They have been worn by many a champion and we supply our shoes worldwide to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Canada, United States of America and throughout the rest of the world.

From years of experience in manufacture of quality Irish Dance Footwear, our shoe range are customized to maximize your potential, provide durability, with varying degrees of support and flexibility required allowing you to concentrate on your dancing. Furthermore all our hard shoes are made entirely with 100% calf leather. This soft supple leather gives the shoes terrific flexibility, an essential factor for Irish Dancing and puts our shoes at a unique advantage. Other standard features on all our hard shoes include the flattened toe for support and balance when performing toe-stands, click heels for increased sound and tone during heel clicks, reinforced high density heels or high-tech heels for terrific sharp sound and durability, and our specially formulated Hi - Tech tip with many years of improvement and fine-tuning delivering an excellent sharp sound, yet very tough and durable.

In Ireland we manufacture many shoe styles to suit all levels, including the original Fays Original Flexi leather sole with increased support for the feet through the leather sole. For intermediate and advanced dancers, we recommendFays Ultra Flexi black suede providing maximum flexibility and shortest breaking in time. The Ultra Flexiis our most popular choice among the champion dancers. We now have our Ultra Lights which provide even more flexibility and ready to dance straight out of the box.

Eamon Fay is our supplier in Ireland/ UK, For more information please visit:

I just want to dance! We talk about dance schools in Chelyabinsk


November 27, 2018

Olesya Cherepova

In Chelyabinsk, there is a huge selection of dance schools where everyone of all ages and different degrees of physical fitness can enroll. From the variety of genres, eyes run wide: tango, bachata, ballroom and folk, Irish and even exotic pole dances! The Chelyabinsk Review will tell you about the most interesting options.

Passion and energy

Anyone who has watched the film "Scent of a Woman" with the unsurpassed Al Pacino will remember the episode when the blind protagonist dances the tango with a dazzling beauty with ease and incredible skill. Tango is a dance unique in its versatility, which combines amazing clarity of movement, some restraint and at the same time passion and frivolity.

“Tango is a social dance that is used for communication,” says Tatyana Sherstobitova, leader and teacher of the Tango V&T Argentine tango school. “It’s also a great way to spend your leisure time. Unfortunately, in today's world we spend a lot of time sitting at computers. But live human communication has become scarce, but thanks to tango, a person makes new friends.”

Tango combines restraint and passion.

official group "Tango V&T" "VKontakte"

Anyone between the ages of 16 and 75 can try their hand at tango. Study groups are formed not by age, but by level of training, so that everyone can be on an equal footing with everyone else and feel comfortable. At the beginning of the lesson, a 10-minute warm-up is held, dedicated to the technique of performance, individual elements of the dance or the ability to feel the rhythm and move correctly to the music. Then the lesson itself takes place, in which the partners learn to move correctly and trust each other. By the way, if you dream of learning to dance tango with your significant other, we are in a hurry to disappoint you: in the process of learning, you will not have a permanent dancing partner. So, in one lesson, a student can have time to dance with several people. It was made on purpose.

“The fact is that when a person dances in tandem with a relative, he forgives him a lot, makes less effort - in this case, the emphasis is not on the quality of the dance, but simply on a pleasant pastime. This will not work with strangers: the student tries not to hit the dirt in front of a stranger, ”Tatyana explains.

Traditional dance evenings, milongas, are held on Sundays. All the students of the school gather at them to dance in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, but the main thing is to communicate. Milongas are held in an open format: anyone can come to this evening to watch people dance tango. The student needs about two months to develop a level of preparation sufficient for attending. But, of course, everything here is individual and depends on the desire of the person himself. In addition, it is more difficult for men to dance tango than for women: at least initial physical preparation is necessary.

“Tango brings up certain leadership qualities in a man,” explains Tatyana Sherstobitova. — In the process of learning, they learn to make decisions quickly and take responsibility. After all, it is the man who is the leader in this dance, and there must be maximum trust between the partners in order for the dance to turn out beautiful and spectacular.”

And if in regular classes students can train in comfortable jeans and T-shirts, then for dance evenings you need to choose appropriate costumes. Men dance in classic trousers and beautiful shirts, women in evening dresses, the back of which should be longer than the front. Comfortable shoes are also needed: mature women will suit low-heeled shoes, young girls can choose higher heels.

According to Tatyana, tango is definitely not for lazy people, because it is a very difficult sport. The tango will also be harder for people who are "squeezed", closed in themselves. There are no medical contraindications as such, but you should definitely consult with your doctor if you can practice this type of dance. But even here there are exceptions, Tatyana believes.

“For several years now, a girl with a mild form of cerebral palsy has been visiting us. We conduct individual lessons for her with an instructor. The student herself says that tango classes help her a lot in everyday life.”

Tribute to traditions

You can plunge into your native culture, learn how our ancestors lived, dance and sing to the accompaniment of live folk instruments at the school of Russian music and dance. This is not an ordinary school; it places a great emphasis on folklore. Visitors learn not only to dance, but also to play musical instruments, and also learn traditional Russian culture. Here they dance quadrille, everyday dances, polka; they play the harp and the balalaika. In addition, once a month social evenings are held at the school, where students dance to the accompaniment of folk instruments and communicate with each other.

At dance parties, students dance in Russian folk costumes.

official group of the school of Russian music and dance "Tradition" "VKontakte"

Anyone between the ages of 16 and 60 can learn folk dances, even without any initial training. However, it will be more difficult for those who already have some kind of dance experience: they will have to relearn. In folk dances, as in tango, men develop self-confidence, the ability to make quick decisions and take responsibility. After all, it is in Russian folk dances that the traditional system of gender interaction is very clearly expressed: men play a leading role in dance, as in life.

For regular classes, simple and comfortable clothes and shoes will do, but for dance evenings, students may choose to wear Russian folk costumes. By the way, several students of the "Tradition" school sew them on their own. Girls put on beautiful sundresses - thanks to this clothes, dancers feel not only comfortable, but also more feminine. Also, students need beautiful low-heeled shoes. With their help, you can beat out a sonorous rhythm. In turn, men wear traditional shirts, ports, belts and boots. It is boots, by the way, that make a man's step confident and clear.

If we talk about the benefits of folk dancing for a person, then this is an excellent cardio load that improves the condition of the whole body and keeps muscles in good shape. However, people with a poorly developed vestibular apparatus should be careful: during dances, they will have to perform many figures based on constant rotation. But you should not worry: thanks to regular training, the vestibular apparatus can become stronger. In addition, it is not recommended to engage in these dances for people who have heart problems and suffer from high blood pressure.

One of a kind

If you want to try something more complex, but no less interesting, we advise you to pay attention to Irish sports dancing. These exercises develop a sense of rhythm in a person, coordination of movements, make him stronger and more resilient - this is an excellent cardio load. In addition, the muscles of the arms, back and legs develop perfectly, correct posture and a beautiful gait are developed. In addition, these dances have an undeniable benefit for the psychological state of a person.

“Irish dancing is a very positive sport,” explains Natalia Suntsova, teacher at The Carey Academy Irish dance school. “After classes, our students come out inspired, joyful, and, paradoxically, rested. During training, they switch their attention from everyday problems and relax as much as possible.

Irish dancing is open to anyone between the ages of three and 50. Groups are formed exclusively according to the level of preparation of students; There are also special classes for young children. There, kids are taught the basics of dance: they develop coordination of movements, a sense of rhythm, fine motor skills, they teach the simplest dance elements.

“At the very beginning, people learn to dance solo Irish dances, and only after their level of training becomes appropriate, they will be able to perform in a team,” says Natalia. “In addition, we teach all types of Irish dances at once: dancing in soft shoes without heels and dancing in hard shoes with heels. In the first case, soft, flying and high jumps form the basis, and in the second case, the sonorous, rhythmic and clear sound of heels.

Irish dance school students often go to national and international competitions.

official group "The Carey Academy" "VKontakte"

When students reach a certain level of development, they can participate in various competitions at the All-Russian and international levels. Especially often, students travel to Yekaterinburg, where judges from Ireland and England act as a jury.

At the lessons, students wear the usual sportswear - T-shirts and shorts, but special shoes are immediately needed - leather ballet flats with laces and leather shoes with heels for Irish dances. For performances and competitions, girls need beautiful stage dresses, while men need trousers, shirts and vests. Once every two months, the school hosts kaylee parties - another format of social gatherings where students are going to not only dance, but also chat. Anyone can also come to this party: just to watch or try their hand.

The material was published as part of the "Where to go in Chelyabinsk" project, where we talk about interesting places in the city. The editors of the Chelyabinsk Review do not have commercial relations with the persons and organizations indicated in the text.

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Komsomolskaya Pravda found out why Petersburgers fell in love with Irish dances

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Society: Tested

Elena Livsi

March 21, 2016 15:00

They are not only beautiful, but also useful

photos: Page Three Hand Band "

Irish dancing appeared in the homeland of St. Patrick. But the Petersburgers felt in them something native, close in spirit.

Swift shoes

The legs of the girls from the trio "Three hand band" just flash. Write out patterns that look like a mysterious Celtic ornament. The back is perfectly straight, as in ballet. Impressive strict, restrained, clear beauty and inner energy.

- It seems to me that Irish dances are very in the spirit of St. Petersburg, - says dancer, founder of the "Three hand band" group Maria Kuzmina. - On the one hand, this is restraint, on the other - grace. Petersburg is an elegant and austere city at the same time. And also northern, so we and the Irish have common features. This is probably why there was an interest in Irish dancing.

In Ireland there is a concept of step dance, and it includes dancing in both soft and hard heeled shoes. There is also a special plate on the sole under the fingers, the dancer, quickly stepping from heel to toe, weaves the step into the rhythm of the music.

- In many cultures there are dances with elements of tap or tap dancing, says Maria Kuzmina. - Irish step is unusual in that it is performed only on crossed legs, which change their position every second. The knees have to be kept together. This looks unusual.

The Irish dance is performed with absolutely immobile body and arms along the body. So once the priests prescribed that men and women should not touch each other. So I had to make sophisticated knees only with my feet. Over the centuries, the art of Irish dancing has been polished to perfection.

Three hand band dancers' legs seem to be devoid of bones, so they bend in the rhythm of the dance. Girls change the position of their legs several times in a second, bewitching with clear synchronous movements.

Photo: page of the Three hand band team "in contact"

Fanned by mystery

The trio "Three hand band" is well known to Petersburgers who are fond of Irish culture, Celtic epic or just folklore. Girls perform at events, corporate parties, weddings.

- Irish dances reflect ancient legends and legends about fairies, knights and various magical things, - the dancer smiles. “It’s like we’re telling people fairy tales. People always like magic, secrets, riddles. And Irish dances are simply fanned by them.

The trio "Three hand band" dance all kinds of Irish dances. But aerobatics, of course, is dancing in hard shoes.

The synchronicity of the dancers is amazing. This is one of the main highlights of Irish dancing: fast and the same. Every move

is practiced repeatedly, like musicians in a well-coordinated orchestra. The combination of severity, restraint - movements mainly with the legs, a flat back - and energy also attracts.

Girls dance very energetically and dynamically. As if you find yourself in a fairy tale and witchcraft.

Photo: page of the Three hand band team "in contact"

Dreams come true

Maria Kuzmina from childhood was fond of choreography, now one type of dance, then another. In the last classes of the school she was engaged in ancient court dances. Once I saw on TV an excerpt from the performance of some Irish band. And "Celtic ornaments" sunk into the soul.

- It was very impressive and exciting, says Maria. -

And I decided to try it myself. Moreover, the circle of Irish dances turned out to be in the same club where I went to practice.

The girl did not yet know that this passion would affect her entire future life. After school, she graduated from the Polytechnic University, worked for some time in her specialty. But she didn't stop dancing.

And then, nevertheless, she decided to get a second education, entered the College of Arts, became a professional dancer and teacher, winner of many competitions. Together with like-minded people, she founded a team. The current one is not the first, for some time the career was interrupted by the birth of two charming daughters. But the dancer each time easily returns to the profession and gains fame. The energy of dancing helps both the dancers themselves and their audience.

Photo: Three hand band "in contact" page

Spleen will pass

It seems that a mere mortal will never master the "Celtic patterns" that are written out by the legs. But Maria unexpectedly says:

You can start at any age! And the result will be. She teaches at the Sparta youth club, which is also already well known in the city.

- Of course, the sooner they start training, the better, - explains Maria Kuzmina. - Ideally from 4 to 7 years old, at this age progress is rapid. But it's never too late. I had a student in her forties. And it has gone very far. Participated in competitions and received medals. She had a very strong desire to practice.

But you can not strive for medals, but just have fun and master the light version.

- Since the foot works correctly in Irish dances, the flat feet of schoolchildren decreased, says Maria. – And also

This is a good prevention of scoliosis for children, they learn to hold their back very evenly and acquire an excellent posture.

Well, the spleen during Irish dancing will definitely pass!

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