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Lieutenant John Dunbar, assigned to a remote western Civil War outpost, befriends wolves and Native Americans, making him an intolerable aberration in the military.Lieutenant John Dunbar, assigned to a remote western Civil War outpost, befriends wolves and Native Americans, making him an intolerable aberration in the military. Lieutenant John Dunbar, assigned to a remote western Civil War outpost, befriends wolves and Native Americans, making him an intolerable aberration in the military.






    • Kevin Costner
    • Michael Blake(screenplay by)
  • Stars
    • Kevin Costner
    • Mary McDonnell
    • Graham Greene
    • Kevin Costner
    • Michael Blake(screenplay by)
  • Stars
    • Kevin Costner
    • Mary McDonnell
    • Graham Greene
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    • 577User reviews
    • 94Critic reviews
    • 72Metascore
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    • Won 7 Oscars
      • 51 wins & 38 nominations total


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    Top cast

    Kevin Costner

    • Lieutenant Dunbar

    Mary McDonnell

    • Stands With A Fist

    Graham Greene

    • Kicking Bird

    Rodney A. Grant

    • Wind In His Hair

    Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman

    • Ten Bears
    • (as Floyd Red Crow Westerman)

    Tantoo Cardinal

    • Black Shawl

    Robert Pastorelli

    • Timmons

    Charles Rocket

    • Lieutenant Elgin

    Maury Chaykin

    • Major Fambrough

    Jimmy Herman

    • Stone Calf

    Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse

    • Smiles A Lot

    Michael Spears

    Jason R. Lone Hill

    Tony Pierce

    • Spivey

    Doris Leader Charge

    • Pretty Shield

    Tom Everett

    • Sergeant Pepper

    Larry Joshua

    • Sergeant Bauer

    Kirk Baltz

    • Edwards
      • Kevin Costner
      • Michael Blake(screenplay by) (based on his novel)
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    Did you know

    • Alternate versions

      The 236-minute "extended version" or "Director's Cut" has been released on home video, altering the movie as such:

      • 38 x new scene
      • 15 x extended scene
      • 12 x alternative footage
      • 5 x alternative text
      • 1 x new text
      • 3 x postponed scene
      • 3 x altered arrangement of scenes
      • 3 x shortened scene.

      There is also a 233-minute version which cuts out the 3 minute Intermission at around 133 min featuring John Barry music.

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      Featured in At the Movies: Jacob's Ladder/Waiting for the Light/Tune in Tomorrow.../Vincent & Theo (1990)

    User reviews577


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    Hard to believe

    It's hard for me to believe this movie is not in the top 250 on IMBD all time list. Without question my favorite movie. We live in a strange world when Pulp Fiction ranks #18, and Dances with Wolves just misses the top 250. Maybe people thought the movie was too long. I thought it was too short if anything. I wish they would have gone on forever. What an incredible story. The way Costner continued to get closer and closer to the Indians way masterfuly done.



    • You-Dont-Know-Me
    • Nov 27, 2003

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    • Is this based on any real facts? Did any European person live with natives as one of them?

    • Is it true that around that time the Sioux tribe was finished? Are the buffalo extinct?

    • Why did Major Fambrough act so strangely?


    • Release date
      • November 21, 1990 (United States)
      • United States
      • United Kingdom
      • Official Facebook
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      • English
      • Sioux
      • Pawnee
    • Also known as
      • Khiêu Vũ Với Bầy Sói
    • Filming locations
      • Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA
    • Production companies
      • Tig Productions
      • Majestic Films International
      • Allied Filmmakers
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    Box office

      • $22,000,000 (estimated)
      • $184,208,848
      • $598,257
      • Nov 11, 1990
      • $424,208,848
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    Technical specs

    • 3 hours 1 minute

      • 2. 39 : 1

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    'Dances With Wolves'--the Really Long Version : Movies: A four-hour cut of the film opens in London. It features 52 minutes of footage that did not appear in the original release. The extra scenes help spell out the film's themes more clearly.



    LONDON — 

    For those of you who thought that, at 181 minutes, this year’s runaway Oscar winner “Dances With Wolves” wasn’t quite long enough . . . here’s the good news.

    A four-hour cut of the movie, titled “Dances With Wolves--The Special Edition” has opened in one West End theater here. It features 52 minutes of footage that did not appear in the originally released movie.

    But why? That is a question addressed in a letter to British film reviewers by the film’s director and star Kevin Costner, and producer Jim Wilson. “Why add another hour to a film which by most standards pushes the time limit of conventional movie making?”

    There were two main reasons, according to a statement from Costner and Wilson: “The 52 additional minutes that represent this ‘new’ version were difficult to cut in the first place, and . . . the opportunity to introduce them to an audience is compelling.

    “We have received countless letters from people worldwide asking when or if a sequel would be made, so it seemed like a logical step to enhance our film with existing footage . . . making an extended version is by no means to imply that the original ‘Dances With Wolves’ was unfinished or incomplete; rather it creates an opportunity for those who fell in love with the characters and the spectacle of the film to experience more of both.

    The film won seven Oscars, including best picture. Costner was named best director on his directing debut.

    “Dances With Wolves” is the story of John Dunbar, an idealistic young Civil War officer played by Costner who befriends a tribe of Sioux Indians and becomes one of them.

    The 52 minutes of extra scenes help spell out the film’s themes more clearly. Included in the new footage is a trek undertaken by Dunbar and his best Indian friend, Kicking Bird, in which they come upon a forest despoiled by white hunters. A new sequence that depicts the slaughter by the Sioux of white buffalo hunters sheds new light on Dunbar’s decision to return to white society. In general, the longer version portrays the Sioux more brutally and realistically.

    Additional scenes also sharpen the courtship and marriage between Dunbar and a Sioux woman (played by Mary McDonnell). The personal and cultural gap between them is now emphasized more strongly.

    London critics have mainly been supportive of the four-hour version. Those who liked the original film tended to like the longer film more, though dissenters have found the length of the special edition exasperating.

    Christopher Tookey of the Sunday Telegraph wrote: “Now revealed on the scale intended by its director, ‘Dances With Wolves’ is much richer, more complex and sophisticated. It deserves to take its place among the classic Westerns.”

    Philip French of the Observer commented: “The picture now has greater depth, and the length contributes to our appreciation of Dunbar’s isolation from the old world and of his absorption into a new culture.” The Guardian’s Derek Malcolm added: “Though four hours is the dickens of a long time in the cinema, this new ‘edition’ makes it seem like time well spent.”

    Among doubters was the Independent’s Chris Peachment, who described the film as “crashing on to our screens with all the heat and speed of a legless sloth. I defy anyone who saw the original a year ago to give me chapter and verse on exactly what has been extended. There’s an extra massacre in the middle, though not a very big one. Otherwise, it’s just the same scenes extended way beyond the limits of endurance.” Geoff Brown of the Times added: “An unnecessary revival.”

    The special edition is playing to two houses a day at the Odeon, Haymarket. Anne McAlpine of Guild, the film’s British distributors, said it was “doing good business,” though early box-office figures were not available. “It will definitely play into the New Year,” she added. “We are still deciding whether to open it in other theaters.”

    Carol Baker at Majestic Films, the British production company that co-funded “Dances With Wolves,” said that Orion Pictures had no contractual obligation to distribute the special edition. She knew of no plans to release it elsewhere.

    To date, there is no four-hour release on video, and none has been announced, although there are rumors. Nor has a four-hour theatrical version for release in the U.S. been announced.

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    Lyon, Guf "Dances with Wolves"

    You can see how seriously Lyon takes the promotion of the album "Better Than Yesterday" - this is the sixth clip in support of the record. The date of the big concert-presentation, which will be held in Kyiv on June 6 with the participation of leading Ukrainian performers, has also become known.

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    "Obur" (werewolf, evil spirit, witch). This word expresses the concept of an evil, insidious being, in intercourse with the devil: it is through magic spells trying to inflict on a person like more harm possible, especially the one that distinguished by its truthfulness. Obur is the same that the Russian sorceress, witch. Oburas are exclusively women. At night, going out to the river, taking off taking off their clothes and lying in the sand, they turn into wolves, grab rams and devour them, they also take the form of cats, dogs and other animals in order to more easily inflict a person or his livestock, with the exception of horses, all sorts of damage.

    So, variants of the dance "Obur"

    Conditionally the first . A young man comes out onto the platform with a sluggish gait, which means a sick person. On "sick" cloak, cap, hat, whip. To the "sick" screaming girls run up who hold in their hands brooms or sticks. Girls are oburas. They are tight surround the patient. Two of them are taken from him a cloak, the third - a cap, the fourth - a hat, the fifth - a dagger, the sixth - a whip, the seventh - gazyri, the eighth - a ring, the ninth - a handkerchief, the tenth - plucks a hair from the head.
    The first and second girls lay cloak on the floor. The third and fourth plant "sick" on her. Fifth and sixth tickle "sick". Seventh and eighth stroke the head "sick". The ninth and tenth touch hands on his forehead.
    Finally all girls must knock the sticks on the floor three times, as if directing evil spirits towards the "sick". So they take turns jumping over it, as if wanting to know. Touching every now and then with sticks. Above "sick" four girls raise red cloth, bright as a fire, claiming that supposedly he is on fire.
    Join the girls on stage more girls, but already in the masks of a wolf, cat, bear, foxes, lions, lynxes and start a violent dance, again around the "sick". During dancing, a girl in a horse mask appears and drives them all away. Oburas are very afraid of "Horses". "Horse" takes away the patient, tickling him. The tickle brings him to his senses. She puts on neck of the "saved" dagger as a talisman against evil spirits.
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    Second variant . Meeting hunter with three girls. On site a man appears with a bow and arrow and stops when he sees three girls nearby. Then he comes up to them and bows. Everyone is dancing lyrical dance. The man gives the first girl ring, the second - a bracelet, the third - a bell. The first and second girls realized that the third the hunter likes the girl more.

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