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Dancing with the Stars: Live! – 2022 Tour

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America’s favorite dance show is back on tour this winter to celebrate its 30th Season with “Dancing with the Stars – Live Tour 2022. ” Launching January 7th in Richmond, VA, this year’s all-new production will feature fan-favorite professional dancers thrilling audiences with all of the breathtaking dance styles seen on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars. The show continues its legacy of performing showstopping routines from the TV show alongside new numbers choreographed specifically for the live show, ranging from time-honored dances like the Quickstep and Foxtrot to sizzling Latin styles like the Cha Cha, Salsa, and Tango. In this year’s state-of-the-art production, audiences will have the opportunity to experience the excitement, glitz and glamour they see in the ballroom every Monday night live in their hometowns.

The tour delivers a spectacular night of pulse-pounding dance performances from world-renowned dancers including Brandon Armstrong, Alan Bersten, Artem Chigvintsev, Sasha Farber, Daniella Karagach, Pasha Pashkov, Gleb Savchenko, Emma Slater, and Britt Stewart with more surprise casting to be announced. Previous Mirrorball Trophy winner Alan Bersten says, “After not being able to tour last year, we’re all so excited to bring the “Dancing with the Stars – Live Tour” back to all of our dedicated fans around the country. I’m especially looking forward to this year’s tour because we also get to celebrate our show’s amazing 30th Season.”

“Dancing with the Stars – Live Tour 2022” is produced by Faculty Productions in association with BBC Studios.

*Cast subject to change.

“Dancing with the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT on ABC. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on, the ABC app and Hulu.

About Faculty Productions
Faculty Productions, formed by veteran manager and producer Jared Paul in partnership with Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment company, produces and creates world-class live branded entertainment and concerts in partnership with the world’s largest media companies. Faculty Productions is responsible for some of the most successful recent global touring productions including Dancing with the Stars: Live! (BBC Worldwide and ABC), Move Live on Tour (Derek Hough and Julianne Hough), America’s Got Talent Live! (Freemantle Media, Syco Entertainment and NBC), The Sing-Off Live Tour (Sony Pictures and NBC), Glee Live! In Concert! (FOX and Ryan Murphy Productions), Big Time Rush Big Time Tour (Nickelodeon/ Sony Music), Mixtape Festival (Vh2 and Live Nation) and the Boston Strong Benefit Concert (ONE FUND and Live Nation).  Faculty and Paul are also responsible for the creation and execution of the acclaimed immersive pop-up art exhibit HAPPY PLACE.

About BBC Studios
BBC Studios, a global content company with bold British creativity at its heart, is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC. Able to take an idea seamlessly from thought to screen and beyond, its activities span content financing, development, production, sales, branded services, and ancillaries across both its own productions and programs and formats made by high-quality UK independents. Award-winning British programs made by the business are internationally recognized across a broad range of genres and specializations, with brands like Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear, Doctor Who, and Bluey. BBC Studios has offices in 20 markets globally, including ten production bases in the UK and production bases or partnerships in a further nine countries around the world. The company, which ordinarily makes around 2,000 hours of content a year for both the BBC and third parties including Apple, Netflix, and Migu, is a champion for British creativity around the world. It is also a committed partner for the UK’s independent sector through a mix of equity partnerships, content investment, and international distribution for program titles. To the BBC, BBC Studios contributes both cash dividends and funds for program-making, supporting the license fee and enhancing programs for UK audiences.

In the U.S, BBC Studios operates both a distribution business and one of its major production units. The production unit, based in Los Angeles, creates and produces adaptations of UK programs, as well as all new original programs, for linear and digital platforms in the U.S. This production unit is responsible for the phenomenally successful, Emmy®-winning Dancing with the Stars, the multi-award-winning Life Below Zero franchise, the revved up Top Gear America, and the popular reboot of the classic quiz show Weakest Link, among others. In scripted, the team has achieved success adapting British hits, including Call Me Kat (based on the UK format Miranda)Welcome to Flatch (This Country in the UK), and Ghosts for top U.S. broadcast networks.

45 Rules 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants Have to Follow

There's something extremely entertaining about seeing Wayne Brady do the cha-cha and Teresa Giudice dressed in sequins — and that's exactly why Dancing With the Stars has remained a fan favorite show for 31 seasons. But what goes on behind-the-scenes as the stars compete for the Mirrorball Trophy? From the grueling rehearsals to the makeup guidelines that often get pushback, we're breaking down all of the rules the Dancing With the Stars competitors have to follow.

Stars have to get an offer from the casting director.

Kelsey McNealGetty Images

In Hollywood, DWTS is often seen as a great career move and celebrities clamor to get cast on it, but it's the producers's jobs to seek out only the most interesting celebs for the show. "For your marketing, for your career, this is like Willy Wonka's golden ticket," former DWTS executive talent producer Deena Katz told Slate.

They don't have to be a trending celebrity.

Lou RoccoGetty Images

Sometimes the cast of DWTS reads like a crazy dinner party from a dream. That's because producers purposefully includes a mix of celebrities from across the entire pop culture zeitgeist, choosing nostalgia picks, people in the news, and even people who "the idea of them dancing makes you laugh," Katz told Slate.

Being a fan could help a star get cast.

Byron CohenGetty Images

Why? Producers specifically look for celebs who are fans of the show, because this increases the odds that the star will sign on and helps ensure a good attitude during the process.

Stars can't tell anyone they've been cast.

JOCE/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

Sorry, but the show doesn't want any spoilers before their big reveal! During the first few rehearsals, the celebrities on season 31 wore face shields to protect their identity from paparazzi as they made their way into the studio.

They aren't locked into the show after the cast reveal, though.

Justin StephensGetty Images

With all the fanfare that goes into announcing the DWTS cast, one would think that the contestants would be locked into an iron-clad deal by the big reveal. Nope. There are always loop holes in show business that keep stars from actually filming.

Stars can (but shouldn't!) drop out at the last minute.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

"Vincent Pastore was the guy from The Sopranos and was rehearsing with Edyta Sliwinska but had heart issues, so that's when John Ratzenberger joined. And Mark McGrath dropped out and Rocco DiSpirito came in," Katz told Glamour.

Some stars are cast as backups.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

In the event that a celebrity contestant doesn't show up, there is usually a backup person to take their place. When producers were afraid Master P wasn't going to show, they had Kill Bill star David Carradine rehearsed and ready to go in a trailer on set, just in case.

There's no disclosed age limit.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

Dancing with the Stars has never disclosed an age limit and the youngest contestant to ever compete was 14-year-old Willow Shields. ABC also produced a spin-off show, Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, for child stars and children of celebrities.

Stars are matched with their pro dancer strategically.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

Ever wonder how the DWTS pairings come to be? Former showrunner Rob Wade told E! News it's a simple formula, "based on height, build and personality and compatibility."

Producers try to make sure partners like each other too.

Kelsey McNealGetty Images

After all, the stress and rigor of live ballroom dancing is enough to serve up plenty of drama for the cameras. "We don't pair people who aren't going to get on. It's too intense. It's not like The Bachelor or something, we couldn't do that," Wade told E! News. "You don't want to see two people who don't like each other."

Cast romances are encouraged.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

Romances between contestants are a big topic of debate on DWTS and producers love them, because they help generate buzz for the show. While a host of legitimate relationships have come out of the reality show, most of the flings fade with the spotlight.

Stars don't get to choose their dancing partner.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

"There are some celebs that have wishes, and we always say we can't guarantee," Katz told Glamour. In the end though, the producers have the final say.

Dancers don't get to choose their star either.

Kelsey McNealGetty Images

Although fans think they've spotted trends in partners — why are Mark Ballas's partners always young? — the professional dancers have no input on who they compete with.

Same-sex partners are allowed.

Christopher WillardGetty Images

In 2021, JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson made history as the very first same-sex duo on DWTS. "I think it breaks a wall that's never been broken down before," JoJo told press during the Television Critics Association summer tour. "I think it's really special that, not only now do I get to share with the world that you're going to love who you want to love, but also you can dance with who you want to dance with."

Producers choose the music for the dances.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

According to dancer Kym Johnson, the pros are allowed to suggest songs at the beginning of the season, but since there are so many pairs to coordinate performances with, producers take the lead on deciding who will dance to what.

Contestants can't choose their theme either.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

Whether it's cha-cha night or all about Disney, the teams don't pick the themes and they vary from season to season.

Everyone on the cast gets paid.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

Both the dancers and stars are compensated for appearing on the show. According to reports in 2019, celebrities earned a $125,000 signing bonus and could earn up to $295,000 in total.

Stars can compete for bonus payments.

Christopher WillardGetty Images

How, exactly, do celebs make more than their $125,000 signing bonus? Their paycheck increases the more they advance on the show, with finalists reportedly earning up to $50,000 for the final two episodes. This creates an incentive to keep stars committed to the competition.

Pro dancers don't get paid as much as the stars.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

It's been reported that the professional dancers make close to $5,200 per episode, which adds up to about $100,000 per season.

Teams have to practice seven days a week.

Chris ChaviraGetty Images

DWTS has a reputation for having a demanding rehearsal schedule and, as former Olympian Amy Purdy told The L.A. Times, there are "no days off." Celebrities meet and rehearse with their partner every day to prepare for the Monday night live show.

Stars have to use the show's hair and makeup teams.

Michael DesmondGetty Images

The show receives a lot of pushback on this rule. "Women have had this fear about [wanting] to have their own hair and makeup artists, but you can't have that here. Our team is award-winning and fantastic. Kirstie Alley had a really hard time with it and really fought it. Now Kirstie uses our makeup artist for her. I get that fear, but they just have to take a leap with all of it. We promise they're going to look great," Katz told Glamour.

The same rule applies to wardrobe.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

The wardrobe team is award-winning and is specially versed in ballroom dancing costumes. Because of this, the show insists that all wardrobe decisions are made by their team.

Being flexible with wardrobe is a must.

Press Office of the Rossiya TV ChannelGetty Images

Former dancing pro Tony Dovolani says that costumes usually aren't finished until an hour before the show. "People don't get to wear their costumes until dress rehearsal," he told Glamour. "There are alterations being made from dress rehearsal until the live show."

Contestants have to get spray tans every week.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

The show's rumored "Spray Tan Sundays" are all too real — or, at least they were. The show's former head makeup artist, Zena Shteysel, revealed to People in 2013 that each contestant was bronzed from head to toe once a week in preparation for taping. Who knows if that's still true today!

Teams have to arrive early on the morning of the live show.

Aaron PooleGetty Images

Every pair must arrive at 7:45 a.m. ahead of the run through with the live band.

Pairs don't hear the band's arrangement until the day they perform.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

On show days, couples are finally able to practice along to the live version of the song. "Sometimes the band's arrangement will be a little different from the track," former executive producer Joe Sungkur revealed to Insider. "So it's very useful for the couples, because they might give notes to the musical director."

The dress rehearsal is mandatory.

Adam LarkeyGetty Images

This is when producers and the show's director make sure the show is mapped out the way they want.

Know your angles.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

Another important part of dress rehearsal includes camera blocking. With 18 cameras operating at once, dancers need to practice their movements (as well as understand the camera movements) so that every step is captured on-screen.

Producers can change anything in a performance.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

During the dress rehearsal, producers and the director have control over the performance and are allowed to tweak any aspect of it — from wardrobe to lighting.

Stars are expected to contribute to the choreography.

Rick RowellGetty Images

While the pro dancers take the lead, celebrities aren't just along for the ride. Both team members are expected to contribute — which often ends up being a great source of drama on the show.

For the group number, stars don't get a say.

Kelsey McNealGetty Images

The group opening number that fans have come to love is choreographed by an on-staff head choreographer. Contestants don't have any say in the creative direction for this dance, but are required to participate each week.

Teams have to give an interview after every performance.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

As soon as the pair steps off of the dance floor, they're thrown in front of the camera for an interview. While it may be a welcome distraction for some of the stars, as they wait for their scores to be determined, it's also necessary for the show to get their reactions to their performance.

Producers have control over the storylines.

Kelsey McNealGetty Images

However, Wade insists they only follow emerging storylines that develop from the contestants. To do this, producers keep a close eye on what’s going on with each team and build on any potential drama.

Dancers must be willing to be vulnerable on camera.

Bobby BankGetty Images

The show's producers told Glamour that the cast opening up to viewers is one of the key parts of the show. "You have to open yourself up to the process. Seeing Maks [Chmerkovskiy] at his most vulnerable with Meryl [Davis] made people want to see his journey," Sungkur said.

And the stars can't be camera shy either.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

Both the judges and viewers loved watching Olympic gymnast Suni Lee break out of her shell in season 30. "Having Sasha, we’re complete opposites, he’s crazy outgoing and fun and all that and I’m super shy. I'm getting there," she told Access Hollywood at the time.

Contestants can't compete if they get injured.

Andreas RentzGetty Images

DWTS has survived 31 seasons, but not without a few injuries. Sometimes contestants are cleared to dance, but if an injury is deemed too serious, they're forced to drop out of the competition.

Stars can be replaced.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

Sometimes, the show must go on — with another star. In the case of Christie Brinkley, who broke her wrist and needed surgery, the model subbed in her daughter, Sailor Cook-Brinkley.

Contestants can't wear logos on television.

Heidi GutmanGetty Images

Due to licensing rights, no logos, brand names, or sports teams can be featured on any clothes on the show. But Master P got to break this rule. "I was at a couple of [meetings] when Master P threatened to leave," Sungkur told Glamour. "He wanted to wear this jacket with a logo on it and threatened to leave because of it, and I was like, 'OK, you can wear the jacket!'"

There's a strict no lift rule.

Lou RoccoGetty Images

DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba has made it clear that she supports the ban, "which was to keep the playing field level for the older and less physically strong contestants so that all the dances didn't just become show dances with lifts and tricks," she wrote in an essay for FEMESTELLA in 2013.

The teams aren't just scored by the judges.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

In 2019, DWTS debuted a new voting system, where live votes from the audience determines a bottom two and then the judges have the final say on who stays and who goes. This choice was QUITE controversial.

Scores must be verified before being announced.

Eric McCandlessGetty Images

After judges write their scores down, the papers are taken to the control room. "Standards and practices from ABC then verifies that everything is fair and checks those scores, and we then go to the judges to reveal their scoring and we double-check that the score they hold up reflects the score they wrote down," Sungkur told Insider.

Contestants have to be patient during live eliminations.

Christopher WillardGetty Images

In 2020, host Tyra Banks infamously told the wrong couple they were in the bottom two, later saying it happened because of a mix-up in the control room. It's live television, after all, so the cast has to be prepared for anything!

Contestants have to promote the show.

Lou RoccoGetty Images

There is a ton of press attention that goes with appearing on DWTS. From revealing the team pairings to weekly elimination updates, the cast has to agree to doing the morning talk show circuit.

The winners take home more than just bragging rights.

Adam TaylorGetty Images

In addition to their salary and, of course, the title of DWTS champion, the winning team receives the Mirrorball Trophy, which they can take home and display wherever they like.

For some, the competition doesn't end at the finale.

Adam RoseGetty Images

ABC puts on a live tour after the season wraps. The tour means that some contestants, whether they were Mirrorball Trophy winners or not, get more time on the dance floor.

Janaya Wecker Lifestyle Editor Janaya is a Lifestyle Editor for Hearst Magazines.

The judge of the show "Dancing with the Stars" Max Chmerkovsky showed his walk around Kyiv

On Sunday at 21:00 on 1 + 1 TV channel there will be the fifth live broadcast of the country's main dance show "Dancing with the Stars", which will be dedicated to Ukrainian and world cinema .

The participants of the project will transform into their favorite movie characters and amaze with their dancing skills.

Judges Max Chmerkovsky, Katerina Kukhar and Vlad Yama this Sunday will be joined by the winner of Dancing with the Stars, choreographer Ilona Gvozdeva, who received the project cup together with comedian Igor Lastochkin. But her partner in the third season of the show, humorist Yuri Tkach, will lead the balcony.

The other day Ukrainian-American choreographer and judge of the show Max Chmerkovsky, who lives in Los Angeles with his family, walked around Kyiv and visited the shrine of Ukraine - the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The judge did not restrain his admiration for the beauty of Kyiv.

"My walk was very cool. From Khreshchatyk itself, we walked to the Lavra and it is very interesting. When I went there, I was ashamed even to take photos or take pictures. a guide who will explain everything to me correctly, tell and show every corner. I want to know the history of this place," Max Chmerkovsky said on his Instagram.

Also, the newly-made show judge shared with subscribers his desire to ride in a trolleybus.

"I haven't ridden a trolleybus for such a long time, I can't even remember the last time I was in it," says the choreographer.

In the comments, subscribers supported the star in his admiration for the beauty of the Ukrainian capital and also recommended visiting Lviv, Kharkiv, the Carpathians and other places.

View this post on Instagram

Recall that Max Chmerkovskiy is from Odessa. When the future choreographer was 14 years old, he and his family moved to the USA. The dancer now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Pita Margatroid, and 4-year-old son, and owns over 14 choreographic schools across America. Max Chmerkovsky took part in 17 seasons of Dancing with the Stars in America, but he got the first place in the show in tandem with the famous figure skater Meryl Davis.

Let us remind you that on the fifth live broadcast one of the couples will leave the parquet. The two couples that receive the lowest scores from spectators and judges in total will be at risk. The couple with the fewest votes will also leave the show.

You can vote for couples via SMS, phone calls and using the application. Just from one number you can send 50 sms and make 50 calls for your favorite couple. You can also send 7 supervotes in the 1+1 video app and Kyivstar TV. 1 super voice is equal to 7 regular SMS.

Ticket sales for the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars continue. Everyone can become a witness of a grand event and get on the main dance floor of the country to share with their favorite stars the emotions from participating in the show. Tickets can be purchased for live broadcasts and general runs. In addition, you can feel like a judge of the project and watch the general run of the broadcast from the star chair. The conditions for purchasing tickets can be found at the link.

You can buy a ticket here by clicking on the image:


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LAUD - There de ti - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Results Show: Week 13 - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
The winners of the contest "Dance with the Heart" danced samba at the show Dancing with the Stars
Artur Logay and Anna Karelina - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Freestyle - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Jamala - SLEEP - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Samba - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Karina Stashishchak and Igor Kuzmenko - Paso Doble - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Contempo - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Artur Logai and Anna Karelina - Contempo - Dancing with the Stars 2021
MOZGI – ZAVTRA – Dancing with the Stars 2021
Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk - Slow Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
At the final of "Dancing with the Stars" it became known who will become the coach of the show "Voice of the Country-12"
The main prize of the charity project "Your Dream" appeared in the show Dancing with the Stars
Olga Kharlan and Dmitry Dikusar - Tango - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Artur Logay and Anna Karelina - Viennese Waltz - Dancing with the Stars 2021
Grand Super Final: Opening Number - Dancing with the Stars 2021.
13th Air

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Sergey Lazarev became the winner of "Dancing with the Stars" - Gazeta.

Ru Sergey Lazarev became the winner of "Dancing with the Stars" - Gazeta.Ru | News

Akhmat Commander Alaudinov: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are losing 500 people daily along the entire line ... 13:17

A resident of Yakutia suspected a friend of stealing and beat her to death with a stool 13:15

Actress Davis remembered how Brad Pitt was embarrassed by a small pimple on his buttocks 13:14

Volkswagen dealers have agreed on the supply of new Passat and Touareg to Belarus 13:14

Pope Francis called the reforms of international organizations necessary 13:11

Russian athletes will not be allowed to participate in the European Games -... 13:09

Olivia Wilde appeared without underwear at an evening at the Museum of the American... 13:08

The designer recommended "tattered" sweaters and motorcycle jackets so as not to become discouraged in the fall 13:04

Actress Alexandra Ursulyak told how her husband reacts to erotic scenes. .. 13:02

Actions of solidarity with political prisoners were held in several German cities... 13:02

Cultural Park



Singer Sergey Lazarev became the winner of the 12th season of the show "Dancing with the Stars".

Lazarev, who performed in tandem with the dancer Ekaterina Osipova, told about this at his Instagram . “Katyusha, you are a fighter! You are a mega pro and I am very lucky to have you! This is your absolutely well-deserved award. Thank you for being there!" - the artist thanked his partner, for whom the new season of "Dancing with the Stars" has become the fifth in a row.

The final of the show took place on the TV channel Rossiya 1 on February 21st.

Previously, Lazarev told about his desire to record a joint song with Topalov.

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Russian military operation in Ukraine. Day 234

Online broadcast of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine — Day 2340005

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