Learn how to booty dance

How To Shake Your Booty Like A Pro

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Do you want to learn a booty workout for pros? We’ve got tips, tricks and video tutorials just for you. Put on some loose pants and get ready to shake your booty.

Shaking what your mama gave yah can make you feel empowered and can give you a great booty workout. I love taking my twerking classes because I feel so good and accomplished after. I’m not a pro booty shaker, but I am learning from one, Nicole Steen. It might sound easy to shake your booty like a pro, but it really takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience. Luckily, learning how to twerk is fun and has a lot of health benefits. I love that it tones your lower body because you’re holding a squat for most of the workout. Not only that, you also get an amazing core workout while you twerk. This is why the pros have such toned bodies because they get a total body workout everyday. One tip I learned from Nicole is to loosen up and not take yourself so seriously when twerking. Don’t worry about what you look like and embrace how your body feels. I’m sharing some of my favorite twerk tutorial videos with you below. Come join our twerk classes babes. Shake what yah mama gave yah and show it off on instagram and use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your twerk posts so we can give you some booty taps

In order to become a pro at shaking your booty, you gotta get the basics down. Luckily, all you need is five minutes and Nicole Steen will teach you a move or two! This is a basic twerk class, so if you already have an idea of how to twerk, skip to the next video.

Shaking your booty like a pro means you need to tone up your glutes too. Pair up your twerk skills with muscle toning and sculpting moves. Add some weights while you do squats and watch them booty gains!

This routine has a special place in my heart because a Cardi B and Nicole combo equals women empowerment. My favorite move from this twerk routine is the Show That Money move. It took me some time to get it, but the looser you are, the better your booty will shake!

Babe, I was pregnant when I did this dance and I’m always going to be so proud to be able to do the Push Up Twerk. If I can do it, I know you can too. Try this fun twerk dance to Thotiana and really show off that attitude and power you have.

Our twerk dance classes is one of the best ways to shake your booty and have fun while getting a good workout in. We’ve got 30+ twerk classes available in our studio with Nicole Steen. You can be a beginner or intermediate twerker and get an amazing workout in. Plus, 200+ fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. JOIN OUR DANCE WORKOUT STUDIO NOW.

Try A FREE Tone N Twerk Workout NOW!

Every Tone N Twerk workout starts with a toning routine that tightens your glutes. Then loosen up and learn a fun twerk dance that will surely make you feel sexy.  Join us for Beginner Twerk. A 20 minute Tone N Twerk Dance Workout. You will learn how to isolate those glute muscles and get more twerk moves that you can bring with you to the club or just at home. We start with the Shuffle Twerk, Up Down Twerk, Pop Back Twerk then end with more advanced moves like the Pushup Twerk. If it’s your first time, don’t worry Nicole Steen will offer modifications. You got this babe and we’re here for you! Unlock your FREE Tone N Twerk Dance Workout video today.

booty twerk booty workout sexy twerk twerk youtube

20 Ways to Learn How to Shake Your Booty

20 Ways to Learn How to Shake Your Booty



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Marissa Liu — October 22, 2009 — Art & Design

Learn how to get down at any age, whether it’s by waltzing while perched on top of your pop’s feet or by watching ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ There are plenty of ways to get your feet moving and your booty shaking.

Dancing is a great way to lose weight, express joy and get close to someone. You can learn at home, in a class, by yourself or with a partner. You can teach yourself ballroom by watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or try something a little more risqué with an Exotic Dance Workout video. There is a method to match every madness; try one and start boogieing the night away!







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How to learn to dance twerk - Lifehacker

November 21, 2020LikbezSports and fitness

The size of the priests does not matter!

Iya Zorina

Author of Lifehacker, athlete, Candidate Master of Sports



Twerk is just a super sexy dance that will pump your plasticity, and at the same time load your abs and back muscles well. To begin with, we will learn a few basic movements, and then we will diversify the dance vocabulary and analyze the main mistakes. And at the end you will find a bonus in the form of a playlist with suitable music.

If you have problems with your lumbar spine, exercise with caution, or better yet, consult your doctor.

Learn how to do basic elements

Booty pop back

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width, toes slightly apart. Bend your knees and place your hands on your hips, turning them inward with your fingers, bend your lower back.

From this position, twist the pelvis down, and then, due to the deflection in the lower back, return it to its original position. Imagine that you are trying to reach the top of your head with your pelvis.

It is important to fix the upper back and work only on the lower back. You can not strain the gluteal muscles, otherwise the movement will turn out to be clamped.

If difficulties arise, try the lead-in exercise first. Place your hands on your hips so that your middle fingers rest on the protruding bones of the pelvis in front, and your thumbs - behind, closer to the sacrum. Bend your knees, move your pelvis down and then up, controlling the movement with your hands.

When you feel more confident, remove your hands and connect the movement with your knees. When the pelvis goes down, the knees bend, when it rises, they unbend. No need to lock the knees at the extreme point, they should remain slightly bent.

The pelvis moves back not only due to the straightening of the knees. The lower back must work.

Front booty pop

This movement is very similar to the previous one, only the emphasis is on pushing the pelvis forward rather than backward.

Stand with your feet wide and point your toes slightly out. You can put your hands on your hips to better feel the tilt. At the same time, bend your knees and sharply move your pelvis forward so that your butt goes down, and then bend your lower back and bring your pelvis back.

The emphasis is on the first phase of the movement, when the butt goes down. It is important at this moment not to pinch the buttocks, but to change the position of the pelvis due to the tension of the abdominal muscles.

Try other twerk moves


This element repeats the usual booty pop, only the movement of the pelvis in it is double: down-down, up-up.

Suffle twerk

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width. At the same time, turn one leg with your toe and knee out and transfer your weight to the opposite thigh. Then, with a small jump, switch sides.

First try to move slowly to get the point, then speed up. Jump relaxed.

Up down twerk

Arch your lower back and push your pelvis back. On the count of “one”, simultaneously round the lower back, bringing the pelvis forward, bend the knees and bring the shoulders forward. On the count of "two", bend your lower back and take your ass back in a semi-squat.

On the count of three, straighten your knees, round your lower back, and roll your shoulders forward. On the count of four, arch your back in the thoracic region, straightening your shoulders.

It turns out that at the lower point you bend in the lower back, and at the top - in the chest.


To feel the movement, start slowly. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, place your palms opposite the pelvis. In turn, touch the palms with one or the other bone of the pelvis. Accelerate gradually.

You can wobble while standing upright or bent over. Practice slowly bending over and back up as you move. Important: you should not pinch, otherwise stiffness will occur and no shaking will work.

Zig zag

Get into a twerk stance, lower your right thigh first, then your left thigh. Then, one by one, lift them up to their original position. At first, perform the elements slowly, with fixation at each point, and then gradually accelerate.

You can do this movement a little higher. In this case, start with a stance on straight legs in an incline. In the same way, lower the right and left hips in turn, bending the knees, and then raise the hips, straightening the legs.

Stripper shake

Rise up on your toes and turn your heels in and out a little. Arch your lower back, try to relax your hips as much as possible.

This element can be performed in a straight position or bent over, moving both legs at once, or one at a time.


Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, point your toes forward, tilt your body and rest your hands on your hips. Rotate your pelvis, lowering and raising it as you go.

You can do this either in a bent over position on your hips or standing up.

Happy twerk

Start in a twerk position with your toes pointing forward. Do one regular booty pop in place, then another with the toes and knees turned out to the sides, and then the next one with them returning to a straight position.

Continue turning your toes and knees out and back, tilting your pelvis as you move.


Place your feet shoulder-width apart, rise on your toes. Pull your pelvis back a little. Move quickly from foot to foot, trying to relax your buttocks.


Raise your right leg to the side, turn it with your toe and knee inward. From this position, simultaneously transfer the weight to the left thigh and turn the raised leg with the toe outward. Return your foot to the floor and repeat on the other side.

Try moving in other positions

Twerk can be danced not only while standing, but also while squatting, on all fours and even upside down on your hands, with your feet supported against the wall. Try different positions - this will help diversify your dance.


This is the same booty pop, only squatting. If you don't have enough stretch to move freely in a deep squat, work on your hip mobility first.

Offset to one side

Good stretch is also required for this option. Otherwise, you will not be able to relax and move freely.

On all fours

First practice the standing element to get used to it. Raise one leg on the toe, turning it with the knee outward and at the same time leaning on the opposite thigh. Then smoothly switch sides.

Now place your palms on the floor, arch your lower back, bend your knees and lift your heels off the floor. Perform a familiar movement in a new position.

This is enough to get you started. Try, combine the movements with each other and, if something fails, correct the mistakes.

Understand why you don't succeed

There are three main reasons why instead of twerking you get some bullshit. And the size of the priests has nothing to do with it.

1. You lack flexibility

To twerk well, you must have good mobility in the lumbar spine and hips. If flexibility is lacking, you can improve it by doing stretching exercises.

Choose stretching exercises 🤸🏻‍♀️

  • 50 exercises to stretch the muscles of the whole body


You work your upper back and shoulders

All basic movements require arching in the lower back. It is due to the lower spine that you feed the pelvis back and forth. But if during booty pop you bend in the thoracic spine and connect your shoulders, the movement will not look like a twerk.

3. You're too tight

This is probably the biggest beginner's mistake, which results in a tight, wooden pelvic movement instead of sexual shaking.

Don't push yourself too hard, relax your buttocks and thighs, shake off tension from your arms and shoulders. All elements should be carried out easily and without clamps. The best way to relax and feel the movement is to turn on the music.

Pick up the music

We found a cool audio compilation that makes you want to dance to and not stop. The description on YouTube has the names of all the tracks.

And another big selection, this time from Yandex. Music. There are some great tracks too, and some of them are pretty slow paced so you can learn the moves in a relaxed and casual way.

Write in the comments how your twerking is going. It turns out?

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How to learn to dance booty (Booty dance)?

Posted on by HRTrain

The frank sexual energy of movements, endowed with primitive magic with a touch of modernity, will attract all attention to you. There are several reasons that make this dance so popular:

  1. All male attention will be yours, as will the title of Queen of the Dance Floor.
  2. All those rhythmic movements, glute tension and pelvic movement are a great anti-collor exercise that makes your butt and thighs toned and athletic.
  3. Movements will become simply incomparably more plastic and graceful.
  4. Movement during the booty dance improves blood circulation in the pelvis.
  5. This dance helps to gain self-confidence.

In order to learn this useful dance, you need to practice for a very short time.

A bit of theory

Movements in booty dance are divided into several types:

  • Hiprolling - these movements of the hips and abdomen, reminiscent of belly dancing, are indispensable elements of this dance.
  • Bootyshake - as the name implies, this is a rhythmic contraction of the muscles of the buttocks and movements of the pelvis that mimic the ligament. This is the basic movement of the booty dance and now we will tell you how to learn it.

Learning to dance Booty dance at home

According to the advertisements, you can master booty dance in just two or three lessons at a dance school. Of course, choreographic schools have a lot of advantages, ranging from an individual program to the supervision of teachers, but the biggest disadvantage of the school is its price. And in some cities there is also the absence of the school itself. Therefore, we will tell you what to do to learn how to dance booty without leaving your home.

  1. The most important thing is self-motivation. Watch videos of Shakira or Bionce, look at their smooth, mesmerizing movements and create the right atmosphere with hip-hop music, Brazilian funk or other styles.
  2. Wear shorts to keep your clothes loose.
  3. It is best to start learning, armed with a booty dance video lesson. Of course, you can learn this dance just by imitating your favorite singers, but only professionals can give valuable advice. You can watch several of these video tutorials at the end of this article.
  4. It is necessary that the room resembles a home ballroom, was free and well lit. And you also need a large mirror so that you can see yourself from the side.
  5. Never forget to warm up before dancing and stretch in between. This will help warm up the muscles and prepare them for the dance.

If classes are less than three times a week, they will not bring the desired result. Each lesson should be no shorter than forty minutes. At first glance, this may seem like an excessive requirement, but the result is worth it.

Remember, the booty dance will make you sexy and relaxed.

Video lessons