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Groot Guide | Marvel


Published April 12, 2017

by Blake Garris

In anticipation of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” we compiled a list of all your essential Groot goods. See below for photos and links on where to buy.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot: Bring the ultra-groovy style of Guardians of the Galaxy to life with this music-playing, sound-detecting, limb-shaking Dancing Groot! When internal or external music is detected, Groot’s eyes light up and Groot starts dancing! Don’t be afraid to join in – just wave those branches…uh, arms… and shake it to the music!

Legends Series Figures: From potted prodigy to towering tree-like humanoid, Groot uses powers of regeneration to become a legendary defender of intergalactic justice. Imagine giving the galaxy something to root for with the 9-inch Groot figure, modeled after Groot in his adult form. Then, pretend to meet Groot as just a sapling with the included 2 1-inch Groot figures, which stand as reminders that inside every tree there is an even smaller tree. Featuring 3 Groot figures with movie-inspired design and detail, the Groot Evolution pack from the Marvel Legends Series is an epic addition to any collection of legend

XPV Remote Control Rock N Roll Groot: Control Groot as he dances to music from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The XPV Radio Control Rock N Roll Groot includes 2 modes: free dance lets you control Groot, and groove mode let’s him do his own moves to any song that’s playing. Groot can even get back upright after dancing on his side! Use the “shout out” button on the remote to trigger 4 different “I am Groot” phrases.

POP! Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Groot: Groot from Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is given a fun, and funky, stylized look as an adorable collectible Pop! vinyl bobble-head from Funko.

Mattel Groot Character Car: The premium large-scale Groot Hauler based on the tree-like humanoid character from Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy grows and shrinks just like the hero. This feature allows Groot to store and carry all of your super hero character cars in the Hauler body. You simply pull and push the Hauler truck bed in order to accommodate more of your team! There is also a place of honor on Groot’s head for his best buddy, Rocket Raccoon, as well a large blaster to let Rocket take out the bad guys. This large Groot is ready to carry all of the Guardians of the Galaxy into their next adventure!

Marvel Groot USB Car Charger: Check out this ThinkGeek creation and exclusive! With two USB charging ports, Groot dances while plugged in and turned on – he’s sound activated!

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Face of Groot I Feel T-Shirt

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Groot Tape – Men’s T-Shirt

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Baby Groot Watercolor Girls T-Shirt: The adorably teensy Baby Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is given a colorful watercolor style treatment on this fitted white tee. Illustration design features Groot’s adorable face.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Baby Groot Mix Tape Girls Crop Tank Top Hot Topic: Aww, Baby Groot doesn’t know how a cassette tape works! We’re not surprised. He is a millennial, after all. Listen to your Awesome Mix Vol. 2 while wearing this crop tank top from Marvel!

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Tape Graphic T-Shirt


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Groot 3pk. Socks

Groot Drinkware: If you’re a big fan of the tree-like Guardian, you’ll want this adorable 4 1/2-inch tall Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Groot 18 oz. Ceramic Oval Mug inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 movie. Crafted in a unique oval shape in high-quality stoneware, it features a bold, bright image of Groot on the front, with another smaller image of him and the words “I am Groot” on the back. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Groot Action Figure – Marvel Select – 10’’: The towering twisted member of Guardians of the Galaxy plants his feet as this poseable Groot Action Figure by Marvel Select. Includes interlocking detailed environment base.

Groot Mug: Take a hefty sip of your morning brew with your galactic friend Groot on this sculptured hot beverage mug, based on the tree-like character from Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sound Machine: You’ll be in tune with Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy with this cool Sound Machine. Inspired by the ”Awesome Mix” cassette tape in the original, this features cool sound effects and music at the touch of a button.

Groot Journal: Let your imagination do the talking and jot down your brilliant ideas in this notebook inspired by Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It comes with a galaxy of pages and a handy little bookmark so you never lose your place!

Night Night, Groot: It’s been a long day for baby Groot and he’s ready to be tucked in for bed. Just as his eyes start to close, Rocket Raccoon bursts onto the scene! Root can’t go to sleep yet, there’s a whole galaxy that needs to be defended and they must work together to save the day! Then maybe, just maybe, Groot will finally get the rest he deserves!

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'Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2' Baby Groot Toy Dances to Music

The INSIDER Summary

• Hasbro showed its upcoming Dancing Groot toy at the 2017 international Toy Fair.
• The 11.5-inch Baby Groot dances to a clip of music from "Come a Little Bit Closer," which will be featured on the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" movie soundtrack.
• The toy will also jive to any of your music.
• It will retail for $34.99 and be available in the spring.

If there's one toy kids and adults alike are going to want this year, look no further than this dancing Baby Groot doll from the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

INSIDER had some hands-on time with the grooving Groot at the 2017 international Toy Fair which kicked off February 18, and it's one of the standout items of the show.

Hasbro and Marvel showed off the tiny guardian with a dozen dancing Groots jiving to '60s song "Come a Little Bit Closer," which will be featured on the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" soundtrack.

This is the display Hasbro has setup for the dancing Groot dolls. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER

It's not hard to see why he'll be a sought-after figure once you see him in action.

Take a look:

The toy everyone is going to want this year - Dancing Baby Groot. Will be $34.99 from #Hasbro. #marvel #toyfair2017

A post shared by Kirsten (@not_kristen) on Feb 18, 2017 at 12:49pm PST

The 11.5-inch figure lights up and moves his arms along to the song. His arms are poseable so you can have Baby Groot groove in different positions.

The leaf on Groot's left leg will get the grooving started. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER

INSIDER was told Dancing Groot dances along to three songs. 

Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER

In addition, Groot is able to recognize external music and will start grooving along to it as well. If you also have Hasbro's electronic music mix Star-Lord who has a playable cassette tape, Groot will start jiving along to his mixtape as well. And, yes, the Star-Lord action figure talks. Chris Pratt lent his voice to the character which has 25 different commands from the sequel.

Dancing Groot and Star-Lord side by side. The 12-inch electronic music mix Star-Lord will be available spring 2017 for ages four and up for $19.99. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER The little blue tape pops into Star-Lord's cassette player. When it starts playing music, it can trigger Groot to dance. Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER Here's the box Dancing Groot will come inside. He requires three AA batteries. Hasbro

Dancing Groot is suggested for ages four years and up and requires three AA batteries. It will be available spring 2017 for $34.99, but is available to pre-order now through Hasbro here.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" will be in theaters May 5, 2017. 

Best 11 Guardians of the Galaxy Moments | Cinemafia


Julia Boytsova

August 4, 2014

Cinemafia has selected 11 of the best scenes from the movie for you. But, attention! SPOILERS!

At a time when Guardians of the Galaxy has surpassed the $160 million mark at the moment, we have taken and collected the best scenes. True, you can argue with us.

And, yes, the text contains massive spoilers, including a detailed description of the scene after the credits. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, then blame yourself. We warned!

Star-Lord Dancing

The second "opening scene" we see after Marvel's cutscene is Star-Lord (aka Peter Quill) dancing on the abandoned planet Morag to Come and Get Your Love. This moment is imbued with a non-trivial combination of wit and fun, which creates a very right mood. Right there right now. Later we see Chris Pratt dancing again when he challenges Ronan the Accuser to a "dance battle". Let's just say that such a bold technique does not work so harmoniously in every blockbuster.

The legend of Kevin Bacon

One of the funniest jokes is dedicated to Kevin Bacon. When Gamora informs Peter Quill that she is a killer and a warrior, and therefore does not dance, he replies (we quote the phrase as it is in the dub):

There is a legend on my planet about people like you. It's called Free. This is the story of how a great hero named Kevin Bacon taught an entire city of puffed-up turkeys the great art of dancing. And it was incredible.

To which Gamora replies, "Who swindled those turkeys?" This shows how literally everything is perceived on the other side of the Galaxy.

Note: The 1984 film Loose, starring Kevin Bacon, is an American classic. According to the plot, the main character arrives in a small provincial town where dancing is prohibited. And only he manages to change these old-fashioned orders.

Rocket's pranks on disabled people

The first time we encounter this is during the prison break, when Rocket asks Peter Quill to get him a prosthetic leg from one of the prisoners. A little later, when discussing the plan to attack Ronan's ship, he tries to convince everyone around that the false eye of one of Yondu's Ravagers is the most important element. Even in the most "hot" situations, the Raccoon does not lose his signature sense of humor

Rocket's drunken speeches

Possibly the most powerful Raccoon moment in the film is the scene in the bar where Rocket pours out all his feelings and emotions. In particular, resentment that he is called a "pest". He cries because he doesn't seem to have asked for laboratory experiments on him that turned him into a monster. At this moment, we understand that specific humor and insulting others is just a defensive reaction. This scene is really dramatic because for a moment you completely forget that the Raccoon is just a computer character.

100% asshole

Let's just say that in the original it sounds like 100% Dick. Thus, while working out a plan to destroy the Black Aster, Star-Lord sends a "dick" message to one of the representatives of NovaCorps, saying that he is, of course, an "asshole", but not one hundred percent. And asks for help.

Yondu Udonta and his arrow

Michael Rooker's Yondu is more than just a savage. He managed to turn this character into a very charming "bad guy". When Yondu's ship crashes, it is surrounded by Ronan's servants. But with the help of his faithful arrow, he calmly deals with twenty opponents. Yondu collects figures on his dashboard, which, on the one hand, throws us straight to the Firefly, and on the other hand, shows a soulful nature. You know, like bikers who actually work in a flower shop.

Groot Smile

Groot Smile is literally the icing on this Guardians of the Galaxy pie. Making their way to Ronan, Drax, Star-Lord and Groot stumble upon an entire army. Which Groot destroys... hmm... brutally. And then he turns around with an innocent and sincere smile, as if asking: "Did I do something good?" Yes, Groot, you really did a good job.

We are Groot

Towards the end of the movie, Groot saves the entire crew by forming a "protective nest" around them. At the same time, the hero, who throughout the entire film says exactly one phrase - "I Am Groot", this time says "We Are Groot", which can be read as "We Are Friends". Yes, it was possible to do something completely different and give Groot fundamentally different words at the end of the film, but the creators went exactly in this way, thereby endowing the usual words with a completely different meaning.

Dancing Groot

The first scene after the short credits shows us a dancing little Groot against the background of Drax rubbing knives after the battle. All this happens under the Jackson 5's I Want You Back. This moment gives the audience its positive charge, and people leave the hall smiling (although we know that no one leaves the Marvel films after the first scene).

Listen, baby. Ain't No Mountain High Enough

The final scene, when Peter Quill finally unpacks his mother's parting gift - the Awesome mix 2 cassette, literally breaks the heart with the help of the song Ain't no mountainain high enough. We understand that the heroes finally found not just friends, but a new family. Yes, it's a great moment.

Howard the Duck

Yes, here it is, the main spoiler. The scene after all all all credits shows us how the unfortunate Tivan the Collector inspects the damage done to his collection. And then Howard the Duck appears with a snide comment. Fans are still arguing who gave Howard the voice - Seth Green, announced on imdb, or Nathan Fillion, whose cameo everyone was waiting for.

UPD. Yet Seth Green!

I Am Groot is a beautiful yet short series about Marvel's smallest hero. Honest review

August 16LikbezKino

Gorgeous animation and interesting finds are waiting for you.



On August 10, Disney+ released one of the most unusual premieres of this year - a series about baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. It turned out bright and impressive, only the timing is embarrassing - less than 20 minutes for the entire season.

Designed by Kirsten Lepore. The peak of her commercial career is the series for Adventure Time, but it is unlikely that the viewer pays attention to the authors of each particular episode. Throughout the past decade, Lepore has collected numerous awards at international festivals for short films. Now she was entrusted with the series about Groot. And she perfectly disposed of the chance to make herself known to a large audience.

There are only five episodes in the first season, but Groot has time to fight with a small tree, fight with strange tiny creatures and dance with his doppelgänger. Events begin approximately between the first and second parts of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" - in the first episode of the series, baby Groot is only growing in a pot.


I Am Groot can be seen as the perfect animated work. Bright colors, unusual movements, a constant kaleidoscope of frames - even if the series lasted longer, what was happening would not bother.

Frame from the TV series "I am Groot"

All the characters are flexible and colorful, and also very different from each other, including gestures. Groot, coming to the fore, makes you look only at yourself, but an impressive spectacle unfolds behind him. The attention to detail is at an incredible level — the background is always lively and interesting.


Despite the fact that Groot has already appeared in several Marvel films, the character remains fresh. He could not get bored, there is too little of him. Therefore, you can shoot anything with it.

A small tree travels to different planets and finds new entertainment everywhere. Absolutely every scene contains interesting finds. Groot grows hair (leaves) using mud, wears a fitness bracelet on his head as a flashlight, blows up half of the spaceship (for drawing). If he gets bored, he takes a Jacuzzi in a puddle.

Old school

Although the series looks as fresh as possible, it allows itself to be old school. It looks more like Tom and Jerry than any modern cartoon. For example, in "I am Groot" there is a classic "cartoon violence" - the main character can fight with strange creatures and even hurt them. It adds back-schooling and an almost complete lack of dialogue, since it is difficult to build them with a character who constantly says the phrase "I am Groot." There are no cross-cutting plots, each series is independent.

A still from I Am Groot

Yes, Groot is in the Marvel Universe, but he doesn't have to be in constant contact with it - just for a minute, the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy joins him.

Not enough!

You can watch all episodes without credits in less than 20 minutes. By the fifth episode, it becomes very sad that the series is about to end. And I want to bombard Disney + mail with threats in the style of "give me more, or else ...".

Life hack: you can double the running time just by watching the series again. In principle, you can triple it - you will get bored by about the fourth time.

Still from I Am Groot

I Am Groot shows what happens when a small and seemingly limited character falls into the hands of a master. Kirsten Lepore has done everything to ensure that one of the most insignificant heroes of Marvel has an expanded fan club.

Learn more