How does beyonce sing and dance at the same time

How to Sing & Dance at the Same Time like Beyoncé & Kpop Idols BTS

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Learning how to sing and dance at the same time could take your performance to the next level. However, it is very challenging, technically and physically.

You should aim to get physically fit before you sing while you dance. Learning your moves and lyrics is essential but you need to have excellent breath control to put them together. You also need a lot of stamina to be able to perform night after night.

A good dancer’s diet along with some great exercises will help you sing and dance at the same time. Find out how Beyoncé and Kpop superstars like BTS can sing and dance for hours and make it look effortless.

Is it possible to sing and dance at the same time?

  • Learn the song and dance separately
  • Start with lip-syncing
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Improve your stamina
  • Sing while you exercise
  • Bring it all together


Learn the song and dance separately

Your first step should be to sing the song as well as you can without dancing. The same goes for dancing without singing. This will ingrain the fundamentals of both parts into your head. It’s also good to brush up on your skills as a singer and dancer before you commit to bringing the two disciplines together.

2. Try lip-syncing

A great way to move forward is to dance and lip-sync instead of singing. This will help you get your dance moves down alongside learning the lyrics. You won’t have to focus on your pitching and projection, which will allow your breathing to stay synced with your dancing. 

Many artists actually lip-sync in their live shows. This can be when they have a lot of dancing to do or when there is a big production with no time for a sound check. For example, artists sometimes lip-sync for the Superbowl because the stage is set up at the interval.

Do they lip sync in Kpop?

Many fans wonder how Kpop idols sing and dance at the same time so flawlessly. Kpop is a very dance-heavy genre of music and acts like BTS often perform complicated dance routines whilst singing. So are they lip syncing or not?

How do Kpop idols sing and dance at the same time?

There is typically a backing vocal track with most Kpop performances. This can include lead vocals but is mostly harmonies. Kpop singers will sing alongside this but won’t usually sing when their dance moves are intense. 

The singers spend a lot of time singing independently. This allows one or two of them to move less while the others take the spotlight with their dancing. You’ll notice that when they are singing and dancing that their feet are planted or they are walking. This way they don’t have to think about their footwork whilst singing.

3. Focus on your breathing

Singing and dancing both require excellent breath control. You might find it very difficult to sing and dance at the same time purely because you’re unable to manage your breathing. This is why you need to plan your breaths.

Breathing should be considered as much as a note of dance move. Breathing is more essential for singing so you will want to plan your breathing with your lyrics. Dance and lip sync slowly but add your breaths. Gradually build it up until you can start singing. 

You might want to add more breaths once you start dancing. You’ll realise how much energy you’re putting into your performance and find that your planned breaths aren’t enough. Try dropping lyrics at points where you need to focus on dancing if you’re using a backing track.

Why is breathing important in dance?

Your heart rate and breathing increases as you dance. You will start to get out of breath and light headed if your breathing can’t keep up. This will prevent you from performing as well as you should and you’ll definitely struggle to sing.

What is the use of breath in dance?

Breathing can be incorporated into part of your dance routine. Some move may require you to make your body seem bigger. You should inhale along with the beat to push out your lungs. The same can be done for moves where you want your body to be smaller. Instead of inhaling, exhale and let all of your breath out.

How do you breathe while dancing?

The best way to breathe is with your diaphragm. This applies to both dancing and singing. It is a muscle located above your stomach that moves as you breathe. Breathing with your diaphragm is the most efficient way to fill your lungs with air because it moves down as you inhale, which helps suck in air.

If you breathe with your chest then you can make your body tense. It can also result in you feeling more anxious. You should practice breathing with your diaphragm when you sing and dance. You should also do breathing exercises when you aren’t singing or dancing. This will help you stop breathing with your chest subconsciously.

4. Improve your stamina

Your stamina needs to be high if your planning on dancing and singing, especially if you want to tour. You will need to build up your stamina as a dancer and as a singer. This won’t happen overnight but it’s never too soon to start doing the right thing.

How to dance without getting tired

Make sure your diet is balanced because this will be the fuel for your energy. Understand that you’re putting a lot of muscles under stress. A poor diet can lead to your muscles recovering more slowly, which can damage them if you dance before they’ve healed. 

You should dance regularly to improve your fitness. If you aren’t dancing a lot then you should still exercise. Going into an intense training routine before a performance will be very difficult if you aren’t physically fit enough to handle it. If you aren’t able to exercise, the least you could do is stretch to maintain your flexibility.

Your technique is also important, especially for more technical forms such as ballet. Regularly work on your fundamentals, including holding your body and distributing your weight correctly. 

Finally, always warm up and warm down your muscles. This will help them cope with long dance sessions and really reduce your risk of injury. Don’t forget to have rest days to let your body recover and prepare it for the next day of dancing.

Singing stamina

Your vocal cords and larynx need to be warmed up and exercised just like any other muscle in your body. Like dancing, this will prevent damage to your vocal muscles in the long term and will make it easier to perform for a long period of time.

Your technique will also go a long way in improving your vocal stamina. You ideally want to start with strengthening your diaphragm for breathing. From there, keep your larynx positioned low and balance your vocal resonance so that you are able to hit high notes with less effort.  

Putting too much strain on your voice will make it more difficult for you to sing long sets. If you are dancing at the same time then it is really going to become challenging to maintain your energy levels. The key is to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing quality in your voice or your dance moves.

5. Sing while you exercise

If you haven’t already noticed, you need to be really physically fit to be able to sing and dance at the same time. Once you’ve worked on your breathing and stamina, you should start looking at singing while you exercise.

Is singing a form of exercise?

Singing is actually a form of exercise but it doesn’t focus on the same muscles as other forms of exercise. Practising vocal exercises will help you work out the muscles needed to sing. However, it won’t work out other muscles needed for dancing and improve your cardio.

Working out and singing

Working out while you sing is a great way to get used to singing and exercising before you start singing and dancing. Dancing requires a lot more cognitive effort than lifting weights or running does. If you start running and singing, you can put your planned breathing into practice and improve your stamina.

Does running make you a better singer?

Running and any form of exercise will make you fitter and it can also have a lot of mental benefits. This will make you a better singer and performer. When singers end up at huge stadium shows then they have to cover a lot of ground to work the stage. Running and improving your fitness will be a great way to prepare your body for these massive stages. 

Is singing while running good?

Singing whilst running is good if you are preparing yourself to sing and dance professionally. Beyoncé’s celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins stands by this by making her and other performers sing and run. If you can sing and run then it builds your stamina and makes it significantly easier to sing and dance.

Jenkins also goes a step further by adding altitude masks and hot conditions. We definitely wouldn’t recommend this unless you are absolutely certain that you can handle it. In fact, you shouldn’t jump into singing and running. You could find yourself really out of breath and doing damage to your voice if you aren’t careful.

Singing while you exercise should only be practised if you’re already physically fit and singing with a good technique. Build yourself up to it if you are going to try it. If you can get to this stage then you will be ready to sing and dance.

6. Bring it all together

Hopefully, you have learnt your dance moves and lyrics with your lip syncing. Your breathing should be planned out and your increased stamina will help you maintain a good standard of performance. The only thing that is left is to sing while you perform. 

Practice in a dance studio and film yourself. You’ll be able to see how well your moves are going and whether you’re hitting the right notes. Remember that if you are in a group then you all need to be physically fit enough to perform the same routine. Keep practising and it should all come together in an amazing performance.

Who are your favourite artists that know how to sing and dance at the same time? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Sing Like Beyonce

Beyonce is amazing.

Who doesn’t want to sing like her, right?

If her wild celebrity appeal and string of hits aren’t enough proof she’s amazing, just look at her bank account.

According to Forbes, she’s the world’s fourth wealthiest female singer.

Only Madonna, Celine Dion, and Barbara Streisand – all of whom started their careers before Beyonce was even born – have made more money from their singing careers.

A tough act to follow?

Yes, she is.

But I bet Beyonce will admit she didn’t always sing so well. Even with her considerable talent!

So there is hope for you too.

In this article we will take a deep dive into what it takes to sing like a pro and why online lessons could be your quickest route to vocal mastery.

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1. Find Your True Singing Voice to Make the Most Of Its Strengths

Finding your own unique singing voice is very important.

Are you a:




Yes, every budding songstress would want to sing like Beyonce.

But in effect what they want to do is sing as well as she does.

Only Beyonce can truly sing like Beyonce.

The over-achieving singer has excelled because she discovered and embraced her own true singing voice early enough. She now knows how to make it pop, and how not to.

Beyonce’s voice would probably not sound as heavenly if she were to sing jazz. But yours might.

Finding your own unique singing voice type enables you to pin down the type of music your voice is best suited.

Even better: it allows you to build a brandable artistic identity.

Wikihow advises three ways of finding your true singing voice:

  • Find your vocal range - The measure of octaves, from the lowest to the highest, you can sing.
  • Find your tessitura - The octave you are most comfortable singing at, which maybe any point within your vocal range.
  • Master the right singing technique first - This includes maintaining the right posture, breathing from the diaphragm, and opening the back of your throat when you sing.

There is a laundry list of other voice type variables. cites a few, like voice weight, timbre, vocal registers, speech level, transition points, and even body physique.

Be brutally honest about your voice’s strengths and limitations. Learn more about your voice type here. 

Consider hiring a professional vocal coach who will analyze your voice and help you determine the best way to use it.

2. Experiment with Different Singing Techniques to Gauge Your Voice's Range and Power

The human voice is the oldest, cheapest, most accessible, and versatile musical instrument known to man.

Yet, it is also the least explored.

When you free yourself from all the cultural, genre, and language limitations you place on your singing voice, you will discover a gazillion ways to manipulate it to wildly distinguishable sounds.

According to this article, the Mandarin language, for example, has up to 4 million unique words, with up to five different tones.

By knowing your voice type, and not restricting it, you learn how to sing high notes as well as the lower ones.

Beyonace knows she is a Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano, and what that entails, therefore she can fully express herself without straining her voice.

She has trained her voice through years of tinkering and improvisation. As a result, she has become super confident in her abilities and can effortlessly:

  • Hold notes for a crazily long 14 seconds
  • Flip through registers
  • Produce perfect crescendos
  • Dance and sing simultaneously without tiring


Master the Art of Singing and Dancing Simultaneously to Boost Your Vocal Stamina

Some people like Beyonce’s dancing skills more than her singing.

But the truth is the two skills complement each other. She may not sing so well if she hadn’t learned the art of dancing and singing at the same time.

In a documentary on Destiny’s Child, Beyonce and her band mates mention how they would practice their singing while running to improve their vocal stamina.

Yeah, it’s lung busting stuff.

But how else would Beyonce manage those high octane performances of hers?

Your vocal chords, and body, need to be supremely conditioned if you are going to be singing with her kind of energy. Greater vocal stamina enables you to stay on top of your voice whatever piece you are singing.

Make no mistake: this is a tremendously involved skill to master. Be ready to invest long hours in intense practice.

4. Improve Your Technique by Taking Online Singing Lessons

This may surprise some people:

Beyonce has taken vocal training ever since we have known her.

Now, hang on, you say!

Does someone that talented need any lessons?

Well, you are never too good to learn or to improve.

Besides, Beyonce has not always sung so beautifully.

There was a time she was just a raw talent - a little rough around the ages.

She has needed instruction and coaching from professionals to become the polished diamond she is now. Beyonce was literally raised by her vocal teacher, David Lee Brewer, who lived with the Knowles family.

Brewer trained Beyonce from when she was eight years old, picking her up from school and giving her four voice lessons every week until she was 20. And she has had other coaches after him.

Even now Beyonce has a full time vocal coach. Incredible as it sounds, you may develop faster than she has done:

Your unfair advantage over her - don’t laugh - is today you can take online vocal lessons, which are cheaper and more accessible. These weren’t as accessible when Beyonce first started her music training.

Every aspiring singer needs lessons. Because there are advanced techniques you just can’t learn on your own. Things like:

  • Belting technique
  • Twang technique
  • Melisma technique
  • Riffs and runs

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice

This can’t be stressed enough.

Even powerhouse singers like Beyonce know fewer things are as important to singing success as practice. The popular hitmaker was quoted in 2013 as saying:

I practice until my feet bleed

She maybe didn’t mean it literally. But she made her point all the same.

And even if she indeed paints her rehearsal studio in her own blood, you can probably clock your 10,000 hours of practice without shedding any blood.

10,000 hours?

Apparently that is how much practice it takes to master a skill.

In his seminal work, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell contends, citing The Beatles as a musical example, that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to be truly world class at something.

Subsequent theories have sought to quash this belief.

But still none have managed to totally discount the importance of practice to mastering a skill. Safe to say that consistent practice with singing makes a meaty difference.

6. Develop a Habit of Vocal Warm-Ups to Prevent Vocal Fatigue

The human voice is incredibly resilient.

However, there is a limit to just how much misuse, or abuse, it can take.

Smoking and excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption may all distort the natural sound of your voice.

But jolting your vocal chords into action by belting high notes, without warming up, maybe the easiest way to sabotage a vocal performance and damage your voice.

Protect your voice by warming up before you sing. Your warm up regimen could be any light vocal and physical exercise sequence.

Beyonce has her own somewhat bizarre vocal warm up ritual. However way you do your own, it should:

  • Increase blood flow to the larynx to prepare it for the added exertion
  • Adjust your speaking voice to a singing one
  • Exercise your upper body to relief tension, and avoid vocal fatigue

And finally:


Don’t Run Before You Can Walk: Give Your Voice Time to Develop

This is a common but potentially fatal mistake.

Too often people see Beyonce sing, are blown away by the power of her voice, and immediately want to imitate her.

Bad idea:

These people’s voices will unlikely be as trained as Beyonce’s.

Don’t be one of them. Otherwise, you could be looking at years of frustration ahead of you.

Full, strong voices come naturally to a lucky few. For the rest of us, vocal depth, strength, and agility takes careful training and years of practice. Beyonce has trained hers for all of two decades.

You Can Sing Like Beyonce

There is clearly no silver bullet when it comes to vocal mastery.

And this article is by no means exhaustive. There are other tips.

But the tips we have discussed here are the closest you will get to that magic bullet.

No matter how talented you are, some of the tips - like consistent practice and professional coaching - must become permanent and inextricable parts of your musical development.

Without these must-know tips, your singing career will not evolve, if it’s even taken off. It will plateau at some stage.

Are you ready to ramp your vocal game several octaves higher?

I have prepared a guide in which we share 8 Secret Singing Tips.

Download the guide for free and find even more tips on how to sing like Beyonce.

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Beyoncé's personal trainer spoke in detail about her workouts in the gym

Of course, now, during her pregnancy, the singer has ruled out hard exhausting workouts. But her trainer Marco Borges is sure that after the birth of the children, Beyoncé will return to her usual exercise regimen that will help her regain her ideal shape.





stretch marks

“First of all, Beyoncé tries to exercise five or six times a week. But this is on the condition that she does not have tours. Although even on tour she cannot do without a 30-minute run. This type of load develops endurance and strength, therefore, at concerts, the girl does not suffocate and can sing and dance at the same time. If you have never run, I recommend alternating running (1 minute) with walking (2 minutes) for half an hour. Gradually, you will get involved and will be able to overcome any distance with ease.

“Boxing and tug of war is a great way to recharge your batteries for the whole day or get rid of a bad mood. Performing these simple (at first glance) exercises, you can quickly run out of steam. But you should overcome yourself, step over fatigue, through all "I can't do it anymore", and then you will feel like the master of the world. By the way, these exercises also work to increase endurance. If you don’t have a rope or a “pear” with gloves at home, then stand in a push-up position: bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor and back. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times for four sets.

“One of my favorite exercises is the weighted squat because it targets all muscle groups. This is especially good for the buttocks and legs, which are immediately included in the work. Even if you do nothing else, the result will still gradually appear. For example, Beyoncé and I do this exercise like this: we put our feet shoulder-width apart, take dumbbells in our hands, hold them at chest level, and spread our elbows to the sides. And we begin to squat, making sure that the knees do not go beyond the tips of the fingers. Getting up from the squat, we take the hips back. It is enough to do 15 times in four sets so that the body begins to beg for mercy. But don't give in and go to your goal."

“Another balance exercise that helps Beyoncé to easily perform any difficult steps in heels while dancing on stage. Stand on a chair, bend one leg at the knee and lift it to your chest. Then lower and immediately start lifting again. Do 15 reps for four sets and switch legs.

“Each of our workouts ends with a stretch, which I advise you to do regularly. Lie on your back, pull your straight leg as far as possible, for example, the right one, throwing a towel over the arch of the foot. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then repeat the same with the left leg.

“As for the diet, Beyoncé adheres to, or rather, adhered to before pregnancy, a vegan diet, which helped her get rid of those extra pounds. But since she moves a lot, I recommended that she add plant-based proteins to her diet in the form of a smoothie. So after a workout, she drinks a drink made from pea flour, almond milk, fruit, and spinach. It helps muscles recover quickly.”

Beyoncé turns 38 - Gazeta.Ru

American singer Beyoncé was born on September 4, 1981 and has been immersed in music since early childhood. "Gazeta.Ru" tells about the rapid career of the singer, launched at the suggestion of a strict producer father.

Three-time Grammy winner Beyoncé Gisele Knowles-Carter, alias Beyoncé, was born on September 4, 1981, to a recording professional and costume designer. From early childhood, the girl went to jazz and ballet lessons, and at 19In the 1990s, she entered a school with a musical bias, where she sang in the choir for several years.

In high school, the singer founded the school quartet Girl's Tyme, which later grew into the famous group Destiny's Child.

Initially, the pop group consisted of Beyoncé, LaTavia Roberson, Kelly Rowland and Letoya Luckett.

The perky girls caught the attention of producer Arne Frager, who flew to Houston specifically to see them live. He brought the singers to his studio, but soon stopped working with them after the failure on the TV show "Star Search". According to the producer, the vocalists chose the song incorrectly and were unable to demonstrate their skills by performing exclusively rap.

As a result, Beyoncé's father Matthew Knowles took over the management of the team, devoting all his time and the lion's share of the family budget to this. This caused the divorce of the singer's parents, but this did not stop Knowles: he continued to actively promote the group and organize its participation in various events. In 1997, a talented producer brought the quartet to a contract with Columbia Records. Later, the already accomplished star Beyoncé said that at the beginning of her career, her father forced her to run 5 kilometers daily, singing songs. In his opinion, such training helped the artist to easily sing and dance at the same time.

At the same time, the group changed its name to Destiny's Child, taking the name from the Book of Isaiah, and recorded the soundtrack for the film "Men in Black".

In 1998, the band released the album Destiny's Child, which sold 3 million copies worldwide and went platinum. The album's most popular single was "No, No, No", which reached number one on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number three on the Billboard Hot 100. For their first album in 1998, the band received three Soul Train Lady of Soul awards: "Best R&B/Soul Group Album of the Year", "Best R&B/Soul Group Single" and "Best Newcomer".

Destiny's Child's real breakthrough was the album "Writing's on the Wall", released in 1999. The band's second album debuted at number six on the Billboard 200, topped the US R&B and pop charts in the early 2000s, and was certified eight times platinum.

In 2000, the final composition of the team was formed - it included Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Their best-known songs from that period were "Jumpin' Jumpin'", "Say My Name", "Independent Women Part I" and the theme song for the movie Charlie's Angels.

Recorded in 2001, four times platinum in the US, Survivor debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and sold 663,000 copies in its first week. The singles "Independent Women Part I", "Survivor" and "Bootylicious" became hits that are still popular today.

The band's fourth and last album "Destiny Fulfilled", released in 2004, turned out to be a little weaker - it went platinum "only" three times. In the first week, 497 thousand copies of the collection were sold.

During the Destiny Fulfilled tour in June 2005, in front of 16,000 fans in Barcelona, ​​the band announced their split. The performers said that they decided to develop individual careers in music, television, theater and cinema.

“We have been working together as Destiny's Child since we were 9 and touring since we were 14. After much discussion and deep soul-searching, we realized that our current tour provides an opportunity to leave Destiny's Child at its peak, united by friendship and complete good feelings from our music, our fans and everything, ”MTV News quotes them.

After the official breakup of the group, its members periodically reunited for filming in Beyoncé's videos and individual performances. In 2019, the Daily Mail reported that the team could reunite in 2020 at the initiative of Beyoncé. According to the media, the celebrity, as part of the old trio, plans to record several tracks and go on a huge tour of the US and Europe. In addition to the 30th anniversary of Destiny's Child, the reunion of the band is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the entry of soloist Michelle Williams into it.

“Beyoncé is desperate to get the girls back into the trio. She couldn't find a better date than 2020, when they will celebrate two decades of the final formation of the line-up of one of the world's most famous girl groups, ”said the source of the publication.

Over the years of her solo career, Beyoncé has become a real icon of the world show business. Immediately after the breakup of the group, the singer starred in the film "The Pink Panther" , in which her composition "Check On It" also sounded. Beyoncé's next acting job was the role of Diana Ross in film Dream Girls . Thanks to this tape, the star was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress and Best Song.

Focusing on her musical career, on September 4, 2006, in honor of her 25th birthday, the singer presented the album B'Day. In the new record, you can see that Beyoncé's performance style has become more diverse. The album immediately broke into the first line of the Billboard 200 chart.

Learn more