How much is a lap dance in toronto

Best Strip Clubs in Toronto? : askTO

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A subreddit for people to submit questions to Torontonians and about Toronto and receive constructive responses.

Created Jun 13, 2013

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To the Strip Club Guy

I just spent 30 minutes writing this out, then you delete the thread. I'm posting a new thread in hopes it will be upvoted so you'll not only see it, but realize that others feel the same way and support what I have been trying to tell you.

I've not sent this in a PM to /u/Bloodrot as it's clear you disregarded my previous one. Maybe some community support will show you I'm not just talking out of my ass here. This is not a joke. And, for anyone else that may be going down a similar path in your life, please read this and consider it.

Remember me?! I was the guy who gave you all the advice in the highly upvoted and top comment in your last thread about strip clubs. Here's the link for anyone interested :

Now, I'm going to write this out one more time and I'll also explain why I never returned another PM of yours all in one fall swoop. This new thread confirms my suspicions. You've got a problem and you're going down a VERY bad path. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I think you need to see a therapist and SOON. Here's why.

  • I VERY clearly said DO NOT GO BACK to the peelers after you've been once or twice. Now you've been back 8 times in the past 2 months. You didn't listen, not even in the least.

  • In the PMs I offered to talk to you, meet with you and try and give you some help to overcome some of the social anxiety you were describing. I wanted nothing in return but to see someone do better for themselves. I retracted that offer once I realized there was no way in hell I could help you and what I would be teaching you would be abused.

  • You see women as objects. The EXACT opposite of what I was trying to explain to you. I could tell that from the few PMs you sent already. Now it's proven hand-over-fist. Spending $1000 over 8 visits? That's averaging $125/visit. That's a lot of lap-dances, brother. People who see women as people, not objects to throw money at don't spend $1000 on lap-dances in 2 months. I would DARE you to call your mother right now and tell her how much you've spent on dances. I would call mine right now and tell her without hesitation. For the record it's $40 in the past 3 years.

  • You're in WAY over your head. $1000 at the peelers in 2 months is a LOT of money. AND you're a broke student. You have NO BUSINESS spending this kind of cash there. Shit, nobody should be doing this, regardless of income or free cash. You have quickly formed an addiction, whether you believe it or not.

  • Your post history is littered for requests for different porn / women related things. Ya, we all love a little porn now and then, but shit dude. Your life seems to revolve around Internet porn, strip clubs and video games. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. I REPEAT. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY.

Ugh, I'm getting frustrated just writing this. You told me you wanted and desired to have relations with women. On the path you're taking right now YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THIS. No woman in her right mind would EVER date you. Sure, you may get laid a few times but she's see through that shit in no time flat and get that stalker / womanizer / I might get fucking locked in a basement dungeon and used as a slave vibe off you. Why? Because I sure as fuck am, and if I am as a man, expect that vibe to be magnified 10x for a woman. You are exhibiting some really fucking disturbing behavior. I'm very serious here.

You've said elsewhere in this thread that you're just a scrawny 19 year old dude who can't get women so you pay them to give you attention. You know what you do to fix that? Stop fucking paying them. That $1000 just bought you a full year at the gym plus a ton of one-on-one personal training sessions. Go. 3 times a week. Don't even give me some bullshit like you don't have time. You damn well know you do and you're a fucking liar if you say otherwise. Build yourself up, build your confidence and change who you are not only physically, but mentally. THEN begin your journey down the road of women. I told you this too. You obviously didn't listen.

I'm not even going to touch on all the shit you mentioned about your social skills and some of the very serious problems you're getting yourself into there. You haven't listened to a damn thing. This is the path you're VERY quickly going down. Read these points CAREFULLY and think about them. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE BECOMING OR ALREADY ARE :

  • The guy sitting at the back of the strip club sucking back beer after beer, alone, with no friends and a handful of cash, bored, but doesn't know what else to do

  • The guy who starts by spending $100/week there, but ends up spending $1000/week there

  • The guy who runs out of money so he resorts to other means. Selling drugs, illegal activities, whatever. Anything to get his fix. Slowly degrading himself from higher end clubs to the sleazy, cheap, bottom of the barrel places where he's more than happy to have "amber" rub her 45 year old saggy tits and chlamydia ridden snatch all over him for a 10-spot.

  • The guy who has never had a true sexual relation in his life. His sex life purely consists of paying women for any sort of intimacy. You have a price list memorized for each "service".

  • The guy who's never had a woman look him in the eyes and tell him he's cared for, loved and desired.

  • The guy who's now become an alcoholic, drug abuser, and decides regularly which one he needs most that day.

  • The guy who at the end of it all is now paying the women who routinely hang around the motels down Kingston Road, Hotel Waverly, or other "questionable" establishments for "attention".

Fuck man. I'm not kidding in the least. You have developed a sickness. You need PROFESSIONAL help from a TRAINED psychiatrist. You need to begin seeing them ASAP, and you need to be 100% honest and truthful with them. Show them these threads, show them the PMs between us from 2 months ago, and tell them all the shit you haven't told us here because it's too dark to bring to the public light, even anonymously.

You say you're going to U of T, there's almost certainly some sort of benefits or someone you can talk to, even for a consultation and referral through your student union. UTILIZE THAT. I AM NOT FUCKING JOKING. Here's a few links to get you going.

  • Good2Talk is Ontario's free, confidential and anonymous post-seconary student helpline - 1-866-925-5454

  • U of T "Caps" - Welcome to Counselling & Psychological Services - They DO deal with Anxiety, Depression and Relationship problems; all of which you are exhibiting.

  • U of T Life - More links for help for students requiring assistance.

everything you need to know about the new laws

Recently, one of the main topics of discussion on Parliament Hill has been prostitution in Canada and sex workers. The second phase of the bill regulating prostitution has already begun. It is planned to complete the work on this issue by the end of this year. Is prostitution legal in Canada? The relevant hearings have already begun by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committees. Many who had access to the bill expressed their opinions about it, which are very different: someone fully supports, someone proposes amendments, and someone is in favor of forgetting about this idea forever.

Below is a glimpse of what the government is about to propose.

1. Clients will also be liable

The bill criminalizes the use of sex services. Penalties include prison terms, which in some cases can be as long as five years, as well as monetary fines, which increase as you get more.

2. What is considered a sexual service?

The bill does not specify what counts as such. The definition of an act as a sexual service will depend on the decision of the court. A legal brief from the government, which was given to the committee during the drafting of the bill, states that acts such as lap dance and masturbation in a massage parlor are regarded by the court as a sexual service or an act of prostitution. Be that as it may, such activities as striptease and the production of pornography do not fall under the concept of sexual services.

3. What about the sex workers themselves?

They will also face penalties under the bill, though authorities say sex workers will get more. Under the bill, it would be illegal for a sex worker to discuss the sale of services in a number of places. It will also be prohibited to receive any "material compensation" from the sale of sex services.

4. What about those who stand above sex workers?

Anyone who “receives financial or any other material compensation knowing that it was earned through the provision of sex services” faces up to 10 years in prison. Those who can go to jail do not include those who have a “legal living arrangement” with a sex worker, those who sell a “service or product” to sex workers on the same terms as the general public, and those who offer private services to sex workers for a fee proportionate to the service and as long as sex is not involved.

5. Can sex workers advertise their services?

This is one of the key points of the bill, according to which it is a crime to knowingly advertise an offer to provide sexual services. Potential venues for such advertising include newspapers, weekly publications that may contain advertisements, and websites. Attorney General Peter McKay believes such publications could face a ban on publication: “This includes all forms of advertising, including advertising on the Internet. Anything that instigates or promotes what we consider to be the practice of prostitution will be punished, although the court has yet to determine what fits that definition.” Some have approved of this thinking. They include Janine Benedet, an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia, who is generally in favor of the bill, though she thinks some changes should be made. “I didn't expect it [the bill] to contain safeguards on advertising, but I will say that this step is quite important because this kind of speculation needs to stop,” she said.

6. Can anyone advertise sex at all?

Yes, sex workers themselves. The bill includes a privilege that “no one will be punished for advertising their own sex services,” although the sites themselves that place such ads may be punished.


What else is contained in the text of the bill?

The draft law also expands the concept of the criminal code on weapons, which will now also include things "used or made for use in order to bind a person against his will." This change has been approved by the main Canadian Police Association. The bill also establishes new minimum prison sentences for kidnapping - at least 4 years.

The government has pledged $20 million over 5 years to help sex workers leave their regular jobs. However, Ottawa has not confirmed exactly how the money will be spent, and various critics of the idea, including high-ranking police officers, believe that such an amount is not enough.

8. What made you take such measures?

The Supreme Court invalidated existing Canadian laws, namely the ban on owning or working in a brothel, the ban on "living off the proceeds of prostitution", and the ban on discussing the provision of services by a sex worker in public. On the other hand, the court found that such precautions offended the List of Rights and Freedoms, undermining the rights of sex workers to life, safety and liberty. It's part and parcel of life, and critics warn that the new bill does essentially the same thing and thus could also run counter to the list.

9. Why is the government doing this?

Yes, because the Supreme Court is already in a hurry. Without new laws in Canada, there is simply nothing to regulate the situation with prostitution.

10. What is the current status of the bill?

As soon as the committee's work with him is over, he will be returned to the House of Commons. At the moment it is handled by the Senate.

Source: The Globe and Mail

Immigrants' notes about Canada: Lyudmila Tarasova

In our Immigrant Notes About Canada column, we will be talking to interesting personalities from all over Canada. Here, you will get acquainted with amazing stories and Canadian life of different people. Today we will ask questions to a certified teacher of English and such exams as IELTS and CELPIP - Lyudmila Tarasova from Toronto.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do in life?

Hello dear friends. It turned out that it is not so easy to start talking about yourself. What I do? I work, dance, sometimes I relax with my family, my daughter Anyuta and my husband Alexei, but not very often - we have only been in Canada for about three years and so far we have not been able to find a balance between work and leisure. Starting to write a book on how to prepare for IELTS at the request of my students. Unfortunately, although many books by worthy authors on this topic have already been written and published, for a number of reasons they do not always reflect the real situation and often do not allow those who wish to fully use the necessary resources. My problem is that I have been trying for quite a long time to collect all the achievements and materials that have accumulated over almost twenty years of teaching English, and, as usual, there is not enough time to dive into this activity with my head.

What industry do you work in?

As I said, I teach English, I work in LINC - the state program for teaching immigrants English, preparing those who want to IELTS, with which I worked for about thirteen years as an instructor and examiner, and for CELPIP, in which I am an accredited instructor. In addition, I am a member of the Ontario Association of Translators ATIO, and I translate texts from Russian into English and vice versa. I occasionally translate into French, which I studied at St Petersburg University during my student years. I occasionally write for Milton Villager magazine in English. I also give dance lessons, more and more often individual ones - I teach ballroom dancing, salsa, the basics of choreography, I put on compositions, including wedding ones.

Do you think this industry is in demand?

It's hard to say... I think everything first of all depends on your skills and qualifications. Teaching English to a non-native speaker in a country where English is the main language sounds at first glance like nonsense. However, my three majors, obtained at the St. Petersburg State University at the Faculty of Philology, were recognized here as three master's degrees in teaching English, German philology and translation. All this, combined with years of teaching at St. Petersburg State University, nines in IELTS Academic and General (nine is the maximum mark for this exam), and a number of my published articles and translations, brought me an offer to work as an English teacher during our study visit, and then gave me the opportunity get TESL Ontario accreditation quickly. By the way, I teach the language not only to immigrants, sometimes Canadians turn to me - native speakers who want to get a second higher education, who need to improve their grammar and writing skills. If we are talking about dancing, this is very much in demand, especially if you have European equipment. My hobby, and I have been dancing since the age of 5, gave me the opportunity to earn extra money in Canada.

How did you choose the country to live in? Was it a conscious choice or was it fate?

In fact, first of all, we wanted to leave our country, and although I still miss St. Petersburg and consider it the most beautiful city on Earth, but, as I often say, it has one drawback - it is located in Russia. I would not like to go into detail about the reasons for our immigration - this is a long story, I can only say that if everything suited me and my family there and if I were a true patriot of Russia, nothing would force me to leave - I do not really believe in patriotism from the outside. Many factors influenced our decision to leave the country. I want to note one thing - we lived quite well there, had good jobs and housing, all our relatives remained there, but certain things and views outweighed. Returning to the question, we wanted to leave quickly, and there are only two options for quick and fairly simple immigration - Australia and Canada. We read, learned, Canada seemed preferable in terms of climate, living conditions, distance from Europe, so our choice fell on it.

Why did you choose Morden as your immigration city in the first place? Describe your feelings about this city

It's very simple - this is a town that gives a chance to leave quickly, which was our goal. At first, on my visit, Morden fascinated me - small, quiet, clean, with all the signs of civilization. I sincerely hoped to live in it all my life. Then, when we arrived and settled there, this sweet magical dream turned out to be a nightmare for me. We lived there for eight months and at the end of the winter we left, without waiting for favorable weather conditions, through almost half of Canada, in cars and with things. Emotions have subsided now, impressions have been erased. What can I say about Morden? This is really ‘the middle of nowhere’, as the Canadians themselves call such towns and Manitoba as a whole, that is, complete wilderness. Perhaps someone is pleased there and everything suits them, I respect the choice of these people and will not continue a detailed description of this place - why offend them? If you are interested in my emotions at that moment, welcome to my blog on Live Journal, where I shared my still fresh impressions.

Did you immigrate alone or with your family? Have you encountered any difficulties?

With family: with a daughter, who at that time was 14 years old, and she was admitted to the ninth grade, that is, to high school, after finishing the seventh grade in Russia; and with her husband, who had worked for many years in an American factory, which, however, did not help him make much progress in English. It was easy for my daughter from the very beginning, since I myself taught her English from early childhood - high marks, ease of communication with native speakers. Plus, she is into figure skating, which is popular here too. She did not limit herself to communicating with Russian-speaking peers, almost immediately became friends with a Canadian girl whom she met at an animal shelter, where she began volunteering immediately after her arrival and from where, by the way, she chose a cat for herself. But my husband, who studied German at school and institute, had difficulties with the language, which is understandable. You may ask: how is that? Wife is an English teacher and can't teach her husband? It's true, I can teach anyone but him. However, this is a common situation in the families of teachers. However, now he attends exactly my group in LINC, so he still has to be trained))).

As for me, as I mentioned, I arrived with a job offer already prepared, two to be exact: an IELTS teacher from Red River College and a dance teacher from Dance Works. But the total number of hours could not provide the desired salary, and despite the fact that my husband found a job pretty quickly, I began to take steps to find a permanent full-time job. Unfortunately, I practically could not teach online because of the very poor quality of the Internet available in Morden. I had a chance to try to work as an educator in a local kindergarten, from where I ran away right before signing the contract ... Then I did not know yet that lice in children in kindergartens in Canada is almost the norm. At least, neither in Morden nor in Toronto will you surprise anyone with this. She applied for a teacher's assistant - she was accepted, but she herself refused, since we had already decided on the move and three days later went to Toronto. It seemed to me that this level of work is still not what I dreamed of when immigrating to Canada. Yes, in the future it was planned to have more hours both at dances and at college, where they offered to give lectures on the history of Russia and Europe, but I already felt life in that town on myself, I was able to look around and realized that this was not for us. I had a chance to talk with local politicians, who strongly advised me not to waste time on this town. And they were right....

Why did you decide to move to Toronto later on?

It seems to me that if you lived in large cities in the country of origin, here you have only two options - Toronto or Vancouver. If you speak French, you can consider Montreal. We also dreamed of peace and quiet, but peace is different. Now we live in a lovely part of GTA, around exactly the level of silence that we expected. No more, no less. Why Toronto in particular? I knew that this is the center of the Canadian economy, the most opportunities are concentrated here, as well as jobs. And another important point is the proximity to Europe and the European part of Russia, which plays a significant role for our family.

Which of the international English exams (IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP) would you advise people to take as proof of English for those who are going to move to Canada?

If we are talking about those who have not yet moved, then only IELTS. They will not be able to take CELPIP, as it is currently accepted only in Canada. TOEFL, the American English language proficiency test, could be taken if not for a few “buts”. Firstly, it does not meet the requirements of Canada's immigration programs, that is, it is useless for standard immigration routes. Secondly, it will not be very useful here either, if only for study, but you need to find out if the educational institution you have chosen accepts it. However, after the first “but”, the rest are no longer relevant. So if you are not yet in Canada, your option is IELTS.

Tell me some stories from your work experience that would be interesting and possibly help immigrants

I don't know how interesting this is... Maybe it will help our people to worry less about their ability to speak languages. Immigrants sometimes come to my LINC classes, quite young people who neither know English, they are absolutely illiterate in their native language - they can neither read nor write . .... And nothing, they study and achieve success. So value yourself and your knowledge, no matter how shallow it may seem to you. You will definitely learn, and you will definitely be successful. Studying is not easy, but do not let despair take over you. Everything will be great in the end!

Tell us about your experience in 2 provinces Manitoba and Ontario

In short, if you want to stay professional or move forward, the towns of about 9,000 people in Manitoba are not for you. Key roles have long been distributed, significant positions are occupied and will always be occupied due to family succession. Basically, there is a need for staff. I think the situation is different in Winipeg, but I can’t say because I didn’t live there. Unfortunately, it seems to me that it is impossible to compare Morden and Toronto, they are completely different types of cities.

In general, each place has its pros and cons, it all depends on your passions and your goals in life. If you are used to big cities and active life, want to build a career, spend your leisure time in a variety of ways - you are in Ontario, if you prefer nature and silence - then Manitoba is more suitable for you, especially its northern part. Although, I must admit, I personally prefer the nature of Ontario, I especially love the local autumn - incredibly beautiful!

What do you need to be prepared for when moving to Canada for permanent residence?

Do not expect help from anyone, rely only on yourself. Do not listen to horror stories, do not believe that if others have had problems, then you are also obliged. Everyone goes their own way, the history of each family, each immigrant is individual.

What do you like about Canada? (in Toronto)

Police don't take bribes, officials are ready to help you.... What else? Smiling people around, lack of a dress code in most cases.... Women respect themselves, choose their own lifestyle and partners, do not depend on public opinion for the most part... . The driving style, the situation on the roads - after St. Petersburg it's just a paradise, you relax and enjoy .... Understanding that work should be paid and worthy .... . The general standard of living, which is seriously above the average standard of living in Russia, even in large cities.

Specifically in Toronto, I love that you can find just about anything your heart desires - from food, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, leisure activities and the like.

What do you dislike about Canada? (in Toronto)

In Canada, education at any level was an unpleasant discovery for me. My daughter is in the 11th grade, at a Catholic school with a very high rating, she takes all subjects at the university level, all her grades are above 90%, while there is no stress from studying, very rare homework. The same thing happens in higher education institutions, as far as I know from my experience and the stories of colleagues. I admit that there are more difficult programs at universities. But I admit this possibility precisely because I want to believe in it. Otherwise, disappointment in the local education system will be complete. In addition, education is very highly specialized, which I personally do not like - I think that the brain does not develop and horizons do not expand. Although someone will consider such an approach to training specialists as a plus, I suppose.

When it comes to Toronto, the only thing that comes to mind is housing prices. Unfortunately, you have to pay very expensive and very large sums for a mortgage.

How do you spend your free time?

As I said, I have a catastrophically little of it ... But if it works out, we go for a walk with the family, visit all kinds of sights, want to go to restaurants, and right now we are watching the Stanley Cup hockey game. We love to travel the world very much, and have often visited different countries in our “past life”. I hope we will soon return to this pastime here, but for now there is no free time for travel.

What were your first impressions upon arrival in Canada?

She flew on wings, there were a lot of illusions, which were gradually dispelled. However, I have no thoughts of returning. In general, I like Canada as a country to live in.

Who would you recommend moving to Canada?

Only for those who really want to leave their country. You should really wish for it, because immigration, even a very successful one, is always hard, especially if you are not very young anymore.... Well, for those for whom it is important to comply with laws at the population level, at least. It is not always easy for our people to live where the laws work, because in this case these laws have to be observed.

What do you miss about Canada (Toronto) and would you like to change something?

St. Petersburg architecture is sorely lacking... Unfortunately, I can't change that. And, of course, we miss our relatives very much, and we also cannot change anything now, because they refuse to move. However, I do not lose hope to convince them all the same.

What advice would you give to future immigrants?

First of all, learn English. I heard that it is possible to live without language. Maybe so, but you will never become a full-fledged member of society, you will not be able to function and feel normal if you do not speak the language of the country.

Learn more