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Miss Potter: Katie Melua - When You Taught Me How to Dance (Music Video 2006)

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    • David Bamber(archive footage)
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  • Stars
    • David Bamber(archive footage)
    • Judith Barker(archive footage)
    • Lucy Boynton(archive footage)
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    Nigel Westlake - Composer Interview with focus on Miss Potter

    This interview was conducted by telephone on 4th January 2007, with Jim Paterson speaking to Nigel Westlake about his musical background and the (soon to be released) film Miss Potter which covers a key period in the life of Beatrix Potter.

    An audio version of this interview is also available for download as an mp3 podcast (23Mb).

    Musical Background

    JP: The Miss Potter film and soundtrack is going to be released shortly in the UK. I've a number of questions about the music, but first I'd like to understand a little bit more about your musical background and how you came to work in film music.

    NW: I began my musical career playing the clarinet. My father was the principal clarinettist in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and he taught me to play from about the age of 10, and for many years I aspired to become an orchestral clarinettist and follow in his footsteps. In my mid-teens I started experimenting with composition, and became quite interested in the process of composing and its impact on my interpretation of existing classical music, namely the music I was studying at the time, that being the clarinet repertoire of great concertos and so on. I began to write little pieces for my friends to play, a very diverse collection of instrumentalists from jazz, classical and rock backgrounds. We formed a band and we toured with the band for a few years along the East coast of Australia with some success. Through that experience I began to get invitations to compose music for Radio and Theatre and Circus, and by and by I became involved in film.

    My mother found a little ad in the paper one day which she cut out to show to me, which was asking for applicants to sign up for the first ever music and film course at the Australian Film and Television School based in Sidney. I applied for it thinking that I didn't have a chance of getting in but I did, and my work was noticed by some producers who were involved in the course and I was subsequently invited to write for some documentaries. During this time I was maintaining a career as a clarinet player. So I had for quite some time a dual career existence as a composer of television and media music, and on the other hand a classical career as a clarinettist in various chamber music ensembles. It was about 11 years ago that my composition career eclipsed my playing career and I started to get some fantastic offers to write film scores. But really it did interfere with my performing career, so at that point I began to concentrate fully on composition and I actually stopped playing the clarinet. So that's where I've come from. I'm a self-taught composer and gained a lot of my skills working as an instrumentalist with other instrumentalists, with a keen interest in contemporary music.

    JP: That's very interesting. You say that you were self-taught but you did attend that course in Sidney.

    NW: Well that was a short couse, about 8 weeks long, and it was more to do with the mechanics of fitting music with film. It wasn't a composition course as such but about applying music to film. I had as my tutor a brilliant American composer called Bill Motzing, who's been involved for many years now in a number of feature scores himself and more recently he's been doing a lot of teaching and orchestration for other composers. That was a wonderful introduction into music for film. I've also had a great opportunity to take my scores to other composers whose work I admire, and get them to commment on the work and give me feedback in a more informal situation. So "self-taught" is a bit of a long shot, but it has been more an informal approach to composition.

    JP: Yes, so you didn't study composition formally for 3 or 4 years at University. In your film music you mentioned a number of documentaries but, to my mind at least, you are most familiar as the composer for the Babe films.

    NW: A lot of the documentaries I've done have been for lesser known television presentations, but more recently I've been involved in Imax films, which in a sense are documentaries. I've done 5 Imax film scores to date, and that's a wonderful format to work in which is very different to the standard drama feature film score.

    Miss Potter - music box theme and song

    JP: So going back to Babe then, the first Babe film was directed by Chris Noonan just like Miss Potter. Have you formed a particular close relationship with Chris?

    NW: Yes, we formed quite a close relationship. It was a very healthy composer-director relationship that we established on Babe, and we always said that we would look for another project to work on together. Chris has been very busy the last 10 years or so developing a number of film scripts, several of which he'll now be bringing to the screen over the next few years. But Miss Potter was one that he felt would be interesting for us to work on together, so I was invited to submit some ideas for this score. In fact one particular idea which is in the centre of the film is a very touching scene where Ewan McGregor who is playing the part of Beatrix Potter's publisher, Norman Warne, is taken up to Beatrix's bedroom one Christmas Eve in order for her to present him with a beautiful painting that she has done as a Christmas gift for him to show her appreciation for his support of her work, in the publication of her first children's book "The Story of Peter Rabbit". He notices in the corner of her room a little music box. He picks it up and it begins to play. He says "Oh yes I know this tune which is "Let Me Teach You How To Dance"." He says he's a terrible dancer but the words are rather sweet. Beatrix says to him "Oh, you know the words. Can you please sing the words for me." and then Ewan proceeds to sing this song.

    Chris rang me up several says before they were due to film this scene and said we've got this song and we haven't got a tune for it. I think I'd like you to write me a waltz in the style of the popular genre of the period circa 1890s. It should be very formal, very sweet like a parlour song. This was of course a new venture for me having never written anything like this before, but I quickly dashed off a tune and sent it through to Chris on email as an mp3 file, saying "is this the sort of thing that you want? And if it is I'll keep developing it to make it better for the shoot". He wrote back a couple of days later saying "Yes, we've shot the scene and the tune worked beautifully, thank you very much. Would you like to come to London and write the score? Because I think that this theme should be incorporated as part of the score of this film and you're obviously the person to do it. So it was with great excitement that I packed up and moved to London for several months and worked very closely with Chris on the score. I had the wonderful opportunity to work in London with fantastic, top-of-the-tree session musicians. I had the great priviledge to work with people like Maggie Rodford at Air-Edel and of course Mike Batt and Katie Melua who came on board at the very last moment.

    JP: So how did that happen? Were you involved?

    NW: What happened was I got a call from Maggie a couple of days before I was due to leave London to return to Sidney, because the score had all been recorded and the job had wound up. Maggie said "Look, the producers are interested in turning the music box tune into some sort of pop song for the end credits." Of course my immediate reaction was "It's a waltz. When was the last time a waltz was like a popular song? Maybe 80 years ago or something." She said "I think you should give it a go, and I think the perfect person to work with would be Katie Melua, and Mike Batt. " Of course I'd known of Mike Batt's work for many years, his work on the Wombles and his music theatre piece "The Hunting of the Snark". In fact my mother played in his orchestra when he toured to Australia with that show. She brought home a CD of his work and played it to me, saying here's a distinguished chap who's doing some good stuff. So I was really quite familiar with Mike's work.

    So I went up to his studio one morning and he said "OK we've got the band booked at midday and the orchestra's coming in at three, and Katie's coming in at six, so where's the song?" I said "Well here's the music box tune. Basically we have to turn the lyrics around." Because in the film it's sung by a male: "Let Me Teach You How To Dance" a sort of patriarchal male gesture. In the case of Katie singing it, Mike turned the whole thing around and in 40 minutes and re-wrote the lyrics for this beautiful song "When You Taugh Me How To Dance". So that in a sense becomes the spirit of Beatrix Potter reminiscing on her early days, and her first romantic encounter with her publisher Norman Warne. When I played it to the editor of the film, Robin Sales, he said it's just like Renee Zellwegger actually singing it in the style of Beatrix Potter as it encaptulates the spirit of it, the slightly eccentric, quirky yet warm spirit of Beatrix herself. And it happened in 12 hours!

    JP: So no time pressures then!

    NW: No, you know what it's like in film. So it was great to have Mike there. He works so closely with Katie and understands her voice. To write those lyrics so quickly, he's just a genius you know. That was great. We sent the finished tape along to the mixing session, and all the producers were absolutely overwelmed with the response. They were very excited by it, and so it becomes this prominent song at the end of the film.

    JP: I've heard the soundtrack obviously, but I've not seen the film as it's not been released yet.

    NW: As you'll see Jim that theme is a recurring theme throughout the score, and in a way it becomes Beatrix's theme that accompanies her through this labyrinth of emotional turmoil that is encapsulated within this six years that cover that period of her life.

    Miss Potter - other aspects of the score:

    JP: Other than this key theme then, what kind of direction did Chris Noonan give you? What kind of guidance?

    NW: The score works on several levels. The other thing we spoke about in great detail was the fact that you're dealing with characters from the Victorian era, very straightlaced, people never said exactly what they were thinking. It was a very cloistered and repressive environment. All the time there's these deep emotional undercurrents underpinning the action on screen. You're not actually looking at that on the screen but you know that it's there because of the dramatic context of the work. So Chris wanted the music to take on this almost subliminal aspect, and try and support the undercurrents of the dramatic context that was happening between the various characters. So the score in some instances is working on that level, and then in other instances you've got the beauty and wonder of Beatrix's imagination, the creative spark that helps her create these wonderful characters in her books. That in itself is another strand of the score, where a particular theme is used, orchestrated with celeste and harp to give a sort of magical quality to the work.

    JP: As I've said I've not seen the film, but trailers from the film have been shown on TV, and some of the characters in the illustrations in her books are animated. Is there a lot of animation and did it require a special approach to the music?

    NW: No, I'm not sure that I've seen that particular trailer but the characters only come alive for very brief moments and not very frequently. So more often than not there might be a very subtle musical reference to their actual movement when they're animated. It's more a case of the music supporting Beatrix's inner life, her fantasy world. So there's no great slabs of time where the characters are interacting with her. You only get the occasional blink of an eye or character running off a page or something like that. It's not an animation in that sense, in the traditional understanding of the word animation. Certainly animation is used very effectively but very subtly as part of the film. It wasn't like working on a cartoon.

    JP: Yes. It's sometimes hard to get the impression of what a film's like from a trailer because it emphasises particular moments. The other thing I wanted to ask you about is that Rachel Portman is credited with 3 of the tracks on the album. How did that come about?

    NW: That was a directive from the producers. They felt that she had a certain approach that was appropriate for several scenes in the film. So it came to be that she wrote a theme which is used on a number of occasions for Beatrix's involvement in the Lake District. Towards the end of the film Beatrix moves to the Lake District and buys up a lot of farm land up there and becomes very attached to this place, because that's one of the great heritages of her life as she left all this land in its original condition to the British people. So it was seen as appropriate that Rachel become involved. I guess she had a particular approach or sound that they were looking for, so she wrote a few tracks for the film.

    JP: It seems to blend quite well together on the CD.

    NW: That's good, I'm glad you said that, Jim. We didn't actually collaborate at all, we were working quite separately. She was being supervised by producers so I wasn't really sure what they were up to. She had been listening to my score when she started work on the film, so she followed a very similar pattern in orchestration.

    JP: Yes, that's right, the instrumentation is obviously very similar, just strings and woodwind with piano, and you mentioned harp and celeste.

    NW: Yes, that's right. We had pretty much an identical orchestra between us.

    JP: Were there any other aspects of the film that you saw as being key to the music, or particularly difficult to score.

    NW: I guess the most challenging aspect of the score was dealing with transitional passages in time. For instance there's one track on the score which is track 9 on the soundtrack which is "Beatrix and Norman", which is basically establishing Beatrix's relationship with her publisher. She is forbidden to marry him by her parents because he is seen to be a tradesman and beneath them. So the parents say we're going on a vacation for 6 months. If at the end of that time you still love him then you can proceed and get married. There's this wonderful scene, a big romantic emotional peak of the film where he comes to see her off at the station on her way to the Lake District for her vacation. As you'll see in the picture this has to traverse some very interesting, emotional moments, and either side of that railway sequence is a bunch of footage of Beatrix and Norman together. That was quite difficult to make those transitions between those quite intimate scenes and then lightening up into a larger orchestral palette for the farewell at the station and situations like that. Once I had the thematic material at my finger tips it was then a matter of fitting it to picture and making those transitions seemless and as effortless as possible which is always a challenge. So that was the most challenging aspect of it.

    Next Steps:

    JP: I'll look out for that scene in the film when it comes out. So what's next for you musically. Have you got other projects lined up, or maybe you're already in the middle of some projects?

    NW: Yes I've got many things lined up over the next couple of years, several orchestral commissions for local orchestras here in Australia and some chamber music works. And I'm looking at a few film scripts at the moment, one of which is with Chris Noonan again, based in South Africa, a film called called Zebras. This is a very exciting script, and he's going into pre-production shortly on that one. It will involve a lot of traditional African music as well as orchestral underscore. So I'm very excited about that. We'll see if that comes off, you know how it is with films: You never know until it's actually in the can. So plenty of work which is great.

    JP: I think we're coming towards the end of our allotted time, I want to thank you very much for your time. It's been very interesting listening to you and I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it comes out.

    NW: Great, Jim, great to talk to you and I hope you enjoy it.

    JP: Thanks very much and best wishes on those future projects that you talked about including Zebras.

    NW: Thanks very much, Jim, and best wishes to you also.

    JP: Thanks very much and goodbye.

    Ready translation Overpowered Harry potter / Suppression of Harry Potter / OP Harry Potter: Chapter 13 ::

    "Having fun at Hogwarts"

    New Uchiha photo tag all over the newspaper. Every magical newspaper published it. All students talk about it.

    Harry is waiting for the first lesson to start. He's waiting for Professor McGonagall. She should come and start her lesson. Students come and fill the benches. Ron and Hermione also arrived on time and approached Harry. Hermione hugged Harry tightly. She never felt uncomfortable.

    - Welcome back, Hermione. I didn't know you were coming, Harry said to Hermione. Ron just watched from the sidelines.

    - I wanted to keep it a secret. But it's pretty hard to catch you. I've been looking for you everywhere. Even I didn't go to the library, would you believe it, said Hermione to Harry. She wanted to borrow a book from the library to study on her own.

    – You should have come to the library. I've been there all this time. You didn't have to look for me everywhere," Harry told Hermione. Hermione and Ron looked at Harry as if they were seeing a rare animal.

    “But you never went to the library early in the morning,” said Ron to Harry. He never saw him go to the library before class. This is Hermione's work.

    - I go to the library once or twice a day. You don't know what new things you might discover. I learned a lot of new spells from the library,” said Harry. Hermione watched them silently. She definitely missed a lot of events while she was in the hospital.

    – Sometimes it seems to me that you have become a completely different person. Now you have a completely different atmosphere. You've changed a lot in the last month,” Ron said to Harry.

    “Other is not the right word, Ron. You could say that I evolved while facing some difficult circumstances. Life is unfair, as many people think. You just have to evolve over and over again,” Harry told his friends. He is waiting for the lesson to start. Harry chose another book to read.

    – It seems strange to me when you read such books. You're becoming more and more like Hermione and I can't tell the two of you apart,” Ron said to Harry. He's not in the habit of seeing Harry do the same thing Hermione does. It's one thing that makes him very upset.

    - Do you like Hermione in that way? Does my reading remind you of Hermoine and her habits? Then you could imagine me in her place, and then it would upset you even more, ”Harry told Ron. Ron couldn't think of an answer.

    - Do you think Harry will take my place? Or something like that? Hermione asked a question. She found nothing wrong with their statement.

    – Maybe Ron is in love with you. Sometimes he imagines me as his crush. It upsets him whenever I read a book in front of him. I take your place in his mind, which is very embarrassing for him,” Harry told them. Ron didn't have time to interrupt Harry's speech. Hermione looked at Ron and for some reason almost blushed.

    "I thought you were in love with Hermione," Ron said defensively. He sees that all of Hermione's attention is focused on him. So he tried to turn his attention to Harry.

    – I don't see her like that. Don't blame me for your thoughts. Maybe I look at her the way you look at Ginny. And don't drag me into your love affairs. In the future, don't get confused between me and Hermione. This feeling doesn't suit my taste,” Harry told Ron in one breath. Hermione and Ron quickly understood what Harry wanted to tell them. Harry wanted to avoid Ron's jealousy in the future.

    – Damn it! What you just said is not true! said Ron Harry. He was always confused about his feelings for Hermione. But today Harry almost exposed him in front of Hermione.

    – Do you remember that I'm still here? Talk about the girl in front of her. Besides, we're only 12 years old," Hermione said to both of her best friends. She's not ready for this kind of conversation.

    - I know there are 12 of us. But you both fight like couples at the beginning of the first year. It reminded me of when Draco tried to tell her something this year. Who was the first guy to come forward to bewitch him? It's Ronald Weasley, Harry said to Hermione. Ron accepts Harry's statements. Both Hermione and Ron couldn't deny the facts presented by Harry. They chose to remain silent.

    Harry rolled onto his side and saw Neville and Dean Thomas looking at him.

    "Neville, Dean, tell them to take my word for it," Harry told his roommates. Both of them suddenly found themselves in a terrible situation. Hermione and Ron looked at them, waiting for an answer.

    - They fight like a couple. My mom and dad do this all the time when they disagree with each other,” Dean told them. He made his position clear.

    - I find this strange. When they quarrel, argue and very soon put up with each other. But... Hermione had never quarreled with Harry like that. She never actually fought or argued with Harry,” Neville told them, mustering up his courage. Before they could say anything else, the Ravenclaw students arrived. And soon Professor McGonagall followed them.

    "Good luck Ron, you need this," Dean said to Ron. And I decided to look towards the professor. Hermione and Ron decided not to talk about it for now.

    The whole class greeted the professor. After that, she began to explain what would be at the lesson today. She gave them a cool task to transform a simple stone into a beautiful flower with a sweet scent.

    Harry overdid the task due to recent events. He turned the stone into a bouquet of different flowers that emitted a pleasant aroma.

    - I just asked you to turn the stone into one flower, but you did a good job turning it into several different colors. They have a completely unique flavor. 20 points to Gryffindor. Try not to overdo it with Transfiguration next time, Mr. Potter," McGonagall told Harry. She went to see the other students transfigure.

    – How did you do it, mate? Tell me, said Ron to Harry. The other boys around him are also looking at Harry.

    – Imagination is the key to transformation. The more clearly you see it, the better you will transform it. You should think about the flower you want to give Hermione. Maybe if your love is true, you can transform it,” Harry told Ron. His friend doesn't want to tell Harry anything. But Hermione is starting to get annoyed by Harry's teasing. She never thought that he would tease her in the middle of class.

    "Shut up, Harry," Hermione told Harry and returned to her task. She immediately completed her Transfiguration, blushing. But what surprised her was that Ron actually transformed the rock in front of her into a pair of sunflowers.

    "Neville, look, our suspicions are correct," Harry said to Neville. He looked back and saw that Ron's Transfiguration had been successful. Professor McGonagall noticed the commotion and returned.

    - I'm not surprised by Miss Granger's success, but you surprised me with your improvement. 20 points again to Gryffindor, for both of your transfigurations. And five more points for your efforts, Mr. Weasley,” said Professor McGongall to Hermione and Ron. She's back. Harry wanted to laugh so hard when he saw Ron's face.

    "Your love is powerful, Ron," Dean teased. Hermione wanted to run away from this class, but she couldn't. She will never forget this day in her life.

    "Harry, we'll talk about this later," Hermione said seriously.

    - I'm busy, Hermione. You see, now I need to find myself a girlfriend. Maybe it's good to be in love. I should ask the elders for some advice. I should ask Angelina, Alicia or Katie about how to date a girl. I will definitely do it,” Harry said to Hermione. She wanted to hit him for not asking her for help.

    Why don't you ask me? Hermione asked Harry. She never saw him as an outspoken person.

    "You just said you were only 12. But I want to ask girls who are 14 or 15. I want to learn how to dance so I won't be embarrassed later," Harry told his friends. It suddenly dawned on Ron, Dean and Neville. They don't know how to dance.

    – Damn it, I can't dance. Friend, if you find someone to teach us how to dance, please let me know,” Ron said helplessly to Harry. Then he saw Hermione's face, which for some reason looked disappointed. But she didn't tell him anything.

    – I also want to learn how to dance. Don't forget about me,” Neville said quietly to Harry. Dean decided to ask him later because of the attention they get from the other students.

    – Okay, I'll let you know, Neville. And Ron, you should have asked Fred and George. They are professional dancers. They can help their brother in their spare time,” Harry told Ron.

    They stopped talking to take notes. They are still in the classroom.

    After class, Harry quickly left the classroom before Hermione could catch him. She wanted to scold him. Neville and Dean followed Harry together. Now she would have to go with Ron. And there is an awkward silence between them.

    Harry went to get ready for Quidditch practice. Fred, George and Oliver are already in the locker room.

    "Harry, you're just in time," Oliver said to Harry. It looks like he's happy with something.

    - Did Professor McGongall accept the offer of morning practice? Harry asked. He began to change into his Quidditch gear.

    – By the way, everything went better. I didn't have to explain everything to her,” Oliver told Harry. After they changed their clothes, they went down to the ground and met up with their teammates.

    – You look quite happy today, Harry. Did something interesting happen? Fred asked Harry as they walked.

    - I figured out why Ron and Hermione always fight. It didn't end the way I wanted. Instead of thanking me, they chase me all over the school. I had to run away from them after school. But I didn't forget the look on Ron's face. It was fun and I wanted to laugh in the middle of our class,” Harry told Fred and George. The twins looked at him suspiciously.

    - Don't tell me our little brother Ron found a girlfriend. And that girl is Hermione,” George chuckled. He quickly understood the situation.

    - He's actually rather shy. I just noted that they fight as a couple. Then in the Transfiguration class, I told him that if his love was true, then he could transform a stone into a flower if he thought of Hermione, and he did it before Hermione. Then I teased them a little, and Hermione wanted to scold me. That's why I ran away from her after school," Harry told the twins. Even the three girls from the team listened in on their conversation.

    "Looks like we've found some blackmail material," Fred said to George. Both grinned at each other. They made a mental note to tease their little brother about his crush later that day.

    – Angelina, can you dance? Harry asked Angelina with high hopes.

    - I can dance. Why are you asking me? Angelina asked Harry. She never thought that Harry would ask her about something like that. Outside of a Quidditch match, they never talked about anything.

    – Can you teach me how to dance? Harry asked her. She thought for a moment.

    – I can teach you how to dance. But you know I don't have free time,” Angelina said to Harry. She doesn't really have free time.

    – What about Alicia and Cathy? Do you have free time to teach me how to dance? Harry asked the other girls.

    “I'm as busy as Angelina,” Alicia told Harry. She is in the same class as Angelina.

    "I can teach you in my spare time, Harry," Cathy told Harry. She is a year older than Harry. And Harry and Kathy joined the Quidditch team at the same time.

    – Thank you Cathy, you save my life. I don't know what my future wife would say if she knew I couldn't dance. Don't worry, I'll send you a nice dance dress for Christmas," Harry said dramatically to Cathy. The girls just laughed at his words.

    - Aren't you too young for a wife or girlfriend, Harry? Angelina asked Harry.

    – Today I saw the power of love. I want to know what it's like to date a girl. Cathy, let's go on a date,” Harry said to Cathy. The girls looked at him like he was playing a prank on them.

    “I have a boyfriend, Harry,” Cathy told Harry. She didn't want any rumors to spread.

    – No problem, let's take your boyfriend on our date too. We can invite our whole team on a date. I will date everyone and I will feel the power of love,” Harry told them in a childish tone. At the very least, he'll have to pretend for a bit that he doesn't know anything about the date. For them, he is Harry, a 12-year-old child.

    - You don't seem to know anything about dating. We have many things to teach you,” Oliver said to Harry. The girls were too shocked to answer him.

    – What about kisses? Will you teach me that too? Harry asked Oliver. Fred and George wanted to laugh out loud. "Oliver teaches Harry how to kiss." The girls couldn't help but laugh.

    "Harry, we'll talk about this later," Oliver said to Harry. He can't explain things like that in front of girls. Harry saw a beautiful Ravenclaw girl coming from the other side.

    – Hello, sunshine. What is your name? – politely turned Harry to girl. She stopped and looked at him for a few seconds.

    "Cho Chang," Cho said to Harry. She already knows about Harry. She is a year older than him. Harry took her right hand and kissed it.

    – Let's meet. I will wait for you at Christmas. Send me your address by owl so I can pick you up for our date,” Harry told her. He didn't know he could be so brave.

    “Good,” said Cho Chang to Garry. Someone asked her directly, and she does not want to refuse. It was the first time someone had directly asked her out on a date. Most people are embarrassed to talk to her. Some people send her love letters, but she never answers them.

    "See you later, Cho," Harry said and left with his team. Cho looked back for a few seconds, and after he disappeared, she went back to the Ravenclaw common room.

    "That's very brave of you, Harry," Angeline said. She had never seen a guy who could boldly ask a girl out on a date when they first met, except for Fred and George.

    – Did I do everything right? I saw this somewhere. The guy confidently goes to meet the girl and asks for a date. Then the girl says yes. This suits my character. I'll have to ask her for kissing lessons later. I won't feel good if I have to kiss Oliver. It must be disgusting,” Harry told his teammates. He wanted to have a little joke with his Quidditch team.

    "I'm a good kisser, but I'd hate to have to kiss you," Oliver said to Harry. The whole team laughs at his statement. They got to the training ground.


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    Harry Potter with a Russian soul - Fourth year. Part 1

    This summer we spent two weeks on vacation in Italy. When I returned home, I made magical engagements with the Patil sisters. Visited the magical hospital where Sirius Black was being treated. The medical wizards reported that the patient had memory loss, mental blockages, and exposure to potions. At the moment, his health has been restored. Met the Malfoy family.
    - Lucius, may I ask you to look into Black's innocence case?
    - Of course, Harry. But it will be difficult to prove his innocence.
    - For proof, I have a living Peter Pettigrew. He has already been interrogated, but I do not plan to transfer the traitor to the hands of the Ministry of Magic yet. They can organize an escape for him.
    - Are you planning to stay in the shadows?
    - Yes. Here is the conclusion of the witch doctors about Black's health and the procedures performed.
    - Well, with such data, the process will go quickly.
    - Lucius, it's better for you and your friends to go to the final of the Quidditch Championship, say, to Europe and so that a lot of people can confirm this.
    - Harry, do you know something?
    - Maybe not calm. And this is the best option.
    - I understand you. Honey, do you mind visiting Beauxbatons?
    In August, The Daily Prophet reported on a Death Eater attack during a Quidditch Championship.
    On September 1st, during a gala dinner, the headmaster announced that Quidditch matches were canceled as the school would be hosting the Triwizard Tournament.
    Alastor Moody has become the new DADA teacher.
    - You have mastered the opposition to dark creatures quite well, but are far behind in terms of spells. Spells come in different strengths and forms. On the recommendation of the Ministry of Magic, I must teach you anti-spells and not show you the dark spells that are learned in the sixth year. But Professor Dumbledore thinks you can handle it. What dark spells do you know?
    "Father spoke," Weasley said uncertainly. - the Imperius Curse, or something like that...
    - Oh yes. said Moody.
    He got up with difficulty and took out a jar of large spiders from the table. Taking out one, he applied the imperius to it. The spider performed somersaults and, standing up on its hind legs, danced. The students laughed.
    - Will you like it if I want to apply this to you? the professor said unkindly. - Full controllability. Following the arrests, the Dark Lord's supporters claimed to have been under Imperius. It can be overcome, and I will teach you how.
    Moody put the spider back in the jar.
    - What other spells do you know?
    - Cruciatus. Finnigan said.
    The professor took out another spider. Enlarged it and applied Crucio. The spider began to writhe in pain.
    - Who owns the Crucio does not need to have improvised tools to inflict pain. Who knows anything else?
    "Avada Kedavra. .." Granger said.
    - The spell of death. smiled the professor.
    He demonstrated it on the third spider, a green flash and it fell down dead without damage.
    - It cannot be reflected. Only one survived and he sits in front of me. Moody looked at me. - This spell requires power and desire.
    We spent the rest of the lesson writing down everything we learned about spells. After class, Ron called me.
    - Potter! That's how your parents died. I wonder what they experienced? and he laughed.
    - Do you want to meet them and find out? - I looked at him.
    - Are you threatening me? he growled.
    - Well, what are you. How can I threaten the son of such a bright family who call themselves friends of my parents. Only where they were when their help was needed.
    "Harry..." Hermione began.
    - Granger, watch your friend better. I interrupted her.
    A week later, Granger created her famous G.A.W.N.E. She suggested that everyone take part in the movement and refuse the services of house elves.
    - Potter. drawled Draco when he saw the poster for the new movement. - Would you like to support this movement? You protect everyone.
    A crowd immediately gathered around us.
    - No. I don't want to get into this. Granger, do you want to kill all the elves?
    - I want them to be given freedom! she replied indignantly.
    - Teens!
    - Mr. Potter, wanted something. - asked the appeared housewife.
    - This student wants to give you freedom.
    - For what?! Ugly girl! Do not dare! Elves don't need freedom!
    - But it will be better for you.
    - Mr. Potter. Tell her.
    - Teens. She doesn't want to understand it. This student wants to refuse the services of house elves. Help her with this.
    - Will be done. And the elf disappeared.
    - Potter, you must help free them. Granger didn't hesitate.
    - Are you deaf? They are happy with their lives. Why did you decide that you know how it would be better for others.
    In the next DADA lesson, Moody decided to practice teaching us how to resist the imperius. The professor called the students in turn and cast a spell. The Gryffindors did whatever his left heel wanted, and the Slytherins and our friendly Vultures were able to resist the spell. It was my turn too.
    - Imperio!
    I stand looking at the teacher. No strange desires arose.
    - Imperio!!!
    No effect.
    - Do you feel anything?
    - No. And should?
    - Are you immune to Imperius? Moody was surprised. - What were you thinking at the time of the spell?
    - That I don't want submission.
    This lesson ended.
    At the end of October, delegations arrived from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The French women sat down at the Ravenclaw table, while the Durmstrang students preferred the Slytherin table. At the end of the dinner, a "goblet of fire" was brought in, and the director explained what measures would be taken to ensure that only students over the age of seventeen participated.
    - We are glad to see you. Draco spoke up. - I hope we can be friends. If you do not mind, I invite you on behalf of my friends to friendly gatherings.
    - We accept your invitation. they exchanged glances.
    After dinner, the Durmstrangians, after talking with their director, went to our living room. The Ravenclaws, as friends, invited the Sharmbatons.
    - It's comfortable here. - looking around, said Krum.
    - We often gather with friends here during the cold season. Draco replied.
    Housewives brought us tea and biscuits.
    - Are you really all friends? Fleur asked.
    - Yes, we have been friends for four years. And we hope that we will continue to be friends.
    We discussed the similarities and differences of schools, the girls discussed fashion, the guys discussed different models of brooms. Discussed the incident at the Quidditch Championship. After talking a little more, the guests went to rest.
    - And who will participate from Hogwarts? Draco asked.
    - During the tournament of the three wizards, there is a very high mortality among the participants. Vincent said.
    - I want to try. Everyone looked at Diggory.
    - Why are you doing this? Zhou was surprised.
    - It is easier for finalists to enter further studies.
    - Is it worth taking such a risk because of this?
    - I'll try.
    - But then you can't refuse.
    - We will all help him. Malfoy summed it up.
    And we went to our bedrooms.
    In the morning, the students of Durmstrang marched in formation and threw name sheets into the goblet. Then there were the students of Beauxbatons led by Madame Maxime. The Weasley twins tried to drop their names, but were repelled by a spell and rewarded with long beards.
    After dinner, everyone was looking forward to the verdict of the cup. Here the first piece of parchment flew out of it, with burnt edges.
    - Durmstrang Champion - Viktor Krum. read Dumbledore.
    To applause, Krum went to the room, which was located at the teacher's table. Here the next parchment flew out of the goblet.
    - Beauxbatons Champion - Fleur Delacour.
    She got up from her seat and followed Krum. The third parchment flew out.
    - Champion of Hogwarts - Cedric Diggory.
    - Excellent! We now know the names of the champions. I'm sure I can rely on all of you, including the students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Your duty is to provide all-round support to friends who have fallen to defend the honor of your schools ... - the director fell silent.
    The flame in the goblet shot up, and another parchment flew out of it.
    - Harry Potter. Dumbledore read in confusion.
    Hall froze. I got up from my seat.
    - I Harold James Potter swear by magic and life that I did not throw a parchment with my name into the goblet.
    - Harry Potter, please come here. - said the director.
    I approached him. He sent me to other members. I went into the room and sat down on a chair. Ludo Bagman soon entered.
    - Incredible! he exclaimed. - The Cup chose Harry as the fourth winner!
    The door opened and headmasters, Mr. Crouch, Professors McGonagall and Snape entered the room.
    - Harry, did you throw your name into the goblet? Dumbledore asked sternly.
    - Do I look like a psycho?
    - Answer the question!
    - I swore an oath about this in the great hall, is that not enough for you?
    "Headmaster," McGonagall protested. - He's underage. He cannot participate.
    Moody entered the room.
    - Champions are bound by a magical contract. Whether they like it or not, they will have to participate in the tournament. Someone dropped Potter's name into the goblet. Knowing that if his name came up, he would have to participate in the Tournament.
    "So someone helped Hogwarts bite the same apple twice," Madame Maxime said.
    - I completely agree with you, - Karkaroff nodded. "And I intend to file a protest with the Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation of Wizards..."
    - Why should he protest! - Madame Maxim was indignant. Such an honor for the entire school. For a thousand Galleons, many are ready to give their lives!
    - Or maybe someone wants Potter to give his life. Moody replied. After these words, an oppressive tension reigned in the room.
    - What's the point of my protest? They will still force you to participate.
    - Well, - Bagman smiled. - It's time to give the champions the appropriate instructions. This honor, Barty, is yours. You dont mind?
    - The first round will test your ingenuity, - Crouch began to explain. - We do not initiate you into what test you will face. It is extremely important for a wizard to act boldly and resourcefully in unexpected circumstances. The first round will take place on the twenty-fourth of November in the presence of spectators and the refereeing team. Participants of the Tournament are forbidden to accept any help from teachers. The champion's only weapon is a magic wand. At the end of the first round, you will receive instructions for the second. Given the effort and time spent to prepare for the Tournament, champions are exempt from annual exams.
    After listening to the instructions, I left the room.
    - Harry. - our whole company was waiting for me in the corridor. - How are you?
    - It had to happen. There are too many who want me dead. Cedric, we need to discuss something.
    - Yes, of course.
    We went into the Slytherin common room.
    - The first stage will be dragons.
    - How do you know? And how did your name end up in the cup?
    - Diggory, it's not that important. I didn't claim to be a champion and I don't intend to. You don't want to risk your life for money. And the name was thrown by the one who benefits.
    - Do you know about all the stages?
    - Yes. Take the golden egg from the dragon, save the dear person and the labyrinth in the lake, get to the winner's cup. The most dangerous is the labyrinth. We must be prepared for danger.
    - So we will prepare. What will be the ideas?
    - Master as many spells as possible in the shortest possible time without wand magic and non-verbally. After the first stage there will be a Christmas ball.
    - Harry, who will you go with? asked Luna Lovegood.
    - I don't know. - I was confused. Probably Parvati.
    - Harry, why don't you call Luna. Parvati suggested. She will look great next to you. And then, I think, no one will refuse to dance with you.
    - Right. The rest of the girls supported her. - Let's change partners.
    - Who is talking about what, and the girls are talking about the ball. Malfoy sighed.
    - Draco, - Daphne looked reproachfully. - The destiny of a girl is to believe in the victory of a man and give a holiday.
    In the morning the Gryffindors looked askance at me.
    - What, Potter, could not resist and decided to participate? - who would doubt, Ron Weasley and company.
    - Weasley, how can you consider yourself a pureblood. You simply do not know that the oath given by me yesterday proves my non-involvement.
    Since that time, we have not paid attention to the Vultures and have been preparing for the tournament. All friends expressed their desire to participate. In their free time, they interacted with students from other schools. At one of the meetings, Delacour introduced us to her younger sister Gabrielle, who came to support her sister. During the preparation for the tournament and communication, time flew by unnoticed.
    During Potions class, Colin Creevey entered the classroom.
    - Harry Potter is called upstairs. Mr. Bagman is waiting for him.
    - You may go Mr. Potter.
    Colin admired me all the way to the tournament. I entered a small auditorium. The tables had been moved to the end of the room, leaving an empty space in the center. Three are put together in front of the blackboard and covered with a velvet cloth. Behind them are five chairs. Ludo sits in one, talking to an unfamiliar witch in a scarlet robe. Victor Krum, Cedric and Fleur are talking on the sidelines. A full-length photojournalist with a big black camera was waiting in the wings. Seeing me, Bagman joyfully jumped up to me.
    - And here is the fourth champion! Come in, Harry! Don't worry, it's just a wand testing ceremony. Now come the members of the judging team.
    - Checking wands?
    - It is necessary to check what condition they are in, if there are any breakdowns. This is your main tool in the competition. A specialist in this field is now upstairs with the director. After the ceremony you will be photographed. Meet Rita Skeeter. Bagman gestured at the woman in the scarlet robe. - She is doing a little material about the Tournament for the "Prophet".
    - Not so small, Ludo. Rita corrected.
    Her hair is styled in tight curls, her glasses are trimmed with jewels, her fingers end in long nails covered with red varnish.
    - Is it possible to have a short interview with Harry before the ceremony? she turned to Bagman. - The youngest champion will undoubtedly add liveliness to the article.
    - Of course! Harry, do you mind?
    - I object. - I looked at the journalist with a firm look. - Miss Skeeter, don't write too much. I hope we understand each other.
    She nodded slowly.
    Four judges entered the audience: Karkaroff, Madame Maxime, Mr. Crouch and Headmaster Dumbledore. Rita settled herself in the corner, took out a parchment from her bag, licked the tip of a quick-writing pen, and set it upright on the parchment.
    "Let me introduce you to Mr. Ollivander," Dumbledore spoke up. - He will check your wands to make sure they are ready for tournament battles.
    - Mademoiselle Delacour, let's start with you, if you don't mind. Mr. Ollivander stepped into the middle of the classroom.
    Fleur Delacour walked over to him lightly and held out her wand. Then there were Diggory and Krum. Mr. Ollivander was checking for scratches or unevenness. Who else do we have left? Potter!
    I got up, walked over and held out my wand.
    - Oak, thestral hair and black diamond pommel? - He was surprised. - You bought a wand made of holly and phoenix feather.
    - Yes, as a spare.
    Mr. Ollivander studied my wand for a very long time. Finally he tried to do some magic, but the wand only released a sheaf of purple sparks.
    - The work of an unknown master, it is protected from strangers. The wand is in good condition.
    "Thank you all," said Dumbledore at the judges' table. - You can go to dinner, the lesson is about to end.
    - And the pictures, Dumbledore! Bagman was worried. - All judges and participants!
    All the participants were photographed together and then separately. In the company of other champions, I went to lunch.
    - How did it go? Draco asked.
    - Skeeter really wanted to talk to me. I tried not to write too much.
    - I wouldn't be surprised if she wrote the article herself. You can expect everything from her.
    - Harry, let's take a walk in the evening. Padma suggested.
    - How can I refuse a charming lady.
    In the evening I met Padma in the hall and we went for a walk.
    - The guys found out that there is a clearing in the forest where dragons were placed.
    - Let's go get acquainted?
    A few minutes of leisurely walking and we are already at the edge of the clearing. The dragons were wonderful. I stepped closer to them, looking at them in admiration.
    - Do you like it? the tailhorn rumbled.
    - Yes, you are beautiful with primeval beauty.
    - Doesn't lie. - the Chinese woman was surprised. - We rarely meet people who sincerely admire us. Most people think we are ugly.
    - Do not pay attention to them. Not everyone appreciates true beauty.
    - Are you one of the participants? - asked the Norwegian.
    - Yes, but not by choice.
    - Whichever of us you get, we will help, with one condition, you will continue to study magical creatures and help them as much as possible.
    - Thank you, I don't want to harm you. I will be glad to be of service to you.
    And we said goodbye. I returned to Padma, who was waiting for me at the edge of the forest, and we went to the castle.
    - How did it go?
    - They promised to help. I just couldn't agree on Diggory.
    - Don't worry, the guys said they would help him. And it was decided to introduce you to them first. Draco said you could handle it.
    - I had no doubt that it was his idea. He believes in my uniqueness.
    - And he's right. None of our company was able to get close to the dragons.
    So we got to school. We were already waiting in the living room.
    - So how? Draco asked impatiently.
    - Everything went great. Draco, you were right.
    - Here, but you were afraid. He will get along with anyone.
    The day of the first test has come. After dinner, Cedric and I went to see the dragons. A tent was pitched not far from the dragon pens. In the corner of the tent sat a pale Fleur Delacour on a low wooden chair. Viktor Krum stood frowning.
    - Hello, Harry! Bagman exclaimed. - Come in. So, everything is assembled. And I will now tell you what to do. When the audience has gathered, I will open this bag. He picked up a small red silk pouch and shook it. - It contains copies of those with whom you have to fight. They are all different. Each in turn lowers his hand and takes out the one whom fate sent him. Your task is to take possession of the golden egg.
    Very soon the clatter of many feet was heard. Meanwhile, Bagman untied the silk pouch.
    - Lady, please.
    Fleur took out a tiny, accurate model of Welsh Green with the number two tag around its neck. Krum got a Chinese fireball with the number three. Cedric pulled out the blue-gray Swedish blunt number one. I got the Hungarian Horntail, number four. I stroked my dragon on the back, he closed his eyes contentedly.
    - There you go! Bagman said. - You have to meet these dragons. On the neck of the dragon is the queue number. I have to leave you, I am also a commentator today. Mr. Diggory, you'll be the first to enter the corral at the whistle, okay?
    The whistle has sounded.
    - God! It's time for me to run! - Bagman caught himself and hurried away.
    Pale Cedric went to the exit.
    - Our girls believe in our victory. I encouraged him.
    He nodded to me in gratitude. Me, Fleur, and Krum heard the audience roar. So Cedric is already in the corral. During his performance, the audience reacted with howls and shouts. Krum sat looking at the floor. Fleur paced the tent.
    - Everything will be fine. I am sure about that. Our friends and relatives believe in us.
    - Harry, thank you for your support. Fleur smiled.
    Krum nodded in agreement. Fifteen minutes later, a deafening roar announced that Cedric had grabbed the golden egg. The whistle blew again.
    - Three left! Bagman shouted. Miss Delacour, please!
    Fleur smiled at us and left the tent with her head held high, wand in hand. Krum and I were left alone. Three minutes, and another burst of applause. So Fleur did it too. Third whistle.
    - Mr. Krum, your way out! Bagman announced.
    Krum left and I was left alone.
    - This is insolence!!! Great!!! Bagman shouted.
    He was drowned out by the roar of a Chinese fireball, the stands fell silent.
    - Well, nerves! Not a man, but a machine! Yes!!! He grabbed the egg!!!
    The applause was deafening. Krum finished the round, now it's my turn. Here is the whistle. I got out and went to the paddock. Tribunes were erected around the corral. The audience is noisy. At the other end of the paddock was a horntail. Wings spread, yellow eyes sparkle. The scaly tail, covered in spikes, hits the frozen ground, leaving deep, meter-long footprints. The queen of heaven is angry. I was dressed in a suit made from discarded basilisk hide. His skin is in no way inferior to the skin of a dragon. He put the hood of his jacket on his head and went slowly to the tailhorn. She appreciated my costume and, not afraid to harm me, breathed fire on me. I turned my back on the dragon, and the flames flowed around me harmlessly. The stands were frozen. When the avalanche of fire passed, I continued to move towards the intended goal. More than once the horntail doused me with fire, but here I came close enough. We performed a kind of dance that snake charmers use to hypnotize their wards. The audience watched this dance of death in complete silence. While the dragon acted like a trance, I took the egg from the nest. The way back had to be overcome by running. Horntail decided to show that she was furious. From her breath, the earth around began to melt. From running to a safe distance, I raised the trophy above my head. A roar and applause erupted from the stands. Professor Snape was standing at the entrance to the pen.
    - Let's go to Madam Pomfrey's tent. She will check if you have any injuries. Mr. Potter, I remember with nostalgia the time before you were a student at Hogwarts. said the professor angrily. "Couldn't you think of another way?"
    - I'm sorry, professor.
    - Once for Christmas I was given a vial of wonderful liquid. Snape said dreamily, hinting at compensation for the spent nerves.
    - Professor, I can introduce you to the direct supplier of the goods.
    - As his dinner? He looked at me skeptically, arching an eyebrow.
    - Well, what are you, he is not so terrible.
    - It's hard to refuse.
    - Come in, Mr. Potter. - Madam Pomfrey in anger could compete with the dragon.
    She examined me carefully.
    - You are extremely lucky, Mr. Potter, everything is fine with you. What were you thinking, posing under the flames of the dragon!
    Leaving Madam Pomfrey's tent, met with Draco at the entrance.
    - Potter, I'm glad you're all right. Come on, we'll announce the result soon.
    Dumbledore and Crouch each scored nine points, Madame Maxime eight, Karkaroff four, and Bagman ten. The champions were asked to return to the tent.
    - You are all great! Ludo Bagman burst into the tent. - I want to briefly outline my future plans. The second round will take place on the twenty-fourth of February at nine thirty in the morning. But during this time you will have something to think about. Take a look at the golden eggs that you have in your hands, they open. Inside the egg is the key to the second task. He will help you get ready. - and he left the tent.
    - I propose to celebrate today's event in our living room. - I looked at the guys.
    - I think I will express a general opinion. We agree. Krum replied. Fleur and Cedric nodded in agreement.
    Our whole company met us near the tent. We said goodbye to the guests of Hogwarts until the evening, we went to school. Friends sent me to put myself in order, and they themselves began to prepare for the celebration. After taking a shower and changing clothes, he went down to the living room and sat on the sofa.
    - Harry. - Patil sisters sat down to me from two sides. - You did great. - and received a kiss on the cheeks.
    - Potter! Draco scoffed playfully. - How can you! You invited one girl to the ball, and you hug others.
    - Don't be jealous Malfoy. Although, envy how wonderful I am and how girls love me.
    Hearing these words, Padma was embarrassed.
    - And why are you so happy.
    - I'll sing about it.
    I remade the song and sang.
    "Because of my green eyes
    Everyone calls me a sorcerer.
    They tell me it's all not in vain
    I took your heart from you.
    Don't judge strictly people
    Have pity on me relatives
    Apparently in life I am destined
    To be happy forever."
    - Potter, you won't die of modesty. Draco laughed.
    "Mr. Potter," Snape entered the living room. - Is our agreement still valid?
    - Of course, professor. Let's go.
    I went to the exit.
    - Harry, what about the holiday?
    - I will have time to return to the beginning.
    The professor and I went to the secret room. There I called Sali.
    - Sssali, my teacher came to me. He is a salesman. Could you yat to him?
    - I can melt the yat, the skin, so he can take the bones that remain after my vow. With the condition that he will bring me meat.
    - Professor, he agrees. But he asks to bring him meat. It will give poison, a skin and you can take the bones of animals remaining after his dinner.
    - This is a very generous offer. I agree. But how will we communicate without you, Mr. Potter?
    - I think you can learn a few words in Parlsentang.
    I helped Snape learn the words.
    - Mr. Potter, Lord Malfoy said that you can remove the mark.
    - Yes, professor. Want to get rid of her?
    - Yes. It makes my life very sad. Harry, before you make any decision, I would like to tell you... It's my fault that your parents died.
    And he told in detail about the events connected with the prophecy.
    - I understand if you don't want to unmark me...
    - Professor, don't blame yourself for this. You have been used in the dark. The director needed the prophecy to reach the Dark Lord. We chatted, give us your hand. And let's go celebrate.
    I removed the mark from his arm and we returned to the living room. The evening passed in a friendly atmosphere. During the holiday, I noticed Gabrielle's glances at me more than once.
    In the morning, Tikki gave me a letter from Lucius.
    "Harry, I succeeded in proving Black's innocence. Peter Pettigrew was brought in for the final hearing. During the break, someone helped him escape. The goblins raised a huge bill for the Ministry of Magic. I hope his escape doesn't affect your plans too much."
    Wrote a letter of thanks to Lucius and assured him that such an outcome was quite predictable. I gave Tikki the book "Magical Creatures and Spirits of this World" and asked him to make a copy. When the book was copied, I showed which chapter of the book the elves of the Potter Menor should study. The elf nodded in agreement and disappeared with a copy of the book and a letter for Malfoy.
    After lunch, Professor McGonagall escorted me to the Headmaster's office.
    - Harry, come in. Meet your godfather Sirius Black. Yesterday at the Wizengamot they succeeded in proving his innocence.
    A man with aristocratic features and shoulder-length wavy hair was sitting in an armchair near the director's desk, who jumped up at my appearance.
    - Harry! How glad I am to see you!
    - Pleased to meet you and that you turned out to be innocent.
    - Harry, we are not strangers, so address me as you. Thanks to Dumbledore, I was acquitted. Now we will see each other often, and you will spend the summer holidays with me.
    - Harry, go. You have more lessons. - said the director.
    And I left the office. I wonder if the director managed to somehow influence him or not?
    This year, many students stayed at school for Christmas. In our company, no one was left without a partner, even junior students. At seven o'clock me, Theo and Blaze were already in the Ravenclaw parlor. It was decided that the guys go to the ball with Parvati and Padma. Half an hour later, he and Luna went down to the living room. The sisters made something airy and not real out of Lovegood. Offering our hand to our ladies, we went to the great hall. The guys immediately went to the hall itself, and the champions had to come in later, so Luna and I stayed in the hall. The rest of the tournament participants were already there: Krum was with Daphne, Fleur with Malfoy, Cedric with Zhou Chang.
    At exactly eight, McGonagall opened the doors to the great hall and we stepped inside. Instead of long tables, there were many small ones, the professor led us to the champion table, where we helped our ladies to sit down. Near the plates lay menus of dishes and everyone ordered what they wanted. After dinner, Dumbledore clapped his hands and the tables slid back against the wall, making room in the center of the room. A stage with musical instruments appeared, to which the musical group of the magical world "Vedunya" entered. The sounds of music rang out and we went to open the ball. After the first dance, we began to change partners. Our prank was supported by the guests of the school. From the outside, the change of partners looked chaotic, but our girls calculated everything and no one got confused. I was sitting on a chair, resting after a series of dances, when Parvati came up to me and sat down beside me.
    - Harry, I think Gabriel liked you.
    - She is a Veela. And they only have girls.
    - Sorry. She could be a good wife. How is your relationship with Luna?
    - She is unique in her vision of this world. If her father doesn't mind, then we could get engaged. You know, not everyone is ready to give their daughters to practically a harem.
    - The British are very conservative. Hence the low birth rate.
    Slow music began to play, the Delacour sisters approached us.
    - Harry, let's go dancing? Gabrielle suggested timidly.
    I gave her a reassuring smile and we went dancing.
    - Harry, are you engaged to anyone?
    - Yes. Do you already have a fiancé?
    - No. Father decided that we were worthy of love and gave us the right to choose. Although my grandmother was against it.
    - She can be understood. The older generation is much better at understanding people.
    - Did you enter into an engagement on the advice of elders?
    - No. My parents died, and relatives are far from the magical world.

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