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6 Bachata YouTube Channels You NEED in Your Dance Life

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If you love bachata then the six YouTube channels profiled below should be instant additions to your YouTube subscriptions list.  Each channel highlights different aspects of bachata dance, music and culture, and will help dancers further their appreciation for all that is bachata. This post will provide a high level summary of each channel as well as my current favorite video from each.

Adam Taub

Adam is one of the most influential bachata dancers on the scene today. Not only is he a leading instructor, but he is also the foremost documentarian on bachata dance. He has traveled to the Dominican Republic (the birth place of bachata) several times and his channel is an absolute must subscribe for those wanting to learn more about the roots of bachata dance, music and culture. If you only subscribe to one channel on this list, this would be it.  Adam Taub YouTube Channel.

iASO Records

iASO is the record label for several bachata legends including Joan Soriano, the late Ramón Cordero, and Edilio Paredes. The channel features videos on all things bachata including social dancing, dance demos, documentaries and music.  iASO Records Youtube Channel.

Areito Arts

Areíto Arts is an educational music and dance company directed by Dakhóta Romero and Edwin Ferreras. Edwin hails from the Dominican Republic and is a veteran instructor and performer who has been influential in bringing the Dominican bachata culture to dancers across the globe.  Dakhóta is a talented bachata dancer and instructor as well, and she is also an up and coming bachata music artist! Their channel features bachata, merengue and bolero performances, instructional videos and music. Areito Arts Youtube Channel. You can check out the Dakhóta Romero Youtube channel to find videos of her latest singles and performances.

Island Touch

You know them. You love them. They are the four headed bachata monster of Island Touch: Jorge “Ataca” Burgos, Tanya “La Alemana” Kensinger, Rudi “El Tiguere” Lopez and Bianca Derival. The channel launched in 2009 and their videos have received more than 425 MILLION views (as of this posts creation). Their channel serves as a testament to the growth and evolution of bachata in the latin dance community. Island Touch Youtube Channel.

The Salsa Room

Contrary to the channels title, The Salsa Room primarily features bachata social dancing videos.   The Salsa Room (TSR) is a bachata venue based in Washington DC and they have multiple socials per week.  The Island Touch team has been known to frequent these socials, so you’ll see several videos in which they’re featured. You’ll also find videos featuring a variety of other talented bachateros and bachateras.  The Salsa Room YouTube Channel.

Bachata Media

Based in Germany, Bachata Media features social dancing, demos and recaps of events. Bachata Media Youtube Channel.

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