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10 Basic Dance Moves Anyone Can Learn

Do you ever watch someone dance and wonder how they come up with moves so easily?

Great dancers often master a specific set of moves that they can fall back on again and again.

Read on for 10 basic dance moves you can learn in minutes and use every time you wanna dance.

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1. The Two-Step

When I first started dancing at parties, the Two-Step was the first move that truly came naturally to me.

It really is as simple as stepping from side to side to the beat!

If you're looking for something foolproof that allows you to just groove and enjoy the music...

Boom. Here it is.

2. The Monestary

This move was born in a club called Monestary out in St. Louis!

It’s built on a Two-Step, so if you took that class, you’ve already got a foundation for the footwork.

But rather than bringing your feet together, you’ll tap them to the front with your knee and foot turned inward.

Then, as you tap the feet, you’ll move your arms and shoulders in a circular movement.

3. Booty Pop (Side To Side)

Like the Woah, this sexy move is super TikTok-friendly – but with more feminine energy.

To do a booty pop to the side, you’re gonna bend your knees, put your hands on one knee, and then bring the other leg from bent to straight while turning your knee inward.

If you’re a long-haired baddie, be sure to keep all your hair on one side so it doesn’t flop in your face as you pop!

Read this article on How To Dance Sexy to get more tips on pulling off moves like this one!

4. The Billy Bounce

Surprise – this club-ready move is built on… a bounce!

But what makes it unique is that your knees will come inward on each bounce rather than just up and down.

Once you’ve got the funky lil knee bounce down, you’ll add in an upward kick on each side.
The best thing about this move is that while the footwork takes a few minutes to learn, you don’t necessarily need to add an arm movement to make it look cool.

Just keep your arms front and center.

5. The Woah

Even if you’re not actively involved in the dance community, you’ve probably seen people hitting the Woah – on TikTok, Reels... all over your newsfeed!

Whether you wanna make a viral video of your own, or you’re just looking for a fun, basic dance move to pull out at the clerb, this one is too good not to learn.

Since the locking arm motion is so sharp and pronounced, use the Woah to accent the heaviest bass beats in your favorite songs.

6. The Dougie

Yes, the Dougie is a real dance move!

Like the Two-Step, you’ll be shifting your weight from side to side, but this time, adding some shoulder movements and a lil more attitude.

Try this one out to some songs other than the one that made it famous – you’ll find it works with any hype beat.

7. Scoop Arm Into Hip Sway

Sooo this one is more of combo than a move, but it only takes a few minutes to learn and it works with any fun sassy song…

So it deserves to be here, ok?!

For this move, you’re gonna scoop your arm across your chest, then bring it over your head, and finally point it in front of your chest.

Once you point the arm in front of you, you’ll sway your hips from side to side and groove it out.

8. The Bust Down

The Bust Down was popularized by LA rapper, Blueface, in his 2019 club jam “Thotiana”.

You’re gonna grab your belt, put one arm in the air, and allow your body to dip with the beat.

Note: Licking your eyebrows like Blueface is fun, but not required. 😛

9. The Biz Markie

The Biz Markie is an old school party dance inspired by, you guessed it, rapper Biz Markie!

It rose to popularity in the 90s, when Biz Markie himself began performing it on stage.

As you practice it, remember to allow your shoulders to bounce – the bounce is what gives this move its cool, laidback flavor.

Wanna learn more about classic Hip Hop moves? Read this: How To Dance Hip Hop for Beginners

10. The Humpty

For this bouncy move, you’re gonna circle your hips to one side as your bend your knees.

Then, you’ll jump and cross your legs, allowing your feet to tap the floor briefly before you jump back to your original legs apart position.

Once you’ve got that down, you can complete the move by adding in a windmill motion with your arms.

The leg cross in this move makes it perfect for any Hip Hop song that features a double bass (aka that BOOM BOOM sound that you hear in songs like “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama)

We hope you enjoyed learning some of our favorite basic dance moves.

Of course, this list is just a start!

In addition to the 10 moves on this list, STEEZY Studio has 100+ other FREE beginner classes where you can learn step-by-step from the world’s best teachers.

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Dancing with Myself: everything we know about Shakira's show

Liza Koshy judging Dancing with Myself (Image credit: Fernando Decillis/NBC)

Hoping to be the newest face of dance competition shows, Dancing with Myself slides on television with a nuanced idea. The series follows everyday people showcasing their skills as they attempt to replicate the dance moves in each challenge designed by celebrity judges and guests. 

The idea of the show is to mimic the fact that every week people are trying to learn whatever new dance craze is trending across social media. If you need an example of what we mean, check out comedian Kevin Hart and others as they attempt the "Aye Bay Bay" TikTok Slide Challenge.  

Here’s everything we know about Dancing with Myself.  

When is the next Dancing with Myself episode?

The season finale episode of the latest reality show craze Dancing with Myself airs Tuesday, July 19, at 10 pm ET/PT. If you haven't yet joined the new dance phenomenon, Peacock is currently streaming the first episode for free. 

The new episode airing tonight is titled “Robot Grooves” and here is the synopsis: 

" A grad student, a retail manager, identical twins and eight other contestants from across the country enter the Dancing with Myself pods to battle it out over six dance challenges set by celebrity creators Shakira, Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy."

Check out a sneak peek of what you can expect to see on the new episode. 

Dancing with Myself premise 

NBC describes the premise of the series as the following:  

"NBC’s new primetime series Dancing with Myself is inspired by the millions tuning in to watch the latest dance crazes on social media. Dancing with Myself will see a group of everyday people compete each week in a series of high-energy dance challenges designed and demonstrated by the show’s celebrity creators Shakira, Nick Jonas, Liza Koshy and host Camille Kostek. 

Shakira, Liza, Nick and Camille will perform the new dance challenges created specifically for the show, which contestants will have to tackle. They will also enlist the talents of guest celebrities who will submit their own challenges. Isolated in their own pods, contestants have a short time to learn the new routines, add their unique flair and then perform their hearts out in front of a live studio audience. 

As each round of the competition progresses, the creators on the judging panel provide instant feedback and choose their favorites to advance, along with audience picks. Ultimately, however, it’s the studio audience that decides who is named the best dancer of the night and gets to take home the cash prize."

It's safe to say the series is definitely different from other dance competition shows like So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.  

Dancing with Myself season 1 judges 

Nick Jonas (Image credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp)

Arguably the most notable dancer joining the Dancing with Myself panel is the legend herself, Shakira. Having sold over 80 million records, won three Grammy Awards and inspired numerous people to want to move their hips in ways that only she can, Shakira has built a career as a top-tier entertainer. The "Whenever, Wherever" songstress not only sits as a judge for the new series, but is also on board as an executive producer. 

By the way, if you need a refresher on Shakira’s talent, check out the Super Bowl Halftime Show she co-headlined with Jennifer Lopez.

Joining Shakira as a judge is the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas. Jonas first amassed global success starring alongside his brothers in a number of television shows and, of course, singing with them as a member of their band. He’s since gone on to star in films like the Jumanji movies and actually served as a judge on the US version of The Voice. As reported in Deadline , Jonas became a part of the Dancing with Myself panel as it was announced that Shaquille O’Neal exited the project. 

Last, but certainly not least, Liza Koshy also serves as a judge for the dance competition. Her name may not be instantly recognizable for some, but Koshy earned millions of fans from her video content on Vine and YouTube. In 2017, she became the fastest personality to reach over 17 million subscribers on YouTube and in 2019 she was included in Time Magazine ’s list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.  

Dancing with Myself host 

Hosting Dancing with Myself is model and actress Camille Kostek. This isn’t Kostek’s first dance with reality television. She currently hosts the Wipeout series and on several occasions has served as a guest co-host on Entertainment Tonight.  

Dancing with Myself season 1 trailer 

NBC has released this fun sneak peek of what viewers can expect to see this season on Dancing with Myself. However, we can't say that we readily saw Nick Jonas as a dancer, but he may prove us wrong. 

How to watch Dancing with Myself 

Dancing with Myself will air live in the US on NBC. Those without traditional cable/satellite television can watch episodes as they premiere using live streaming platforms that carry NBC such as FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Not able to catch the episodes live when they debut? No problem. New episodes will become available to stream the next day on Hulu and Peacock. 

Additionally, we expect UK audiences to be able to view the show using their Sky TV or Now TV subscriptions to access Peacock. 

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Dance4U dance school | Nizhny Novgorod | dance studio | modern dances | children's dances | dance lessons | street dancing | dance video.

Hello friend!

My name is Oleg. I am one of the founders of Dance4U. I want to tell you the story of how and why Stas and I created our dance school, what we had to go through, and how we see our future.

I would really like you to finish reading this story, at the end you will find 3 gifts from me personally! Thus, I thank you for your time! nine0003

So, Stas and I had a dream: to bring goodness and light through the art of dance, to make a positive contribution to the development of dance culture in Russia and to show people that there is a completely extraordinary world, whose name is “dance”. Its possibilities are endless. He inspires, makes stronger and even heals spiritual wounds, if you get to know him better. This dream guided us then and continues to this day.

The starting point can be considered October 2009, then the idea to create something of my own was born. We doubted for a long time, because this is a serious decision. But my father gave us confidence, he was a rather serious organizer of jazz concerts and the director of a well-known radio station, so we turned to him. Oddly enough, he believed in us, saying: "Go for it." I take this opportunity to say: “Thank you, Dad, for everything you have done for me. You have always been, are and will be the best example for me!” nine0003

Next we needed a name. Of course, the best place to generate it was McDonald's. By the way, there is a theory that many companies started in McDuck.))) We wanted something trendy and interesting. The name Dance 4U fits perfectly. After all, here and fashionable abbreviations have a double meaning. On the one hand, we say that the dance was created specifically for a person, dance and enjoy life, and on the other hand, we show that we are dancing for you or for you, in order to give emotions and receive them in return. nine0003

Well, there is a name. Next we need a team. We started recruiting like-minded people. And the first to join us was a wonderful girl Natalya Zabrodina, now known as Natalya Mafia. Now she is my wife and we have a beautiful daughter, Milana. And all thanks to dancing and our firm decision with Stas to go towards our dream.

We gave ourselves 150% to our business. All this could not go unnoticed. No matter what age, gender or social status you are, before the dance we are all equal. nine0003

By our example, we inspired more and more people. Over time, it became crowded in one hall, 50 squares in size, with 40 students in almost every class. People were dancing even in the hallway. They enjoyed it so much! They believed in us. And it gave strength. We started to grow.

The first reporting concerts, the first city camps. They had a zest that made us different from everyone else, and we have retained it to this day. "Which?" - You ask. Everything is very simple! We love everyone who trusted us. ♥ It doesn't matter if it's a student, a teacher or a partner. Everyone who has chosen the same path with you is important. No matter how many there are: 5 or 10 thousand, each of them is a person and for some reason he is with you. Any reason is important to you! Listen to everyone, remember about everyone, support everyone in difficult times, show that these people are really important to you, because this is so. Sometimes, it's not easy, especially when hundreds rely on you. But when you remember why you did all this, remember the joyful faces of people and words of gratitude, you are filled with new energy, and a second wind opens up. We've been through a lot, we've achieved a lot and we've learned a lot since then! Our students became champions of Russia and the World. nine0003

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How crooked editing spoils the impression of dance - Movies and series on DTF

I don't dance myself, but I like to watch others dance. And I noticed that I prefer it when the camera calmly watches the dancer, and does not rush around the stage. I'll show you with examples what I mean.


How we watch dances live

When someone dances live, you see EVERYTHING. Especially if you are standing in front of the dancers, and not from the top side at the end of the hall. In any case, the overall picture is clear: the dancers in the right order perform the necessary movements synchronously. nine0003

When I watch a video, I also want to be in the front row and see everything. But the specialists who edit videos of people dancing often turn on the show off mode: they add effects, close-ups, change and cut frames, circle the dancers with the camera - this makes it difficult to perceive the dance as a whole number, it makes it difficult to consider the idea of ​​the dance.

More examples to follow

Bad example

Chose a random number from the "Dancing on TNT" program. The jury admires how the participant dances. So put the camera like we're on the jury too. But no. nine0003

The cameras are flying around the hall like pierced balls, for some reason they focus on parts of the body, show the audience, show the SHOCKED Miguel, approach, move away. Just chaos. And so with all the dances from this show. I tried to watch it, but I can't.

Damn, I understand that this is a TV show and it's important for the audience to see how Miguel is pretending to be shocked. But dancing ... where is the dancing?!

There is also such a shitty example from the same show, but it's on Rutube... If you take the risk and go over, you'll see how Miguel was brought to tears! Who brought it? Yes, some guys whose dancing is cool, but because of the editing, all the magic is lost ...

Cool example

Jungle music video. This is a "live" one-piece number, in which the generous and wise camera allows us to see EVERYTHING, and does not fly like crazy. Thanks to the smooth movement, I enjoy staging.

Jungle has dance accents in almost all videos. If you like music, then you can safely google and shove

Another cool example

Pay attention to how the guy behind Serge Ginsburg's back is rocking. If you pile on editing and effects, then the magic will disappear. nine0003

Jean-Pierre Cassel is dancing - Vincent Cassel's father

Bad example

I love footwork. Under 160 bpm, guys and ladies do magic with their feet. It is strictly forbidden to show this dance from different sides, and even more so cut or slow down. But some "craftsmen" did it...

The dance is spoiled at the beginning of the video and from 3:35

Cool example

Here's how to show the footwork. Footwork dad dances - KING CHARLES. Dancing clearly and clearly. The camera does not twitch, but I look at my feet, I see breakneck speed, complex movements and skill. nine0003

A variant with a moving camera also has a place to be, but without fanaticism. Here is the footwork again and the camera, which “floats” a little, but still takes the position of the viewer in the front row - this spoils the impression of the dance.

Floating camera reception is coolly used by dance schools. Dances by students of different dance schools and choreographers are a separate genre on YouTube. I advise you to watch the channels: Kyle Hanagami, 1MILLION Dance Studio, Matt Steffanina.

Show one number. The camera is smooth, as if a sharpened knife slides through solid butter - a baldness. And there is no editing and other visual husks. But you could show a close-up of his hand on her belt, or the wet eyes of the audience, or her fingers sinking into his hair! NO! nine0003

Direct commercial. Want also? Go to our school!

In fact, you don’t even need professional confusing shooting and a super camera in 4k. A cool dance will look cool anyway. For example, someone just took a photo of my favorite HIRO. Everything is perfectly visible.

I don't know what this type of dance is called. Who will tell?

Or here's an even more shitty version, which does not interfere with enjoying the dance. Video from the training, filmed on the phone, hands are shaking, people are yelling. You don't need fakes and whistles to show the idea of ​​the Les Twins. nine0003

Well, the last pop and super illustrative example of staging a dance number. It’s difficult to shoot like that, because you can’t hide flaws with the help of editing, but even a rare specimen of a stinky snob should get high from the result.

How are things in the movies?

In films, the delivery of dance numbers works differently. It is still important to see the faces of the characters, their experiences, the environment. But still, in the cinema, I prefer solid scenes where you can fully see the dancers without any sharp camera throws. nine0003

Bad example

You can see that the dude is dancing really cool, well, why spoil everything with an “attentive” camera, which will show your ass, then arms, then legs. I don't care about his body parts, I want to watch him rock out to his full height! Until the 48th second, everything is fine, but then the dance loses its dynamics due to editing.

Dance starts at 00:29

Cool example

Step Up 3. A character named Elk is having fun with his girlfriend. The camera does not twitch, but only watches the dance, getting up at the right time in the right place. And that's great. nine0003

This number is also a tribute to scenes from classic Hollywood musicals

Final scene from Singing in the Rain. There are mounting glues, but they do not interfere. The camera does not dance over the body of Gene Kelly, does not spoil the overall picture.

The actor had a fever and a temperature of 39.4 °C during the filming of this scene

Illustrative example from the movie "Foxtrot"

According to the script, a bored soldier is dancing at the checkpoint. The frame for the entire dance scene changes only three times: we are shown the dance from the side, in front and from the back in the general plan - these three cuts and changes in the shot do not interfere with enjoying the soldier's dance. nine0003

The original music is different, but it seems much more dynamic with this one

But for clarity, I randomly mixed the frames, cutting the same scene from the film. It's not quite right anymore.

The last cool example, honestly, honestly

I can't help but show an excerpt from my favorite "La La Land".

Learn more