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Dance Queens



Saturday 17th December, The Erin GoBraghless Theater, 1pm SLT

Please join us at our home theater as the Christmas season draws to a close.

This will be an emotional show for all as Debauche bring back so many classic Christmas routines loved and cherished by many

Dress for CHRISTMAS Ho Ho Ho

Saturday 17th December, The Erin GoBraghless Theater, 1pm SLT

Join us for the show!!


Sunday 18th December, The Trophy Room, 1pm SLT

Here it is! The final full Debauche Christmas show of 2022 and what a fun filled journey it has been to get here. We perform this magical show at The Trophy Room, a place that many of us consider our second home.

This will be a show full of Christmas spirit, Christmas joy and more than a touch of Christmas sexiness - we ARE Debauche, after all. Sexy, classy, ho ho ho.

Please join us for this wonderful show. It will be slightly longer than usual, so much to pack in.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Dress for CHRISTMAS Ho Ho Ho

Sunday 18th December, The Trophy Room, 1pm SLT

Join us for the show!!

Oasis Dancers


December, 17th at 12 pm SLT (21:00 Euro Time)

Oasis Dancers Christmas Show at home

Special instructions/dress code: This weekend we dance our last show for the year at our home theater at Puntarenas. Come take your friends and family and let´s celebrate Christmas together with our amazing Christmas Show. We count on you.

Come see the show!!

Winter Sleigh Ride 2022


The Winter Sleigh Dancers Present:

~ * ~ Winter Sleigh Ride ~ * ~

December 19th at 7pm

We have hitched up the reindeers and polished the vintage 

sleigh. all we need is YOU!

Please join us for a lovely Winter Sleigh Ride!  You will 

feel like you have stepped back in time a bit to a quaint

little village.

Along the way you will be treated to lovely dance 

performances by some of the best choreographers 

and dancers in Second Life as well as twinkling light displays.

There is homemade hot cocoa and cookies waiting for you by

the barn....

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Holidays,

Martin and Melli 

and the whole Sleigh Dancers troupe

Here's your ride!!

Elysium Cabaret Christmas Show

Believing is Seeing

The Management and Staff, Choreographers and Dancers, of Elysium Cabaret wish you and yours a safe and joyous holiday season!  Regardless of what you celebrate or when, we wish you a fulfilling and prosperous New Year with health, adventure, discovery and lots of love.   Thank you for supporting us this year. Friday, December 16th at 6pm SLT is our Christmas show, and we dance with gratitude for the friendships Second Life virtual dance has allowed us to cultivate.  We give thanks for the opportunity of sharing dance with kindred spirits.  Thank you for being a part of our family!

If it’s Friday, it’s Elysium Cabaret! Fancy some imagination in a fun social setting? In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, every Friday at 6pm SLT, the dynamic performers of Elysium Cabaret take the stage to bring you a solid hour of entertainment. Featuring elaborate sets, stunning costumes and choreography sequenced to an eclectic genre of music, Elysium Cabaret offers something for everyone. See old friends, make new friends… just relax, we got you… sit back and enjoy the show! Then join us on stage for the finale and let us dance you in a sequence of tightly choreographed tunes on a fabulous set!

Studies show arriving to the sim early lowers blood pressure, increases metabolism, and promotes hair growth

We also offer a ‘best of the past month’ matinèe the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT, for our friends who can’t make it to our Friday evening shows. See you there!

Welcome to the Weekend!

Your escorted limo:

T1000 Dance System

Thank you for your interest in the TIS .

We are understandably proud to offer you the very best dance system in Second Life. Packed with every conceivable extra, the offers performance that is without compromise as well as excellent value for money.

Designed as a direct replacement for dance balls and dance signs, the T1000 is a new dancing concept in Second Life. No other dance system in SL has as many features, or is as easy for your clients to access.

  • Supports up to 100 dancers - The most allowed on a sim. Easy addition or removal of dance slots.
  • Selectable fully automatic dancing. - People will be asked to dance when stepping on the dance floor using a low lag, collision based system.
  • Touch function if automatic dancing switched off. Via the transparent floor overlay, or any number of the included dance balls or signs. The easiest dance system access in SL!
  • Permissions memory system - Unlike other dance machines, the machine will only ask for permissions once per visit.
  • Four dance modes - Choose from synchronised, random or single dance chosen via the controller; or allow your clients to choose their own dance via a menu.
  • Constantly growing range of prim effects and particles, such as Mirror Balls, foam, smoke etc., that can be easily added to the system.
  • Customisable menu - Sort dances into male/female, rock/pop, or however you like. - No more male avatar's choosing female dances or visa versa. Dances can also be renamed eliminating menus with dance names such as 'dance_3897_by_some_animator'.
  • All dance machine functions are managed using the low prim controller. This gives a level of control never seen before on a dance machine.
  • Easy addition of dances. Just buy once, drag in to the contents and anyone can dance it!
  • Dancer preference memory - People who decline an automatic dance offer will not be asked again, but can use the normal touch dance functionality. Useful for staff etc. who may not wish to be asked when first on the floor.
  • Automatic resizing of effects to match the size of your floor overlay.
  • Owner or group controlled, or set up an access list to grant control to specific individuals.
  • Controller can be removed when not required, and the system will continue to function as normal.
  • Fully supported by our friendly and knowledgeable team.
  • Free updates for the life of the product.

Please note, this dance machine supports only singles dances, it does NOT support couples dances.

Current version of the is v.

Release date of the current version is . Please obtain a redelivery of the product package from our redelivery board in our store, Customer Service Area if you find the floor is not functioning as it should as you may be running an out of date version. Please also see the Troubleshooting tab if you are having any other issues to see if your query is answered there before contacting support.

Your comes in a product box. Drag this box to the ground where it will automatically unpack and give you a folder containing your product. Accept this folder and it will appear in the top level of your inventory. You can now delete the product box (a copy is still in your inventory).

In your inventory, locate the folder called "TIS ".

In this folder you will find the following items:

This is the unit. It is copyable so you can use as many as your venue requires.
TIS Controller
This is the controller for this product. You will be able to use this controller to change various functions for the product.
TIS - Additional Dance Slots
These are the extra dance slots you may want to use for more dancers to be able to use the machine. Please see Changing the number of dancers for more information.
TIS T1000 Dance Sign
A basic panel to hang on your wall etc. which acts as a clickable sign to allow customers to dance.
TIS T1000 Mirror Ball
A Mirrorball to hang from your ceiling etc. which acts as a clickable ball to allow customers to dance.
TIS T1000 Plasma Ball
A Plasma ball to hang from your ceiling or put on your DJ area which acts as a clickable ball to allow customers to dance.

First locate the "TIS Controller " in your folder and drag it out to the ground in world.

Now drag out the "TIS " to the floor in world. When first activated the controller will look like this:

All controller functions will be disabled except for the "On" button. Click the "On" button to activate the controller and the floor. For more information regarding the controller and how to style your floor, please see Using your Controller.

When first switched on, you will see that all tabs become active and from here you can select various elements to style and configure your floor.

On initial power-up the controller will display the General Tab, which provides the following functions:

Power Panel
Turn the entire floor, controller and dance machine off.
Access Control Panel
Choose from owner, group, or listed access. To amend the listed access, edit the controller and open the notecard in its contents called Access Control. List those that require access to the floor in this notecard, one per line. For example:

Dancing Lemon
Joe Bloggs
Jane Bloggs

Support Panel
  • Reset - will completely reset the system. You will be asked to confirm this action.
  • Help - will display this web page.
Size Panel
Use the + and - buttons to change the size of the width and length of the T1000 overlay.
Shape Panel
Choose between either a quadrilateral or circular overlay. The Size Panel displays your current selection.
Toggle Guidelines
This will show/hide the overlay, allowing for easy placement.

The Effects Tab contains a list of all effects in the system on the right hand side, and a media-player style Effects controller on the left.

The media-player style controller provides the following functions:

Stop Button
Stops all effects from playing.
Play Button
Plays the effect currently showing in the middle of the right hand list. The currently playing effect is shown in purple. Use the up and down arrows either end of the list to move through the effects.
Forward and back buttons
Moves to and immediately plays the highlighted effect. To move through the list without playing the effect, use the up and down arrows at either end of the list.

The Dance tab provides control over the dance machine element of the T1000.

The Dance Machine Panel
Provides the ability to switch the dance machine on or off independently to the T1000.
The Automatic Dancing Panel
Controls whether people are asked to dance automatically on stepping onto the floor overlay (on) or via touch only (off).

The Dance Mode Panel:

All dancers will perform the same dance at the same time. Dances will continue to cycle through the list on the right hand side.
Dancers are presented with a menu allowing them to choose their own dance.
Dancers will perform a random dance that changes at a random frequency. No menu is displayed.
Dancers will perform the dance chosen in the Single Dance Control Panel. The functions of the single dance control panel are as follows:
  • Stop Button - Stops all dancers.
  • Play Button - Plays the dance currently showing in the middle of the right hand list. The currently playing dance is shown in purple. Use the up and down arrows either end of the list to move through the dances.
  • Forward and back buttons - Moves to and immediately plays the highlighted dance. To move through the list without playing the dances, use the up and down arrows at either end of the list.

Please follow the instructions below to add dances to the dance floor. Please note that the is only compatible with single dances not couples dances.

  • Right click the overlay and select edit.
  • Go to the contents tab of the edit dialogue box and drag your dances from your inventory into the contents tab.

You will then find that the dances are listed in the drop down menu that appears when you either click the floor or walk onto it.

The dance menu can be easily customised to allow you to group and rename dances. This is controlled by the notecard z_Dance_Names in the contents.

To access this function, right click on the and select Edit. Wait for the contents tab to load and double click on the notecard named z_Dance_Names. The notecard format is as follows:

animation name1: friendly name1
animation name2: friendly name2
animation name3: friendly name3
animation name4: friendly name4

So, for example, a notecard containing dances grouped by male or female would look like this:

TIS Male Dance: Rock
TIS Gin and Tonic: Twist
TIS Lambrini : Disco
TIS Buttweiser: Shake It!

And would give the following menu:

If you accidentally reference a dance not in the T1000, the machine will state:

Could not find animation name, upon loading.

Effects purchased from the There In Spirit Store can be easily added to the by editing the overlay and dragging the item from your inventory to the contents tab.

You are also able to purchase these prim effects separately for use without the . To read more about the prim effects and how to use them please click the following links:

TIS Fire Effect
TIS Firework Effect
TIS Foam Effect
TIS Lit Panels Effect
TIS Mirrorball Effect
TIS Planets Effect

The following effects have an additional prim requirements.

  • TIS Fire - 26 + temporarily rezzed prims that do not count against prim limits.
  • TIS Fireworks - 17 + temporarily rezzed prims that do not count against prim limits.
  • TIS Foam - 23 + temporarily rezzed prims that do not count against prim limits.
  • TIS Lit Panels - 46
  • TIS Mirror Ball - 3
  • TIS Planets - 37

The system can be complemented by adding any number of the included dance balls or signs. This means you can host multiple venues in the same sim on one controller, or simply provide easier access to the system in one venue.

Simply drag out the new sign or ball. Ensure the channel is set to that of the dance system by following the instructions just below. Finally you can change the floating text and/or colour by editing the settings notecard inside the contents of the ball or sign..

Changing Channels

You can have multiple Floors, Dance Signs, Plasma Balls or Mirror Balls on the same sim. To do this you will need to set the channel number for each item and the corresponding T1000 Controller they are connected to.

To do this simply amend the description field of the items and the T1000 Controller so that they have the same channel number as follows:

  • Right click and select edit on one of the items, such as the Dance Sign.
  • In the general tab of the edit dialogue box locate the description field this will already have text in there like this:
    The Channel number is the -12743
  • Set the new channel by editing this text so for example
    would set the channel to be -12700. You must keep the -.
  • Whilst in edit mode of the product, reset the scripts. Depending on what Second Life Client you are using this can usually be found in the Build Menu on Firestorm or in the Build Menu on the Second Life Viewer 2.
  • Repeat the above steps for the T1000 Controller ensuring that you set the same channel as above. You will notice that in the description field of the controller only the channel number is present i.e. -12743
  • Whilst in edit mode of the product, reset the scripts of the T1000 Controller. Depending on what Second Life Client you are using this can usually be found in the Build Menu on Firestorm or in the Build Menu on the Second Life Viewer 2.

By default the dance system comes configured to allow up to 50 people to dance. The dance machine utilises a unique scripting technology that switches off unused scripts so they do not impact server resources, however you may wish to either add or remove dance slots to suit your requirements. This is easily accomplished by adding or removing the scripts named zDance_Slot 1 to 100 from the floor. Note that a script is required for each person up to 100 people.

Listed here are the most common FAQ's for this product. Before contacting support, make sure your query is not answered here.

Second life. How Ural pensioners deceive their age | SOCIETY

Youth is not an age category, but a way of life that has no time limits. This is proved by the examples of the Ural pensioners, who celebrated October 1, the International Day of the Elderly.

In the rhythm of cha-cha-cha

Ekaterinburg ballroom dance club Good Meetings has been a constant participant of all city holidays for 45 years. Ladies in white dresses with red roses and gentlemen in white shirts with bow ties light up the impromptu dance floors and parquets so that the townspeople do not even notice how they join the dancers. And the performers of the quadrille, foxtrot, waltz, rumba, cha-cha-cha and 45 other dances, which they are fluent in, do not notice their age. nine0003

Meanwhile, most of the club members are pensioners, many of whom are well over 80, and some are all 90, while they are cheerful and incredibly cheerful. “That's why our club has existed for so many years,” says Nina Komleva, head of Dobrykh Vstrechi, . - Dancing, we prolong our youth, recharge with energy, in addition, the club is communication and, indeed, “good meetings”. This is the place that does not let us turn sour. You are going to the club, as if for a holiday: you will do your hair, dress, put on shoes - beauty. nine0003

Ten years ago, Nina Nikolaevna was betrothed to a dance club by a neighbor who spotted an active lady who regularly skis and invited her to come to Good Meetings. She became interested, came, asked: “Can I dance with you?” "Need!" - they answered her. “And I got a second life! I have new friends, girlfriends with whom I feel very comfortable and interesting, - says Nina Komleva. - I'm not talking about dancing - it's just great! True, we don’t have enough men - there are only 10 gentlemen for 60 ladies, so girls dance with girls, but this is not so important. The main thing is that we enjoy both rehearsals (under the guidance of a professional choreographer, by the way) and performances.” nine0003

Dancing, we prolong our youth, recharge with energy!

Today, due to the pandemic, dancers of venerable age do not yet have the opportunity to dance and miss Good Meetings very much. “The phone is torn, everyone is calling: “When?” - says Nina Nikolaevna. “We are waiting for the restrictions to be lifted and permission to start rehearsals, which we hold at the Central Park of Culture and Culture and on the floor of UrFU.”

It's all about the motor

By specialty Valery Zalesov is a carpenter , and at heart an aircraft designer. In four workshops, equipped in the courtyard of his own private house, Valery Mikhailovich and his comrades make airplanes. At one time, hang-gliding made an indelible impression on Zalesov, he began to study special literature, he wanted to understand why planes stay in the sky. nine0003

“I once asked a five-year-old child: “Why is the plane flying?” - and he laconically answered: "Brrrrr." Correctly answered - it's all about the motor, with a good motor and the gate will fly, ”says Valery Mikhailovich.

I wish all pensioners to get down to business, because from idleness to depression is one step.

The master did not put the gate on the wing, but he made the plane out of plywood. “He jumped and jumped and ... He could have flown, but we broke him in time,” Zalesov laughs. The second, already improved aircraft flew confidently, here the aircraft designer would have celebrated the victory, but a gap was found in the aircraft - the plywood wings began to unstick. nine0003

Today Valery Mikhailovich and his comrades are working on new metal wings. “There is no time to be bored, there is no end to the work, but, fortunately, there is a lot of strength - I am only 70 years old,” says Valery Mikhailovich. - I wish all pensioners to get down to business, because from idleness to depression is one step. It’s worth moaning, you won’t notice how you get involved: if you moan, you will fall into depression, you will fall into depression - sorry, you’ll stick your flippers together.

From the bank to the orphanage

In a senior position in one of the banks Rimma Zaripova worked from dawn to dusk, and after her retirement she wanted to do something for her soul. Fate brought her to the project "Mom for an Hour" of the Orthodox Service of Mercy. And for five years Rimma Rakhminovna has been a volunteer. Under her tutelage are children-refuseniks and children from orphanages who are in hospitals in Yekaterinburg.

“I help nurses, feed the children, take care of them, entertain them, play,” says Rimma Zaripova. In a word, I try to do everything so that they are not lonely in a difficult situation. You know, children from orphanages are very strong. After the most difficult operations, for example, they find the strength to smile on their hearts. They have an incredible desire for life, and it is such a happiness that with your kind attitude you can help them recover, undergo serious treatment.” nine0003

Rimma Rakhminovna admits that at first it was very difficult, she wanted to take all her wards to her. But, realizing that in this respect her possibilities were not unlimited, she resigned herself to the fact that, being a volunteer, she would be able to provide much more help and support to the children.

I help children, but not only they need it, I need it first of all.

In addition to hospitals, Rimma Zaripova, as a volunteer of the Mom for an Hour project, also works in the orphanage, where she walks with the kids. “For two years, a girl was assigned to me there - a beauty, an angel,” says Rimma Rakhminovna. We had a wonderful time with her on the walk. And when she was four years old, she left for a family of guardians. This is such happiness! Unfortunately, not all children from the orphanage end up in the family.” nine0003

Today Rimma Zaripova is sure that she has found what she was looking for for her soul. “Yes, I help children, but not only they need it, I need it first of all. What I'm doing today is incredibly inspiring."

Four signs of old age

Anna Kiryanova, philosopher, writer, psychoanalyst:

– There are four signs of old age that can begin to appear at any age:

  • you constantly live in memories of the past. And constantly share these memories with others: they say, it used to be better; nine0064
  • you have ceased to feel the emotional state of other people and do not think too much whether they are ready to communicate, to listen to complaints;
  • you forbid yourself to develop and try new things. You remind yourself that you are many years old and there is no point in getting an education, moving, changing jobs, meeting new people, trying to get rich . .. You are only focused on living on the resources that you have. You yourself set a limiter for yourself and commanded: “Stop, car! Everything new and complicated is not for me!” nine0064
  • you are not interested in romantic relationships. This topic is closed, and there is nothing to hope for.

After fifty, one must constantly control oneself and look for these signs. If such thoughts come, if you catch yourself on such manifestations of “brain old age”, fight it. Learn new things and overcome laziness. Laziness is the manifestation of old age. And the biological age comes into line with the psychological, it is important to remember this.

It is easier to say something important through the image

Vladimir Kadtsyn, retired, veteran of the Federal Penitentiary Service, well-known clown in the Middle Urals Vovochka:

– After I retired, I was looking for something to fulfill myself. And, remembering his childhood admiration for Oleg Popov, he decided to try on the image of a clown.

And this image, as they say, entered. In addition to the commercial component, I was pleased with the possibility of holding author's social actions. So, for example, together with the kids, I planted wild apple trees with cultivars on the streets of Yekaterinburg, on Cosmonautics Day I went out on Gagarin Street for many years and enlightened the younger generation, and near one of the universities in the image of the clown Vovochka defiantly swept the garbage after those who threw it past urns (according to my observations, such an educational approach works better than edification). nine0003

Clown Vovochka was weird in sanatoriums, orphanages, during city holidays, he even stood in pickets. Through the image it is easier to say about something important and sore. And I am glad that my retirement life allowed me to realize myself, there is no place for despondency and boredom in it.

I can give you one more example. My relative Nikolai Baskakov, 86 years old, published a book this year - a kind of chronicle of a family that survived, among other things, dispossession. This is a long-term worthy work! The man found himself like this. Why not? I think that every family has its own interesting story, and if you collect it, it will not be so important whether it was published or preserved in manuscript, in any case it is a wonderful gift for posterity. nine0003

Do not deny yourself the wonderful impulses of the soul!

Somehow I came across Don Quixote by Cervantes at the dacha, I immediately re-read the book and now I strongly recommend it to everyone, especially to my peers who cannot find themselves in retirement. Believe me, this will be a great incentive to express your feelings in noble deeds. Do not deny yourself the wonderful impulses of the soul! Life is Beautiful. And an active life is doubly beautiful.

Dancing with a tambourine on New Year's Eve or the second life of old cars / Sudo Null IT News0001

Good day, dear. I’ll tell you today, as part of the topic of the article, how I spent New Year’s Eve. Not only will I tell, but I will show pictures. It was a very exciting activity. Well, it all started like this. After installing and setting up a home mini-server, my mother wanted a computer for herself. Like, the worse I am. I want to read information on the Internet, type texts and the like. I thought and thought and thought.

Once upon a time I read an article about thin clients. That you can set up an old machine - Intel i486, pentium I, II and the like for normal operation: watching videos, surfing the Internet, and so on. Sounds fantastic. But it's true. It is possible to do such shamanism. This requires a powerful server and client (in my case, it turned out to be Intel Pentium MMX 200 RAM 64Mb 2MB Video and without HDD). nine0003

In general, it was before the new year. This design would be a good Christmas gift for mom. I decided not to put it off for long. For the computer, it was necessary to buy some junk: a new keyboard and mouse. Do not laugh, but keyboards are no longer available for the AT case. On rare boards, this is a DIN-5 connector. It looks like a plug from an old tape recorder. You can connect a ps / 2 mouse there, there are special Pins on the motherboard for this.

And I also bought a ps/2 keyboard. And he managed to make her friends with the AT Corps. To do this, I had to bungled the adapter. I took a cord from an old non-working AT keyboard, sawed off the ps / 2 connector from a non-working motherboard. Half an hour later, the following happened. nine0003

Everything! Now you can use an optical mouse and a new keyboard with an old computer. Parts were all in place. It remained to perform the sacrament of setting up the server for this miracle. To make this junk work, it was only necessary to install the so-called LTSP server. Those interested can read about this project on the Wikipedia page

The operating system on my server is, of course, GNU/Debian Linux. Seventh version (stable release). Let's go, as Yuri Gagarin said. First, it was necessary to bring the server part to mind. Using remote access to the machine via ssh, I installed the packages necessary for the LTSP miracle to work. nine0111

 apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone 

All the necessary packages were pulled up, including the DHCP server and TFTP. Yes, you will also have to set them up in one. Nothing works out of the box. It is necessary to finish it with a file to the condition. And now the promised dances with tambourines have gone. This is a common thing with red-eyed people. These dances continued throughout New Year's Eve. So I didn't get bored. I didn't even watch TV all evening.

Good news awaited me. TFTP does not need to be configured, it wound up on its own. Basic settings need to be done for DHCP. It will distribute network addresses to machines and thanks to it, subsequent network loading via TFTP will occur. A configuration file was found at /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf. My file looks like this:0003

 authoritative; subnet 192. 168.0.0 netmask { range; # network boot address range option domain-name ""; # domain name of my server option log-servers; # server ip for logging option domain-name-servers; # DNS server option broadcast-address; # broadcast address option routers; # routing setup next-server; # get-lease-hostnames true; option subnet-mask; # Subnet mask option root-path "/home/ltsp/i386"; # path to the root of the LTSP server filename "/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0"; # file to download over the network } nine0114 

A couple more changes needed to be made in the file /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server

 DHCP_CONF=/etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf INTERFACES="eth2" 

Everything should be clear here. Specify the location of the configuration file for the DHCP server, listen for requests from the local network on the eht1 interface. After these simple steps, you need to restart the dhcp server

 /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server restart 

It remains to configure the import of the ltsp server file system. Add line 9 to /etc/exports0003

 /home/ltsp/i386 *(ro,no_root_squash,async) 

You can create a working environment for clients.

 ltsp-build-client --base /home/ltsp 

This is a blank system into which thin clients will be loaded over the network. To configure this system, you need to enter the chroot environment:


And then off we go… apt-get install and the required packages.
Restart the nfs server and you're done.

Now the matter is small. You need to prepare the client computer for booting over the network. The following site will help with this.

Learn more