Learn how to type dance mat

Dance Mat Typing - Fun Way To Learn Keyboarding

KidzType Dance Mat Typing is meant to learn touch typing in a fun and cool way. Each level includes three stages, beginning with learning the home row keys followed by the next stage that builds on the previous lesson, and introducing new sets of letters as you go. Once you complete all the levels, you will become a touch typing pro!

Dance Mat Typing Level 1

Dance Mat Typing Level 1 - Stage 1

Got your fingers warmed up and ready roll? Here we go Kids Mat Typing – Level 1 Stage 1 is going to test how hot you are on the middle row of keys (known as the home row) – think of it as a gentle warm up for what’s to come. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 1 - Stage 2

it’s time to take on two extra letters in addition to the home row: E and I. Sound simple enough? Well before you get too carried away, this second stage is the first real test of ensuring both hands stick to their own sides of the key board Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 1 - Stage 3

Hold on tight and prepare to step your tapping up a gear – stage three will build on your now impressive typing skills by throwing in two more letters – R and U. How will you fare now that you have 13 letters to handle, plus the semi colon. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 2

Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 4

Now? We should really fill out the key board a bit more, and this time, we add T and Y to the mix. This stage will help you learn to cover more ground, get used to the essential vowels of E, R, U, and I and flex those fingers, ensuring that your left and right hands are covering their respective keys Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 5

so it’s a good time for a little reminder of all you’ve learnt. Just like every stage of Dance Mat typing, first you’ll run through all you’ve learned so far, then you’ll swiftly move onwards - adding the letters of W (a task for the left hand) and O (a letter for the right hand). Prepare to perfect your flow! Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 2 - Stage 6

Before you do your halfway victory dance, we’ve got one final challenge to complete that top row – Q and P. This is going to stretch out your hands and test your flexibility – your right will work its stuff from the semi-colon to the P, with your left hand stretching from A to Q. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 3

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 - Stage 7

Here’s where it gets serious. V and M are right there – sitting on the bottom row, and you need to get to grips with them before moving on to cover more letters down there. By the end of this round, your left hand will have F, G, R, T and V under control, with your pointing finger owning J, H, U, Y and M (and of course, we’ll start off easy – reminding you of what’s been covered so far. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 - Stage 8

Completed stages 1 to 7? Here you’ll continue your type touch challenge by working on the bottom row, adding B and N to the V and M covered during stage 7. By the end of this stage you should be getting your hands around a total of six letters each – with your left and pointer finger covering F, G, R, T, V and B, and your right tapping away over J, H, U, Y, M and N. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 - Stage 9

Since stage one you’ve mastered semi colon, so now it’s time to introduce another symbol & comma as well as the letter C. You’ve come a long way, typing cadet – and at this stage you’ve almost covered the bottom row, so sit back, tap away and get the practice in now as the next stage will complete the bottom row presenting a tough test for the skills you’ve developed so far. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 4

Dance Mat Typing Level 4 - Stage 10

your final pitstop before moving onwards and upwards to punctuation marks. During this stage you’ll tackle two new keys on X, and ,. Make no mistake, by the end of this stage you’re going to be perfecting your finger placements; X will be tapped by the finger that sits on the S (the same finger that covers W ), and your right hand pinky finger will handle. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 4 - Stage 11

just 1 stage to go until you become a fully-fledged, touch typing expert. You’ve overcome trials, you’ve completed tests you never thought you would, now for the final hurdle. Here you’ll tap away on the almost-complete keyboard, adding / and Z, hitting the full-stop with your left hand finger and tapping the slash with your right hand pinky.Now you're mastered all rows. Read More

Dance Mat Typing Level 4 - Stage 12

Congrats, space cadet! You’ve almost made it – this is the 12th and final level in your touch-typing education – YOU, ARE, AMAZING. For this last stage you’re really going to see it all come together. Here you’ll develop your hands for grappling with the shift keys (the keys that are critical for capitalising, quickly, and accessing symbols such as “, £ and $). Read More

A Message to Parents

Do you have a child who wants to learn how to type, but has trouble staying focused? Is your child already typing, but could use some extra practice? No matter what age or skill level, Dance Mat Typing by the KIDZTYPE provides a fun, educational platform for kids to enhance their typing abilities!

This interactive and fun style of learning keeps kids engaged and interested, while simultaneously offering incredible practice on the keyboard.

Dance Mat Typing is structured as a series of four levels with three stages for each level (you can find them in the menu above). Guided by an Angel educator, kids work through 12 stages in total, improving their words per minute, dexterity, and typing confidence all against the backdrop of an exciting learning environment.

Your child will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at the completion of each stage, as they are rewarded with a song and performance by their Angel teacher and a choir of charismatic critters.

Dance Mat Typing is free to use – no registration required

All stages are child-friendly – kids can race through the levels all by themselves.

Improvement is guaranteed – even the most skilled young typists will find something to enjoy.

Dance Mat Typing by the KIDZTYPE is a wonderful adventure to help kids of all ages learn how to type like the pros. In no time, you’ll be writing your own books, sharing your thoughts and stories with the world.

A Message to Kids

Hey there, partner! Welcome to Dance Mat Typing. This is the most fun you’ll have learning to work a computer keyboard, we’re sure of it! Don’t worry if this is your first time typing, too. We accept students of all ages and skill levels, so you’ll never feel out of place here.

Even though you’re going to have to meet them one at a time, they’re all super excited to get to help you become what grown-ups call a “typist” – a fancy word for someone who’s a pro at typing words on the computer.

Here’s how Dance Mat Typing by the KIDZTYPE works:

There are 12 stages, divided up across 4 levels. Each level gets harder, but it’s okay if you need a few tries or get stuck. Practice makes perfect!

A different teacher will guide you through each stage. But they’re not alone. Every teacher has their own, exciting group of friends who have come all this way just to cheer you on! If you’re stumped, they’ll help you figure it out.

Each level has its own, unique set of challenges. You’ll have to beat them by improving your typing skills. The better you type, the more points you’ll earn. And if you do a really good job, your teacher and their friends just might even sing you a special song!

All the teachers come from different places and are experts in different things. A few might teach you some words in Italian, for example. Others might tell you some neat trivia. Each new level holds its own surprises!

One of the coolest parts about this typing game is the music that plays while you learn. There’s a little something for everyone!

No matter how hard things might get, don’t panic. These courses are set up to help you get better. Your teachers are here to cheer you on. No meanies allowed!

Typing Games - Fun Keyboarding Games Online

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Space Typing Junior - fun typing shooting game for kids . take challenge in space and complete the mission with fun typing game Read More

Whack A Mole

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Road Rush

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Let your kids take control of a mystery shrouded ninja whose mission is to fight zombies taking the form of ogres and other creatures seeking to injure the ninja. Relying on similar mechanics to... Read More

Car Rider

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Nitro Type - Expert

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Typing Pilot

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Keyboard Booster Rows

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Type Rocket

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Typing Swimmer Rows

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Typeroids Top Row Mission

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Typeroids Home Row Mission

Typeroids Top Row, you take control of an asteroid defense system in space, taking decisive action and destroying anthropomorphized space rocks by typing letters and letter clusters in five levels... Read More

Bull Spell

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Sky Chase Words

Sky Chase Words, you and up to eleven of your friends can compete against each other individually to complete a plane racecourse. The words in this game are shorter than those in Owl Planes Long. .. Read More

Jets Home Row

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Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard, you type individual letters in rapid succession in order to chop apples as they fall from their place among the trees. This game focuses on individual letters, working to increase... Read More

keyboard games for kids encourage typing skills by using fun, mission, and accomplishment-based activities to foster knowledge growth, and to associate typing with positive reinforcement through call and response type prompts. By utilizing common themes that kids love, such as fantasy, car racing, and space, and combining them with the typing lessons they have already learned, these kids' games can reaffirm typing skills by providing different methods of practicing their skills. Explore this page to take a look at the several such kid's games, each relying on the same lessons, but different concepts, and allowing scalable, selectable complexity and difficulty settings, along with a final score and a high score allowing comparison and growth.

How games can help kids advance their skills?

Kids will be able to delve deeper into the art of typing and learn how to coordinate their hand-eye aspect. Moreover, they will learn vocabulary and spelling words so that they can improve their skill-level at a young age. With great accuracy and speed, kids will be able to secure better opportunities in the future

How will these games engage kids?

We believe that in order to master the advanced keyboarding skills, kids need to follow easy-to-remember and fun methods, and that is what our games are all about. We understand the intricacies of learning the entire keyboard, so our kids type games are designed in a way that supercharges the whole learning experience. Various games have been introduced that focus on many different learning aspects such as letters, home row, upper row, numbers, words, sentences, and more.

Are these games suitable for my kids?

Absolutely! These Keyboarding games & Dance Mat Typing are designed for kids of any age. We understand the importance of keyboarding, and infusing this one-of-a-kind skill into kids from a young age will make them effective keyboarders

Dancing as a lifestyleDance mat connected to TVDance mat connected to TV

Dancing mat connected to TV is not only affordable and interesting fun, but also a great device for a pleasant pastime when you can forget about everything and be a friendly family.

The dance mat will help children develop during the game, and adults will get rid of fatigue, will allow you to stretch your muscles in a dance game, and get a charge of positive. To feel healthier and more vigorous in dance, you no longer need to visit specialized studios and individual lessons with a choreographer. It is enough to purchase a dance mat, which will allow you to feel the joy and freedom while dancing to the selected musical composition. Satellite TV is also available. The IPTV playlist is the most common among users.

TV dance mat is a game device that promotes active movement. Constantly changing the position of the legs, you need to learn how to balance on the mat. This activity improves blood circulation with active and amplitude movements. Dancing on a mat connected to a TV can be an alternative to boring sports activities. An hour on the dance mat is equivalent in terms of burning calories to an hour on the treadmill. Such entertainment for an adult and a child will help strengthen and slightly pump up muscles in a fun activity, as well as improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

If the dance mat for the TV is purchased exclusively as a children's toy, then there are models specifically for the children's audience. They are more compact and smaller. Mats for an adult audience have a large leg length, so it is more difficult for a child to move on a large simulator. Classes on the mat help children develop coordination, enjoy the process of moving their legs and winning in the process of dancing. An adult can get not only pleasure from a dance mat, but also add a “load” to the muscles.

There are age restrictions for entertainment with a TV dance mat. Children under 4 - 5 years old will not be able to get into the rhythm, and, therefore, this can lead to the child's insecurity and other psychological difficulties, when, due to their physiological characteristics, they cannot achieve victories. Children from the age of 6 can use the dance mat.

The principle of operation of the dance mat to the TV

The musical dance mat is connected directly to the TV using a cable or cables, which are almost always included in the kit. Further, everything is simple and intuitive. Using the remote control, you can set the level (difficulty of the dance) on the TV screen, select your favorite song and start an exciting game.

The music mat is divided into 4 zones (squares of equal size), which must be pressed with the feet during the game. Pressing is carried out in a certain rhythm and order, which the program designates, based on the properties selected before the game. You can find out where you need to put your foot in the next moment with the help of prompts on the TV screen. The same rug is modeled on the screen, on which the cells light up, where you need to put your feet.

Dance mats often have a mode called "multiplayer", where you can connect several devices to one TV and dance together at the same time. This option is attractive for children's competitions. This will make dancing seem more fun because of the competitive interest. An equally interesting feature is the ability to compare the result with other peers in order to know how to develop and improve oneself.

Dance mat with TV connection. Models 2019


27. 09.2017

TV-connected dance mats are becoming more and more popular

TV-connected dance mats are a modern form of entertainment that will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. At present, the question of what to do with oneself is acquiring a new meaning. If earlier a few entertainments saved people from boredom, now they have a lot of different gadgets and devices at their disposal. Therefore, another question arises: which of their variety to choose?

If you're active and love to dance, the music mat with TV connection is a great way to have fun and learn something new. However, it will give you the opportunity not only to have fun, but also serve as an excellent workout for the whole body, and also help you learn some “pas”, which you can then show off on a real dance floor. Well, with friends, this entertainment becomes doubly interesting.


  • What is a dance mat
  • How the music mat works
  • How to choose the right mat
  • Models and their variations according to the complexity of the device
  • Other classification criteria
  • What to look for when buying

Dance mats are the best way to spend leisure time with friends

The program list often includes simple games, which will certainly appeal to men

The dance mat will especially appeal to children

What is the dance mat

The TV connected dance mat (see video) is a kind of keyboard. The latter is intended to be used to play a melody. Not with hands, but with feet. Also, this rug can be used as a karaoke. By pressing your feet on the desired areas, you will play this or that melody. Some models are also used as a game console.

The dance mat is essentially a keyboard that must be moved in time with program

The mats are available in different designs. The presence of buttons and their interaction with the program using the installed microprocessor

remains unchanged. Outwardly, this accessory resembles an ordinary rubber mat. It differs from the latter by the presence of bright buttons or arrows. Inside the product is equipped with a microprocessor. Using a cable, the device can be easily connected to either a TV or a computer.

Dance mat components: base, buttons, microprocessor

As a rule, you will find a disc with a special program, which contains hundreds of different songs, complete with a rug.

Each mat comes with a special program with songs, games, dance exercises

Tip! To be able to expand the list of musical compositions to your taste, purchase models that support flash cards.

How the music mat works

Until recently, such an innovation seemed impossible. It was hard to even imagine him. However, this is no longer surprising. However, much in the operation of this product seems incomprehensible to an ordinary person who does not thoroughly understand modern technologies. And everything is quite simple.

Simple dance mat models with TV connection

A special cable is used to connect the music mat to the TV. Very often it can be found in a TV set. Further, depending on the level of preparation, the level of difficulty is selected. You can go the other way and choose your favorite song that you want to dance to. To select options, the mat comes with a remote control.

Each mat comes with a special control panel

The rug consists of identical squares. Step on them in the order and pace that the program sets for each specific song or level. In this case, you should look at the monitor in order to know in which square you should put your foot. On the screen you will see exactly the same rug with translucent cells that will indicate the place you should step on.

The button is activated by pressing. The order of pressing and the button is determined by the program

By running the program on the TV, you can choose games or dances

The program for the dance mat is simple and corrected using text inserts

The interface and drawing of the program for the dance mat on the TV screen

Press the buttons indicated on the screen on the mat and save your best results

Recently, however, another model of the rug has become more widespread. It is a square divided into nine cells. Each cell has an image drawn on it that you can see on the screen. In the role of the image are the simplest symbols in the form of arrows that will indicate the direction of your movement.

Manufacturers are improving dance mats and adding not just arrow symbols, but also other signs.

The most difficult thing is to react in time and put your foot in the right cage.

Putting your foot on the right button can be trickier than you think

How to choose the right mat

Choosing the right dance mat is based on your wants and needs. Therefore, before you go to the store, ask yourself the question: “Why do I need this device?” So, if you choose a rug for children's games, then the selection criteria will be the same, and if for an adult, then they will be completely different. Consider several possible options:

  1. You want to give a gift to a child. In this case, it is recommended to opt for flexible models made of thick and soft material. Although children will be quite comfortable on an ordinary thin flexible rug. Also, special attention should be paid to security.
  2. If you're looking for a mat for serious training and competition prep, choose platforms. Such rugs will cost much more, but to increase the efficiency of your classes, you should not spare money for a quality product.
  3. If your goal is to lose weight and get your body in good shape, then a regular rubberized flexible carpet will do. A small number of buttons is enough.

DANCE MIXER PLAYMAT music mat for children has only 5 buttons that differ in color and are located at a comfortable distance for kids

A regular rubberized mat is suitable for learning simple dance moves

specific product model.

Models and their varieties according to the complexity of the device

Recently, musical rugs have gained wide popularity. This explains the presence of several possible classifications of this product. So, according to one of them, there are two types of dance mats: some are connected to a computer, others - to a TV. Consider models belonging to the second category.

TV-connected dance mats are in great demand

When you connect the device to the TV, an internal game system starts to function inside the mat. The price of the model will vary depending on the complexity of the electronic filling.

Manufacturers of dance mats offer models with different powers and button designs to choose from

TV-connected dance mats also differ in the number of bits:

  • 8-bit;
  • 16-bit;
  • 32-bit.

The latter appeared relatively recently, in 2013.

Tip! You should select models of rugs based on the diagonal of the TV: the smaller it is, the fewer bits should be selected.

8-bit mats are more suitable for children's games. 16-bit carpets already have improved graphics, and in addition to dance programs, there are entertaining games. They also differ in the presence of a larger number of reproducible songs and melodies.

Finally, the most modern mats are 32-bit models. They are distinguished by higher quality HD-graphics. They come with a memory card that can be used to record additional songs.

Modern models of dance mats allow you to play complex games with HD-graphics

32-bit mats are equipped with an additional memory card. This option is suitable for games and dances for the whole family, although it will cost more than the 8-bit model

Another criterion for choosing a rug - depending on the interface device. Here, models can be divided into those that have a user-friendly interface, and those that cannot boast of this quality. Here the advantages and disadvantages are "obvious".

Models also vary by color and software.

Programs with a simple interface suitable for playing sports with children

Other classification criteria

Models of dance mats also differ depending on their purpose. According to this criterion, products are distinguished that are designed to prepare for professional competitions, and universal options. Mostly in mass sale you can find the latter.

Universal dance mats - the easiest way to keep fit

If you like yoga, then a universal mat with a rubber coating is the best option

According to the principle of operation, such carpet models can be distinguished as:

  • DDR;
  • PIU.

Carpets of the first type usually have four or six buttons, which are located in front of the device.

Models of the second type are distinguished by the presence of arrows applied around the circumference. Their center, as a rule, is active, and the number of arrows can be up to nine. Note that the panels are equipped with the PIU system.

You will not find ordinary rugs with this model.

PIU model dance mat

According to the structure of the base, dance mats are divided into the following two types: rubberized mat and solid platform. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages of flexible models are:

  • ease of transportation;
  • storage comfort.

In addition, these models do not take up much space.

Dancing mat with rubber backing - an affordable option for home dancing

However, these carpets are not very durable. And dancing on them is allowed only if you put on socks, otherwise you can damage the surface. These mats are ideal for beginner dancers.

As for the rugs of the second type - strong and rigid, among their positive properties we note the reliability of the design. It allows you to use the model with all the enthusiasm without fear of spoiling it. However, such carpets are quite heavy, since metal is used in their production, as a result of which they are inconvenient to transport and store.

Dance platforms are sturdy and often used as an attraction in public places

Instead of a regular dance mat, a dance platform is an essential purchase for families with frequent guests

TV-connected dance mat: what to look for

Many people are put off by the price before buying a dance mat with TV connection. However, if you really cannot live a day without dancing, then this accessory will even allow you to save money. After all, a visit to a dance studio or a subscription to an aerobic gym costs a lot of money, which you will have to regularly allocate from your budget. At the same time, having spent once on a dance mat, you will find a good assistant for years to come. Therefore, a dance mat with a TV connection is worth buying.

When choosing a carpet, make sure that the program supports the Russian language. Otherwise, you will have to suffer with the translation. Therefore, it is better to purchase carpets from official representatives and request certificates from them. Please note that the instruction for the product is in Russian.

Tip! If you purchased a rug with a program in English (or in general in Chinese), do not despair. The program can also be downloaded from the Internet.

Particular attention when choosing a rug should be paid to the quality of sound insulation. Ideally, of course, you should choose models that have good sound insulation. This will help avoid conflicts with neighbors and give you the moral right to have fun to your heart's content without fear of making a lot of noise. Such models are excellent at absorbing kicks. This quality is achieved due to the presence of soft inserts. In addition, they increase the comfort of the rug.

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