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How to Pack a Competition Dance Bag – Center Stage

Competition season is here!  After all the time spent preparing for competition, it should be a fun, rewarding experience both for the dancers and the parents.  One way to help ensure you have a great experience is to make sure you have a well-packed competition bag.  Realizing you have forgotten your shoes, tights, or part of your costume at competition is stressful, and it doesn’t create a fun, positive experience.  From packing my own competition bags to now packing bags for my daughters, I’ve learned a few tricks and tips over the years.  Hope these tips will help you feel better prepared for some great competition experiences ahead of us this year.

Tip 1 – Punch a hole in a large ziploc bag.  I like to reinforce the area with packing tape before I punch the hole.  You can write your child’s name on the bag and/or hair style info. or specific instructions for that dance.  I then place all items needed for that dance in the bag such as tights, hair accessories, hats, gloves, etc.  This works both to keep your items organized as well as to make your child’s name very visible as costumes get mixed up backstage sometimes.

At Center Stage in Leander, we recommend hanging all accessories with your dance costume.

Tip 2 – Visually go down the body to ensure you have everything packed.

Head – Know how your child’s hair should be fixed.  Pack hair ties, bobby pins, hairspray, and hairbrush.  Does your child have a hat or hair piece?  If so, place it in the Ziploc bag.

Face – Remember to pack your competition make up.  Check with your child’s teacher for any specifics.  Older dancers usually wear false eyelashes, so don’t forget to pack those.  Remember to remove earrings and only wear jewelry that is specified by your child’s teacher.

Body – Check all pieces of your child’s costume to ensure proper fit before competition.  Make any alterations necessary.  If your costume has small extra pieces like briefs or a bra top, place those in the Ziploc bag.  I suggest steaming your costume before competition.

Legs – Make sure you have the right color/style of tights packed.  I recommend buying 2 new pair of tights for competition in each color you need.  Ripped tights at competition will cause stress.  If you don’t use the extra pair, you can always use them in class after competition.

Feet – Shoes!  In my years of teaching, we have had students forget their tap shoes for a tap dance or forget their pointe shoes for a pointe dance.  Check that your shoes fit properly.  I recommend cleaning leather ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and tap shoes with a baby wipe or cleaning wipe.  It makes them look like new.

Tip 3 – Look over each costume, accessories, tights, and shoes before placing them all in your bag.

Tip 4 – Include some “emergency” items too.  I suggest packing safety pins, band-aids, nail polish remover (no painted nails), make up remover wipes, water bottles, and clean snacks.

Tip 5 – Bring clothes to change into after competition.  Remember to bring your team warm-up suit for the awards ceremony and when watching other dancers between your dances.  You may want to bring some comfy clothes to travel home in.  This may sound strange, but be sure to pack underwear.  If you come to competition in your tights, you might forget to bring some to change into at the end of the day.  (No panties under tights!)

Tip 6 – Bring items to make your dressing area comfortable.  Some students like to bring a blanket to sit on while doing make up.  At Center Stage, we like to make team signs to hang up in our dressing area too.  If you have several dances, you may want to consider purchasing one of the dance garment bags with pop-up clothing racks like the one pictured below.  They are expensive ($150-$200).  I ordered one this year, so I can give a better review after this competition season.  If you have several dances, it may be worth it to keep all of your costume changes organized.

Many of our competitive dancers at Center Stage in Leander use bags like this to organize their dance costumes and dance shoes.


hair accessories and styling products including bobby pins, hair ties, hairbrush, and hairspray

costume – all pieces

tights – extra pairs


warm-up suit

company make up including false eyelashes if required

safety pins, band-aids, nail polish remover, make up remover wipes, water bottles, and clean snacks

clothes to change into at the end of the day

small blanket and dressing room signs (optional)

Hope this helps as you pack your child’s dance competition bag.  Do you all have any suggestions or items I forgot to share with other readers?  Happy packing!


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How to Pack the Perfect Dance Bag — Brown Girls Do Ballet®

Proper preparation is a sure-fire way to succeed in the dance world. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that you need a thoughtfully packed dance bag!

Before every practice, performance, or audition, you might prepare yourself for optimal performance by eating healthily, stretching, and getting a good night’s rest. What are you doing to feel prepared during practice, though? 

Your dance bag should be packed with all the essential items you’ll need to breeze through the day. This week, we’ve compiled a helpful list of items you should pack in your dance bag to help you feel prepared for anything that may come up while you’re at the studio or on set. 


Dancing for several hours at a time can be strenuous on your body. Some days, you may spend an entire day at rehearsal or auditions. The busier you are, the easier it will be to resort to junk food to cure your hunger. Keeping light, easy-to-eat snacks in your dance bag guarantees that you’ll make healthy choices while keeping yourself energized throughout the day.

What to pack:

  • Hydration

  • Healthy & Mess-Free Snacks

    • Pack easy-to-eat fruit such as bananas and apples. Granola bars, nuts, pretzels, and cheese cubes are just a few examples of mess-free snacks that are packed with nutrients.

  • A Sweet Treat 


Every ballerina experiences their share of stage fright. Before performances, auditions, or during a new dance class, jittery nerves are normal. Packing a few comfort items in your dance bag will help you feel at peace during those moments, which will likely enhance your performance.

What to pack:

  • Dance Warm-ups & Layers

    • The temperature in your studio may fluctuate, so it never hurts to have a loose, warm sweatshirt you can easily pull over your leotard and remove as needed.

    • Warm-up pants and leg warmers are also essential to keep your muscles warm as you stretch, reducing your risk of muscle strain or injury. 

  • Physical Therapy Items

    • Any supplies you’ll need to warm up efficiently, such as resistance bands, toe tape, and massage rollers, should be stowed away in your dance bag.  

  • Combination Lock


After spending hours in the studio working up a sweat, you’ll be glad you packed some essential toiletries in your dance bag to keep you feeling refreshed. Your toiletries will be a lifesaver for touch-ups between performances and auditions, so don’t let your dance bag go without them! 

What to pack:

  • Hair Products

    • Our hair can sometimes have a mind of its own, and that’s okay! Coming prepared with hair ties, bobby pins, a hairbrush, and your favorite styling product will keep your strands in check. It wouldn’t hurt to pack a hair scarf or bonnet, especially on performance days when changing your costume may mess up your hairdo.

  • Hygienic Products

    • Pack a razor, feminine products, deodorant, and other items you regularly use to maintain proper hygiene. Consider also packing a fresh pair of underwear and an empty plastic bag for dirty clothes.

  • Make-Up

    • Keeping a small pouch with make-up in it will come in handy on performance days. On another note, it’s not wise to share eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick with other dancers, as doing so increases the risk of spreading germs.

  • COVID-19 Prevention Kit

    • Speaking of spreading germs, make sure you carry a face mask, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and disposable gloves in your dance bag so you can protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.


In case of a minor injury, a wardrobe malfunction, or an accidental spill, make sure you’re prepared by packing the following emergency items in your dance bag.

What to pack:


For those idle moments between performances or auditions, you can pack some entertainment options in your dance bag.

What to Pack:

Let us know what’s in your dance bag in the comments below!

Don’t have a dance bag packed yet? No worries! We created a Dance Bag Checklist for you to download. Visit our shop for exclusive Brown Girls Do Ballet gear to pack in your dance bag!

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