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Getting Started With The Salsa Basics

Once inside the course choose PARTNER WORK and select the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER LEVEL.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Learn from 3X Canadian Salsa Champs and World Salsa Summit Medalists, Patrick and Scarlet.

Get the Course FREE for a Week Learn More

Part I: Beginner Salsa Steps

Lesson 1: Side Basic, Front-Back Basic & Closed Hold

We’ll get you moving with some basic steps and show you how to begin connecting with your partner in the classic closed hold. It’s an exciting beginning!

Lesson 2: Back Basic, Cumbia Basic & Open Hold

After this set of basic steps you’ll have a solid idea of how to move in different directions all while keeping time with salsa music.

Lesson 3: Putting Your Basics Together

Here we bring all your basics together so you can play around and get used to switching between them.

Lesson 4: A Tip for Your Basics

We can’t reveal all of our secrets here now can we?

Part II: Beginner Salsa Turns

Lesson 5: Basic Right Turn & 5 Turn Pattern

The right turn is the first turn you learn in salsa and it’s the foundation for learning double turns. In this lesson you’ll learn 5 handhold variations for the right turn so you can drill it and get it in your muscle memory.

Lesson 6: Cross Body Lead

Although it’s a move within itself, soon you’ll use the cross body lead (CBL) to bridge moves together. It’s essential to linear “night club style” salsa and it’s the foundation for many moves – be sure to perfect it over time.

Lesson 7: Change of Place

The Change of Place uses your Cumbia Basic to switch places with your partner. The more comfortable you are with it the better. In the Experienced Beginner series, you’ll learn more moves that that are based on the Change of Place.

Part III: Beginner Salsa Combinations

Lesson 8: Four Basics with Cross Body Leads

In this pattern, we challenge you to use your Cross Body Lead to transition between your four basics. Once you get it down, you can switch up the order in any way you like.

Lesson 9: Five Turn Pattern with Cross Body Leads

It’s time to insert the Cross Body Lead into your five turn pattern. Adding in cross body leads helps break things up, making your dancing feel more interesting, dynamic and spontaneous.

Lesson 10: Change of Place with Cross Body Leads

As you’re starting to see, the Cross Body lead is a great way to transition in and out of the different moves you do, including the Change of Place. Once you’re comfortable using the CBL to bridge moves together, then we can increase the difficulty.

+ Try the full course with over 300+ lessons for all levels

Salsa Timing for Beginners

There are two core concepts that differentiate salsa from other latin dances: timing and rhythm.

Salsa timing refers to the counts, or beats, of the music that you step on and salsa rhythm refers to the body movement you create between each step.

Types of Salsa Timing

1. Basic salsa timing

The counts of music you step on are 1-2-3, 5-6-7.

It takes 8 beats to do your basic step but notice how there is no step on 4 or 8?

That’s because the rhythm of the movement is quick, quick, slow; quick, quick, slow. Counts 4 and 8 are used to draw out your body movement and create the “slow” parts of the rhythm.

Using counts 1-2-3, 5-6-7 you can dance salsa in a couple ways…

2. What is dancing “On 1”?

When someone says “I dance salsa On 1” it means they start dancing on the first beat of the bar of music – “the 1” – the first count.

When dancing On 1 you start dancing on the 1, and your break steps (steps used to change directions) are on the 1 and the 5.

[1]-2-3, [5]-6-7

Dancing On 1 is the most common salsa timing used around the world, but it still depends where you live. Ask around to other dancers or studios what’s most common timing in your area.

3. What is dancing “On 2”?

When someone says “I dance salsa On 2” it means they start dancing on the second beat of the bar of music – “the 2” – the second count.

When dancing On 2 you start dancing on the 2, and your break steps are the 2 and the 6.

1-[2]-3, 5-[6]-7

It’s important to know there are various ways of dancing On 2, but the most common way, popularized by Eddie Torres in New York, is what we’ve just told you: step on counts 1-2-3, 5-6-7 with break steps on 2 and 6.

Dancing salsa On 2 is often called “mambo” because it has roots in the original mambo dance which was danced on 2.

4. Is the style of dancing On 1 different than dancing On 2?

Let’s make a distinction…

There’s a difference between Timing and Style:

Timing refers to which counts of music you step on.

Style is a visual aesthetic that you give your dancing.

If you dance on 1 or on 2 you can dance the exact same way and do all the same moves, you just change where your steps are with respect to the 8 count of music.

Learn more about The Difference Between Dancing Salsa On 1 and On 2 here.

In our online Salsa Course, all lessons are taught on 1 and on 2 timing so you can choose which ever you like, or learn both!

The different styles of salsa is another topic entirely.

What is the difference between salsa and bachata? (video)

Salsa and bachata are probably the most popular social Latin American dances in Russia. They are very bright, passionate, they are danced by people of any age, professionals and beginners. What else are the secrets of the wide distribution of salsa and bachata and how they differ from each other, we will tell in this article.

Dance is freedom of expression, therefore it is worth comparing any dances only for the purpose of learning to understand their nature, character, features.

1. Country of origin

Many believe that these incendiary dances were invented in one country, but this is not so. Salsa began to dance on the island of Cuba. You can read more about the history of the origin and development of salsa in this article.

But bachata first appeared in the Dominican Republic, so the Dominican bachata is a classic.

2. Variety of styles

Of course, salsa is the leader in the number of types and styles. By the way, you can find the main characteristics of the most common types of salsa and videos from our teachers here. Salsa is really a “sauce”, which combines many directions, types and subspecies, for example, rueda, salsaton (reggaeton + salsa).

Bachata looks more modest in this regard - it has 2 styles: Dominican (classic bachata) and Colombian bachata.

3. Basic movements

The basic elements of these dances are similar in that they are performed to four-quarter time music and both dances have improvisation. How to learn how to dance salsa (tips, basic steps and videos) you will find in this article.

The basic movements of bachata are simpler and far fewer than those of salsa: 4 basic movements alternate to the rhythm and are complemented by improvisation.

This is how salsa and bachata classes are conducted in our dance school

4. Music

Salsa is danced at different tempos, from relatively slow to very fast, so the music for salsa is varied. For your convenience, we have made a selection of musical compositions, under which it is pleasant to dance salsa.

Bachata is a more sensual dance that needs slow, lyrical and poignant music.

5. Character of dance

Dance, like a person, has its own character. Let's look at the individual traits of salsa and bachata.
  • Salsa is a mischievous dance with a lot of stunts, expressive, flirtatious and serene.
  • Bachata is full of coquetry, gentle and reverent attitude of the dancers. This is a plastic dance filled with grace, beauty, femininity and romance.

6. How to dance?

Salsa is a couples dance, but it is acceptable to dance alone, such as Lady Styling Salsa. Salsa Rueda de Casino is danced in a circle by several couples at the same time. Bachata is danced exclusively in pairs.

Dance salsa with maximum efficiency, on the drive, beating the music and surprising your partner with unusual chords.

For bachata, use smooth, slow movements. In this dance, it is important to feel the partner well, to find mutual understanding.

Often at parties these two dances alternate, as these are the most common dance styles.

Bachata lessons in our dance studio

7. What is easier to learn?

Many people advise to start studying Latin American dances with bachata, the elements of which are easier to remember. At the same time, learn to dance salsa, no doubt, the dynamics and energy of these areas will not leave you indifferent.


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