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Fire & Performance Classes

Fire has always been a powerful, mythic element for humans. It has played a significant role in our history and molded our very way of life. Fire performers have a deep respect for the flame and know that by no means do they ever have total control over it. At The Crucible, you can learn to safely manipulate fire’s captivating power, and learn to make and use various tools like poi, fire staffs, hula-hoops and the fire rope dart.

Upcoming Bay Area Fire & Performance Courses

Browse below for all upcoming Fire & Performance classes. Please note that due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, all upcoming Crucible classes are in-person with strict health and safety policies in place for students, faculty, and staff. You must review all Crucible policies before registering.

Fire Eating I

Amaze an audience with your new skills as a fire eater! You will learn the science and safety behind basic tricks so you can fearlessly perform with open flame. You will learn...

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Fire Poi: Introduction

Learn to spin fire! Both a dance form and a style of juggling, poi spinning is an expressive performance art that uses weighted lines swung in circular patterns around the body....

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Fire Hula Hoop I

Build coordination and confidence as you construct your own practice PVC hula hoop and learn basic tricks with and without fire. You will learn beginner on-body and off-body moves,...

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Meet The Fire & Performance Department Head: Shaina Johnson

Shaina’s performance career started with ballet at age four, and after exploring many forms of dance, she discovered a passion for fire performance in 2001. Shaina first performed at The Crucible at the celebration for our new Oakland location in 2003. As an instructor, Shaina strives to create a supportive environment for participants to explore new skills by imbuing her classes with warmth, humor, and engaging, hands-on activities. Her classes emphasize safety, learning at one’s own pace, interactivity, and community creation.

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Fire & Performance Adult Classes

The Crucible offers a wide variety of adult classes teaching different fire performance techniques. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of eating fire or how to dance with poi, The Crucible has you covered. See the complete list of fire performance classes offered below.

Note: Due to COVID-19, we’re unable to offer all of the classes listed below at this time. You can sign up to be notified when specific classes are offered or browse a list of upcoming classes here. 

Fire Eating I

Amaze an audience with your new skills as a fire eater! You will learn the science and safety behind basic tricks so you can fearlessly perform with open flame. You will learn tracing (how to run fire along the surface of your skin), transfers (moving flame from one source or position to another), various extinguishes, and tips for putting on a great show. You also will make your own set of torches to take home.


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Fire Eating II

Expand your performance repertoire by learning intermediate fire eating tricks. Construct a new pair of torches and explore vapor tricks and transfers, jellyfish variations, human candles, and more! You will also learn basic choreography, transitions, and stage blocking to best showcase your new talents.



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Flame Effects I

Learn to design and build safe, effective, beautiful flame effect sculptures with propane. You will learn many different ways of manipulating fire for use in sculpture, including accumulator poofer effects, propane and liquid fuel effects, igniters, and electronic controls.



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Flame Effects II

In this intermediate course, make safe, effective, and beautiful propane and liquid fuel flame effects. You’ll design and build flame effects sculptures in class working with an instructor and a variety of materials. Build upon your fire effects skills to create unique, fiery projects. Students who build flame effect devices to take home may have additional expenses for materials.



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Fire Hula Hoop I

Hoopnotize your friends with your amazing skills! This energetic course is an introduction to the basics of hooping including using different planes of the body, hoop tricks, and hoop expression through flow and imagination. At the culmination, you will hoop with fire!


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Fire Performance

Learn the art of fire dancing using poi, staff, and hoop to increase strength and skill in choreography, movement, and tricks with music. Build up to spinning with fire through this course.



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Fire Poi: Intermediate Tricks

Learn to spin poi with greater control and style as you explore the intermediate concepts of plane theory, transitioning, in-spin, anti-spin, and flow. You will practice advanced poi skills, including isolations, stalls, throws/tosses, wraps, flowers, crossers, meltdowns, behind-the-back moves, 5-beat weaves and corkscrews, and more! On the final night you will work with open flame!

PREREQUISITE: Fire Poi: Introduction previously called Art of Fire Dancing I (Poi) or permission by instructor. It is recommended (but not required) to take Fire Safety before this class.


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Fire Poi: Introduction

Learn the ancient art of Maori fire dancing. Used by these warriors to increase strength and skill, poi (which means ball) is a form of juggling that uses balls on ropes swung in circular patterns. While learning to spin poi without fire, you will also gain knowledge about the history of the art form and its origins. On the last day of class, students will spin with fire! It is recommended (but not required) to take Fire Safety before this class.


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Fire Poi: Turns, Transitions, and Flow

In this fun, supportive class, learn to spin your poi with greater control and style as you explore intermediate tricks for practice with and without fire. Class includes a warm-up/cool-down, introduction to new skills, group activities, and review time for exploration, questions, and troubleshooting. Skills covered include Isolations, Stalls, Throws/Tosses, Wraps, Crossers, Meltdowns, Behind-the-Back Moves, 5-Beat Weaves and Corkscrews, Flowers, Intro to Partnering, and more! We will focus more deeply on concepts such as Plane Theory, Transitions, In-Spin, Anti-Spin, and Flow (moving freely and expressively through the performance space). The last night you will work with open flame! A thorough review of fuel, equipment, and fire safety will be provided.

PREREQUISITE: Art of Fire Dancing I (Poi) or permission by instructor.


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Fire Safety

Learn to understand what exactly fire is, techniques to prevent uncontained fires, and how to suppress a variety of fire effects. Walk away with a scientific understanding of the sources of fire and its reactions, as well as hands-on experience putting out fire effects under the expert guidance of Christopher T. Palmer. This is the first class in the six part Fire Series.


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Fire Staff I

Learn to spin fire staff! Sometimes styled like a weapon; sometimes like a dance partner, staff is a fire performance tool that lends itself to unique movement possibilities. In this class, you will construct a practice staff for use while learning basic tricks, such as rotors, windmills, figure 8s, helicopters, palm spins, wraps, weaves, and behind-the-back moves. On the last night, you will set your staff aflame!


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Fire Studio

By invitation-only, this select group of individuals—having completed the Fire Series training levels—may be asked to exhibit original fire performances and/or fire effect pieces during The Crucible’s events. Mentorship and coaching will be made available in preparation for and adjudication of pieces prior to public showcase.


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Fire & Performance Youth Classes

We do not currently offer youth classes in our Fire & Performance Department. You can see all The Crucible’s offerings for youth here.

Being Prepared For Your Fire & Performance Class

Fire & Performance classes are held on the second floor of our building, and outside in the gated parking lot. Please contact us if you have any questions about accessibility and we will be happy to accommodate.

Students must arrive for class in all-natural fiber clothing, long pants, and closed-toe, closed-heel shoes with socks that protect up to the ankle. Long hair must be tied back. Nylon, polyester, spandex, or other synthetics are not allowed around machines, equipment, or processes that can produce hot fragments, sparks, or flames.

The Crucible requests students always arrive in studio safe clothing when working. Layers are encouraged as the studio can be very cold or very hot.

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Ready to get hands-on in Fire & Performance?

The Crucible has Fire & Performance classes starting each month


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Learning the Art of Fire Spinning

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Sharing is Caring!

When a fellow travel blogger recently wrote about fire spinning in Thailand, I realized while I was reading it that I have been amiss with you, dear readers.

You see, I have blatantly (and unintentionally) kept you in the dark about a new part of my own life; a hobby that is both relaxing and actively playful….Fire Spinning!

This post was originally published in 2009. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.  

It all started with friends of mine who spin. When I first saw them spinning balls of fire on chains (called poi) and twirling fire staffs with the ends ablaze, I thought it looked neat but didn’t have much interest in it myself.

It wasn’t until I picked up a staff one day to try and imitate a move I had seen that I began to think of fire spinning as something I could get into. The staff felt smooth, was a perfect weight, and I realized with a few tips that it wasn’t as difficult as it initially appeared.

Learning new moves felt great, and perfecting the art form of making spinning look good tapped into my love of dance and performance in general.

Months and months after I first picked up a fire poi or fire staff, I was at an outdoor music festival where some friends were “having a burn,” as they say. There were 200 people gathered around a stage about 50 meters away, and on this little patch of grass to the side, about half a dozen people were fire spinning.

“Here, have a go,” said a mate as they relatively unceremoniously tossed me a half-lit staff. “The other side didn’t get fueled up by accident, so you’re stuck with one,” he said.

Ah well, “one’s better than none,” I thought, and started spinning the staff, surprised at the heat and size of the one fireball up close. My friends had been careful to teach me about fire spinning safety, our credo being “learn before you burn”. So I felt prepared for this, my first time spinning fire.

And man, was I on fire (pardon the blatant pun). I had that staff spinning as it had never been spun before.

That is, until I smacked myself in the eye with the unlit end of the staff.

Convinced that I would be toting a black eye for the next week, I glanced up to see who saw my blunder. As luck would have it, if anybody had seen my spinning debacle, they had the good grace to pretend not to have.

So I kept spinning and got back to having fun. Mere minutes later when I was handed a fully lit staff to play with instead, I became confident that nobody saw my eye-poking antics!

“Yikes,” I thought to myself. “It would hurt a lot more if I poked myself in the eye with fire,” I pondered as I swallowed hard and attempted to track the whereabouts of not one but two balls of fire revolving around my body.

Turns out it’s much easier to spin staffs with both ends lit than one…they’re easier to see!

Since then, I’ve had a few chances to have fun with fire spinning and watch fire performers who are much better than I, have a go at it too. 

Fire spinning is a beautiful rhythmic flow art dance that requires skill, courage, and practice. I’m so glad I’ve had a chance to try my own hands at it and I highly recommend that you at least give yourself the pleasure of experiencing it.

If you find the beautiful art of fire dance or spinning interesting, then go for it! You never know if it will become your next favorite hobby.

That being said, the fire props I mentioned aren’t the only ones that are being utilized in fire spinning. The pieces of fire spinning equipment that I am familiar with and have used along with some friends are: 

  • Fire Poi: two balls affixed to lengths of rope with handles. They are manipulated through the air to create beautiful shapes.
  • Staff and Double Staves: there are various styles all over the world and are unique in their way.

There are various tools that professional fire artists use such as juggling clubs, fire fans, rope darts, juggling balls, fire swords and knives, and plenty more. They maneuver these to make the beautiful fire art you see!

Take some fire dance classes from a professional or practice with some friends until you finally know how to spin in your free time. It’s fun! Always exercise fire safety and avoid executing this without a guide to prevent any kind of injury or cause any harm.

Traveling with fire toys isn’t easy or space-savvy. Since my initial fire spinning days, I got a set of glow poi, which uses colorful lights instead of fire. They’re super popular at parties! Everybody wants a go, and because there’s no fire it’s totally safe for anybody to play with. 

If you’re looking for the perfect glow poi, choose something that is USB rechargeable (eliminating the need to carry batteries) and lightweight. These ones would be my first choice; they’re great for beginners and pack up easily.     

All the pictures above are of me, just in case you were wondering. Here are some pictures of various friends of mine fire spinning:

Sharing is Caring!

Fire and passion: how to learn to dance tango

Fire and passion: how to learn to dance the tango

International Tango Day is celebrated on the birthday of the artist Carlos Gardel - December 11 11. 12.2017, Sputnik Kazakhstan


-12 25+0600




https://sputnik. kz/img/400/43/4004339_4:0:1915:1080_1920x0_80_0_0_ebf10a1fab57286af9ebbe8482028f7d.jpg

Sputnik Казахстан

[email protected]


MIA „Rosiya Segodnya“


Sputnik Казахстан

media@ sputniknews.com


MIA "Rosiya Segodnya"



Sputnik Kazakhstan

[email protected]


9000 MIA „Rosiya Segodnya“

Flago: How to learn how to dance tango tango dance dance -December 11

2017-12-11T11: 25+0600






1920 9000

1440 940 940


https://sputnik.kz/img/400/43/4004339_100:0:1819:1080_1920x0_80_0_0_9657d2726075a7fb202f16ac1a2d5bfc. jpg




Sputnik Казахстан

[email protected]


MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

Sputnik Kazakhstan

video , multimedia

video , multimedia

The dance of passion and fire is a salvation for residents of the capital who prefer to spend their evenings in the warm embrace of their partners.


Kuanysheva: our president is a big fan of tango

According to a tango teacher with six years of experience, ex-financier Aliya Kuanysheva, not only young, but also elderly couples of "Soviet temper" who want to spend time for the benefit of the soul.

"Dance is magic that returns a person to his true state, natural. It does not expose, but returns to "factory settings". When you dance tango, you can tell a lot about you, what you think about, what annoys you, but what pleases. This is the inner state of a person. When you dance, the body cannot be deceived. Tango cannot be learned even in a choreographic school. You study it all your life. The difficulty is that there is no difficulty. It is so simple, but you understand it after some that time," shared Aliya Kuanysheva.

Before you go to a special school, you can try to get a feel for what tango consists of: listening to music and imagining the dance moves in your head will help.

Watch the video of Sputnik Kazakhstan as students of the dance studio prepare for the milonga — an unforgettable evening of tango.


  • Salsa
  • Hustle
  • solo latina
  • Wedding dance
Club Latina
  • Merengue
  • Mambo
  • Bachata
  • Rumba
  • Cha-cha-cha
  • Samba
  • Rueda
  • Sexy salsa
Club dancing
  • Sexy R´n´B
  • Street, Go-go
  • Hip Hop
Line dancing
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Boogie Woogie
  • Jive
Ballroom dancing
  • Slow Waltz
  • Tango
  • Foxtrot
  • Viennese waltz
  • Quick-step
  • Paso Doble
  • Polka
Other dances
  • Belly dance
  • Flamenco
  • Argentine tango
  • Strip-dance
  • Bally Dance
Dancing for children
  • For kids!
Education DVD
  • Latina dancing. Latin dances will make you stand out from the crowd, you will become stylish and attractive!

Love is a dance! She is alive as long as the music is playing .

What is dance? This is not only an idle pastime, first of all, it is a conversation of a person with the world around him, but not with words, but with the help of movements and gestures, with the help of the soul. It can be especially noted that dance is an integral part of the culture of any nation, because there is no nation on earth that does not have its own dances.

For many millennia, dance has been a significant part of magical and religious rites (for example, the wedding dance or belly dance that has survived to our time). Dance was a very important element of festive performances, served as an excellent tool for emotional relief. Do not forget about the sexual meaning that the dance is filled with, oriental dances can serve as vivid examples here. This is not surprising - after all, dances (for example, the same wedding dance) are a great way to talk about your feelings for another person.

Quite often, modern people, often almost completely cut off from their roots, are interested in dancing - this is quite understandable. But what if the skills necessary for dancing were not passed on to their children by the parents? This situation is especially common among urban residents. In such cases, we can come to the rescue by teaching you how to move correctly, how to dance correctly. Here you can learn the most fashionable and common styles: ballroom and oriental dances, belly dance, wedding dance, etc.

Belly dancing is very suitable for women who want to fully reveal themselves, show all their sensuality and beauty to others. Ballroom dancing lessons will help you acquire aristocratic manners and improve your status. Hustle will not leave anyone indifferent and captivate with its incendiary rhythm, club dances will plunge you headlong into the atmosphere of a modern metropolis.

Separately, it is worth mentioning such a phenomenon as a wedding dance - a solemn marriage ceremony is simply unthinkable without this romantic action. The wedding dance must be impeccable, because this is the first thing the newlyweds do together, having received the status of husband and wife. It is not for nothing that many nations have had a sign since ancient times - as young spouses perform a wedding dance, so will their whole life together.

You can object - outside the window of the 21st century, what kind of ballroom dancing? Moscow, like other big cities, is subject to such a rhythm of life that people have no time not only to attend dance classes, to talk with loved ones - and even that is not always possible. And learning to dance - is it possible to have time?

If only this stops you, take your close people, friends, children with you to the classes that take place with us - let dance lessons be common for you. After all, dancing is not just relaxation and rhythmic movements, it is a great way to communicate. It does not matter whether it will be belly dance, ballroom or oriental dancing, the main thing is to be together and have fun!

Dance lessons are very popular today, especially in large cities where people need positive emotions and positive communication. Dancing helps to get rid of various complexes, to become physically healthier, to acquire the necessary moral qualities. Dance training is in great demand - everyone is now learning to dance.

Our dance school, or rather the social dance club "Salsa Rowesta" has a lot of experience and already a very rich history. The club was founded in 1995 by choreographers and dance couple Lyudmila and Vladimir Samorodsky. All this time we teach everyone who wants this wonderful art. Everyone can find here everything that he likes. We teach both classical (dance for children, wedding dance, ballroom dance) and fashionable modern styles. Together we learn club dances that are suitable not only for young people, but for all ages. Hustle and Latina, which do not age with time, are also in incredible demand with us.

Join us, Salsa Rowesta is waiting for you at the address: Moscow, Belorusskaya metro station, 3rd st. Yamskogo Pole, 2/3, club "Yamskoye Pole", third floor. Oriental and club dances, Latin American dances, hustle, ballroom dancing, wedding dance - we will teach you everything!



For many people, the heart of the home is the kitchen. This is the place where friends and family members eat together, talk, talk about their lives. This is a place that gives birth to warmth and security. The balance of the elements and the movement of energy in the kitchen and dining area are important, as the processes of preparing and eating food are important for health, well-being and well-being.

Traditionally, it is best to position the kitchen so that it faces south or southeast. Southeast winds were considered favorable for making fire. In the elemental cycle, wood burns to create fire. On fig. 6.2 part of the kitchen is in the southern sector of the floor plan. Even more important, in the kitchen itself, the stove should stand along the south wall and be able to rely on the power of the purifying fire. A sensual dance can also give you an incendiary fire, you just have to order a striptease in Moscow. A mesmerizing performance and indescribable sensations are guaranteed to you.

It is also necessary to ensure that the element of Fire in the kitchen does not dominate over all the others and does not create a “conflict” between them. Disharmony between the elements can be caused by a sink or refrigerator installed next to the stove, as they represent the element of Water, and water extinguishes fire. If your kitchen layout is exactly like this, place pieces of jet and andalusite between the stove and sink or refrigerator to moderate the strength of both elements. Andalusite represents earth, which weakens fire, and jet represents wood, which weakens water. Place the stones so that the jet is in contact with the sink, but not with the stove (wood enhances the fire). Andalusite should touch the slab.

Place the peridot in the southern sector of your house or room (depending on where you practice feng shui) to attract success. The size of the gem you use for feng shui is not as important as your intention with which you place the gem in a certain place. In order for desires to come true, clarity of intention is important.

New Latin groups Solo for girls 10-15 years old. Tue / Thu – 17.00 Teacher – Victoria.
Give a gift to your child

What will LATINA SOLO classes give:

- improve coordination and plasticity,
- relieve stiffness, tightness and clumsiness
- posture and gait will improve and

MAIN - your the child will get rid of timidity, shyness and will become more sociable, cheerful and cheerful!

Take the first step. Come to the Salsa Club Rowesta. And our teachers - professionals - will teach your child to dance!
Sign up and read here:

September 26, 2013

Incendiary Salsa and Romantic Bachata.

Salsa and bachata dances are again the most popular and in demand.
If you learn to dance these two dances, then at any disco and party you will feel confident and, of course, you will not stand on the sidelines and watch the dancers.
New group on Sundays - 17.00, and 18.30
Give yourself a gift - start dancing.
Details and entry here http://sosdance.ru/salsa-shkola-salsy-v-moskve-2/
September 22, 2013


For those who joined the VKontakte group (newcomers) - the 1st LESSON FOR FREE!
Salsa, bachata and merengue classes - For beginners
Tue / Thurs - 17.00 : Tue / Thurs - 18.00; Tue / Thu - 19 00
Teacher - Victoria
Details and registration here http://sosdance. ru/latina-tancy-solo-latina-2-2
Tel. +7(495)
Classes with professionals + good company - training will go FAST, EASY, FUN! And with great results!
September 17, 2013

Argentine tango on Sundays!

New Argentine tango group on Sunday - at 18.30 (2 lessons)
Are you shy? No partner! “These are all excuses.
Come to the Salsa Rowesta dance school. We will teach you how to dance and help you solve many of your problems.

September 12, 2013

Tired after a day's work. It seems that you are squeezed out like a Lemon,
feeling lethargic and weak. How easy and fast to recover?
The best and most effective way is to start dancing!!!
Immediately after the session, you will feel a surge of energy, your strength will be restored and your mood will improve.
We will teach you to dance: latin, salsa, bachata, hustle!
September 06, 2013


Urgently run to the dance! Dancing classes do not depend on the weather.
Let's teach you how to dance FAST, EASY and FUN!
Choose your favorite dance style, Latina solo, Latina couples (salsa, bachata, merengue), Argentinean tango, Hustle, ZUMBA, Wedding dance, oriental dances.
Lessons in groups and individually more details here

September 03, 2013


“Dancing Zumba for an hour,” says dance creator Alberto Perez, “is like taking part in a celebration. Zumba is a combination of dance and aerobics that helps you feel attractive. Lots of hip movement, lots of fun, lots of calories burned."
Zumba classes are easy and fun.

New ZUMBA group - Sunday. – 18.30
Appointment by tel. 8(495)

August 27, 2013


Have you already chosen your dance program? Or are you still in doubt?
Salsa dance school An unofficial site offers a wide range of programs: Latina solo, Latina couples (salsa, bachata, merengue), Argentine tango, Hustle, ZUMBA, Wedding dance, oriental dances.
Classes in groups and individually.
You can get acquainted with the programs in more detail and sign up here: http://sosdance.ru/category/obuchenie/
We will be glad to see you at our lessons!
August 17, 2013

Discounts on dance lessons! seize the moment

Discounts on Dance Lessons! Seize the moment!
✮ September season tickets can be purchased now! ✮

From 5 to 20 August 15% DISCOUNT on ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS for September!
Take care of yourself in advance!
Any dance style: salo latina, salsa, bachata, Argentine tango, rumba…
Choose your dance style here and sign up:

August 16, 2013

Let's rub the ceiling with our heels!

We invite you to a free lesson-party!! We have a cool atmosphere, and you have a great mood!
The party is dedicated to the birthday of Vladimir Mikhailovich - the program includes swing, salsa, tango + tricks (ladies, don't forget the trousers). If you want to fly with us, we will provide it to you, how to drink.

Return the parachute to the house, there is no need for it today .

The party will take place on Tuesday, August 20 at 20.00. Only participants who sign up by phone will be able to come to a free lesson: 8(495) 507 – 7030 Hurry up, there is not much time left for this meeting! Seats are limited!!!

Higher legs, wider step. Dance is a friend, not a trifle!
I don't drink bouquets and sweets!

August 12, 2013

New groups LATINA SOLO (Club Latina)

Tue / Thu - 17.00; Tue / Thu. – 18.00; Tue / Thu. – 19.00
Teacher - Victoria
Achieve an ideal figure, become more self-confident, Attract the views of others, especially the opposite sex. Isn't this what every girl and lady dreams of?
Latin lessons will exceed all your expectations, just take the first step - Come to the Salsa Rowesta dance school!
We will not only teach you how to dance cool! You will learn all the other chips in the solo Latin lessons.
Appointment by tel. 8(495) 507- 7030

Classes are held metro Tretyakovskaya, Novokuznetskaya, Polyanka

August 10, 2013

FREE OPEN LESSON - ZUMBA September 8 at 17.00.

In honor of the city's day, the Salsa Rowesta Club holds an Open Zumba lesson (ZUMBA) - FREE OF CHARGE!!!
Teacher - Julia Gubanova (certified teacher)
Get a full drive from your classes!

Zumba includes elements of fitness, latin, hip-hop and other dances. Perfect for those who want to have a slim figure and lose extra KG. Zumba is a charge of energy and cheerfulness for the whole!

Registration for the lesson is required, call: 8(925)

July 08, 2013

Today is family day,

Today is the day of family, love and fidelity (the holiday is timed to the day of memory of Saints Peter and Fevron - the patrons of the family and marriage). It was first noted in 2008.
Our club Salsa Rowesta congratulates everyone who came to our club just to learn how to dance and FOUND THEIR SECOND HALF here!

Dmitry and Stella ... Olga and Sergey .....

Milena and Igor ... Sergey and Anna .....

Alexander and Tatyana .... Oleg and Lyuba ...

Ruslan and Svetlana ... Elena and Maxim ... ..

The list goes on
Dear children, happiness, love and prosperity to you!

June 22, 2013


“We often go abroad and see how beautifully people dance! But we can only watch the dancing couples. What great pleasure and delight they get from dancing! How cool young and not quite young people light up!
But we don't know how to dance.
It's time to fix this gap! And we are ready to help you! All you have to do is take a small step forward!
Come to the Salsa Rowesta club for a unique author's course by the Laureate of International, All-Union and All-Russian competitions Vladimir.

Learn more