How to whip your hair dance

Preview – Whip my hair (Willow Smith) –[Multimedia-English videos]

The debut single of the daughter of Will Smith, "the Prince of Bell Air", feeling proud about her hair. Obviously, being the daughter of a celebrity helps a lot, but I must say this song is really catchy and commercial, so I bet it's going to be a hit all over the world quite soon. Let's see.

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth

Hop up out the bed, turn my swag on
Pay no attention to them 'aters because we whip 'em off
And we ain't doing nuttin' wrong
So don't tell me nothing, I'm just tryna have fun
So keep the party jumpin'
So what's up (yea)
And now they don't know what to do
We turn our back and whip our hair round
To shake 'em off
shake 'em off, shake 'em off, shake 'em off

Don't let haters keep me off my grind (grind)
Keep my head up I know I'll be fine (fine) (yea)
Keep fighting until I get there
When I'm down and I feel like givin' up
I think again

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (OK,OK,OK,OK just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (OK,OK,OK,OK)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth

I'ma get more shine in a little bit
Soon as I 'it the stage, applause I'm hearin' it
Whether it's black stars, black cars, I'm feelin' it
But can't none of them whip it like I do
I, I gets it in hmmm yea I go hard
When they see me pull up, I whip it real hard
I whip it real hard (whip it, whip it) real hard, I whip it real hard

Don't let haters keep me off my grind (grind)
Keep my heap up I know I'll be fine (fine)(yea)
Fighting until I get there
When I'm down and I feel like givin' up
I think again

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (OK,OK,OK,OK just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (OK,OK,OK,OK)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth

Whip my, whip my
Whip my, whip my hair!

All my ladies if you feel me
Go and do it, do it, whip your hair (whip your hair)
Don't matter if it's long, short
Do it, do it, whip your hair

All my ladies if you feel me
Go and do it, do it, whip your hair (whip your hair)
Don't matter if it's long, short
Do it, do it whip your hair (your hair, your hair)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth ( just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (just whip it)
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth (whip it real good)

I whip my hair back and forth
I whip my hair back and forth
I whip ma'. ..

This song has a lot of black American English to it and she speaks fast, so it may sometimes be really difficult to understand (even reading it), but one thing I guarantee, by the end of the song you will be quite fluent in the sentence "I whip my hair back and forth" :)

Note: remember that black AmE doesn't pronounce the R if it's not followed by a vowel (the same as BrE). This song is not pure black English, so sometimes she follows this rule and sometimes she doesn't.

WHIP= To use a whip moving it forcefully "back and forth". A whip is a strap of material usually tied to a little wooden pole used to make animals move or work faster (see picture).
If you whip your hair, you move your hair very vigorously "back and forth" to make your hair move around fast, as if it was a whip.

MY= Notice that most of the times this sounds like MA' /mɑ/instead of MY /aɪ/. This is very common in black AmE, but also in colloquial English in general (the same with the pronoun "I").

BACK AND FORTH= (also "backwards and forward" or "to and fro") A phrase to describe a movement that goes to the back and then to the front again and again, like a pendulum. For example if you sit on a swing (see picture of a swing) you move back and forth. A ship also moves back and forth in a tempest.

REAL GOOD= In this case it means: very strongly, really forcefully. But the phrase "real good" has a wider meaning and it simply means "very well".

HOP= Jump.
Hop up = get up (from bed) with a jump.

SWAG= (coll. AmE, also SWAGGER) Your swag is your presence, physically and mentally, so it comprises your looks, your make-up, your clothes… and also your self-confidence. You swag is always a cool positive thing, if you are dressed terribly bad and you feel depressed, you don't have a swag, you have a problem.
To "turn your swag on" means to activate all your best mental and physical resources to be cool, stylish and feel on top of the world (here "turn on" is the same as in "to turn the light on", to activate).

THEM= (very coll. or black AmE) The (plural), those.
- Look at them = pronoun
- (coll.) Give me them books = article

'ATERS= (black AmE) HATERS (black American English often drop the H). The word HATERS is used in black AmE to mean stupid people who love ruining your day. So if a girl goes to a bar to have fun and some guys come to try to flirt with her and she doesn't want to talk to them, she would think they are "haters" (not because they hate, but because they are a nuisance and she doesn't like them)

'EM= (coll.) Them.

WE WHIP 'EM OFF= To whip them off is to shake your hand (or a real whip) to make an animal go away, for example a fly. The particle OFF expresses separation, not distance, so if you whip an animal off, it must be an animal that is in contact with you, for example a fly when it is sitting on your face, but if the fly is flying, then you whip it away, not off (or at least in correct English). Here she uses OFF talking about the boys because they are so close to her that she feels they are in contact with her body (or maybe they really are).

AIN'T= (coll.) The negative form of the present of the verb "to be" or the verb "to have":
- I ain't got no money = I haven't got any money
- You ain't seen her = You haven't seen her
- He ain't no bloody doctor = He is not a doctor
- I ain't English = I'm not English

NUTTIN' = (black AmE) Nothing.
Pronouncing T instead of TH is another common feature of black AmE. In this case, she pronounces the T back at her throat, not with the tip of her tongue. But that is a very common way of pronouncing the T both in the UK and in America, and it's getting more and more popular.

DON'T TELL ME NOTHING= (coll.) Don't tell me anything / Tell me nothing.
Double negatives are considered wrong in standard English, but they happen a lot in colloquial English, and it is the correct way to put a sentence into the negative in black American English.

TRYNA= Trying to.
This spelling is colloquial AmE, but the pronunciation is quite normal in many parts of the States, since there is a strong tendency to drop the T when it goes after an N (N+T= N) so:
(both the O and the A here represent the weak sound /ə/)

WHAT'S UP= (coll. esp. AmE) Hello.

TO SHAKE 'EM OFF= To make them leave. (same as "whip them off" before)
Guys are trying to pick the girls up (to flirt with them), so they whip their hairs to send them away much in the same way as you shake your hand when you want to make a fly who is on you go away.
(have you ever tried that, girls? Does it work? :D

OFF MY GRIND= If someone keeps/gets/takes you off your grind, they drive you crazy (they make you feel crazy). This can be something negative (like here) or positive:
- Shut up, you're getting me off my grind! (negative)
- Ooh, that girl is fantastic. She's really taking me off my grind (positive)

(I) KEEP MY HEAD UP= If you keep your head up, you feel proud and you feel or pretend to feel superior (or at least not inferior) to those around you.
She pronounces "head up" very quickly, that's why it sounds almost like "hea' 'p".

FINE= Black AmE has a special way to pronounce F, stronger than standard English, so in some positions (like here) it sounds some way between F and P.

(I) KEEP FIGHTING UNTIL I GET THERE= I continue trying hard until I get what I want (until I reach my goal).

I'M DOWN= I feel sad or depressed.

GIVIN' UP= Surrendering.

I'MA= (coll. AmE) I'm going to.

GET MORE SHINE= If you are good and get more shine, you get better, more important and or stylish.

IN A LITTLE BIT= In a few minutes, very soon.

SOON AS= (coll.) As soon as, when.

'IT= (black AmE) HIT = (coll.) Go to.
- let's hit the floor = Come with me to the dance floor, let's dance.
- hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more = Go away Jack, go back to your car and leave me.
- Can I hit your house tomorrow? = Can I make you a visit?

THE STAGE= A raised platform where singers sing in front of the public (or actors perform, etc)

In standard English, this word is used with OR NOT, but here the OR NOT is not present, it's implied, so the correct sentence should be: WHEATHER it's black stars OR NOT, OR WEATHER IT'S black cars OR NOT, I'm feeling it".
To know if we can use WHETHER instead of IF, see if you can add "OR NOT" at the end.
- I'll do it whether you like it or not. = I'll do it if you like it or not
- Tell me whether you need it (or not) = Tell me if you need it
- I can tell you if you come (here we can't add "or not" without changing the meaning)

BUT CAN'T NONE OF THEM…= But none of them can…

I GETS IT= (nonstandard) I get it.
Adding an –S where you shouldn't or not adding the 3rd person singular –S when you should is common in black AmE and very colloquial AmE.

I GO HARD= I am very self-confident and press to get what I want.

PULL UP= Stop.

REAL HARD= (coll.) Really hard, with a very big strength.

IF YOU FEEL ME= (coll.) If you agree with me, if you like what I'm saying, if what I'm saying makes you think that you feel the same about this.

GO AND DO IT= Do it.

DON'T MATER IF…= (coll.) It doesn't matter if…

If you want to learn more about Black American English you can go here: Black American English.



There’s nothing like dancing with your hair down: bouncy waves trailing as you leap across stage, free-flowing locks swooping with each head roll, flirty bangs flopping in your eyes—or the oh-so-enjoyable way it sticks to your lip gloss through an entire piece. Well, sometimes letting your hair out is not quite as easy as it seems. Choreographers in all dance styles—ballet, modern, musical theater, dance team—not only choose particular hair-dos, but they also actually choreograph hair movements. Get ready for this…it’s called HAIROGRAPHY.


Thanks to some in-depth research and a little help from the pros, we’ve figured out what hairography is, who uses it, how it affects dancers and how it has changed over the years. Time to put the bobby pins away!

Hair History

Dance has many origins around the world, but since ballet is home base for Western concert dance, let’s start there. Ballet began in 16th-century French courts as a form of entertainment for the king and his followers. Dancers wore wigs and masks, and their bodies were fully covered.


By the 1800s, ballet was what we know today—pointe shoes, tutus and low buns. This was the Romantic period and ballerinas represented sylphs and fairies, imagined ideals of women. Throughout Europe and America, real women rarely wore their hair down in public. Pulled-back hair was a sign of formality and respect. Ballet mirrored this formal society in its portrayal of romantic relationships and feminine beauty.


Just imagine the shock when Isadora Duncan came to stage in the early 1900s, barefoot, wearing loose tunics with hair flowing! She and other free spirits paved the way for modern dancers to break ballet’s rules. Today, even in contemporary ballets, there are no hairography boundaries!


Successful hairographers know a thing or two about what hair means in our social world. “Hair is powerful in communicating a certain emotional state or situation,” says Pascal Rekoert, dancer with Jennifer Muller/The Works and choreographer for his own company, Flexicurve. “When someone touches their hair, it often represents sexuality.” History books concur. Long hair stereotypically separates women from men, and, historically, shinier and fuller hair is considered more attractive. When the bob became fashionable in the 1920s, women proved that short hair could still be sexy—but not without causing a lot of commotion. Long, straight hippie hair in the late 1960s and ’70s was a countercultural movement demonstrating sexual freedom. Think about it: Your own hair style, whether punky or conservative, probably affects how you feel about your own persona, both onstage and off!

Bye-Bye Buns

While you won’t see many wild hair-dos in classical story ballets today, there are several hair-down moments. A ballerina with The Joffrey Ballet since 2000, Valerie Robin performed Lady Capulet (Juliet’s mother) in Romeo and Juliet. During most of the ballet, she wears a large headpiece, but when Tybalt dies, she mourns with her hair out in curls. “She lets her hair down to show madness and release hysteria,” says Robin.  


Sound familiar? In Giselle’s famous “mad scene,” Giselle goes crazy because her lover is marrying another woman, so she pulls out her bun. She twirls her hair, smoothes it back, thrashes it and even lets it sit on her face. At the time these ballets premiered (1800s), it was unheard of to see a woman in public with loose hair, so it was a tool for choreographers to portray insanity.


Loose hair can also depict romance and intimacy. Look at the bedroom pas de deux in Romeo and Juliet. Juliet almost always wears her hair in a loose half-ponytail with curls, and Romeo caresses her hair, showing they are free in their private moment.

The Way Hair Moves

While hairography is more hidden in ballet, you don’t have to look hard for it in musicals, commercial and contemporary dance. Broadway legend Bob Fosse loved making hair move. “Rich Man’s Frug,” a dance in Sweet Charity, includes a female lead wearing a long, black, fake ponytail. “The ponytail girl has to whip the hair in a circle with head rolls,” explains Dana Moore, a Broadway and Fosse veteran who danced this role in the 1980s revival.


“Once I practiced with the ponytail in rehearsal, I realized I had to get my neck muscles in shape!” Many musicals use wigs or hairpieces in a similar way, so they must be tightly secured to allow for safe head-whipping.


Speaking of head rolls, check out any Britney, Beyoncé, Shakira or J.Lo music video and count how many times their hair whips around. Also, remember Courtney G. and Mark on “So You Think You Can Dance” last season performing “The Garden”? Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh—who sports a hardcore femme-mohawk—it had fierce head-banging moments, creating a sexy, raw feeling that wowed the audience and judges. Twenty-three-year-old Knicks City Dancer and captain Michelle Caputo says, “Choreographers want our hair to go up and over to the other side, making our movements bigger and stronger. Plus it looks awesome to have everyone’s hair move together.”


Modern dance also gets creative points for using hairography, often to tell a political or personal narrative, and to connect the audience to the movement. Rekoert used a female dancer’s long hair as inspiration in PhOeNix, a solo he created. “I wanted her to look out of control and inhuman. Letting her hair down turned her into a wild amazon woman.” Urban Bush Women, another modern company, performs a piece called Hair Stories, based on African American experiences and struggles with hair. The section “Hot Comb Blues” shows the dancers pulling and scrubbing each other’s hair.


Most dancers rehearse and take class with pulled-back hair. This is the most efficient way to work on technique, especially in ballet class, because you won’t be distracted by loose hair. But if modern and jazz teachers allow it, start letting your hair down once in a while to see how it affects your movement. You can feel Isadora’s freedom or Fosse’s sexiness, Giselle’s madness or Juliet’s romance—all with just a little hairography!


Photo: Herbert Migdoll

How to keep styling for a long time - tips and life hacks in Podruzhka magazine

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Proper care

It may seem strange, but the durability of future styling depends on the correct cleansing of the scalp and hair. There is a connection in this. For example, if you make a hairstyle on dirty hair, the result will definitely not please you. To wash your hair, it is recommended to use shampoos with a volumizing effect. Moreover, the head is washed twice: the first washes away dirt from the hair, the second cleanses the skin of sebum.

Joanna Volume Up Hair Shampoo with CollagenKharisma Voltage Bubble Gum Shampoo for Volumizing Belkosmex Herbarica Shampoo for Volumizing and Thickening Hair


We suggest using a volumizing shampoo from the Korean brand Daeng Gi Meo Ri. The product contains a large number of useful components that gently care for the scalp and perfectly cleanse sebum and styling products. This shampoo nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes the entire length of the curls, returns smoothness and silkiness, while providing a dizzying volume that will stay with you all day long.

If you prefer straight or loose hair, apply filler after washing. The product will create additional volume at the roots and the density of curls, and the hair sheet itself will smooth out along the entire length. Pay attention to the filler for restoring the hair structure from the Mirrolla brand. It nourishes the hair along the entire length, smoothes the cuticle, fills in damaged areas that have suffered due to frequent dyeing or regular thermal procedures. The filler penetrates the voids, smoothes the surface of the hair, strengthens the curls along the entire length, enhances strength. Contains keratin, elastin, collagen and ceramides.

Mirrolla hair filler restoring structure

Curly and frizzy hair must be nourished with a mask or balm before styling. Having received the necessary amount of moisture, the curls will acquire additional elasticity and begin to shine. Just do not forget to thoroughly rinse your hair, paying special attention to the root and temporal zones. Try Cafe Mimi's damaged hair mask. It restores the natural shine and healthy look of curls, while not weighing down the canvas. The effect is noticeable after the first application: the hair is soft and smooth along the entire length. The composition perfectly combines jojoba oils, silk amino acids, vitamins A, D, and E. Regular use of the mask will help tame unruly hair, make it supple in combing and styling.

Kharisma Voltage Hair Mask with Keratin and CollagenDaeng Gi Meo Ri Honey Intense Hair Mask with Royal JellyEgg Planet Hair Mask with Keratin


and air conditioning. Any care product makes the hair heavier, making it smooth and silky, which reduces the durability of any styling. On dry and coarse hair, the hairstyle lasts longer.

For those who prefer to wash their hair with regular shampoo, there is some bad news. Hair only looks clean, in fact, they do not completely wash off the remnants of styling products. As a result, re-styling will not hold, no matter how super-cool styling you use. Opt for shampoos from professional lines or use a deep cleansing hair product once a week. They completely wash out styling residues, as well as repel dust and dirt, keeping your hair fresh for much longer, protect against moisture and allow styling to last longer.

Planeta Organica Hair Super Food Scalp Scrub Super CleansingKharisma Voltage Scalp ScrubEcolatier Organic Avocado Hair Scrub Shampoo Nutrition & Recovery


Organic Marula Health & Beauty Hair Scrub Shampoo from ECOLATIER brand. It contains predominantly natural ingredients that make the skin cleansing procedure pleasant and safe. The smallest scrubbing microparticles provide a superficial massage and deep cleansing of the skin from sebum and styling residues. Additionally, scrub shampoo gives volume, nourishes the scalp, promotes blood circulation and cellular respiration of the skin. Shine and strength return to the hair, the fabric is smoothed, the number of split ends is reduced.

Important! Balms and masks should not be applied to the scalp (unless indicated in the instructions). Otherwise, the curls will turn into icicles and hang ugly, no matter what styling you do.

Quality styling

An amazing thing: the less styling on the hair, the better the result. So there is no need to perform any “dances with tambourines” and layer the gel on the foam, and then generously pour everything with ultra-strong fixation varnish. Wooden styling does not equal beautiful. And imagine how difficult it will be for you to wash all this out of your hair. Limit yourself to three means: for volume along the entire length, in the root zone and with thermal protection. So the hair will be mobile, but dense. This will help consolidate the result. The ideal option is powder-based sprays, hair powder or any root volume products. They absorb sebum, lift hair and keep styling for a long time.

Use got2b POWDER hair styling powder. The tool is very easy to use. Powder creates a dizzying volume at the roots and allows you to sculpt any ornate styling from your hair. No effect of weighting, greasiness or gluing. The hair will be elastic and mobile, and the styling is securely fixed. The powder is not visible on the hair.

Taft Hair Spray Powder Volume And Freshness Extra volume from the rootsKensuko Create Hair Volumizing Powder Strong holdEstel ST3/3 Volumizing Hair Powder Strong hold


For thermal protection, check out Kharisma Voltage Thermal Protection & Nutrition Spray. It will reliably protect hair from high temperatures and overheating, as well as from UV radiation. The spray prevents moisture loss by forming an invisible "diamond shield" around each hair, which does not allow moisture to evaporate from the surface of the curl and restores the original structure. The keratin included in the composition smoothes porous hairs, nourishes and restores natural shine. The tool does not weigh down curls, does not provoke pollution and is easily removed. Additionally provides an antistatic effect and facilitates combing. The spray is suitable for daily use.

Got2b Hair Styling Fluid Guardian AngelGliss Kur Thermal Protective Hair Oil SprayEstel STx15 Hair Spray Light Hold (Two-Phase Thermal Protective) 15 in 1 creating styling. This is an erroneous opinion. It is better to apply varnish before creating a hairstyle - this significantly prolongs styling. Divide your hair into five equal parts. Secure the occipital and two temporal with hairpins. Carefully go through each strand with a medium hold varnish. Everything, you can create any ornate hairstyles, styling will not go anywhere and will be resistant. "Concrete" fixing after laying is not needed.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hairspray Flexible HoldKensuko Alcohol-Free HairspraySyoss Fine Dry Spray Control


Got2b's "Oh My Nude" Flexible Hold Hairspray is perfect. The tool will allow you to create a natural and light image. The hair will not stick together or look wooden. Mobile laying and friability are provided. The hair is not overloaded, the varnish does not draw moisture and does not provoke the appearance of dryness and brittleness.

Customize your hair

Porous, curly and colored hair holds up much better than healthy, silky and shiny hair. Here you have healthy hair, which everyone is so eager for: they are difficult to style. Salt spray can easily fix the situation. This is a very light product that does not weigh down the hair, but makes it dry and coarse, ideal for styling. Owners of thin hair should give preference to light styling products, and porous ones - more dense. In general, when choosing a styling, pay attention to your hair type - this will help maintain styling and facilitate it.

KENSUKO has a wonderful salty texturizing styling spray. With it, you can create a careless styling that, even if disheveled, will look attractive and natural. The mineral complex included in the composition structures the strands and at the same time maintains the mobility of the styling. The components included in the formula protect the hair from negative environmental factors and exposure to thermal devices. The spray can be used at least every day, and it is suitable for any type of hair.

Hair styling spray Mades Vibrant Brunette Bright brunette (with sea salt) Kensuko texturizing hair styling spray with sea salt Natura Siberica Crazy hair styling spray tonic Zviri Mermaid fox (salt)


Styling tips

  1. Dry your hair properly. When using a hair dryer, try to lift the strands at the roots as high as possible. This will help keep your hair cleaner as it touches your scalp less.
  2. Allow hair to cool after styling. If you make curls, fix them in the desired position until completely cooled.
  3. Never style on damp curls. All the efforts of the curling iron or ironing will go to the evaporation of moisture, and not to create curls or a perfect canvas. We are not talking about the fact that a hot curling iron on wet hair is a real killer of the latter. Styling with an iron and curling iron is carried out exclusively on dry hair. If you use brushing, styling on slightly damp hair is acceptable. Brushing lifts the hair from the roots and moves the hair dryer in the direction from top to bottom.
  4. In summer, you can do any styling, while in winter it is better to focus on creating beautiful curls at the ends or straight hair. The fact is that under the cap the volume will still fall, but beautiful curls will last a long time, because they do not crumple under the headdress.
  5. Properly created curls last at least two days. To give curls increased durability, make them with tongs or curlers. The diameter is selected under the hair: the heavier the curls, the smaller the diameter and the thinner the strand. On the second day, you can simply comb your hair and get light waves. To make them more noticeable, and curls more texture, use a special spray.
  6. Be sure to observe the temperature regime and use thermal protection. The maximum temperature when styling hair is 180 degrees, no more.
  7. When you finish styling with a blow dryer, switch it to cold air. This will help to cool the hair faster and remember the desired position.

How to maintain hair style of different lengths?

Before going to bed, apply a couple of drops of oil to the ends of dry or combination hair. Suitable not only professional, but also essential or herbal. This technique will slow down the evaporation of moisture, nourish the dry tips, make them less shriveled and more obedient. After applying the oil, be sure to collect your hair in a ponytail or high bun.

Short hair

Be sure to wear a sleep cap at night. It will prevent creasing of the styling that you did with such difficulty.

Medium and long hair

In this case, the hairstyle will stick out from under the hat, so the advice will not work. Braid the braid or gather the strands into a bun, securing them with an elastic band. You will wake up in the morning with extra volume at the roots that will last all day. Especially if you use texturizing powder.

Unruly and thick hair

Be sure to straighten it with a flat iron or hair dryer before going to bed. Secure each strand with invisibility and put on a mesh cap. In the morning, you just have to fluff your hair with your fingertips, comb and sprinkle with varnish. The layout is ready!

How do I keep my hair styled under my hat?

Hats, caps, hats, scarves - a real pain for those who styled their hair for half a day. A headpiece will ruin any style, but there are a few working life hacks that will help keep your hair in place.

  • Whiskey, forehead and neck sweat under any headgear. To minimize these effects, use dry shampoo or powder throughout the day. After styling products, it is enough to collect the hair in a bun for 3-5 minutes to return the lost volume to the hairstyle.
  • Use shampoos that guarantee volume and protection during the cold season.
  • Always dry your hair to the end, otherwise it will lose its shape under the hat, no matter how much styling you use.
  • Use an antistatic agent. Moreover, apply it not only on curls, but also on the inside of the headdress half an hour before leaving the house.
  • Put on your hat correctly! It does not need to be pulled over the head: the cap gently moves from the forehead to the back of the head. This will help the hair take the right shape.
  • If you are the owner of long hair: be sure to collect curls in a braid. After removing the hat, undo the braid, fluff up the hair with a comb and cover the hair with a thin layer of varnish.
  • If there is a bang, it is removed from the forehead back, and not crushed with a hat. The bangs will take the usual form, and will not lie scattered. You can lightly beat it with your fingertips, but in no case do not use a comb - it will only provoke electrification.
  • Give preference to hats made of natural fabrics. They do not electrify like synthetic ones.
  • Look for loose hats, but keep close-fitting hats until times when styling is not required.

Styling Tips

  1. Wear a shower cap to protect your hair from moisture absorption and help prolong styling.
  2. If there is no time for a full styling or there is no way to fix your hair, comb your hair at the roots. This will give additional volume and save the appearance of styling for a while.
  3. Even the most deadly varnish will not save the styling from gusts of wind. Therefore, in bad weather, protect your hair with a hat. The ideal option is a scarf or scarf.
  4. During the day, shake your hair with your fingers, but do it very gently, trying not to touch the scalp again.
  5. Consider hair type and texture when choosing a style. Give preference to those hairstyles that will hold.
  6. On the second day after washing your hair, apply a primer. It eliminates excess fluffiness, protects against negative environmental factors and maintains styling.
  7. Never rush. Most of the stacks died due to unnecessary haste. If beautiful curls quickly lose volume, it's a matter of technique and haste. According to all the rules, after the formation of a curl, it should not be touched until it cools completely. Ideally, each curl is fixed invisible until it has cooled down.
  8. Try messy styling. Tousled and tangled strands will look spectacular, and it’s not scary if the curls do not lie perfectly to each other.
  9. During styling, try to add as much volume as possible to the roots. As the hair settles, it will still look lush.
  10. Touch the finished styling as little as possible with your hands.
  11. Curls are recommended to be done with flat irons: these last longer on the hair.
  12. If you have curly hair, shape your curls with a diffuser after applying a curl shaping lotion to your curls. This styling lasts for several days.

Beautiful styling that will stay with you for several days is possible. It is enough to follow our advice and perform all actions consistently.

Author: Svetlana Misnik
Photo: Instagram, Shutterstock

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choose products for ball styling

Texture and composition, efficiency and reliability, the choice of styling sometimes becomes a real quest for us. In order to slightly reveal the secrets of image agencies, we turned to dance stylists Daria Stolbova, Anastasia Abramenkova (ARTE-CREO) and Maria Emrikh for help.

How did it all start?

Hair cosmetics have been popular for centuries. Clay and river silt, olive and almond oil, bear and pork fat, beeswax and petroleum jelly: since the time of ancient Egypt, mankind has come up with a lot of “styling products”. But most modern hair cosmetics were invented only in the middle of the twentieth century. Schwarzkopf's first hairspray took a year to develop, and in 1956 the company released a prototype of the modern hairspray they called "liquid hairnet".

This product made it possible to keep the hair in shape all day long, thanks to the use of alcohol in the composition, and later special polymers, which began to be enriched with various perfume additives and even vitamins. Today, according to statistics, every fourth girl uses varnish daily. So, the invention of the German concern was a real breakthrough in the field of hairdressing.

Five top products and tools for ballroom styling:



One of the main styling products is varnish. A professional master usually takes two or even three varnishes of different fixation (strong, medium and liquid varnish) with him to the tournament. In their work, stylists most often use brands such as Schwarzkopf, Osis + and Syoss. Schwarzkopf's Blue Silhouette lacquer unanimously holds the palm among these products, which is easy to comb off and allows stylists to make adjustments during the styling process.

After using a light, blue lacquer, the stronger, black Silhouette from Schwarzkopf is usually used for setting, which gives a good shine and is used to set the hairstyle. One package of Schwarzkopf lacquer allows you to make approximately 10-13 hairstyles, depending on the degree of complexity.

2. Gel

To create a high-quality base for a hairstyle and the effect of wet hair, flat wet waves and the formation of tips, the use of a gel is simply necessary. It allows you to achieve plasticity, fixes the hair and gives the hair a shine. Stylists usually use two types of hair gel: dense, viscous and soft, liquid. A thick gel look (such as the thick Silhouette or Syoss by Schwarzkopf) is often mixed with the lighter Osis or Londa to create a mirror-like hair effect or to perform a cold wave.

The gel is also indispensable for dyed and blond hair. For them, stylists usually use liquid gels (Londa or Osis). For normal hair, the tighter Silhouette is better, which allows you to fix the hair very quickly. Natural brunettes can afford to mix Silhouette and Osis to soften their hair a little and give it shine. One package of Silhouette gel is usually enough for five to six hairstyles.

3. Glue

Ballroom styling is impossible without glue, with which you can attach individual elements of hairstyles and stones. Glue is especially needed on those areas of the skin that are heavily exposed to sweat, for example, when fixing strands in the frontal or temporal region. The most popular brand of professional glue for image studios is "Kryolan Mastix". This liquid glue has a yellowish tint and quickly fixes the hair.

In addition to the hair dryer, which is indispensable in any dancer's bag, stylists also use curling irons, straighteners and irons (regular and corrugated). The curling iron is suitable for the performance of styling in the style of an Afro or spectacular curls. Straighteners aren't just for wavy hair, as the name suggests.

It can also be used to create curls under the net or to pull out the hair when you want a straight elegant ponytail in the Latin American program. A corrugated curling iron is another real lifesaver of a stylist. It gives volume to the bundle with an insufficient amount of hair and allows you to create three-dimensional elements: "ribs" and multi-row bangs.

5. Hair gloss

As a finishing touch, stylists also use hair gloss, which gives shine to the hair (for example, Osis).

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